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UPDATE: Freeway's Cry for Help

Update on Freeway's care: Freeway is still at the vets and expected to be there for another month at least. According to the x-rays, her leg is healing but slowly. I'm sure this is due to her being in such bad shape when I brought her in. Her body had to heal before her body could heal her injury. I have begun to interview prospective families for adoption. It's going to be very hard. I want to make the right decision for her and everyone has something great about them.

I will keep updating until she is finally adopted out to a safe and forever home.

Dana Rose
Wrightwood, CA

Our pretty Shannon

We adopted our pretty Shannon from the Keeshound Rescue Group almost 4 years ago. She was 6 years old at that time. We had just lost our beloved doggie and the house felt so sad and so empty with out a pet, so we look in Petfinder and there was our pretty Shannon! We are so lucky to have her in our home because she brings so much happiness to our lives and loves us as much as we lover her.

Tucson, AZ

Bo finds a "Forever Home"

When we first found Bo he appeared to be abandoned. He was infested with fleas and ticks,malnourished, starving. He had terrible mange and a history of abuse.

We bought him from the rural family that couldn't afford to feed him and took him to a vet where he was treated for mange and his other ailments along with being neutered.

We immediately started giving him all the constant love we could, and while at times (even after a full year) he is sometimes still skittish...he's our beautiful, loving baby boy.

He's quite a character and has won our hearts forever.

Tom and Barbara Frost

Florence, AL

Tom Frost
Florence, AL

Reggie, Our Little Buddy

We found Reggie, a Yorkie on Petfinder seven years ago. After we went through the adoption process, when I actually saw him I thought, "This is not a match. What have we done?" It wasn't easy. But eventually we bonded. Often we had to say to ourselves that he was a rescue dog and had a terrible life on a puppy farm before he came into our lives. He hated thunder storms and fireworks. But he loved taking walks, fetching a toy, getting treats, getting his hair combed, and curling up for an afternoon nap in the sun. Early this summer, I found a few small lumps in his throat and groin. I took him to our vet. The diagnosis was lymphoma. It was a very aggressive form. The lumps had grown over night. We made the decision to try prednisone. That reduced the lumps for 3 months. He had a good summer. He got a lot of love, but then the cancer took over. We were expecting a miracle, but we didn't get one. The house is so quiet without him. Our other dog looks out the window waiting for him to come home. The house is so quite without him. We miss him so much.

Kanss City, KS

Just one day together

A young stray in my colony went missing for a few days and when I saw her again, her eyes were horribly infected and she could not see. I called SPCA. We caught her with great difficulty (I got bitten and had to take anti-rabies shots). The vet said that her eyes were septic had to be removed. They removed only one first since she was very weak. Sadly, it got infected. I arranged to bring her home and waited anxiously for that day. When I came for her, she was running a high fever and only skin and bones-she had stopped eating. Her breathing was shallow and laboured. I know she did not have long to live.

We spend a wonderful day together on my terrace. She was so happy. Loved the table fan on which she liked to rest her head and allow her ears to flap. I could tell that her systems were all failing and yet she was happy. I hardly left her all day. At night, I shut her in a room to keep her safe.

In the middle of the night it was as if she called me. I woke up and ran upstairs. She came to me when I opened the door obviously in a lot of distress. I picked her up and she died soon in my lap.

I had to tell this story of this brave creature who died with such quiet dignity. I grieve deeply that she suffered so. I wonder at her fight to live and my sense of urgency to bring her back-almost as if her yearning to be back touched me. I feel blessed to have had that day with her.

NOIDA, India

... and then came Bruno

After having lost a beloved pet to cancer, we were just getting used to being a one-dog family when we got a call from the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue. They had confiscated a 10-month old male ridgeback. He had been placed in a shelter in Pietermaritzburg, which is a good 4 hours' drive from our home, and were trying to find a home for him. What to do .... what to do!? Of course, we drove to Pietermaritzburg at the first opportunity and brought him home. He was a fearful dog - thin and very nervous, showing obvious signs of abuse and neglect. We have loved him and pampered him, and he is now a giant of a dog with boundless energy and an immense love of life. He is 14 months old now, and its taken time for him to learn to trust us. We are looking forward to many years with Bruno, and our old girl, Dot the Dalmation. The two of them have great fun together, and when he gets to be too much for her, she hides under the garden table. It is beyond comprehension that people will spend mind-numbing amounts of money for a thoroughbred dog, and then practically destroy the animal because he/she acts like an animal. Do not breed or buy while healthy dogs must die.

Jenny Nel
Secunda, South Africa


I'm actually a cat person, and have only had one dog when I was very little...a dachsund, that I only remember from pictures. My son and his girlfriend went to the shelter for his birthday, and in this one cage were about 8 bouncy little mixed puppies. Amidst all the bouncing, there was one little one in the middle of the pen, looking at them with these baby browns as if to say "get me outta here". They were told that if not adopted soon, they would have to be put down, as they were out of room, and they'd been there past their due time. And that's how we came to have Emmi! I was not sure this was something I wanted to do, and seeing as my son was going to college, who do you think was going to have to take care of the puppy? And noone told me that dogs are like can't expect them to take care of themselves like a cat does...and they are A LOT of work!! But I did it because she was my son's, and she was adorable. Two years later, I cannot imagine not having her. She is a great dog! We keep her inside, she has never made a mess..we take her all kinds of places with us..and she helped me get throught the loss of my cat that I'd had for 14 years. She was a gift..and even though it is like having another kid, she's part of our family and I can't imagine life without her!

Beth Smith
Etowah, TN


The night before I heard about Merlin, I had a dream about Tiny, my nineteen year old silver poodle who had crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2008. Tiny was eating pizza (his favorite) and seemed to be telling me that he was okay. The next day, a friend at a local animal shelter contacted me to tell me they had just gotten in the most adorable six year old silver poodle (the same age Tiny was when I adopted him)...who was high positive for heartworms. I signed on, sight unseen, to be his sponsor and pay for his heartworm treatments. When I went to meet him several days later, he stood on his hind legs and waved at me..."please, PLEASE! take me HOME!!!" We got him through his heartworm treatments and his first grooming (at least, definitely his first in a long while)- only to find that his face is almost identical to Tiny's. I nearly cried when I first saw him on the grooming table. The shelter staff had named him Bently, but I thought Merlin was more fitting, in honor of the magician from King Arthur's Court who "youthened" instead of aging. Merlin came home and almost immediately adopted the same chair that Tiny used to sit in, is the first one to wake me up in the morning as Tiny was, enjoys the same foods that Tiny did, and generally makes me believe that he is, in some way, channeling Tiny's spirit. But, he also has his own adorable personality and style. I am so very glad he found me!

Joy Lee
Houston, TX

Emmy, the newest addition to our family!

Our family consists of my boyfriend Larry, his son David, my son Kyle and myself. Both Larry and I had a dogs, that we had for years, and lost, so we were ready for one together, this time we wanted to rescue an older dog. Not too old , just not a puppy. His son David was ready to take on responsibility of pet ownership.

A neighbor was moving and they couldn't take her with them. She was a full-blooded black Labrador Retriever with papers and a microchip , she came from a pet store that the owner worked at. So thinking that the dog came from someone that worked at a pet store , we felt that this was a great situation and went to have a meeting with the dog. I waited at our house while Larry and David went to the neighbors to meet Emmy.

Well poor Emmy looked 15 years old , had patches of fur missing in alot of areas. Her two front teeth were damaged from biting fleas, and she smelled of urine. The enviroment she was living in was the worst, and she wasn't being taken care of properly . They weren't taking her out for walks , feeding her right, or bathing her at all. Larry and David were heartbroken by her living conditions ;and had to help this dog. Surprisingly, she had all her shots , and we later found out, not fixed. She was four years old, beautiful, great temperament, and excellent around kids. After a few flea baths and creams to heal the wounds , Emmy was back to health. She is going on 6 now, apart of the family, and we love her. She lives on a pond and is very happy.

Vicar Susan Ann Swindelles
Cranston, RI

Fisherman's Friend

Cecilia was living outdoors on a large condominium property on the water where I worked. There were several other stray cats and some kind folks who set out food for them, but they often ate from the restaurant's garbage or scavenged from fishermen. I saw this tiny scruffy girl walking across the parking lot and meowed at her, just once. She instantly sprinted across the lot towards me, meowing back the whole time! After I gave her some tuna she let me take her home and has been happy to stay indoors ever since. Her coat grew in like luxurious velvet thanks to the kitty tuna she insists on eating every day. My little fish cat thanks me all the time with her symphony of purrs.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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