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In March of 2013, I was driving down a highway, approaching a small country town in South Carolina when I saw a small brown dog lying on the side of the road chewing on something. As an avid animal rescuer, my heart always goes out to the animals I see on the side of the road, but this dog had such a magnetic pull on me, I had to turn around. As soon as I pulled over behind her, she ran across the road into the woods. Luckily, my 6 year old had left a half eaten Pop Tart in the car that morning, so I grabbed it, pulled off my heels, and followed the dog into the woods. I finally coaxed her over to me, which probably would have never happened without that Pop Tart. I carried her back to my car and gave her some water. She was covered in ticks and fleas and stunk to the high heavens! I took her home and bathed her with Dawn. She was so afraid of people and cowered in such a way it seemed as if she had been badly mistreated. I planned on just fostering her since I already have two other big dogs, but everyone who expressed interest just didn't feel right. Her fear of people also held me back, but she had come to trust and love my daughter and me explicitly, and we had absolutely fallen in love with her. We named her Gypsy. She sleeps right up against me every night and has the most comedic personality of any dog I've ever met. While she is still afraid of most people, and even shies away from us if we make sudden movements, she is so gentle and loving. 8 months after I found her, a dog fighting ring had been busted in that small town. We'll never know if that's where she came from or what kind of trauma she experienced before, but this dog has saved me more than I could have ever saved her.

Sumter, SC

Miracle Moosie

Moosie is our 2 year old cat who survived a move from Fort Bliss, Tx to Fort Wainwright, Ak. We originally thought he ran away April 6th, 2015 while the movers loaded our house hold goods, but surprisingly we found Moosie trapped in a futon when we moved into our new home on June 11th, 2015. Moosie survived 64 days in a conex traveling by land, sea, and train without food or water and lived! Now we are trying to save our amazing cat but the vet bill is quickly getting out of control. Moosie has required multiple blood test to check organs, along with fluids, anesthesia, and now a feeding tube to carefully introduce his body to food again, and this is only day 2 of his treatment. We love him dearly and want nothing more than to bring a healthy and happy Moosie home. He is such an amazing and tough little guy.

Anchorage, AK


Going to the animal shelter was my way of forgetting about anything I was stressing over. My boyfriend and I would go every weekend and walk as many of the dogs as we could. One Saturday we looked on the board and saw that a dog named Charger needed to be walked so we went looking for him. We found Charger in a tiny cage towards the back of the storage room. He was the furriest most high energized dog I had ever seen, his name fit so well. We brought him outside and he couldn't get enough of the sunshine and fresh air. We left that day and knew we had to have this crazy dog. We called my boyfriend's parents and with enough convincing they agreed to help us get him home. We only had one problem, we had to wait 2 weeks to take him home and the shelter didn't do holds. We made a commitment to go every day and stay with him until the shelter closed. He quickly began to recognize us and shook all the way to his hind legs whenever we walked in the door. Finally, on Easter morning we got to bring him home. Since that day 2 years ago he has been the most loyal and loving family member and we wouldn't trade him for the world.

Shannon Bollard
Indiana, PA

Vesper, the Miracle Cat

We lost our beloved 15-year-old cat Otto to cancer in early 2014, and it didn't take us long before we were really lonely.

The local vet's office sometimes had cats up for adoption, so we went there and saw a blue-cream tortoiseshell with a clipped ear, and a brown spotted tabby. We adopted them both. We named them Vesper and Uma.

Vesper had been a feral cat. A woman hit her with her car, brought her into the vet's office, and dropped her off without paying. She didn't have the use of her legs, and was acting so feral that they didn't think she would be adoptable. They were going to euthanize her, but one of the vet techs intervened and took her home. After about a month, she regained the use of her legs, but the plan was to release her back out into the wild--until we saw her and adopted her.

Vesper has been the most wonderful cat--she doesn't act feral at all. She's so affectionate and cuddly, we can't imagine her living outside. She's had some additional health problems along the way, including a heart condition and an aggressive stomach bacteria, but after lots of vet visits, she's doing great--she's the miracle cat.

Uma is our little 7-pound diva, who was found living behind an Outback steakhouse. We've also adopted Wendy, who was abandoned when her owner moved away, and was found outside, starving and wounded.

We love all our rescue girls, and we hope they live long and happy lives.

Jared Dillian
Myrtle Beach, SC


A couple years ago my husband while at work came across Missting (missy for short) outside, she was skin and bones and hiding from the rain under our truck. He fed her some Wet food and she sat on his lap the rest of his work shift. He called me and told me he was bringing her home, I was worried that our Other cat Cowboy wouldn't get along with her but now they are best friends. She is the grey kitten.

She is very attached to my husband and when he is home she is always near him,

Fort Worth, TX

Timbit's TIme

After 15 years with 3 cats, and finally saying goodbye to Buddy, my gorgeous longhaired ginger, I didn't want to open up my heart to another kitty for a long time.

I also had moved to a 4-plex house's bachelor apartment in February, about 6 months after Buddy's passing.

It was too painful to live in that apartment block any longer. As well as losing my pets, my Dad and older brother died within a year of one another. Before that, a close friend succumbed to her condition at 28 years old.

.. Too much had happened. Time for a change.

Time for Timbit.

In December 2010, when I'd been settled in and made the little flat my home (complete with painted walls, etc), my upstairs neighbours told me of a 'really really old' cat that was about to be put to sleep unless he could be re-homed immediately. His humans considered him a 'nuisance' because he kept getting into things and making messes.

Well! This 'really really old' cat turned out to be one handsome, sweet and, once he figured out he was in a new home, funny and affectionate.

I noticed, tho', that he would flinch if I put my hand close to his face, so I wondered if they had hit the poor guy. I'm incensed that anyone would have a cat this long and THEN decide he's not worth it .. also that they may have been abusive!

It's been almost 5 years now. Timbit's showing his age and prefers to spend all his time sleeping on the kitchen mat.

I keep an eye on him to make sure he uses his litter, can eat & drink, and enjoys being picked up & petted.

One day, maybe this year, I may have to say farewell to Timbit. For now, I have a lovely old kitty who shows me every day that he's so happy to be genuinely home.

victoria, BC, Canada

My Hope.

My morning started out like many others. I needed to drop some packages off at the post office, but the one by my house was closed for the weekend, so i decided to drive to the other one not far away.

I was driving down the road, when all of a sudden a small white and tan dog darted out into 4 lanes of traffic. I thought "OMG" and started to slow down when suddenly this big f250 pulling a boat smacks right into her, and i watched in horror as she did flips under the truck, and then the boat trailer. They never stopped

I slammed on my brakes, threw my hazards on, jumped out to stop traffic from going past her while i approached her laying in the road. She looked dazed I must have come into focus for her, because she jumped up, and ran off in the directions she'd be trying to go. Over a set of railroad tracks and into the tree line.

I jumped back in my car and found the side street to go find her. me and some others searched for her for 3 hours before we finally found her hiding under someone's trailer. After much coaxing, we finally managed to call her out. She was scared stiff and refused to walk. I had no idea if she had any broken bones or internal injuries, so i carefully scooped her up and placed her in my car.

We took her to the vet right away.

It turned out, she was only a puppy! 9 months old at the most. But the miracle? No broken bones, no other injuries!

We named her "Hope" We have since adopted her. She is shy, but warming up to us. And loves to Cuddle!

Bossier city, LA


While working at the local Target store, I heard some other employees talking about a little feral kitten in the parking lot. A couple of them had wanted to keep it but were unable to catch it. I had a live trap so I offered to catch it for them. After a couple days of setting the trap, I finally got the little guy! I took him home with me and let him sit in the cage in the family room to get used to us. He was so frightened! I gave him a flea bath and took him to the vet to get him checked out and vaccinated. He was 2-3 months old and only 2 lbs 10 oz. after I got him

Cleaned up, I approached the people at work and none were willing to take him. I couldn’t just drop him at the pound, so I brought him home to stay until we found him a forever home. As he warmed up to us, his little personality came out and we realized we could not part with him. So, we named him Bullseye and 1 ½ years later, he is firmly planted here! While my cats are inside cats, I allow them to go outside for a bit with me to burn off energy. Bullseye is a hunter and loves to bring me “gifts” to express his love and appreciation. They range from birds and chipmunks to leaves and moths. Never are they ever harmed. He is so gentle. Tough, I would prefer that these gifts stay outside! He is now 14 pounds of kitty and we can't imagine life without him. What a blessing he is!

Pickerington, OH

My Michonne

I am the mother of 4 rescue cats and it was a full house for me! But one day a rescue friend told me she had found a young longhair Siamese on the street and if she couldn't find a foster, he was going to have to go back. New Orleans is beginning to have coyote attacks and with dogfighters also stealing cats for bait, I couldn't let this baby return to the street. My friend said you could tell he was domestic once but now seemed pretty wild. So I thought maybe he could live in our house as a feral.

I brought him home and he disappeared. The other cats didn't seem to mind that he was there. Once in awhile, watching tv at night, I would see a white blur disappear out of the corner of my eye. We lived like this for about 3 months. Then one morning, I woke up and saw him sitting in a sunbeam in my bedroom. He finally felt safe to explore in the day and I watched him slink around carefully. Then another morning, I woke up, stretched in bed---and felt needles go into my feet! I swallowed a scream as I quickly realized what was happening---he was at the foot of the bed, playing with my feet! But the poor baby had such long curved nails that when he played they would cut my feet and my white sheets were speckled with blood. I didn't mind, though, because this was a huge breakthrough. I put heavy socks on to minimize the cutting and kept playing with him every morning. And 4 months after he moved in, he let me pet him!

I named him "Michonne"---you know, the girl with the samurai sword who leaves a trail of blood on THE WALKING DEAD? And he learned his name and has bonded with all of the other cats. He goes to all of them for baths and love and is now my darling. And in the world of strange things, I believe now he is half Siamese and half Maine Coon!

New Orleans, LA

Charlie The Shop Cat

I work for a plumber and one spring day 2 years ago, it was POURING. I swear I heard meowing. I thought it was just one of the several "outside" cats from the subdivision behind our shop. the meowing stopped. A few hours later I heard it again, my office manager thought I was nuts! So we went outside and in some bushes out by my window there was this tiny little guy. Eyes crusted over and could barely move. We brought him in and cleaned him up and my manager made an emergency appointment at a vet and wisked it away. We found out she was a girl and I had named her Charlie, the Vet said she had probably been dumped there and was barely three weeks old she had a bad infection and ear mites. I learned my boss would stay as late as she could to feed her and take her home that first week or so to feed her at night.That started an interesting journey to bottle feedings and leaving her in a box at night. We would come in(I would get there early just to check on her) and she would be covered in poo and would have to have a bath. Every morning for about a week. Then she learned her litter box, and slowly we got her to eat from a bowl. I wonder if we were successful at raising her she "plays" rough and likes to bite (thanks to my technicians roughing her around and teaching her to play that way). but she loves to curl up in the sun, and hop on my desk, usualy on the paper im working with, for attention and pets. I call her our Psycho Shop Kitty. Wouldn't trade her for the world.

Nancy J
Rogers, AR
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