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Stacey Saved Me

When I was about seven years old my mom surprised me by coming to my elementary school with a small kitten that was a calico. She was so small. She had got her from our veterinary hospital that we had got another kitten from. My mom had named her Stacey. When I would be hurt emotionally either by my parents or someone else that happened at school, and I would be crying in my room. Stacey would come to me and meow like she was saying it was okay and she would let me hold her as I cried. As I cried into her fur she would purr. As I got older, I became what everyone said was suicidal, but when I held Stacey she didn't care about how different I was. She knew exactly when I would get home from the moment I got off of my bus and walked through my front door. Even when we moved from the only home she had ever known, she stayed connected with me.

When she was 15 years old, she had become very sick. During the last few months of her life, I had noticed that her health was taking a downwards side. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she wasn't going to make it through this time. Every time I came home from work and went to my room, she would struggle to get up and meow softly. She would eat a little but not much. Than the day came when I took her to our vet and they told me that she had a mass in her abdominal area and that it would take thousands of dollars to get her back to the way she was just for them to find out what it was. I made the decision to put her to sleep. She was my best friend and in a way Stacey was the one who rescued me. I had her cremated so she will always be with me. No cat could ever replace my best friend.

Bonney Lake, WA

How I found my best friends

On august 19th 2005 a little trouble kitten was brave enough to disturb the wedding of my classmate in germany.

After I played a while with him outside he followed me as I left. And as he almost ran in front of a bus, I've taken him home with me.

He is my best friend ever since and even moved with me to finland. I named him Rakas (finnish for Darling)

I love him soooo much. He is my perfect little baby and my everything!(both pics on the left)

As I had him 5 years alone I saw how much he was waiting for me to come home after work and decided that he needed a friend.

So I was looking for a petshelter. They offered me the black cat I always wanted and I took him home. I named him Pumpkin because I adore Halloween. Sadly he had to leave us after only 5 weeks due to FIP. Even Rakas didn't like him much, he was crying after 2 weeks and looking everywhere for him. So I decided to give it another chance.

Also from the shelter I got a little white-black-orange spotted princess that I named Hexe(german for witch). And they both grow to love each other dearly. She became the 2. half of my heart for almost 2 years. Then we lost the fight against FIP again(and I am crying while I write this, I miss her so much)

So after my big baby was alone again I had to give it another try. I was looking for cats who needed a new home. This way I found Pedro. He had a very hard start here but he grew to love at least me. They are not best friends but maybe someday they might more than just tolerating each other. I am not willing to give up on them.

Fact is that I will always have a rescue cat/dog.

They will all be loved here until they have to leave me over the rainbowbrigde.

And a part of me always dies with them.

Please keep rescuing! <3

Susan L.
Tampere, Finland

Lucky Leo and Survivor Simba

Just wanted to share a story about two brothers, Leo and Simba. Some heartless human did put them outside under a bush with 2 siblings, the babies was just new born, Their 2 siblings did not make it but due to some students house cat Leo and Simba was rescued, the clever cat did call for attention on the bush so the babies was found and just in time as this was in October and wery cold out side. So they came to me, just tiny babies with their belly cord still attatched, no mummy to feed them. So I fed them with cat milk replacement, maid them go potty, massaged them just like a mummy would do, thankfully I did have my other cats as help, they took the babies in as their own, not beeing able to feed them but to rais them to be cats. It was hard work but OH SO worth it, by 3 weeks of age Leo got pneumonia and the vet did want to put him down, but I told her, as long as there is life there is hope and took Leo home, gave him antibiotics and a home made remedy of water, salt and hunny and he made it. Now he and his brother Simba has his forever home here in Boden in the north of Sweden with me and my family of four and two legged persons. There is such cruelty towards cats that it is beond imagination, just think about hese two brave boys, some humans cat had a litter and instead of taking care of mummy and babies they just throwed the babies away, to die in the cold.... Leo and Simba are now doing HARD work here in Sweden to get attention for the cats poor sitation and we are attending an events just to promote the cats status and maybe reduce the fast groing number of homless cats here in Sweden.

Lena Sundqvist
Boden, Sweden

Yoko found her home

It was October 11th 2012, I heard a kitten outside my house early in the night, I tried to find it with no success a couple of times before going to bed.

During the midnight I woke up twice, and wearing pijamas I looked to find the source of the sound of what I was sure was a baby kitten... I Couldn't find it, The Next morning I was ready to go to work. I opened the door and there she was... a very small skinny kitten under my car!.. I called her and she came to me so caring and tender. She was covered in fleas, her head seemed to be so big, because of her skin-and-bones body. I decided to name her Yoko, Some anti-fleas shampoo later, food and a lots of love, and she is now a very shy but caring cat. A year later I adopted a new baby cat as her sister but she decided that Ginger will be her daughter... So Happy both found their home.

Saltillo, Mexico

Blind Kitten Rescued

At a farm auction, I saw her sitting there alone in a huge barn with a flea collar wrapped twice around her neck. She had some awful 'gunk' coming out of her eyes and nose. She was so tiny and skinny I could not bear to leave her. I took her to a vet immediately who cleaned her eyes only to find that she had no eye balls left due to the infection. After many antibiotics and some good food her .7 kg weight when found was increased to a much healthier weight.

Due to her size and weight when found, the vet guessed her to be between 4 & 6 weeks old. she also felt she would not have lived much more than a day or two if left behind. Two months later her adult canines grew in so that led us to realize she was actually about 4 months old when found.

Now at 6 years old, Princess sleeps with me every night, she manages to catch flies and any other insects that buzz around the house. She acts like any normal sighted cat and I have never regretted saving her that day....

Sue Caillier
Arnprior, ON, Canada

Rocky Rococo

One cold fall day I received a phone call from my niece who said a kitten had shown up at her house that was missing fur and had sores on his his back but was very sweet. At the time I was looking for an adult cat to adopt as a companion to my disabled rescue kitty, Lizzie. I took the kitten and get it help but really had no intention of keeping him. He was an adorable striped bundle with horrible sores on his head, neck, and back. He also had a torn ear from a fight. On the way home from my niece's house he crawled out of the box we put him in and curled up next to me as I drove. I took him to our vet and they did tested to determine the cause of the fur loss, parasites or infection. He tested negative for everything and we finally determined that he must have gotten into some sort of chemical or had something dripped on him, probably at one of the industrial sites near my niece's home. In spite of the injuries which had to be painful, he was a sweet-tempered and loving little guy that stole my heart.

I named him Rocky Rococo for his rocky start and the Firesign Theater character. His "sister" Lizzie was less than pleased at the little intruder and at first just tolerated him. Most of his fur has grown back although he still has a couple bald spots and the fur on the back of his neck is thin. He is now a healthy young adult cat who has outgrown Lizzie. In spite of Lizzie's disabled leg the two chase each other through the house and have become great companions. Every night they snuggle in bed with me and wake me in the morning with purrs and finger nibbles. Rocky is the fifth rescue cat to come into my life--two have passed on after long lives, one lives with my son, and my current two. I have never regretted sharing my home with kitties in need.

Karen Clodfelter
St. Louis, MO


I feed several feral cats in my neighborhood. Sometimes they come at odd hours looking for food because they missed out on the night's before feeding. One day early last September I looked out the back window and saw a grey and white cat in the middle of a very hot day. I thought, "Oops, someone missed feeding time last night." However when I got some food and went to put it out, I found to my surprise this was a very small kitten. Where it had come from I had no idea. None of the feral cats had kittens. Actually almost all of them I have caught and had neutered or spayed. There wasn't any other cat around at that time nor any time after. Just this tiny little thing all by itself. I tried to coax the baby to me with some chicken, but it was having none of that. I put out my Havahart trap and later that day I had success. That was a Friday and the following Monday I took it to the local vet. I found out it was a she and only about five weeks old. Vet said she couldn't have been out on her own for more than a couple of days, but she was already skin and bones. The vet also said if she had been out in the heat for much longer she would have been dead. Today, her name is Gracie, because by the Grace of God she found her way to us, and she now has her forever home. She has two feline brothers, a feline sister and a canine brother to harass!

Mary Beth
Wellsburg, WV

They told me "Don't Waste Your Time with This One. She won't last til the morning."

I was volunteering at the city animal shelter when I saw her, curled up into a little ball. A ticked tabby Abyssinian mix, no more than 4 months old. I opened the cage and noticed how emaciated she was. Just fur on bone, no muscle. It was so bad I would touch only her face softly so as not to hurt her. She didn't move at first but then looked up at me with teary eyes and stuffed nose, signs on a bad URI. Her ears and paws were filthy. I talked sweetly to her for a few minutes and, despite the wretched shape she was in, she curled her head into my hand. This girl was so sick yet nothing was being done to help her. I asked the supervisor about her treatment and was told that no treatment was planned; that she would be euthanized the next morning. I had two cats at home in a one bedroom apartment and did not want a third but I had to get her out of there. I just knew in my heart that she wanted to live and would be a loving and affectionate companion. So I decided to foster this little girl. The supervisor tried to discourage me by telling me she wasn't worth the trouble; that she would probably die that night. I was willing to take that chance and left with her in my arms.

I named her Karma. It took 5 months to get her back to health with meds, good food and lots of love. She quickly bonded with my Himalayan girl. Sasha mothered Karma and taught her how to play with toys. Karma has continuing gastrointestinal problems and asthma, but they are minor compared to the love and affection she gives every day. I love all three of my girls, but Karma has become my little love. And I am so grateful that I was in the shelter that day. No case is hopeless.

Here is Karma cuddled with her best buddy, Sasha. Karma is on the right.

New York, NY

Sherman Kitty

I had just moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend at the time. A year before we lost our family dog at my parent’s house. We had him for 14 years and I was devastated. I couldn't look at another dog without crying. I always had this hole in my heart ever since. I worried about money and only had a beta fish, but after the fish committed suicide I decided that I needed to fill that hole. So I looked up cats on petfinder and found a beautiful gray cat named Trinity. That weekend, after my boyfriend convinced me, we went to go see her. When we met her though, we had no connection. I felt terrible and didn’t want to look at other cats, but begrudgingly did. I felt like I was breaking a promise for Trinity but it just didn’t feel right. They took us into another room with a bunch of cats. My boyfriend sat down and up jumped this white and gray cat. He didn’t really catch my attention until I sat down next to my boyfriend and he lay in our laps together. The lady said that was not something he ever did. Sherman came home with us that day.

I am convinced he is the greatest cat in the world. He is so chill and loving and he just lets me smother my face into his furry belly. He has helped me so much with my depression and has filled that void in my heart. I’ve been having lots of downs with few ups ever since moving out on my own and I am sure that if it weren't for him I’d be in a worse state of mind. A few times on my latest move I thought about giving up, but all I had to do was look at his sweet face and remember he needs me as much as I need him.

Bethany Vraa
Minneapolis, MN

My Crochet Buddy

Almost 4 years ago I lost my cat Sweetie to old age. I was heartbroken and didn't want to think about another cat. About a month later on Valentine's Day I wanted to go over to Second Chance a no kill shelter in our city. I felt it was time. I was drawn to this one female. She wasn't very friendly but she really needed me I felt. My dad wanted me to get this 6 month kitten who didn't want to leave my shoulder. We left with both. Chloe was almost 10 yrs. old at the time and had been there over a year cause not many people want an older animal. Cupid was six months and it turned out Chloe had been caring for him for the last 5 months since he came to the shelter.

Once home Chloe wouldn't come close to us for over a year just wanted food. One night sitting in my recliner crocheting she jumped up on the foot for a few minutes. That became a nightly occurrence gradually lasting longer. One night she jumped up on my bed and finally wanted me to pet her. It took over eighteen months to get to that point. Over the next year she started getting closer to my dad also. It's been almost four years since my two Valentine babies came home and I love them so much and can't imagine life without them. They both sleep with me taking more then half of my queen size bed. Every night when I sit in my recliner to crochet within minutes there is Chloe. I never crochet alone anymore and while she is sleeping her paw is touching me to make sure she knows if I leave her side. As for Cupid well where I am he is. I am so glad I took a chance on this older cat who while not friendly at first needed me so much.

Killeen, TX
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