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old gold

In a concrete cage at animal control was just a clump of old gold fur, not a movement, finally a breath. We can claim her in a couple of days if the family doesn't show up. Michelle, Ruth, and I got her in the van for the Vet trip. She's mine, I say, in case we have to put her down. We call her Grandma, she has mats and stickers, and fatty tumors, she turns out to be Grandpa! The vet says he is 15 or 16 years old. With medication, accupuncture, good food, and lots of love he stays with me. Grandpa-Mr. Happy Face- always wants to smile and play, and for almost 6 months he will run with me in the yard. He falls and needs help, sees out of one eye, but when he sees me he trots on tippy toes as fast as he can. He really likes his food so I handfeed him his last dinner. His spirit wants to go on but the body doesn't. Is there anything else I can do ? If I hold him longer or find his tickle spot maybe he will stay, please, it is too hard to let go. I tell him "You're a Good Dog" and he passes peacefully. The last act of Love. I'll love you always G -til we meet again, somewhere over the rainbow. Lynn & Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Lynn Lassen
Paulden, AZ

Sir Winston

In the spring of 2005 4 year old Winston came to me (his fourth owner), a year after I lost my previous dog. I had told myself no more dogs, I still had 3 cats at home, but I couldn't say no those eyes and his energy!! He was deaf, was not in good health and had no manners, but I took on the challenge. He learned VERY quickly the meaning of no, wait, and stay. I learned the meaning of, you don't mean me, I want it now, and I'll show you! I never had to baby proof my home from a dog, and that included velcro on the refridgerator! After a year we learned all our lessons, got his health problems (asthma) under control and finally settled in to a routine. Unfortunately I was unable to save him from an unexpected illness and I lost him in April 2009. Prior to my taking him in, he may not have had any training, but he taught me to enjoy life everyday. He is missed very much.

Alicia Babcock
Ashaway, RI


Cody was found by a rescue agency in an LA shelter without any fur. Kept under a sink and alone, he was given another chance after coming up to the bars and licking the rescuers hand, He was even the sweetest dog then after a horrible beginning to life. After 2 weeks of having the vet fix him up I found him on petfinder. He is the best little guy ever, my best friend and co-pilot. The best dogs are out there and need a home.

San Diego, CA

Foster Turned Family

I fostered Benjamin from a local shelter. He was three months old when I brought him home... that was 6 years ago! First moment in the door Ben scampered to my dog Sam and has never left his side. Benjamin adores his Sam as well as the other pets in the house. He is a goofy, 110 lb. eternal puppy who lives for 'T-R-E-A-T-S', swims, walks and the companionship of his pack - human, canine and feline alike! A day doesn't go by that I don't find myself giggling at him and reaching down to give him a big bear hug and kiss on the head.

Dayton, OH

Bubba Giz

This kitten showed up at my husbands office one cold wet morning. He was almost starved to death and freezing. When he called I took food to him and the kitten litterally layed in the bowl and ate. He was so tiny from not eating that his ears looked huge, so we named him Gizmo after the character in the Gremlins movie. Then when he was about 6 months old he was attacked by a dog, both of his lungs was punctured, by the time I got him to the vet one had colapsed. They operated on him for 2 1/2 hours, he had 37 stitches across his little belly. He still can't jump up real good on things like normal cats. But that doesn't stop him from catching a bird occasionally, he is a natural hunter, we have to watch him. As you can see he has grown out of those big Gizmo ears, so now we call him Bubba Giz. He always makes us laugh when he shakes his little nubby bobtail. He is one tough kitty cat.

Tammy Black
Wilkesboro, NC


Gracie started showing up on our deck one cold winter. She would lay calmly on the railing, but when we approached her, she would slip off and disappear. Gradually we were able to come closer, and finally to touch her. We later found out that she was one of a litter of ferals in the area. A neighbor tamed her littermates, but independent Gracie decided to adopt us instead. Ten years later (plus two more rescued cats and a dog) she is as beautiful as ever. She is indisputably the queen of the house - she even has her own bedroom. In the evening she tells us when she's ready to be tucked in. She's still a loner and shy with strangers, but with us she is as loving and sweet as any kitty I've ever known. This unique blend of personality traits make her a very special part of our family.

Patty Carpenter
York, SC


I used to work at a local shelter. When dogs were initially brought in, they were upset and confused. Many dogs barked at everyone. Others stayed at the back of their kennel and ignored everyone. "Joe" was picked up in Camden, NJ by animal control. A purebred German Shepherd Dog, he acted true to his breed; he "protected" his kennel and didn't back down. To win him over, I offered him food and friendship. The shelter decided to put him down, labeling him un-adoptable. When I heard this, I rushed to the shelter and adopted him. Now Bruno, he is the sweetest, most lovable dog to everyone. All he wanted was some direction in life and I gave it to him. He lives with his sister, Trina; a brother, Toby; and 9 fuzzy cats who like to curl up next to him and sleep. Don't dismiss the barking dogs - they could be trying to tell you something.

Stephanie Marrero
Cherry Hill, NJ

Mr. Lucky

We saw this tiny kitten curled up in the middle of a 4 lane interstate one day at lunch. I made my husband stop, as I tried to get cars to stop so I could get him, a dump truck was coming. As I closed my eyes waiting for the worse, the truck stradled the kitten. Then people saw what I was trying to do and stopped. I ran out and picked up the kitten, the Dr. said he was only about 5 weeks old, and looked like he fell out of someones car motor at the intersection. We brought him home and he is the most devoted pet I've ever had. He stays beside me all day, sleeps beside me every night, and I sware sometimes he knows exactly what we saying to him. And of course, what else would we name him but LUCKY....cause he was one lucky cat!!

Tammy Black
Wilkesboro, NC

Lost Little Kitten

Eight years ago we found this little black kitten in our garage upon our return from vacation. Since we already had a cat, we were not really interested in taking in another one. We searched for a home for this cute little guy and it turned out his home ended up being with us. I could not let this cuddly and lovable ball of fur go after he nuzzled in my hair and started purring. He was meant to be with us. Now, eight years later, Scooter, our 20 lb love bug, still nuzzles and purrs with me.

Lori Messner
Souderton, PA

Itty Bitty Kitty Railroad

Sooty's story is an odd one! A friend of mine found her crying under his car, hungry, dehydrated, but still very very bossy! He tried to resist taking her home with him, but in the end she followed him and climbed through his bedroom window. Talk about personality! From the beginning she was very vocal and demanded that people pay attention to her at all times. Despite frequent attempts to find an owner, and a vet declaring her healthy, nobody claimed her.

Unfortunately, his parents wouldn't allow him to keep her, so he asked me if I'd be able to. Unfortunately, the apartment I live in doesn't allow pets. I did agree to shelter her for a couple of days though, until we could find a shelter space or another home. At first, all she did was sleep and eat, but once she relaxed and began to feel better we realized she was an absolute darling and very affectionate.

We didn't find any shelter spaces, and my apartment was due for an inspection within a few days, and I faced eviction for keeping her. So, I called an aunt, who agreed to take her until somewhere could be found. This aunt already had 4 cats and was in the middle of fully remodeling her house, and so couldn't hold her for long, so the kitten had to move on, again. My mother and grandmother drove over 100 miles to collect her, and took her back home in the hope that one of my uncles, who has heart conditions and is virtually housebound, would appreciate having her as a companion.

The kitten is now called Sooty, and is a happy, boisterous, bossy cat, and gives my uncle John a reason to take his medication and get up in the morning!

Plymouth, United Kingdom
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