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Meet the amazing Yoda!

Three years ago we were on a quest for a new addition to our rescued furry family and we found this 4 month old pup on death row at the local pound. We could see that he had received very little human contact, but he instantly "tugged the heartstrings" of our son the first time he laid eyes on him. It took us several weeks to bring him out of his shell and I guarantee it was weeks well spent! Now we have the most wonderfully sweet mutley that you could ever ask for. He just loves to perform his tricks for you and is a big ham! Yoda is not our first rescued animal, nor will he be our last. Only those who have rescued understand that the reward is so much greater than the work!! Rescue and feel the true meaning of unconditional love!!!

Shannon Meegan
Tucson, AZ

Someone adopted this "Damaged Cat"

This is Tofu. My daughter and I found him at the Animal Shelter about 13 yrs ago, He was an abandoned cat and had been at the shelter for several weeks over the limit. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and that is what we first noticed about him. He has a broken tail and walks with a limp, his joint keeps popping out of place. Every one thought he was a beautiful cat but because of those small deformities no one wanted him.....but we did. The vet said he wasn't sure why his joint pops out of place and it appears that someone slammed the door on his tail. But you really can't tell. He is the most loving and affectionate cat and gets along great with our two dogs, also adopted from the same shelter. He loves to lay by the computer to keep warm and begs just like the dogs do. He is not allowed outside because he has been declawed but if he manages to sneak out, one of the dogs is right there to corral him back into the house. We love our "damaged cat". Adopt from shelters, you can't go wrong!

Janie T
Henderson, NV

Handsome Boy Samson - my dog in a cat's body

Samson was approx 4 mos old when I found out about him wandering the neighborhood a little over 3 yrs ago. He was malnourished, had a hole in his side, an abscess on his back, & what few whiskers he had were all broken. Still, he had such a sweet & curious spirit about him. Aft being in the hospital for 3 weeks & a whole lot of money later, I wdn't have done anything different. He now has such beautiful whiskers! He is my youngest Boy of 4 who were all strays & all came to me at different times. He is so loving & yet still such a kitten. He's frisky & loves to play & attack his Brothers. When I call his name, he sticks his tail up in the air. He is my dog in a cat's body; he loves to go for rides in the car. I ask him if he wants to go for a ride, and he will go to his litter box & go potty, & then he will run to the back door. He will hang out the passenger window with his little arm hanging over the mirror. He's such a cool & wonderful cat. I love him & his Brothers immensely. They're my Boys, and I am so very thankful that we are in each other's lives!!! :-)

Lisa Workman
Plano, TX

My McGee

Gee was an unsocalized traumatized 2 year old Blue Heeler who spent his second year of life in a kennel at our shelter litteraly afraid of everyone and everything. He got adopted about a week before I met him-the couple went to the shelter for 3 1/2 weeks before taking him home, they returned him after 4 days because he didn't "settle" fast enough for them. My daughter met him and kept coming home telling me about this dog, now I have 3 cats and 2 dogs as it is and couldn't afford another animal, it was the last thing on my mind. I looked a the shelter web site and he was the first animal up, my heart went out to him after reading his story, my daughter raised the adoption fee with a Kool Aid stand--and a local businessman--I met Gee and his card said no cats, no kids, and possible dog if they met at the shelter with Eric, the trainer. My first meeting with Gee was 3 hours sitting in the grass talking to him-he was to afraid to walk with me, I was in love. I went back the next day and repeated our talk, he gave me a kiss after about 20 minutes of talking. The next day I took my dog, Sparky to meet Gee and after a few minutes they were walking side by side. After being told I had to wait a week with visiting daily I went on Tuesday-day 4-and begged Eric to let me bring my boy home. I give him love and care and he returns that love a hundred times over. He has 2 dogs and 3 cats and no trouble with them. He is learing to like new things, cookies and rides in the car rock.

Coeur d Alene, ID

TNR Kitty that came to stay

Cuate turned up at our TNR station in the Summer of '05. We fixed him & fed him that winter, but he kept his distance & made no effort to be more than an outdoor kitty.

Then one day late in July '06 as I put food down for him, he approached me and the bowl. I looked at him & said "Pet the kitty?" while making a "Pet the Kitty" hand movement. It was like his head was a dust ball & my hand was a dust magnet. I petted him for a few minutes then went inside the house & asked the wife: "Have you been petting that cat?" She replied: "NO! You didn't either, did you? If you touch him he'll want to come inside!" Too late, I didn't know the rules. He's been with us ever since, a very big, sweet kitty.

Tucson, AZ

...she answered!

One rainy day I had the unwavering urge to finally go to the Monmouth County SPCA shelter to adopt an older cat. After 3 rooms of sweet cats looking through their cages at me, the very last one in the last row of the last room looked at me and meowed when I asked, "Would you like to live with me?!" I had to foster Tessie first until she was well enough to adopt (healing from a severe respiratory ailment) but she was worth the wait! As you can see, she is well, and very happy in her new home!

Ocean, NJ


Luke was a kitten born in our yard. He had a bad infection in his eye, so my son took him to the vet. The vet couldn't save his eye. So my son decided to adopt Luke and keep him in the house. But Luke liked to go out and if he didn't he started knocking things over until you did let him out. But he always came back home. Even when a neighbor thought he was a stray and kept him in her house for three days. Then he just showed up and she came looking for him. I told her that he was my son's cat. I told my son to put a collar on Luke but he didn't.

On Saturday October 3, 2009 I came home from work and when I opened the door, Luke ran out. That is the last time we saw him. I've searched all over the neighborhood, talked to neighbors including the one who had found him months before. No one has seen him. I put up posters and had many people call to tell me they found him, but when I mention he has only one eye, they say no the cat they found had two eyes. Even as I was writing this a woman came to my door to find out if we had found him.

A family that lived on Thomas Street moved the same weekend that Luke went missing and we think they took Luke with them. We are not sure but they came from Michigan but no one knows where they moved to.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Greater New Haven Cat Project at They are helping us to find Luke. Luke is a part of our family and is missed terribly.

Joann Mackewich
West Haven, CT

Found Angel

When I found Allie, she was covered in fleas, ticks, mites and was injured. She was completely untrained and clearly had not been kept indoors. Now she is happy, healthy and well behaved, and brings so much joy to our home. She is truly a God-send.

Nancy Zermeno
San Antonio, TX

Too many for 1 picture

This story is really about our boss, Connie Russell. Her car dealership pays the adoption fees for 1 kitty and 1 dog @ week from the Bullhead City Animal Shelter through her "Best Friends" of the week ads. She also sponsors the "Empty the Shelter" program in which the dealership pays the fees for ALL animals adopted from the shelter between Dec 18th and the end of the year. She has saved so many lives! She gets thank-you letters with pictures and stories (of the new family & pet). I think that the joy that this brings the new families is immeasurable! Our car dealership is also pet friendly and so many of our customers bring in their furry family members. We always have treats and bowls of water for them!

Patti McClure
Bullhead City, AZ

Stella Bella

I lost my 12-old cat to cancer last September. In November I was ready to adopt another from a shelter, when I heard a loud meow in front of my house. I found a white kitten in the tire well of a car. When I reached for it, the kitten ran away and I was unable to catch it. I felt horrible as it was cold and the kitten was on its own. The next night I heard the meow again, this time it was coming from behind a locked gate of an apartment building. While I was trying to coax the kitten out, I heard water being poured and realized that a woman in the building was throwing water on the kitten to try to get it to be quiet. I explained that I was trying to catch the kitten. In the end the woman helped to unlock the gate and I finally caught my sweet Stella and brought her home.

Astoria, NY
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