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Capitan Cosmo

Cosmo was originally adopted as a kitten by a young couple at Andrews AFB in Maryland. The couple soon had a baby, who naturally took over as the center of attention in the household. Cosmo did NOT appreciate losing his place as 'numero uno' and consequently, started acting out by scratching and biting the baby. Although heartbroken to have to give him up, the couple had no choice. Due to a lack of resources and funding, many of Maryland's animal shelters are "high kill" shelters, so Cosmo's fate looked very grim. But it all ended well: This handsome, wicked-smart boy is now part of my home, happy to be back in his rightful place as king of the castle!

Kim Morrison
Falls Church, VA

Long Journey Home

While living in Costa Rica, I was visiting a friend when their guard's dog Mikey, "tagged" my white pants with muddy paws. A month later, the guard had "dumped" him several towns away. Mikey made a four day journey back on his own. Now a free agent, he's my pure love dog for life!

Guilford, CT

Otis :)

When Glen and I moved in together in April of 2006, he came with a rescued mama cat named, Mae and one of her kitten's, Willie. I immediately fell in love! Our apartment was always filled with Mae's vocal stylings, and Willie's funny antics...The cats presence in our lives made coming home always an added bonus.

We use to talk about rescuing a dog if we ever got a house. Our dream finally came true when we closed on a small home (with fenced in back yard) in November of 2008. We anxiously headed up to our local SPCA on May 20, 2009.

Unbeknownst to me, Glen had found "William" on petfinder.com, and specifically sought him out to have a visit.

As we walked down the aisles of kennels, I was overcome with emotion. My heart was crushed at the struggles these animals had faced. I wanted to save them all! .......At the end of the row, Glen stopped at Otis' kennel. He seemed the only dog not barking. He stood up, smiled, and wagged his tail. My heart soared the minute we met. He is over a year old, and rail thin. He had been pulled from a kill shelter in Tennessee. We knew his odds of getting a permanent home were much lower since he wasn't a puppy.

We arranged for a visit in the adoption room, and immediately decided to take him home . Re-named, Otis (we already have Willie, the cat!), he is the sweetest, most playful, affectionate companion. He loves children and romping with other dogs. Wille and Mae have been charmed by our new family member too. We already discuss rescuing a playmate in the future. I highly recommed a rescue pet. Your heart will never regret it!

Kate Kenney
Queensbury, NY

Milo: The Happiest Spirit Ever!

After 13 wonderful years together, Marley (my 3rd rescued Australian Cattle Dog) passed away in surgery. We had no idea he had cancer throughout his body and were unable to say goodbye. I lost all three of my prior rescues through unexpected death and didn't want to go through it a 4th time...Marley would be the last fur child. To quell my sadness, I watched YouTube videos of others' Heelers. After several months, I weaned off watching, felt better and decided to get back on track, but not to adopt again. Then I saw a photo of Milo smiling! He was about to be euthanized in a Spokane shelter. Through quick coordination he was rescued and we drove to the other side of Washington State to adopt him, overruling my "never again" promise. There was a connection to us all immediately - he's truly a magical soul. I have NO idea how he could have gone unadopted so long - he's always smiling, playful, small for the breed, NO bad habits and was crate trained! He must have been waiting for US! Maybe his good nature was payback for the 30 years working with 3 rescues who were not as "good-natured" and had "issues" we worked around. (My other Heeler fur children were either severely beaten or couldn't mix with people and animals without full-on aggression.) I loved them all, but I must say the fact that Milo can go in public, walk on a leash and visit the dog parks is fab! I just can't say enough how happy I am that Milo was connected with my family. He brings us such joy by just being himself! He's also quite funny and has his own YouTube page called "MiloMovies" - HEELER LOVE HEALS ALL!

Jena Scott
Seattle, WA

The story of Max

A friend of ours told us about a JRT that his relatives had and wanted to get rid of. He took us to their house and I was totally discusted by the way the little guy had been treated. He was just 3 months old at the time. He was flea infested, chained to a clothes line with no shade, no food and no water and the owner's 6 year old son would smack on him and scare him and throw things at him. Well there was no way we were going to leave him in those conditions. We took him home that night. He is now 3 years old and has two cats as playmates. He's a very happy puppy now.

Bloomington, IN

I want to live, PLEASE

My name is Oliver, (mama calles me ollie)

The people who used to own me were very mean to me and hurt me all the time. When they finally hurt me so bad I couldn't walk, they were going to shoot me in the head. They had broken my hip because they would kick me and hit me and think it was funny.

When mama's friend told her aboout me and what they were going to do she called them and said please don't shoot him, I'll take him. Mama came right away and took me to the doctors. I had to have surgery for my hip and stiches on my head. By then I was so scared of people I would whine everytime some body tried to touch me. But Mama was very patient with me and gave me lots of love. I have the best home ever now and a sister, Annie, who is tiny like me. Annie and I have big fun playing and chaseing each other around the yard, catching a ball or barking at the squrels. Mama calls us her babies and we get to sleep on the big bed with mama so she can cuddle us. I know I'm safe now and that Mama won't let anybody ever hurt me again.

P,S. Ollie weights 4 lbs now and is the sweetiest, most loving little guy

in the world. He makes my heart sing every day. I just love him to bits

and he's the perfect companion for Annie . Ollie and Annie are the

joy in my life and I thank God every day that we found our little guy.

Jaynee Odom
Yukon, OK

How I Escaped Being Euthanized by the Fur on my Chinny Chin Chin

I was a tiny stray wandering around the neighborhood when I was picked up by the Humane Society. They happened to be moving into a brand new building that very day. I remember being carried to my new kitty-cage in a girl's pocket! Anyway, after they put me in the cage, I did my best to squeeze my way out. It didn't work, but another girl saw me and decided to foster me. I guess hearing that I was going to be put to sleep very soon had quite an effect on her...so she took me home, named me Nelson, and three months later I was big enough to return to the shelter to be adopted. I was there one whole day before someone decided to do just that :)

Elizabeth Montour
Colorado Springs, CO


Milton, a wire haired, dapple dachshund, came to us when a local puppy farm was shut down. He was one of 9 dachshunds taken from the farm. When I was asked to take him, I said I could not because I already had 4 dachshunds and I just could not imagine another one. After a couple of weeks in foster homes and even a failed adoption, I agreed to take him. 8 months later and now I cannot imagine our lives without him. He is the sweetest and happiest puppy I have ever known.

Tim Buchanan
Mount Airy, GA


Gypsie and her brother were born one night in a junked-out car at Pam's workplace. Their mother didn't have any milk and they would have died. Pam brought them home every night and bottle-fed them every few hours, then took them to work every morning and "kitty-sat" them. We became foster parents to the kittens. When they were a few weeks old they were promised to other animal lovers by Pam's employer. When they were old enough, Smokey Joe (Gypsie's brother) went to a wonderful home. I fell in love with Gypsie and could not part with her. She became a part of our family and found her forever home with our other loving pets.

Tony & Pam
Phoenix, AZ

Wawi and Me

Wawi was orphaned at birth, and I became his "mother". He stayed by my side until he was over three months old. He is now my main herd bull, but he still thinks I'm his "momma" and follows me everywhere I go.

Joe Don Kotrla-Chipps
Round Rock, TX
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