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Fritz Found His Forever Home

I had been without a cat for two years. My sweet girl Gracie passed away in March of 2007. A co-worker at our corporate location happen to be a foster home to kitties. Him and his wife were in the process of moving and was needing to find new homes for some of the cats. I contacted him and he sent me several pictures of the cats he had and one happened to be a very handsome boy that caught my attention. They called him Tator. I went to visit the cats in person to see if I had a connection with any of them and noticed that Tator kept to himself. He did not have any buddies in the house.They had told me he was the last to come into the home and he had been a stray...there was something about the big boy that I knew he had to come home with me. It's been two weeks now, I renamed him Fritz and he is loving his new forever home. He loves being the only cat, he is the king of his castle. He loves to cuddle, play and have his belly scratched. He is my love bug and I am so happy we found each other.

Independence, MO

Me and My Shadow

Shadow as he is now appropriately called started showing up at my house in early spring. We think he was abandoned in our very rural area since he had no ID or collar and all attempts to locate his owners failed.

He was emaciated from lack of food, covered in hundreds of ticks and probably freezing since it was a very cold rainy spring. I think he knew a sucker when he saw one or just wanted to socialize with our Beagle, but either way, I took him in.

We gave him a bath, fed him, spent days pulling ticks and got him to a vet and a groomer. He's in great shape now, but does have Lyme disease.

He's been fixed (which he needed ASAP since he had an undescended testicle which could lead to problems), well fed and is now back to a healthy 75 pounds as he should be.

He's a joy to have around. He follows me everywhere and loves to play and be petted and hugged. I know I sound a little mushy, but he's a helluvadog and I'm glad he made his way into my house and my life.

Mike Homisak
Falls, PA

From Crate to Country!

Buddy was brought up to our town from a rural county, and fostered for a while before we found him. Only a year old, he was spending 10 hours a day in a crate, getting poor food and no exercise! He has developed into a happy, active friendly dog who loves other dogs, everyone he meets, and especially long hikes in the woods! He is my protector and shadow, and one of the best friends I have ever had!

Liz Chandler
Leesburg, VA

Brotherly Love

Syd and Bob were from a litter of four we captured from a feral mother near our home when they were six weeks old. The shelters were all full of kittens, so we raised the four creamsickle kittens, got them their shots and had them neutered. We found homes for the two girls, but thankfully wound up being "stuck" with the boys. They are a daily joy. As a bonus, the feral mom started coming around, decided to tame herself, and has now become part of the family, too!

Kathleen Holmes
Lake Worth, FL

Feral Rescue

Thomasina's mother was a feral cat who settled in a disused semi truck bed at the factory where I work. She was emaciated, and so like any animal lover, I fed her and was surprised at how quickly she filled out. With the help of a feral agency, I set a trap for her and was surprised when I captured not one, but six cats...momma and 5 kittens! All the kittens have homes now, and this little beauty joined mine.

Dawn Jehs
Carmel, IN

Mr Chi - dumped from a car

I work for a Cat rescue group in the UK & one day we were called out by a lady who had seen a kitten abandoned from a car, which then drove off. To make matters worse, this took place on a bridge of a busy main road, directly over a motorway - whichever way this little guy turned, he was headed straight for danger.

One of our volunteers went straight out to collect him & a week or so later when I was at her house, he toddled through from his usual corner & came straight up on my knee.

I went home, and was loading up the newly rescued cats onto our rescue website & told my partner the story of Mr Chi....so of course, we had to have him.

He's now just over 2 years old & a softer cat you could not imagine. He gets on great with all our other feline residents - he's one cool, laid-back cat. He's the archetypal lazy tabby cat, but we love him to bits !

Cathy Shepherd
Bolton, United Kingdom


After a long life of survival on the streets of Bangkok, Mica was finally dealt the blow suffered by so many of these animals - she was hit by a passing car. A local man, who had been feeding her in the past, swept her up and took her to a local shelter for care. Her broken leg healed, but she later tested positive for FIV (Feline Immuno-eficiency Virus) and it was decided that she could not be released to the streets to live with the other cats for fear of spreading the virus. Also, because she was an older cat, maybe 10 years of age, and refused to gain weight, she was deemed ''unadoptable'' and scheduled to be euthanized. Because I had no cats in my home, just two dogs, and could see that Mica was not ready to end her life, I took her home with me where she now lives the life of luxury. One year later she is healthy and happy, eating and playful, and I am ever grateful for having her in my life.

Bangkok, Thailand

Second Chance

Chance was hit by a car and left to die Memorial Day 2005. A kind stranger who's porch she'd managed to drag herself under somehow found help on a holiday weekend. Chance was provided emergency surgery, recuperated, and put into foster care by the Montgomery County Humane Society. A year and half later, after moving to Kentucky, I saw her story in the local paper and adopted her. I don't know why no one adopted her in that year and a half. Perhaps it was her size (she's about 75 lbs) or the concern that she would need special care because of the pins in her leg. Whatever the reason, I'm glad they didn't. She is an absolute joy, and watching her slowly come out of her timid shell has been a tremendously rewarding experience. Her Golden Retriever "brother" Jake was adopted shortly after we got her and now, three years later, I can't imagine life without them. They make me smile every day.

Lara Usilton
Mount Sterling, KY

Sonny Bear

Sonny was at the shelter a long time before Camp Cocker in Sherman Oaks, Ca. rescued him. Being a senior his chances of being adopted were not very good. We fostered him August 2007, quickly fell in love and decided to adopt him. He and our other cocker spaniel Bailey are best friends and everyone who sees him tells us how cute he is. He is such a wonderful boy and we are so happy he is part of our family. I wish everyone would consider adopting a rescue animal. The joy you feel in giving one a second chance is indescribable.

Cathy Kosher
Danville, CA


My husband and I adopted Sadie from a local Humane Society after months of looking for a dog on pet finder. She was found wondering along a busy road and was at the Humane Society for three months before we found her. She was scared and frightened when we first brought her home, and we thought she would never come around. A year later she is the best dog we could have ever asked for. She loves playing in the snow and going for rides in the car. We know she is so thankful to have a loving home. She tells everyday with her sloppy dog kisses!!

Melanie Bright
Morgantown, WV
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