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Lili's Story

At nearly 16 years old, this kitty has gone through so much with us. We took her in when she was just a baby, and I was only 6 years old. She has been my best friend ever since, and has recently overcome two mammary tumors and a uterine infection. She is doing better now, but is still recovering from all this painful surgery. We just hope she'll stay with us for many years to come.

Soraia Costa
Vale da Amoreira, Portugal


I had recently lost my schnauzer, Molly, after 13 unforgettable years. My husband and I went to the humane society after seeing a photo on their website of a sad, lonely little white dog. We went to see her and she stood up on me with her front paws, asking me to love her and take her home. That was 4 years ago and now she is always smiling.

Rita Salenius
Roswell, GA

Tessa aka Tiny Tee

I adopted Tessa from a woman in my area I found through Tessa has FIV or Feline AIDS. You would never know it, to know her. She is just like a kitten. She plays with everything! I know she will not be with us forever but we are relishing the time she is with us.

Kristen Bossert
Deptford, NJ

Little Dog with Big Love

I had just returned a rescued shepherd mix after realizing she just was not the right dog for me and I was feeling very sad. I had grown up with German Shepherd Dogs and had recently lost our shepherd/lab mix. I thought the only dog for me would be a big one. My distant friend happened to call that day and seemed surprised to hear that I had been looking for a dog. She asked if I would be interested in an Italian Greyhound that her sister no longer wanted. She explained because her sister traveled he was boarded quite often and then misbehaved when she would bring him home.

I have had Binky 2 years now and even though he is a toy dog he has TONS of love to share! He adores giving kisses and snuggling up under the covers at night. He follows me around when I am home and hops into my lap as soon as I sit down. Who knew that such a little guy would bring such joy to our household? Now I am convinced that small dogs can be just as perfect a pet as large ones!

Leslie Withoelter
Saint Charles, MO

The Cutest Dog I Ever Saw

I lost my last dog, Jacob to cancer in Sept. 2007. I tried doggie sitting keep me occupied, but it just wasn't the same. I really missed having a dog, so I started searching the Animal Shelters for a hypoallergenic Bichon or a Shitzu. Even though I loved my previous dog, his fur had been an issue with my asthma. I never dreamed I could find a Bichon or a Shitzu at a shelter, but low and behold, a friend told me about a shelter she always gets her dogs at and there he was...a cute little Bichon. I went in that same day and couldn't believe he had been there for 6 weeks. He was matted and yellowed, but still had the cutest little face I've ever seen. He has an underbite, which makes him even more adorable. When I picked him up, he immediately put his little head in the crick of my neck, like he was hugging me and I knew I couldn't leave without him. Brio has since been cleaned up and made his home on my lap most evenings. He's the sweetest, cutest, cuddliest little dog I've ever had. He still loves to give me hugs too.

He really loves people and knows when they're hurting. I have a friend that possibly has cancer and he always snuggles up to her to make her feel special.

Arvada, CO


Hurley had Feline Leukemia when we adopted him from a friend who fosters pregnant cats. For the short time we had him he was the most fun-loving vivacious cat you would ever know. You would never know he was even sick, until the day he became sick. We miss him, but our lives are better because of him.

Kristen Bossert
Deptford, NJ

Railroad puppy

I live next to a rail road line. I was walking one rainy day and hear a strange cry. I enlisted the help of my brother and together we rescued a puppy that had fallen six feet under a railroad trussel, the puppy was unharmed just scared and grateful. He now has a home where he will be taken care of.

Ben D.
Jellico, TN

Mickey Dee

Mickey Dee was half his current weight. and had horrible mange when I found him at a McDonald's parking lot. 11 years later he is the happiest, healthy well-behaved dog I know. All our friends and neighbors love him. We take him everywhere with us. We think he is the best FIND ever!

Kristen Bossert
Deptford, NJ

Starving stray bit the hand that fed her!

When I asked about adopting Nina, the shelter told me she was unadoptable due to food aggression, since she had (twice!) bitten the fake hand they use to test for that when it took her food away! Realizing that if I was starving I would also bite the hand taking my food, I persuaded them to let me adopt her. Since I knew some professional dog trainers, and I did not have any other pets or kids in the home, they let me have her for half the usual fee! Ironically, for the first month she wouldn't eat unless I sat on the floor right next to her!

Jane Arney
Riverside, CA

A young monkey called QiQi

I saw a young monkey behind my workplace, stretched out weak without any food. He had torn fingers and toes from an attack by an adult monkey; they so were mangled that you could see the bones. Flies started to surround him, and what was sad was that there were so many people around but nobody tried to help. I decided to take him to vet. I called him QiQi. Even though he was getting healthier, the bad condition of his legs forced him to be on his back most of the time. Many people told me to put QiQi to sleep. I did think about it because I felt for QiQi. But when I think back, QiQi, even though he couldn't stand was always happy with me. It's been a year now that I've been taking care of him, and every time I hold him in my arms, he always pretends to talk and even enjoys falling asleep in my embrace. There was a doctor from a zoo who offered to help QiQi but until now, there hasn't been any news about it! Usually they don't entertain requests like these because it doesn't serve any benefit to them - they don't make profit from helping disabled animals. Because of health factors, I now no longer work outside. I only do part-time jobs and work from home. Now I have more time to take care and nurse QiQi and other animals.

akmar suraya abdullah
Selangor, Malaysia
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