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My Mocha

I had never thought that I would have a cat until I met this little one. We had rescued a stray named serinity and she gave birth to four beautiful little kittens. The other three were given away and no one wanted one specific kitten, Mocha. I named her mocha because of how her fur color reminded me of hot mocha haha. I had no job so it was really hard to rely on my significant other to pay for her supplies. Mocha's mother disappeared as my mother in law did not want her in the house and threaten that she would leave her at a park. I had to find a home for mocha's mother desperately. I was so angered that they only wanted mocha because they loved kittens not cats. It was now up to me and my significant other. Later in time mocha grew into a loving kitty. In time we gave mocha's mother to a person I can trust to give her a good home because soon we are moving to another state. And I couldn't take mocha with me because our roommates we are moving in with has a Black Labrador. I cried so much tears when I heard I had to give mocha away. I gave mocha away to a relative and I know that she would be given to a better home than where I am now. When I gave mocha away on the front porch to the relative she looked back at me and reached out her paws to me. I couldn't take it and ran to my husband crying while hearing her carried away and crying. It was for the best I told myself and I knew she will be well while I'm away. I told myself and my husband that when we move. I will adopt a cat who needs love and a home to go too because every animal deserves it. And so mocha my best friend and baby girl will always be my kitty and I have now became one of the cat lovers.

Sonya Vue
Minnepolis, MN

Grain Elevator Demolished

These 2 babies were rescued years ago from a demolished grain elevator by a friend of mine. They were tiny, days-old kittens with umbilical cords still attached and their eyes were not open yet when they were brought to me. One was nearly demolished himself - his leg broken near the hip, jaw broken in 2 places, big gash across his stomach. The healthier baby did all he could to comfort the injured one. After they'd survived eye-dropper feedings & warming massages and baths for 24 hours, the gray tabby was named Greely (the name of the torn-down elevator.) The smaller and more fragile baby fought for life with admirable tenacity and was called Tuff. Greely always curled up under his little brother to keep him warm without putting weight on him. Tuff never developed normally, although his wounds healed. He had epilepsy and other disabilities, including a fear of heights and total lack of feline grace. Our Border Collie and his kitty brother, Greely, watched over him and his human family tended to his every whim for the 2 years of his life. Both cats loved to go for rides in the car and worked in an office Monday through Friday where they greeted people who came to visit them. Greely lived a long and happy life, adopting and caring for several other kittens during his years with us.

Cut Bank, MT

C is for Cookie

We had been thinking about getting another dog for a while. Our little old man 20+ year old Luis was ailing and we were worried that our other dog Bear, a 2 year old JRT cross, would be heartbroken when the inevitable came. We decided to wait. One day a photo of Viola popped up on Puppy Rescue Spain’s Facebook page. She was not a pretty dog, a skinny, awkward black pup with long ears. She and her siblings had been thrown in the garbage bin to die (two didn’t make it) before being saved by some kind soul. Now they were off to their new homes in Germany. A few weeks later, they posted Viola’s photo again. Her adoption had fallen through. Poor thing said my husband. A couple weeks later, he asked if Viola had found a home. She hadn’t. Not long after, he said maybe we could meet Viola and see. He was a goner. And Bear approved. Viola turned out to be quiet and sweet, a total cuddle bug. She was nothing but bones but she totally trusted us and jumped into my lap right way. We took her home and renamed her Cookie because she was so sweet. It was tough at first. Cookie was completely unsocialized, not housebroken, and had massive food anxiety. There were accidents and she would steal Bear’s dinner but now she has grown up to be a lovely dog. The puppy with the jutting ribs and hip bones has filled out and more than doubled in size and is now a gorgeous, well behaved Pointer mix who towers over her sister. She greets us with an excited yodel every day when we return from work. Cookie brings so much love to our home. I can’t believe anyone could throw her away like she was garbage.

Gran Alacant, Spain

Lucky and Tish

Meet Lucky (the golden boy) and Tish (tuxedo girl). Both are rescue cats.

A few short months after our dog died and I had sworn to never get any more fur babies, my husband brought Lucky home from his work place one Monday morning. He had been found in a field behind the barn /workshop on the Saturday by a co-worker, all alone and crying pitifully, he was about 5 weeks old,. He was put him in the barn with some food and water. Hubby decided that was no place for a tiny kitten and brought him to me during his coffee break. I had a hoodie on with a pouch in the front and placed the scared little mite in the pouch, where he spent a few hours being toted around by me everywhere I went. After a good feed of tuna which he scoffed hungrily, we went to buy supplies and food for the little guy.

Tish was rescued from a no-kill animal shelter about 6 months later. She chose me.

We asked if we could foster her to see if Lucky would accept her or not, however, she started sneezing on the way home from the shelter and it quickly developed into a respiratory disease that is common in the shelter. We took her to the vet and the shelter paid the bill and waived any fee we would have had to pay for her, but unfortunately she passed it on to Lucky who was sicker than Tish and I thought he was going to die. Happily he pulled through but he just tolerates Tish.

Less than a year later my husband passed on, and now I always say that my two cats were sent to me to make my life worth living, I don't know what I would do without their loving companionship.

Miramichi, NB, Canada

Willie is Home!!

Willie was not a feral cat, he was an abandoned cat. He lived on his own in the Sierra foothills for the 1st nine years of his life, hunting and fighting off raccoons, coyotes, and the occasional mountain lion. My son was camping on a relative's property and came home with stories of this beautiful and friendly cat that needed a forever home. The next weekend he was back to the mountains and brought home Willie. Dirty and scared. He was so sure the first few days our yellow lab, River, wanted to eat him. If you know yellow labs that was about as far from the truth as possible. Willie did get to know his new family pretty fast and soon was fighting any other cat that came near his new home. Vet bills were pretty common in those days. He also cleaned up the neighborhood of mice, rats, Big Rats, and 1 lizard. Old habits were hard to break, like marking.... another story. But now 5 years later, Willie races us up the stairs at night to be first in bed, he kisses us each good night and loves as much as he's loved in return. I always remember my daughter saying, Willie is home now... his forever home.

Arlene Houston
Santa Rosa, CA


On a work retreat a few years ago, I found a cat on the grounds. He walked over begging for attention and was so sweet, though covered in dirt. I noticed he was limping a bit and that night at home, I asked my boyfriend (who I lived with) if I could bring the kitty home. He agreed and the next day I went back armed with food. I found him, fed him and after chatting with a grounds keeper that had sporadically fed the cat and happily encouraged my cat napping plan, he was curled up on my lap and slept the whole way home. We went straight to the vet because the limping was caused by a badly mangled back foot. He spent a week at the vet getting spayed and lost a toe to infection but finally I got to bring him home.

We named him Steve and found we had adopted the sweetest smartest kitty ever. He was such a snuggle bunny! We both fell madly in love with this cat and we lavished him with affection constantly.

I had also been feeding a feral kitty (named Oliver) at our house for months and since Steve was determined to be an inside/outside kitty, I was relieved to see the two get along so well. Oliver has always been terrified and would not let me close, but he and Steve were like peanut butter and jelly and would run and play and climb for hours.

Sadly, my relationship ended last year but my ex adored both cats. I did not have the heart to separate Steve and Oliver. I knew Steve would be miserable in my city apartment with no trees, and I worried he would escape and be hurt too. So he is still living comfortably at his house and I get updates on his adventures with Oliver from time to time. I miss him terribly but I am happy he has a wonderful life now with plenty of love and he will never be lonely or hungry again.

P. Watson
Brandon, MS

Kitty's Happy Ever After

My boyfriend and I had just gotten home from grocery shopping and I had gone into the bathroom when I heard the cutest meow through the window. I ran outside to find what was making it when a the prettiest little black cat appeared. She looked so innocent but scared, her cute meow saying please oh please love me!! I fell in love with her instantly looking into her big yellow orange-ish eyes! We coaxed her up to the house and gave her a can of tuna, which she at ravenously. When we opened the door she came in like she owned the place. I sat down and cuddled her in my lap and she trusted me like I had always been her owner. My heart was melting even more. She was declawed tho which meant someone had put a little bit a money into her, but her back claws looked like they had gotten ripped off and she smelt like she had rolled in something dead so she must have been miss for a while we thought. We asked around and nobody claimed her so we kept her and she became part of the family. Her name is Kitty and there is no name more perfect for her. From the beginning she was super cuddle and loving; she slept next to us that very first night, cuddling up to our necks and purring like crazy. It has been almost a year of us having her and she is the most cute, loving and spoiled cat ever! She talks to us and lets her opinion be heard, she loves to come outside with us and play in the grass (never do we have to worry about her running off, I thinks it because she truly loves us and the home we gave her) and she is always wanting to get loves and gives it right back.

Arnold, NE

The Baby

In April 2012 we'd just adopted our fifth rescue cat, and two days later a buddy asked if we'd be interested in another kitten. He said there was a lost or abandoned tabby kitten with white paws that he'd seen in a drainage pipe in the small park beside his office. Neither he nor the office staff had seen any other cats or kittens in the area. He said he intended to trap the kitten and take it to his vet. I told him about adopting a cat a couple of days before and wasn't sure if we'd be able to take a sixth. The following day he let me know he'd extracted the kitten from her hiding place and she was at the vet. My wife and I discussed rescuing yet another cat and decided there was so little difference between five and six that we'd take her. I saw her for the first time the following day and fell immediately for her. She was tiny - fit in my cupped hands easily - and full of life. The vet said she was about four or five weeks old and other than being very hungry, having fleas and having a slight upper respiratory condition she was in good shape. He told me he needed to keep her over the weekend to ensure the sniffles cleared up and that she was ready to eat solid food, and barring any problems we could pick her up on Monday. I took a few photos of her and when my wife saw them she immediately fell in love. Over the weekend we came up with the name Chumani, which means 'dewdrop' in Sioux and bought kitten milk replacement. We picked her up on Monday and she's been enlivening our home ever since. She's now a beautiful young lady who loves to roll on bare feet and play with stringy toys. She has a little rumbly purr that turns on almost as soon as you start to give her attention. As the baby she is special and a beautiful addition to our cat clan.

Brevard, NC


On April 9th the day before my daughter's birthday we stayed longer then usual at Beaver's when the sound of a bang made us turn to look as a car hit a white calico cat, who then ran off leaving a small grey speck on the road. Not sure what the speck was we watched as a second car just missed it. Realizing that it wasn't a rat, I ran over stopping traffic in my Scout uniform to pick up the tiniest little grey kitten. We brought the little thing home and bottle fed her, and spent two days with friends searching for the mother, and any other kittens to no avail.

With help from friends we got kitten milk and proceeded to bottle feed the two week old kitten. The reaction from our Boston Terrier Baxter and our female tabby cat Tabitha was not what we expected. Tabitha would have nothing to do with the kitten and Baxter decided the kitten was his and became her big brother. Nurturing the kitten and helping her walk. Tabitha soon came around and taught the kitten how to be a cat.

Today Tyche (Greek goddess of chance and fortune) is a year and half years old, and rules her domain with Tabitha and puts the two addition males cat and Baxter with attitude. Tyche has decided that my son who has Asperger's Syndrome is her human and she runs to him when ever he is having a hard time. The rest of us well we are at her mercy. Tyche may be considered a subtle calico with her patches of peach and grey stripes, but there there is nothing subtle about this beautiful lucky girl. Chance was with us when we saved a small grey speck on the road that day.

Rebeckah Robar
Brockville, ON, Canada

Our Ruru

My life felt empty without a dog. My husband was hesitant to bring a new dog into the house because of his childhood allergies. With our 8 month old crawling around the house, he feared the risks of dog bites. I had almost reached a point of accepting our dogless home, when my husband called from work saying that he found a wounded and hungry dog in a wooded area in freezing temperatures and no sign of people. Shocked that he considered adding a dog to our family, I loaded up the truck and met my husband.

The dog was covered in ticks, under weight, his coat was dull and thin, he had cuts and bruises from his nose to his tail, but the worst of it was a head wound that looked like a gunshot. We concluded that he was a hunting dog who had been abandoned after serving his purpose, and was no longer needed-- Unfortunately, not uncommon for the area where he was found. I brought the dog home, bathed him, picked dozens of ticks off, medicated and bandaged his wounds. But most importantly, I gave him lots of love and chicken soup. To be sure he wasn't loved by someone else, I posted an online ad. Without any responses, it began to feel like he belonged here and we decided to name him Ruger, or Ruru as my son calls him.

We've had Ruger for three years and I cannot imagine life without him. He is my son's best friend, protector and partner in crime; they wrestle, sunbathe, share toys, meals and adventures every day. He is a get-well dog when one of us is ailing, he is my watch-dog when I'm home alone, he is a pseudo-vacuum after messy meals and he is a lap warmer. Ruger is now a healthy weight, recovered from his injuries and boasts a shiny coat. Ruger loves like he has never seen hard times. He has the heart of a puppy and will be loved by all of us forever and ever. Ruger makes our family complete.

Fresno, CA
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