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My Scrawny Tawny

We had adopted a dog in late 2008 (Penny) and I thought that was it for dogs since we have a small house. I was just browsing the Misty Creek Dog Rescue site and came across a larger dog who was so cute and happy looking. His story was so sad, he'd been a stray in Montana as a puppy and then the local pound found him and decided to put him to sleepafter no one claimed him. Misty Creek found out and brought him to Alberta. Due to his size and some medical issues, he remained there for some time with no forever home. We decided to give him a trial week, our biggest concern was that he get along with our other female dog, who tends to be a dominant.

Tawny has now been here for 3 months and him and Penny are best friends. He is easy going and laid back and has made big progress on being a leash dog. He is becoming such a family dog and he lets Penny be the boss! Their favorite thing to do is play wrestle in the back yard. I'm so glad he became part of our family. Please consider a resuce dog, they may take a little more work, but they are so worth it!

Vulcan, AB, Canada

Lottery Winner

We own a hunting/fishing lodge in a very remote area in Northern Ontario I wanted a dog for protection as well as companionship as I spent a great deal of time alone with Gary working in the city and only coming into camp on weekends.... We had just lost our precious Buddy and Gary wasn't ready for a new dog because he was still grieving . I was at our local SPCA picking up a kitten when I seen Beau. It was love at 1st sight! Because he was a little bit aggresive and barked at everyone no one was willing to adopt him. I have to admit when I 1st stepped into his cage I was a little leary... but.when I looked into his eyes I knew there was a sad story behind him. I learnt Beau had been in and out of the SPCA more than once...his last family was a single Mom of 3 children under the age of 10...working 3 jobs and living in a 2 bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor. Need I say more...(We nicked named him Beau Barker)

Beau was 2 and very hyper We are sure that he never had been in the water...took him a bit to get into the lake but now we can't get him out....he fishes for minnows on the lakeshore....he runs around and plays with the kids in our trailer park....plays with our kitten Miss Molly and makes me laugh everyday. I'm not sure who won the lottery! I think we all won because he can run and play everyday with no boundries, a family who loves him and I have found myself a best friend who follows me everywhere and loves me unconditionally! We love you Beau and Buddy we miss you too!

River Valley, ON, Canada

Earl Grey (as in the tea)

About 8 years ago Earl came to us when we were feeding the feral cat colony behind our business. We had left the back door open and he wandered in. We fed him and would keep him until someone should claim him. The second day at the office, he jumped up on the couch and took a nap with my husband. We thought that he must have been someone’s cat from the neighborhood since he was so friendly. We put up posters with his picture on it but no one claimed him, so we kept him. I took him to the vet to have him checked out and to see if they could file down a tooth that seemed too rough. His tongue was also split at the tip. The vet told us that he was already fixed and he would have to have a root canal – the tooth that was rough was actually broken. That with the split tongue made us wonder about his previous home. Over $900 later in dental surgery – we decided that we would keep him and he would be our office cat. He sleeps everyday on my husband’s shoulder (or on a blanket upside down), drools and sometimes snores. He loves to greet our client’s and our client’s look forward to seeing him when they stop by. He has been a great addition to our office!

Rhonda Collins
Madison Heights, MI

Best Buddies

Last year I had adopted Evie (black Cairin mix) after my Westie died from cancer. Evie was a God send and helped me through a very difficult time. In June, I saw Brodie (Bichon, Shih tzu, terrier mix) on PetFinder and knew he was going to be Evie's little brother. We are now a family of 3. They make me laugh and bring joy to my life every day. My rescue kids make my house a home.

Connie Knudsen
Sioux Falls, SD

Immediate bonding

I finally convinced my father to let me adopt a cat. I wanted an older cat that would have less of a chance of finding a home, but dad insisted that I was better off with a kitten. I have depression and he believed that this would be the best "medication" for me. We looked on petfinder.com and dad fell in love with the picture of a kitten. Her huge green eyes (too big for her head) and funniest posture won us BOTH over. We adopted her from P.A.W.S and bonded immediately.

She has such a personality!! She thinks she is a dog... plays fetch, attack kitty, and plays "dead" upon command. She doesn't meow... she squeaks. She has inherited my OCD. Wants what she wants when she wants it! She has won dad's heart over, too. When I am not around, she curls up on his chest and rests her head under his chin while sleeping on the couch. She has recently taken to attacking his leg while he is on his computer. When he ignores her, she jumps on his lap instead and buries her head in his armpit. Yuck! But whatever makes her happy!

Her new buddy is a tree frog that likes to torment her through the window. He hops and she runs into the window forgetting about the glass pane. She yowls when the frog isn't there to play. He only visits at night.

I initially named her Skippila Jean. My son insisted that I name her after his favorite book with a cat named Skippy Jon Jones. However, dad changed her name to Imogene. With those huge eyes and comical personality, she really does resemble Imogene Coca!!

She is a lifesaver. I can't imagine a day without her!!! Thank you P.A.W.S. for my Imogene!!

Hava L.
West Bloomfield, MI

Bennie the Beagle

After my chocolate lab of 16yrs passed away, I decided it was time to adopt another furry kid. I found Bennie at the Heber Valley Animal Shelter. He was a stray they picked up wondering around. He's such a sweet dog and has fit right in with the family, even the cats. I don't know how someone could let him go but I'm grateful to have this gentle little boy.

Jenny Lowe
West Jordan, UT


At 10 months old, Mikka had been living on the streets and had given birth to a litter of kittens, all of whom had been adopted. We already had 2 cats and a dog -- despite the fact that I'm highly allergic to them! -- but I wanted another cat desperately. Skinny little Mikka caught my eye when she reached through her cage and made a motion with her paw like, "Hey, come here! I'm the one you're looking for!" I knew instantly she was right; she was the one I'd come for.

Today, Mikka is a playful, healthy, full-bodied beauty. As you can see, she is quite adept at hiding and really seems to think no one can see her... so I let her go on thinking that. She brings joy and laughter to my life.

Alexis A
Wilmington, DE

Our Little Jane

Jane's owner was very sick and could not take care of her so she turned Jane over to the Virginia German Shepherd Rescue. They helped socialize Jane and found her a new home, with us. My husband and I have had Jane for 2 years now and we love her so much. I call her princess Jane and let her lay on the couch and bed. I think that because of her size and intimidating looks people wanted to use her for protection. But now Jane can relax and we protect her. She is coming out of her shell and is growing more and more cuddly and wiggly everyday.

Adopting an adult dog was great for us because we both work full time and we didn't want to house train a puppy. The rescue group we adopted Jane from is very supportive and is like a family, we know they are always there if we need them.

Reston, VA

Gandalf Abandoned Cat

A few months ago I was driving home from work and saw a starving looking cat sitting despondently at the side of the road near a busy intersection. I stopped the car but he wouldn't let me near him and wandered across the road to the dumpster outside a pizza shop. I felt so sorry for him as he obviously had been a pet. Then I learned from my daughter that her friend had noticed him a few weeks before looking healthy and he was friendly. We started to leave food and water for him under some trees where I first saw him. I could never catch him either with a trap or carrier but his condition improved and he always ate his food. One night just before I moved house I went to feed him, it was late and I was tired, but he came over to me and let me pet him. After he ate, I managed to pick him up and put him in my car just like that and took him home. He moved house with me and settled into my new home which is on acreage and he loves it here and gets on well with my two other cats. He is so grateful and affectionate. I called him Gandalf as he is grey and and I love him very much. Once he settled in he had all his necessary vet procedures done and is desexed and healthy. I am so glad I rescued him before our winter and where he was living has been bulldozed and is being re-developed so he would have lost even his street home if I had not rescued him when I did.

Pippa Mealings
near Melbourne, Australia

My Little Cats

These are just a couple of strays that wondered on my place as they were half grown kittens. They couldn't resist shoelaces drug across the grass and I entised them inside and fed them. "Chunky" "Skinny" (twins) and "Junior" have finally decided that this was a safe and comfortable place to take up permant residence. They have also adjusted to the newest addition, a shitzupoo. (Gizmo)

They do make life interesting and unpredictable.

Omer Knoll
Palco, KS
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