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Ziggy, our ninja and comedienne

In 2011, my husband and I had just one dog, Kirby, our boy boxer mix. He was my best buddy, but we could tell he missed his Kitty sister. So, we started volunteering with a rescue agency. Our neighbor was a volunteer with that group and was fostering a beagle mix girl dog named Missy. She told us she couldn't walk Missy because Missy liked to pull.

So, after some discussion between my husband and me, we decided we would take a chance on fostering Missy, as long as Kirby was okay with her. After a few passing bys, Kirby and Missy were okay with each other. We took Missy to Petsmart for the group's adoption events. She HATED it there and would bark non-stop. So, September 2011 we stopped taking her. Nobody wanted her, but my husband was getting attached to her and her wild ways. AND her refusal to listen to us and the simple commands we asked of her. LOL.

So, January 2012, my husband said he wanted to adopt Missy, even though he had a layoff coming by the end of February. So, we paid the adoption fee, changed her name to Ziggy (she likes to zig and zag on walks).

She has been a joy for us the past few years and we hope for many more.

***I still prefer my Kirby boy, since he was my heart. But Ziggy is good for many laughs.

Jessica L S.
Cincinnati, OH

Beauty in the street

We found Iris in a small village in Turkey: emaciated, starving, covered in mange and open sores. She was oblivious to the danger she posed scratching in the middle of the road. I was able to medicate her for the myriad of afflictions she has. Iris continues on her road to recovery. She is such a sweet soul; she prefers a cuddle to a bowl of food. She probably never knew love as she looked absolutely terrible with very little fur and a severe eye infection. Thank you to all the terrific folks who do rescue work. You make the difference!

Sharon Weidensaul
Incirlik, Turkey

Neo the Super Siberian Husky

Neo, our rescue dog and inspiration behind Bio-Rep Animal Health, was found four years ago on the side of a highway after he had been hit by a car.

The puppy’s right hind leg had been completely shattered from the car’s impact. He was rushed to a local animal shelter.

Neo was un-tagged so the shelter could not operate on his leg and could only provide him with pain medication until he was either claimed by the owner or seven days had passed (whichever came first). Also, he was not allowed to be taken back out, even for treatment, because he was considered "unclaimed personal property.”

Still unclaimed, on the morning of the seventh day, we formally adopted him. We had already lined up emergency surgery for his leg at a nearby veterinary clinic.

The veterinarian's initial recommendation was to amputate his leg, due to extreme blood loss and his broken leg had atrophied over the past week. We chose not to amputate his leg because we wanted Neo to run on all four legs again, he's a husky, after all. We opted to try reconstructive surgery instead. The initial surgery was unsuccessful. The metal implant had shifted out of his joint and, as a result, the bone could not properly fuse together.Three weeks later a second surgery was performed on Neo, it was yet again unsuccessful.

Before Neo’s third surgery, the founder of Bio-Rep (a doctor and scientist) reformulated his patented human bone and joint product to be safe enough to use on the dog. Neo was given two tablets two times a day, morning and night.

Six weeks after his third surgery, Neo’s operation was successful and he was expected to make a full recovery. Today, Neo is a happy and healthy dog, who loves to run and jump!

Bevi Edlund
Yorba Linda, CA


While working in the yard, I found 3 kittens who were probably a week old. A few days later, one male kitten was crying in the driveway. It was apparent the mother abandoned him for an unknown reason, since she was walking around with the other two kittens. Peenut was 10 ounces when I attempted to feed him with a bottle and teach him the other aspects of life. He is now 8 months old, weighs 12 pounds, and loves his cat brother JC and dog sister Sierra. Peenut is a special cat and will always be loved.

Hainesport, NJ


It was March, 1998. Our daughter called to say she had just rescued a kitten from some young boys who were abusing the kitten. We went over immediately and brought the kitten home with us. Tigger RULED! from the moment she arrived. After just over 17 years with this wonderful baby, we lost her yesterday morning to natural causes. Our other fur babies are looking all over for her, but we know we will see our beloved Tigger again soon when we cross over the Rainbow Bridge together. Tigger, my Love, rest in peace.

Tigger's Dad
Phoenix, AZ

Ruby & Basso

We had unexpectedly lost our 8 yr. old Tortie, Angel in January 2014. We weren't sure if we wanted another cat or not. Our other cat, Basso had gained weight after Angel's loss, he needed a buddy, he was not used to being an only cat.

I stopped at a store, someone in the parking lot had kittens, all I saw was dark strips and white paws and I had to look. Ruby was having fun wrestling with her sister, she was the last kitten they had.They put Ruby in my arms, she began purring, rubbing me, I was hooked. I could tell she was very social and felt she would be a great companion for Basso.She sat on my lap for the car ride.home. The meeting with Basso didn't go so well, I was devastated. Basso finally came around, accepted Ruby they are the best of friends. Basso was active again, he had a buddy to sleep with, play chase with. We are so happy Ruby is part of the family.

Hertford, NC


I volunteered doing cat TLC at a local animal shelter and that was where I met 6-year-old Casper. The first time I saw him he curled up comfortably on my lap and I just fell in love with him... I knew right away he'd found his forever home. I later found out that he was taken into the shelter as a wounded stray with a gash on his face. Nobody knows exactly what has caused the injury but his experience on the street probably has made him a scaredy cat. Every little noise or sudden movement could easily freak him out. Despite his fear and insecurity, he's actually the sweetest lovebug who just loves snuggling, purring up a storm and falling asleep in my arms. Every day I'm so thankful this darling is in my life and my biggest wish is for him to feel safe and loved.

San Francisco, CA

The Importance of Rescue

My name is Bobby and I'm a ferret. Three year ago, I was found injured in a vacant field. My leg was broken in two places and my should dislocated. I was taken to a ferret rescue where I got the medical help I needed. I had surgery to fix my shoulder and pin my leg. Ferrets don't hold still well. My pins shifted and I needed another surgery!

While I got better, a volunteer took care of me. I needed more attention than a rescue with a lot of ferrets could provide. There are many ferrets in rescues. Sometimes because their person moved, or got allergic, or had a baby. Most of us are really good ferrets waiting for a home.

I healed and went to a forever home. I get to play with my cat- friend and there's another ferret here.

My mommy says I make her laugh and feel better when she's sad, just by being me.

Ferrets are funny. We steal things and hide them. We play and "war dance." Sometimes, we get so excited we bounce off walls, for real. I'm happy to have a forever home, - Bobby

Bobby had a rough time. Having home find his way to me has been a blessing. The joy of ferrets is contagious. Many times, he and Kaliyah have made me laugh during my recovery from brain injury. Taking care of them helped me with memory, task completion, and some coordination. They were never in any danger of neglected in any way. I had memory triggers and a friend who texted every day to make sure I had fed and watered them. I never forgot to care for them.

Seeing Bobby recover gave me hope too.

(Bobby's Mom)

Spokane, WA

Spanish cat rescue

Sailing back to the UK we found this badly injured kitten by a rubbish bin in a village. The mayor kindly allowed the police to take us to the vet 50k away. He trusted us so completely we could not put him down. The vet said they would not find a home for a three legged cat in Spain. We paid to amputate his leg and arranged boarding until we could find a home for him. The vet was fabulous, they cancelled half the bill.

We found him a home with good friends, he had to be inoculated, chipped and given a passport. I traveled to La Coruna, the vet sent him 100k to her family there. They very kindly picked me up and took me to a cat friendly hotel. We then had to fly to Barcellona, then Paris with Veuling, they allow animals in the cabin, from Orly airport to Charles de Gaule, by train to Calais where my kind cousin fetched us by car to cross the channel, animals have to be in a car to enter the UK. We stayed with my cousin that night. Next day we caught the train to his new home in Cornwall.

He traveled like a trooper, totally trusting, he only got scared on the first take off.

His loss of a leg has not hindered him at all, he climes wire fences like they are a ladder, walks on thin wooden fences and is a great hunter, they have had to put a bell on him.

He is now very happy in his new home, loves his new family and has brought such delight to them.

It cost a lot of money, but how can you put a price on the happiness and joy he and his family share.

Meme Grant
Truro, United Kingdom

Saved by the Dog

In '93 my fiancee said he wanted a big dog named Butkus. A week later he was killed and I took 2 weeks off. My 1st day back, I heard cars braking and saw a big dog in the street. I called him; he ran to me. He had an open wound on his front leg and expired tags from another county. I tracked down the "owner" but for 2 weeks the dog kept returning to me. The wound swelled badly from infection. He cowered when people gestured with their hands. I knew he needed help and decided to take him to the vet. He was found to have 2 kinds of worms, was infested with fleas and required 3 weeks of antibiotics.

I contacted a local rescue that said if he was unlicensed and loose I could keep him. I knew this was Butkus and since his dewclaws were bright red and he wasn't neutered, it was back to the vet. Dewclaws were necrotic.

Everyday I walked Butkus and day after day we got a little stronger. Soon he no longer cowered. He was 85 pounds when he found me but thrived and reached 124 pounds. We went on many adventures together, the biggest was building a new future.

In '95, Butkus was drawn to a small mixed breed dog down the street. Sadie and her owner, Scott, began joining us on our daily walks. Butkus started sneaking down the alley to visit Sadie and her owner would call. Butkus then began trying to pull me up the steps when we passed Scott's house. We began to date and after 2 years we were engaged. It was only then that he told me had been feeding dog biscuits (and sometimes steak) to Butkus during those early visits.

When Butkus was about 10 years old, he started to fall during walks, I knew it was time for goodbye. 6 weeks after our son was born, a vet came to the house. Butkus died in my arms, surrounded by family, friends and his beloved friend, Sadie.

Shelton, WA
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