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Mi' Bella

A while back I shared with you my story of "Rags", my forever rescue cat. Well since then we have adopted another rescue kitty, "Clarabella", or as we call her, Bella, for the shorter version. She has lit up our lives in so many ways. It's had to say that there is a day goes by that she does not have me in tears laughing at her silly cute funny ways.

I have learned from losing a cherished pet not to give up on finding one that is just as endearing. Only in different ways do they touch your heart. One is no more important than the other. Just learn from loving the first and pass just that much extra for the ones to come

Pamela Brodie
Phoenix, AZ

Mr. Titan, our goof ball

Mr. Titan, our little goof ball, came to us in 2011. My grandson rescued him in the parking lot near his work. Someone had driven in, stopped near to where my grandson and some co-workers were sitting, and dropped him off, then left. He couldn't have been more than 8 to 10 weeks old. When my grandson called and asked me what to do with him, I told him I didn't know. He asked about bringing him to the house so I could look at him, and make sure he wasn't hurt. He didn't want to leave him there because there was a lot of traffic and he was afraid the furbaby would get killed. After much debate, I agreed to look at him and, not to anyones surprise, I just couldn't let him go. The minute I picked him up, he had me. Such a huge personality and fight in him. I named him "Mr. Titan" because he reminded me of a little warrior. He's one of a kind and I've never seen a furbaby with the personality and vigor that he has. I have a picture of a black panther on my mantle and Mr. Titan looks so much like it. Sometimes, he'll creep up on something, just like a panther will. He certainly has my heart, and everyone else in the family.

Helen Donahue
Ayden, NC

" Lulo" the Angel of my Live

On Nov 2010 i rescue lulo from the streets in miami Fl, i was going to AZ for Christmas to visit my brother. I decide to take lulo and pay for his ticket which was very expensive but didn't care, now I had a buddy that I was committed to take care.Next day he force me to take a walk and our first stop was Starbucks; I was tying Lulo to get in for tea; there was a kind man offering to hold lulo. At the minute that I went inside lulo start pulling out, crying, going desperate to looking for me. He was still afraid, he did not understand the only thing I feelt he did not want to be lost again. The man was surprise and I explain all the history. 2 yrs later I got married with the man and Lulo was the “Cupid of this love story”. In the mean time I had my times with lulo were I was thinking he was an aggressive dog a danger dog that can bite somebody and I was little afraid, no body can go closely to his toys or food, he did not want people to enter to the house because he start barking as hell, energetic all day,running ,hunting with no stop, sometimes driving me crazy,happy,mad,worry. but I never gave up on him. At home we were him and me. And he got very territorial and protective. It took 1 yr and a lot of LOVE to know him more and more understand his personality, his character, figure out his past and received all the love he was willing to give.

When I got married we moved to tucson it took 8 mo to build confidence in his new DAD. Now he is the king of the home they love each other so so so much that I cannot believe it. Lulo is our baby, my angel, everything in the home is about him. He is giving us to much love the sometimes I feel like floating in a cloud of love. Please rescue come with blessings.

Maribel Valdes
Tucson, AZ

Lil' Baby, my protector and guardian

Lil' Baby came to us in 2003. She was thrown outside by one of our neighbors. My grandson and daughter heard her crying under a car and rescued her. She was scared, dirty, cold and hungry. She wasn't even weened, and her eyes weren't fully open, so we took turns hand feeding and sleeping with her. Since I had my heart attack, in 2011, she has become quite the protector and guardian. If my oxygen concentrator or CPAP isn't working properly, she'll stand by it and cry her little heart out until I check it out. She also watches over me at night. When I stop breathing, she sits by my head and cries until I wake up. If that doesn't work she'll nibble my face and paw it. She has even gone to my daughters bedroom door, to get her up, because she couldn't wake me. Little did I know, when she first came into our lives, that she'd be such a brilliant and caring furbaby. She's the Queen of the castle and she knows it. I can't imagine life without her. We love her so much.

Helen Donahue
Ayden, NC

Sweet Sarah

My daughter decided that she wanted a dog for her high school graduation present, and after searching the rescue sites, we found a small cocker mix that we went to see. However, as we walked in, we saw a beautiful Pointer mix with the sweetest brown eyes and such a hopeful expression, we knew we had to have her. We quickly realized that Sarah was a very special dog with an infinite capacity for love and patience beyond measure.

Her favorite pastime was to run the length of the yard after the frisbee. It was such a joyful sight to see, and it is a memory I will keep in my heart forever. Unfortunately, her advancing years did not allow that to continue, but she still loved to lie on the grass, enjoying a warm summer evening while our other, much younger dogs frolicked and romped around her.

She gave us twelve wonderful, loving years, but sadly, an injury to her leg became more painful than she could bear. She left us on August 8, 2014, but I know that we will all see her again one day. She left such an imprint on all our lives and in our hearts, and we will mourn her passing for a long time to come. However, I know that she will want us to move forward and give the love that we had for her to another deserving dog.

Bellevue, WA

How did I get so lucky?

In September of 2013 I had an opportunity to go back to work full time. I was so excited until I realized I had a 4 month old kitten at home that was going to be very very bored being alone all day long. I decided to be proactive and took myself to Petsmart in search of an interactive toy that might keep him amused. I made my way to the cat toy isle and came face to face with an adoption event being run by the local TNR. I made my way up an down the isle looking over my choices but my eyes kept drifting to all the kittens in the long line of cages. I looked at the kittens then back at the toys, looked at the kittens then back to the toys The TNR volunteers could tell I was lurking because it's doesn't take 20 minutes to sum up the choices in front of you. Among all the kittens there was only one that kept drawing my attention, she was the smallest of all the kittens and she just looked defeated. All the other kittens were napping or playing among themselves, all but her. She sat and stared at the cage floor giving off a vibe that she had just given up. While I watched people would pick her up (she is VERY cute) and then put her back because she had no reaction to them. After a long episode of lurking one volunteer asked me if I wanted to hold one. I said "No..no..no...yes of coarse I want to hold one. Can I hold her?" That was all it took, I said yes and the volunteer pulled out the forms for me to sign. While I was paying my fee and signing my life away I was told that she had been found being tossed around by a group of kids. A friend of the organization took her away from the kids and tried to find her mother but could find no trace of mommy or siblings. Home she went and we named her Mayuri.

Elizabeth L Sova
Goldsboro, NC

Our Lil' Ol' Man

Dragon came to us in 1997. His mom was abused and my grandson rescued her. Little did we know that on July 4, 1997, she'd bring four little furballs into our lives. They were around 6 weeks old and didn't even have their teeth, yet. Dragon was the roly poly and runt of the babies. His siblings found forever homes and he and his mom stayed with us. Dragon lost his eye due to a bird protecting it's nest. About the time his eye was healing, we had him neutered. All this happened while we were in the process of moving. During one of the truck loadings, Dragon ran out the door and disappeared. We searched for him every day, even after we moved, but couldn't find him. Our hearts were breaking because we didn't know if he made it or not. Then, exactly one year later, a neighbor from the old neighborhood called and said she saw our cat at the old house at that moment. We rushed over to the old house and Dragon ran to my oldest daughter as soon as he saw her. We cried so hard and he didn't want to leave her arms. That was 10 years ago. At 17 years old, Dragon is now living the life of Riley. He has a hard time seeing from his only eye, and his little legs and feet don't always want to go where he wants them to, but he's happy and enjoying his life with his new playmates. We can see that his time is coming close and it breaks our hearts but, when he does cross Rainbow Bridge, his ashes will sit on the shelf with his moms and his aunts. Until then, he'll be king of the house in every way.

Helen Donahue
Ayden, NC

My Little Tiger Lillie

Tiger Lillie (soon renamed Lillie) came to me in a round about way. I had just been dumped by a long term boyfriend and was fighting extreme depression as well as loneliness. I had been browsing for a kitty to adopt but could never get him on board (we still lived together but in separate rooms). One night a friend contacted me asking me if I could take in a little kitten her friend's family was trying to rehome. The owner was one of their daughters who was never really home to take care of the kitten and they already had a full grown cat and a baby in the house. I was reluctant at first but told her I would discuss it with my ex and hope for the best. Against all odds he agreed we could take her in and the next day I blew half my pay check on kitty necessities and picked her up. From the moment she first entered my house and displayed her wonderful quirky personality I was in love. She's the first cat i've ever known to give legit kisses and she also enjoys sitting on your shoulder like a parrot while you sit in her favorite chairs (aka all of them). Half the time my room looks like a toddler lives there because of all the cat toys around for her to play with! Bringing her into my home has been the best decision I could have ever made. She is with me constantly from the time she wakes me up for breakfast till the time we both snuggle down for bed. Sometimes even going as far to sit right on the rim of the bathtub the entire time I bathe or right on the counter waiting for me to get out of the shower. Cats can change your life and are truly some of the most intelligent and loving creatures out there.

Houston, TX

Triplettes Hiro, Pauline and Carlito

My husband and I were going out for ice-cream. To get to the place we have to cross a large woodland where no one lives, so there are no houses. There is just one road through it. On the way we spotted two friends on bicycle, so we stopped at the only parkingspace along the wooded area.

Talking to our friends, I suddenly heard a high-pitched mieww sound, looked down and saw a tiny 8 week old kitten standing in between us four adults. The kitty looked up stretching his neck and meowed as hard as he could, calling out for help. He let me pick him up as if he had always known me. I considered talking him to the pound but immediately changed my mind. Okay, so I already had 18 cats at home, but one more wouldn’t be a problem, would it.

So I put him in the car and we talked some more. When we were ready to drive again, I suddenly saw a second kitten, standing by the passenger’s side. Scooped him up as well, put him in the car. Then saw a third baby, this one more shy and frightened and ready to run away. My husband and friends tried to catch it by circling round, but I said no, this won’t work. So I lay down on my belly and coaxed her to me and grabbed her by the scruff the minute she was near.

Three extra kittens was just too many to keep, this would not do.

But after seeing them all three lounging and sunning themselves on the dashboard while we were having our ice-cream, I melted. We are 1 year further now and they’re my rambunctious triplets. Hero is the one who first alerted me to their presence (hence his name), the others are called Carlito and Pauline (after the two friends we met on the way). I wouldn’t miss them for the world.

How can people be so cruel to leave a whole unwanted litter out in the woods to die ? Shame on them !

Kempen, Belgium

Archie's Home

A friend of mine posted she had rescued a cat from an abusive home and was hoping someone would adopt him. She had too many cats already and we’d talked about getting a third cat but I wasn’t sure it would ever happen. When I told my husband about this cat it just felt right so we said we’d give it a try as we worried mostly how our other cats would handle him. Right away Archie was incredibly sweet with me but could bite if he got scared but would viciously bite my husband as he was scared of men. Our boy cat Miles did not like Archie at all and hid on top of the cabinets, he seemed miserable. For a while we really didn’t think it would work but we were afraid to give him up as he really needed a family. Eventually he calmed down and was aggressive less and less and now he doesn’t just attack for no reason except occasional warning bites. Even the other cats seemed to have warmed to him and have gone back to normal. He’s unbelievably sweet and I’m so glad we gave him a chance

Robin Elizabeth
Lunenburg, MA
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