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Tuki finds a home

Tuki ("sweetness" in Hebrew) was a stray in the neighborhood. I put food out for him, but he ate it at night when no one was around. He watched us from afar, but wouldn't come near. My neighbor, Susie, worried about him living thru another freezing cold winter, so she and her husband trapped him for me. I gave him a bath that first day. He didn't claw me at all, and fell asleep in a soft towel in my arms. Tuki is still adjusting to living with 3 other cats and a dog. He is just beginning to explore the house, after living here for 7 months. One of my cats in particular, keeps him confined to living under the kitchen table. But when that cat's not around, Tuki enjoys his freedom! He loves to play, and enjoys catnip. He is also a great cuddler. The biggest surprise of all was that Tuki's fur grew out. He had short fur when he lived on the streets, maybe due to malnutrition. The vet says Tuki is a Ragdoll. He is a big, furry, sweet doll all right!

Columbia City, IN

My little Angel - Adam

Adam was a rescue from a puppy mill, he was kept in a small carrier for a bit over 1 year, he was let outside to potty and back into his carrier. The breeder passed away suddenly and the animals were left to the spouse who really did not want to deal with the animals. My brother was informed about the situation and he adopted a Chihuahua and could not resist Adam's beautiful face and tender eyes. I had lost my Yorkie of 13 years to Cancer and thought I could never have another pet as the pain of loosing Chauncey was nearly unbearable, until I met Adam. Adam was so pitifull in his behavior, he cowered away from people, could not walk on a leash, spun circles over and over again before entering through a door, he would not eat with anyone near him and now not only has he regained the trust of a human, he reopened my heart to love again. He is the most precious gift I have ever recieved and I am thankful every day that Adam has accepted me as his life long friend and companion. Adam just turned 10 years old and is a very happy, healthy and playful little person and is one of the most important parts of my life!

Orlando, FL

Maverick's Rescue

I went to our local Humane Society to adopt a dog for a companion for my other dog. I found a white German Shepard and thought, "This the one I want!" I went home to wait the proper time and when I came back, the lady I was working with told me a couple had come in and asked about the white German Shepard. They had a little girl that fell in love with him and he in return with her. They asked if I would be willing to let him go. How can you say, "No," to a nine year old child. So I let him go with her. I went back inside to find a different dog. As I walked into the room, this chocolate lab jumped up on the gate and began licking my hand. He was so sweet I just couldn't refuse. I was told the dog had been abused and was thrown over the fence at the Humane Society and was found in the morning. His injury was his right hind leg. All they could do was let it heal by itself and watch him close. He wasn't adoptable for another week, cause they have to give the owner a chance to come back and claim him! No, I thought! But the call came thru at week's end, I could adopt him. I immediately went to pick him up. It took him a good six months to trust any male since he was abused by a male. But he has been with me for six years now and has found out all people aren't abusive. He is right at the door to greet me when I come home and treats my grandchildren like precious treasures. Maverick now knows what a good life is all about!

Menasha, WI

My Brodie Kitty

I rescued Brodie (then named Gator) from an animal shelter in March 2006 after falling in love with his picture on the website.

I picked him up in May, and he's been my favorite snuggle bug ever since. I love him just the way he is - which is hard sometimes. He loves my boyfriend and me because we are his owners, but he has trust issues with everyone else....

Brodie was the only surviver after being found near death with his siblings in a box on the curb. If he wasn't found when he was, he would have died like his brothers and sisters. His story touched me, and I had to have him.

He is a little sassy and fiesty, but he will learn to love you if you give him the chance! He loves stuffed animals, cheese, and turkey. He also LOVES to steal my hair accessories and destroy them :-) I love taking cute pictures of him, and he even has his own Facebook profile!

We are hoping to save another kitty once we have a bigger place, so Brodie will have a partner in crime!

Milwaukee, WI


Bouncer , a stary Jack Russell, was living in a shelter in Wales, near the area where I used to live. Having lost my previous dog at 14 and a half years old I was ready to give a loving home to another one and I wanted a 'rescue'' from 'Ty Agored' or 'Open House', the shelter's English translation. As soon as I saw his picture I knew he was the 'one' and we set off to fetch him home, a journey of two hundred miles.

He's suffered a broken hip and pelvis which we're told was allowed to heal without the help of a vet, so he's on permanent medication. But apart from walking with a bit of a 'waddle' you'd never know there was anything wrong with him, he's so lively and full of fun. A sweeter, more affectionate little dog would be hard to find. I can't believe how forgiving rescued animals are, when yoiu think what they've suffered in the past. He's certainly made himself part of the family and repays us with his love and cute ways every day.

Lyn and Dave Evans
Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom

The man in my life

Someone literally tossed Max out of a car into a friend of mine's yard. She brought him into work the next day, and I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. He has been such a sweet loving dog. I feel truly blessed to have him in my life. I joke and tell everyone that he is the man in my life!

Bartow, FL

Brothers Forever

Baxter on the left was only 3 months old when he showed up in the field behind my office. Everyone tried to catch him but he was too fast. Three weeks went by and after work one evening I went out and he crawled out from under the dumpster and collapsed at my feet. He was starved and only weighed 1lb. 3 oz. He was so sick the vet didn't think he would make it. Three years later he is my baby and follows me everywhere, sleeps on my pillow with me and has such a loving nature. We adopted Boswell from the shelter at 7months and they got along immediately. They are best friends, playing and napping together in their bed. They bring me such joy and happiness. I am so glad Baxter chose me to be his mom.

Ellisville, MO

Mattie's Story

My brother worked as a telephone line man and ran across stray animals all the time. Being animal lovers all our lives, he always carried treats and food in his vehicle. It was mid December in Ohio and he saw what he thought was a dirty raggedy tee-shirt, until it moved. He went up to it and saw that it was a little dog. She had been living under a dumpster eating garbage. He gave her some food and treats and opened his car door for her. She could barely jump in, but she did. He then brought her over to my house to hold her until he could complete his job and get her to a shelter. When he returned, I couldn't part with her. She was so dirty and covered in matts, it took us two hours to snip all the matts off of her to bathe her. When we were finished, we found that she was a sweet, beautiful little Shitz-tzu girl with big brown eyes that just said "thank you". She made herself at home in one of the cat's beds. I knew instantly what I should name her....Mattie. She has brought so much joy and love to my life, I'll never let her go.

Cleveland, OH

Tripod Puppy Needed Help; Now Brings Joy to Others!

July 4, 2007 I received a phone call from our local Humane Society to foster a young pup who was in surgery getting his hind leg amputated. It was broken and he'd dragged it around a month before someone took him in, so the bone was infected, necessitating the amputation.

The pup had a high fever and various intestinal parasites among other maladies. Within one day, I was in love with his resiliency, sweetness and gentleness even while I was 'hurting' him while caring for his wounds. Twelve weeks later he was well enough to go up for adoption, and I asked if I could keep him. He filled a huge void left in my life by the passing of our 2 beloved 14-year old chow chows the prior year.

Today, "Roo" (short for "Kangaroo" because he hops) brings smiles and comfort to many, for he's a certified therapy dog. We visit a local hospital, including some of their children's wards, a local assisted living facility and other venues such as occupational therapy centers. When patients see Roo and notice he's missing a leg, many say "If he can do it, so can I!" Roo even demonstrates difficult tasks sometimes, such as climbing stairs in physical therapy rooms, which proves very motivational to patients.

Roo has special gifts which we're thrilled to share with as many people as we can. We'll always be indebted to the receiving and hospital staff at our Humane Society who saw what a special dog Roo was, even as sick as he was.

"Rescue dogs rock!!"

Charlotte Fee
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Chad and Brian

We adopted Chad from the shelter as a pup. He was fine then and had a normal first 4 years. He than developed a type of Glaucoma that, despite treatment, rendered him blind. At that piont his eyes were still very painful, so we had to have them enucleated. He knows the house and his yard like the back of his paw. He still chases the squirrells with our other dog, Brian who is a Katrina rescue and is deaf. The take great care of each other and are an inspiration to us daily.

Tooie Dooley
Knoxville, TN
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