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my Sadie

I was living alone in a new apartment and for the first time in many years, without a doggie. I've always had a dachshund since I was 13. I searched Petfinder and found the perfect dog. She had been found in a cat trap in St. Joseph, MO. Two hour drive from my home. The day she came available, I called the shelter and told them I was on my way. I didn't know if I would be able to adopt her, because they would not hold her for me. When I arrived, she was still there. We now live in a house and she loves to dig in the backyard as you can see. That was 7 years ago and she is my girl. We love to snuggle on the couch. She's my buddy and protector. Very much loved.

Debbie Copeland
Lees Summit, MO

Amazing Gracie Dog

After our 12 year old Sheltie passed away, we began looking for another Sheltie. It was love at first sight when we found Gracie (then Licorice) on the Pueblo Collie Sheltie Rescue site. The first 7 years of her life were spent as a puppymill breeder dog in Nebraska. Meeting her at her foster home and seeing how frightened she was of people made us wonder if we could handle such a dog. We had no idea how traumatized these dogs were. Even though she would freeze and cringe at human contact, there was a moment when she bravely wagged her tail and I knew inside her shell there was a spirited soul waiting for rescue.

Gracie has lived with us for 8 months now and she is doing very well. She has moments of relapse when she will scoot away in fear, but it has been rewarding to see her progress. She has ruined us for all future dogs because we now know the joy of watching a deserving dog blossom - so a "normal" dog just won't do. She has a blog to chronicle her steps from puppymill rescue to life in her forever home in hopes of inspiring and educating others about these dogs.

Sue White
Littleton, CO

Hallie helped heal my grieving heart.

After having to put down my beloved Beagle, Nicky, I grieved so much my husband suggested we adopt another Beagle. Using Petfinder I found the Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue that had many Beagles that needed homes. We went to the foster mom's home and among all the Beagles that greeted us, Hallie presented her little sweet face that just said " Take me, take me." While deciding on which one to take, Hallie curled up beside me on the floor like she already belonged. Well, she just stole my heart. She came home with us that day, and we have worked hard to help her overcome some fears she had. She had been a stray that was scheduled to be put down the day the rescue group got her. Talk about saved at the last minute. She is now a very happy confident little girl who loves her "brother", our other dog, Toby, an English Cocker Spaniel, also a rescue. She has helped heal my broken heart and has brought so much love into our lives. We give thanks for her every day. I know Nicky would have loved her too.

Victoria, TX


3 years ago I was posting bullitens On MySpace trying to spread the word to help save so many dogs from doom. One day, 4 sweet Shepherd Lab mix pups came across my computer screen. I posted and posted and the 3 girls got saved, but the boy was still there. 2 days went by and no one came for this sweet pup, and his time would be up in 2 days. So on he 3rd day, no one came for him still, so I got in my car at midnight and drove all the way from Indianapolis to Coweta GA to bring this sweet boy home. His time was up in the morning so I called every 1/2 hour from the time they opened to let them know his new mommy was comimg and to keep him from going to the bridge. I got there with 30 minutes to spare and took my sweet boy home. Now he is mommy's 104 lb lap dog and he and his fur-sis just adore each other. My life was changed that day. My boy, Darger, rescued ME!

Indianapolis, IN

The rescue of Mr Grey and Miss Black

I was on my way home on 01/03/2008 @ 4:30pm, I live in the country in MN and noticed black spots out in the snow covered field. The closer I got to it I noticed it was moving. My heart sunk when I realized it was two little 3 pound kittens about 3-4 months old. I pulled over and called "here kitty, kitty" and they came walking to me. I was shocked to see them all covered in ice about a ¼ to ½ inch thick. It made me sick and very sad to see them like that. It made me mad that some one would throw these kittens out in the country miles from any house in January and expect them to survive. I put them in my warm Jeep and took them to my home. I removed the ice and dried them, kept them warm all night and then took them to the vet. The vet told me they wouldn't have made it much longer in that weather with ice all over them and they were lucky you saw them when you did. A couple more hours and they would have froze.

I kept both of them I didn't want them to be separated, the only reason they are alive is because they were together. They are the sweetest two cats I have. They now live with 3 others rescues that were left in the country in the summer of 2005.

The picture is the first time they got free run of the house. They found the cat tree and loved it.

Their names are Mr. Grey and Miss Black.

Lola Langlie
Glyndon, MN

Saving Suzi

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to rescue a dog from a shelter. We already had one dog. A very sweet German Shorthair named Mesa. When I decided to get another dog it was imperative that Mesa still be happy. I went on to Petfinder.com and found a dog at a local (kill) shelter that I thought might work. Unfortunately when I got to the shelter and met the dog I realized he would be way to aggressive for my situation. So I decided to take a look through the cages. There laying on the cement floor was a very sickly looking Shepard mix. She did not even get up when I approached the cage but instead gave a little cough. When I told the attendant that I thought she was sick, she said "well if she is sick on Monday we will put her down". I looked at her in horror and said get her out of there. When I got her home she was so happy, but soooo sick. She ended up having a server case of kennel cough, her temperature was 107! The vet said she would have died within a couple of days without antibiotics. She is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet and she and Mesa are the best of friends.

Lucy Walker
Sandpoint, ID

Siouxsie's reception

After moving to California we decided to get a playmate for our rescued border collie, Jasper. We went to the local humane society looking for a smaller dog. At the end of the hallway sat this small rat terrier with her ears pulled back. She lifted her head and unveiled those big ears as she looked at us. Those sad eyes and those big ears won our hearts. After a meet and great with Jasper, Siouxsie came home with us. They have since become the best playmates. She greats us every morning with the biggest smile that just makes our day. When our friends see the big ears, they always ask "if she gets good reception with those big ears?"

Kim Becker
Occidental, CA


My daughter Reya was six years old when we adopted Petri. She was terrified of animals, especially dogs. We went to the pet store one day to check out some toys for our cat (that she was scared of) and the Orange county VA animal shelter had some dogs at the store that were up for adoption. My husband, son, and I all wanted a dog but with Reya's fear of them it seemed like an impossibilty. Reya walked by a few dogs that were in their cages holding on to my pants leg when she saw Petri in his kennel. She went right over to him and started petting him through the cage. One of the shelter workers asked her if she wanted to take him for a walk and she said yes, took the leash, and off we went. We adopted him that day and never looked back. I could not believe that this little girl, barely 40 pounds and scared to death of dogs, took the leash and walked a 60 pound shepard/hound mix, and fell in love. Now Petri watches out for Reya and is very careful with her. He is a lovable dog and a true member of this family. None of us can remember what it was like without him in our family.

Anna DuBois
Locust Grove, VA

Who rescued whom?

I didn't want another dog - I had a 'best bud' and after a life of rescuing animals - enough. I was getting older and didn't want to leave any critters behind for others to care for. He found me: bedraggled, flea infested, long hair matted to the skin and medical problems from neglect. A Pembroke Corgi/Pom mix in the mountains of remote WV - no clue. In horror I saw the conditions the 'breeders' had their animals living under when I found his 'owners'. No wonder he escaped. I shut them down with legal help, placed the other poor creatures, suffering the wrath backlash. I couldn't part with this guy. I gained seven years of unconditional adoration - a 16 lb boy who sat staring at me for hours. He gave me so much more than I could ever give him. His willingness to learn how to be a "pet" was amazing, he was an older dog that had never been in a house! He struggled to live his last two years with dignity, but the ills brought on by years of being neglected caught up to him with back problems and cancer. The 'final'decison was beyond agony. The vet said he'd never seen such a will to live - his pain was too great. It's been a year and I still have tears as I write this. He brought smiles to everyone who saw his grinning little face, bunny tail, odd little body and strange little walk. When I retired to Florida, he spent a couple of years visiting nursing homes. He'll never be forgotten for his giving, his will to live and undaunted spirit. You live on in my heart, dear Li'l Samm...he was a gift to me - this is my memorial to him.

Sandra McCoy
South Daytona, FL

How I found Frankie

I was sent to a God forsaken place to teach in Brooklyn N.Y. Many times as i would sit smoking when a three legged cat and a kitten would appear seemingly from nowhere. Winter was fast approaching with the ice and winds and the baby looked painfully bony and weak. I decided to bring my cat carrier and a can of food after a weekend when i knew that they had been waiting three days for me since the Friday before to eat properly. That weekend it snowed and the temperature dropped to below freezing. i put the can of food in the cat carrier and to my luck, the kitten ran in to eat and I quickly closed the door. I took him home and he sure was a wild one! Crying and scratching the cat carrier. I had an extra bedroom and put food and water and a litter box and a warm blanket in there and closed the door. I did this for about two months always gving him fresh water and food. Whenever i tried to pet him he would hiss in a most threatening way. Finally after two or three months of leaving him alone, I opened the door. He would begin to peek out and then run back in the room. Frankie is now almost a year and a half old and is the center of our families life. He sits in the kitchen, he plays with my daughter, he brought my teenage son out of his room and melted the heart of my Moslem husband whose religion frowns on having an animal in the house. Frankie has a good home now and is a "talking" cat. He talks because he turned out to be an expensive "Egyptian Mau" cat a breed who talks.

Julia Scalcione
StatenIsland, NY
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