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Robert was found as a 6 month old black Staffie, wandering the streets alone. He was so skinny, we couldnt tell what breed he was! After coaxing the growling, snapping pup from under a car, we found his owner who told us the mother had died and she didnt want him. We took him straight to the vet who weighed him in as under 8kgs! We started our long journey with our malnutritioned, angry Robert. Just over a week after rescuing him, he was on a drip with a serious case of Tickbite Fever.

After lots of love and attention, Robert is now a sturdy dog with a glossy black coat. He thanks us every day with sloppy kisses and loves everyone he meets... On two legs and four!

Lisa Rhodes
Johannesburg, South Africa

Special in the Paint Section

Sixteen years ago I shopped at a just opened Home Depot in a new mall in Santee, CA in the paint section. Under the gallon cans I noticed a 3 or 4 month old Abyssinian type kitty. He came to me easily and I brought him up front where they used to speakerphone to look for an owner. I left my number and took the cat home. Raj has since lived with me as an indoor/outdoor cat in Lakeside, CA then Sandpoint, ID near the Canadian border, Sunland, CA near Los Angeles, and Yuma, AZ where he now is a snowbird moving every winter and spring between Idaho and Arizona. He's outlasted ten other cats by avoiding run-ins with coyotes, cars and snakes. He's a gentleman who keeps his coat immaculate and we tease him because he loves to go upstairs and sleep with Barbie... my daughter's Barbie doll!

Jennifer Harvey
Yuma, AZ

My Guardian Angel

I am a diabetic and have other serious health issues as well and quite by accident we discovered that we had a self-trained "service kitty" in our lives. Son and his sister Buddha were rescue kitties and Son bonded to me more closely than any other pet in my life. Twice, while I slept, my blood sugar dropped dangerously low and he smelled the "fruity keystones" smell coming from my mouth. He licked my face, butted his head against mine and did all within his power to wake me so I could take my rescue shot. He recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge and I miss him so much. You never know when you choose an abandoned animal friend how they will affect your life but we were blessed with a Guardian Angel named Son who loved us in a very special way.

Laura Flippin
Memphis, TN

Dr. Goody Saves the Day

I am a senior citizen. I fell and dislocated my right shoulder on a Friday. My doctor asked me if I could wait until Monday to see an orthopedic specialist because she didn't want to "pop" the shoulder back in. I agreed. When I got home, I took my pain meds and stretched out on the couch to rest. Goody jumped on the dining room table (which he doesn't do) and from there took a leap into the middle of the living room floor and then jumped in an arc and landed on me and "popped" my shoulder back in. Obviously, I must have been laying exactly in the right position for him to have enough weight to do this. Goody is a very laid back kitty and this wasn't like him at all. On Monday the specialist asked what doctor had reset the shoulder. The confusion on his face when I told him that "Dr. Goody" fixed it was quite a sight. He asked me where Dr. Goody's office was and I told him that I lived with him and then explained what happened. We had a good laugh. Goody and his sister Sweetie were feral newborn babies that fell out of a ceiling in a house that my son was renovating. I raised both of them from day 1 and I think that Goody was just saying "Thank you." To that I say, "You're welcome and back at you!"

El Reno, OK

My Little Runaway

A very frightened dog appeared on our front porch one hot summer evening. He was hiding behind our glider, too terrified to come out. Eventually we were able to get a leash on him and lead him to a kennel in our backyard. We seemed to have an instant bond and he appeared content to live with us, but I already had three Jack Russell Terriers who were none too happy having a strange dog in their midst. I had him for three weeks while I searched in vain for his owners. When no one came forward I found what I thought was the perfect home for him in the country, complete with kids. He ran away from his new home that night. Three months later he was spotted nearby living in a pasture with a herd of cattle. My husband and I drove out to where he had been seen. I called the name I had given him all those months ago, Rex. As soon as he heard my voice he came flying across the field towards me as fast as he could run. He jumped into the pickup with no coaxing and came home with us. That was five years ago. Rex has since been fully accepted into the pack of Jacks. The most astonishing thing about his story is that we can leave any gate, fence, or door open any time and he has never tried to leave. The runaway found his perfect home.

Atwater, CA

Learning the power of a dog's love

Before my husband and I met, he had never had a pet but he knew after meeting me, an animal lover, that this would change. We adopted Travis, a seven year old Chihuahua from the Humane Society and my husband has never been the same since. From the first day, and now two years later, Travis and my husband are inseparable. It is a bond greater than my husband could have ever imagined previously and Travis returns the love and devotion to us every day.

Also, adopting an older dog has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend that to anyone considering getting a pet.

Coral Springs, FL

Beautiful Ending

Spike was a two-month old kitten that was hanging around a grocery store. The employees would throw food at him but were unable to catch him. My daughter and son-in-law were relentless in trying to catch him. Finally after a week, he was ours. We can't imagine our household without him. He is now one of three of our rescue cats who enjoys lounging around.

Wilmington, DE

Bailey's Irish Cream

When I retired this past year, the Library staff decided I needed to have a dog for companionship. I didn't think I was ready yet to take on another dog. But went with them to the Humane Society. Bailey (whose kennel name was Noelle)had a rough time. She was 3 years old and had been ignored her whole life. She didn't even know her own name and didn't know how to play. She was so thin and scared, that I just couldn't leave her there. We've become good friends and she's doing much better now.

Muscatine, IA

Puppies for Christmas

Since I was a child, I always wanted lots of puppies on Christmas morning. Five years ago, I got my wish and a whole lot more. It came to my attention that someone we knew had a dog that had a litter of puppies on December 14th. The puppies were unwanted and when I found out that they would be spending the winter underneath a trailer or Gator bait,I insisted that they bring the puppies and the mother to my house. We already had 2 older dogs, 2 cats, an iguana and 3 Sugar Gliders. I had to keep the mother dog and everyone else seperate. We managed! We set the mother dog and the 5 puppies up in the garage with a baby pool and a heater. I should have just slept there with them, because that is where I spent most of my time. When Christmas Day arrived, we brought all the puppies inside by the Christmas Tree and let them play, what a Christmas present that year. My 2 older dogs were 14 years old at the time and aging quickly, so when it came time to find good homes for the puppies, I chose one that did not look like any previous dog I have ever owned (I can't bare to compare any of them). I made the right choice, because 2 years later I had to make the choice to euthanize Megabytes and Buddy before they had to suffer. Sunny, the puppy I kept, ended up having similar behaviors from growing up with them, keeping them alive in her behaviors. I did receive the best gift of all that year and would never give that opportunity up in a million years, I became the lucky one, not the puppies!!

KellyAnn Young
St.Cloud, FL

Special Kitty

Trystan was diagnosed with hydro encephalitis when she was a kitten, which left her blinded in one eye and barely able to see out of the other. She would be at risk for seizures and an early death due to her condition. My cat had recently passed away and I was still raw from that very sad day. The person told me they were trying to find a home for her, but I wasn't sure if I was ready for more heatbreak. I decided to take her, figuring she needed me and I should step up to the plate. Turns out I am the one who needed her, and my family could not agree more. She is the house nursemaid, and tends to anyone who is sick or just feeling down. She knows when she is needed and won't leave that person's side until they are all better. Kindness is not a trait I usually think of when a cat comes to mind, but Trystan is truly one of a kind and an important part of our lives. Everyone she meets is smitten- to include my formerly cat disdaining husband. She is his cat now.

Annapolis, MD
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