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We already had Frankie, our yorkie, when we decided to adopt Gunner (a brindle), a very thin run away one-year-old boxer boy. We immediately fell in love with Gunner and his fighting spirit to overcome hunger and a weak immune system that left him ill. You can never have a bad day around Gunner. As soon as you walk in the door, he is ready to jump in your lap and give lots of kisses (no one told him he grew to over 70 lbs). At first thought you would think a boxer wrestling a yorkie would be bad news for the little guy, but Gunner allows Frankie to win each time, rolling over on his back and "giving up". They keep us so much company. We love Gunner so much we decided to foster Lisa (also a brindle). She is an older girl who has had a less-than-perfect life: found barely alive in a backyard, she stole our hearts and has become part of our family. Despite her inability to hold her bladder, she is happy to wear a diaper and enjoys the best things in life now, like a good night of t.v. on the couch!! And there is Mya (a fawn); we took her into our home when her owner deployed to Iraq. She is a super sweet heart who just makes the whole gang complete!!! Adopt your next best friend, you will have a friend who is forever grateful...

Mt. Washington, KY

My best friend!

Charlie was found running along a Georgia highway with a broken leg. A nice couple picked him up and brought him to the nearest vet (my vet!). One day I was picking up medicine for my cat and bragged that I was ready to adopt a BIG dog. Two minutes later I was in love with little Charlie! He's an enormous blessing and so much fun to spoil. I love taking him to the beach so he can chase crabs, dig holes, and go swimming. He makes me so happy!

Virginia Beach, VA


My roommate and I saved this cat from outside. It was very cold outside, and she looked so cold and hungry, so we took her in, and we are now looking for a home for Sweetie. She is a very loving cat. We try to save all cats and find homes for them; we also save some dogs and find homes for them, too. We are animal lovers...

elyria, OH

Our brave Japanese

Japanese is a 7-year-old domestic black and white cat. She was found in the street sick and with one eye smaller than the other. Someone abandoned her there and she was only a baby who desperately needed help.

She had two surgeries : the first one, when the vet tried to cut her eye lid of her deformed eye so that she could see a little; the second one, when he decided to remove her eye completely because it was swelling often.

After the second surgery, Japanese wanted to walk so badly. She was falling on her face (the anesthetic made her feel dizzy), but she was still trying to walk in spite of the pain she must have been feeling.

Today, she shows us how happy she is, even with only one eye, by making funny "I'm-happy" sounds, giving us the most adorable kisses and running around. We adore her and admire her courage. Japanese's story could be a lesson to a lot of humans.

Olga Zaric
Montreal, QC, Canada

The Guardian

We adopted Bruno 10 years ago from the no-kill shelter Noah's Ark; they take unwanted cats and dogs and foster them, then put them up for adoption and carefully match them with new homes.

We adopted Bruno when he was sixteen months old. He was both mother and father to our six other dogs. He would stand in front of me if someone came to our front door. When I was at work he would lay across the front door inside the house and guard our handicapped daughter. When our long-haired chihuahua

fell into our pool, Bruno made me follow him to help pull the dog to safety. Another time he rescued a small sparrow that fell out of its nest--Bruno brought it to me to save. This wonderful dog became sick with bloat and our good vet tried to save him, but he was euthanized February of 2008. I grieve for him now. He was a credit to his breed: Rottweiler.

annette lennon
glendale, AZ

Precious Baby

In June of 2007, my mother found a kitten in her front yard that still had his eyes closed. I fed him with a kitten bottle for almost 6 weeks and now at over a year and a half, he is huge and healthy and a joy in my life daily.

Buffalo Junction, VA

What Courage!

My rescued pal, Kelly and I were walking through a very noisy community with construction going on. We had to walk into a narrow dark tunnel, forcing us to walk single file. A deranged man yelling came running towards us. Kelly was on leash behind me, and he pushed thru, rose up on his hind feet to create a barrier between me and the man. Kelly began barking wildly at the man & several people noticed and came to our assistance. Everyone said what an amazing dog! Yes he is!

Sherra Buzzell
Woodland Hills, CA

Samwise the Carrier

One day when Trevor went to the Pet Food Store, he wound up coming home with more than he had expected - a black and white tuxedo kitten! It had been discarded near the store, unwanted, unloved & starving. The owners brought it in; hoping a customer would adopt this poor stray.

When Trevor carried Samwise (as in Lord of the Rings) into our home, something inside of me went "Click", and we had our new baby! Our Sammy helps us battle all the demons and "orcs" that come our way and also performs acrobatics that put the flying Wallendas to shame! He slept that first week cuddled underneath my chin and shoulder, his untamed fur catching every tear I shed over the death of our older cat. As he purred like a tiny lion, he also absorbed my sadness. And so God came to me in my grief and bitterness, in the form of a diminutive black and white kitten, who taught me that His love is so great that it can be found anywhere at anytime and in anything. To look into the unconditionally loving eyes of a kitten is to see the face of God.

Sammy has also taught us, once again, that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Looking into his bright, golden eyes which are always filled with such unconditional love (and mischief, to be honest!), we are reminded, if we ever forgot, that God's love conquers all: death, grief, separation. And even though we may not understand His ways and means right now, someday we will: just as someday we will be reunited with all the pets we have loved unconditionally and who have loved us back.

Mrs. Sharon Dunford

Maddie Gets a Forever Home!

Maddie's story starts with the passing of my toy yorkie, on January 1st, 2002. Max meant the world to me and when he died I was devastated! In March of that year I saw a poster about Rescue Dachshunds. I made a phone call asking if they had a mini female. They didn't have one at that time and said it could be up to a year before they could find one for me. I said I would wait. The very next day I got a call saying they had found a mini female dachshund! Was I interested? Yeah! Within a week I was holding that beautiful little girl! I named her Madison Leigh; Maddie for short. When they found her she was starving, her tail and both ears had been frost bitten, and she had no hair left on her tiny body. Because we worked and I didn't want her to be lonely, I got a puppy to keep her company. Zach is now a year old and he mothers her. She didn't know how to play, but Zach has taught her how to play and to play with all their toys! He even helped her find her "voice"! When my husband gets ready for work in the mornings she barks and barks at him, with her tail straight up and waggs and waggs her tail. When she's done telling him "Good Morning" she walks back into our bedroom and snuggles back down into her huge bed with Zach and that's where I find them in the mornings. I truely belive that Max brought Maddie into my life. He knew I needed that hole in my heart filled and that Maddie needed a forever home. Maddie is very happy and secure. She's my Angel!

Sherry Ouart
Annawan, IL

Darius the Cat

Darius is a 2+ year old male feral cat that I discovered late last winter clawing at my garbage. I began feeding him daily but could not approach him. In July I was able to trap him using a humane trap. I brought him to a mobile vet clinic for neutering and shots. The vet said not to expect a feral cat to become tame. About two weeks later Darius let me pet him. Shortly after he came inside the house. He goes outdoors in the garden only when I am home. Darius is very affectionate and a prolific purring machine. He has become quite tame. He lies down next to me like a person with his face next to mine. Darius is like a dog and comes when he is called by name and answers to my whistle. Darius has adapted himself to the bed, pillows, and to the fireplace with ease. His favorite spot to sleep is on my husband's leather chair near the wood stove.

Mich Rabushka Lysik
Covenrty, CT
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