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Two little mutts

Kenner was rescued from Furever Rescue three years ago. We believe him to be 4 years old. He came from Louisiana. Hannah was rescued just this past Dec. and we believe her to be 5 years of age. She was given up to the SPCA in Calgary, Alberta. Both of these unwanted souls ended up with myself and my husband and our two cats. What a joy. When Kenner was by himself I praticed the Dog Whisperer method. It worked wonders. Since the arrival of Hannah, well lets just say "not so good". Kenner has been building up for such a longer time than Hannah that he can walk the cold snow and ice without a problem. Poor Hannah has soft,fine hair and the ice just builds up between her toes. Rather than that, she keeps up quite well. Hannah is half the weight of Kenner and at least 2 inches shorter, but gives as much as she gets. The rough housing never ends then there it is....complete silence. Two very worn out dogs fighting for position on the futon. We humans are allowed the couch. I am so happy that we got both of these pets. Because of them I actually get my minimum 8.5 km walk a day. Otherwise I would never do it. I am so thankful to the rescue sites. I don't think the average person can even begin to imagine the work and dedication that goes into the rescue of these lovely creatures. We hope you never stop............

Bev & Phil

Lousana, Alberta,Canada

Bev. J. French
Lousana, AB, Canada

Home is where the heart is

We bought our first house in July 2007 and within about 6 months decided that it was lacking in one important thing...a dog. We started looking on petfinder.com and found Betsy. We called the rescue who let us know that there was another person interested in her, but we could talk to the family that was looking for a new home for her and let them decide. We were so blessed that they picked us! We drove 3 hours to get her and on the way home she fell asleep in my lap. We got her home and she settled right in as if she belonged there the whole time. It's been 3 years and we can't imagine life without our Betsy-Mae! The photo is of her on "squirrel patrol" in our back yard. I want to urge everyone to look to adopt first and please, please don't rule out an animal just because of their age (Betsy was 8 when we adopted her).

Champaign, IL

Sugar & Pepper

A co-worker of my husband told him about a mother dog and 11 puppies that had been "set out" in her hollow in Letcher County, Kentucky. She and other neighbors had stopped and fed her; and later, they fed her and the puppies until the puppies were ready to give away. People began to come and pick out puppies until only the mother and the "runt" were left. She kept asking him to bring me to see them. We planned only to look and go home. The mother and pup were in a small pen to keep her other dogs from hurting them . The mother appeared to be a brown-eyed Alaskan Husky, and the pup was mottled tan and black with beautiful blue eyes, weighing about 6 pounds. I stepped into the pen and gave the mother my hand to sniff, saying, "Well, hello Sugar. You sure are a sweet girl." She sat and raised her paw to shake hands, as if asking how I knew her name. Needless to say we took both of them home with us. That was 4 years ago this month, and we have never regretted bringing them home. (As you can see in the picture, Pepper is now bigger than her mom, Sugar!)

Kaye Williams
Hazard, KY


Schlitz was abandoned at a car wash as a puppy. She had been neglegted and abused, and was terrified of people. Three years later, she is a sweet, loving dog who loves to play and snuggle! She gets along with our other two dogs and enjoys human company.

Savannah, GA

A Divine Intervention

2009 was not a good year, lost my soulmate and then our furry son. Snowball died of cancer (survived 9 months longer w/treatment). Always said we wouldn't get another dog after Bear and Snowball. But after a month without a furry family member was unbearable and one day something told me to go to the San Diego County Shelter web site and look for lost dogs. I found Lily right away. Went that day to meet her, she was very submissive, but loving. Put a hold on her, had to wait to see if she was claimed by her owners. No one came, so Lily came home with me and has fit right in with her new family and my furry great-grandson Rocky, a boxer. We call them Mr. and Mrs. as they truly have fallen in love. Lily is no longer submissive and is very loving and friendly with all she meets. There is now life in our home with Lily and I thank my soul mate angel and my furry angels for guiding me to find Lily, my here on earth angel and cuddle bug.

Nancy B.
San Diego, CA

Jimmy was special

Jimmy was born at my rescue shelter. When Jimmy started moving around in the kennel with his brothers I noticed that he would go around in circles. He would cry and his mother wouldn't respond to him. So I would go put him up to her so he could nurse. When Jimmy's eyes opened I noticed they were looking down and he didn't raise his head. He would try to play but his brothers wouldn't participate. He would still cry out and walk around in circles. Then again I noticed something about his head it was large at the top. He was four weeks old so I thought we needed to get him checked out. The vetinanary said Jimmy was a Hydrophilous. What that means he was a water head puppy.

Jimmy touched everyones heart more so mine. He was special.



Ann Robinson
Macclesfield, NC


The Lindsay Humane Society rescued Cleo from a local puppy mill, and when we saw her on TV we knew she was ours. My husband went to pick her up and it was love at first sight: it only took them the drive home to bond thoroughly and for life!

She was a handful to train and terrified of a crate, but the love she has had for us from day 1 has enriched our lives and made us better people.

Here you see her entertaining the kids on Hallowe'en: even people who think they are scared of dogs walk right up to her on the street and ask to pet her! She is also the very welcome guest at a local school's Special Education Class where she spends the day on a regular basis.

Rescues may take more work, but they are also more worthwhile!



In March 2009 I saw an article in the local newspaper, from the Daviess County KY Animal Shelter, stating a special needs kitty named Lucky needed a home. I wasn't really looking to bring another cat into my household of six cats and a Boston Terrier but I still had to check her out. She had a rough introduction to this world being born without the long bones in her back legs and no toes on her back feet, living the first couple of months as a stray under someone's shed and surviving the Jan. 2009 ice storm!

When Ashley Clark, the Animal Control Officer, put her in my arms Lucky snuggled up against me as if she knew there would be no way I was going to leave without her. Ashley let me know this might not be an easy transition because, despite her birth defect, she expected to be top cat and wasn't fond of dogs! Any sane person would have left at that time but that sleeping little ball of fur already had my heart and a forever home with me.

The cats were a pretty easy sell but Abbey, my Boston, and Scooter, (formally known as Lucky) weren't thrilled with each others presence. I told them it might kill all three of us but this would work! After 12 days they decided this was how it was going to be and they became "best buds".

Scooter doesn't realize she could have some limitations. She could always jump upon furniture that was cloth but she has now mastered wooden chairs and tables also. She is a very small cat which is good because the rest of her body didn't outgrow her back legs. She does though have two oversized features- her heart and her courage!

Carol Alvey
Owensboro, KY


I was on my way home one day and met a truck that had little legs behind it moving as fast as they could. After passing the truck, I saw that a little bitty horse was tied to the bumper with only about 6 inches of lead rope between the bumper and his halter. I turned around and followed as I was afraid that the little horse would fall and get dragged because there was no way the driver would have been able to see him fall. I followed the truck until it pulled off. The driver stopped, I got out of my vehicle to explain I wasn't trying to start trouble, I was just scared for the little horse. The driver then tells me how badly he hates the little horse and tells me to take him which I do as fast as I can get back with my trailer. Boomer has been adored at Little Sparrow Acres since then and delights everyone, adults and children alike.

Jamestown, TN

Buddy n Baby

Buddy (black cat on left) and Baby weren't love at first site...she was a rescue from a farm cat (and my daughter's 11th birthday present.)

After one of my other cats 'disappeared' and I was down to just Baby, I was inconsolable and asked my hubby if I could get another cat. He agreed. I went to our local Cats Cradle shelter to look for a white female. Buddy reached out to me as I walked by...a little scruffy black furball who, as I turned to him, started meowing his head off. I asked him if he wanted to come home with me & be my little buddy and he agreed.

When I brought him home to Baby, she wasn't impressed...but Buddy was very persistent and she couldn't resist him, much as I couldn't! They are now very lovey-dovey. Buddy is our 'cat ambassador;' he greets visitors both human and non-human, and insists on supervising all chores from laundry to sweeping (usually by rolling in the dustpile.)

Santa Paula, CA
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