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Diego Rivera Rampendahl

After visiting the shelter in Sonoma County several times I discovered one day a friendly boxer mix puppy who seemed very interested in getting out of there. He had been picked up by Animal Control roaming a very busy street late one cold December evening. I couldn't bail him out until he had gone through the shelter's process but as soon as his picture showed up on the adoption website my wife and I rushed down to complete the adoption. He's now 20 lbs. larger and a very happy, yet rambunctious member of our family.

Santa Rosa, CA

Manny's "trip" to a new home

It was a typical hot & humid August afternoon in TN. I was leaving work to make the afternoon bank deposit. When I got to my car I heard a small meowing and quickly followed it to its source. It was coming from underneath the hood of a car!!! I quickly went inside and told my co-workers about the trapped kitten & we got to work getting him out. They found him on the manifold (hence the name Manny) with a slightly burned tail & paws. We was a 5 wk old ball of fur. Upon further investigation we found out he had made about a hour long trip under the hood & had been there for 2 days! I do not know how this little guy survived but I did know that I was going to take care of him from that point on. He is about 3 1/2 years old now & still keeps me laughing. He follows me around my house & bosses me to give him more attention & more belly rubs. He is our little man & we are so thankful that he held on for that hour long car ride to Nashville. He is safe and happy as can be now & we wouldn't trade him for the world.

Alyson Furline
Bon Aqua, TN

We rescued each other

Boswell is an older dog that was left on a door step. He had been at two different shelters before we found him. We had just lost our beloved dog to cancer at 8 1/2 years old. The trama to our family was so great that we were not sure we could get another dog. We went to look at the shelter and there he was leaning on the gate. When I went up to him, he gently licked my hand. He was 8 years old when we brought him home. Four years later we can't, he is still a valued member of our family.

Who says older dogs can't be great. We wouldn't hesitate to rescue another older dog.

Nancy Moser
Dumfries, VA


We lost 3 dogs in 18 months to illness. We found Sheena on Petfinder.com. She came to us in August '08 overweight, with a urinary infection and a full pound of stones in her bladder! After a successful surgery and losing 25lbs Sheena is now healthy and happy and the most spoiled dog ever! The love we give her she gives back ten-fold. She is the perfect dog that came to us as the perfect time. Sometimes it's hard to tell who rescued who.

Mary Beth
Orchard Park, NY

A long trip home

This is Frick ... her mama, a boxer, was abandoned and starved in California. A good hearted man saved her from being shot as a pitbull while wandering and transported her home with him to North Carolina. I took her in as a foster. She was pregnant and soon gifted me with 6 beautiful pups. Unable to find appropriate homes for them I kept them all and now at 4 years old they are all individuals and an absolute joy to me.

Frick is an "All American", girl next door, tomboy kind of dog.

Nancy Wade
Gray, TN

Everybody loves Win

My daughter found Winnie (the one being kissed) on a rescue website linked to the University of PA Veterinary School. It is a program to bring dogs and puppies from areas with no population control to those more conscientious. After a rough start, we love our Miss Personality!

Kat Ranalli
Thornton, PA

Layla and Rufus - throw away pups

Layla and Rufus was born in the woods of lower Mobile County in Alabama. My friend rescued five of the puppies and called me to come see them. Layla looks like my first dog I ever had and she wanted me to see her. These puppies had never been around humans and were very shy, but when I picked her up, she layed her head on my arm, let out a huge sigh and went sound asleep. Layla is the lighter colored dog and she has electric blue eyes. I adopted her and Rufus, the clown who likes to talk to me, her brother, so she would not be lonely when I was away at work. They will never be hungry or scared again. They saved me from lonelyness and I have spoiled them rotten.

Deborah A Martin
Mobile, AL

Life After The Track

My name is Bohemian Agile aka "Aggie". As a greyhound, I was born to run. I spent the first few years of my life racing. That is all I knew. When I turned three, I started to slow down and was soon retired from the track. Fortunately for me, I was put up for adoption and quickly found my forever home. Now I take lots of walks, run in the yard when I want to, eat yummy treats and get more love than I ever imagined. Who says retirement is boring? I love my new life and wouldn't trade it for the world!

Vero Beach, FL

Double Blessings with Ivan and Tina

We rescued Ivan in 2002 through Pets, Inc. in W. Columbia, SC. In 2003 we found his companion, Tina and it was love at first sight for all of us. I remember driving back to Pets, Inc. just to look and Tina was home with us that very evening. We are a complete family now and two beautiful creatures will never have to suffer another day of abuse and neglect - never. We have truly been blessed.

Mary Alice Judy
Chapin, SC

Rescued pals

The dog (Brady) was at a pound and due to be put to sleep the next day. I made the 300 mile round trip and brought him to his forever home. Brady is a total hoot at 2 years old he's still mostly puppy and keeps the other pets young. The cat (Rosebud) was an 8 week old stray that had been hit by a car that my wife found on the way to work one morning. She put the kitten in the car and brought her home. The Vet said she was skinned up but nothing was broken and 14 years later the wife has moved on but I still have my cat. Life is good.......

Augusta, KS
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