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Rosie and Gibson

In September of 2003, our cat of 11 years - Francis - died after a long but non-suffering illness. We have always had a cat in our lives and by December, we knew we had to adopt a new kitten. We went to adoption day at PetsMart looking for a sweet kitten. My son was immediately drawn to a beautiful female Maine Coon mix about 9 months old. She was so sweet and immediately started licking his hand. Though my husband and I were sceptical of a more mature cat that had already had another human companion, we agreed. As we were walking out, I saw an orange and white male, 1 1/2 years old sitting so regally in his cage - nothing moving except his eyes following every person that walked by. As I looked into those eyes, I knew he had to come home with us.

So contrary to all reasonable thought, we adopted two older cats and brought them home. From the first moment, Rosie and Gibson became lifelong friends and watch over us and each other with loving hearts. We have since adopted 2 kittens and 3 other older cats. The kittens are fun and loving but the older cats not only demand attention, they give attention unconditionally and seem to appreciate it more because of their past - whether loved or unwanted. I recommend adoption of older cats to all my friends!

Cindy Cook
Macon, GA


We moved into a second-story apartment, and a calico kitten climbed up the fire escape - and never left. We can't add her to our family, I said - we already have 3 cats! - but Pumpkin had adopted us. She went into heat and brought us her boyfriend, too, so then we had 5 cats... and Pumpkin never left, until she died at last, outliving all the rest, aged 19 1/2.

Marion Carroll
Arlington, MA

My Teddy

I had just lost my chow/shepherd mix dog named Pooh Bear, so my son and I went to Protectors of Animals and met Teddy. He had a reputation for running away, jumping fences, dashing out of doors and roaming. He acted as if he had been abused but he was so loveable that we brought him home. At first, he dug under the fence, and we were always worried if we couldn't find him. I almost returned him. But he is the best buddy and is now attached to me .... he seemed afraid to trust us...it took awhile. But you can see from the picture that Teddy is a wonderful boy. He seems to be a chow/golden mix.

Ann Snow
Portland, CT

Smokey's Story

I am in the Marine Corps and was serving duty, (24 hour post). The next morning when I got home, I noticed a pet carrier on the side of the road in the rain. I looked in as I drove by and hoped I wouldn't see anything. I thankfully didn't see anything, but boy when I parked my car and I heard the meowing coming out of it I thought the kitty was going to die. I picked up the carrier and brought it into the house, keeping it away from my other cat. I brought this one into the bathroom and dried her off the best I could. She was a real mess; kitty litter all over her, and she was soaking wet. I started calling around to different agencies trying to give her a good home. When I learned pet stores wouldn't take her without knowing her history of shots and exams, and the local humane societies were full on cats, I decided to adopt her. I brought her to Petsmart/Banfield, and it turns out she had worms but that was it. So I waited a few days until my fiancee came home from visiting her family in Maine to introduce the cats to each other and her to the cats. At first they fought quite a bit but since then they have become sisters neither knew existed. They were both born around mid August of '08. They are both doing great together and are for the most part inseparable. She is the cutest kitten and I have no idea how anyone could be so heartless!

Daniel S.
Jacksonville, NC

Wee Gray

We found Wee Gray by the woods hanging out with a colony of cats we feed. She was around eight weeks old, less than a pound, and had no eyes. She gets around and plays just as good as any cat that can see. Now she is a year old and only weighs four and a half pounds, but she is doing great. Wee Gray is so sweet and we can't imagine life without her now.

April Wilk
Orlando, FL


Cassie is a rescue dog that had a pretty rough start. She still has her moments when she will duck even though she would never be hit here. She is the perfect fit with our other rescue dog. True best friends. She is our little angel!

Susan Wood
Aberdeen, WA


This is our Ruby. We found her at the shelter when she was about six months old. Skinny, full of fleas and worms. Numerous vet visits and much love later she is truly our jewel. Her pillow is her best friend who is also a rescue dog.

Susan Wood
Aberdeen, WA

Hope In The Inner City

Hope was a stray cat living in the inner city (North Philadelphia). For the first year of her life she was undernourished and abused. Coworkers would see her wandering around looking for food outside of the school we taught and see the students kick her and throw objects at her (I never saw her). One day another teacher brought this frighteningly thin filthy cat to my classroom. I took her to the vet...

For years she would flinch when anyone went to pet her or just step over her and would run from people - even me. Now 8 years later, she is full, purrs, craves attention, and is happy. My husband and I love her.

stephanie somers-baran
merchantville, NJ

Keiser found us

We were walking our 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog home from the park in Philadelphia and saw this beautiful Golden Retreiver run across the highway. He was running with a Chesapeake Bay Retreiver (at least that's what he looked like). We tried to get the Golden to run back with his buddy to go home, but he kept following us up and down streets, stopping at different houses, but couldn't seem to find the "right" one. When we got home, he followed us to the house and got along royally with "Bear." They seemed to know they were destined to be together. We took "Keiser" to the Animal Control Shelter, assuming someone would come to claim him, but as each day went slowly by, there were no phone calls for him (except for me). I had to call every day for the 72 hour wait time to make sure he was okay and still there. After 72 hours, we went back to the shelter with "Bear," and brought home "Keiser." He was a joy right from the start. He got along great with Bear and with all his new friends at the park. He is still with us now, enjoying the hills of West Virginia. Now he shares his runs around the farm with 2 other Bernese and a pack of hounds. He's turning gray in the face, but you would never think he's running out of steam. He loves running the woods, and swimming in the creek like he was still a puppy!

Lynn Young Tracy
Lumberport, WV

Renny to the rescue!

My beloved Renny, a 3 year old pug. I got him when he was barely 11 months old. My son got a call from his wife's autn that someone had dropped a pug off at her house-and he was running with the big dogs. August is not the time of the year for pugs to be outside, so my son, who had 2 pugs of his own, went to get him. He knew I loved his pugs, so asked me if I wanted a pug. Without knowing gender, color or anything about "it", I immediately said yes. The first site of this new pug was horrible to behold. He had sores and lesions from reactions to flea infestation. He even had 2 cigarette burns on him. He was severely underweight and dirty. The vet gave him medication for his skin, and iron for his blood, he got all his vaccinations, and I named him Renovatio, Latin for new beginning. We call him Renny. He is now a wonderfully healthy, spoiled and loved pug that stole my heart from day one! He is the best little man I know as he is NOT a d-o-g, he is a PUG! The past 2 years he has developed into a loving, gentle, playful pug, getting to relive his puppy days that he missed out on. We have since gotten another pug, Dinner, who is 11 months old this April. Renny & he love one another like brothers, always by each others side. Renny has taught Dinner how to be a little man-and Dinner teaches Renny never to stop being a puppy.

Words can't express how much I love my babies!

Vickie R.

Vickie Romine
Princeton, TX
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