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Our personal sky...

I was watching the website that a volunteer did to help kennel dogs find a new owner. In Portugal, if kennel dogs don't find a new home within 8 days they are put to sleep. In that day there were so many small puppies... 2 and 3 weeks old... I decided I want a new addition to my family and I knew that a municipal kennel is no place for little puppies like those. So I went there, I waited 2 hours... And came home with the smallest 3 week old puppy of the kennel. In fact she was so small but with such a huge belly that she looked like a mouse, not a dog. When I took her to a vet, they said she could die because she was full of worms. I felt so bad for her... She almost stopped eating in the first week but I said, "No, you are going to eat and grow up healthy." And so it was. Now she is 8 months old and she is beautiful, a true companion, sweet, and has a very deep sense of protection. We simply love her... She brought union to our family... We named her Lani, that means sky in Hawaiian.

Setubal, Portugal

Moses Oliver

My two cats had recently passed at 15 and 16 years of age, and the house was awfully empty. I decided I wanted a young adult cat and called upon The Peter Zippi Memorial Fund for Animals in Hermosa Beach. I left with four-year-old Mosie.

That was five years ago, and Mosie has been the most loving, affectionate boy!

I hope more people will consider giving an adult cat a home - it is so worth it.

Redondo Beach, CA


I rescued him years ago. He was 15 yrs old when he passed away. I miss him more than anything. He was my shadow, he was with me when I had a stroke, he was always at my side. He seemed to know if I was going to take a falling spell and wouldn't let me move. If I did fall he was right there to help me up. He went everywhere with us, even to Graceland. We lived in Fl. and moved here to Ks. He loved the snow, he would lay on his back and roll like he was making snow angels. Now he is a real one.

sherry patton
Ft. Scott, KS

Mommy's Helper

We found Zeus at our local shelter. He was a tiny little white kitty with sad eyes. Every time I worked at my desk, he hopped into the in basket. If I worked too long, he climbed down to the desk and flopped down across my paperwork, as if to say,"Hey, enough already!"

At 13.5 pounds, Zeusie is WAY too big for the in basket now, but he squeezes himself in anyway. When he has had enough, he just opens one eye and looks at me, as if to say, "Do I look comfy here?" I stop what I'm doing! Zeus helps keep me focused on what's important--paying bills can wait, scratching his ears can't!

Linda Gamble
Pensacola, FL

Leo the Lion

We adopted Leo from a shelter in Houston almost 4 years ago. He was very sick and tiny. Now, he is a large tabby with long legs, distinct stripes and two freckles on his nose. We moved to Los Angeles a little over a year ago and he loves the window weather! He loves to play hard and sleep hard. Leo thinks he is the best cat in town and our family couldn't agree more!

J. Johnson
Los Angeles, CA

Everyone Loves Lulu

After seeing a photo of a beautiful little Maltese on Petfinder, we knew we had to meet her! Lulu has turned out to be the sweetest little girl ever. She came from a hoarding situation and didn't even respond to her own name. It took a little time for her to warm to us and trust us in the beginning, but now she is just the most perfect girl. It's hard to believe someone would just give her up, but we are so glad that they did!

Terra Schmidt
Harlan, IN

Pookie, the tuxedo cat!

A lifelong friend rescued my new little friend I have named Lil Pookie Beaudreau. The people were evicted and left Pookie behind, locked in the house! At first we thought Pookie was female. But after having triple hernia surgery from abuse, we discovered Pookie is a male!!

He obviously was not accustomed to toys, food, and love. He sure gets that all now!

He is my 6th cat and a very welcomed addition. He got out a couple times at first, and I still am very cautious with him. Guess that's why he wears a tuxedo; in case he goes out!

He talks to me constantly, gives me kisses and baths, helps me with emails and sewing, sits on my lap and laptop, follows me all around the house, and sleeps on my pillow. Obviously he loves to eat too! We guess he's about 5-6 years old.

He recently discovered the toy basket and proudly brings them to me, one by one, every day. He gets along well with the 5 other catties and loves when my friends visit. He is a love!!

Thanks to Brenda and Dave!!

jo morrison
bloomington, IL


We acquired Rowdy at the age of four months and we were his forth owners. Rowdy, with the name of Shadow, began in a pet shop and was sold to a teen who apparently was in trouble with the law. Two weeks later he was returned. The pet shop owners then gave him to an elderly couple in their 80's who had lost their elderly companion dog. He became too much for the folks since he liked to be outside for a long period before he could find a good "spot". No patience with the dog, so was handed over to a niece with a two year old child. After many gleeful chases through the house, and a few broken items knocked off tables, "Shadow" was again returned to the pet store. I was working the day the owners decided he was untrainable and were going to have him put to sleep. It was my birthday, so I decided he would be my present. After a few days it was apparent he was not going to be a Shadow. We determined that must be the problem and gave him the name of "Rowdy". He immediately decided he was my husband's dog, and being full time RVer's perched himself on my husbands shoulder every time we moved. He loved traveling and seeing all the sights and got into trouble many times. He really loved all the attention he got when he rode in the bicycle basket around the parks with my husband. We are now stationary, haven't traveled for awhile, but Rowdy still gains attention when he is out in the RV park. It took a lot of patience to calm him down, approximately six years. He's 15 now and a perfect gentleman.

Marilyn Dickson
Davenport, FL

A story of "Hope"!!

I work with physically and mentally challenged people. I was looking for a "special needs" dog and found Hope on PetFinder.com. It was love at first sight! She was a puppy mill rescue and was so sick, she would of died within 2 weeks had she not been rescued. The rescuers suspect that her front left leg was bitten off by another dog at the mill. Luckily, the vet did a great job of saving her shoulder muscles. She was fostered at Picket Fence Poodles here in Minnesota, not too far from where I live. She came home with me, to her "forever" home in December of 2006. She was extremely timid and fearfull. It took her a week to start exploring her new surroundings. She would not answer to the name Hope, which the rescuers had given her, but when I started asking "what are you doing little missy?", she would come running. Missy is now a healthy, happy, humorous little girl. She loves being silly. She gets around just fine and loves to run. In fact, she runs so fast that the wind blows her ears staight back. Last year, I adopted a "sister" for her and the 2 have bonded so well. They both bring joy to my life everyday and are an outstanding example of "unconditional love"!!

Kathy P
Blaine, MN

Taiwanese Surprise

I came to Taiwan to teach. I knew of the stray cat and dog problem but was determined not to take any animal in but to foster or help in other ways. I was only going to be here for a year and I didn't think it was fair to an animal if I wasn't sure I could take it with me. All that resolve flew out the window when I saw a small kitten nearly get hit by a car while walking home from school. Fortunately, the car stopped in time and the kitten ran to safety, I tried to walk by but just couldn't do it. "I swear, I'll just keep her until I can find her a home," I said to myself. By the end of the weekend, she made me hers and stole my heart. Xiao Hu (little tiger in Mandarin) is now a permanent part of my life and will come with me to America when in return in July 2009. There are so many animals on the streets of Taiwan that could use a home. I wish I could save them all but like the story of the little boy throwing the starfish back into the ocean, "I made a difference to this one." Now, I can't imagine my life without her.

Columbus, OH
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