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Monkey: The Traveling Cat

A few days before Easter in 2009 my mom called to tell me that a small kitten had wandered into her yard. I already had two cats, yet I felt as if I needed to give this little kitty a home. Mom was going to try to catch the kitten and feed it until I could get home for Easter. Unfortunately, she was unable to catch the kitten and had not seen it since, thus assumed it had found another home. I was quite disappointed, and was not able to stop thinking about this little kitty. I shrugged it off, and figured it was not meant to be.

On Easter weekend my parents and I were going to meet at my Grandmothers to have dinner. My parents live about 60 miles from my Grandmother. They had a few errands to run including a trip to the grocery store, a cellular provider, and Wal-Mart.

When my parents arrived at my Grandmothers house, I ran out to help them with the groceries. I heard this faint meow, and out from under their truck came this dusty little kitten who promptly ran right up to me. My Mom said " Oh my! That is the kitten that was in the yard the other day!" The kitten had rode over 60 miles on the spare tire under the truck.

My parents were shocked as they were at some stores for almost an hour, yet the kitten never left her hiding place.

The kitten was all tail and legs with an adorable heart shaped nose. Her tail was ringed like a lemur, which didn't feel right to name her. Instead, I named her Monkey.

When I was leaving to go back home, I opened my car door and Monkey ran and jumped in the car. (Something you do not usually see with a cat!) She slept in my lap the two hours home, and has been part of my family ever since.

Angela H
Cape Coral, FL

Stray lady

I guess I'm the stray cat lady! I was just 13 when I met bosco our neighborhood stray. I feel in love and spent days trying to get him to come to me. Then I read in the newspaper about how a sweet little black and white cat had been caught and brought to the shelter. THAT was my cat! $40 later that manic ball of fuzz came home with me. Only way he would sleep was next to me. Im 30 now and he will still only sleep next to me.

My second stray was roaming the neighborhood and winter was coming on fast. So I borrowed a live trap. Well apparently the neighbors fat cat loves tuna too cause yep, we caught her. Then a skunk. I had given up by this point even thought i set the trap just one last time. My roommate left for work then comes running back in. Shes screaming and telling me I have to get it out. So i laugh going out looking for another skunk. It was a tiny tan kitten, shivering and scared. I vowed not to keep this one, we had 4 at the time. I took her in and gave her a nice warm flea bath. She spent the rest of the night in my lap and shoot, we bonded. For the first two years of her life, we didn't think she could meow. I went on vacation for a week and left her with my roommate. I came back and she met me at the door with a tiny little mew! She now greets me this way often and is still mommas baby. She gives the best nose kisses!

menasha, WI

Our gentle Kobi

In the summer of 2011, we saw a grey & white kitten at a house where we had rescued numerous cats over the years. We were still feeding many of them there. This tiny kitten was just meowing & meowing, but wouldn't let us touch him. We left some canned food & went on our way. Over the next 2 weeks, we would see him almost every time we went to feed the other cats. He would roll over belly up & stretch full length. I finally decided to trap him. One morning I set the trap up and was just watching. He came up, I reached over to grab him & he was so gentle when I picked him up. No trap was required. He obviously wanted a home.

He went to the vet who declared that he had "every bug known to man"--fleas, ear mites, ringworm, coccidia, etc. He was a mess. We doctored on him for about 2 months and finally he was well. Through it all, he was the happiest, most gentle kitty I have ever seen.

We tried to find an adopter since we already had several rescued kitties. It was not to be. Kobi was ours. He is a total sweetheart and the most gently & loving cat we have ever had. He will be 4 years old this fall & is the baby in our 8 cat household!

Thomasville, NC

The story Oliver

Oliver came to me as a 4 week old kitten and under weight. He was also was tossed out of a moving car causing his poor little paws to be cut up. The day I realized that he was in my back yard, I was getting something out my car and I heard birds and other animals making noise so I went out back to check it out and this little orange head appears out from the tall grass and weeds. I was like OMG so I tried to lure him with food and he did not want to come over. He was very frail and scared.I borrowed a friend’s trap that runs a rescue for feral cats she had a small trap. I came home and set that small trap and it took me four days to catch him. God was on my side that day I went out back to check the trap and he was outside the trap and he got spooked and ran right into the trap. I was so happy tears of joy ran down face. So brought him inside and got him out of the trap. As soon as I got my hands on him you could feel him just relax in my hands. I gave him a bath because he was loaded with fleas and dirt. I brought him to my vet for a checkup. Vet said he was a very sick little boy and very under nourished. I had to feed him every two hours to build up his strength. I had to take him across the state to my brother’s house for Christmas as he was too little to leave alone.I had three homes lined up for him and nobody came to get him so I said to myself I guess he is mine as I all ready had four what’s another one. Weeks and months go by and Oliver is now one year old and very active and getting in trouble around the house. Oliver can get into cabinets and open freezers doors but I wouldn't have it anyway

Angela perry
melbourne, FL

Dumpster Kitty

Three years ago I was on my weight loss journey. I used to walk to the gym everyday. One afternoon I decided to take a different route than normal. That decision was fate as it led me past a company that stores and rents out dumpsters. Their lot was packed full with dumpsters stacked on top of one another, a pretty dangerous place to be. Suddenly, from under the fence a kitten emerged onto the sidewalk and walked towards me. She was malnourished and dirty, but very sweet. I pet her and tried going on my way but she kept following me! Thinking she'd get hit by a car following me the whole way to the gym I picked her up and turned back around to go home, thinking I could call the animal shelter. She was nervous about being picked up and would jump down out of my arms frequently so I'd give her a minute to calm down then pick her up and try again. We eventually got home where my family instantly fell in love. We never called the animal shelter, she's been with us since! I found out I was pregnant two months later and she seemed to sense it and would never leave my side. She treats my son like her own. When he'd cry she'd meow outside of his bedroom door until I opened it to go check on him. She is so very patient with him even when he pulls on her tail but at the same time she doesn't take any nonsense from my older two kids. It's like she knows my older kids should know better but my toddler doesn't! She's a total lap cat and loves to chew on my pony tail when it's time for me to feed her. Her personality is just so awesome that we're still shocked someone would abandon her. We're sure she wasn't born a stray because of the way she approached me and how loving and trusting she is. I lost a lot of weight and I gained a cat! How awesome is that?

Heather Meinke
Monroe, WI

Princess Cassie, a royal feline

In the spring of 2008 I decided I wanted to get a furry friend to keep me company, as at the time I lived alone and my only pet, a hamster I had called Emily, had died. I decided I wanted a cat. The town I lived in and the next town over were very small so they did not have any animal shelters, so mom and I scoured over our local newspapers for months with no results. Finally in early August something popped up in a newspaper called The Buyers Guide. I called the number and talked to a lady. It was a female, about a year old. She had belonged to her son and his wife and they had left the cat with her because they were moving and could not take her with and the lady really could not afford to keep her. She had been keeping her in an upstairs room. I decided to take her on the spot without seeing her. I do not drive so a friend who lived in the town I was getting her from brought her to me on August 8th 2008. 8..... my lucky number. I took her out of her carrier and instantly fell in love. They had named her Tigera but I did not think it was a proper name for such a royal looking little lady. Being a Harry Potter fan I immediately wanted to call her Hermione, but mom disagreed. "She looks like a Cassandra." she said and I was sold. I call her Cassie for short or Princess or Princess Cassie. Mom died a year after I got Cassie and if it had not been for her I would not have gotten through this difficult time which included a move back to my hometown to be near family. In 2012 I decided Cassie needed a buddy so I went to our local shelter and shortly after Prince Aslan joined our royal feline family and I must say it has been quite a ride!

Merrill, WI

Second Chance Kitty

This 6 month old kitty was taken in by my mother. "Kitty" was living with a lady that has a very short temper. This woman also has young children, and at the time my mom was only somewhat acquainted with her. However, she could already tell that something was not right. On multiple occasions she had seen this lady's children pick Kitty up by the tail or drag her around by it, with no one asking them to stop. She had seen the woman hit the cat on the face, and finally, to her shock, she even saw her pick Kitty up and throw her down a flight of stairs.

These violent reactions were provoked by nothing more than simple things any young cat would do, like jumping on a counter, or accidentally knocking something over.

One day my mom heard that this woman was furious at Kitty for knocking a keepsake off a shelf and breaking it. Knowing, the types of punishments Kitty would suffer for this, she did what any compassionate person would want to do: she offered to adopt Kitty. Hours later, Kitty was out of that house an on to a better life.

This weekend I am babysitting my mom's animals and I love spending time with Kitty. She has only been out of that house for a few weeks now, but she is already coming out of her shell. I move carefully around her because sudden movements cause her to flinch back as if expecting a slap to the face. Yet, she has started purring around us and no longer hides. She gets on our laps and plays with her new toys. Kitty is so full of charm, playfulness, and love, I can't imagine how anyone would want to hurt her, let alone any animal. Nevertheless, It makes me so happy knowing that she will never, ever be hit again. Only loved.

Despite the pain she has suffered at the hands of people, she is still willing to give others a chance. If that isn't inspiring, I don't know what is!

New Port, OR

Merlin Majestic Fernandez

I worked as security guard in a shopping centre, part of our duties were to activate the compactor each morning to crush up the previous days rubbish. On this day a sound alerted the guard and he found 6 ten day old kittens in a beer carton. He took them back to the office and knowing I was a cat lover, called me to ask what to do with them. we fed them milk from eyedroppers and each of them was claimed by caring guards. At the end of the day, the guard who found them came to me and told me that the person who was going to take one of the kits had to refuse because her husband said no. I had decided to raise one kitten, so what was one more? On my way home I dropped in on the vet, who offered to euthanise them for free as he said thier chances of survival were pretty slim, but I wanted to take that chance. My parter and I hand reared them both. After a couple of weeks I had arranged homes for them, but at 6 weeks when I took them for the first shot, Merlin was found to be infected with cat flu. Again the vet said, his chance of survival was almost nil, I took him home. Rang the person who I was going to give him to and said I had to keep him because he was sick. I nursed him through cat flu and decided that the cat who I was not supposed to have, I could not give up. He was the most loving cat I have ever had. Sadly 5 weeks ago, at 17 years old after a long, happy life. I finally was forced to part with him.

Lee Daly
Brisbane, Australia

Sweet Tehya

One night after getting home from work, I heard all this meowing coming from underneath my gardenia bush. I called out and this cat came out towards me – she looked to be young. She kept her distance at first, but eventually let me pet her. I had some cat food inside, so I brought her some. Over the next couple of days, when I got home, she’d be waiting out front for me. I decided to name her Maggie (Mae). One night as I went to go inside, she strolled right inside in front of me. She must have had a home at some point in time. I have a Lhaso Aspo and that didn’t faze the cat in the least. However, wasn’t sure how my dog would take to a cat. I had a friend at work that was looking for a young female cat so I contacted him. My friend said that when he got the cat home, all it did was hiss and growl at his cats. Also, that she was in fact a neutered male. I decided to keep him and hoped my dog would deal with it. Maggie got renamed Tehya (which means precious in the Zuni language). At the vet, they said he was approximately 3 to 4 years old. He wasn’t young – he was thin. Who knows how long he’d been out on his own. He obviously was owned at some point since he had been fixed. But he had decided when he walked through my front door that first time, this was his new home. That was 6 years ago. He and the dog get along well – he likes to harass her, of course, and they do play. When she’s had enough, she usually has him pinned down belly side up. He doesn’t move till he knows he can make a break for it. She’s 15 and doesn’t see too well. We think Tehya knows this, as when she comes back in from outside, he “guides” her through the kitchen to the living room. He truly is precious!

Pamela A Inklebarger
Mary Esther, FL


The day after Mother's Day 2013 a little dog was running loose in our neighborhood. She came into our back yard, and when my husband opened our back door, she ran into the house as if she knew where she was going. She had no collar, no tags. She was very shaggy and matted, but sweet and friendly.

We canvased the neighborhood, posted her picture on Facebook and notified the local Humane Society (we already had two Shih-Tsu males). We took her to our vet to get her checked out and he scanned her for a chip. She did have one, but it wasn't activated. Other than being a little malnourished and dirty, she was healthy. We tried to find her owner as we could not believe that this sweet dog was abandoned. However, no one even inquired about her so we decided to keep her, and we are so glad we did.

She immediately became best buds with our other two dogs, and is the "queen of the house". We named her Cloudy because her fur was mostly white like clouds, but her outlook was "cloudy" at best had we not took her in. One of our male dogs name is "Stormee", and the two of them are like "storm clouds" rolling through the house! They go non-stop playing and competing for our attention.

When my husband called me at work that day and told me we had another dog, I said "no, we can't have another dog". But when I got home and saw that sweet face with the black patch on one eye, she stole my heart. I know I am being selfish, but I am so glad no one claimed her.

Sharon Robinson
Tamarac, FL
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