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Jumbo - the biggest softie and the loudest cat ever

I found Jumbo in August 2003 because he was making such a noise in the complex where I live. I called him Jumbo because his head looked so big in proportion to his body (which was getting no food). I eventually managed to catch him. At first it was not easy as he fought with my other cats and would not stop following me around. I couldn't sleep with him in my room as he drooled and wanted to sit by my head. If I shut him out of the room he would meow throughout the entire evening -he was relentless! I eventually couldn't take it any longer and gave him to an organisation. But that night after giving him away I cried and cried because I missed him so much and so I brought him back home again. I'm so glad I didn't give up on him as he's the most loving cat I've ever known. He sits at my command and he enjoys trying to catch my foot when I change in the mornings - it's a game we play. He is also the loudest cat I've ever met, he especially likes to make a huge fuss i.e. noise if I kick him out of the bathroom! I love him and I'm so glad God brought him into my life.

Heather Cowan
Cape Town, South Africa


It was a hot summer night in 2008 and I pulled into my friends driveway. My headlights shined on something fuzzy in the tall grass. I thought it was a dog, and being the crazy animal lover I am I just had to rescue it! As I got closer I noticed it was a bunny! A black and white floppy earred bunny. My friend and I cornered it in the shed and I picked it up. She didn't kick, scratch, or bite... just peed on me on the way home. The next day I bought her supplies and then took her to the vet to get checked. She settled in quite nicely to her new home and also learned to use the litter box quite quickly. I named her Estelle because I found her the day Estelle Getty (sophia from the The Golden Girls -my favorite TV series of all time-) passed away. Now she gets a good meal, treats, and lots of love and attention and toys to play with... oh and plenty of carpet to dig up and ruin and my nice stuff to chew on! (not too mention it took awhile to get the smell out of my car after she peed on me the night I found her) But I love her anyway and I'm thinking of adopting her a friend!

East Peoria, IL


Drew is such a sweet heart an a good boy,He was locked up in a cage for 7 months with no love,A very nice couple rescued Drew an fostered him,I fell in love with Drew as soon as I saw his face on petfinder,We were happy Drew came to live with us an his brother Jager,Drew has so much love to give,Just makes me cry when I think of him in that cage,

Debra Taggart
Griffith, IN


When jazz first came to me she was soaking wet and very scared. Apparently my boyfriend's mom and his brother, had passed a meowing cat on the median in the middle of a four lane highway with traffic going both ways. Returning back home, almost an hour later, she saw that this kitten was still there and it had starting pouring rain. Apparently Jazz had jumped off of the median and was getting caught up in the current of the water that was flooding down the street. Trying to jump back on it, she had a little cut next to her eye, and to this day you can see a very small gap between her lips from the damage. I believe that someone had thrown this poor baby out the window of a car because her back leg had no skin over her ankle. Almost two years later she still hasn't grown any fur there either! Obviously she brought her to me, not knowing what to do next, and with loving care and vet visits, she is the sweetest little thing ever! I believe she was meant to come to because she is now my daughter's little protector! Laila, my daughter, is 7 months old now, and since day one Jazz is always by her side at home! She even sleeps at the foot of the bed of her crib! I can't wait to see my daughter grow up with such a great and loving companion!

kansas city, MO

Christmas Chloe

We found Chloe at our local Humane Society the day after Christmas. She was scared and confused and desperately needed a new home and someone to love her. She has shown signs that she has been abused but she is learning to trust again and is very grateful to have a home where she is safe and wanted. She also lives with a cat and they have become very good friends and companions. Chloe now has plenty of room to run and new friends and family to share her life with.

Dorothy Owens
Gering, NE

Betsy Rules

My husband came to pick me up from volunteering at a no-kill shelter for cats and I noticed that he went into one room and immediately noticed this tiny kitten that stopped right in front of him, looked up at his face, and started to meow. That was all it took for my husband to fall in love with Betsy. Betsy was found by a construction worker who noticed her meowing on top of a wood pile. When he dropped her off, she was barely thriving so we immediately took her to the vet to be checked over. Turns out she had an underdeveloped eye and ringworm. I was so concerned that she would not be adopted due to her condition so I was thrilled that my husband wanted to adopt her. Four years later Betsy rules the house and our two other rescue cats. Betsy is fearless; she growls when the doorbell rings. When I go outside with her, she loves to sit under the bird feeder and chase the birds away. If she hears a loud noise, she comes running to me. She is my constant companion when I am home so, needless to say, she gets lots of love. My husband and I remind her that she may rule the house but she will always be our baby.

Mary Dailey
Muncie, IN

Not coming out for anyone but my Mom!

We met Magenta Icicles for the first time at a friend's house. She was amazed that her new "stray" came out to be pet by us since she was "very shy". We agreed Magenta was meant for us and took her home. We had to make an unexpected change in addresses and the new place did not accept pets. We gave Magenta to a trusted friend and Magenta crawled under our friend's house and refused to come out for anything, not even food and water. Also, she is a Manx and therefore has a very plaintiff and loud meow and my friend told us Magenta did nothing but Meow loudly and constantly while under the house. She did this for 3 days & nights till my friend called us to come get her. I called her name once and she instantly came out from under the house and we have been happily together every day since then. That was about 15 yrs. ago.

Dawn Cable
Garland, TX

Chupie's First Day at the Beach!

Late for work as usual one morning, I found this little dog in the middle of the road. He had been hit by a car! Had to stop traffic to rescue him while angry motorists whizzed by. Our local shelter didn't have room for him so we fostered him at our shop. And of course.... fell in love! He now has a forever home with us and gets along with our cats just fine. I feel more like he rescued me than the other way around! Here is a picture of him on his first day at the beach last week!

Jen B
Hilton Head Island, SC

Dex and Gracie

After Kit, my best furry friend of 16 1/2 years died in July I was devastated. I said I would never own another animal because it was too hard to lose them. Less than a month later I told my husband that we needed to go to the MSPCA (Nevin's Farm) because I had found a beautiful girl online I wanted to adopt. Gracie was 9 and everyone tried to talk me out of it but I knew her chances of finding a home were far less than all the kittens. I wanted her.

I finally found Gracie's cage and she was so beautiful...and looked so sad. I fell madly in love with her. As we were walking around there was a huge grey tiger cat that kept looking at us and rubbing up against the front of his cage. He almost looked like he was smiling. I couldn't resist so we adopted him too. Dex was 4.

A year later Dex and Gracie are the joys of our house. Gracie meows and purrs louder than any cat I've ever met and Dex is a big silly playful boy. They follow me around the house and the yard like little dogs and Dex stands on his back legs and tries to open doors.

Although I still miss my Kit, Gracie and Dex fill my heart with happiness.

Wilmington, MA

Hera, the Wonder Mama

Hera showed up in our apartment complex courtyard one day and looked so young, scrawny and scraggly that we had to feed her. We put out food every day and did our best to ensure that the squirrels, possums, raccoons and neighbor cats didn't eat it all before she could. After a few weeks, she learned our feeding schedule and would wait beneath our kitchen window. She was far too shy to touch, but as time passed she learned to trust us and even started to meow at us if her bowl was empty. We were so happy when she started to fill out. And fill out. And fill out. Before long, we realized she was pregnant, but still she wouldn't let us touch her, let alone catch her. One morning, when she looked about to burst, she seemed to decide we were the people for her, because she came right up to my husband and let him scoop her up and bring her inside. We set up a box, blankets, food and water, and within twenty minutes she had made herself at home. Ten days later I helped her bring five beautiful kittens into the world, all healthy and perfect. She weighed only 7 lbs fully pregnant, and only 3.5 lbs while nursing and raising her kittens. With excellent vet care and lots of love, we got her through malnutrition and infection. Over a year later she and one of her kittens are lifetime members of our family, and she weighs a full 10.5 lbs. She is a big, beautiful Maine Coon, my little girl, and still a wonderful mama cat.

Marina del Rey, CA
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