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"Amigo-My True Friend,Love"

Itsy,bitsty,teeny,tiny kittie somehow found his way to our rural home-he cried,so,so loud-only I heard him. He was so tiny,when I went to "piddle",he leaped in crotch of my panties,and was perfect hammock for this tiny fur-baby. As few months went by-Bamn!!-his tiny tail blew up,huge & magnificiant!-nothing like we'd seen before,same as his love,&huge furry paws & toes. Stumbled on "Norweigen Forest" cat photos,& other info describing my "Amigo" to a T....p.s.he does not "speak" now,as I see his breed does not talk much-but on that day,he not only talked very loudly-he screamed for me to rescue & love him-that's why I named him "Amigo".-Not only did he need me-I needed him so very,very much. I suffer from Chronic Pain-Not one night,or moment goes by without Amigo checking on me,or sleeping by my head until I go to sleep...

Daisy E. Vipperman
Elyria, OH


We were married last Oct 23, and a few days later, we heard meowing outside. It was dark, raining and very windy. I opened the door and in walked the most beautiful Russian Blue kitten. He walked straight into the bedroom where my husband was laying on the bed watching tv. This little stray, jumped right up onto the bed, walked up my husband's chest, touched his nose to Tim's nose and reached one little paw out and touched his cheek! Six months later, Max is settled in, rules the roost and is an official Service Pet to my husband. We are disabled, so were able to get a certificate from the Tacoma-Pierce County Humane Society's Cinderella Fund for low cost neutering. Max plays fetch, uses the toilet rather than a litter box and brings us a great deal of joy! The expression raining cats and dogs brought new meaning to us!

Cherie Custis
Tacoma, WA

My Spikey Boy

This is Spike, aka my Spikey boy. My husband and I had had to have our lab mix, Buddy euthanized, and wanted to get a buddy for our Australian sheperd mix, Dasher. We found Spike through an ad in the paper. The lady we got him from said that he had been wandering their neighborhood for several days, and every time she or her husband would try to approach him, he'd run. However, their 8 (9?) year old daughter had no problem approaching him - even then, Spike LOVED kids, and still does. However, it took several days for she and her husband to befriend him. Someone had obviously been mean to him. Shortly after they finally got Spike to allow them to get close to him, they found out they were going to have to move, and their new place did not allow big dogs. We have always loved huskies, and were delighted to find Spike! It took us a while to earn his trust, and even now he still cowers down if we raise our hand up. The vet said that when we got him he was only about a year and half old, which would make him about 4 1/2 now. We lost Dasher a couple years ago, and decided to get Spike a friend. We got Red, a white husky mix (she has a light red streak on her back) from a friend. We are pretty sure someone has abused her in the past as well, most likely a neighbor of the friend we got her from. About a year later, they had puppies, of which we kept one. Spike, Red, and Smokey have been the perfect additions to our family! We also have a rescued cat named Possum. Rescues make the greatest pets!

Alicia Byrd
Rossville, GA

She rescued us :)

July 10, 2009

Just when my sister left her car door open, before she knew, the strange 4 month old pit/lab mix jumped in the car. My sister stared at her big brown eye as she was saying don't leave me here. So we had to begged our parents to let her stay awhile. Because she was very sick with bald patch on her butt and tail. I couldn't think of leaving her in shelter. Thanks to Zoey, our crazy amazing pup for saving my family. Because on Oct 23rd, our beloved pet Gretchen (sheltie) passed away from ovary cancer, while I was in school. We had her for 13 yrs. Also another sheltie Baby passed away a month apart from her at age 15. We were very devastated for almost a year but I knew I need to get another dog into our family. Zoey helps our family a lot to keep us going and changed a lot of people about bully breed included pitbulls and big dog. We thought we rescued her but SHE rescued US.

Zoey has a funny story. When we had her after 2 days, my cousin and I took her up and down the street to see if anyone owned her, but no one know where she from. When we were only 2 houses away from my home, I dropped her leash to see if she will keep going or take off. Turn out she went across the street and went straight to the front porch. She sat there and stared us as wondering what taking us forever to get across with her. My cousin had to fell on street with shock and I had to smile. I knew she chose us as her forever home! Crew: Shayla (greatdane), Nala n Gracie (tabby mixs)

Brittnee Farek
La Porte, TX

Sarabi, my first child

When I was 8 months pregnant, there was a knock at the door. When I opened the door, there was no one there but a box of diapers or so I thought. There was a faint meowing and inside there was a kitten. I only thought that happened in movies, but apparently not.

My husband agreed we could keep her and I named her Sarabi. I took her to the vet within the next couple days and found out she was barely two weeks old! The poor thing should still have been with her mom, but all she had was me. So for the next two weeks, Sarabi did just fine, until I was about to head to the beach. She was just laying on the rug. She was like a little ragdoll. She could barely lift her head up. She wouldn't eat or drink. I called the emergency vet and took her in. The vet said it didn't look good, she was basically on the verge of death. I had only had Sarabi a few weeks, but I was already in love with her and didn't want to loose her. After a couple hours of medical treatment, Sarabi snapped out of it. The doctor said she had never seen that happen before. I was beyond thrilled!

For the next few months, I had to get up every couple hours, feed her, help her drink through a syringe and heat up her water bottle, along with feeding my newborn baby.

Sarabi is now 2 1/2 years old and healthy and fiesty as ever. She really has changed my life by being in it. I'm so glad that she is a part of my family and that I got to save her and she helped to prepare me for motherhood!

Vanessa Quintos
McMinnville, OR

Meeting Gizmo

Growing up, we had a blond applehead chihuahua named Susie. She lived with us until she was 13 years old, when we then had to put her down. She was by far the BEST dog I ever had.

Living on my own later, I never had the right circumstances to have a dog, only cats.But in 2005 I started a job working from home. So I searched online for rescued pets and came across Gizmo's pic & bio. I instantly fell in love, and planned to call the next day. Later that evening, my sister calls to say "You gotta see this dog on *********, I think you'll like him - well, it was the same dog! haha

Well, we drove from NE ohio to SW Ohio to meet Gizmo at his foster mom's house, fell in love again, and took him home with us! Being a Chi, he has his quirks, but we've both become adjusted to each others' ways, and he fits into our family perfectly!

As you can see in his pic, he doesn't especially appreciate the neck kerchief LOL But he is sooooooo cute in it! He is now age 8, he loves to sleep (especially in mommy's bed), go for car rides, eat Beggin Strips (even though he has NO teeth!), and sunbathe in the warm weather. He has the tannest little belly! I'm considering taking him to area nursing homes to visit because he is very friendly to most everyone, and since he has no teeth, no worries on that topic!

He has truly been a blessing to our family, and we love him dearly!

Cindy Stoller
Orrville, OH

Sha're: from rags to riches

Sha're came into my vet clinic because she was hit by a car. The moment I saw her, I knew that I had to have her. Thankfully, she only had a broken leg, although they way she was jumping you wouldn't have been able to tell. After 2 weeks my boyfriend and I took her home. She is now a blood donor and helps her mommy save lives and has also helped many people get over their fear of bully breeds. She is the love in our lives and even on the worst day she makes us smile.

Erin Pilkington
Marlton, NJ

LuLu Our Tough Cookie!

We adopted LuLu from a young man who rescued her from the brush along a busy highway. He had been driving behind another car when he saw the occupant toss a kitten out the window at 55 mph! The young man stopped and searched until he found her. After being checked by a vet she was pronounced unharmed except for a scratch on her face and a torn ear. She was estimated to be 6 weeks old at the time. She is quite a tough little girl! She is now almost 1 year old and is small for her age but she manages to be quite bossy with our other 3 cats: Norbert, Luna and Karen. We are so happy to have her in our lives!

Jodi Dunn
Buckley, WA

Our little Piper

Piper adopted us less than 8 hours after we agreed to foster her. She was listed on Craigslist with her sister. Greyhound Friends for Life quickly responded to the ad and rescued she and her sister. Piper is 4 mos old now and is quite a character, keeps us hopping all day every day. She joins the rest of our rescued crew Phoebe (greyhound mix), Tasha (whippet) and Rhian (greyhound)

jane almon
redwood city, CA

A Doggy Dream Come True

I adopted Samantha (a fawn Doberman Pinscher) from a gentleman who posted her on the internet. She belonged to the man's brother who kept her locked in a cage most of her four months of life. When I brought her home she ran through the grass of our fenced in yard like a deer. It was love at first sight!

She is the best dog I know, although she probably thinks she's human. She loves to run, lay her head on your lap waiting to be pet and chasing her football. Samantha is calm, respectful, patient and above all else, loving. She is the perfect pet and our family is so lucky to have her.

Cincinnati, OH
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