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The Big Fivo

My husband and I rescue and foster dogs. For his 50th birthday, my husband wanted to rescue another dog so I went to the local shelter to search for one. At the end of the row, was a little chiweenie (Chihuahua / Doxie mix) that was deperately trying to get anyone's attention. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to save a life! Once home, it was soon obvious that this dog was not going anywhere. He immediately bonded with my husband and he's been our "gift" ever since. Of course, we named him the big Fivo!

Sheri Olson
Richardson, TX

The Exercise Cats

Sherwood and Forest were a package deal. If not adopted soon, they'd become another shelter statistic. When I went to take little Sherwood home, he was playing so well with his brother Forest I couldn't say no. 13 years later, they're still best buddies, and they join me in "cat situps" every morning on our bed. When I do my gut crunches, they roll over on their backs and raise their paws and legs mimicing my movements as best they can. (and Forest could really use the ab work!) It never fails to bring a morning smile to my face!

Scott Thomas Dennis
Avalon, CA


My girlfriend and I were driving to a party and got lost in a neighborhood. She couldn't see well without her glasses so we stopped to switch so I could drive. When we stopped, a little black dog ran up to us out of no where, we were surprised. He was soaking wet and when we looked at each other to talk about what we should do, he took it upon himself to jump in the car and wait for us. It was almost like he said, "I'm ready to go home." We took him home and gave him a bath. The next day we tried to find the current owner with no luck, but found the first owner who gave him away. She told us she hadn't heard anything from the person she gave him to and gave us all the information about the dog. We named him Buddy, a six month old pit bull shit-zu mix. He is now the best dog we have ever had. We always say that he chose us and that we are the lucky ones to have him. We are grateful to have such a loving dog that we would have never been able to find in a puppy store.

Nicholas Pacquee
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Misfit Ranch My Buddy Dog

Well this is my little buddy dog. He belonged to the neighbors but would meet us at the entrance to the driveway to our little ranch every day and ride to the house with us. After patching him up when he got attacked by some wild dogs and hit by a car he became ours. He fits in with the rest of the rowdy bunch and his old owners didn't even care. He can't wait to see me every 4 months when I get home from IRAQ. I love him and all my other 4 legged kids with all my heart. One big happy family.

Sgt. John Willi - Army Retired
Lexington, OK

Precious Benni Lou

I was driving home one late June afternoon when I noticed a tiny kitten pouncing at something in the air near a very busy and heavily-travelled road. I pulled my car over and got out. I slowly approached this tiny kitten - unaware of me and too preoccupied with a fly as he jumped in the air. I slowly grabbed him and noticed his eyes were full of green infection, his face was very matted and he looked malnutritioned. I took him home to keep him warm and safe. I named him Benni Lou before drifting off to sleep. The next morning, I took him to my vet, thinking they would surely put this little guy down. Turned out he was a SHE and she was doing fine other than a bad infection in both eyes, which later claimed the sight in her right eye. Now at 5 years old, Benni Lou is healthy, strong, independent, plays well with my other cats, and doesn't let her "one eye" get her down!

Toledo, OH

"Feral" Cat is a Love Bug

My friend called me one day and told me that the shelter she volunteered at was about to euthanize two dozen kittens with respiratory infections. They needed foster homes fast! We fostered 13 at our house and found foster parents for the remainder. The shelter had labeled one of the kittens as feral, even though he was the sweetest shy little kitty! He was in for certain death before our dear friend brought him to us. He stole our hearts with his playfulness. We call him Teddy because he is soft and cuddly--just like a teddy bear! He purrs constantly and sleeps with us every night.

Wellington, CO


My sister found Willy at the garage entrance of her office building, were a car nearly got him under the wheels. He was about 4 months old, dirty and hungry, but upon coaxing he came running straight to her. We had recently moved and did not want a pet, as we travelled a lot, but Willy caught our hearts! That was 12 years ago and we are so happy to have found him and to be able to share our lives with him. He is absolute king of the house, sleeps in our bed and loves to watch the little birds that come to feed on our balcony. Oh, and as a good Spaniard, he loves olives with anchovies!

Madrid, Spain

The love of our lives

When my daushaund died at age 12, I wanted another dog. I looked for three months in animal shelters until one day I found a matted Llasa Apso with a green bow in his ear. He was in a cage with two other dogs and scared to death. I put my name on the list and was told that I was the first one in line for him. He was found wandering along a busy street with a trash bag tied around his waist. I went back on Saturday and took my husband to meet him. When they brought him in the room, he sat between my legs and looked up at my husband as if to say "please take me home". My husband named him Spanky. We had to leave him that day but I promised him I would see him soon. I picked Spanky up on Monday after he was neutered. He was really sleepy all day and lay on the floor, but that was 6 years ago and that was the only night he didn't sleep on the bed with us. Spanky runs the house and we love him dearly. Each night before bed, he and his dad share a chocolate covered cherry and he has to sleep with his stuffed bear. He is a little moody at times but he is the love of our lives and we wouldn't have him any other way. A shelter dog is the best dog you can have.

Kathy Nettles
Chaleston, SC

They Rescued Us

After my husband and I lost our 17-year old poodle mix, Lizzie Pearl, I desperately needed another fuzzy companion. After 6 weeks, we adopted Reese, a Jack Russel mix, at an animal shelter 4 hours away, and a day later we got Owen, a miniature Dachshund, at a local rescue group. They love to chase each other around the house and snuggle up with both of us. Sometimes I feel like they rescued us instead of the other way around.

Rachael Gruis
Ogden, UT

Abandoned by mother

I was at work and one of my workers found a very young kitten in a small tree while cleaning property. Heard meow and brought kitten to me. There were no other kittens around. As soon as I held the kitten it started crying VERY LOUDLY! Our relationship was born. Kitty was hungry and wanted milk. I took kitty home and called my sister to help. I had to go back to work. She brought over kitten milk mix and a bottle. We rotated feedings while I worked. I had to even teach how to go potty. Truely, my baby! Named him Jeter, so my husband would not object to me adding another kitten to my other 5 cats saved. Took Jeter to vet and found out he was blind. Do not know if mommie abandoned him because he could not survive outside. God brought us together. Anyway I scheduled a neutring and the vet called me to tell me that Jeter also had female organs. They gave me a buy one surgery get one half off. Jeter gets along well with the older cats. Keeps them young. He is a little cat with no fear. No problems getting around. You would never know Jeter was blind. A little fiesty but a LOVE!

Ceile Luchese
Wood-Ridge, NJ
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