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I named him Ash.

I had decided to sit outside on the front door step on a clear summer night. This was unusual for me, as I am the sole caretaker of my Grandmother, and she can't be left alone. She fell asleep early, however, so I went outside to take in some fresh air. It wasn't long before I heard a loud "Meow". I looked to my right, over by where my car was parked. Sitting there was a very large, and rather forlorn looking black and grey cat. He meowed at me again, so I held my hand out and clicked my tongue. He came right over, rubbing up against my hand. A few seconds later, he plopped down at my feet and rubbed his body all over my feet, and legs. I decided to put some food out, and he ate it very quickly. Surmising that he had most likely been abandoned, I began to put food and water out every day. I wouldn't always see him, but the food was usually gone. When winter arrived, it began to get very cold, and I worried about him. I began putting the food in the garage, and eventually coaxed him in. I put some blankets down and, when it got really cold, even placed a portable heater by his bed! It took a great deal of time, and effort, but he became a house cat, and was getting along - finally - with my other kitty. The more time I spent with him, the more his wonderful personality revealed itself. He was one of the sweetest, cleverest, funniest and most loving cats I've ever known.

Unfortunately, I had to put my sweet baby to rest last month. He contracted a serious disease from being outside, and either was never immunized, or it had been a long time since being abandoned. By the time I got him to the vet, it was already too late. He became very ill, and rather than see him suffer, I let him go. I don't know how he found me, but I'll be forever grateful he did.

Tracy Sherrer
Martinez, CA

17 Years and 10 Days...

In 1997 four days after trapping a pregnant feral that I'd been feeding for a while she gave birth to four bouncing babies in my den, two boys and two girls. I already had two boys and wasn't planning on keeping any of the kittens, but they were so beautiful -- pure white with blue eyes! I wanted one of the two girls, so of course they were the first to be adopted. I planned to keep just one of the boys but the other one was SO anti-social that he ran from me for about four months! Definitely unadoptable to a stranger. Then one day he casually circled me as I knelt on the floor and I ran my hand down his back and tail and just like that he became a love bug. Fully-grown he was too big to fit on my lap so he'd lay halfway on. We went through a lot with his health over the years: asthma, hypertension, renal failure, and through it all he was such a little trouper about getting his medicines. In the end it was cancer that took my Indigo from me in June of this year, just 10 days after his 17th birthday. I later bought a car charm from this site and hung it from the chain that used to hold his IV bag... a day later, the angel wing somehow looped itself through the heart frame! A message of reassurance from heaven no doubt. His brother has never had any health problems and thus far he's still going strong. I treasure every day that he spends with my little furmily which now includes another feral rescue girl and her playmate, a lynx point.

Julia P.
Houston, TX

Bright Eyes' Happily Ever After

Meet Bright Eyes. She was a stray that lived around our house, and while the whole neighborhood fed her, all she ever wanted was to be a "forever indoor kitty". I first met her when she was 2 years old and pregnant. She was obviously ill and needed a vet visit. But things just got worse. She miscarried a few weeks later and from what the neighbors told me this was often the case. She got a bad internal infect, along with internal parasite and then distemper all within 3 months. After several vet visits, I thought it would be more humane to put her down. After being treated we brought her home and let her loose. I gave her a hug and made a promise. "Bright Eyes, I promise if you get better, I'll let you in and never let you go." She purred, and then off she went toward the cornfields. That was in the spring and the last we saw of her until fall.

Suddenly she came up the long driveway purring and bouncy. "And where have you been?" I asked. She was well groomed and well fed. We have no idea who helped her, or what vet they may have taken her too, but she was well. We retook her to the vet and got her spayed. She still had tapeworm, so we gave her a round of dewormer too.

That was 2 years ago. We've helped several strays so far, and I couldn't have done it without her. She takes in all the orphan kittens we get. her most recent adopted kittens came from the city and were found next to their dead mom in an alley. She taught the kittens to love again, made them less scared and took care of all things mommy related (bathing, naps, cuddles, playing). Bright Eyes has been my constant companion. She's wonderful, loved and indoors as often as she likes! More importantly she's happy and healthy. I love her so much!

Lorelei Mercer
Hooper, NE

Our BennyDog

One Sunday afternoon a cute, little white poodle came walking up in our yard. He seemed well taken care of so I jumped on our 4wheeler with him & drove up & down our road asking neighbors if he was theirs or if they knew who he belonged to.3 neighbors had witnessed a strange truck dumping him the night before (on a cold, rainy night).So, I took him back home & gave him a bath & some food.The next day I took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped,but he wasn't.The vet informed me he was around 2 years old.So, back home we went. I had posted some ads hoping to find his owner, but no luck.A couple days later my husband was browsing Craigslist, & came across an ad that was posted several weeks before for a Free 2 yr old Male White Poodle with a picture that looked just like the stray doggy.So, I called the number in the ad & spoke with a girl.To make a long story short..after speaking for a while,comparing details about the dog, exchanging photos...it was confirmed that the little doggy we had at our house was named Ben. His owner had given him away to a family because she was moving & couldn't keep him. She was heartbroken to learn that the family she had given him to had dumped him instead of contacting her like she had requested (she called them & they did confirm that they had "given him away"...and then abruptly hung up on her) I assured her that he now had a forever home with us, & we were so happy to have him as a part of our family. We were planning on calling him Jack (as in Jack Frost...because he is white) but, he knew his name, so that is what we kept. :) Over a year later that has transitioned to BennyDog. :) He is VERY MUCH loved, VERY MUCH spoiled...& has been such a blessing to our family & brings us so much joy every day. He is THE BEST dog!!

Fort Smith, AR

The Fat Dog - Paw Prints on my Heart

In 2007, we decided to get a dog, so we took a trip to the County Animal Shelter. There were dogs of every size, shape, and color. My husband had his heart set on a German Shepard mix, but something told me to keep looking.

Finally, I saw this dog in the back of a kennel crowded with other dogs. He had the most expressive face, and as soon as he met my eyes, and I looked into that sad face, I knew that we had to meet him. The shelter staff let us take him out and walk him, and I sat down at the picnic table. He put both front feet on my lap and licked my face, and I knew that he had chosen us.

He was 3-years old, heart worm positive, not neutered, dog aggressive, food aggressive, and people aggressive. He had obviously been starved, abused, and neglected during his short life.

We just kept loving him, and over the years, he blossomed into the most amazing dog. He was amazing when our son was born, and amazing when we adopted two troublesome kittens. I have never loved an animal quite the way I loved him. He passed away suddenly in August 2014 at the age of 10 due to cancer. Losing him and learning to live life without him again is the single hardest thing that I've ever had to do. I miss him every day - sometimes, so much that I can't breathe.

Some people say, "get over it, he was just a dog". I want people to know that he wasn't just a dog. He was my best friend, my protector, my confidant, my snuggle buddy, and the only living being on Earth that was ALWAYS happy to see me. He may have just been a "mutt" and a "shelter dog", but he was my mutt, I loved him dearly, and I will miss him for the rest of my days.

Sharla Stewart
Atlanta, GA

How 3 new Angel Cats came to Rescue

Last week I was dropping off some printing on my lunch break for our cat rescue group to our local Staples store. I was told to come back in an hour and the printing would be ready. I originally thought I'd have to wait till after work at 5 or risk being late back from lunch.

I decided to make a quick stop back and happened to park in the exact parking place I had parked in an hour prior. When I came out of the store, I noticed a box in the parking lot just to the left of my car. It was an Eggo waffle box and taped up with no air holes. With a fear in the pit of my stomach, I nudged the box with my foot. I could feel there was something inside, but no sounds. I opened up the box and there they were - 3 sweet little faces peering up at me. I shudder to think what fate would have become them had I not decided to go back when I shouldn't have or if I had not parked in the exact same space as I parked in before. They are adorable and once vetted and spayed/neutered will be up for adoption. The 2 boys are Iggy Pop and Indie Jones and the little girl is Ivy. They are on our facebook page and will be on Petfinder once old enough.

Robin - Angel Cats
Westminster, CA

Goofy McLovin

I had 3 cats and 2 dogs and wasn't in the market for another. I usually beg the old man and he eventually gives in but not this time. He says "While I am paying why don't you go love the furr babies" so I went over. I walked by the cages and was nearing the last one when out reached both paws. This little guy reached out and grabbed me by my earls and pulled me in and proceeded to lick me like a dog would. My better half says "You better grab his paperwork because he is obviously yours already" He was 3 days from being put down, he was very sick, and he had no teeth. They thought he was around 4 months but he looked small enough to be just 6 weeks. Needless to say he went home that day. My beautiful doggie crossed the rainbow bridge 2 weeks later as we found he had cancer just in time for him to pass in my arms.) not only was Goofy so sick and needed so much care but he would lay with me as I cried, he would be very Goofy, (hence the name) just to make me laugh. It took a year to get his teeth to grow in,and to figure out why he was so sick, but once we got through all of that he grew and grew. He is now 27 LB, not fat, he is longer than a king size pillow now and he still kisses me constantly like a dog and his favorite place to snuggle is laying on my face.He runs to meet me every day I come home and wants to be held and hugged for as long as possible He LOVES his mommy and isn't afraid to show it. He loves everyone in his family but Mommy is the favorite. He follows me everywhere, plays fetch and brings the ball right to your hand, and I know he was a gift from God as I can not even imagine a day without him.

Everett, WA

A tiny miracle

Early in the morning on July 4, 2010, my daughter and I went out to get the mail. Normally, we drove to the mailbox at the front of our mobile home park, but I felt like walking. On the way, I tripped over something small and dark- I thought it was a rat at first, but then we saw a tiny black kitten near the bushes.

"We can't keep her," I told my daughter- we already had two nine year old cats. We didn't need a kitten! "But there are dogs loose out here, and it's been raining and she's shivering," my daughter said. So we took her with us to get the mail, and then home. By the time we walked in the door, we were in love. We fed her- she was starved, and ate an entire Fancy Feast can. We named her Mizfit Grace, after WWE's the Miz and my daughter's favorite band, Three Days Grace.

In October of that year, my best friend of 30 years died. I was so lost and depressed. The thought of my tiny Mizfit needing me got me out of bed every day. I knew that if I didn't take care of her, she'd end up in the shelter and she would die, because she hated being handled and she had black fur.

Four years later, she is a lovely smoke coat who shares my son's room and is the queen of her domain. She's much friendlier now that we let her dictate her interactions with us. We joke that she is a little angel that came to us in a time of need and has been a great comfort ever since.

Fort Worth, TX


my whole 39 years Ive never had a pet so when the kids kept asking and i just refused. until april 2011. i gave in.so i went to my friends house and brought snooki. when we got her home we just couldn't believe how cute this little kitten was.. we were inseparable from that day, she would sleep in my bed. watch me wash the dishes do the garden etc i never knew that you could love a animal so much.. but last month was one of the most heartbreaking times for me.. snooki became unwell so i took her to the vets where he told me she had been poisoned.. and he had to put her to sleep. it was horrible why would someone do that to a poor defenseless cat. my cat!!!i was numb for nearly a week & i don't think ill ever come to terms with it.she was only 4... RIP snooki poos love n miss u so much x

samantha morris
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Zero Chances

I had just recently lost my beloved Yadi Mo to kidney failure. He was only 4. My heart was broken. Then about 2 months later, I saw a picture of the cutest kitten up for adoption on Facebook. I went to the website and read his story. Zero was found as a stray and taken to a high kill shelter. He missed the list to be put down twice. A lady came in to pick up a dog and saw this little guy. She took him home with her to foster. I filled out the form online and less than a week later, he was mine. The vets office didn't know it at the time but when he was neutered, it was discovered that his back right hind leg was broken in two places. Zero had surgery to fix the break. I had never had a kitten with a cast on its leg. Six weeks and 3 casts later, his leg was finally healed. Zero has brought joy back into my life. He makes me laugh on a daily basis and is probably the most affectionate kitten ever. Now who wouldn't want to love that sweet face. I am so glad he is in my life. That's why his name is Zero Chances Miracles Happen.

St. Lousi, MO
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