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Dakota and Molly

We got Dakota (she's a terrier mix) about 2 yrs ago when she was 6 months old. My son had been bugging for a dog since we moved to the country. We went to a local shelter and she was cowering in a corner of her cage trying to disappear. We took her out and she immediately started wagging her tail and licking my son's face. We knew she was the one for us!!! She is a little timid, but she is getting better.

We got her "sister", Molly (she's a red Min Pin) about 2 months ago. My boss came in to work with her, someone had "dumped" her off to fend for herself on top of a mountain where he lives. He was going to take her to a shelter, but brought her along to work because they hadn't opened yet. Well, all it took was for me to lay eyes on her and she was mine!!! She is the sweetest, most lovable dog. She loves everyone and everything, including our 7 adopted cats.

I couldn't imagine life without all these guys!! We love them more and more everyday.

Tami Carlson
Enola, PA

Abandoned Anna Grace

I went for a jog with some friends last December and we heard desperate meowing from under a car in my university's dorm parking lot. We coaxed the freezing cold three-pound kitten to us and took her home. The next day, the vet told me that she had probably been the pet of a dorm resident who abandoned her before going home for winter break. She was very sick and the vet taught me how to give her her medicine and nurse her back to health. Now she is a six-pound fiesty cat that is in the process of eliminating the mole rat population on my street. Anna Grace is such a joy in my life and I can't imagine being without her.

Hope Askew
Madison, MS


Lucky was a throw-away on a lonely country road at about 5 weeks old. She was sick, hungry and starved for affection. We brought her home and she was given health, food and love. Our grandson named her. After about three years she rules the household which includes two other adopted dogs and four rescued cats.

Sue Moore
Carthage, MS

How we ended up with six Cats!

To say that our neighbours were mean to their cats would be an understatment. They starved them, locked them out, and sold their many kittens for extra money. Jellico was the first to show up on our doorstep, looking sickly- and also pregnant. We took her in and cared for her five kittens until we could find homes for four. We kept one and named him Taz- he was trouble, but irresistable. Jellico because 'Jelly', and we fell in love with her too. They had to live in the basement because of our older cat Boots, but they loved it. They were warm and safe and no longer hungry.

They next summer is when Miko came to our back door with her three very young kittens. They were so thin that once we fed them, you could feel the food in their tummies when you picked them up. We were so discusted we wen to talk to our neighbours. We got swear words and a 'mind your own buisness'. But they sold the kittens and soon Miko was pregnant once more. And she would not leave. So she gave birth in our backyard on the peastone, and we scooped up the new family and made a cozy home in the garage. As the kittens grew, the neighbours third cat family showed up- Wirzle and her three idenicle tortishell kittens. Wirzle abandoned them after the first was sold. Abigale and Annabelle lived under our backyard swing in frosty November. So the kittens came inside and they went into the garage. We kept two kittens, Downey and Majic, and found homes for the rest.

On Christmas Eve we let Annabelle and Abigale inside for good- they had been in the bathroom overnight for awhile- and we became a family.

Toronto, ON, Canada

A Long Trip for Poe

This is Poe, a 6 year old female Chiuahaha rescued by my daughter from a shelter that she worked for in S.C. Poe is a tiny girl and loves to cuddle and sleep under the blankets in my bed. Poe has had to be with several of our family members from time to time because of work schedules or transfers. But, we still kept her in the family all the while. When her mommie (my daughter) had to transfer from SC to California suddenly in June 2009, Poe was alone with a fellow friend of my daughter's who was out of the house for long hours at a time until Poe could be sent to California. Knowing that Poe panics when alone, I drove the two hours to get her, and keep her now with me until we can save up somehow to pay for her trip out West. I have posted about Poe needing to get to Cali. on a few sites as I cannot take care of her myself. I am disabled and have responsibilities towards a wondeful person who I call "Friend".

I am taking care of 3 dogs and two cats for my friend who rescued me and gave me a home, when I was left by my husband and had no where to go. So, I know a little of the plight of animals that are homeless. This is how I repay my friend for taking me in, by helping her with her pets.

Thank you all who are animal lovers such as I and my family. Without us, the lives of many of our lifetime friends could not be.

Charli Ockoskis
Spartanburg, SC

Double Trouble

Our dogs are affectionately known as "Double Trouble." Sadie, on the left, and Jack on the right were both rescued from the Cowley County Humane Society in Winfield, Ks. through Petfinder.com. Jack was surrendered by his original owner, a truck driver who had gotten him to keep him company on the road, because he got car sick and Sadie was abused and surrendered by her original owner. Now they both live a life of luxury with all the treats they can handle. Our family would not complete without them!

Satanta, KS

Lazja Bear

Lazja Bear was, as a tiny puppy, abandoned in a convienant store in Boston, a customer found him sleeping on a shelf next to the sticky buns. My boyfriend who was working there brought him home to me. He had gotten into rat poison and was full of worms, but he pulled through and became the worlds naughiest puppy. But soon with lots of love, consistancy and training Lazja became the perfect dog. Gentle, kind and loving. He was close to 100lbs and was the most handsome dog I have ever known. Lazja adapted so well to any situation he was put in, we went everywhere together and he was my best friend in the whole world. There will never be another dog like him. We had 13 beautiful years together and I am grateful for every single second of them. My sweet Bear passed away last November, just 2 weeks before my wonderful gramma, who passed her love for dogs on to me. I know that they are somewhere wonderful together taking care of eachother till i see them again. I miss him and love him everyday. He is in my heart forever.

Springfield, VT


We found Kai when a lady came in to the store where my fiance works and they started talking about dogs. She told us his story. His first owner was killed in a car wreck and no one in her family could take care of him so they asked the vet to find a home. He ended up going home with a vet tech there but her husband was a truck driver and when they decided to go on the road together she asked her friend to take him. This lady could not keep him either though because her dogs had decided they didn't like him, so now she asked us if we wanted him. Being young college students we had always wanted a husky but did not have the money to buy one.

So we said yes and went to meet him. He is huge for a husky. When we got him he was underweight from grieving and also from the case of worms he had picked up being passed around. He weighed 67 lbs and was covered in fleas. Now he weighs right at 80 lbs and thinks he is a lap dog! He loves running and playing with his lad/chow mix brother and even my sisters tiny weenie dog/shit zu mix. He is an absolute joy and he loves everyone he meets. Some people are intimidated by the way he looks, but to us he's our teddywolf.

Paige Bagwell
Tallapoosa, GA

The Kids

My entire family has always rescued animals. Too many abused, left to die, and unwanted have found new lives with us. Monti was in a deplorable

puppy mill, starving with sores everywhere, Beau was beaten, starved and left on the streets,Jake and Sarah also, hungry sick, discarded and left for dead. One by one we found them and now they are our angels. They go everywhere with us, and don't know they are animals. They are our children, now that the real ones are grown. They really enjoy going for rides on the golf cart, we call it the Mutt Mobile. Our neighbors love it. Especially when all our dogs and our two parrots all go.

Athens, TX

Abandoned-Tied to a Tree

This poor dog was tied to a tree all day with no water or food. He had 2 very tight collars around his neck. A friend went to get him but the police got there & said they were taking him to the County Animal Control. He was then scheduled to be put down because he was a pitbull. For 2 days we "hounded" Animal Control to give us this dog. We finally won. Tyson was about 6 months old, full of ticks, anemic & malnutritioned. He is now a 2 yr. old normal, sweet, healthy, baby boy who sleeps in our bed & loves to play with his sister, a chocolat lab. He is a lover not a fighter, sweet & gentle. We love him & could not imagine our life without him in it.

Janet Breiden
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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