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Carson Courageous

Carson was at least ten years old when he was rescued from a horrible hoarding situation in Texas. The old collie pulled through despite malnutrition, failing kidneys, and other internal problems. Southwest Collie Rescue placed him in a foster home where he was welcomed by a rescued kitty that lived there. A year or so later, a young expectant mother cat in Carson's foster home gave birth to three kittens. Sadly, only one kitten survived. Carson became its constant companion and protector. It was an amazing show of love from a dog that had once suffered nearly fatal neglect.

Kathy Wallis
Alamogordo, NM

Abandoned So Young

Ramesses was found abandoned on a busy street. Taken to the local SPCA it was determined she was only about four weeks old. Fostered until she was old enough to be adopted I found her while visiting the facility. I wasn't there to adopt. I'd stopped by to make a donation. But I took one look at this adorable little puppy with the "reset" button on the top of her head and was smitten! Today she lives on the beach and is a healthy 40 lbs. She is one of the sweetest, most loveable and snuggly dogs I've ever had. She brings endless joy to our lives and I am sure she feels the same.

Pismo Beach, CA

Amos and Andys

I saw our Cane Corso (Italian mastiff) on Petfinder.com in Jan. 2010, a few months after losing our beloved Rottweiler to bone cancer. He was so pathetic looking and less than an hour away - at the Boston City Shelter - that we had to take a closer look. "Mr. Brown" had been at the shelter for weeks, gaining weight and being passed over for the many small dogs that filled the other kennels. He was filthy, completely untrained and little more than a skeleton with skin. He had been abused and starved by a man who wanted a tough dog (he's now in prison), but could not destroy this boy's loveable nature. We were quickly approved to adopt and renamed the 1-year-old Amos (my husband and I are both named Andy). Amos's leg muscles didn't work well because of the cruel confinement he suffered during his formative months. Many baths, premium nutrition, training and exercise later, this supreme cuddler is now an ambassador for big, "hopeless" rescues. He has gained 45+ pounds, loves every person and animal he meets, has many doggie friends and is best buddies with our two cats. He is a shiny, happy couch potato who goes everywhere with me and has a county-wide fan club. I am training to become a dog trainer and plan to use Amos as a demonstration dog and, eventually, a visiting-therapy dog. Amos is still afraid of some objects (like feathers and water!) but is as gentle and sweet as they come. While he takes up most of our bed every night and has chewed a few things when we weren't looking, we can forgive our big lughead anything, as he enriches our lives daily and we're as grateful to have found him as he is to have been found.

Andrea Doty
Plymouth, MA

Left Behind When The Humans Moved...

This beautiful cat, which we now call Roscoe, was left behind to fend for himself when the people across the street from my house moved. He would sit on the porch of the only home he had known. We noticed him carrying anything he could find to eat, even a dead squirrel, back to his porch. My boyfriend and I would see him running from our porch after getting a meal from the cat food I had out for my own cat.

Roscoe would sit on his porch looking across the street at my house. My boyfriend would say, "He's looking for a new home and he knows he has found it!" I would tell him, "I don't need another cat, seeing that I have one, along with the dog and bird I already have!" To make a long story short, Roscoe did find a new home, right across the street from his old home!

Roscoe is such a character and has a funny personality! He got his name from the one person that knew what he was thinking, my boyfriend's middle name is Roscoe! I thought it was a good name for him and it has fit him well! He has been a joy to have around and we're glad he scoped out the house across the street!

Waco, TX

All my children.......

My very first fur friend brought me to see and understand the beauty, grace and love of animals. Many, many have followed. My fur children are my world. Each and every one of them rescued from one situation or another. Rusty, my eldest and seen in the pic, was 2 at rescue and is 19 yrs old to date! He was in the middle of a busy intersection with cars driving by, honking and scaring him. When I reached the intersection, I stopped traffic, picked him up and have been Blessed with him ever since. My current fur children number 5 dogs and 2 cats ranging in age from 3 yrs. on up to his astounding 19yrs. All with as much love to give as can be imagined! Each uniquely filling my days with laughter, fun and joy!

Rowlett, TX


We adopted our rottweiler Jake just about a year ago. We took him home and he became very ill overnight. We immediately took him to the animal hospital and found out he had parvo. He was in the hospital for about a week and we almost lost him. Although he was only in our home for one night, he had already stolen our hearts. We are so very grateful to the veterinary staff that saved his life. He is now back in his forever home.

Laura Priehs
St. Charles, IL

Miss Charlie

Charlie was found in a field by where I used to work by a gentleman who brought her into my building to see if anybody knew what to do with her.

She was two or three days old and having raised an abandoned kitten before I said I would take her, one look at that face and I knew I had to try. That was eight years ago and not a day has gone by that I havent been thankful for the gift of that tiny kitten.

Kevin H.
Grants Pass, OR

Shelter to Shelter

This is Boots and she has a very special home. She was adopted a year ago from the New Albany Animal Shelter and lives with the abused and neglected kids at the Floyd County Youth Shelter. Boots is the only permanent resident at the youth shelter. The animal shelter really worked hard to find the perfect cat for us. Their dog behaviorist checked out over 60 cats and narrowed the field to two that would have the adaptability to deal with our houseful of kids. We average 12 kids at any one time and 400 pass through our doors in a year.

Boots has been a great therapist for our kids. The childcare staff reports that Boots moves from room to room, sleeping with different kids most nights. When staff checks the residents log, they find that the child that Boots has snuggled up next to is also the child that had some sort of trauma earlier that day. Our professional mental health workers consider Boots a real asset.

When Boots has had too much attention from the kids, she seeks shelter in the front office, napping in a chair in front of a sunny window. When she wants to play she has lots of room and a huge fan club to entertain her, including the staff.

The children take the responsibility to feed Boots and keep her litter box clean. It's a great lesson in caring about someone else's needs.

We believe Boots is about 3 years old and hope to have our "shelter" cat with us for a long long time.

Rita Sasse
New Albany, IN

East Meets MidWest

I was helping my niece search online for the perfect family dog for her first home. There I saw 7 month old Skylar in St. Louis, MO ( rescued from a home where his mother was being beaten with a 2"x 4" piece of wood regularly for barking & luckily a neighbor reported it & saved the pups.) I filled out an adoption application, paid the fees & was approved New Years Eve 2010. Skylar was the one, for me that is, since I lost my loving 7 yr old Afghan Hound tragically 10 yrs ago. Skylar was transported the week before my birthday! What a great gift!

After Skylar (aussie/pyrenees mix) settled in he was too big to play wrestle with our 2 cats so we got him a buddy. The first pup that caught our eye online did not like us when we met him at the shelter in Bridgeport, CT. But while we were there, we met Tyson (bulldog mix) who was not listed online yet but was up for adoption. Tyson had a look on his face that said "take me" plus he was the same age/size as Skylar so we brought him home. The shelter staff was ecstatic!

We just celebrated their combined birthday! Happy Birthday Tyson and Skylar 1 year old July 1st 2010! All are best buddies including the cats. Our family consists of all neutered, all adopted handsome boys! I always send the rescues, where I adopted them from, an updated photo of them when I can!

Kim Robin Hall
Seymour, CT

Hand reared from the day she was born

My little cat Treacle was found with her umbilial cord still on but without a mother. I happened to be visitng my local vet that day and was shown a tiny little cold kitten. Jan, one of the vet nurses reared her and she became mine. She is very gentle and relaxed. She loves to sit on shoulders. She and my other cat Harrie really enjoy their cat run.

Carolyn Frank
Melbourne, Australia
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