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Rosie and Jacqui

Rosie, a poodle, was found in a dumpster at only three months old. She looked no more than eight weeks as she was severely under-nourished, filthy dirty and infested with fleas and ticks. The vet considered her too ill to survive more than a couple of days so my wife and I took her home to have some loving care and attention. We had never had a dog before but already had three rescued cats who immediately took a liking to little Rosie who slowly grew stronger and healthier over the next few months.

Six months later we took in Jacqui (a miniature Schnauzer cross of nine months) as she was being abused by the owners mother. Jacqui instantly became very close to Rosie and the cats and thirteen years later the dogs are still the best of friends.

The dogs are well travelled having originally come from Cyprus and now settled in England. They have also lived in Wales and spent a few weeks in France.

Anthony Wilkes
Waltham Abbey, United Kingdom

Broken hearted healer

My father had just passed away and I had to put down my previous dog of 17 years due to his failing health. I decided to go to a few shelters to look around but not commit to anything as I was completely heart broken from my recent losses. At the second shelter, Orphans of the Storm in Lincolnshire, IL, I had walked past Max many times because he was half pit bull (how silly I feel now for stereotyping pit bulls). After 90 minutes of looking at dogs and feeling quite overwhelmed I asked if I could see Max, who was the only dog who wasn't barking as people went by and just had this sad look on his face. It was love at first lick! All he wanted was to be petted and to lick my face and to be loved. Max now is a happy 8 year old who has free reign of the house and loves to greet you at the door, smother you with kisses, and be your pillow as you fall asleep.

Karen Looze
Round Lake Beach, IL

Kali and hefer(baby)

I live with my grandparents. My grandfather has always loved animals. About a year ago our house caught fire. Our three cats where killed in the fire. My dad was very close to one of them. We where not looking for any more cats, but one found its way into our lives and hearts. My dad was at work. A small black and white kitten had found its way between the tire and the metel of the car. My dad removed it and brought it to the house we where renting.She got her name cause when she was little my grandfather thought she would become a vary large cat.She was very shy and timid. It took her a day or so to come out of hiding though she was still skittish. We have a small inside dog, a pomeranian. She would attack puddles though the gate we had. She loved to grab his tail when he slept. She had become my grandfathers new cat. She thought of him as her mother and ofter tried to drink from him. She would make his shirt wet trying to drink from him. We begain looking for a playmate for her. My grandmother worked as a nurse at a local nursing home. Her co-worker had a small calico kitten that was around the other kittens age. My grandmother and the owner reached and agreement. My grandfather followed her to work and we gt the kitten from the ladyKali and Hefer are happy together.Kali became my kitten.As I write this she is asleep on my bed. She sleeps right next to me. I love my Kali and this is all the aftermath of the fire that happened over a year ago. To think that something so bad caused us to find two new family members.

Nicole Virgin
Portsmouth, OH

Rough start to life:Zena

My family lived in a Cleavland which was large and farly crouded. I was young at the time about 5 or so. Me and my cusins where playing basball when I heard a meowing noise. I started looking around and we found a small bag. Inside was a very small black cat. My family took her in. We named her zena.She had been tied up in a bag and thrown out of a moving car or truck. She was so small and young my family had to feed her with an eye dropper. She had been with my family since then. She past away a couple of years ago but she always held a special place in my heart. My family has since taken in many animals from the street and animals who have been thrown out. I owe that all to zena.

Portsmouth, OH

Ranger the "Fuzzy" Rottie

Almost 4 years ago we lost our Chow to cancer. I missed having a dog very much so my husband and I agreed to rescue one from a shelter. We had a hard time agreeing on the breed because he wanted a Rottie or Dobe and I wanted a "fuzzy" dog. Within a week of searching the internet, I located a "fuzzy" Rottie at a local shelter via Petfinder. He had been dropped off at a kill shelter with his stuffed animals and a kind soul contacted a no-kill shelter familiar with Rotties which saved his life. He was 9 months old (& ~ 80 lbs) when he came to live with us. He's now a little over 4 years old and has grown to be quite a large, lovable boy (he's now 150 lbs). He's got the best attitude and temperament I've ever seen and loves to be made over and hugged. He has his own collection of "stuffies" and toys; so many you would think we have a child. He's the best ever and we wouldn't trade him for the world!


Irwin, Pa

Irwin, PA

Our Star

We adopted Star from the local pound 4 years ago. She won my heart with her pleading bark and wagging tail. Given plenty of room to run and squirrels to chase, she is truly a star in our life.

Cynthia Keck
Parrish, FL

Shasta's Glamour Shot :>)

Two weeks before Christmas in 2008, my sister introduced me to my furry little daughter, whom she had been fostering for the local shelter for approximately a week. It was love at first sight! She was about 3 months old, all fur and bone, afraid of her shadow, etc. We hadn't had a four-legged pet for many years, so it was great to welcome her into our home. Today she is happy, healthy, and pretty much rules the roost. Enjoy! We love our little Shasta!

Cheryll Maze
Franklin, IN

"Some Cat" The story of Wilbur the kitten

My friend's shepherd-chow mix found 3 kittens in a bush by their apartment. These kittens couldn't have been but 5-7 weeks old, & no mama in sight. Knowing that I'm a sucker for animals, they called me & I took them in.

I have a German Shepherd, Nina, who was thrilled to have new friends in the house! 2 of the kittens where a bit skittish of Nina, but 1 was sweet, friendly, & totally trusted her. This picture was taken the first moment that they met...the kitten walked right up to Nina then rolled over and started playing with her nose...it was love at first sight! I named him Wilbur after the pig in Charlotte's Web because he was "some cat"! =)

I was unable to keep the kittens because I already had 1 dog & 2 cats, but after I got them up-to-date on their vaccinations & got them all spayed & neutered, I found great homes for them all!

I will continue to rescue strays & help them find a forever home, because I feel that one of the biggest contributions that I am capable of giving to my local animal shelter is to prevent animals from ever having to go there.

Americus, GA

Sammy and Frank

A couple of years ago I found a handsome cat on my local animal shelter's website. He was considered "unadoptable" due to various ailments - a chronic upper respitory infection, an inverted rib, 1 eye missing, and is FIV+. I paid a grand total of $1 to adopt him, and named him Sammy. From the time Sammy came home he turned out to be incredibly smart, lovable and fun. Despite his physical problems, he is always happy and friendly.

When Sammy needed a friend, I went back to the same shelter and adopted a brother for him, a gorgeous black FIV+ cat I named Frank. From time they met they fell in love and are inseparable. They sleep together, clean each other, wrestle, and cuddle. While Frank is very shy and will hide from people, Sammy loves attention and is the life of a party. But somehow they fit together.

I have always adopted shelter cats and have found them to be just a bundle of love.

Salem, NH

Tiki the non-stop ticker

I'd gone out to dinner with some friends, when i spotted a little black plastic bag. something drew me towards it, and to my horror it was a dead kitten. i bent down to remove it from the side of the kerb, and to my utter surprise, it's body felt warm! all dinner plans out the window, i attempted to spoon feed it some warm milk, but it was terribly emaciated and couldn't even open it's mud encrusted mouth. i cleaned it off as best as i could and took it to the vet. that night the little kitten we call tiki, received his first of a series of intravenous fluid treatments. (he has his bandage on in the picture) he's now been with us for 2 years and has won the hearts of one and all, including my dog, dobby!

Hannah Rohini Joseph
Kolkata, India
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