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A Furry Welcome to the Neighborhood

A couple of months after we moved into an apartment, we were visited by a friendly and handsome striped tabby. He visited daily and it became apparent that he was homeless, so we fed him when he stopped by. Upon investigation, we discovered that he had been abandoned about a year prior and other neighbors had also been feeding him. We tried to find a home for him, because our existing cat (Mama-Kitty) has always been scared of other cats and this new little guy was pretty aggressive toward other cats and had some feral tendencies - but no luck. As the weather grew colder, we couldn't bear the thought of him outside any longer so we adopted him and named him Marty. While we have to keep them separated, we manage to spoil both of them with lots of love. Marty might be our problem child, but we love him dearly and are thrilled to be his forever home as of 12/08.

Krista and Vince Loughnane
Long Island, NY

The cat came back...4 months later!

I first met Julie when I agreed that I wanted to foster a cat. My boyfriend and I already had 3 of our own but still wanted to help the rescue societies. She came to me a scared, untrusting cat who would rather bite you than ask for pets. This continued on for about 3 months, with me slowly gaining her trust with treats, canned food and good brushings (she shed so much in that first month, the room she had was a fuzz-fest!) By the time June came around she was comfortable enough to sit in the hallway with her safe box, and didn't run as far when you walked up to her. She loved getting attention now and would cry for some if she saw me petting the other cats.

Somehow she managed to escape the safety of the house along with one of the other cats and was loose in the neighbourhood. It broke my heart, we came home from our vacation as soon as we heard they were gone. Hours were spent looking for them with no luck. The cat Miyu came home 2 days later. Posters didn't help, but word of mouth got an answer after a month of her gone. She was still alive, living under an abandoned cabin not far from home! An elderly woman was feeding her and trying to get close to her, but Julie was now untrusting of people again. We spent another 3 months gaining her trust, and finally managed to capture her during the first weekend of November. She's back home now, and she's never been happier. She's my bed-time teddy bear now, my little Julie-bear :) I couldn't imagine not having her around.

Spruce Grove, AB, Canada

The McCoy Family

Sorsha, the border collie mix, was dumped in my mother-in-law's back yard before her son and I were married. She brought her to us at only a month old and Sorsha gave me my first case of poison ivy. Later we needed to get Sorsha a friend and we adopted Salem, the shepard/ hound mix from the shelter and we learned how to deal with a perpetually scared dog without medication. They can not be separated. Yogi, the shih tzu/ shelty mix, was just going to stay with us a couple of weeks while his owner moved. We turned him into an inside dog and just couldn't give him back (don't worry, his previous owner didn't mind). Then one day, a friend of a friend of a friend sent my husband a picture of a stray dog. He had been wandering a nearby community for over 6 months. It took us 45 minutes to catch Kona, the large shepard mix, and longer to help him adjust to trusting people and learning how to walk on a leash. Now he spends much of his day sleeping on the couch or playing with Yogi. I look forward to coming home and seeing my pack everyday. I can not imagine my life without them.

J. McCoy
Bowling Green, KY

My soulmate

November 2, 1990 I walked into a pet store expecting to get a gold fish. It was right after the Oakland fires and so Petco was sponsoring an adoption drive. We walked in and I immediately saw Charissa. It was love at first site. She was 3 years old and black and white, with perfect Oreo ends. She was shy, but loving, and was just perfect for me. Instead of leaving with a gold fish, I left with her. Between 1990-2009 she was my little bundle of joy that got me through elementary school - college, breakups, family fights, etc. She saw me through kindergarten to my wedding day and much more. Charissa really was my first soul mate.

Dallas, TX

Li'l Bit and Sammie

Li'l Bit was abandoned overnight in a cardboard box, left on the front porch of The Hotel for Dogs and Cats, Pensacola FL, in December '09 when the night temps were in the 20's. He was approximately 3 weeks old, weighed under 1 lb. When he was found in the morning, he was cold, dirty and ravenous with a big, bloated belly. Our volunteers took him in, wrapped him in blankets and fed him. He couldn't stop eating, so they had to stop him, lest he get sick.

I went over to see him and decided he needed to be fostered and brought back to health. I took him home and as soon as Sammie, a special needs orange tabby I had previously adopted from the same Hotel saw him, he just took him in and cared for him like a Momma, in this case a Daddy, would.

These two guys are just the best of friends and snuggle and play and eat together. They couldn't love each other more. They sleep all wrapped up in each other's arms and follow each other everywhere. I think the foster part for Li'l Bit will be permanent adoption. I can't imagine separating them.

Navarre, FL

Wonderful Woody, we saved each other

Found abandoned under a rotted wood deck, we named him Woody. Barely alive at 1 wk old , 6 oz, sick with eye infection and pneumonia. Vet gave him a 10% to survive. He was skinny, dirty, and smelly. He was/is a fighter. I fed him, gave him meds and held him 24/7 to keep him warm. Didn't think I had room in my life for a "pet", working 10-12 hrs days and struggling to "rescue" my alcoholic daughter. Woody gave me a new focus and we both have survived. He is now a very spoiled 8 pound, six month old and still growing. He loves to ride in the car and goes to work with me everyday and up to our vacation house on weekends. He plays with water, walks on a leash, adores people, and demands attention. The eye infection gave him glaucoma, and so far he has beaten these odds too and has not had to lose the eye. He has grown into a beautiful cat with a magnificent poufy tail and amazing personality! As of today I have 979 pictures of him on my iPhone and he is on several people's Facebook! Very loved and needed!

Lorena Dunkly
Livermore, CA

Band of Brothers

Samson, Bob, Elijah have different stories. Samson and Elijah were living on garbage around a group of restaurants as babies when I found and fostered them. When Samson, the feisty protective one, finally trusted me enough to purr, I fell in love. I couldn't imagine separating them. Six months later, Bob wandered right up to our door from nowhere. After no one answered the posters to "Help me get home," we decided he chose us. These three boys are a barrel of laughs. Our happy, healthy band of brothers.

Local humane societies do so much for animals needing forever homes, they need all our support!! Make a donation and volunteer!!

Tallahassee, FL

Priscilla (Silly Lou)

We had been fostering for an English Bulldog rescue in S Florida for 5 months when foster #5 came into our lives. No one seemed interested in adopting this awesome little bullie girl! Months of good updates, great pics, us falling in love with her, and no takers. Hubby did not want a dog in our apartment, not one of our own anyway. But, when we heard that someone might be interested in her, we all broke down and cried. Could not let this girl get away!! We finally decided that she was already in her furever home.. OURS!! She is an absolutely amazing addition to our family and will be with us for the rest of her life!! We are still fostering and who knows, we just might find Silly a new brother or sister!! Thank you AdoptABullRescue!!!

Coral Springs, FL

My Son's Best Friend Sassy

Sassy came to us from a lady that took a male and a female from someone that could not take care of them. She only wanted the male so she gave me the female. She was skinny and scared and thought she had to eat from the trash can. I guess to get what little she had been getting. She took on to my son, who is handycaped from the start. She is now 60 pounds, don't worry about the trash any longer and is my son's full time nurse and protector. We couldn't think of life without her.

Laverne Wallace
Charlotte, NC


I began fostering Marty in 2009, and he was described as a "calm old man" that would sit on the couch and cuddle with you. This 10 yr old dog acts more like a 2 year old than an old man, chasing squirrels and hunting cats. We rescued each other, and I look forward to going home to him every day.

Houston, TX
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