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Banjo & Champ

July 1, 2011, my precious Austrailian cattledog mix Baya went to Heaven, one of the worst days of my life. July 4th 2011 my husband & I went to Pet Smart where the Coppell Humane Society was having an adopt a pet event. Greg had already met Finley (dressed in white) and wanted me to meet him, I was not really in the mood. Then I saw the stitches on his leg from an accident in his foster home & his eyes I was hooked. 8 months old & full of it. We quickly learned he had a never ending supply of energy & had to get him a brother to keep him company. 2 months later on Labor Day we went back to the same store & the Coppell Humane Society was there with Champ. Champ (dressed in black) was 10 months old & seemed to get along with "Banjo" now (Finley just did not suit him) So now they both have a forever home. I told my husband we could not go out on the next holiday, 2 dogs was enough. We love our boys!

Laura McCarter
Grapevine, TX

Our Fabulous Faye

Faye is a German Shepherd about 12 years old we believe. She was living in the backyard of her home and was in very poor condition when we discovered her. She was ate up with fleas, crippled with arthritis and both eyes were terribly infected and she was blind from never having any medical care.

We asked the owner if we could take her and the other dog that lived there to the Vet and get them some help. The old lady didn't care and we did our best to care for the two dogs all summer with good food, flea meds and eye meds.

When Winter came I could not bear the thought of those poor dogs living outside in the cold being old and in such poor health. They had never been in the house. We asked if we could take them and keep them in my husband's shop during the cold months. In the Spring

I was taking them back home in April after having kept them warm and fed during the cold Winter and the old lady told me I should just keep them. I was thrilled. I brought both of them home.

We had to have one of Faye's eyes removed it was so bad and she is on meds for the rest of her life.They have lived with us for over a year now and sleep in the living room on big fluffy blankets. They have had the best food and medicine. We were told Faye had cancer and probably only had hours, maybe days to live. Well, that was 3 months ago and she is still alive and taking walks, eating and on occasion raises a little cain with barking. She is our miracle girl. I have said I should have changed her name to Timex because she takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. We love our big, old crippled up blind girl and will until the day she is gone.

Barbara Gilpin
Indianapolis, IN

Getting Charlie

About 2 years ago I had to give away my dog Ryder (A pit bull boxer mix) for being to aggressive. My family and I decided to get a new dog, this time something nicer. My mother was online and spotted the most perfect dog. She was a beautiful beagle named Charlie. She was free because the owner had cancer and couldn't take care of her anymore. Quickly my mother dialed the owner's number before anyone else could take this perfect opportunity and we scheduled a date and place to meet to pick up our new dog.

When we went to pick Charlie up, we sat in a dark parking lot for over an hour thinking the owner would never show up. Sadly, my mother was ready to leave until a pick up truck pulled in with a dirty dog crate in the back sliding all around. Quickly we got up and when the owner forcefully took the poor dog out of the cage I immediately noticed she was underweight by a lot and she was very dirty with fleas and bugs flying around her. The owner not even caring, she gave us the poor dog and a bucket of food and left. We took her home, and we got to know she was a very shy dog who didn't bark at all and didn't like too many people around her at once and giving her too much attention. When we finally got o observe her properly she had almost every bone in her body noticeable and we could tell she was beaten by the scar on her nose.

Now that we've had Charlie for 2 years in a loving family, everything has changed. She is getting baths every week and you can't see a single rib on her anymore! She goes to the vet and passes every time and she is such a people person now. She loves everyone and is just an innocent ball of energy when people give her attention. She's loves to cuddle with me and loves everyone. We're so happy we picked her.

New York, NY

Toby and Trixie

When I was 12 years old, my grandfather had a feral colony near his area. One day he found three tiny kittens in his barn. He watched them for a couple days and realized the mother was not coming back for them. He called my mom. We already had four cats and two dogs-all rescues from various places so my mom arranged to come pick them up and take them to a shelter. My grandfather fed them and made sure they were taken care of, but the little calico (most likely the runt) passed before we could get to them. The two grey ones were fine.

We took them to the local shelter but they were most likely only a couple weeks old. They asked us to foster until they were big enough. So we took them home, got a small litter box, some milk with a bottle and set them up in my room. For the first few weeks they stayed in my room. They slept with me, I bottle fed them, I bathed them when they had their first experience with wet food and got totally messy. Then we fell in love with them and decided to keep them. We immediately named the female Trixie. She was so prissy, it just fit perfectly. Toby was harder to name. We just couldn't find one that fit him until I personally came up with it.

About 9 years later I moved out and they came with me. They had always been my cats, Toby especially was attached solely to me. Then, June 7, 2013 became the worst day of my life. My poor boy got really sick and I found out he had advanced diabetes. I was devastated. I made the incredibly difficult decision to euthanize him with my vets support. I miss him so much over a year later. Now Trixie is my spoiled princess and turned 10 this year. It's my hope she will continue to thrive and live another 10+ years. They rescued me in the worst period of my life and have always been there.

Sarah Schwartzkopf
Fort Myers, FL

Kiwi the Runt of the litter

We were looking for a medium to large dog to join our little buddy, a Chihuahua named Tucker, who has a great story in his own right. So of course, we wanted a puppy so she would grow up with our little guy and respect him. We contacted a rescue that drove abandoned puppies up from South Carolina, a high kill shelter area. I was inquiring about a chocolate lab/ cocker spaniel mix but wouldn't you know it? The stop before us, she was adopted and we almost didn't even meet with them because we were disapointed but I insisted and we agreed to take a look anyway. There were all kinds of beagles and puppies up front vying for our attention but my husband pointed to the smallest runt in the very back, a white shepard, lab mix. They brought her out and put her in my arms, she looked like a tiny polar bear, and it began to lightly snow. She was shivering and climbed into my coat. It was all over. We took her and named her Kiwi, she was so tiny at 4 lbs, it felt like I would break her but I held her tight and brought her home. She has a lot of silly personality and ate A LOT but wasn't gaining weight and had diarhea. Finally, they diagnosed her after her second round of shots with Giardia. Not a big deal,she started the antibiotics and I kid you not she gained 6 lbs that weekend! It's been a crazy road to the young 1 1/2 year old that has developed before our eyes and we could not love our now 65 lb girl anymore! She's a tad skiddish because she did not have time with her dog mama so we give her all kinds of extra love and patience.

Chantilly, VA

26lbs of Love

In the summer of 2006, an email circulated around to my mom from a coworker's so and so of a family of kittens in need of a home. My mom became enamored with the 'grey leg, white leg' silver tuxedo kitten in the photo and put in her interest. She also shared this photo amongst her friends, and a family we knew decided to adopt the silver tabby as well.

Our tuxedo was instantly a hit with everyone. Unafraid, playful and curious, he was already a total tomcat and ham in the making. His litter-mate however, was extremely timid. My heart went out to the baby, clearly confused and afraid of so many people, but I had to leave him behind to. I was overjoyed to have a kitten in the house, but the whole car ride home I kept thinking of that scared little thing.Then a call came. The other family had recently lost a beloved cat at a very young age, completely unexpected. The daughter of the family found herself overwhelmed by the kitten and not ready to take on a new pet. Just a few hours after I had said goodbye to him, that sad little kitten was now my own.

He was so afraid of everything, and hid under a desk. I dedicated myself to coaxing him out and making him feel loved and secure. By the end of the night, he fell asleep in my arms purring away. To this day, my big fat baby Gracey and I share a special bond I've never had with another pet before. He is the most unique, complex cat I've ever known, full of love, personality and a hearty appetite for quite literally...everything. Last night we shared dried mango slices and snuggles. He is my first real love.

Laurel Springs, NJ

Black Is Still Beautiful

I just got divorced last year and so I decided to let my daughter adopt a kitten/cat to help her heal through the process. So we went to the local store to look at the rescue kitties that were there for the adoption event. We saw a pair of sisters that were black and beautiful. About 6 months old. The shelter owner said she wanted them to stay together, but due to their color had been there for 3 months now with no one looking to adopt them. She said they were found as tiny kittens under a cabin all alone and bottle fed back to health. So they were very special to her.

We were sold! We adopted both of them that day. We took them home and named them Fuzzy and Midnight. They were instantly a part of our family. Fuzzy was a huge cuddler and my daughter was so happy. Unfortunately after a few months, Fuzzy got very ill and after every attempt to save her she passed away just a few short months after we adopted her. It was a very heartbreaking experience for us all.

But thankfully Midnight is still here and just recently celebrated her 1 year birthday with us! We were so fortunate to have found them, and feel so lucky to have been able to adopt them and give them a safe home here with us. Midnight now has a sister, Gizmo (7 months) also a rescue kitten from a local family that could not keep her. They are our babies and we are so happy to have them in our lives. They keep me on my toes chasing each other! It has made me care so much more about animal welfare and care in general. I never knew how attached you could be to such sweet kitties until now. They have made me a better person.

Soddy Daisy, TN


When we moved to Knoxville TN, we were looking for a dog to replace the one we had to give up a year prior. A company that was doing work in the apartment complex we lived in found an abandoned dog (along with several other animals) in an apartment. Chloe was left to fend for herself for over 2 weeks. She was just about a year old, but only weighed 25 or so pounds and you could count every rib. She is a Petersburg Boxer (cross between golden lab, boxer and German shepherd) so we knew she was definitely underweight.

We had to re-house train her and she had some separation anxiety issues, but that was 5 years ago and we haven't looked back yet. She now weighs a healthy 65-70 pounds, is protective of our grand children, and of me. With everything she went through in her first year of life, we are blessed that she has the temperament that is so gentle and loving. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family.

Tina Adams

Knoxville, TN



I started fostering for Cats protection and Archie was one of 5 brothers in the first litter I was entrusted with. It was love at first sight and I just couldn't let him go!

Tina harty
Newport, United Kingdom


This is Sadie. My boyfriend and I adopted this rag doll angel together. She is literally our daughter and our princess. I can't imagine our lives without this beauty. On Sunday 06/29/14, we came home from our anniversary dinner & my boyfriend said "What's that on Sadie's neck?" Of course I scooped our baby girl up to see. She had a little pink collar with a heart pendant and the pendant had a life changing question on it...look closely at her pendant her dad put on her!

(: Now Sadie is a part of our next chapter, too!

Happy adopting!

Love, Millie, Dylan & Sadie

Framingham, MA
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