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Bam! She Got Me!

After Tinkerbell, the last of my original seven cats, passed away, I was feeling lost without a cat. We had my daughter's cat, Cuddles, but I didn't want to poach him away from her. Tinkerbell had been my constant companion for nearly 16 years, and I felt incomplete without her. I decided that the best way to honor the relationship I had shared with all of my cats was to continue to share it, so it was time to open my home and heart to another who needed me. I searched online, and found that a local rescue had several that could be the one. I went into their cat cottage and sat on the floor to let the cats come and meet me. A cute little tuxie named BamBam pushed her way through the others, climbed onto my shoulder where Tinkerbell used to live, and started purring into my ear. I remembered seeing her on their website, and it had said she should be in a one-cat household. Since we already had Cuddles, I had decided to not consider her. I gave her a little love, then set her down and went to another room to meet more cats. She followed, again pushing her way through bigger cats, and climbed right back to my shoulder. This happened several times more, and the director of the rescue was amazed. BamBam had been in the rescue for a very long time, and had never responded this way to anyone before. She had clearly decided that I was hers and I wasn't leaving without her. Her persistence won my heart, and we have been constant companions ever since. We are so close, and she is so devoted, that my husband calls her my primary appendage. I am so glad and thankful that she chose me.

Sharon Konnick
Pittston, PA

From Sadness to Happiness

I had to put my cat, Selina, down. She was dying of lung cancer. She was only 11 years old. I held her when they injected her and cried then and for days after. On the fifth day, the local pet store was having a kitten rescue event. I went "just to look." That's what I told myself anyway. I walked around the cages and the first kitten I saw was adorable -- all white with a calico patch on just the top of her head. But, by the time I made my way around the 40+ cages, another couple had already signed up to take her. OK, I thought, it's not meant to be. I didn't even bring my cat carrier from home, reasoning that if I didn't have a way to bring a kitten home I wouldn't. As I made my way around for a second time, I stopped in front of a cage that held a tiny black ball of fluff. Before I could react, the woman who had been fostering this kitten took her out and asked if I'd like to hold her. The next thing I knew she was content in my arms. I was smitten with the kitten. I protested that I couldn't possibly take her as I had no way to get her home and hadn't discussed it with my husband. The foster mom lifted the tablecloth and underneath the table there were at least 25 carriers available to borrow. And, I was told, I was already approved, as this was the same rescue group where I had gotten Selina. I decided to take this 3 month old, brown-eyed baby home, without even telling my husband. We named her Elphaba, Elphie for short, after the misunderstood Wicked Witch of the West in Wicked. We've had her for a year and a half now. She makes me smile. And my husband, who is really a dog person, adores her, as do my two sons. She's a domestic medium hair and such a love. I was meant to go to that rescue event.

Wayne, NJ


I know it seems like an odd name, but she choose it.

I was in college in 1999 and one of my classmates told me he needed to find a home for a female kitten which was rejected by the mother after just one month.

I took her and she was just hair and bones, I had to help her to eat at first and then she started to catch up.

And we became best friends. She is very different to any other cat that I have known. Very quiet, but loving; she seems to listen and understand what we say to her.

I remember one particular time, my mom decided to care for a chicken and her 6 eggs, which soon hatched. I talk to her like a human: "Nicanora, please don´t eat them!!! Mom would freak!!!"

She did not touch any of the chicks at all, which was surprising,taking in consideration that she loved to hunt birds.

Two years ago, she got sick and was lost for 2 weeks, we thought she died and started to mourn her and suddenly she came back in her bones but ready to get better.

She is fifteen now, and keeps being just the best,she loves my 5 year old and has a great life.

I am just so grateful to have her as a part of my family!

Andrea Herrera
Heredia, Costa Rica

Rescued by a Black Kitten: Part Princess. Part Ninja

It was the very start of 2013 and my cat, Bailey, a grey tabby of 16 years needed to be euthanized. There is something hellish about deciding to put a member of your family, your dear pet, to sleep. I was depressed for days, while my husband, the Consumer Reports junkie, did research on a new pet. He called a breeder for a Snowshoe kitten, but I was determined to go to the shelter. We fell in love with a tiny black young kitty. We brought her home after the shelter's vet wouldn't fix her due to a fever of an unknown origin. As fate would have it, we were back at our vet with a very ill kitty that we had named Arya. We awaited the results of an ultrasound, which didn't look good at the time. We had come to love Arya, named after a lost princess turned fighter that was a character on the Game of Thrones series. She was part Bombay, which was the only breed that my husband had ruled out due to a needy nature, and she was constantly causing trouble when she felt she was being ignored. Toy mice were gutted and nice furniture was shredded. Yet, Arya was a lap cat and very loving. Were we going to lose her? We returned with heavy hearts to the vet. No tumors, but she had babies. Sadly, they were not thriving and were threatening her life. We made the difficult choices necessary; she is now two years old. She is still attention seeking. She sticks close when things are rough; most people can't say the same about their humans. Arya, just like the show's character, is everyone's favorite. All pass us by to pet her soft black coat and look into those deep green eyes. She is not easy, but nothing of any value comes easy. If something gets broken in the process that is just par for the course. It is a price we are willing to pay. Nothing she has broken has hurt us as much as the thought of losing her.

Michelle Hurrell
Sterling, VA

The Kitties Three

I'd spent my whole life indifferent to cats because of a severe allergy to them. Then my daughter was given a cat, and I became so besotted that in a very few minutes I added a nightly dose of allergy medicine to my routine. By the time she moved out, we had two cats whom I loved. I missed them, but I had to admit that it was nice to be able to repaint, refinish floors, and not to have a residual eye itch every morning.

About two months after they left, I woke up really really missing kitty kisses and feline conversation. I went to a local shelter and adopted Cosmo, a big, friendly orange and white guy. Well, he was SO friendly and playful, he seemed like a fellow who needed a companion, so back to the shelter I went, looking for a cat who liked to play with other cats. I found tiny little Mercy, a tortie/tabby with some eye issues and a feisty temperament. Cosmo and Mercy were great together, a real little team, and I thought my family was complete.

Then one day I was visiting a friend of mine, who had taken in a very pregnant stray who proceeded to have kittens in her basement. One of these kitties stopped playing and climbed up into my lap for the duration of the visit. I was charmed, but was not in the market for another cat. A couple weeks later, another visit, and the same baby cat did the same thing. Well, I knew I'd been chosen, and Timmy joined our family. Timmy's a long-hair with several other hints that there's some Maine Coon swimming in his genetic pool, and so from the tiniest and youngest, he has grown to surpass Boss Cosmo in size. Three different temperaments, three different cats, and all one family. My kittybabies wait for me at the door, call to me from upstairs, sit on my lap, nap around me when I am reading...this is love!

Julie Drew
Evanston, IL

Gingy, the cat who slote our hearts

One Saturday morning, I casually mentioned to my wife that our two and a half year old rescue kitty Fancy needed a buddy (because three dogs weren't enough). We were running errands and happened upon an adoption event at our local pet food store. We were looking for an older cat, but this little grey five month old tabby caught our eye. She was very mellow and calm, like she already knew we would be taking her home. We actually left the pet store and went to look at other kittens but none had stolen our hearts like little Ginger Bell. After a quick family discussion we returned to the store and signed the adoption papers! A short trip home and a hasty Introduction to our other pets sealed the deal. there was a new boss in town. Little Gingy was in charge! We are so happy that she picked us to be her family!!,

Tamara Matlock
Pooler, GA

Bobble, the stowaway

I never intended to have 3 cats. I had decided I wanted two. I already had a male cat, Lucifur, and I wanted to find a friend for him. I saw many male strays that were close to his age and size that I thought might make a suitable companion for him, but couldn't decide on one. Then one day, this skinny little calico cat showed up on my porch. She was nothing but skin and bones, but she was very friendly. This wasn't the cat I had planned on but of all the cats I had seen, she was the most in need of a home. I took her in and named her Cleopatra. My little family was complete.....

And then 2 weeks later, Cleopatra had kittens! I couldn't believe that this super skinny cat had been pregnant. There were only 2 kittens, 1 was stillborn and the other was so very tiny. I didn't think he would make it. But days went by and then weeks and this tiny little baby hung in there. When he first started attempting to lift his little head and look around, he looked just like one of those Bobblehead dolls people put on their dashboards, his little neck could barely support his head...so he became Bobble. I didn't want a 3rd cat but it didn't take long before I was so in love with this tiny bundle of fur that I couldn't imagine giving him up. I worried and fretted over him for months, afraid he would die and break my heart, but 6 months later he is a happy, healthy bundle of energy. I didn't end up with the furry family I had planned on, but Lucifur got a friend, Cleopatra got a home and I got the joy of bonding with a kitten from his very first day. I can't imagine life without my little stowaway. Best surprise ever.

Jamestown, NY

My Kaia

I was working for the local humane society for several months and was able to successfully resist bringing home a hundred pets. I was living in an apartment that didn't allow dogs. And then one day, a stray was brought in (the shelter named her Meloney.) She was 2-3 years old and so adorable. I knew right away that I wanted her, but with the restrictions in my apartment, I didn't have a lot of hope.

Fast forward 2 weeks, she was still there. So I called my landlord and he agreed to meet her. I went out to get my purse from my car to fill out the adoption paperwork and she jumped into the backseat and laid down. She knew she was going home, and charmed my landlord (and roommate) into letting me keep her. She was my puppy soul-mate and I named her Kaia. We realized shortly after adoption that she was dog aggressive (never bit, but would get very defensive), so I started researching trainers in the area and found one that specialized in training out aggressive behavior.

Unfortunately, I lost her less than a year after adoption to kidney disease. One of the most heartbreaking days in my entire life. But I know the last year of her life was incredibly happy and she knew she was loved. The picture was taken about a month after adoption on her bed (and yes, it's a toddler bed.)

Proctor, MN

The sweetest cat ever

One day we went to our local plaza and while my mom was in one of the stores I wandered into Petco. Immediately I went to the cats that were up for adoption, mainly just to look. That's when I saw the cutest cat ever, she looked like a Reese's cup and she looked so sweet.

I ran over to grab my mom and when I pulled her in the pet store, she was all against it. She didn't want another cat, and she didn't like the cat I picked. However the guy who was working adoptions asked me if I wanted to hold Frauline and I of course said yes. While I was holding her she was purring and I just started bawling. My mom began petting her and once she saw how much I already loved this cat she agreed to adopt her. I kept petting Frauline and hugging her and I couldn't wait to take her home.

To this day Frauline is the sweetest cat we've ever had, she's so loving and good. She never gets into things and she loves cuddling and being petted. Frauline is now the happy adopted cat mommy of our other cat Tabitha which we adopted when we moved. The two are very happy and I could not be happier with my decision to adopt Frauline. She has made a huge difference in our lives and even though at first my mom didn't want her, she loves this cat to death. Frauline always follows my mom and sleeps on her bed and when she's not home she'll follow me around and I have to pet her for hours! But all in all I am very happy we could take her in and that we got her as healthy as she is now. I highly recommend adopting a cat if you are looking to get one, you never know what surprises you'll get from doing it.

Coraopolis, PA

Meant to Be

Having recently lost my mother and having no siblings, I moved to my hometown in late July to take care of things. The people across the street seemed to have a couple of dogs and cats meandering around with them when they were outside. By November, their house was empty and I began to see a little cat sitting on that driveway and eventually roaming the neighborhood. While talking to a friend on the phone one day, I said in passing: “I think I may have found my Henry James,” a name I'd originally picked out for the Siamese I wanted to get as a companion for Chaucer my resident cat. I began putting food out for Henry and eventually he would wait for me but not allow me close enough to pet or examine him. When I was able, I found out that Henry was a Henryetta.

By late March, I suspected that Henryetta was pregnant. I needed to do something but I wasn't sure I could trap her. Fate forced my hand on April 1st when I found her lying on my doormat and barely moving. Fearing she'd lost her kittens and needed help, I took a chance and brought out the cat carrier and a little food. She roused herself and walked in the carrier, easy as could be. The vet pronounced her healthy, about two, free of FIV and FeLV and about 4-5 weeks pregnant. On May 1st, Henryetta gave birth to five healthy kittens in a warm, dry, safe and loving home. She completely trusted me with her babies from the moment they were born. All kittens were adopted over the next five months to friends and a spayed microchipped Henryetta has settled happily into her forever home with Chaucer, who has accepted her, and me. She is affectionate, sweet-natured and won't have to worry about being left behind again.

Henryetta came at a time when I needed a focus and happiness, and when she needed a home. It was meant to be.

Clarksville, AR
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