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The LIght of our LIfe

Mickie was a stray. We think that she's a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. When we found her at the Kauai Humane Society, she was about six months old. Three and a half years later, we can't imagine life without her. She is very affectionate, intelligent, and energetic. She loves to hike, fetch, and ride on the back of our motorcycle.

Mindy Emmons
Lihue, HI

Outlaw on the Run

She was an "outlaw on the run", found feral in the back alleys of Denver and hauled off to "jail" (Cat Care Society Shelter) where her wounds were healed and food plentiful. When we entered her play area to have a closer look, she velcroed herself to us, and well, we had to take her home. She is now 15 months and because of her notorious kittenhood of fending for herself on the streets, she behaves somewhat like a border collie, keeping track of everyone's location from points on high above the kitchen cabinets. "Pearl" is affectionate but won't lower herself to actually cuddle yet. Perhaps in time. Nonetheless, she's gone straight, no longer an outlaw on the run. She has found her forever home.

Susan Becker
Golden, CO

105 degree miracle

It was the hottest day of the year. My boyfriend's brothers were riding their bikes downtown and ended up riding down a side street. They passed a cardboard box sitting on the sidewalk. They heard something coming from inside the box and opened it to find 2 small kittens with no food or water... just a blanket and a toy there. They took the box home and news among friends spread. I lost my cat 3 years before and didn't think I could have another one because my dad is allergic. We brought them to my house to play with them and show them to my parents. We fed them canned chicken and milk. They were so cute and I wanted one. I had to talk my parents into letting me have one which obviously worked because I am now loving and caring for him 3 years later.

Lansdale, PA


Her Mama birthed her little family in the front seat of a Caterpillar tractor that was on-site in the housing buildup around Las Vegas. When the tractor was loaded up on a semi trailer to be housed in a warehouse in town, Mama cat leaped out with the other babies we later found out from the owner/driver.

Talma was found, howling up a storm, by my daughter, who was working in a warehouse space next door setting up a Halloween Haunted House. The kitten was up in the engine of the Caterpillar covered in motor grease.

She put her in an office room nearby where she was working only to come back and hear her again howling because she had gotten into an open desk drawer and it closed shut with her!

She has been my best friend for over 10 years now and with her being so very vocal and talks a lot still, I am proud that I have taught her to say Mama and she says it very clearly!

Clever girl she is.

Patricia Provence

Exeter, CA

Patricia Provence
Exeter, CA

Baby "Queen" Esther

Esther showed up on a cold afternoon and so I let her in to get warm. She curled up in a ball in my lap and went to sleep. Before dark, I let her out to go home but she returned so I let her in again not wanting her to get cold during the night. This went on for weeks as I searched for her home. One morning standing on the back porch watching she and my other 2 Boston's play, Esther ran and fell down the back stairs. I got to her and found her front legs were just hanging and broken. I rushed her to the vet and it was confirmed she needed surgery that I just couldn't afford. The vet said he could try casts and would know in 3 weeks if that would work, so I decided to try and take care of her as she would be totally dependant on me. In the course of her hospital stay the vet recognized her and called her owners, who told them to put her down. The vet offered her to me then. She did well in the casts for 8 weeks and now life wouldn't be the same without her - that was 4 years ago!!. She walks on her back legs most of the time and when she runs she has a bunny hop, so of course people just fall in love with her when they meet her. She's my Baby "Queen" Esther.

Gina Sawyer
Jackson, MS

Our Little Girl

DeeDee was born in the Bronx and was found living on the streets with her Mom when she was just 6 weeks old. Thanks to a pet assistance program they were taken in, brought to health and put into a foster home to prepare for adoption.

When my husband and I first met DeeDee she rode into the room on the back one of her housemates - a rather large Pit Bull! We fell in love and now she lives a pampered life with her handsome live in boyfriend Hunter.

Valhalla, NY

The Mighty Quinn

My sister in law and I found Quinn spinning in circles on the double yellow lines of a busy high way. She had a pup with her and had an extension cord wrapped around her neck several times.When we stopped the car to scoop them up, the look of pleading misery in her eyes crushed my soul. They were both infested with fleas and covered with sores. She still has the scars where the cord cut into her neck. After a few weeks of careful tending we found a wonderful home for her pup, whom the family named "Banjo".

It took several months to break her of the habit of hoarding every single piece of food she was given. She would then go into the yard to dig up grubs and worms to eat.

Six years and 15lbs. later, she's still with us. The love and gratitude in her eyes is unmistakable. She loves children and lets my 2 young ones climb all over her, but can be fiercely protective of them when strangers are around. She loves my 3 ancient, 18 year old cats and lets them eat from her bowl, and yodels and hops up and down like a yoyo when she sees that it's snowing.

I never regretted stopping the car that day, and am so glad we found each other. A truer friend I've never had.

Joelle Karvois
Shenandoah, PA

I Am Saved

Who saves whom I wonder? Bereft from the loss of my 18 year old Siamese two years ago, I finally couldn't continue in a furless household one day longer, so I went on line to the Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue site and wondered if this little bundle could be my new 4 legged love. This very busy little boy was 3 months when I brought him home and he fills the house with his enormous personality, affection and warmth every single day. I am saved. "Gem" is also the perfect model for my pet portrait oil painting.

Susan Becker
Golden, CO

Rescued Chihuahua/Pomeraniam pooch

Polie lived in a horse stall at a barn in NE Ohio. February 07 the owner agreed give him up. It took time for him to adjust to the comforts of being warm, loved and well fed, but now he rules over our Shar Pei and rescued cats. He's a big dog in a small body. The name Napolean was a perfect fit.

Carolyn Owens
Shaker Heights, OH

My Little Baby

I worked up in New Hampshire and it was December 22nd during a snow storm that one of our engineers brought a little baby kitten inside because of the snow storm. He found the kitten hidding under a generator outback trying to keep warm. He went around and no one could take the kitten home so he was going to put her back outside until the morning when the local shelter would be open. That's when I stepped in and said I'd take her. I knew my father would be upset with me bringing home another cat but I couldn't leave her outside during a snowstorm. I named the kitten Snuggle Butts and the vet said she was about 4 months old, been eating out of dumpster for a long time and had worms. I took care of her, helped her get healthy, and she has been my little baby ever since. She thinks she owns our house now and tries to boss around our other cat. She is the cutest little thing and I'm so happy I brought her home. : )

Dracut, MA
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