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Scuffy was born to a semi feral family that lived in the woods adjacent to my home. He was a little thing when I found him at about 2 or 3 months of age. Every evening Scuff and his fellow felines would come to my front door for their daily feeding. He was very friendly and I decided to take him in to join my other four cats.

Being a very handsome, and gentle, Russian Blue, he was quickly accepted by my other felines. He loved to frolic and play and would sit for hours in my window watching the antics of his mother and the other cats outside in his former colony. He loved to sleep with my wife and I and snuggled close to us on cold winter nights.

As time went on at age 14, Scuffy fell victim to hypothyroidism and we had to administer a daily dose of medication to control the tumor associated with the disease. Scuffy did quite well for about 3 years until the tumor grew larger and we could no longer control it. We monitored his health closely, which included many blood tests and trips to our veterinarian. His appetite increased greatly but he continued to lose weight and went from a healthy 13 pound cat, to a paltry skeleton of a mere 5 pounds. Scuffy never complained in his last days but seemed to know that death was imminent and he stayed very close to my wife and I at all times.

Finally, at 17 years of age and feeling the debilitating effects of the disease, we took him to our Vet and on June 27,2014 we put our beloved Scuffy to rest. He has joined our other felines over the Rainbow Bridge. He has a final resting place with two of my other cats, under a beautiful tree, in a quiet corner of a local pet cemetery. Rest in peace Scuff, we love you and miss you.

Joseph & Jill Yannuzzi
Philadelphia, PA

Marquis Mushi de Smudge saved me

Meet Marquis Mushi de Smudge. Smudge for short, This tiny scrawny kitten lived in a friend's shrubbery and came out to sit in the sun with her, so she fed the kitten and provided warm bedding as her husband said "no cat!". She figured he just meant that he had to get used to the idea. Not so - vacation time approached and she realized he meant it, so the word went out "please help the kitten". Another friend whispered "Su lost Sunshine too long ago, she needs another cat to make her happy. Send her pics, she won't be able to resist." It worked.That little face and sticking out ribs grabbed me; myhusband said "you need a cat - go for it!". The day this 10 week old kitten arrived, it was covered in fleas. I know the first memory of me is being dunked under running water and being lathered while I cried and apologized. Apparently I was forgiven for that, as I was for mistaking this handsome gent for a little girl upon arrival (A kitten's undercarriage? All my previous cats came from shelters. Experts told me if it was a girl or boy). We were also forgiven for all the shots, the fixing, all the pills and drops. and sticking to the Vet recommended crunchy stuff. Now he is king of the house (sorry, dear husband, but you know it's true) and unlike his female predecessors, loves to lap sit and allows us to pick him up. As the vet bills rolled in, I have developed a new-found appreciation for all the care provided to the cats in shelters who arrive fixed and al checked out - those animal rescue places really shoulder so very much of the burden of acquiring a new family member and the adoption costs do not cover doing it yourself. But you know what? Smudge was worth EVERY penny. There's nothing like a purring Smudge shedding all over my clothes to make me happy.

Su Nottingham
Upper Saddle River, NJ

My name is Talli....and I was lost.

Two years ago I wandered up to a back porch to get out of the cold weather. All of a sudden the door opened. It scared me and I ran up a tree for the night. The next morning the door opened again. I moved to a closer tree and cried out loudly to the lady. She called me and I went running to her and rolled over on my back. I was so happy to find a friendly human. I was quite thin, hungry, cold, just about 6 months old and I had a pink glitzy collar on. I had some scratches, too. The woods were scary. All she had was dog food but I was hungry and ate it. Then we went up and down the street looking for my old home. No luck.

The next few days, I did not leave her side. She named me Talli. I was scared and it took me a long time to get used to being in the house. The vet visit was scary,too, but they said I was healthy. A few months later, she brought home a baby puppy. He's always so happy and trusting. Something I didn't know how to be. Soon, we became good buddies. I like to push his buttons and he chases me. He likes to sit with Dad. I am always close to my Mom. I learned to wake her up in the mornings by laying on top of her. I just learned that I could purr. I guess she likes that so I purr loudly now. I also like to lay on her keyboard. She just smiles and moves me over and I always roll over on my back so she can pet me.

It was my lucky day...that day she found me. She says it was her lucky day!

Whitesboro, TX

Hey there, Delilah.

About four years ago, my life was a wreck. I had just had a total hysterectomy. The church my husband and I had founded was going down the drain faster than dirty dishwater. My closest friend, my grandmother, had just died. I was depressed, medicated, unhappy. We had lost many "friends" while going through the closing process of the church, and I was lonely. We had three cats at home, old Symba, kitten Tiger, and middle-aged Mamie. But none of them were really "mine" ... Dan was food giver, snuggler, and petter. I was the one with allergies.

Then along came Delilah. She came from a rescue; the owner had brought her and a couple of other cats to our house to meet us, so that we could find our special kitty. While the other cats checked everything out, Delilah just sat right next to me, a paw on my leg, waiting for me to pay attention to her. When I did, she snuggled up to me, kisses on the chin, purring ... she was MY cat.

She has been my cat ever since. She follows my husband when he's giving food, of course, but when I'm upstairs, she's sleeping with me usually. If I'm in my office, she's nearby. She has worked with me helping to care for Alzheimer's clients, and they LOVE her. She knows when people aren't feeling well, and gives them extra love. She is an amazing little cat, and I am so glad she came into my life when she did.

Pardeeville, WI


i run a little foster home for cats and there for awhile we had about 10 cats and a puppy but i couldent turn away a hungry animal

when one day i went out to greet my neighbor and she asked if this skinny starving kitten was one of ours i looked down and saw this skinny starving grey kitten with Bright yellow eyes when i picked him up he was soo sweet i just fell in love with him. and when i asked them if i could take him home and clean him up

they said that i need to take her home and keep her and that shes alergic to pet dander so i took him home cleaned him up he still has a cold but he's as sweet as he can be :) hes my little teddy bear.

His new name is simba

Sellersburg, IN

Thrown away like trash.

Hi, I'm Sweetie Madchen Brossman, My story begins in July2013. Not even a year old I was starved, neglected cowering from obvious abuse, infested with fleas and ticks. A nice man found me in the middle of the road immediately after I was hurled from a moving car.He stopped and asked me if I was okay? I bolted into his open truck door and hid in the floor. He drove me to his house where a sad lady bathed the bugs and filth off and fed me. I really liked her but she was so sad her 14 year old pit bull boy had a sick old heart he had passed away and went to rainbow bridge in April. She was missing him bad. It took me two weeks but I wiggled my way into her heart. We went to the vet I got spayed, shots and de-wormed But I didn't mind cause I liked this lady she needed me. I have been here almost a year and where Mummie goes I go. we go for walks, dig in the flower beds watch movies on the sofa, we play games and Mum taught me tricks but nobody understands until I do them cause Mum teach me in German. I'm a Bilingual pup how cool Hugh? we read books together. But my favorite is I loves to snuggle with Mummie when we sleep in the big bed at night. My Mummie tells every one I'm her Sunshine Princess. I am so loved and spoiled now and that's just fine because this is my fur-ever home with my Mummie, daddy 2 doggie 2 kitty brothers and 1 kitty sister. I even like my vet lady she nice too. Mummie says one person's trash is another person's treasure. I know I'm Treasured.

Tina Brossman
Olive Branch, MS


I just happened to come across a picture of a dog named Crystal. She had been at the humane society for a few months and the folks who had taken her in felt that it was time for her to finally find a forever home. She had a rough beginning and had given birth to two puppies that didn't survive in her short life. The wonderful people at the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley worked with her everyday to become more trusting.

The next day my husband and I went to visit her and I fell in love immediately. However, someone had placed a hold on her and was going through the adoption process. I was heartbroken and couldn't get this girl off of my mind. We decided to check out another humane society and took the necessary steps for Fenix to meet his possible new sister. It turned out to be a disaster. Again, I was heartbroken.

Later on that day, I decided to call back about Crystal. It just so happened that the woman who put the hold on Crystal hadn't been in contact. The hold was lifted and my husband and I made multiple trips to visit Crystal. Because of her background, she was very suspicious of new people. SHE picked who she liked and wanted to be with. Luckily, she fell in love with us as much as we fell in love with her. After a few weeks it was time for Fenix and Crystal to meet. Apparently having patience and trust in God paid off, because Fenix actually liked Crystal and she liked him!

The first few weeks of having Crystal home was rough. It's been a process but Crystal has come such a long way. She is overcoming every obstacle and building trust every single day. One of the best decisions we ever made was adopting Crystal. I feel like she has made our little family complete. Every time I see Fenix and Crystal play, I cant help but smile ear to ear.

Katelyn White
Parkersburg, WV

Starlight, Starbright

Ever since I was a little girl I had always wanted to Siamese cat. I remember looking at pictures of them in breeders magazines and saying how pretty they were with those striking blue eyes. I however couldn't have one because my family were allergic so for 12 years that was the end of that.

I moved out of my parents house in the fall of 2008. I had my 94 pound black lab Diesel with me at the time, but after having him in an efficiency apartment for three days I had just about had it, he just didn't fit.

My mom asked if I wanted a cat and I said yes even though I felt like I had failed attempting to raise and train a dog and she said we would start looking the next day.

Our first stop was the animal shelter, but none of the cats caught my eye, even the sweet little tabby which was the first one I saw.

Next, we went to a local cat show and my mom was all set to shell out about $700 for a purebred Siamese kitten, but the Siamese the breeder had were the modern style which I didn't find attractive at all. We were walking out again once again empty-handed when we saw a table for a local cat and dog rescue and my mom walked up to the table and asked if they had a Siamese cat available for adoption and lo and behold the lady said yes.

Her name was Starlight, but she wouldn't be available for adoption for another few weeks and then of course there was the home visit.

I had tried to change her name in the first few days I had her. I wanted to call her Kiki after one of my favorite Anime characters, but my mom and I quickly found out she only answered to the name she had been given when she was rescued, Starlight so it stuck.

Peoria Heights, IL

Sophie my wonderful gift!

My husband and I have always had greyhounds and are believers in animal rescue and adoption. Every time we went to the local pet store and saw rescued animals looking for homes, I always gave money but always came away sad because I want to save them all. Four greyhounds are a lot to take care of, my head knows this but my heart always breaks for these animals waiting for forever homes. One Saturday I stopped for dog food alone and a rescue was there, as I went to put money in the jar, there was a little black and white fur ball in the cage jumping and trying to get some attention. I petted her through the cage and left because I knew my dog allowance was maxed out. I got home and was sad because the dog was so cute and sweet and needed a forever home, but my husband was firm and also right that 4 dogs is enough. A short time later my husband asked me again if I was still thinking about that little dog, and said if I was that sad about it than I should just go and get her. My first thought was he is just kidding, but I made sure he meant it and was out the door to get Sophie. When I brought her home she was growling at these huge dogs that were all very interested in her, my first thought was what have I done, but she soon came to love her BIG brothers and sisters. She loves to run with the big dogs and keeps them all in line! As empty nesters our 4 legged children are the light of our life and their unconditional love makes every day the best ever! Always think adoption, there is a rescue for every breed you are looking for! Every day is a new adventure with our greyhound couch potatoes and the wonderful gift of our little Sophie!

Joanie S.
Missouri City, TX

Gods Gift

December 2013 was a very difficult month I was faced with the fact my fur baby was just to sick to continue...my fur baby was a Chi-Chi that I had for 15 years and the love of our family she was probably the best dog I ever owned. The last year of her life she developed several issues she ending up loosing both eyes from a condition similar to Glaucoma which is very painful..to developing cancer, loosing her simply broke my heart..we had to make the awful decision to put her down and out of pain & misery. I cryed for days...I truly believe god put this baby on our door step for this reason...she needed me as bad as I needed her . My mother inlaw has been feeding feral cats for years never could get very close to them but they always showed up for dinner.

For some reason the momma of these cats decided to have babies under my back porch around Halloween of that year...2013. Well we kept seeing this little tiny kitten in different places around our house but no momma..and you could not get close to her. We came home from a family gathering Christmas eve to find her all cuddled up at our front door almost froze to death and very sick...I told my husband we cant just let her die and then she let my husband pick her up as if she was asking us for help she could just barely make a sound. We brought her in and rigged up a box with a hot water bottle to try and warm her up and get some kind of food in her till we could get her to a vet which was closed till Monday day after Christmas. She would not eat. I had to force feed her with a Synge. Monday comes I get her to the vet & he says its a 50/50 shot shes very sick & weighs 12 oz. Shelby is now 6months old and thriving still a tiny thing & the joy of our family.

Kathy Pressley Dills
Rutherfordton, NC
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