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Shadow's rescue story?

It's hard to say who rescued whom. We (thought we) were complete as a family before he came into our lives but to be honest, I don't really remember what it was like when he wasn't here. Here's how he became part of our family -- My two youngest children were sitting in our van while I secured some items to the top getting ready to work at an event. I remember it was drizzling when my daughter opened the door of the van and said "Mommy, look at that adorable kitten." He was walking around the corner of our apartment building. When he saw her open the door he strolled over and climbed into the van and my daughter's lap. He went with us to the event and he has been with us ever since (almost 6 years now).

Jamaica, NY

A Dog Worth Saving

We rescued Buster even though he came with a warning: Dog Agressive. The poor thing simply wasn't trained! We took him to Doggie Day Care to socialize him and he's now everyone's favorite playmate!

Jacqueline Vick
Santa Clarita, CA

Our three children

From left to right is Molly, Dakota and Budweiser. Buddy we adopted from a no Kill Shelter, he was 5 1/2 months old, had been hit by a car, had a fractured pelvic, lef out of socket and cherry eye. Once we got him home we soon figured out that he had been abused in his few 5 1/2 months of his life. He recovered from his injuries very well. Until Molly came along and decided to be like a mother hen to Budweiser (even though she is a year younger that him) he was very skitsh to ride in a car, take treats from our hands, etc, but has over come all of that. We thought 2 dogs would be enough for us at a time, then just 3 month ago, while taking Molly to the vet for a shot we found our youngest son Dakota. It has been interesting with a 5 yr old dog and 4 yr old dog bringing in a 2 month old puppy but 3 months later Budweiser and Molly love their little brother. And we have pictures to prove it.

Bradley, IL

Sweet Molly

We rescued Molly from the Humane Society after loosing our Aussie to a car accident. She was afraid of everyone except children and hid when anyone came over. We soon realized Molly had been abused and neglected after finding scars around her throat. She was terrified at any loud sound. Today Molly is part of the family and greets everyone with curiosity. She is the most gentle dog ever with our Grandchildren. She's our loyal protector!

Tammy and James
Williamsburg, IN

Flash! to the rescue!

We lost our little dog Libby at 18 years and it left a big hole in our hearts. We had a friend who had just lost both her cat and dog within a two month period so we joined her in a trip to our local animal control. We spotted a little dog all by himself in the corner of a cage looking dejected - it was his second time there - it was our Flash! It was love at first sight. He is so happy to wake us up in the morning and greet us when we get home that he gets all 'squiggly". His 'legal' name is Flash! - with an exclamation point - you know why when you meet him. Some may say that we saved Flash!'s life - in truth, he saved ours!

Jimmy and John
Tucson, AZ


I went to our local animal control shelter because they had a Lhasa Apsa. However, I was too late. The control officers knew a softie when they saw one and trotted out this 3 month old Chow. She was supposed to have been put down that morning but they couldn't bring themselves to do it. Of course, she came home with me! Ming is beautiful, well socialized and smart. She saved my older dog's life by recognizing a severe abcess he had under his ear that we did not see. She kept running to Jake putting her nose under his ear and running to us until we were smart enough to check out what was wrong. Our vet said she may have saved his life!

Melissa Ripple
Eustis, FL

I am Peanuts Person

Peanut found me when he was about 6 mths old or so. I work in an Industrial park garage and we leave the doors open every day when it is nice out. This little kitty started coming around so we started feeding him and earning his trust. I am allergic so I would use a stick to rub his back. That was 2 years ago. I then learned from my friend Laurene Smith, who is a part of the local SPCA, that the Industrial Park was participating in a spay/neuter program due to the possible overrun of stray cats in the park. Laurie was taking donations and setting have a heart traps to capture as many of the kitties as we could, then take them to be spayed or neutered through the local participating center "Guilderhaven". The tame ones were put up for adoption and the others were re-released in the parks to keep the rodent population down. I fell in love with my baby boy, and my coworker and I helped capture some of the kitties to be spayed or neuter. My boy, who I call peanut or baby, comes everyday and sleeps under my desk at work. He gets to sleep in the shop on those cold winter nights and is very loved and happy. We have made cozy shelters out of dog airline crates with beds and sheepskin rugs, for the other kitties who are not so tame so they too can stay warm on those cold winter nights.We now regularly care for about 7 kitties that I know of. I regularly purchase bulk bags of food for them and Laurie gets a great deal on 50lb bags of high quality breeder food, which she gets for me when she can. I love being my Peanuts' Person.

Mary Abbott
Guilderland Center, NY

Big Ronnie

We lost our old cat due to illness and my lovely kitten got run over.The house was empty so we decided to go to our local RSPCA.Ronnie was the biggest cat there and was so affectionate.He dribbled on my top as I stroked him.I knew that he was the one.Six years later and he's king of the castle here.He's the most amazing cat that we have ever had and the size of a small dog! He even likes the cats next door.They come round and call for him.

Huntingdon, United Kingdom

Lucy and Otter

Lucy was found by friends on city streets, hungry and scared. One look at her beautiful face and colors in her fur, and we were in love. At first, she would not eat without supervision, making sure no one was coming to hurt her or take her food, but she is now trusting and loving after 9 years in a safe home. Otter is a munchkin cat that was in so-called "rescue", but had severe respiratory infection and was very neglected. He now gets the best veterinary care, and although he will always have respiratory trouble and has also developed asthma, he is one of the most loving aniamls you will ever meet. We call him the "Cat Ambassador" for his ability to charm even those who were not fond of cats. They are now both adored and loved and protected as they should be, and we are so lucky to have them.

Sally and Brian
Hatfield, PA


One evening after his walk, our 15 year old English Springer Spaniel, Buster brought this skinny little kitty inside with him. She had been living in the bushes, and as we found out later, had been begging for food and attention from others in our neighborhood. Some say that Buster was looking out for our needs, since he left us just a couple months after we officially adopted our little Kali. She gives us so much love and lots of laughs, thanks to Buster.

Ellie Vetter
Fort Myers, FL
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