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Max finds a home

Max arrived out of nowhere on my birthday. He was obviously a scavenger and a survivor. His body was criss-crossed with scars and wounds and his tail was black with dried blood and he smelt like a garbage bin. His left eye was watering and he was obviously starving. Although we already owned a cat there was no way we could take him to a cat shelter as they would put him down. A visit to the cat opthamologist, multiple visits to the vet and he is now a loving, affectionate, one eyed wonder who is known and loved through the neighbourhood.

Tess Michaels
Mascot, Australia

Artemis's Journey

Artemis spent the first five months of her life living in a cage. Her owner, who was a hoarder, had 27 cats all in cages. A rescue group saved them all and Artemis, then called Moonshadow, lived in the rescue house with many other cats for another five months. I was lucky enough to get her at ten months old. She's a perfect cat. Loving, smart, playful. She has separation anxiety and hates to be alone. She is definitely a mommy 's girl. She is my spoiled princess and has without a doubt found her furrever home. She is going to be two next week and I am thrilled to have many more years with her

Vanessa Gordon
Sacramento, CA


Tiddles owner died and although his wife then looked after when she became ill Tiddles got neglected then her owner died fortunately a close friend of the owner found Tiddles a home with me as I was a friend of hers as the family couldn't keep her To get her home I had to bring her home on the train. .When I first had Tiddles she was extremely frightened wouldn't go to any one. It took a long time but after having her now for six years almost she has become very loving and will not only greet me but others also. When I'm out she will wait for my return on the window sill and when she sees me come down the path will come to greet me as I open the door cuddle up to me at night and sit on my lap. ,

amanda evans
luton, United Kingdom

The Third Times The Charm

My husband and I are blessed with a loving house and four beautiful cats that make it a home. Our fourth cat whom we call Raja Kitten, found us about 4 years ago when her owner at the time could not keep her any longer. She was just a little kitten over a year old. Her story touched me deeply. Raja had been rescued out of a industrial size dumpster, I don't know if there were any other kittens with her. She was newborn then, and dirty.

At the time of her rescue, the rescue folks named her "Oscar" thinking she was a male and she was named after "Oscar The Grouch" who lives in the trash can on the T.V. show Sesame Street. It broke my heart to think that this sweet little girl was again getting the boot from a second home. I knew when I laid eyes on that precious little kitten and heard that sad story that she was coming home with us. I couldn't bear to think that someone else might adopt her and decide that they were not going to keep her after all. Raja acted terrified when she first came into our house, but our cats welcomed her in and I really feel that she loves having not only a mom and dad that adore her but also 3 other purr-fect siblings to be around and keep her company.

I grew up in a house full of pets. My second home was at my Dad's Veterinary office. My Dad is a retired Veterinarian & my mom was a lover of all animals. I've been blessed to be around animals my entire life. Raja Kitten has found her forever home and left her tiny paw prints on my heart.

Spokane, WA


In 2009 I moved back to New York after going through a year of breast cancer treatment n Los Angeles - chemo and radiation. I came back to my empty apartment and I knew in my bones I needed a living, loving creature to help me heal from what I had just gone through.

I went on Craigslist and searched the pets section. I was struck by a photo of a stoic looking smudged faced enormous black and white tuxedo Maine coon with a black dot on his nose. He had been pulled from a kill shelter in Harlem. He had a look that said "I'm scared, but I am not going to show you just how scared I really am", which broke my heart a little. I arranged to meet him that night.

When the door to the apartment opened "Harry" stepped into the hallway walked right up to me and looked me straight in the eye. He was so brave. I knew he was cat for me. When I picked him up he gave me a quick lick, followed by a little bite, but it didn't bother me in the least. I understood, he'd been through a lot and he was testing me out. Besides, I liked his feistiness. We got each other.

Five years later we are both healthy and happy. Harry has never been a cuddly lap cat, he does his own thing and that's just fine. Some nights he sleeps on my bed and some nights he sleeps on the couch. But he'll quietly, follow me from room to room always having me in his sight. When I am climbing the stairs to my apartment I'll hear a random, excited meow from behind my door, though not a peep from him when we are in the same room. Harry is not big on PDAs. but I know he cares. He really has helped me heal and I'd like to thing the feeling is mutual. He's my buddy and I am so, so happy I adopted him.

New York, NY

Miss Ruby Moore

We have always had two dogs. A couple years ago, the elder of our pair of chocolate labs passed away leaving a big hole in our family. As we were living in an apartment and not really financially ready for another dog, we were a single dog family. A few weeks ago, we moved into a house again and knew we were going to get another dog. We were looking into lab rescue but nothing came through for us. Then, we got a phone call to come to our friend's office. A PLASTIC BAG of puppies were found outside Walmart. Eyes barely open and ears still sealed shut. Just nubs for teeth. But, we were in love. Now, after many sleepless nights feeding milk every couple hours and praying she was able to potty without her mom to help her, we have a robust young lady who is the perfect completion to our family. Miss Ruby has more than tripled in weight and provides smiles wherever she goes.

I would so encourage anyone who is able to not hesitate to take that leap to open their hearts and homes to a pup in need.

Springfield, MO


When I was 16 I decided that I needed a new pet for company. I thought having a kitty would be easy so I decided to buy one from a pet shop. The thing is, i didn't know at that age that the pet shop I took my boy from, was actually a living hell for animals.

I took Lucious for the first day at home and my mom was shocked at how thin he was, he was throwing up all the time and couldn't take any food in. Within hours we were at the vet. After the doctor informed us about the moves of the entire veteranian community to close down that petshop because of the lacking laws in my country about pets and shops that sell them, he gave us many drugs for my kitty and behind my back as not to get sad, little hope for him.

Lucious needed days and nights of trying to survive the strong gastro-enteritis he suffered, the possibility of failure in his organs was great because of his bad health and I needed weeks for my fingers to stop feeling every bit of his spine through his skin because of how little he weighted.

Today, Lucious is a big boy of seven years, healthy and strong, the eldest of my three cats and my "dog-Cat" as every time i return home i call out his name and he answers with a double "meow" that to me (and other people) sounds suspiciously like "mama"... He hits my chin as to get under the covers every night and always sleeps with his head next to my lips for some kisses in my sleep. He's the sweetest cat anyone could have and the most loving boy.

Christina Moraiti
Athens, Greece


In 2011, my husband decided he wanted to adopt a dog. I already had an adopted collie, so, we had to find a dog that was compatible. My husband saw a German Shepard online and knew that he would be perfect. We went to the shelter to have them tell us he had been returned 3 times and should be tested for diabetes. We took him for a full physical, 2 years old, 45 pounds and no diabetes. We realized instantly Ceasar had been horribly abused and most likely starved. He peed when someone moved too fast or had something in their hand. On day one, we were playing ball with our collie and Ceasar tried taking the ball out of her mouth... bringing on a fight, and our collie was taken to the E.R. We knew our collie was being territorial and Ceasar only knew we wanted the ball. Everyone said to get rid of him, our children wouldn't be safe. We just couldn't. We got him a special bowl to slow down his eating, fed him over 6 cups of food a day, and had to play with our collie a lot in front of our Shepard so he knew that play was love and not abuse. We kennel trained him and watched him around the kids.

It is now 2014, Ceasar is 80 pounds and the vet said he is sexy! Our son treats him like a giant teddy bear and poor caesar puts up with all of the cuddling. He is always happy, thinks he is a lap dog, hates when my husband is away, and now sleeps on his bed next to ours. He still does not like to be in the bedroom when I am folding laundry... no dog is perfect. Our dogs are now siblings, they sleep together, play together and do not like to be apart. We couldn't take him back to the pound, we knew he would be put down... and all it took was a little extra work for him to be the absolute best dog someone could have.

Joshua Tree, CA

The Fact That He Didn't Bark Brought Me To Him

When I was 7, I lost my first dog. It was really hard. We had grown up together! We were the same age, and my big, 250 lb. Rottie/Shepard mix was my best friend. When he passed, little me didn't know how to handle it. It got to the point of me being so lonely that in 6 months of not having a dog, if I saw one, I would just sit down and cry. Reluctantly, my parents agreed to let me get another dog.

I saved up my money, and we began to go look at shelters. At our third or fourth one- I forget how many shelters we visited- I came across a black Labrador/Shepard mix. Instead of barking, like every other dog... He looked up at us with curious eyes, holding a half eaten squeaky toy in his mouth. We took him outside for some one-on-one, and we all fell in love.

That was almost 13 years ago. My baby boy just turned 14! He's incredibly healthy, only occasionally having some hip issues. I also now go to college away from him... but whenever he comes up to visit me, I take him to work- I work in a grooming salon- I pamper him and spend as much time with my boy as possible. He's inspired me to work with animals, and I currently have 2 rescue rats, 2 rescue chinchillas, and i'll be adopting a dog for my house here this summer. I also spend a good deal of my free time volunteering at our local SPCA. My boy Sky changed my life, his calm, sweet personality helping me though difficult high school years and inspiring me to do great things with animals. I love my boy with all my heart.

Kay Gildea
Lancaster, PA

Short, But Oh So Sweet

Anyone who has worked at a shelter or rescue has heard it before, "I don't know how you do it, I would take them all home." While it is hard to say good-bye to the animals we dedicate our lives caring for, we know that each animal will find the person they are meant to be with. That being said, Gingko was it for me. Out of all the cats that I'd helped care for while working at the small humane society in Naperville, IL, he was the only one I couldn't live without. At first glance, he appeared to be your typical 7 month old orange tabby cat, but there was something special about Gingko; he had feline leukemia. I watched day after day people pass him by, often hearing "I would be too afraid of getting attached knowing he won't live very long." The hardest part was that Gingko didn't chose to be sick; he deserved to know love just as much as any other animal. After being at the shelter for a few months, I decided to take Gingko home to foster. He got along great with my two dogs and it felt like he had been living with us forever. I knew shortly after I brought him home that he was meant to be a part of our family, so I made the adoption official; it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Gingko passed away only two months later. I will love him and miss him forever, but I know that we were meant to find each other for a reason. While his time here was short, the love we shared was enough to last a lifetime and for that, I know we'll both be forever grateful.

Carly Jaminski
Naperville, IL
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