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Lucy and Otter

Lucy was found by friends on city streets, hungry and scared. One look at her beautiful face and colors in her fur, and we were in love. At first, she would not eat without supervision, making sure no one was coming to hurt her or take her food, but she is now trusting and loving after 9 years in a safe home. Otter is a munchkin cat that was in so-called "rescue", but had severe respiratory infection and was very neglected. He now gets the best veterinary care, and although he will always have respiratory trouble and has also developed asthma, he is one of the most loving aniamls you will ever meet. We call him the "Cat Ambassador" for his ability to charm even those who were not fond of cats. They are now both adored and loved and protected as they should be, and we are so lucky to have them.

Sally and Brian
Hatfield, PA


One evening after his walk, our 15 year old English Springer Spaniel, Buster brought this skinny little kitty inside with him. She had been living in the bushes, and as we found out later, had been begging for food and attention from others in our neighborhood. Some say that Buster was looking out for our needs, since he left us just a couple months after we officially adopted our little Kali. She gives us so much love and lots of laughs, thanks to Buster.

Ellie Vetter
Fort Myers, FL

Tiger Kittie

In 2004 when I moved out on my own I knew that I wanted a cat. Growing up in a house with 3 cats, I felt the cat-less void right away so I went to the local Humane Society with the decision that I wanted a cat older than a year old (since they are usually over looked in favor of a kitten) and that I would let the cat pick me. Immediately This 2 and a half year old tabby meowed up a storm when I walked by and stuck his paw out for me. I looked at many cats but this one was begging for me to give him a good home. After I took him out of his cage I couldn't say no to him and he came home with me. He has been the best, well-behaved, loving, and vocal cat I could have asked for. He is 7 years old now and has had a few close calls with infections and blockages, but I would not trade him for the world! I have 3 cats now, all very different in age and all a different type of rescue, but Tiger will always be all I wished a cat to be.

Krystle Schulz
Machesney Park, IL

From Fear to Joy

Got a call from my prophetic pastor while she was at the vet's office with her dog. She saw an abandoned cat in the 'give-away cage' that she knew in her heart was mine. Vet said this cat was from a household that had over 30 animals that were taken away. I went to get him and saw nothing special, just a fat cat that was over 20 pounds who was afraid of everything! Took him home and had the revelation that I was dealing with fear as well. Over 6 years I've taught him through love that fear is not the best way to live. By helping the cat I was being helped too. He now lets friends visiting pet him without running away and always wants attention from his His fear has diminished much and so has mine!

Wilkesboro, NC

The Rescue of Delta

Delta was brought to me where I work. He had been caught out in the grape orchards of California. When he was found he looked like he might be 6-8 weeks old. I decided to keep him (already had 2 rescue cats). Brought him home and for the first few days he was really loveable. Took him to vet and found out he was actually 6 months old by his teeth. Delta has now grown into a very beautiful cat. We have had him for almost 4 years now. He's only loveable when he wants it and still very ferrel, but wouldn't trade him for anything now. He is very much loved.

Woodridge, CA

Rescued from Death Row

"Do you have any snacks?" Oh, by the way my name is Roxy. I'm one of those new high mileage hybrids that every dealer is pushing, part Pug and part Jack Russell, better known as a Pug Russell. My daddy rescued me from doggie death row when he adopted me July 19, 2006 (the day we celebrate my anniversary every year). I seem to have collected a handful of nicknames over the last couple of years. Most people who first meet me, call me "Snaggle Tooth" since I have one tooth that sticks out, we've talked about braces, but it's agreed, it makes me cute. Other names included "The Cleaner" and "Hoover" since I'm very diligent about cleaning the kitchen floor and any dirty dishes that I can get my tongue on. I like my furry family, even if they don't know it but I'm the Queen to three canine brothers and a feline brother. It takes a strong women to keep all those men in line, but I'm up to the challenge.

Miss Roxy

Robert Wooden
Germantown, MD

Teddy & Elizabeth

After my last cat passed away, Teddy, an Australian Shepherd, started acting out. He had never been the only pet in the house and was very lonely when left alone during the day. We went to a pet adoption day to find another cat. Teddy found Elizabeth and fell in love with her right away. Elizabeth came home to live with us a week later. That was almost 8 years ago and they have been best friends ever since. I tell all my friends that if I could teach Teddy to clean her litter box and feed her, Elizabeth would be very happy if it was just the two of them. Teddy was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and had to spend a couple of days at the vet's office for surgery and after care. Elizabeth was beside herself while he was gone. She stuck very close to him when he came home and wouldn't let him out of her sight for more than a minute or two. She still cries at the door when Teddy goes out for his walks. It was definitely a match that was meant to be.

Fairfax, VA


Clyde was 5 when he was abandoned by a puppy mill owner who had no more use for him. Luckily, The Yorkie Rescue Group picked him up from a shelter, and we were ablet to adopt him. It was touch-and-go for a while but, with lot's of love and patience, he gradually overcame his fear of men and settled into a normal life with me, my husband and our other dog, a silky terrier named K.C. After only seven weeks, he passed all the challenges of his obedience classes with flying colors and was awarded an AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate. This once-discarded little guy now has a permanent and loving forever family!

Marlene Boots
Sunnyvale, CA

A little love can change it all

Leo was the little beast of the pound. His jaw looked like a wolf's when he barked insanely at us. But destiny made us decide to take him for a walk at the pound where he bit the worker's hand to the point of bleeding, yet he cuddled up to us as if begging us to take him away from that place. We gave him a try and he brought love and joy to our life for over 6 years. He passed away on Christmas Day and is sorely missed and always in our hearts.

Alana Osborne
Perth, Australia


I had just lost my cat to heart failure and was phoning local shelters. I had a specific cat in mind: a male tiger tabby kitten. A shelter had such a young fellow so I went to see him. He was looking up at me with a cross-eyed pansy face and a second later he was reaching out for me through his cage. It was a done deal and I took him home. He ran about in a frenzy for about three hours, as he was so glad to be out of cage and have room to play. I named him "Quixote" as a sign of optimism. That was 15 years ago. We are still together, and he is still alert and playful.He has been by my side through bouts of depression, heart surgeries We have moved many times, but home is aways with each other.I continue to enjoy and cherish each day with him

Pauline Leah Rankin
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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