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Found in a Box

Jacqueline and her friend diane were walking along side of a state highway, when they came upon a cardboard box, when the opened it, to there surprise there where 2-4 week old (we found that out by taking them to the vet for a check up) puppies inside, 1-male and 1 female mixed with jack russel, he told us they were not weened from their mother yet so we went to a pet store and got everything we needed to feed them from a bottle. After they reached 8 weeks old diane took the male home and we kept the's been 2 years since that day and ella is so happy to be with us.

we take really good care of her and she is so smart

Jonathan Huffman
Spring Lake, MI

Mango & Muki

When my husband and I were ready to open our hearts again after grieving the loss of our 19 year old cat, as soon as we saw these two cuties on, we knew they were the ones to rescue. Mango & Muki are two very spoiled brothers who are now five months old and are very happy in their forever home!

Jill Corrado
Northboro, MA

A perfect fit

I looked on Petfinder for a Greyhound and Azwokee was listed at a local shelter. When I went to see him, he was balled up so small he could have fit his Azawakh frame in a car tire! He just looked so confused and scared I sat with him my whole lunch hour. I came back and got him the very next day and he now spreads across our whole loveseat. When our family sits on the couch to watch a movie he insists that he will fit in between everyone, but within 30 minutes of sharing some space he takes over the whole couch. When we come home from being gone, he is so happy he throws us a party! When he wrestles with his best buddy, our dachshund named Speedy, he will lay on the ground and let Speedy 'win' the battle. He has the most wonderful heart! We are abundantly blessed with his happy-go-lucky attitude and love!

Haslet, TX

Sweet Bo

We saw him sleeping at the feet of his foster mom, and fell in love right away. He was from West Virginia and lived in a high-kill shelter. Our little boy was only two years old, in great health, smart and very cute. He helped us through the loss of our only child, and seems to know we need a lot of tlc. We now live in SC, and he is 8 years old. It's been a wonderful six years with Bo, and we hope we have him for a long, long, long time.

Judith & Harvey Shatz
Bluffton, SC

Mamma Mia! We Found Our Sophie

After losing our beloved dog, Dinah, a little over a year ago after she ate a poisoned bird that had fallen into our yard, my husband and I decided we were ready for another dog. We had recently seen the movie, Mamma Mia!, and I liked the name, Sophie. I told my husband that I was going to hunt for a dog that looked like a Sophie to me, and that's how I would know it was her. I spent several months looking at the many dogs available on before one day seeing the photo of a beautiful shepherd/lab mix at a shelter about 15 miles from us.

The shelter called her Mama because she had come in as a stray and delivered a litter of puppies shortly after. All of the puppies had been adopted, but no one had wanted the mother, so she had been there for nearly a year. Shelter staff estimated she was about 2 to 2 1/2 years old. The caption under her photo read, "Mamma... Mamma Mia! This dog deserves another chance," and went on to tell her story. I saw the caption as a sign that she just might be our Sophie, so we went to meet her and fell instantly in love.

We brought her home with us that day, and have never looked back. Sophie is the sweetest, most gentle dog and has fit in perfectly with our cats. She has a great time playing with our grandkids, and is just the happiest, most playful dog we've ever known. We truly feel she was meant to be our dog!

Sandy Replogle
Ontario, CA

Love at first sight

I rescued Kapitan from the Henderson County shelter. He was a very scared little dachshund. When they placed him in my arms, he fell asleep on my shoulder, he finally felt safe. I knew then he would go home with me. Kapitan follows me everywhere and always wants to be only around me, as close as possible. We belong together.

Gosia Graves
Asheville, NC

Little Gracie

My husband and I saw this beautiful little girl with a rescue organization at Petsmart. I was drawn to Gracie and knew the minute I saw her that she was coming home with us. She had been kept in a small space for hours a day. It took patience and love but this girl has come out of her shell and is the most loving dog we could hope for!

Sherry Stinson
Gainesville, FL

Smokey the cat

Last year when our 22 year old son became sick with a horrible disease he desperately wanted a cat. We went to our local rescue shelter and he picked Smokey, mainly because he was older (10) and had been there the longest. Our son thought he would not be adopted because of his age and quiet disposition. Smokey, his beloved "Kittyman" unconditionally loved and made him laugh even when events in his life were tough. Last November we inherited Smokey when Zachary passed away. Smokey is funny and brings us the joy we so need with the same unconditional love he showed Zach. What a wonderful gift he has been to all of us. Please consider an older cat when adopting.

Pat and Bill Dueger
Williamsville, NY

Our Wonderful Experience

In October 2008 while out walking our two canine buddies my husband noticed a stray cat in our neighborhood. He asked "Did you see the cat? It's out there." I said no but immediately went to take a peek. There it was a beautiful white cat and she was pregnant. We started putting out food and several mornings we would watch her as she cautiously approached our front porch to eat. After a few days she started coming around in the evening. Again, we would put food out and as she would eat we would go out through the garage and just watch her.She would not let us get close. If we tried she would retreat to some nearby bushes. This lasted a couple of weeks and finally she allowed us to touch her. On Friday night October 10, she was no longer a stray and she had a name, "Mattie". We took her in and on Wednesday October 15, four babies were born. Tim, Trooper, Cotton and Tug. We kept Mattie and all the kittens until after the holidays. In January 2009 my niece took Mattie and the animal group we volunteer with took the kittens. Cotton & Tug, are white and gray, Triooper is the all gray, Tim is the black one. Cotton, Tug and Trooper all found forever homes that weekend. On Monday I called my husband and told him Tim was alone and he said it was time to bring Tim home. I filled out the adoption papers, paid the adoption fee and Tim came back home. Tim lives quite a life here with his feline sister and two canine brothers. Our bed is crowded but what an experience, we wouldn't have missed it for the world! Tim will be 1 year old October 15.

Vicki Logsdon
Independence, MO

Nugget... The trip of my life!

Motar, our 115lb choc lab "thinks" he's a lap dog as does Jackie our 65lb BluePoint Healer mix.

After 16 years of large breed dogs I decided I wanted something a bit smaller and a "true" lap dog. I started a very long search on the internet looking at coutless pictures and reading coutless descriptions of dogs. Most of the time the dogs were either too far away or too expensive for me.

One day after Jackie and I came home from training class I googled looking for our local animal shelter. Not being computer savvy I just started clicking on links not knowing where it would lead me. Then I saw a puppy adoption event from Colorado Puppy Rescue and it was only 35 miles away! I told my husband, "We're going for a ride."

I told the staff I wanted a female and saw a tiny fawn colored puppy sleeping with her sister. The moment I held her she started to go wild with the kisses. "I think she likes me" I told the staff. A few minutes later my husband said, "Where's the paper work" and we adopted our first tiny dog.

We spent all evening coming up with names that described her size but could not decide. Then I went to feed her and looked at her food and the word "nugget" popped into my head. Eureka! Nugget was named.

Nugget is a Chug breed. Chihuahua, Pug mix. She goes with me everywhere and is a show stopper! Nugget and I went to the county fair and I entered her in the Westminster Dog Show. She won 3rd place for "Best Kisser" and only 3 months old!

I always thought myself a big dog person but Nugget is a trip and I can't be happier.

Karann Nelson
Wetminster, CO
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