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Jolie Picked Us

When our precious Ivory died after 13 years with us, we couldn't bear the idea of another pet until a year later when I checked out kitties at the Bedford, New Hampshire Animal Shelter. She was lying in a hammock looking at me upsided down when she caught my eye. But, it was closing time and when I went back the next day, she was gone! The cats had been taken to a Pet Smart many miles away for "adoption day." I rushed down to the store and sure enough Jolie was waiting for us to rescue her. She's an incredible pet! Loving, playful and stunning. Thank you Bedford Shelter!

D.J. Sweeney
Wilton, NH


I've had Smokey for two years now she's the

best thing that has happen in my life she's my first cat

she has helped through some hard times in last year

to me she's my baby i'm not married or don't have

children so to me she's my child and i wouldn't give her up

for anything our apt. had fire but it was ruled as an arson in 08

i was in the apt. when that happen i was very scared and i wouldn't leave

with out my cat i had someone come in there to get her because she hid under the bed

she's doing fine now. i also adopt her from the human society i recommend

you adopt from there, there are a lot of animals who need a loving home

she's the love of my life she buts a smile on my face everyday

Racine, WI

Lola Bear

My wife and son were looking for a dog that had been at the shelter the longest. Lola was one of those dogs. She had been there for 5 months! I personally wanted a long haired dog, since my last dog had been a beloved sheltie. I didn't see a dog I wanted, but my wife and son had another plan. They decided they wanted the short haired dog named Lola. We took her home and she was very cautious and timid. She loved my son, but seemed a little afraid of me. It took about three days for Lola to realize that she was finally at her forever home..and boy have things changed! She is now having the time of her life. She sleeps on the couch, visits her gold fish buddies in the pond outside, wears bandannas, loves to be petted, loves to chase squirrels and even sleeps in a big people bed sometimes. She is very loved! The moral of the story is 'don't judge a book by it's cover.' I now love short haired dogs too!

David Totten
Virginia Beach, VA


Teddy is a horse that I rescued from situation of neglect. His story is chronicalled with picture updates in his web site operation save teddy.

teddy's family moved into our area in april 2007.

teddy had incurred this wound during the transport. he was seen initially by a local vet. winter 07 came and in November in a nasty cold rain they still had no shelter and only a small round pen to graze in. teddy's wound was still untreated.

the first of July 08 my daughter was asked to "horse sit" for them while they went on a trip for 10 days. it was in the 90's and predicted to be that temp all week. he was standing head down, covered in flies and covered in sweat. the flies were so thick there was blood spatter on his hooves. his gums were white and his wound was horribly infected and covered in flies.

we loaded teddy into my trailer and brought him home. the next day we had a vet check scheduled for my QH sal so we loaded teddy and brought him as well. we told the vet that we had a horse with a significant wound and could she fit him in? she was horrified. while cleaning it she found an infected tract the went up inside big enough that she could put her whole finger into it.

he was started on antibiotics and scheduled for surgery the next day to debride all the infected tissue. teddy is an amazing horse. he is calm and gentle. he trusts me to clean and flush his wound.

before teddy we had no intention of having another horse. i have learned that sometimes i just have to trust that it will all work out.

susan kendrick
new gloucester, ME

Hathorne and Tolstoy - a tale of 2 kittens

I have been taking care of a small feral colony for a few years now. About 7 months ago a beautiful calico showed up. She was friendly and let me pet her. I made plans to catch her to have her spayed, but before I could she showed back up with 5 kittens. So my plans changed. I decideded that once she brought her kittens "out" I would try to catch them all and rehome them. Unfortunately she was hit and killed by a car just a few days before I planned to trap them. So, my plans changed again. I was able to catch 2 of the kittens. Friends of mine spent everynight for 2 weeks trying to find the other 3 kittens, but they simply disappeared. I decided to focus on the two I was able to catch. They were VERY wild when I first brought them home, but they have really come around. They are almost 6 months old now. One is a large male orange tabby/maine coon mix we call Tolstoy. The other is a petite female torti we call Hawthorne. They are both a little shy at first, but after about 15 minutes with you, their real personalities come out. They are both very affectionate, love to play with toys and love to stalk each other. They are tolerant of my 150 lbs rottwieller and sometimes even give him nose rubs. I am working with New Beginning Cat Rescue as a foster to these two babies as we try to find them a forever home. We want to keep them together as they are very bonded. If interested, please check out their website.

Dawna Carabajal
Rowlett, TX


After our cat passed away, my husband didn't want any pets, especially a dog. He was a cat person - end of story. So, in order to satisfy our desire for a pet, my daughter and I started volunteering at the Prattville Autauga Animal Shelter and even got my husband to join us occasionally.

I started working with a border collie mix that was extremely anti-social. (She and her litter mates were tossed over the fence at the shelter in the middle of the night.) But with a little bit of patience and a lot of TLC, she began to come around. We talked my husband into letting us foster her for a week. Sadie has now been with us for 4 years and we've loved every minute of it. She is a friendly, affectionate dog who loves everybody, especially my husband, the cat person..

Prattville, AL

Diego Joins Frida

Our vet found two puppies alone in the woods. We brought Diego home to join his rescued Yorkie buddy Frida. We found Frida run over on the highway and nursed her back to health.

Vickie Vogel
La Grange, TX

Tiger the Cowardly Lion

Looking for a puppy on rescue sites and Tiger popped up as a lab mix when we saw her we were unsure because she was part pitbull. Her owner was frustrated because no one wanted Tiger because she was shy. We decided to foster her, it is 6 months later and she is here to stay. We love her and she is as sweet as could be. She is afraid of everything so we call her the cowardly lion.

Carrie Mooneyham
Duarte, CA

Christmas Angel

Five days before Christmas 2004, it was already dark when I arrived home. Like so many children's stories there was a dark shadow waiting for me on my doorstep. From the porchlight the bedraggled shadow became a poor representation of a Golden Retriever. She hurried inside and her sweet, trusting temprament became apparent as she allowed me to inspect and treat the horrible cut on the top of her head and slowly clean her matted coat. She was emaciated and her dog collar (which was actually a puppy collar) had grown into the flesh in her neck because no one had bothered to loosen or change it as she grew. Attached to this monstrosity was a yard tie which, it became obvious from the state of her bloody mouth and the wire tether, that she had chewed at relentlessly until she was free. Wherever this poor Christmas Angel had come from she had tried desperately to escape for some time.

In the coming months she blossomed, she recovered from her surgeries (to remove the tortuous puppy collar and, of course, her spaying and worming) and we fell hopelessly in love with her. In spite of what she must have had to endure she possessed the temperament so endearing to her breed -sweet, faithful and loving. To think of her abandoned, shackled, starved and alone just broke our hearts. Our attempts to find her owner (abuser!) went unanswered until the end of February. Our neighbor eventually contacted us to let us know he had returned from travelling and she was missing. He admitted that she was a present for his son, who only visited once a month. We 'persuaded' this monster she was better off with us and she remains our baby to this day, our Xmas blessing in gold clothing!

Lafayette, LA

Literally rescued off the street

My daughter was pulling into the parking lot of the school where she did after school tutoring. She saw this little black dog which looked like an ungroomed Schnauzer. We both have Schnauzer's and love the breed. At 5:00 she came back out, didn't see the dog so drove around the neighborhood looking. She saw her asleep on someone's porch and actually went up and rang the doorbell, asking if the dog was theirs. She was not, so Mandy took her with their blessing. She brought her to my house to clean up. They removed over 80 ticks from her frail little body, groomed her enough so she could see, then took her to the vet. She had a hernia, the vet said, and needed surgery. Would be about $120. It ended up at $700 because it had been there so long her intestines had grown to the inside of her skin. Poor Baby. A relative of my son-in-law, in San Antonio, adopted her and she has been just the sweetest little addition to their family. She follows the mom everywhere. They recently moved to Virginia and had Sophie flown up there to be with them, rather than have to give her up. She is one lucky little pup.

Pam Barnum
Fort Worth, TX
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