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Czarina, the former stray.

Czarina is a former stray, who lived in my apartment complex. She's about 4 or 5 years old. When she was outside, I'd spend time with her in the morning before I went to work. She was always waiting for me. I'm so happy to have her in my life. She gets alone so well with my other 4 cats, who I've had since kitten hood. She rarely meows, and likes to coo mostly and she loves to cuddle. Give a stray a chance!

Miami, FL


Magi came to us one October after a group of sheepherders dropped him on the side of the road because of his worn down shoulders. As soon as he wandered into our backyard, we knew he was there to stay! After a quick surgery, Magi is as good as new, and we can't imagine our lives without him. I encourage everyone to adopt their next pet from a shelter: You won't regret it!

C. Jory
Sun Valley, ID

A Happy Ending for Buford

I found Buford with Petfinder a few months after losing my 16-year-old orange tabby. I fell in love with him on sight and cried for hours after reading his story. He was a senior cat who was rescued from a trailer park and had such a badly inflamed mouth all but two of his teeth had to be pulled. But even after so much suffering and neglect, he's the most loving, sweet boy and the light of my life. He's fat, fuzzy and happy now, and I smile every time he exposes his belly or falls so deeply asleep he snores. I will always be grateful to the people who rescued him so he and I could find one another.

Los Angeles, CA

my Beautiful Hudson

I adopted Hudson from WAG in Whistler BC. His mother, Beautiful, was hit by a car, had surgery on her broken pelvis, then delivered her puppies four days later! I think she gave birth to nine pups. His mom was lucky to have WAG and I am lucky to have Hudson. That was now over a year ago. He is a miracle and I can't imagine life without him.

Bellingham, WA

Cody & Annabelle

We adopted Cody from Adopt-a-Pet at our local Petsmart. He actually chose us, as we walked up to the cages he reached his paw out and placed it softly on my forehead as he meowed. He was a tiny little squirt and loved to tease our other cat, Annabelle (whom I took in after my brother found her wandering in an apartment complex). We often joke that Cody is a dog trapped in a cat's body, because he loves to be in our laps and even begs for food at the table. He will eat almost anything (if we let him) and is very loving. He even comes running when we call him to bed at night, and of course he lays right in the middle and tries to hog the bed. They both bring a lot of happiness to our lives!

Rebecca B
Houston, TX

'Hog' Dog

Little Orphan 'Annie' was found when they bulldozed the woods near my work. She had been abandoned and no one seemed to want her. She was malnourished, filthy, had worms, ticks and fleas. She also had rat hair and feathers stuck in her teeth. She weighed less than 6 pounds. I took her to my vet and then to my home where she has become Queen. She rides on my Harley with me - sitting proudly between my legs wearing her Doggles (dog goggles). She is a happy and healthy 12 pounds now. She is truly a Harley girl - 'HOG' dog !

JudyLynn Mischel
Fort Walton Beach, FL

my sweet Banjo

my husband knew about this sweet little dog watching us from the woods, but didn't tell me about him.till one day i saw something move. he told me don't touch him and don't feed him. well that went on for 2 days and i couldn't stand it anymore.i didn't touch him, he touched me.ha.little did i know my husband was already feeding him and had already named him.he is definitely our joy.he thinks he helps dad with the cows.haha

dot richter
paige, TX

Crazy Casey

When we finished our house we knew we needed a Dog. Large gated yard & access to acres of rolling fields right behind us, my husband & I knew it was perfect! We varied on what breed, but both agreed rescuing was the way to go. The "system" in Ireland is not well developed. It's run by a small group of extremely caring & dedicated individuals. They have no funds or resources & there are no no-kill shelters, just willing foster homes & hope. We found Casey, a black lab/collie mix puppy in county Offaly about 2 hours away, staying with a wonderful foster mom. Casey had been found abandoned & roaming the streets. Unfortunately "puppy dumping" is an accepted practice here. Thank goodness for her & us she was taken in by the Offaly SPCA & a foster, other wise she would have been given only 5 days in a pound. Now, 9 months on Casey is healthy & happy. Favourite past-times include hogging the sofa (as you can see by her photos), chasing birds & watching sheep on our evening walks in those back, rolling fields. Nothing lifts the human sprit like watching a dog frolic! It hasn't always been easy - the beginning puppy stages with Casey were trying to say the least - but she's got a big brain and an even bigger heart and we found quickly it's nearly impossible to not give in to those big brown eyes. We thank our lucky stars every day for Casey & especially thank the wonderful people of the under funded, under resourced & under appreciated Irish SPCA! True hearts of gold!

Carlow, Ireland

Our little princess!

This is Lucy. When we swim she loves to float in her boat with us. She's a Shih-tzu-Lhaso mix and the most spoiled dog EVER! She sleeps under the covers in between my mom and dad! She's our little princess!

Jill Kimmle
Belleville, IL

Dumpster Kitty

I work at a bar and grill and I was leaving work when I opened my car door and got in and just before I shut it this little guy jumped on my lap and onto my shoulder and just started purring... I almost closed him in the door. I brought him home, named him Tony and for 6 months now he's been tearing up the place with his adopted brother Clyde (cat) and his 3 sisters (dogs) ever since. His mother still lives by the dumpster in a cardboard box house we made for her. She's almost friendly enough and hopefully soon we can take her in and get her fixed and vaccinated and into a good home.

Linda Jensen
Pine City, MN
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