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The luckiest cat in the world

This is the story of the very best feline friend/family member in the world. We loved her for 17 years and we miss her every day. I wrote this last year and ran across it today, I felt compelled to share.

My name is Reeses and I found my people, or rather, they found me in their driveway late one night. I was in a trash bag that was thrown out of a car. I was only a day or two old but I yowled as loud as I could until they heard me. They took me inside and warmed me up and gave me some milk with an eye dropper and then a baby bottle every couple of hours.

My people me with them everywhere and I got to meet lots of neat people. On our last trip something happened to my dad, and my mom had to take him to the hospital. While they were gone some friends took the dog for a walk and while they were busy with him I snuck out to see if I could find mom or dad. I was very scared so I hid really good. Even though lots of friends looked, no one found me.

I hoped and prayed for my people, I was sad and cold and hungry. One day when some people started calling my name again I finally got brave enough to poke my head out. They took me in where it was warm and soon my mom came. What a glorious day that was! She cried and hugged me so close. Before I knew it, there was my dad and I was home!

Now I am eating all of the food I want and have fresh water to drink and someone around to always hug me and scratch me in all the right places. Thanks to all our great friends who helped look for me, pray for me, and were as thrilled as I was at coming home.

Denver, CO

Surrendered because of a baby but now she is the baby!!!

In 2013, we already had 2 rescues -- Peyton and Bailey -- but both boys had become Mama's boys while my husband was on his last tour in Afghanistan and in the Wounded Warrior project. Our groomer had recently rescued a puppy and now my husband had 'puppy fever'. We called the rescue that our kennel supports but all the puppies she had were already promised to another rescue. We decided to ride over to the Greenville Humane Society just to look as that is where our Peyton had come from as a puppy. We walked around looking at the puppies but didn't quite feel that 'pull' you feel when you know that's YOUR dog. We were walking out when a voice in my head said "Go down the hall where the older dogs are". I pulled my husband over towards the door and said we should look. We walked down the row looking at all the dogs who were barking and leaping at us but then I came to a pile of black fur lying with her back to the gate. Her name was Porsche and she was 9 months old but because of her size was with the older dogs. I spoke to her and she lifted her head with an 'I don't know why I'm here' look and turned away. I almost walked away from her but one of the volunteers spoke up and said she was about to take Porsche out for a run in the courtyard, did we want to come along? My husband and I were amazed at the beautiful dog that stood up when the volunteer opened her cage. We saw her running around the court yard with such joy that we knew she was ours. The girls at the desk were excited we were adopting Porsche and told us she was surrendered because her owners were having a baby. We named her Bella and she is now the baby of our family -- torturing her brothers (who both love her) and demanding to be the center of attention.

Melissa Eplee
Simpsonville, SC

My Rosie Girl

The summer of 2011 we decided to fence in our front yard. I was ecstatic! That meant I could get a dog. I spent the better part of May, June, and July looking for a pup at our local shelter. And I combed through petfinder, trying to find the perfect dog.

I had finally found a male pup at a shelter, went in, did all the paperwork, and was denied. Our fence wasn't completely up yet and I didn't any vet references, because I had never owned my own dog before. I was devastated. And gave up there for a little while.

In August I was visiting my grandparents for my birthday weekend. A friend of mine had facebooked me, telling me that two dogs had been dumped on her road. A bigger female and a smaller male pup. She was going to keep the pup, but couldn't keep the female. And if no one wanted her, she'd be making a trip to the shelter. I drove over a few days later to look at her, at least see what her temperament was like and to see if we'd get along. Just as soon as I got out of the car she barking and snarling, like I was the bad guy! She was about a year old, boxer/hound mix, thin, and covered in fleas. She wouldn't even let me pet her. So I was not sure I wanted to take her, but my friend told me to give her a chance and at least take her home for one night.

That was 3 years ago, and I couldn't be happier. She has turned out to be the love of my life!! She's smart, well behaved, picky, and spoiled. She is my constant companion. And every night, before we hunker down in bed, I tell her how grateful I am that she let me be her momma.

Nacogdoches, TX

Found him where?

It was a cold and wet spring day in March of 2011. I lived in a apartment complex where we had vending machines.Going to the vending machine pressing the selection I wanted when all of a sudden I hear a meow. Confused I looked around trying to see if there was a cat anywhere and didn't see one. Shrugging my shoulders I did the same thing and again a meow. So finally setting the pops down I looked around the machine as it was sitting half on the sidewalk and half on the driveway next to a building. Looking down seeing an opening for the motor at the bottom, there was a tail sticking out. I tried to get the cat out but it was so scared. I remembered that my friends had left us some cat treats when we were pet sitting the prior week. I ran home grabbing them and going back.

Getting back to the machine I lured it out using the treats. I also brought a towel with me so that I could dry him off as well as not get scratched. I took him home for the night then the next day took him around the apartments asking whose cat this was. He wasn't emaciated nor flea invested. The only thing wrong was his hind legs. He has problems jumping. When no one claimed him I was going to let him go but couldn't. My family fell in love with him as he did with us. I initially wanted to call him Vendor but was out ruled with the name Teddy Bear. We have had him three years almost four and would be lost without him. He gets along very well with our other cats. He also loves drinking out of running faucets.

Casey P
Jackson, MI

Little Alice's 9 lives

When I moved into an abandoned home I found a cat I dubbed Momma Cat who had given birth before I'd moved in. 4 kittens had passed 3 were nice and healthy but then there was this little kitten that looked just not right. The kittens were about 3 weeks old but this one looked newborn. She had no fur, her eyes werent open and she was barely moving. I was told she too would die. I refused to give in and named her Little Alice. For weeks I forced her to eat with a eye dropper that I would feed her water and kitten formula. She slowly began to grow. But sadly this was not the end of her troubles.

When she was three months old she was attacked by another cat and her nostrils and right eye were damaged. She recovered. But again her troubles were not over. When she was about six months she was attacked by a rottie and her upper left jaw was pierced. She once again recovered, but was different. I took her to the vets who said she suffered some mental retardation and she would be difficult to keep.

I did not care. She went home with me. She meowed the first time when she was six months and never got her teeth were the rottie bit her, her legs never grew long enough so shes a little short and her heads a little smaller then normal cats but shes never slowed down.

She is now 2 in a half and a happy kitty. She has a new human baby brother and her kitty friend that belongs to my brother in law to keep her company during the day.

She is my survivor being 3 lives short and my happy cuddle bug. Shes a bit antisocial with others but shes mommies best friend.

Amber Bolling
Laurel, MT

Our Diva

A year and a half ago my husband was at work and while out on a break with a coworker he found this little gray kitten hiding under our truck she was terrified skin and bones and starving. They fed her some wet food and by the time he got off of work she was still sitting under the truck. So he brought her home. We have an older cat who is used to being the center of our world so we were not sure how he would react to the kitten but to our surprize he nurtured her loves her and takes care of her. We named her Missting. She's definitely my husbands baby and loves anything of his, when we clean laundry she has to reinstall her scent on his clothes. As for us we've never been happier with our babies. We're a two kitty family now and that seems fine with them too

Jennifer Nein
Fort Worth, TX

Beautiful Zoey

My husband and I already had four rescue cats, so when this beautiful little calico showed up in our yard we did our best to ignore her. After a few days, it was obvious she was pregnant and starving ... she was even eating bird seed from our feeders. We immediately brought her into our home with the intention of letting her stay until the kittens were born and homes could be found for all. Even before the kittens were born, Zoey had found a place in our hearts and home with her sweet and loving disposition. Zoey shared the birth of her kittens with us and I suppose even then, we knew they would never leave. So, our family increased to nine furbabies and every day we are happy for all the love and entertainment they bring to our lives. We are so glad we opened our home to "just one more cat".

Sandy and Tom
N. Ft. Myers, FL

My Moosie who saves me all the time

The way that Moosie came to me is not an extra ordinary story other than she was a free kitten and we connected right away. She always has a way of making me smile or calm me. About 3 years ago I started suffering from anxiety/panic attacks. I take medication for it but sometimes it comes on and I can't get to my meds right away but then there is Moosie. About a month ago, or so, Moosie began to "meow" at me and rub my leg. She continued to rub my leg and "meow" at me and then I figured she wanted treats so I put some out she ignored it. I was feeling light headed at this point and just didn't feel right but Moosie kepted bugging me. She stood right at my feet and waiting for me to pick her up and I did (because she really owns me). She curled up to my neck and started purring into my neck and she began kneading my shoulder. I kept feeling like I was spinning so I sat down (still holding her) and then she did something she doesn't always do. She laid on my chest, put her paws on either side of my neck and continued to knead and the purring got stronger. Eventually I calmed down and she kept her eyes on me until the panic attack subsided and then she just turned and laid on my lap.

Just today I had another episode and there she was, Nurse Moosie to save her human mommy. Nothing calms me more than her pur, her kneads, and her looks. Not sure how I can deal with these episodes without her right by me. They say animals know....and I'm here to say, "yes they do"!

Jeanne Schurman
Sunruse, FL

Have a plan for my future!

All pet owners should plan in advance– for your pet’s possible future without you.

I learned this from Tyler when I found him at my local humane society. He was there because his former owner (who had him since birth– for 9 years!) had gone into a nursing home. No one had a better idea for the poor guy’s next move than sending him to the shelter!

I am so glad I found him. He is very bright, affectionate, and incredibly loyal, following me everywhere (even when he is nearly falling asleep needing a nap!). It’s sad that this wonderful guy had to take his chances as a rescue cat. I think he was seriously depressed for about a year after I adopted him, and even now, he has moods when I imagine he thinks of earlier times, better and worse.

I have prepared a power of attorney form for the care of my cats. I’ve discussed it with family, friends, and my vet. We are all on the same page when it comes to their future if I cannot care for them.

You would do the same for your pets, wouldn’t you? You can probably find your state’s power of attorney or similar form on the internet, and you can probably complete it without an attorney. Just talk to your vet, family, and friends– make sure they have a copy of your written requests and plan. These precious lives are in our care, and we owe it to them to look out for their future even if we cannot share it.

Lois R
St Paul, MN


My boyfriend and I had recently moved, and I had to leave the rescue group I worked with. I had called the shelter to see if they worked with any groups, but they only allowed volunteers to work there. On one of our days off together, we agreed to go volunteer at the shelter but not bring any animals home. We went in and asked to volunteer.

We looked at all the dogs but did't even notice the small cat room. We got a few dogs out to go on walks and talked to a few other volunteers who mentioned the cat room. We walked in to look and play with the cats. They were all excited to see people, but one just sat at the front of the cage and stared at us. We walked over to him, and he put a paw on up to the cage. After a little debating, we decided to bring one home despite already having other cats. Since I chose the last cat, I left the room and let my boyfriend chose this one. When I came back in, I was heart broken that he didn't chose the quiet cat. He chose the one beside it, so we told the ladies at the front desk that we were going to be back with money. She gave us the look of doubt because I'm sure she hears it all the time.

When we came back, They told us to go get our cat. When we re-entered the room, my boyfriend changed his mind and got our Carter, which was supposed to be a stray girl cat. When we took him to the vet, he was declawed, neutered, and a boy. It didn't matter though. He ended up being a blessing to all of us.

Huntington, WV
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