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Fergus Andersen Dulong

This sweet boy started life in a puppy mill, then a pet store, then spent time in three different homes that didn't work out -- all before he was 6 months old! The last of those three homes realized that this gentle boy needed someone that loved and understood terriers, so he was given to me. It was love at first sight for both of us. Fergus has been with me six years now, and has grown from a sweet little wildman into the benevolent alpha of my terrier pack in his forever home.

PK Dennis
Newberrytown, PA

The most beautiful Blossom in a garden of felines...

Blossom wandered our neighborhood with a Border Collie, begging door-to-door for food, medical attention or just a kind gesture. She stalked my husband until we invited her to live with us forever. She is the Diva who rules our home of 8 rescued cats, most of whom were feral, all from our neighborhood. Although she is now a senior citizen, she still looks like a beautiful little kitten to us. We are one big happy family and Blossom is our matriarch. We all love her beyone measure.

Moodus, CT

Unexpected Adoption

Beni came into our lives unexpectedly when my daughter's friend rescued him from Animal Control without parental permission. We already had 3 cats but at first, we tried to find him a home. His previous owners left notes that he was the "most horrible cat in the world." Well, we discovered he was the most wonderful cat in the world! We named him "Benito Mussolini" because we thought it was funny he was so "horrible" and his tag says, "I'm Benito Mussolini and I'm going to take over the world!" Beni now has a new girlfriend named "Hope" that we recently adopted from Petsmart, she was there for 8 months and actually picked me!

Sandy Mester
Virginia Beach, VA

Blind Lemon

I was on my way home from Memphis when I saw a tiny yellow kitten trying to cross the interstate. Horrified, I pulled over. Afraid not to scare this little creature, I quickly walked towards this baby, all the while saying Kitty, Kitty. When I reached the ravine, a blast from a semi scared the little guy (thankfully) away from the interstate. I climbed over the railing, when heartbreakingly, I saw that the kitten was blind. The thoughts that ran through my mind were of what kind of life this little guy had been through already, but having no time, and seeing that he followed my voice, I scooped him up in my arms and took him to my car. Other than being blind, he seemed to have no injuries. My friend and I took him to her vet, where he was given a clean bill of health. I took him home to my anxiously awaiting boyfriend who had prepared a safe place for him. Our combined family already has three rescue cats plus one with papers better than my own : ) We also have a dog named Charlie, who is a sweet as they come. Immediately upon introducing the new kitty to the crew, my boyfriend determined that his name would be Blind Lemon (after the famous blues singer). The first night Charlie determined that Blind Lemon's safety from the big cats would be his ultimate responsibility, and from the first night on, they have been inseparable. Blind Lemon came into an already full animal family, but has made it more full than we could have ever imagined. We think he is magical, and, thankfully, the other cats are adjusting too. I think they can sense Lemon is just a little more special..

Susan Tinney
Nashville, TN

Three Southern Hemisphere Girls

"Foxy" the shepherd mix, came into my life one morning while on my walk after almost being run over by the car she was chasing on the main road... she followed me home and the rest is history. "Petisa" the terrier mix, curled up at our garage door entrance one morning two days before my husband was about to join me in San Diego, CA on our annual pilgrimage back home... needless to say, Foxy was not too happy about her sudden arrival so, fed by the pet sitter while we were gone, she hung out by our front door for a whole week until I arrived and she's been with us for almost two years now. "Lassie", the black collie mix was being fostered by another family whose two other female dogs just didn't accept her "herding" ways, so she joined our pack about four months ago and with patience and a lot of TLC she's been accepted as a member of the canine pack and more importantly, by "Tango" the kitty, who came all the way over here with us from San Diego. He rules!

The stray animal situation here is deplorable. The lack of education re: the advantages of spaying/neutering, cultural and archaic beliefs, lack of animal cruelty laws and shelters as we know them back home plus just plain cruelty and disregard for the lives and welfare of animals, make for a very difficult reality to live in. Our rescuing these three girls from this is our small contribution - to give them a life they never dreamed of and make a lifetime commitment to them and their welfare. But the very best part of this story is that they rescued ME and have made my life here much better by having them to care for!

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Ben Rescued Me

I was going through a very difficult time in my life when I adopted a skinny black lab mix pup, I named this quiet little guy Ben. When he came to his new home I put him on the grass. He picked up each foot, slowly taking a step, he began to trot and then he ran and ran looking at me with sheer happiness. Ben made me smile and that day we rescued each other. Please consider adopting a black dog he just might save you too.

Robin Betian
Pecatonica, IL

Ferrets Rescued My Heart

I adopted my first ferret, Weasel, in mid-2008. I've always been an animal lover and I've learned by experience that ferrets make wonderful companion pets. Weasel was 6 months old when he came into my home (adopted from craigslist.com) and I've since then adopted two more ferrets, Snowball and Tigger, from the local ferret rescue.

I'm grateful to have these little fuzzies in my life. Like cats, each ferret has their own unique personality. They like to sleep and play a lot and will let me cuddle them. They have showed me unconditional love, especially Weasel, who I've had the longest. If in the mood, he'll fall asleep in my arms when I hold him (or squirm down for playtime). If I feel stressed or sad, spending time with the ferrets replaces negative with calm feelings.

I read once that pet owners have longer, happier lives, and I believe it. You don't feel as alone in the world with a companion pet. I think we should take care of these little angels in our lives. I feel sad thinking about pet store animals, sad and waiting for a home; but they aren't the only ones. There's lots of animals sitting lonely in shelters and rescues waiting for a forever home. Many of these animals have done nothing wrong to deserve isolation. They grow old, out of the "cute" stage or their human "family" outgrows them. Knowing this, I won't buy pets from pet stores if I can adopt elsewhere.

Thank you to all the pet owners and animal rescues who try their best "until they all have a home". My local ferret rescue's mission is "We're saving lives, as many as we can. Finding forever homes for our thieving friends." I love my ferrets :)

Jen A.
Corsicana, TX

Dumpster Kitty

After having been bagged and cast into a dumpster, "teenage mom" Sammy and her sweet kittens were rescued by a construction crew. Being less adorable than her offspring, we suspect, Sam was alone at the adoption center the day my husband and I went looking.

We were bereft at the sudden and premature death of our beloved calico-torti (once an abandoned kitten herself), and, at not quite a year, Sammy looked a lot like our dearly departed.

Her eyes were at half-mast. She was lonely and deeply depressed. We couldn't resist scooping her up, and taking her home where she vocalized at g-r-e- a- t length!

She made it abundantly clear that a lap cat she was not! She told us:

* NEVER to put her into a bag, to

* Please scratch her back every day,

* Always to save her a place at the foot of our bed, and

* Understand that she really didn't know the first thing about play.

Little by little, after finding "hiding" spots in the depths of an antique pump organ, a bookcase, floor-length curtains, and other places where her tail ALWAYS stuck out :o), Sammy's talk tamed into BIG, warm, throaty purrs, and she learned to bat at friendly fingers with the softest of paws.

But for the few times I've snatched her, hugged her, and felt and heard tummy growls. She never has shown a hint of mean spirit.

We are blessed by her excellent company, and indebted to the goodwill of the workmen who rescued her, the vet who spade and vaccinated her, the sweet young woman who fostered and named her, and the local shelter that held her until "Mom and Dad" could introduce her to a forever home.

There's a lot of loved packed into her 14 pounds!

Diane Bingham
Pottstown, PA

From Caged to Free!

We rescued Gabe from a local no kill animal shelter in our area one year ago this past January. He was two at the time. His story, like so many other homeless pets, is a sad one. He spent the first two years of his life in a cage and had chewed on the bars so much that his front bottom teeth are almost ground down to the gum line. He lives a life of luxury now!! He is my little Gabe-babe and he's taught me more about love than any human being ever could. I can't imagine my life without him in it. He makes me laugh and smile every day. He's my little bundle of energy and my cuddle-bug! Your mommas love you Gabe!

Charleston, WV

Warehouse Cutie

Camile was born under a Chevy El Camino that was stored outside next to the warehouse at work. The warehouse manager was able to eventually get her to come into the facility after lots of chicken treats and coaching. Since I already have two cats, I did my best to find Milly a home. Nobody wanted the precious baby doll, so I brought her home. She loves to play with my other cats, watch TV (Olympics), and lay next to me while I'm on the computer. She is very special :)

David Blake
Virginia Beach, VA
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