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Our Cat Ivy Saves My Husband

One evening my husband was at home alone, sleeping in an upstairs bedroom when a fire broke out on the first floor. The entire lower level was engulfed in smoke and flames. Ivy jumped on the bed and pawed at my husband until he awoke and managed to escape through the bedroom window with Ivy in tow.


Ivy was featured as an ANIMAL HERO on The Animal Rescue Site in February 2009.


Irene McHugh
New Britain, CT

Sarge And The Alligator

One day Sarge kept barking and alerted us to the fact there was an alligator in our backyard. Living in Florida this is not unusual but this one managed to climb the bulkhead. My husband and I went out and scared him back into the canal. What an experience.


Sarge was featured as an ANIMAL HERO on The Animal Rescue Site in February 2009.


Marianne Gaeta
Palm Harbor, FL

The Day Ukiah Chased the Coyote

I turned just in time to see a coyote coming towards me. Ukiah came charging across the drive after that coyote, chasing him through the woods until I no longer heard anything. Ukiah came out, unscathed and smiling like he just did the most courageous act of protection. I praised him highly and he has never ever let me out of his sight since.


Ukiah was featured as an ANIMAL HERO on The Animal Rescue Site in February 2009.


Diane Solomon
Tenino, WA

My Angelic Fur Person Crash

That one morning, I was awakened by a very insistent Crash. Realizing I was not feeling well, I called my doctor, who told me to get to the emergency room. I discovered later that day that I was in the beginning stages of a heart attack. Had my angelic little fur person not been there, I might not be here today.


Crash was featured as an ANIMAL HERO on The Animal Rescue Site in February 2009.


Redondo Beach, CA

Splash Barks A Warning

Splash woke me in the middle of the night with her barking. I discovered the home directly behind ours was in flames. We live on a bridgeless, barrier island in Florida and fire is the island's worst fear. The fire department awarded Splash and me with a "Good Citizen" plaque. She was definitely the hero on our little island that night.


Splash was featured as an ANIMAL HERO on The Animal Rescue Site in February 2009.


Patrice Pravato
North Captiva Island, FL

Sami and Molly: My Jack Russells

All of her life Sami has been a free spirit. Jack Russell Terriers are known to have selective hearing - they hear only what they want to. Sami followed the tradition to the letter.

When a pathetic Jack Russell puppy was presented to me as the victim of abuse I took her in and named her Molly. Molly grew into a lovely little dog.

At the back of my property line was a 165-foot long 4-board fence. The dogs were small enough to race under it to romp through the adjoining field.

One day I found them missing. After about a minute or so and several calls only Sami appeared to my amazement. Since she was only about 12" tall, she had to leap over the tall grass and I could see her coming.

I asked Sami, "Where is Molly?" Sami reacted to my question by running to and fro, stopping at a point about 10 feet away from me in the tall grass and staring at me. She returned to stand at my feet. Completely baffled by her response, I repeated my question. Sami again reacted in the same manner. When I repeated the query a third time Sami ran to the same spot, placing a paw in front of her as though she wanted to dig. When I got to the spot I instantly realized that a turtle hole that had been there before had caved in. I got down on my knees and dug with my hands into the soft dirt. It took a few minutes, but I was able to clear the debris away and there, inside the hole, was Molly, very dirty, somewhat shaken, but otherwise unhurt.


Sami was featured as an ANIMAL HERO on The Animal Rescue Site in February 2009.


B. Moreau
Ocala, FL

Mullet: An Animal Hero Who Loves to Mother

Our boxer Mullet has helped us save several baby animals. We had a newborn baby goat that was rejected by its mother. Mullet would wash it and lie with it. Ryan, the kid, followed her everywhere. Any baby animal will awaken Mullet's mother instinct. She even brings us bird babies that have fallen out of the nest.


Mullet was featured as an ANIMAL HERO on The Animal Rescue Site in February 2009.


city not listed, Denmark

Turbo Smiles

Turbo was rescued from the local animal shelter when he was six months old, and has been the light of my life ever since. Turbo is my rescue dog because he saved me from loneliness and depression; he has brought joy into not only my life, but is adored everywhere he goes. I have been taking him to my mom's assisted living facility and he is a big hit with all the residents, not to mention bringing my mother lots of happiness when she sees his big smile. He is known as the "Turbo the Walt Disney Dog" because he has such a great personality and looks so happy and Goofy all the time. What a wonderful partner I was blessed with! He is a loving companion and caretaker and a very happy dog, as you can see, he definitely smiles alot!

Phillis Funderburk
Wimberley, TX

Missing you...

After almost 21 years of love and silliness, our beautiful Cassie passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Who would've imagined when she was adopted from a shelter in 1988 that she would give so much joy and exasperation, laughter and tears, happiness and heartache?! When she was young, Cassie kept us entertained by fetching paper balls and sitting up to beg. She always believed she was the queen of any house she was in, even if just visiting for a day or two. When my sister and Cassie moved in with me, Cassie immediately took over -- much to our delight! She had the strongest purr and the loudest meow of any cat I've ever known, with an extensive repertoire of "words" in her vocabulary. As Cassie got older, she allowed us to dress her in silly jackets and sweaters, even a devil costume at Halloween. I miss her furry little self on my lap while watching TV or on my bed at night. Dear Cassie, I hope you are young and silly again in your new life. Sal and I are missing you...

Patricia Lilley
Reno, NV

Honey and Noodle

Honey and Noodle appeared at the compost pile with their brother Mr. Broadnose. They were probably about three months old. I called the animal shelter as we live between two busy highways and was told they were not accepting any more kittens. They were at capacity. Our town has a program to reimburse if a cat is trapped, neutered and released and the lady at the shelter assured me they might have a shorter life but it would be a happier life. We trapped the three kittens, had them neutered (found out all were male), vaccinated against rabies and after the required three days indoors set them free. One month later Mr. Broadnose disappeared and we decided to bring the newly named Honey and Noodle inside. They are now the office cats.

Leslie Smith
Chester, NY
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