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Rescued in Israel

Last year we were living in Israel. Just 2 weeks before we left for Israel our 11 Year Old French Bulldog developed cancer and instead of moving to Israel we had to put her down. One week after we arrived there we saw daily postings for a French Bulldog that was lost and roaming the streets. She was undernourished and frightened when we adopted her. and brought her back to Florida. Today Chloe is happy, healthy and is a wonderful sister to our Long haired Chihuahua. It took a while to get her to follow commands as she did not understand English, only Hebrew, but she has now adapted and loves everyone.

Gary Rosenfeld
Bradenton, FL

Charlie's Story

A glance at a local shelter’s web site in 2012 changed my life and Charlie’s - a beautiful Pomeranian who had been returned 3 times and needed a forever home. I went to the shelter that same day and saw a dog that looked nothing like his picture. His last home had not groomed him so his beautiful coat had to be partially shaved; he still had mats, a yeast infection, fleas and walked with a limp. He was definitely going home with me. My vet said the limp was from an old injury that had affected the growth plate so we began pain meds. The pain worsened over the next few months so he was referred to the U of I Animal Clinic and admitted with preliminary diagnosis of meningitis. When the test results came back, everyone was surprised at the diagnosis-toxoplasmosis. After 4 months of antibiotics, he was finally healthy and feeling much better. Now Charlie gets laser therapy every 10 days plus medicines to help manage the pain in the leg and shoulder. Since he takes mid-day meds, he also goes to work with me and is the official office greeter. He is a special, well-loved dog and is now healthy and happy in his forever home. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Nancy Caldwell
Sherman, IL

Cats and Kittens Rescued From Iraq Combat Zone

Many of us have heard about dogs being rescued from the war zones in Iraq but few know that there is a wonderful group of people who are saving cats as well.

Alley Cat Rescue, the U.S. National Cat Protection Association picked up five kittens at the Washington Dulles International Airport. These lucky kittens were rescued and flown from Erbil, Iraq thanks to the efforts of a member of the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service. This means a second chance at life for these kittens.

Little did Tony and his colleagues know that their Diplomatic Mission in Iraq would include cats, but it did. They became involved in rescuing homeless cats and kittens. Their mission includes providing the homeless cats with food, vaccinations, spay and neuter when possible and a safe place to live until they can be flown out of the combat zone to new homes in the United States. So far these kindhearted and dedicated people have saved 20 cats.

The latest group of kittens and their mother came from Baghdad to be fostered for a few weeks until they could be sent to America.

Soon after they arrived at Erbil, the group noticed that the mothers belly seemed to be getting bigger. Upon further examination it was discovered that she was already pregnant with a second litter. The mother cat, Josie, gave birth to five more kittens.

They tried to fly the first litter of kittens in early July, but were unable due to cargo restrictions. They tried again in August but all commercial flights were cancelled due to terrorist threats.

Finally in December Josie and her first five kittens reached their foster homes in the U.S. A few weeks later the second litter made it to the U.S.

Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland, was able to foster five of the kittens and they will be available for adoption soon.

It is a tribute to the service men and women in combat zones that they care enough for the animals sharing their dangers to take the time and money to save these helpless cats.

Tony Sanganetti
Erbil, Iraq

"Dog People" Get Converted

My family has always had dogs. I love all animals, and I used to volunteer for the local SPCA, where I got my first real exposure to cats, and found I liked them more than I ever thought I would. Noticing that (at our SPCA at least) the adult cats seemed to take so much longer to find homes than the other animals, I decided that someday, when the time was right, I wanted to give an adult cat a home.

A few years later, after our beloved rescued dog passed away, I convinced my widowed mother, who I live with, that we should adopt a cat. Mom had a few reservations. She didn’t want a cat that was “stand-offish,” as the stereotype goes, and didn’t like the idea of a cat walking on her kitchen counters. When she learned that Ragdolls, a breed known for being very friendly, were also reputed to not like to jump or climb, she thought that would be perfect.

Usually, adopting a Ragdoll means getting on a breeder’s waiting list. Waiting on a kitten that hadn’t been born yet didn’t jive with my original desire to rescue an adult cat that needed a home. It took weeks of hunting on the internet, but I eventually found a 3-year-old Ragdoll up for adoption. She had been picked on by dogs in her previous home. The rescue group was a 3-hour drive from where we live, but only a ten-minute drive from where my brother’s family lives. We arranged to adopt Chelsea on our way out of town from visiting him.

Now, 2 years later, our sweet, affectionate Chelsea has both of us wrapped around her little paw. We both love her dearly. I often tease Mom when I see her stroking the cat curled up in her lap: “Oh, you don’t like cats.” She smiles. “I sure like THIS one,” she replies.

Raleigh, NC

Ziggy, our ninja and comedienne

In 2011, my husband and I had just one dog, Kirby, our boy boxer mix. He was my best buddy, but we could tell he missed his Kitty sister. So, we started volunteering with a rescue agency. Our neighbor was a volunteer with that group and was fostering a beagle mix girl dog named Missy. She told us she couldn't walk Missy because Missy liked to pull.

So, after some discussion between my husband and me, we decided we would take a chance on fostering Missy, as long as Kirby was okay with her. After a few passing bys, Kirby and Missy were okay with each other. We took Missy to Petsmart for the group's adoption events. She HATED it there and would bark non-stop. So, September 2011 we stopped taking her. Nobody wanted her, but my husband was getting attached to her and her wild ways. AND her refusal to listen to us and the simple commands we asked of her. LOL.

So, January 2012, my husband said he wanted to adopt Missy, even though he had a layoff coming by the end of February. So, we paid the adoption fee, changed her name to Ziggy (she likes to zig and zag on walks).

She has been a joy for us the past few years and we hope for many more.

***I still prefer my Kirby boy, since he was my heart. But Ziggy is good for many laughs.

Jessica L S.
Cincinnati, OH

Beauty in the street

We found Iris in a small village in Turkey: emaciated, starving, covered in mange and open sores. She was oblivious to the danger she posed scratching in the middle of the road. I was able to medicate her for the myriad of afflictions she has. Iris continues on her road to recovery. She is such a sweet soul; she prefers a cuddle to a bowl of food. She probably never knew love as she looked absolutely terrible with very little fur and a severe eye infection. Thank you to all the terrific folks who do rescue work. You make the difference!

Sharon Weidensaul
Incirlik, Turkey

Neo the Super Siberian Husky

Neo, our rescue dog and inspiration behind Bio-Rep Animal Health, was found four years ago on the side of a highway after he had been hit by a car.

The puppy’s right hind leg had been completely shattered from the car’s impact. He was rushed to a local animal shelter.

Neo was un-tagged so the shelter could not operate on his leg and could only provide him with pain medication until he was either claimed by the owner or seven days had passed (whichever came first). Also, he was not allowed to be taken back out, even for treatment, because he was considered "unclaimed personal property.”

Still unclaimed, on the morning of the seventh day, we formally adopted him. We had already lined up emergency surgery for his leg at a nearby veterinary clinic.

The veterinarian's initial recommendation was to amputate his leg, due to extreme blood loss and his broken leg had atrophied over the past week. We chose not to amputate his leg because we wanted Neo to run on all four legs again, he's a husky, after all. We opted to try reconstructive surgery instead. The initial surgery was unsuccessful. The metal implant had shifted out of his joint and, as a result, the bone could not properly fuse together.Three weeks later a second surgery was performed on Neo, it was yet again unsuccessful.

Before Neo’s third surgery, the founder of Bio-Rep (a doctor and scientist) reformulated his patented human bone and joint product to be safe enough to use on the dog. Neo was given two tablets two times a day, morning and night.

Six weeks after his third surgery, Neo’s operation was successful and he was expected to make a full recovery. Today, Neo is a happy and healthy dog, who loves to run and jump!

Bevi Edlund
Yorba Linda, CA


While working in the yard, I found 3 kittens who were probably a week old. A few days later, one male kitten was crying in the driveway. It was apparent the mother abandoned him for an unknown reason, since she was walking around with the other two kittens. Peenut was 10 ounces when I attempted to feed him with a bottle and teach him the other aspects of life. He is now 8 months old, weighs 12 pounds, and loves his cat brother JC and dog sister Sierra. Peenut is a special cat and will always be loved.

Hainesport, NJ


It was March, 1998. Our daughter called to say she had just rescued a kitten from some young boys who were abusing the kitten. We went over immediately and brought the kitten home with us. Tigger RULED! from the moment she arrived. After just over 17 years with this wonderful baby, we lost her yesterday morning to natural causes. Our other fur babies are looking all over for her, but we know we will see our beloved Tigger again soon when we cross over the Rainbow Bridge together. Tigger, my Love, rest in peace.

Tigger's Dad
Phoenix, AZ

Ruby & Basso

We had unexpectedly lost our 8 yr. old Tortie, Angel in January 2014. We weren't sure if we wanted another cat or not. Our other cat, Basso had gained weight after Angel's loss, he needed a buddy, he was not used to being an only cat.

I stopped at a store, someone in the parking lot had kittens, all I saw was dark strips and white paws and I had to look. Ruby was having fun wrestling with her sister, she was the last kitten they had.They put Ruby in my arms, she began purring, rubbing me, I was hooked. I could tell she was very social and felt she would be a great companion for Basso.She sat on my lap for the car ride.home. The meeting with Basso didn't go so well, I was devastated. Basso finally came around, accepted Ruby they are the best of friends. Basso was active again, he had a buddy to sleep with, play chase with. We are so happy Ruby is part of the family.

Hertford, NC
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