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One day when I was taking my son to Pre-K, these kids walked by carrying this adorable solid white kitten. I asked them if my son could pet their cat and they said that they had just found him on the way to school. I told them that I would take the kitten to a cat sanctuary that I knew of so that he could find his forever home. When I got home, my 3 oldest children saw him and immediately fell in love with him. Their dad was on a business trip so I made the decision that we were going to keep him. When the kids asked what we should name him, I said that he looked like my mom's old cat Cotton, so the kids thought that he should be called Cotton Junior, but I said that that was too long of a name for him so we just settled on the name CJ. When my hubby returned from his trip, he was upset at first but CJ grew on him and now he hangs out with our other 3 cats and our dog.

Krista Dupes
San Antonio, TX

My BlackJack (AKA Jack)

Jack used to belong to the people who lived 2 doors down from us. He used to be an indoor/outdoor cat. When the people went to move, they could not find him, as he didn't come when they called his name. They left him here to fend for himself. The next-door neighbor used to feed him and he used to come over our fence into our backyard to play with our dog. When my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him that I wanted to bring Jack into our family with our other cats and dog. He was neutered so we just got him his shots and he has been my loving lap kitty for 3 years now. Now he is a spoiled indoor-only kitty.

Krista Dupes
San Antonio, TX

A decision well made

I adopted Princess almost 6 years ago from a local animal shelter. She looks like a beagle, but we think that she may be a mix of beagle/jack russell.

My previous dog, Lucky, had died less than a week before I adopted Princess. I missed him very much and was encouraged by friends to start looking for another dog. One of my friends took me to a local shelter during a lunch break. They knew that I was looking for another "beagle". When we saw Princess, we both knew that she would be coming home with one of us.

I felt a bit guilty about adopting so soon after Lucky died so I didn't take Princess home that day. But I also felt guilty about leaving her at the shelter. The next morning I called the shelter and asked if she was still available. Not only was she available but they had started the paper work knowing that I would be back.

Princess' disposition was a perfect match for my household. To this day I can't understand how anyone could have given her up. She is bright and sweet. If I had to rate her on a scale of 1-10. I'd give her a 9. Why? She is extremely neat to the point of occasionally cleaning up after herself in the backyard if I don't get to it first. She even wants to show me where she left her treasures. It's how her hunting instinct manifests itself. This would turn a lot of people off. But I can overlook this fault because of her other positive qualities.

The day that I decided to adopt Princess was a decision well made.

Rita K.
Franklin Square, NY

Gracie Girl

There was a 4 week old kitten abandoned in a shopping basket behind the store my daughter worked at. She called me and I came to see the kitty. My heart fell in love with the kitty immediately. I took her home and she has been my best companion. She follows me everywhere I go. She is now 4 years old and keeps an eye on me and wants to be everywhere I am. She was my saving grace at a rough time in my life. Animals love with no expectations in return, even cats.

Alta Loma, CA

Dixie Lee Harper

We found Dixie last fall online while we were in search of a puppy for our son's 11th birthday last year. Dixie was soon spotted on the web page for our local animal control website. I fell in love with her that first moment. Ironically the adoption day was on Cameron's birthday September 27 so off we go to the event over in Gastonia. She was very excited to have so many giving her attention. But the minute we walked into the building I told one of the reps there, 'this is our dog'. She smiled and began our paperwork. Dixie was 2 months old at this time. She is a terrier-basset hound mix, although our vet tells us she has a little lab and boxer thrown in. She never ceases to amaze me at how smart she is by doing things that are just so interesting.

However our cat, Bailey, was not too thrilled at her arrival. Over the last 6 1/2 months, they have come around with each other and although there not the best of friends yet, they do have their moments. They do have one thing in common, and that is their color/markings. Who would have ever known that a little over 9 years after rescuing our cat Bailey, we would find her a sibling to match in color. I am so glad we have her and can't imagine life without her now, not ever. She is very protective of me especially. She keeps me company 24/7. Life is not boring in the least here now. Dixie is now almost 7 months old (She was born on or around July 28 2008) according to our vet. I would recommend to anyone that is searching for that perfect pet to please visit their local animal shelter.

Lisa Harper
Belmont, NC

My Sweet Baby

I rescued Amber from a shelter in Boone, NC. I found her hiding in a cat house in the cat room of the shelter. All I could see were her bright yellow eyes. The lady working said that she never came out for anyone, ever. Well, I sat down in front of the house and she walked right out and curled up in my lap. I instantly fell in love. She is now spoiled and loved dearly!

Matthews, NC


I just rescued my girl Rayna about 5 weeks ago. I can't tell if I rescued her, or if she's saved me. Every moment she's been home with us has been richer and more amazing.

Whoville, KY

Cameo -the dog that rescued me

Cameo came to me in the fall of 1994. She was discarded by her owners because we diagnosed her with heartworm disease. She was spayed, but had never had any other care than that.

I brought her home from the pound (where they dumped her) and she moved right into my heart, soul and home.

She knew she was born to be with me, it took me a few months to realize it. She would look into my eyes and I have never felt a connection like that. She guided me through some terrible times (divorce, etc.) and was always there when I needed a hug and a kiss.

She smiled at everyone, loved everyone, kissed everyone. She was an odd mix of dogs so we never have figured out her lineage. She was a therapy dog (one of the first in my county) and would love to go to the school my kids attended and have the kids read to her when they couldn't interact with others. She raised Annie Mouse for me, who is still with me, another rescue dog. She is now 11 but in perfect health.

I lost Cameo after 10 and half years. She was almost 16 when she died in my arms so she outlived her horrid start by at least the five years she lost before I got her.

She is smiling in my heart each and every day. I will miss her until the day I see her again.

Jana Connell
Sonora, CA

The Earl of California

An internet acquaintance who fosters animals in Houston posted a photo of her latest foster, Earl, on a community website we both frequent. Upon first look at that photo, I unmistakably ran smack dab into love at first sight.

Although at first it was just a sweet fantasy, eventually, through some string pulling, Earl climbed aboard a jet and headed to California to be MINE! He arrived minus one leg due to a prior Vaccine Associated Feline Sarcoma, but he's truly whole, a bundle of sweetness that brings brighter-than-white love into our lives every second of every day.

I'm so grateful for those who selflessly dedicate themselves to helping animals in whatever capacity they are able. They provide so many opportunities for animals and are truly among humanity's most precious heroes.

Arcadia, CA

Baby Girl

I first saw Baby Girl one evening as I was feeding the stray cats around our house. She was extremely thin, her eyes were cloudy, and she was very lethargic. She was one of the neglected animals that belonged to one of our neighbors that we ended up rescuing. I brought her into my home, although my mom warned me that she didn't have much of a chance to live. Fortunately, she pulled through, and she is now a much loved member of my family.

Marion Center, PA
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