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The Girl Of My Dreams

All my life I have always had boy kitties, I always wanted a girl kitty but when a kitten needed a home it was always a boy. My dad is a mechanic and he is friends with all the local mechanics. One day dad went to visit another mechanic for business and the owner had an abandoned kitten running around his shop that he was trying to get rid of. If nobody took her they were going to kill her and throw her in the garbage. She was very dirty and very hungry. So my dad said he would take her because he couldn't let such a horrible thing happen to an innocent animal. When my dad got home he woke me up and handed me this tiny kitten. We didn't have any kitten formula or food so we gave her a can of tuna. The shop owners couldn't feed her any scraps they had which shows how heartless people can be...so when we fed her she was clawing, growling, and eating very fast. I gave her a bath and wrapped her in a blanky where she curled up and fell asleep. I named her Kalley. She is the best kitty I've ever had. I think since she was abandoned, she shows her appreciation for us saving her unlike the other cats that don't cuddle like she does with me. She is very smart and loving. She knows this is her home and will never be in that awful situation again. I've been looking for my little girl for all my life and now I have her.

burlington, WI

Legless dogs find a forever home

I work with a small dog resue in Southern California. We rescued eight week old siblings Willa and Webster from a local shelter in August of 2009. Both were born without front limbs. Willa has no front limbs at all and Webster has deformed little knubs. These pups were obviously with other dogs and people because they were very social and loved other dogs. Other than a little missing fur on their chests from living on cement they were in excellent health. We were able to raise enough money to purchase them each a front wheeled cart so they could walk like normal dogs. In January 2010 we got a call from the family who make the carts and they wanted to adopt them. Of course we said yes. We flew with Willa and Webster from sunny Southern California to a snow covered New England town - it was quite an adventure. They are now home learning how to use their new carts.

Tracie Jorgensen
San Dimas, CA

One Big, Happy Family!

We were a very comfortable family with 2 cocker spaniels, a sweet chocolate cocker boy, Wilbur Bud and beautiful and loving buff girl, Beulah Belle along with 2 cockatiels (Pete and Buddy, who was rescued 16 years ago and still going strong) and a parrot, Biggles. At this point my husband suggested rescuing a cocker spaniel to add to the group. I was against the idea since we already had a full house but, after working on me for 8 months, I finally gave in after seeing Buster, a sable cocker, on petfinder.com. We went down to the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center in Westminster, MD to pick up our new boy. Buster was abandoned and left at shelter for 3 ½ months before we took him to his new home. It was love at first site and this grateful boy continues to amaze us with his constant affection and playfulness. How anyone could walk away from this precious boy is beyond my comprehension. After 2 weeks with our 3 pups getting along so well, I caved in again after my husband found Cody on petfinder.com from Abandoned Angels in Flushing, NY. Four dogs are as easy as three! Cody needed a new forever home when someone in his previous family became ill. Cody is a gorgeous, sweet chocolate cocker with a bib of white. Everyone gets along and have all settled into a wonderful, spoiled life near the beach with a big back yard and lots of relatives and friends who love them!!! It's been almost 5 years since we brought home Cody and we are truly one big, happy family and lucky to have such incredible furry and feathered little ones in our lives.

Linwood, NJ

Happy and Alive

This is my adorable german Shepard. His name is Oso. When i got him he was just a puppy. We didn't know how old he was because my brother had found him in the streets. Apparantly his family didn't care for him because when my brother brought him home he had a piece of rope and a piece of belt as a collar. I love him so much he was saved too. Now today he's grown up and he's a trouble maker he bites on the fence which is wood he gets out all the time and my mom is tired of it but we still have him and no one wants to buy him so I'm happy and he loves us he's very friendly and funny. He loves to play a lot too and right now he's about 1 and a half.

Victorville, CA


She'd been ill for weeks and could barely stand when my husband adopted her from the shelter out of pity, along with another cat. Fom that tattered creature emerged a bewitching being, light as a feather, smart as a whip, radiant with personality and imperious as a queen. He named her "Drina," the nickname of Queen Victoria, and adored her. She became his muse, joining him on long walks and presiding over his writing. He lost her after six years to cancer, but she leaves a lasting gap in the household and an abiding radiance in our hearts.

Newark, DE

Smudge-The Street Urchin

Smudge is a Bearded Collie, who came into our lives when he was about 6 months old. He apparently wandered away from home and wound up on an elderly lady's front porch. She was driving around trying to find his owners. My young son and neighborhood friends were playing in the front yard when she drove up and asked if we knew where he lived. She stated she would have to put "him to sleep" if she was not able to place him. Being an "Elle Mae Clampett", I told her if she were to try a little longer but was still unable to find his owners I would be able to take more time to find him a permanent home.

She and Smudge drove off and we joke about the fact that she must have just driven around the corner and watched us while tapping her finger tips on the steering wheel and looking at her watch, while Smudge bounced around anxiously in the back seat. She drove back up the drive, after what I realized later could only be measured in nanoseconds, and even though she was older she was nimble and "tossed" him out of the car with a sigh of implied exhaustion and a wave. I don't think she even put the car in reverse.

I joke about this but after the first night of Smudge being with us we KNEW WE would be giving him his "forever" home! He has been the sweetest, smartest, funniest dog we have ever had. I would NEVER have another breed of dog. He has HIS toys, which were usually toys my son had staked a claim to before Smudge saw them! He has HIS blanket and HIS big back yard". He is happy. That was 13 years ago.

Bedford, OH

A rescued Snowball

My husband and I found our Snowball abandoned, trying to eat grass, in our Aunt Beth's front yard. Skinny, claws destroyed from her time outside, she ran to me when I called her. I picked her up, she snuggled down and started to purr.She will never have to worry about being abandoned again!

Lori Larsen
Phoenix, AZ

Zoey Needs Company

After our beloved yellow lab adoptee, Toonce, passed in August we could tell that Zoey, our brindle boxer/pit mix adoptee was lonely (so were we). We looked at several shelters over the next few months and ended up back at the Atlantic County Animal Shelter where we had gotten Zoey 4 years ago and Toonce 10 years ago.

We could not decide between this goofy, loveable white pit mix and the white and brindle pit mix who was starting to chase her own tail in her kennel. So guess what....Zoey has two little sisters-Chloe (the brindle) and Daisy (the white dog.) They gave us all something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day!

Galloway, NJ

My Friend

This is my dog named Bonita. She really belongs to my neighbor. I say she's mine because her real owners don't care for her and she's always coming to my house. When she's at my house i keep her until the owners come. We feed her and take care of her and when the owners come oick her up we give her to them. But she always gets out. We were going to buy her from them but my mom doesn't like a lot of dogs and the owners didn't want her. I love her and when she gets out at night I gte scared because I'm afraid the coyotes will eat her. But I still see her so I'm happy :)

Victorville, CA

Sadie, My Pretty Lady!

It had been six weeks since my dog Max died at the age of fifteen when I

adopted Sadie from a rescue in August, 2006. She was two months old

and weighed four pounds. She had kennel cough, ringworm and parasites. It took a couple of months to cure all of her ailments.

Fortunately, she was not left with any long term problems because of them. Now she is a healthy thirty-nine pound bundle of energy who enjoys herding my five cats. She truly is Sadie, my Pretty Lady!

Joyce Maxwell
Chicago, IL
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