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Our Little Cat-Bot

When we went to the shelter, at first we didn't even see the little black tortie kitten in the corner of the room. But then she reached her paw out of her cage and lightly touched my husband - silent, expressionless, but still begging to be noticed. The shelter employee told us that she was found all alone by some college students when she was way too young to be separated from her mother. The kids took her home, but apparently didn't realize that kittens actually need food. When she became weak they dumped her off at the shelter. For us, it was love at first sight and after playing with her for awhile, before we knew it we were bringing her home.

It took only a day to notice her complete lack of expression, and failure to respond to things that most cats would deem frightening. Her face is always blank, and she never made a sound. We now jokingly say that she is like a little robot, our tiny Cat-bot. Despite her "robotic" demeanor, she is very loving and enjoys being near us, our other cat, even our dog, at all times. The two cats are now best friends and are completely inseparable. After many months of spoiling her, she now purrs and she occasionally tries to "head butt" me, but does it with too much awkward gusto and sometimes falls over. She is the unintentional clown of the family and her antics always fill the room with laughter.

We will never know the traumas that she may have suffered as a kitten in the past, but we are thankful for all of the joy she brings into our home in the present.

Lori Shaw
Colstrip, MT

Our sweet Dandy Lion

My husband had told my older daughter that when we moved to BC that he'd let her get a cat. Well, we had tried to get to the SPCA here the first day we arrived and they were closed. So instead we headed out and grabbed all the things that a cat would need anticipating that we'd pick out a girl cat the next day. However, that was not the case.

We looked inside where they had kittens (my husband was against getting an adult cat because our younger daughter was 3 months at the time and he wanted the cat to adjust to being with a baby) and spotted this little ball of orange and white fluff. My older daughter just fell in love, never mind that he was a boy. We paid the fee and brought him home.

Dandy has been a wonderful help in helping my older daughter transition from living in NY to living in BC and helping her learn about responsibility. He's also been great with our now nearly 4 year old girl. He doesn't bite (except when you give him treats) or scratch. He is the perfect gentleman, unless our other cat- Chloe- is in his chair. He does have a fondness for plastic though and caused us to go through quite a few bottles.

Recently Dandy got a UTI and we had to take him to the vet. He's on a new food now and has made a full recovery.

Megan Regnier
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Taz, One Lucky Kitten

One Saturday night in June 2014, two young men walk into the police station where I work carrying a cardboard box. They tell me they caught a kitten in a bar parking lot in a neighboring county. These wonderful young men got some turkey and used it to catch the kitten. Then, unable to find anywhere to drop her off, brought her to our station. She was probably around 6 weeks old, and very close to becoming feral. As I opened the box she hissed at me and tried to look fierce. I picked her up, held her to my chest, and she began to purr. Having no access to animal control overnight I kept her with me. After feeding her some wet cat food we keep at the station, she spent the night snuggled in my jacket or sleeping on me. I took her home in the morning, intending to take her to a rescue group in the area. Over the next two days I fell in love. I had my vet come check her that week. She was malnourished and scrawny, but otherwise healthy. She has grown into a sweet, loving kitten. She absolutely adores my dogs, and they adore her. Unfortunately my other cat has not been swayed by her charms. I am so incredibly grateful to those two young men who went out of their way to rescue that scrawny little kitten. I can't imagine my life without my little shadow Taz.

Silver Spring, MD

My Beautiful Lady Isabel

I'd had Matthew for 6 years when he disappeared one day. After crying my eyes out, posting hundreds of "lost cat" signs, and following up every "found" posting on Craigslist, I had to come to terms with the fact he was gone.

A few months later, I decided to look at the pet postings on Craigslist to see if there were any kittens available. I wanted a brown male tabby, like Matthew. One posting just said "brown tabby kitten" so I replied to see if it was male. When the poster responded that it was female, I kept looking. A few days later, I saw the post show up again, except this time it said, "if no one responds today, we're taking her to the pound". I was irate! I called and said I'd be over that afternoon to get my cat.

When I arrived, a college kid answered the door and handed me a tiny, sick, shivering kitten. Isabel fit in the palm of one hand. I was immediately smitten. It turned out that the students in the house had found her feral mother and siblings, trapped them, and taken the mother to the pound. They gave the rest of the kittens away, but no one would take the runt because she was so smelly.

A trip to the vet confirmed that she had a common bacterial infection that made her extremely gassy. She could clear a room, and did on a few occasions. Extra fun for me, since it turned out that her favorite spot to sleep - then and today, 7 years later - was directly under my chin, and she was gassier the more relaxed she got!

Isabel was wild (climbing curtains, biting ankles) for the first couple of years, but when we got her brother Munky, she morphed into a serene goddess. She still cuddles with me every night, and what's weird is that she loves to sleep in exactly the same spot that Matthew did. She even complains if I'm not in bed "on time" according to her schedule. She's my beautiful lady.

Anna H.
New Orleans, LA

The cat picked by a husky

I've never had a cat even though I really want it. The most reason is that my family (especially my mom) thought cats are not cute and faithful as dogs. Besides, our house is just too small to keep the animals.

Everything changed when we met Huru. One day my friend's brother walked his husky "Google" at the park, then Google found a kitten 'bout 1 or 2 months young in the bush. The dog wanted to play with the kitten but he didn't know how to control the strength of mouth. Finally, the kitten was bitten by the dog and my friend's brother soon took it to the vet. The bite wound was not critical, but now the Google family needs to find a keeper to keep the kitten. If they still made the kitten at their house, the tragedy would becomes again. So they post the photos on the facebook to ask for a new keeper. When I saw that photos, the heterochromia iridum-eyes stunned me. Then I talked to my family and tried to convince them cats are not bad as their imagination.

I succeed in the end, the kitten became the first cat of my lifetime. After discussing we named him "Huru" 'cause he had very big "prrrr" sound.(in Chinese, "huru" is used to be the onomatopoeia of "prrrr" sound.) My mom have changed a lot since we kept Huru. Her becomes very care about cats' knowledge, videos and news. I think that's the best gift that Huru gives us.

Kagamirror Huang
Chung-Li, Taiwan

Candy and Harry changed me

One day I was arriving in home from work when I saw two baby cats in a bush in front of my house. I couldn't take them at the moment, but I put food and water everyday.

One week after some bad neighbors were cleaning that area where the cats were and I was afraid about the cats and I said to my mom that I would catch them for a while and later I would put them back. And that didn't happen. I kept them in my home and in a couple of months my family accepted the cats. I named them Candy and Harry . I just fell in love.

Nowadays I am vegetarian (trying to be vegan) because of them. They made me think about all animals and not just about cats and dogs . They taught me that all animals deserve respect and love. I am a better person because of them.

Sometimes I like to said that they didn't change just me but peoples in my family too. I would do everything for them.

We are a happy family since 2013.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bestest Good Girl This Side of The Spirit World.

Hi! I am Abbie Gayle! This is my graduation picture from Puppy Kindergarten. I was rescued twice. My first rescue was a college kid took me in off the streets, he kept me for a couple of weeks, this is where my Mum comes in. She went to the local college to look up stuff at the library; she heard me outside, I can be very vocal, anyway, she came over to me and played with me for a long time. The boy came out and explained the situation. He couldn't keep me so, I went home with my Mum. Mum's house had a really low fence, I used to jump it and try to find the dog park. Mum sent me to live with Gramma; she had an 8 foot fence.

Fast forward a few months.

Mum was wondering where I came from; another kid was wondering where I went. Mum and this kid were talking at a school where she taught. He pulled out his phone and showed pictures of his two dogs, the Mommy and the daughter. My Mum said that I looked like the daughter; she pulled out her phone and showed him my picture. He jumped up and down and was really excited, "Alley, It is Alley!" Turns out I like to get out of the yard and was always found in the Alley, hence my first name. My Mum told him the rest of my story and how I am a nice, happy, healthy, well loved member of the family. My birthday is January 22, I am going to be five.

Alamogordo, NM

Keli's Tomcat Yowl

Keli came into our lives one cold February night while we were attending a house party with friends. Some of the guests were outside smoking and were hearing a very vocal cat lurking in the bushes. Eventually they spotted this half-grown brown and white tabby, who was really making his presence known. A little while later this cat was going from person to person, begging for attention and maybe some food if there was some on the plate to spare. The hosts mentioned that he had been hanging around their house for a couple of days and they had been leaving a bit of food out for him but didn't know what to do about him. But at the party he knew he was ready to go to a forever home. Later on that night he was still yowling around and still no takers. I then made up my mind to give him a chance. When I scooped him up and took him to the car he just clung to me all the way home. We took him to the vet and had him checked out, made arrangements for a neuter and shots. It took nearly 2 months for him to lose that tomcat yowl. He was my constant companion, always on my lap or on my bed, following me on walks, vocalizing all along the way. Keli preferred to be out doors and once got attacked by a dog who caught him by his hind leg. He managed to get away but had a limp for a long time. Keli always greeted me at the door when I came home, purring the instant I petted him, a very gentle, loving cat. When he was around 10 he suddenly developed a urinary blockage and, despite an operation, he wasn't going to improve. I said my last tearful good bye as he slipped away in my arms at the vet's. I will always love that cat and miss his loud personality.

Prince George, BC, Canada

Cocoa found us!

I was at work one day when my husband sends me a text. I have a surprise for you. He said a cat was on the tire of our car cold and sick. He took him into the garage and gave him some cat food. He was so hungry. My hubby gave the little guy a bath and wrapped him up in some warm blankets. We kept him in a box and kept him warm. We were amazed at his color. His coat is a chocolate brown. I had never seen a brown cat before. We don't have a lot of money and could not afford to take him to the vet. We noticed he was sick and only getting worse. I remember on an episode of The Walking Dead one of the characters, Hershal, who is a Veterinarian, mentioned that the animal antibiotics are basically the same as our medicines. So I got one of my antibiotics and crushed it up into powder. I sprinkled it on a piece of ham. That did the trick. He was up and running around that night. Now he is a happy member of our family. This little guy is the most affectionate cat we have. We noticed he was really skittish. Whenever we laughed loud or hollered at each other in the next room he would get extremely afraid. We think he was abused by his previous owners. I love this little cat. He is real attached to me and my husband. He sleeps with us every night. He also gets up with me early in the morning while I'm getting ready for work. So happy he found us.

Monica Daniel
Greenfield, CA

Holly-the little dog who changed my life

On a freezing cold morning two years ago, my husband found a puppy nearly frozen to the ground.I immediately grabbed blankets and a heating pad.I spent four hours warming her until she stopped shivering and fell asleep. As I gathered my thoughts, I remembered hearing a car door slam in my rural driveway the night before at 11:00 pm. Because my house is in such a remote area, I was almost positive someone had dumped this dog in my yard. She had walked around my very large yard to the front of the house, ending up nearly frozen to the ground.I gave Holly (she was found at Christmas time after all) a warm bath and looked her over. She was certainly not a puppy.She appeared to be a beagle/chihuahua mix, was elderly, mostly blind and deaf, had terrible breath and teeth, and her nipples were hot and inflamed.My heart broke at thher condition.In spite of her ill condition, she was sweet and very grateful for my love. Since I already had three dogs, my sister offered to adopt her as soon as I spoke with her that morning.She took Holly to the vet, where we found that Holly had most likely been kept for breeding in an outdoor cage most of her life.The evidence supporting this included her calloused, leathery toe pads and skin. Holly had been bred MANY times and had developed advanced breast cancer.The vet suspected that when she could not be bred any longer, she was left to freeze to death. Knowing Holly's illness was terminal, my sister took her home and lavished her with love and attention.She was given the best food and treats money could buy.Holly would drag her little princess bed all over the house, following my sister so that she could sleep near her. After two weeks, her condition worsened. Based on the vet's urging to end Holly's pain and misery, she crossed the bridge with my sister holding her. Born into horrible conditions, Holly still had love and affection.I find comfort in the fact that she lived her remaining days with love.

Gerlaw, IL
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