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Our Rescuers

My husband rescued Sophie (right) and I rescued Hilde on the same day from two separate shelters without the other knowing they had done so. We had each lost our former companions within months of one another and were in need of feline love again. We brought them home the same day and they bonded instantly - with us and with each other. We were in need of rescuing from our love lost as much as they were in need of loving homes. We're not certain who needed who most, but are one happy family of four now!

Stephanie N. Cottrell
Denver, NC

love in my life

Burke and I just celebrated our one year anniversary! I had been searching for a month online and ended up adopting him from a local facility. Burke was badly starved and hand shy from his previous owners. It literally broke my heart to see this beautiful dog in such bad shape. The local facility director had actually saved him from a kill run because he was so docile and sweet. I brought him home and worked with him slowly to get him to trust me-- now he never leaves my side. It makes me so happy to come home to him every day; I can’t even explain how much he has enriched my life. I encourage everyone I know to bring that kind of love into their life if they can!

St. Paul, MN

I have never seen a dog that literally smiles and hugs...

What a special dog I adopted! And it is a good thing, because I lost the love of my life (an absolutely perfect dog in every way) - Shadow - so Shane had some pretty huge pawprints to fill. Shadow died on 7/1/07 and, inconsolable and desolate, I adopted Shane on 7/13/07. Being a bit of a commitment-phobe, I fostered him for a day, but then proceeded with the formal adoption process with such urgency lest someone else enter the picture and take him from me. Such a different dog than Shadow, but Shane has become my baby and my heart, and I utterly adore him!

Monroe Township, NJ

Joyful Lee

We waited several years after our sixteen year old Springer Spaniel died, before getting a new dog. I saw Lee's photo on the local rescue shelter's website and something clicked for me. The next day I went to see him after work and knew he was something special. I told my husband, "There's a dog I'd like you to meet." The next day he went with me and knew right away that this was our next dog. We spent the weekend getting the house ready for him, making room for his bowls and bed, and telling our cat, Raven, that he was coming. Lee epitomizes joy, so much so that sometimes I call him J.B for "Joy Boy." He has a huge vocabulary. I talk to him like I am talking to anybody. He loves agility training and is good at it. We are so blessed by his presence in our lives.

Rita Faruki
Lander, WY

My Baby Bailey

Bailey was a lost dog about 3 yrs old, who wondered in & out of my garage in 1999,it was LOVE at first sight but I knew I had to try and find his owners so I made posters with his picture and put them up all over our town (Crossville,TN.) One day while he was out roaming he was captured & sent to the Humane Society shelter..My husband and I decided to adopt him..After my husband died Bailey was my constant companion, we traveled by car every year to N.Y. and did everything together...2 years ago we moved back home (N.Y). My family loved Bailey and couldn't believe how smart and well behaved he was..That summer Bailey seemed to be moving at a slower pace, my heart broke when he was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, a mostly fatal condition for older dogs..From that day on Baileys care came first, with a harness he could go down stairs-I carried him up-he could walk but only short distances-I got a doggie stroller and we enjoyed the summer. In Oct things got worse he stopped eating had loose stools and when the bleeding started I knew what I had to do for his sake..I will never stop loving Bailey,and my heart is still broken..

10/12/96 10/6/09

Rosemarie Burtchell
Brooklyn, NY


We rescued Laila from the Humane Society of the White Mountains in Lakeside, Az. She was 8 weeks old and very much a puppy. She was the smartest puppy, learning tricks very fast. She was my therapy dog after my minpin ran away. His bed became Laila's bed and she quickly outgrew it. We didn't know it but she had mange. After two misdiagnosis, she finally was put on a series of injection shots. After a rough beginning of her life, she grew up to be a beautiful, smart, loving lady. She loved the snow and liked to hang out on our porch and watch the day go by. We are saddened that we had to send her to heaven this year, she was 14.

Corrine Ruiz
Show Low, AZ

Adult Dogs Need Love Too

We found Scruffy through an online animal placement site. My husband and I took time off from work to drive the 4.5 hours each way during the winter to pick him up. He was a 6 year old terrier mix who had been brought in as a stray and was in need of love, dental work and lots of food! Just over a year later, we feel as if he has been with us always. He is such a sweet dog who will do anything for a treat or a belly rub :) He loves camping (especially chasing chipmunks), canoeing (drinking out of the lake from the side of the canoe) and hiking (walking anywhere really!), but he is not a fan of swimming. He is a good sport though and will go in if we do. This picture sums up how thrilled he is to be wet :)

Ottawa, ON, Canada

She very politely asked to go home with me

About 4 of us carpooled to a Bill Staines concert held in an elementary school 2 hours from here. On our way inside, an adolescent calico cat came straight up to me, ignoring everyone else, and reached up my leg when I stopped to pet her. Back in the parking lot after the concert, that same young cat came straight up to me as if she had been waiting.

My friends knew that I had just recently said I wanted a calico cat, so they encouraged me to adopt her if she was available. I checked with the school custodian to make sure she wasn't a classroom pet, but he said she'd been hanging around and it'd be great if I took her home. She sat quietly on my lap during the entire trip home and has never done anything wrong since.

I named her Mariachi, for one of my favorite Bill Staines songs.

Callie Jordan
The Dalles, OR


My family and I adopted Rusty about three years ago from a kill shelter in Pennsylvania. We were looking at many dogs that were there all the dogs were barking and most were wagging their tails. And rusty was the only one that looked very sad not barking just laying down and we asked the people that worked there about him. They were saying that he was 2 years old, he was a pitbull/boxer mix. And he had been fought and taken with other dogs from a mans house. The owner went to jail for fighting dogs and the dogs were taken. So we asked the person who was working how long he was there the man said 3 weeks and he was scheduled to be put to sleep within that next week. The man was saying that he wasn't for adoption he was a fighting dog and not adoptable. So we needed to get our property checked like that there was a sturdy fence and that no pets lived close by. That he would be safe and to get a licence to have him living were we live and we did everything. So he looked in really bad shape and we felt so bad for him so we took him home. They said never have pets around and him we have a cat and another dog they all sleep together and play together and get along great. Rusty is 5 now and he loves having other animals to play with he's a really great dog. And I couldn't imagine my life without him! :)

Jennifer Andrews
Bushkill, PA

My little buddy

I adopted Charlie about a year ago from a foster home sponsored by the Northeast Animal Rescue in PA. I fell in love with him as soon as he walked into the room. Charlie has a disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia, which causes him to walk a little abnormally, and he occasionally has muscular twitches. He has no idea that he is different from other kitties! Charlie dashes to the front door when I get home from work, which means he wants to go out for a walk. I take him for walks every day on his little harness and everyone in the neighborhood knows him! He's a local celebrity. When it rains, he's happy to explore the garage for a change of scenery. He loves to splash in his water bowl until it's empty and he loves to chase his sister, Ellie Mae. Charlie warms my heart daily and I'm so glad we found each other!

Lawrence, NJ
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