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We got lucky with Sadie!

I was searching online for a white pageant dress for my daughter and an ad for a rescued dog, through a rescue shelter, caught my eye. The wonderful foster family who took her in were looking for a permanent home for a sweet little lab-mix girl named Sadie. The foster family said when she was first rescued she was emaciated with dull fur and injured in several places. I wanted her and, as soon as the foster family nursed her back from the injuries, they allowed us to adopt her! At first she was timid and cautious, however, she has opened up so much and has an incredible amount of life in her - she is grateful for the life she has now and she lets it show! Sadie is the most loving, communicative & sweet girl and she even smiles! She loves spending the day with my retired-from-the-Marine Corps husband and follows him wherever he goes & snuggles up with him - she is a definitely a dad's girl but when I get home from work I have my sweet Sadie greeting me with big smiles, showing teeth and all, dancing around in excitement welcoming her mom home! Adopting Sadie is one of the best decisions we have ever made and we cannot imagine our Sadie not being a part of our family! She's had some hard times in her earlier life but she has a new life now without worries - she's happy and she lets it show that her rough past is exactly that - in the past.

Sparta, TN


One day, in the year 2000, while at the Vet's Clinic, we saw a little Kitty around 5 months old in a cage. He was waiting for someone to take him home. You see, for 4 months, he had been living outside in the cold wet weather. He had no one to love him or take care of him. Lovingly, he was rescued and brought to our Vet's Clinic where we adopted him. We named him Felix. Since we still were sad over the loss of our first 14 year old cat named Gumdrops, we felt that he was likewise rescuing us! When we are sick, Felix is there. When we want to play, Felix is there. When food falls on the floor, yes, Felix is there. No, Felix is not a dog. But, he sure acts like one! You see, when we brought Felix home, he was introduced to a playmate,...our 8 year old Shitzu dog named Buster. Buster, who sadly died in 2006, taught Felix so much. Felix rolls over for tummy rubs. He will run to the door when the door bell rings. And he also loves, and begs for,... dog biscuits. Although he acts like a dog, he pounces and "play attacks" like a cat. Through the stairwell rails, he waits to prey on his next victim, which is ANYONE or Anything. Although Felix is now 9 years old, he still has lots of energy and love to give. Yes, Felix may feel we rescued him, but truly,

we all feel, we were ....."Rescued By Felix".

The Gayhart Family
Knoxville, TN


I went to the humane society not looking for a dog but I when I came to a kennel with a sign that said "I am deaf" my heart sank. His name was Jeckle but the assisant told me that he sticks to you like velcro. I quickly filled out my application and adopted "Velcro". He is the smartest and most sincere dog you have ever met.

Lincoln, CA


Java was a beautiful bengal cat that somehow became the neiborhood stray. He had a pemanent eye problem which may have led to him being unwanted. People would feed him, but no one truly wanted to adopt him. I found him hanging out by the side of the road one day and picked him up. From that moment on, he has been a very happy member of our family. He loves being the center of attention, getting into things, and adores drinking water from the faucet. Java will be a part of our family forever.

Sara Baez
Boerne, TX


Riley came to us by way of our son and daughter-in-law. They adopted him from a Sacramento, Ca. animal shelter. He had been found in a sorry condition wandering in downtown Sacramento. He had been badly abused with rifle pellets in his back leg and ear. He suffered the results of a broken front leg that had never been set. After being brought to the shelter, he was given the name "Tex"----important to remember. Lisa and Kevin adopted him as our son had been raised with Irish Setters and "Tex" was an Irish/Golden Retriever mix. They renamed him Riley. When our beloved Lab died a year later, Kevin asked if we would like Riley as he and Lisa both now worked and couldn't give him the attention they felt he needed. We emphatically said YES. Kevin and Riley made the long drive to our home, and now, six years later, we ;feel very lucky to have such a good and loving dog. And where does our California Tex now call home---- where else but Texas.

Diane Baker
Georgetown, TX

How do you know she's the one?

When we went to the shelter to find a dog to adopt, it didn't take me long to find her. Chibi was the 9th dog I saw and as I looked into her cage, she walked up and put her paw out to touch me. I told my husband that she was the one I wanted. As we went to the viewing room to play with her, she was timid and scared. My husband asked me, "How do you know she will be the one?". Right then, she climbed up on his leg and gave him a little kiss on his cheek. We knew right then she was the one. We don't know her story during her first year, but every day she reminds us why we adopted her. Not a day goes by that we don't say how greatful we are to have her with us. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She gets along with every animal she meets and loves playing with her big sister, Tinkerbell (a rabbit).
North Las Vegas, NV


This is Joey. I went outside to dump the recyclables and there he was, looking at me like I'd kept him waiting. It was a small fortune getting him healthy, but it was so worth it...he's a very special boy. And yes, he is as crazy as he looks in the picture!

Phoenix, AZ

Coda the Alpaca Dog

When I went to the local Humane Society to find a dog, they told me that the large dogs were outside and that I was free to go look. As I turned to go, two paws and one head peeked over the top edge of the counter. His ears were perked and he was smiling. That was it--love at first sight. I brought him home and he immediately made himself comfortable on the living room couch. But since then he has earned his keep. Coda became the "alpaca dog". He breaks up fights between the male alpacas and baby sits the newborn crias. When I can't find him I have learned to look under the shade tree in the pasture and there he is spending quality time with his herd.

Kathy Joseph
Grand Junction, CO


Brandy and Sandy are sisters that my son and I rescued from the RSPCA in July of 1999. Maxine the Bulldog was a bonus that I bought 8 months later.

It has been 10 years now since I have shared my home, life, and heart with these wonderful creatures that are truly my girls. I can not imagine life without them. Unfortunately time goes so quickly. And all 3 are showing their ages now. They may move slower, sleep more, have pains in their joints. But if you look closely, you can still catch that climpse of puppy in them. The unconditional love I have received from all of them is more than I could have ever hoped for.

They are my life, my heart, my girls, and my daughters. We have from time to time sleeping parties in my bed. They are all 3 pretty big and do not give mommy much room. (but what the heck, they enjoy it.)

I will forever be greatful to all 3. As these are my first dogs ever. The lessons they have taught me. Patience, understanding, true love,and every thing else that would be to much to write. Is more than any one could read in a book. Or learn on their own.

I would like to share with you one of the 10 Pet Commandments.

10. On the ultimate journey, go with me please. Never say you can't bear to watch. Don't make me face this alone. Everything is easier for me if you are there, because I love you so.

And when my girls time has come. I will go, and mourn, and give it time. Then once again open my heart, home, and life to adopting 2 or more bundles of joy.

I love you! Brandy, Sandy, and Maxine.

Lucinda Turk
Greensburg, PA

Meet our Lucky Louie

Meet our Lucky Louie.....Mr. Louis to his close family.

Louie was found in a junk yard with his two sisters. They were abandoned there with no food or water for a couple weeks before Blue Dog Rescue found them and took them in. They had mange all over their bodies; severely dehydrated and malnourished. After a few days of recovery, Louis' two sisters died of Parvovirus. This disease being highly contagious, Blue Dog Rescue was expecting the worse and that little Louie would not make it. Days went by and Louie grew stronger and after final examination, he was healthy and without disease.

My wife found him first and it was just a picture of a baby pup with the biggest brown eyes on the Blue Dog Rescue website. She fell in love with him. After our 4 year old lab, Razor, died from Diabetes a few months before, she showed me Louis and we had to adopt.

Our 9 year old, Blackjack, was missing his brother Razor and ask us for another baby brother, so we introduced him to Louie. They became best friends right off. Louie followed Blackjack everywhere and would nip at him and bite his ears. Blackjack is so patient with him, correcting him occasionally. Blackjack is always keeping an eye on him as a big brother should.

Today, Lucky Louie is a beautiful, healthy, 2 year old lab, with a loving family. Thank you Blue Dog Rescue for saving him.

Ana and Tom
Round Rock, TX
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