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My Baby Gaby

My mother and I were finishing our volunteer training at the Animal Rescue League and the last thing we had to do was take a dog for a walk. My mother spotted this beautiful yellow lab that had only been up for adoption for the past 24 hours. We knew that if she had been there any longer, someone else would have taken her. We walked her around and then called my father to let him know that we had to have this sweetheart. We brought her home a few hours later. She fit right into our family and is referred to as "Baby" because our older dog was "Mama."

Francesca Andriolo
Clive, IA

"Forever Home"

Oliver was adopted from a local shelter earlier this year. I can't imagine who on earth would abandon such a beautiful animal, but I am thankful for every moment I've had to share with Oli since! Oliver has such a gentle and loving nature and brings a smile to the face of all who meet him. I am excited to get him trained as a pet therapy dog, so that he can touch many, many more lives! My hope is that everyone considering a pet, would go to their local shelter and save the life of another such loving animal!...There are SO MANY just waiting to be forever home!

Tucson, AZ


Hi my name is Patches, the wonderfull Homer, Alaska pound lady saved me for 16 weeks before my Mom and Dad drove 90 + miles to find me.

I was ordered in by an Alaska Indian in an outlying villiage on Kachemack Bay in Alaska and after my 50 lb of dog food ran out they turned me loose in the villiage- I ran with the villiage pack untill the elders sent me by boat into town. Winters get really cold up here when you don't have a family.

Mom asked the local pound if they knew of any Pappillons and I WAS IT!

They came down from their home one night and I picked her right away.

My dad has me keep him company during the day while she has to work.

I am great for him (works both ways). I am one of the smallest dogs who can be trained for folks that need someone to pick things up or do little chores for them, right now they don't need me to do that but I'll allways be there for them.

Cindy Fine
Soldotna, AK

Carson - Small Newfie Mix Puppy

I am a foster home for a rescue group in Upstate NY and I agreed to take in Carson from a rescue in North Carolina. We were told by the rescue down South that Carson had been through Ringworm treatment but would need some follow-up care. We took him in and did all the treatments that the vets told us to do. Nothing we did would help him and his fur would not grow back. We took him back to the vet and had another skin scrape done but it came back negative, but we again were treating him preventatively for possibly Ringworm again or possibly Sarcoptic Mange. Nothing would work and his fur just wouldn't grow back. Our vet finally decided to do a skin biopsy to see if we were missing something and the results made us all sick. It turns out he had been burnt on most of his body. The good news is that he is fine, but will probably never grow his fur back. Thankfully, his potential mom still loved him and wanted him and he is now in his forever home, going to classes and re-gaining his trust in humans. I just had to share this story because he is a true rescue.


Capital District Humane Association

Patty Grady
Albany, NY

On the way to being euthanized my big baby Titan

My big baby came to us by browsing through craigslist. He looked so tiny and skinny but there was something about those eyes that captivated us.

After much thinking and consideration the decision was made to do some research and contact his former caretaker (Cristina Pronzati Team leader of DakotaLove rescue organization in New York). Titan was due to be euthanized as she was at the clinic to rescue another dog.

I must say I was pretty intimidated the first time I met him even at 40 lbs ( at the time his name was "Ray"). His eyes were golden hazel and looked very intrigued and excited about who we were. He had so much energy and ran and jumped like a deer. i will never forget the first time we walked through central park, he was so strong then that he almost tipped me over.

He is now 53Lbs and he is my loyal running partner, which I love.

It was such a reward to give this little guy the opportunity to have a good home.

He came to us pretty well trained and even still till this day we learn something new everyday. He gets along great with his little partner in crime "Ramesses the Great". Because of who he is and his breed people have judge him and he is such a well behaved dog. He is such a sweetheart, like an angel that came down from the sky.

helen Frey
Branford, CT

Rescued for Life

One of the local channels here puts on a Pet-A-thon every year and I saw the commercial. Not realizing that I was ready for another cat or just needing to give love to a helpless animal. I saw him on the commercial and just had to have him. Went down to the Houston Humane Society, filled out paperwork and they called me to come pick him up. The happiest day for me in a long time after losing my Dad to cancer 6 mos. prior. He needed love and so did I. We are inseperable and my first time ever having a male cat, which I didn't even pay attention to when I picked him out. Very protective and even jealous at times, but he takes care of his Mommy. He has been with me for 6 years thru 1 hurricane evacuation and 1 actual hurricane itself and he kept me calm. We have been thru so much together, however, he is so loved by all. He now has a playmate to run, fetch with and chase, that would be my fiance'. Max just makes us laugh all the time. We love him so much. We were both rescued and now have a life of love, all 3 of us. He is the best kitty in the whole wide world to me. Max (Pappas), you are the best and very much loved!

Katy, TX

CJ The German Shepherd

I first met CJ when I went to see a friend who was house sitting for a friend who was a dog trainer. My friend said "here is the perfect dog for you".

German Shepherds have always been my favourite dogs and this one was so gorgeous but I lived in a small 1 bedroom flat and had hardly enough room for myself let alone a big boy like CJ, he stood 27 inches at the shoulders and weighed 8 stone.

A few months later I got a phone call from my friend telling me that if I wanted CJ to go and get him, his owner's marriage had split up and he had to find the dog another home quickly. After lots of deliberation and taking my partner to meet CJ, (she had never owned a dog before and was a little over awed by this big lad) we did eventually take him.

CJ was 4 years old by now,he had been taken for training at 18months and the owners then didn't want him, after a failed rehoming attempt he was saved from being killed and kept by the trainer. He lived in an outdoor pen, was psyically well looked after but needed human contact.

CJ and I quickly became the best of friends, his personallity blossomed and he went nearly everywhere with me.

He got people over their fear of dogs especially GSD's, was very friendly yet if he sensed a threat to me or my partner became a scary big toothed monster.

CJ died 31 months ago aged 10, we still miss him so much, even after this time we still shed a few tears most days.

The time I had with CJ was so special, he was a great friend who loved us unconditionally.

Canterbury, United Kingdom

Our Three Babies

We moved into a rental house and there were so many stray kittens/cats living in our backyard.....it broke our hearts. After helping the Ranger to catch and re home the majority of the cats, we then proceeded to adopt, spay, vaccinate and micro chip Fuffy Girl, Kamo and Phoenix immediately. It has taken them almost a year to realise we would never hurt or abandon them. Earning their trust has been so worth the time and effort! Now they run as fast as possible to get into the house and all sleep on our bed. I always look forward to smooching them after work. We are the lucky ones to have been adopted by our new family members. We are totally in love with them :)

Karyna Ross
South Hedland, Australia


I saw Bertie on the RSPCA web-site here in Australia and fell in love with him straight away. I have had Gordon Setters in the past but thought I was getting too old for such a big energetic dog, he is 3 years old. I couldn't however resist going over to look at him and of course brought him home. Yes he loves to run and explore, he does 5 miles to my one but always comes back when he's called then he flops down to sleep when we get home. How anyone could have parted with him I don't know but he has a home with me for the rest of his life. He joins 2 other smaller pups and 2 cats that I have rescued over the years.

Louise Hadden
Sydney, Australia

Nero our buddy

Nero just took up on our doorstep..we don't know who he belonged to or where he came from but he sure stole my daughter's and my heart..we took him in cause we couldn't bear the thought of him staying outside in the cold and rain and possibly getting hit by a car and he just became a member of the family and I couldn't imagine life without him..my daughter named him Nero after the middle name of her favorite WWE Wrestler Jeff Hardy..most of the time we call Nero "Bud Bud"but regardless he is such a sweet friendly dog and I am so grateful he showed up on our doorstep that day!

Franklinton, NC
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