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My Rescuers

3.5 years ago my Boyfriend (now Husband) and I moved into our first home. We were young, broke, and I was fresh out of college with loan debt coming out of my ears.

We were going through a rough time but nonetheless were interested in adopting a Dog. We came across a listing for a Boxer/Pit 8 wk old puppy out of Tinley Park, nearly 70 miles from us. His sweet face and expressive hazel eyes sold us.

We drove the 1.5 hrs just to see him. When we were brought into a room for introductions we thought we would connect right away. This wasn`t the case...Bentley did not want to play and only slept.

Then we heard his story...At 6 wks he was found abandoned under a car with his brothers/sisters. Rescued, separated from the liter, and taken to a Foster home immediately. Our hearts broke for him...and we just knew we couldn't abandon him too. So we filled out an application & surprisingly were approved!

1 yr later....I came across a Facebook post for a local shelter in need of a foster. I took one look at this sweet face and her story and was on the phone w/in mins! Kaya, a 7 wk old Pit mix, was thrown from a car and rescued from the side of the road. She wandered the streets for weeks starving & limping...

To my surprise, we were approved right away to foster her! Uncertain what we were getting into this time... A stubby legged, round worm belly, tiny limping girl. But with a tail that never stopped wagging! After many vet visits, medications, and TLC she began to heal. Her broken bones healed overlapped, therefore one leg shorter than the others.

The time came for adoption day...On the fence, we took her back to the Shelter to see what adopters would come. We lasted only a few minutes of being a part before we realized we needed her as much as she needed us. We filled out an application, and with that, our little family grew once more.

McHenry, IL


Dumped in a carpark at 9weeks old, this special tiny Daschie x Jacky puppy was rescued by an animal shelter but not put up for adoption due to her serious problems she had with her lower back and hind legs. When my husband visited the shelter and saw her, he knew she was the one regardless of all her problems. We adopted her the next day and took her to Vetinary Specialists the following day for a full diagnosis. The news was not good. The MRI and myriad of other tests showed Hydrocephalis, Hydromyelia, Hydrosyringo along with Spinal Bifida, full incontinence and serious co-ordination problems with her hind legs. We were in tears. The Specialists warned she will have a short little life. We knew even more than ever that we wanted to give her as much love and care and make her the happiest puppy. Penny has been with us for 3 months and we love her and so do our other furry feline children. Our feline children never grew up or experienced a dog in their lives yet somehow they knew Penny was extra special and they really loved her instantly. She wears a nappy, steals all the socks she can find, chases the cats (albeit at wobble speed and seriously uncoordinated!), learnt how to negotiate up stairs, attacks slippers and buries her treat bones in the garden. The happiest, most loving little girl has brought so much joy and love to our family. When this little angel goes she will take with her a piece of all our hearts.

Pretoria, South Africa

Pokey little puppy

Pokey came to me when I was heartbroken and I never intended for her to be mine. I was in Jr.High school and we had just lost my Shar Pei that had been my "Daddy Dog" since I was three years old. My mom and I had gone to our local petco to get something for our other dog (my mom's baby) Dolly when a local rescue was hosting an adopt-a-thon. We were looking at the area with puppies laughing at how funny they all were when a small dog caught my attention. She was terrified and trying to keep as far away from the other puppies as possible. When we enquired about her we found out that the was not a puppy at all but just very small and had been given up to them by a family who's daughter had left for college and left her tied up outside. Well we thought "Chance would love her, he has been wanting another dog." (he is my mom's boyfriend) Well fast forward twenty minutes we adopted her and got her home only to find out that Chance, did not want her and was rather angry that we adopted her.

Me being the stubborn person I still am today, lied and said they were packing up and we could not take her back. For weeks she and I hid in my room bonding. After a vet visit, we found out she was pure blooded beagle was just a genetic anomaly; she kept her puppy fur, had a kink in her tail, yodelled rather than barked, when she made a noise at all, and she had a ridgeback in her fur.

I sadly lost her to leukemia while in college, but my Pokey little puppy, formerly known as Susan, will forever be in my heart. I often think of her and still grieve her loss at times. If there is anything that I can take away from my time with her it was that she was the best lie I ever told. My mom even applauded me for my quick thinking.

Stefany K.
Fort Smith, AR

Chloee & Martini

Chloee was rescued from a shelter on Oct 28th 2011 after the passing of my Elderly chihuahua Piglet. Also a rescue. Chloee they said was between 4-7 years old at the time. She turned out to be an amazing emotional support dog for me since I have fibromyalgia with bad anxiety and she picked up on her own how to be an emotional support dog. Then recently I had a head I just and she all on her own started sensing and alerting me when was about to have a seizure and when I fall she runs like Lassie to my parents and alerts them and makes them follow her. Even if she weren't a service dog, she would always be my baby. She's my child. I tell her every day I'll never give her up and I'll never hurt her and that everyone in the house will only love dogs never hurt dogs. Then just this past Tuesday, we were given another gift from GOD, Martini, she's the one in the sunglasses. Her owner relinquished her to us after seeing how much we all spoil Chloee and wanted that for Martini because they worked all day and had a house full of little kids. She is about the same age as Chloee, 7 or 8ish. The first day she kinda was sad and looked around for her previous owner and she told us that Martini wouldn't sleep in bed with me, hates car rides, won't wear a harness and hasn't ridden in a dog stroller and won't wear clothes. Well she sleeps with me and Chloee every night, didn't fight me trying on and putting on her harness, loves car rides because we take them to dog park every morning and they both ride in the stroller together.

Elizabeth Davis
Punta Gorda, FL

What a Sweet Pea.

My daughter has been asking for a dog for many years. This summer, she performed in show where one of the day's proceeds was being donated to a local animal shelter. The shelter was bringing an adoption truck so I knew there was a good chance we would adopt. My daughter was there early and called me that she had found the dog she wanted. My daughter has red hair and so did this dog. We adopted her. She came from a kill shelter in North Carolina.

Well the week after we adopted, my daughter went away for 3 weeks and I took on all of her care. I can say that she is now my best buddy. She sleeps at my feet. When the alarm goes off, she gets off the bed, comes to the side and throws herself on me where we snuggle and she gets a good belly scratch. When I leave she cries for me and when I come back she jumps into my arms. She sleeps at my side the whole night. I cannot walk anywhere without her behind me. She does not growl, bark or act aggressive in any manner. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever seen.

Every day my daughter tells us we can thank her for picking such a sweet dog. And we do. Her name is Sweet Pea and she is the sweetest pea in the pod.

Brooklyn, NY

How Action Jackson Came to Stay

I went out one night to feed my small group of TNR'd ferals when I noticed an unfamiliar cat trying to get to the food dish, although the other ferals were trying to keep him away. I saw that he was limping, so I kept the other cats at bay and made sure he had some space and time to eat a proper meal. The next night he was back, so I helped him again. That night he let me pet him. His fur was matted and full of burrs--clearly he didn't currently belong to anyone. He seemed to be a loner who'd been on his own for a while.

A month or so later my husband and I were walking around the neighborhood and ran into him a few blocks away. I greeted him and said that if he wanted more food he was welcome to live in my yard. Of course, I didn't actually believe he understood what I was saying....until we got back home an hour later and there he was, waiting for us.

He moved into the yard, we had him neutered and figured he was now part of our outdoor tribe. Until one night the weather was cold and windy and he ran into the house. It's impossible for me to throw an animal out who is actively seeking shelter, so he slowly but surely became a part of our household. He learned quickly that biting and scratching was not allowed. He learned to yell at the door when he wanted in or out. In short--he learned how to train us very quickly. Smart boy! He purrs so loudly you can hear him from another room. And he likes to sit with us and "hold hands". I'm so grateful that he adopted us, with his big personality and big purrs, he fills our lives with love.

Leslie Simmer
Chicago, IL

Smiling Eve

I was fostering for a local rescue organization when we picked up a skinny foxhound. She was given the name Eve because our organization decided to take her for rescue the night before she gave birth to nine puppies. Her former owner had dumped her at a high kill shelter, saying "She's pregnant, we don't know how, and now we don't want her." When her and the puppies were separated, I was asked if I had room for her. She was with us for under 24 hours when I realized that I had bitten off more than I could chew. She had no conception of any house training or social skills. She was afraid of everything. Doorways, boxes, noises, people, thunder, the food bowl, treats, you name it.

She weighed 32 pounds and you could see every bone in her poor body. She had been badly mistreated and was terrified of men. She wouldn't even enter a room if a man was in it. We tried to see if there was another foster home available for her to go to that was quieter, and there wasn't. We felt completely hopeless, but my 6 year old pit/lab had already decided that she was his and started to love her back to health. They became inseparable.

Slowly, she started to come around with us. She began to smile, groan, and dance when she wanted attention, draped herself across you when you sat down, and learned to fold herself into funny shapes while playing. Five months later, on the morning she was to meet a prospective family, I opened my eyes to see her smiling face begging me wake up for some snuggle time. That's when I decided that she was staying if she was not a fit for the new home.

The woman who had applied, a family friend, said "It's clear to me that to separate you would kill both of you." From then on, Eve has been ours. She has stolen the hearts of neighbors and friends alike with her silly smiling face and will be taken care of forever.

Erica Anderson
Millsboro, DE

Bella the Countess of Catalonia

I walked into a local pet supply store late one September five years ago and found a crowd of people around a cage full of kittens from the local humane society. Being ignored in a tiny cage nearby was a beautiful fluffy adult cat trying desperately to play with a toy. She nipped at my fingers as I tried to pet her through the cage; can’t say I blame her. When the cashier asked if I wanted a kitten I said it looked like they were getting plenty of attention but the adult cat was gorgeous. She replied, “She has been here all summer. If she doesn’t get adopted this week she will probably have to go back and be put down.” My husband said we don’t need more cats; we had 3. I cried all weekend and on Monday called the store and told them I would come get her that evening. When I took her out of her tiny jail she was terrified. She did not want to be held, but I knew she also wanted OUT. She went to work with me for a few weeks where a student suggested the name Bella, but my husband called her nothing but Cat for many months. Then one day I noticed him referring to her as The Catalonian and knew that the regal miss had earned her full name, and a full welcome to our family. She still does not like to be held and can nip at fingers, but loves to get pets, plays with any small toy, and will come and sit nearby. She never misses a meal and is quick to remind you that feeding time is near, although she rarely makes a sound. When I look into those beautiful big golden eyes I cannot imagine anyone thinking she did not deserve to live. I will always be happy that I paid her bail and brought her home.

Polly Phillips
Miramar, FL

My lil' bro!!!!!

I am Bhanusri Palle, I was in grade one, in the year 2006, it was new years eve, and my Mom found a small puppy in our neighbourhood, He was born just the day before.............he was a mixture of three colours, black, brown and white. He had highlighted eyes as if he were made up......with kajal and eyeliner.........I was dead scared of dogs then. My mom used to play wth him (the lil' pup) everyday. He was so lovable. It was almost Holi and my Mom realized that the lil' pup was no longer there. She was sad, but also happy, thinking that somebody must have took him for a pet and will take very good care of him. On the day after Holi in 2007, our watchman found him, all filled with colour on his forehead and completely starved......he brought the pup to my Mom. She fed him milk and rusks.......till he let a sigh of relief. My Mom was almost in tears and very angry with the people who starved him and misbehaved with him. She was totally disgusted.We waited till my father came home to decide about where the pup would stay and he let us keep him!!!!!!!! We were very happy that day he won all our hearts within no time..........my Mom named him Shyam because of his dark and stunning eyes. He has been with us ever since and is yet to celebrate his eighth birthday on December 30, 2014. We all love him a lot, and always will....Luv you Shyam Baby!!!

Bhanusri Palle
Bangalore, India

Leone's story part 2 (told by his mum)

When I took my dog out of town for a walk that cold November-day I had no idea that the scarecrow of a cat who hitched a ride home was in a condition that would cost me a fortune to fix. I doubt it would have made any difference.

Not even the vet noticed anything - except that he was very thin and dirty - No one claimed him, so I just kept him. But in May I took him to the vet to make sure that he was in fact a neutered tom as I thought, and also to have him ear marked before letting him out into the garden.

I expected to pick him up again later the same day, but just an hour later the vet phoned me: Leone breathed poorly under sedation. They had x-rayed him, and found that his stomach and his intestines had migrated through a hole in his diaphragm, and his stomach was depressing his lungs making it impossible for him to breathe. She thought he had probably been hit by a car. No wonder he never ate much and was sometimes out of breath.

I had to to decide on the spot whether I would pay for an operation to try and save his life - she gave it a fifty-fifty chance - or she should just put him to sleep while he was still sedated. Shocked, I couldn't bear to just lose him, so I said go to the operation though I wasn't sure of the cost or where to find the money ....

It went well. The vet was very impressed how quickly he recovered. She even gave some discounts to celebrate. This all happened 3½ years ago. He gained more weight after his operation,, He’s now a beautiful cat even if he’s quite small and skinny for a Maine Coon.

He was indeed a neutered boy. According to the vet, a very young one, but it’s really impossible to tell as he hasn’t grown at all. I’ll just keep him and love him for as long as he lasts.

Svinninge, Denmark
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