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Our Kids

We are getting a little too old to handle young dogs so what a better way than to have the dogs handle dogs. Ergo, our two young Siberians from the local shelters. When we lost our last puppy, she had to be replaced. It was then that Annika joined our family, at the ripe old age of 9 months. Whoo! I'm too old for all that puppy energy. She instantly became part of the family so what can we do. The only answer was another Siberian to keep her company. That job fell to Lily, another 9 month old Siberian. But we had a problem. Just when we were ready to go pick her up, we got a telephone call that she had been bitten by a rattlesnake and the prognosis wasn't too good. A month later we got the call that Lily was doing fine and ready to join our family. That was a year ago and my heart is so filled with love for these two nuts, it's hard to explain. And now, we are doing "home visits" for Siberians Need Owners.

Ed & Betty Macke

Puyallup, WA

Ed Macke
Puyallup, WA


Eight months after our last baby had passed away, we brought home our new Pom puppy. Life was good having a baby in the house again. Three months later we were at the SPCA looking for a baby for my mother-in-law. She didn't find one, but we found Sadie - a sheltie mix with eyes to melt your heart. There was never question or a hesitation that she was going to be ours. Two years later we are a happy family with loving babies!

Joan Todd
Roanoke, VA

Sorry Charlie

On a very cold night 17 years ago. I went to the local drugstore to grab some cold medicine and upon returning to my car, just before getting in, I heard a squeak. I stepped back out of my car and there is was again. Squeak! I decided that it was coming from the dumpster I was parked next to.

I started to get back in my car and drive away and I heard it again, only this time it was more than a squeak. I begrudgingly got out of my car into the bitter cold and went to have a peek. I thought it might just be a rat but I HAD to look.

Inside the dumpster, hardly visible, covered with all sorts of dumpster muck was a little black and white kitten. Barely more than 6 weeks old. He was so small he fit into a pop tart box (found in dumpster). I took him home, warmed him up, nursed him with some kitten replacement I always keep in the house. The next day we went to the vets and got him the works.

Charlie has grown up with my son who is 17 now, and although he has grown considerably (20lbs) he is such a character. He is active and still jumps up on the bed and turns out he's a watch cat. He growls when someone knocks on the door. So funny. Sorry Charlie is the best cat I have ever had. He once used the toilet when I neglected to scoop the box expediently!

Baltimore, MD

My Little angel boy!

First my love for aimals goes way back, there were 5 kids in our family and my parents taught us to love and respect all living things and we did just that. I have always had them in my life. It would be empty without them. Last year my Dad passed away and I had a tough time and still am dealing with it, so I turned to helping animal rescuers save feral cats in my neighborhood and taking in orphan babies, one Sunday morn in May a Mom cat was in my yard, very sick and she had 2 babies with her. I had to take her to the vet and she was so sick I had her put to sleep, which broke my heart, but I had babies to care for. I bottle fed them and plan to put them up for adoption, as I have 8 other cats and 5 dogs! But they knew I was there Mom, and they would not be going anywhere, well there was a male named Junior and sis named Puff. They were a joy, but this year after they turned a year Junior got real sick, he had FIV, the bad one and he tryed so had to stay with me but on Aug.31, I lost him to this horrible diease. Just like his Mom had. After many visits to the Vets. I miss him so and I still have his sister and all the other 4 legged kids with fur, but theres always that one that touches your soul. He always was there for me and I forever will have him in my heart. I can't imangine a world without these 4 legged angels. Most of my kids were strays, and they are so full of love!!!

Deborah Grunn
Oklahoma, OK

Millie's Story

Hi, my name is Millie. In 2001 I was surrendered to a shelter in Maryland but luckily I found my way to Operation Scarlet in Lancaster, PA, a shelter for homeless Shar-Peis like myself. I was temporarily placed in a foster home where I learned to high-five and began a new life.

My Aunt Dawn runs the place, and she got in touch with Susan and Ray. She knew they were looking for another Shar-Pei after losing their beloved Bourbon to cancer. When we met I liked them right away and agreed to go home with them. Now I run their house for them in Pittsburgh. I really love hosting dinners and parties. Christmas parties are the best! The more people the better.

When I'm not at my guard post at the front door, generally supervising the neighborhood, you can usually find me patrolling the back yard against those pesky squirrels. That would be so much easier if I could just learn to climb trees.

I have lots of toys, and I sometimes throw them up in the air to catch them myself. I can entertain Susan and Ray this way for a while but soon they want to play too.

Susan & Ray Fretterd
Pittsburgh, PA

My rescued triplets!

I had recently put my 20 year old cat to sleep, and was lonely. I went to the nearby Humane Society, where these three tiny little balls of fur were all crunched together in a basket. I wanted to adopt all three, but one was already spoken for. I took Eden and Elsa, (pictured) and a month later Enya was returned due to allergies of her previous owner. I got a call and now I have all three! I call them E-kitty-cubed!

Cindy B.
Naples, FL

Coyote Mama's amazing story of love and salvation

Coyote Mama was abandoned on the railroad tracks with six puppies. With six mouths to feed she needed to eat herself but food was scarce. As time passed she became very thin. Instinct told her that winter was coming and with no shelter and little food the future looked bleak for Coyote and her little family. She had already lost one pup and she was desperate to save the others.

Lady was unaware that someone had been watching her. He watched her mourn the loss of one baby and her struggle to keep the rest alive. He vowed that he would help her. In October of 2008 he caught Coyote and the pups.

This was the day that we met Mama at the Leflore County Humane Society. She was thin but she still had a smile for us. We named her Coyote Mama and we loved her instantly. Her puppies were adopted, but no one came for Coyote Mama.

In August of 2009 a family wanted to adopt an adult dog. We thought of the Coyote Mama and told them we had just the perfect dog. The man came that afternoon. As he was driving home he called his wife to let her know he had adopted the dog. He told her this was a very special dog and he knew this because he had rescued her in October of 2008 from the railroad tracks along with her five puppies!

Today, renamed Lady, she loves to ride in the jeep and jump on the trampoline with their son. They rescued her twice and now she is a much loved member of this family.

Even though almost a year passed since she came to us Mama Coyote never gave up on us and we never gave up on her either. .

Sharon Stone
Greenwood, MS

Fish Rescue

My friend was forced to sell her home and had turned her swimming pool into a fish pond ten years ago. For three days, I worked on the logistics of transporting 150 goldfish ranging in size from 1 to 6 inches in length out of the swimming pool to a gigantic pond 72 miles away. It started with renting a sump pump or two for 19 hours of pumping. With the help of four friends, a truck, five plastic garbage cans, two nets, two extension cords, two hoses, various five gallon buckets, rope, rubber gloves, ice, and an air mattress pump that plugs into an auto cigarette lighter, we caught the fish and stopped along the way to aerate and add ice as it was 90 degrees out. What an experience! I have such a great feeling inside!

Annette Allsup
Merced, CA


We knew it was time to add to our four legged family members, but wasn't looking for any particular breed.The thought of having a pitbull or pitbull mix had never crossed our minds, though. Until they became very prominate in the news.I became drawn to the breed. I started out researching, reading everything I could about the breed, from people that owned them. One adoption site lead to another and that lead us to Skippy.He was found running around the interstate in the Atlanta area by a good Samaritan,who decided to foster him. We met in the middle and brought Skippy home. He is the funniest,most loving, big gooshie faced boy ever! He always has kisses for anyone that's willing and loves to have his belly rubbed.He's very protective of our two boys and our Yorkie, Daisy(who is a rescue dog as well).Daisy is still the Alpha female and keeps Skippy in his place! Even though they both came to our family from less than perfect beginnings, they are very smart and will do anything asked of them, especialy if a treat and a belly rub is involved!

Kim Ferguson
Erwin, TN

Adopt an older dog.

My wife and I have always had 3 or 4 dogs, all rescue animals. It seemed as if every 4 years we'd bring a puppy into the pack, believing that our pack would only accept a puppy.

Last March we said good-bye to Bailey, a 14 year old Norwegian Elk Hound. We now had 3 dogs and where not looking for a 4th, however when we talked about it, we where thinking we could only bring in a puppy. Then we met Leven.

Leven is a 2 year old American Pit Bull. He was at our local Paws & Claws Humane Society. My wife and I where there taking a few pictures of the animals for their 2010 calendar, and after spending a few minutes with Leven, we fell in love with him.

It took a few days, thinking about it. It took a trip to PCHS with our 3 dog pack, to introduce them to Leven and see how they reacted. That could have gone better, Leven was great, our dogs where somewhat aggressive toward him. We decided to see if our dogs would behave better in their own environment so we brought Leven to our home for a few hours. That went great! Our pack did better, Leven enjoyed his day of play, we decided to adopt him.

We've had Leven for 5 days now. He's great! He's well trained, come, sit, stay, housebroken. Our pack, (and 2 cats), they all get along great.

And there's this, a puppy might be "cute", but it feels good giving an older dog a home, one that no one else was looking at. Leven had been at the shelter for 3 months and on one had even looked at him.

He really is, one of the nicest dogs I've ever met!

Kelvin Andow
Rochester, MN
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