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My Precious Sadie

A co-worker was moving out of state and could only take one cat, so she asked me to help her find a loving, permanent home for this precocious feline. Sadie already had 3 homes in her short 5 years of life, so it was important to find stability. While speaking with my friend, I kept feeling this tap, tap, tap on my ankle. It was Sadie impatiently telling me that she found her new forever home. She took turns going in and out of her open cat carrier and contined tapping my ankles and feet. It was love at first sight! Sadie is now 15 years young and she still taps me when she wants attention and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Phoenix Rising
Quincy, MA

Nietzsche (aka Neechie)

Yes I know, the real Nietzsche is probably rolling over in his grave to have a dog named after him - and a female dog at that! I just love the name and she doesn't seem to mind her new name at all.

On a Thursday morning in May of 2007, I stopped at the Berks Humane Society to see what dogs they had for adoption. And there she was, just standing there looking at me, not barking, very calm and just staring. I put my fingers through the fence and she walked past them so I could "pet" her. By Saturday morning the 1 1/2 year old Akita was home! Though she is an Akita in every sense of the breed, she is truly an amazing dog. Everyone who meets her just loves her, including children. I cannot imagine that someone would have given her up, but I'm very thankful they did. I could not have asked for a better dog! Please remember, animals at shelters are there by no fault of their own - adopt a rescue, you'll both be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!!!

Reading, PA

Calico baby

We have no idea when Cosette was born or where she came from. My friend's friend found her at her parking lot. She looked like she was about a couple of months old and obviously not been eating enough. She had a long journey back to health and after us taking her to the vet for shots and getting her medicines for her fleas and worms, she was spayed and now living happily with us inside our home where she seems to be enjoying settling down as the Master Cat of the house!

Honolulu, HI

We found our home

Grey [on left] was a feral cat who wandered up to my house, starving with a bad case of worms. He was terrified of me and would hiss as he tryed to access the food I left for him. I knew with the worms he would not gain weight so I had a wonderful organization called Forgotten Felines Of Forsyth County come and we trapped him, got him treated for worms,shots and neutered. It took me two months of being very patient but as you can see I finally gained his trust. Muffin [on right] on the other hand was an inside kitty who a neighbor just moved out and left. He is such a special loving kitty it is hard to imagine how someone could just throw him away like that. He is well loved now and I am so proud of the progress Grey has made. I have never had to go get a cat, the lost and forgotten ones always find me!

Kathy Stanley
Winston Salem, NC

Bear with a little Sugar

Meet Sugar....errr Bear...

We recently decided to adopt a puppy that was rescued from a high kill shelter. When we went to the foster family house to pick a puppy, we were scheduled to meet 2 puppies ...a boy called Spice and a girl called Sugar. After seeing the pictures, we had every inteniton of bringing Spice home with us...but once we got there, Sugar just stole our hearts. "She" had every intention of coming home with us, and even kept going to the door. We couldn't resist. The only thing is, she turned out to be a he! So the ride home was spent thinking up new names for our cute Beagle-Austrailan Cattle Dog mix....and we came up with the name Bear, because he is as cute as a teddy bear. And as sweet as one too. Just a few days into his new home and he has already claimed our home and our hearts as his!

Victoria Nagle
Lilly, PA


I found Kevin at my local cat rescue site. He had been there for 6 months

and no body wanted him. He cuddled up to me and purred so loud he

squeaked. I put him down and he went straight for the toys. I took him

to my vet for his shots and was nuetured. A couple of days after I brought

him home he became very ill, so back to the vets. I found out he had ear

mites and later discovered he was completely deaf. He was about 3 years

old and I've now had him for 4 years. He is healthy and happy and gets

along with my other 4 cats very well. He is, however king. He sleeps

with me and chases the other kitties off the bed. Because he is deaf

he is never allowed outside as I live an area where there are lots of hawks

and fox. None of my other kitties are allowed outside either. I'm so glad I

found him and love him very much.

Peggy Strawn
Weiser, ID

Frankie Finds Fur-ever Home

I saw Frankie for the first time when he came into the veterinary practice where I work. He had been found on the street a year before by a woman who eventually had to give him up to a rescue organization for her own reasons, so he'd never truly had his very own home. He won our hearts with his sweet demeanor and his high spirits - nothing seems to get him down, he can't see very well and has to have daily eye drops but that doesn't slow him down at all. He's really an inspiration to my fiancee and I - we couldn't ask for a better addition to our family!

Sue Harriss
Palatka, FL

Adopt a Rescue

Meet Chica, she is on the left. We adopted her from Carolina Boxer Rescue several years ago. We wanted a companion for our sweet "baby" boy Charlie, on the right. My husband and I have hectic work schedules so a puppy would not have been practical for us. Chica was the perfect fit!!! She and Charlie bonded instantly and now are inseparable. They play, eat, play, sleep and play some more together. Where one is, the other is not far behind. Chica came to us housebroken and knowing all the basic commands. A precious girl with an equally precious personality - despite whatever hardships she had experienced in her previous life.

Rescue organizations do an amazing job! No matter what breed you are looking for, consider adopting. Your perfect companion is waiting for you!

Dr. & Mrs. Cummings
Wilson, NC

We Love Larry

We took a little stay kitty to our local pound because my mom and me were allergic and couldn't keep him. We Found This Kitty in our driveway Yowling and with a hurt paw. When we took him to the pound, we walked in and saw this cute Jack Russell Terrier x. We went over to see the dog, named Aries. We knew he was meant to be with us! Then we noticed he only had three Legs!! We Fell in love and took him home in a kitty carrier! We Re-named him Larry (From The Three Stooges!)

Dauphin, MB, Canada

A Gift from Above

I saw Hiedi on a shelter web site. The day she was available I talked myself out of going to get her. I asked for a sign, as I already had three dogs. I went into a store and a magazine article said "Adopt a Pet." I knew that was my sign. I went the next day and adopted Hiedi (means Little Miss). The shelter was so busy with spays and neuters, it took three days before she could come home. She has been such as joy. She just wants to snuggle and be loved. She gets along with my other dogs and loves everyone she meets. She is cute and funny and really brightens my day!! She truly was a gift from Above.

Lisa Porter
Norco, CA
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