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six years ago i found a lump on my girl pit and started to prepare for the worst. we were at the vet first thing next morning, where i was introduced to colin, a bulldog...Colin ended up being a boxer/pit mix, the bump ended up being nothing, and this beautiful boy who had suffered horrible attrocities in his nine short months of life came home to live with us 48 hours later. our lives (and our furniture) have never been the same since, and we wouldnt trade it for the world! we are truly blessed to have our "johnny."

Allison Petzko
Cranbury, NJ

From the Freeway to the Real Way

One day in June, a friend of mine was driving from Santa Monica to Irvine California on one of the busiest high ways in California. Traffic quickly became a parking lot. Vehicle crashes are one of the main reasons for congestion, so that is what my friend figured was the reason for the slowed traffic. As she gotten closer, she found out it wasn't a car accident that slowed traffic, but a young kitten in the carpool lane, near the center divider. Being an animal lover, she rescued the helpless animal. The small female kitten was rightfully named Miracle. Only an estimated 3 weeks old, she had worms, fleas and was emancipated. I quickly volunteered to take the kitten into my home. Now 12 weeks old Miracle is a healthy, beautiful, curious, full of energy kitten. She is the sweetest, most loving kitten I have ever met. She has become a very important part of my family and I am glad she has come into my life.

A. I. T.
Laguna Hills, CA

Bailey's Story

Bailey was a Husky/Sheppard mix, born from our rescued dogs Smokey & Shawna. Christmas Eve, Shawna had a litter of nine. I kept three and found homes for six, understanding if they could no longer keep them to call me. One year later, a call came and I brought Bailey home. He remembered me! Later going through a divorce, Bailey was given away, devastating me. I had to find Bailey

I ran a classified ad for over a year - in December an elderly man named Walter called. He thought he may have Bailey. On Christmas Eve (Bailey's 6th birthday) Walter invited me over. Bailey remembered me instantly! I cried the entire time I was there talking to Walter and loving my Bailey. I wanted to take him home, but didn't want to take him from this sweet elderly man.

As I prepared to leave, Walter said, "Take your son back home with you, that's where he belongs..." He said he'd miss Bailey, but he'd never seen him so happy, and didn't want to deprive him. We cried, I hugged Walter and thanked him for being so good to Bailey & promising we'd visit. Bailey came home Christmas Eve. Walter and I remained friends. Later Walter was injured in a fall and ended up in a nursing home. I took Bailey to visit; he was so proud of Bailey for being kind and letting all his friends pet him. Walter spoke of Bailey as his son and best friend. Walter passed Feb-2008. My sweet Bailey passed July 10, 2009 at 10, after a four-month battle with cancer. Bailey was loving, patient, and sweet natured - companion and best friend to both Walter and I. I will love him and cherish his memory forever. I love you Bailey.


Teresa Shew
Gadsden, AL


Elijah was a feral cat coming from a well groomed community. His owner gave him good care but the new husband was allergic to cats. I volunteered to "cat sit" during their month long honeymoon and Elijah was forever mine from that time on. His ears were torn from fights and his skin spotted with sores. While he had visited the vet for shots and check-ups his chart had a large red lettered sign, "Beware - cat bites." For me Elijah instantly became a totally indoor cat. In the 12 years he owned me I was never bitten and always greeted with purrs on my return home from work.

Elijah became my best friend. While he survived cancer he did not survive the element of time. I miss him still but such wonderful memories.

Lois Benes
Irvine, CA


We adaopted an adorable puppy in May of 2008 from La Mancha Animal Rescue. We named him Lord Frederick Stanley, hoping the Flyers would win the cup. They did not win, but we did. Stan has a bigger heart and more love to share than we could have imagined!

Patricia Delaney
Glenolden, PA

Neglect--a passive form of abuse

The spring of 2005 was a gray cold rainy season, not enjoyable to be exposed to for any length of time. Naturally, it concerned me to see a small furry pup spending 24/7 in the nextdoor yard with no shelter. Huddled up against the back of the house, the pup was attempting to stay dry and be avaliable to accept any desperately needed attention or affection. Whenever I was in my back yard the pup would come to the fence and sponge up any kindness I would offer. My heart was filled with sadness for this small lonely creature.

I began a campaign to improve the quality of life for the pup. I offered shelter boxes, bedding, and walks. At the end of several weeks I asked if there was a possibility of placing the pup for adoption. "Sammy" came home with me the next day. At the time, I had three older dogs, and so planned on finding a loving home for the youngster. After one week, I knew she had found her new home, and I then had three older dogs and a pup!

Sammy is now a happy loving and loyal four year old companion, the neglect of her puppyhood long since forgotten. Sammy and I would ask everyone who reads her story to let others know that dogs are not yard ornaments to be neglected and forgotten, but rather family members who want only to please and be loved, and in return add so much to our lives. Thank you.

Sandi B.
Pocatello, ID

Glacier Blue Boy

I first saw Glacier, a beautiful long-haired blue-eyed cat, in a cage in the vet's office and he looked so forlorn and unhappy. He had been rescued from the streets, but had been living in a cage for a year. No one would adopt him becase he was FIV positive. I hadn't had an animal companion for over 20 years, but I just couldn't leave him in that cage, so I adopted him and took him home. I just melted every time I looked into his beautiful blue eyes, but it took 3 months before he would come out from behind a chair. One night I looked up and there he was sitting right in front of me as if to say, "You've passed the test and I trust you." He was my sweet kitty boy for 2 years until he got ill with cancer. On the day I had to put him down I promised him I would rescue another sweet kitty and I did, but Glacier opened up my heart and home to all things furry. Now I share my home with 5 cats -- all rescues.

Gail Bearden
Van Nuys, CA

Odie's Rescue

We adopted Odie (formerly Quincey) from Whimsical Animal Rescue in Seaford, DE. He was very underweight, heart worm positive and had been abused. He was absolutely afraid of his shadow! He became comfortable with us very quickly. And his personality started to shine through. He is such a silly little dog. Before long, we changed his name to Odie, simply because it suits - he reminded us so much from the goofy dog on the Garfield comic! He has tested negative for heart worms now and his Dr. doesn't think there was much damage to his heart from them. He has gained weight (a little too much). He is still afraid of a lot but he is better. At least now, after he runs away, he will sneak back in to see what it was. He has brought so much joy to our lives over the last two years. I definitely will adopt a rescue again! They have so much love to give! Thank you to all the rescues out there and to the rescue angels who adopt them! I love you all!

Starr Conaway

Starr Conaway
Laurel, DE


It was our first time to adopt from a shelter, and when I saw the picture of this bully/boxer mix, she immediately won me over. She had been stabbed, beaten, her jaw was broken, and she was left for dead at about 6 weeks. She was in intensive care for a month. Everyone said, "oh don't adopt her, she will have all kinds of problems." However, she is the most loving dog we've ever owned. At the shelter, one of the volunteers commented that she had "Cleopatra Eyes" as it appears she has eye-liner completely circling her eyes -- hence the name Cleo! What a joy she has been, and I'm thankful every day someone left her for us.

Jeanne Welch
Las Vegas, NV

Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor...

This is the newest addition to my family of 4 cats. I was fostering Sauron and his sister after a lady in the neighborhood abandoned them. His sister found a good home but little Sauron, being a black kitty, was having difficulty getting adopted.

I couldn't help but fall in love with him and his crazy kitten antics. I ended up adopting him and I am so happy I did. He is so adorable, cuddly and sweet. He nurses on my neck many times during the night as he thinks I'm his "real" mother (I certainly feel like it). I am so lucky to have him. I can't picture my life without him.

I hope that others will adopt black kitties as love shouldn't be based on the color of a cat's coat.

Mily Lopez
Rochester, NY
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