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My mom just got home from the super market and I was helping her get out the food and then hen I turned around and I saw this adorable puppy standing 2 houses away from mine.I quickly dropped the bags inside and called it and it ran to me.Then I held it in my hand and it was the cutest thing. I think it was like six inches long and 3 inches tall. Then I go inside and show it to my mom. She said we can keep it until we found the owner.So I went to the back yard and played around with it. Then I stopped for a second and thought what should I name it. The first name I thought was hyper because he was so fun and kept on running all over the place but then i thought again and i thought to name it happy because it wagged its tail a lot so I stayed with that name . Later on that day me and my mom went to go find the owner. then we stopped where I saw happy and then we see this lady looking for something and then I ask is this your puppy and she said yes and she was so happy that we found it and thanked me. We were very happy we found that puppy because you never now what could of happened if it went in the middle of the street. I was sad that I couldnt keep it but also happy that i had returned it and now the family is happy

sofia guzman
miami, FL

My Little Willie

This is Willie. We didn't have to find him, he found us. There are a lot of strays in my neighborhood that my mom and I used to feed. This guy had a scratch on his head that looked like it needed some attention. My mom brought him to the vet. That mean man wanted to put him down because he was a stray with a scratch. After the second vet treated his scratch, gave him shots, etc, etc, he was sent home with us.

He got his name from the song "Little Willie, willie won't go home". He moved in over 20 years ago.

Unfortunately, in 2004, I was told that Willie was suffering from kidney failure. I had to let him go in January 2005. I know that he is with my other "kids", and that they are all waiting for me at the rainbow bridge.

I miss my 'bear cat'!

Rebecca McGarry
Lowell, MA

Midnight in the woods

My fiance' went outside to feed our dog, he came back inside and told me he heard meowing in the woods. I go outside with a flashlight and here comes this baby kitten, running up tp me. My dog almost got her. She ran back into the woods. I went around where my dog couldn't get to her and she came running right back up to me. Poor thing was so skinny and hungry. I brought her inside and gave her some canned cat food. She was making a funny noise and gulping up the food. She acted like she hadn't eaten in a week. I'm guessing somebody had dropped her off because she is so friendly. I have 2 other cats Oreo and Smokie. They weren't getting along at first. I was gonna bring her to the Humaine Society but I just couldn't find it in my heart. I'm glad I decieded to keep her. I named her Midnight because it was close to midnight when I found her and she just looks like a Midnight. She has no idea how lucky she was to have found us. She is spoiled rotten. Your Cat Lover Allison B. We found her on 8/15/09

Allison Burns
Covington, LA


Dusty was just two months old when I adopted her from an ASPCA volunteer. An off-duty police officer had found her and her brother in a dumpster at his apartment complex when he returned home one night. As he was crossing the parking lot, he heard the little cries coming from the trash bin and went over to investigate.

He shown his flashlight inside the dumpster and saw the two small, grey balls of fur with their big, bright yellow eyes looking up at him, pleading to be rescued from that scary place. He managed to get them out and brought them to the elderly woman who took in strays and cared for them until, if and when she could find them a loving home. She worked with a veterinarian, who provided the cats with their basic vaccinations, worm treatments, and made sure that they were healthy when being adopted. I paid her $25 to cover the cost of having Dusty spayed as soon as she was old enough.

Dusty was a wonderful part of my family for 17 years. She was always very shy of people she didn't know and liked to stay in the house most of the time. She was always so sweet and lovable. I miss her every day and will cherish her memories always.

Linda Holt
Gastonia, NC

Molly, the friendliest pitbull you'll ever meet

I met Molly at the vets where she was rescued by one of the vet assistants on his way to work (Danny). Molly and her litter of puppies were thrown out in a box on 8 Mile (yes Detroit) from a van and Danny stopped and picked her and the 7 puppies up and took them to Platz Animal Hospital. They were able to adopt out all the puppies but could not find a home for Molly.

We were looking for another dog after having to put down our Border Collie (Sassy) of 22 years. I was a bit reluctant at first, but while the pit bull can be aggressive it can be contained with the right loving environment and exercise along with long walks.

We brought Molly home and tested her willingness to give up food and treats which she passed with flying colors. We based her training on the "Dog Whisperer" - calm, submissive, then give a treat. She walks right next to us (never pulling on the leash) and we are still using the .25 cent nylon leash the vet gave us when we brought her home 5 years ago.

She is totally camera shy and we usually end up with pictures with her eyes closed or some other silly look, not the picture we wanted to capture. The only thing we still need to work on is in the summer when people come over and they have shorts on, Molly thinks legs are for licking (or cleaning...). She is the greatest lap dog and should be considered a poster child for pit bulls.

Christeen Landino
Eastpointe, MI


Here's Elmo, now 13 years old this month. She's happiest when her tummy gets rubbed and when she lies in front of my monitor (waiting, of course, to have her tummy rubbed). She was adopted as a tiny, sick kitten from Angell Memorial in Boston. When we brought her home, she was so tiny and was starving for affection, having lost her mother at such a young age, and her ears were so infected with mites that we thought she's lose her hearing. But now all is well, and she's given us no end of pleasure these past 13 years. Happy birthday, Elmo!

Fran Forman
boston, MA

Hank the Tank

I was casually looking over the cats on Petfinder.com one day about 10 years ago and came across this big guy. I fell in love with him and his big feet instantly. I had always wanted a cat with extra toes so I just had to check him out. Turns out he had been at the pound for a few months and I couldn't imagine why. So he ended up at home with me and it was then that I realized what a horrible personality he has, maybe it was his crankiness that had kept him at the pound. But needless to say the cranky little guy worked his way into my heart and now 10 years later the cranky big guy, over 20 pounds, thus the name Hank the Tank, still owns me. He may have to share me with other animals from time to time but he knows no one gets my pillow at night but him.

Des Moines, IA

Beagle babies

August 2009 marks six years since the loss of our beloved beagle/JRT mix, Skeeter. Our first ever rescue, Skeeter opened our hearts to "throwaway" dogs and, shortly after his passing, we adopted Juliet (on the left). She had been tied to a tree in the wilds of West Virginia and left for many days, coming close to death. Thanks to good samaritans, she found her way to Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland and, in the end, our home. We fell in love and decided to foster for the rescue.

Just over a year later, we decided to adopt our then-foster, the diminutive (but very feisty) Angelo (on the right), who was a very badly injured stray in Maryland. These two "babies" are an inexhaustible source of joy and love.

We now have three beagles - the third one is always a foster for the rescue. One by one, we have helped over 20 beagles find loving homes and we can only regret that our limit is three.

Hug your hound - don't take him to the pound!

Ewa Rurarz-Huygens
Reston, VA

Doggy Air Hugs

When we lost our Australian Shepherd to cancer we didn't know if we could ever love another dog again. We spent months in-between the idea of adopting or leaving our home empty. Occasionally we would visit the local shelter-- but we never felt the same connection with any of the dogs there.

Just when we were about to give up all together on finding another dog to complete our home and hearts, Fen [then named "Stray"], a six week old Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees stumbled to the front of his cage and stuck both of his feet out- a doggy "air hug." His personality, smile, and willingness to love lit our world up. We didn't even think twice before we snatched this little fellow up and brought him home.

Its only been two weeks, but we feel like we've known him for a lifetime. He's helped us to let go of our grief and embrace life every day like its our last. Every morning he greets us with air hugs and as much love as his little body can muster, he's the best friend we could have asked for.

Anna Hoffman
Ft Mitchell, KY

Bitty and Buck

Walking through the store one day my boyfriend seen a picture of the "pet of the week" at a local animal shelter. He showed me the picture and told me he wanted to go see the dog the following day. I really wasn't wanting to go to the animal shelter because I can't stand seeing a dog without a home, in those dreadful kennels, and I cry everytime. We went and as soon as they brought Bitty to see us we knew that she was coming home with us. We had to wait until the next day to pick her up because she had to go to the vets for her vaccinations. For some reason we took a different road home that evening and on that road we found Buck. A small puppy who someone had just dumped off on the road, he was skin and bones and he was laying next to another puppy who looked just like him who had been ran over. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. It was simple, he came home with us. The next day we took him to the vets to get him checked out, while also picking up Bitty. It was amazing, they were best friends from the start and have been inseperable every since. They are a blessing in our lives and it was just meant to be that they both joined our family at the same time.

Shannon and Bryson
Troy, KS
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