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Dumpster Kitty

I work at a bar and grill and I was leaving work when I opened my car door and got in and just before I shut it this little guy jumped on my lap and onto my shoulder and just started purring... I almost closed him in the door. I brought him home, named him Tony and for 6 months now he's been tearing up the place with his adopted brother Clyde (cat) and his 3 sisters (dogs) ever since. His mother still lives by the dumpster in a cardboard box house we made for her. She's almost friendly enough and hopefully soon we can take her in and get her fixed and vaccinated and into a good home.

Linda Jensen
Pine City, MN

Sammi Jo

My daughter and I found Sammi Jo at an animal rescue shelter and I fell instantly in love. My husband, however, said NO WAY. "We have Abby (our wonderful Australian Cattle dog) and that is more than enough". The next day he relented and off I went to get little 11 week old Sammi Jo. She just turned a year old last week, and guess who is probably more crazy about her?? That's right - her "daddy"!!!!

Jan Bugg
Auburn Hills, MI

Rescue Dogs, THE BEST!

Both dogs came from rescue. Maddie, 4 yrs old the female was shy when we first got her, but has developed into quite a lady. Puff 4 yrs old, was found as a stray, had huge seperation problems when he came to live with us. He has come a long way in 6 months. They have become best buddies and the lady rules. He says its easier that way. What a great feeling when you walk into a room and they are always so excited to see you. They have given us so much Everyone should have a rescue dog.


Charlotte Powell
Philadelphia, PA

"Just look at those eyes!"

I had recently lost my dachshund and was reluctant to adopt another dog so soon when a neighbor called to say they had found my Rottweiler mix wandering around a local lake with no collar or ID. She had worms, fleas and had recently given birth. We concluded that after providing her previous owners with a litter of pups, she of no further use to them. Or, that she was too gun-shy to be useful as a hunting dog. So while I knew expensive vet bills and lots of exercise were in our future together, it didn't take me long for me to say YES! when I saw those eyes and her rare beauty for the first time. I named her "Gypsy" in honor of her wandering life before we met and the mysterious origin of those light blue eyes. I am 65, live alone and give thanks every day for her loyal protection, love and companionship on our long walks together. She sure keeps me moving! Everyone who meets Gypsy can't help but say, "Just look at those eyes!"

Sue Chaney
Cincinnati, OH


Trouble was such a welcome addition to my home after a bad breakup. She made every day a joy. On Friday, February 13, 2009, due to a brain tumor, she joined my first cat, Trash, in heaven. I am sure they are both telling stories about me and laughing as they were my BEST FRIENDS. I miss both of them immensely but am now sharing my life with another rescued cat, Stoney.

Paige Stone
Newport News, VA

Petfinder Pack

We have 5 Siberians and 2 Golden Retrievers; most of them are through Petfinder. They all live in our house and get along marvelously well. They are thoroughly spoiled and have made our lives richer and our laughs longer. Second chance pets are the best investments our love has ever made.

Woodstock, GA


I adopted Hank, a Catahoula mix, from a rescue shelter. She (yes, Hank is a girl), was the runt of a large litter and tiniest by far. Her big eyes and charming underbite sold me immediately. She has been the highlight of my life for the last 4years now. Making me laugh and bringing me joy every day. She is currently training to become a therapy dog!

Sarah H.
Houston, TX

my champion

Champ was literally skin and bones and wounds and fleas when I first saw him, and I knew I had to bring him home with me. He's now a handsome darling, naughty and sweet, and protector of our home. He even won in the charity dog dash! He's my champion!

Mika Roxas
Manila, Philippines

My two rescue kitties 11 years later!

This is Feather (fury) and Mckenzie (white). They are the most wonderful companions and they love each other so much!! Feather was the last kitten alive after a wild dog attacked her litter. Mckenzie was one of about 50 feral kittens. They are so loving and have been my best friends for their whole lives. They are active and playful! They have traveld with me to 6 diferent homes and now we are all here in our forever home!!

Cambridge, MD

Katie Lady

I rescued Katie from an inner city tenement block where some kids had cut half her tail off and thrown her out a 4th story window when she was a kitten. She has permanent nerve damage as a result, shakes alot, and used to ping-pong so bad against the furniture when she first arrived that I was afraid she'd bonk her brains out! As you can see, she's completely adapted now, and really enjoying her New Life in our lovely home. Her crazie antics give me a daily giggle! : )

Westport, CT
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