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He chose me

My Mom and I were at Petsmart to purchase food for her cats when we saw one of the local animal rescue teams hosting an adoption drive. They had a number of cats and kittens in crates lined up on the sidewalk.

As my Mom and I were walking by I felt a tug on the sleeve of my sweater. I backed up to see what I had gotten stuck on, only to discover that one of the kittens had reached out from his crate and stuck his paw through the loose knit of my sweater. He was a tiny little thing complete with a sad story that included the loss of most of his littermates.

I wasn't planning to adopt an animal, but found out from his foster mom that he not only survived a very rough start to his life, but also shared a first name with my grandpa. I had to take him home. That was 10 years ago. His initial grab for attention has turned into a life of snuggling and constant attention seeking. Barney has been a little ball of love every minute of his life.

Orchard Park, NY

Meet HC

HC was our first rescue. He had been hiding in the woods around our home for a couple weeks. On Easter Sunday 2005, my husband noticed him and started feeding him. It took Kevin a few weeks to get close enough to him. We still are not sure what his story is. He is very afraid of plastic bags we know for sure. We took him to the vet and got him up to date on shots. We discovered he had been neutered already. I am such a total dog person, but HC has really changed my life. All he needed was a chance to inch his way into our hearts. Although, he is an older cat, he plays with his rescued brother and sister so well. He loves taking long naps and bird watching from the French doors in the den. HC has the greatest personality.

Colleen Hajnal
Conway, SC


I had a female cat show up at my house on Sept 4. The next night she came over which she did every night for 30 nights for food, I noticed she was pregnant. I could tell 3 days she had already given birth. I followed her every night looking for her kittens and on Oct 4th I found her and her 5 kittens 3 blocks from my house under a shed. She would come under my garage door every night between 820-845pm, eat and beg for attention and leave to care or her kittens. I took them all in and watched her raise them and had them all altered and placed all but the 2 I kept in forever homes. She is the most friendly cat I have ever come across and she did a fantastic job raising those 5 kittens on her own. This experience changed my life and taught me about compassion, eternal love and the rewards of helping those in need.. All 5 Kittens and Karma are healthy and lovin life! This is her and one I kept, Jules..

Julio J Gomez
Draper, UT


"Like breathing out and breathing in"...those song lyrics almost spoken rather than crooned by Rex Harrison as he starred in the fifties musical MY FAIR LADY. The tune is entitled "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face". When one welcomes wayward animals into a happy, cozy home, such activity becomes a way of life and a serial type story--never-ending! A marvelous habit and hobby. Difficult to cite only one story of aiding survival of such promising species of beasties as canines and felines and to recall all of the contented faces of a long string of them throughout the years.

Isolde May, though, presently underfoot as I write, inspires as fine as any tale to tell. Her partner naturally is Tristan. Both walked through our open and welcoming front door during a freezing, bleak, dismal winter's eve. One of them newly impregnated! The next day, each lovely animal bravely withstood transport to our veterinarian for the required series of life-saving inoculations and spaying and neutering.

This legendary couple featured through the ages in literature, opera, and cinema withstood many perils as their love for each other endured. The photograph attests that this contemporary Tristan and Isolde thrive, alive and well...and still cuddling! No longer reproducing...please spay and neuter. Bob Barker and I remain in complete agreement on that score.

Susie Duncan Sexton
Columbia City, IN

I can always depend on my boys!!!

My story isn't one of a rescued pet. Or maybe it is! When my ex and I got a place together, I was homesick and had always had a cat in my life, so we finally decided to get a kitten. First came Echo. He was a cute, black fuzzball, who ended up turning into a beautiful intelligent adult. Echo and I didn't bond very well because I was working a lot so he bonded with my ex. We found an ad for free kittens about a year later and came home with Chase. He was a little runty thing that loved attention! He became my baby. My ex husband and I separated over a year ago and I kept both cats. My ex was abusive towards me and it got worse the longer we were together. Echo became my best friend after my ex really started being mean. Last summer, I allowed my ex to stay with me for awhile before he thought he could control me and belittle me again... I told him to leave. He threatened to take Echo with him b/c he was "his" cat. Well, since I couldn't legally kick him out and it was a Sat, I had to wait until Mon to go to the courthouse to get a restraining order against him. My blessing would be him ending up in jail that night. I got all my babies rounded up and took them to my parent's house so they would be safe and with me. I would and never will let my ex have that cat! I love him with all my heart! He probably would have been neglected and abused! He is like my child, only fuzzy! And now I have both "brothers" fighting for my love and attention!

Hart, MI

Stormy day

One stormy day we were out looking for our deaf cat, who got outside days before. He was lost, and our son was so upset... we just had to go look for him! For days we put posters everywhere, and looked at all the vet offices in town. When we went to the animal shelter, we didn't find our lost cat. We found a skinny, scrawny young kitten that was going to be put to death that day. He had brothers & sisters in his cage... but we couldn't save them all. I saw this little face looking out at me all while my mom said, "Don't pick that kitten up!!!" His little face reminded me of my 18 year old Siamese cat when got him in blizzard of 78. This Siamese cat was my childhood best friend, and had passed on a few years earlier. When I saw this little face look up at me... it broke my heart! I picked him up, and he was all "purrrrrrrrr" & needing on my shirt. I could see how happy he was to be in my arms, and I didn't put him down until we got home. Stormy is now 6 years old, and my daughters best friend in the world!! We are so happy to have Stormy as a beloved family member. By the way... we did find our deaf cat one week later. He was happy to be home as well, and we were all blessed by the experience.

Hopkinsville, KY

Just a little look see

My boyfriend and I went to the local shelter to just have a look because we weren't able to have pets at our house. When we went into the puppy room we saw this black fluff ball in the back of a kennel. He seemed uninterested so we moved on. Once out of sight he began to cry and whine. We stepped back and he stopped. We did this a few more times and then decided he was ours. We gave our landlord notice and found a new house. A month later we went to have another look in hopes that we could find Jackson's brother. No luck but we came home with a new puppy and they quickly became best friends. Juno and Jackson are our bundles of joy and bring us so much happiness everyday. I count down the days for when we live in a bigger house and I can go have another "look" at the shelter.

Jessie and James
Wichita, KS

Love will find a way

When my Husband passed away three years ago, all I had were my two dogs Ace and Jovi. I am so blessed to have such wonderful pets. I truly believe they helped me through that horrible time in my life.

escondido, CA

Crazy Kittens

Several years ago, we met these 2 six month old littermates available for adoption thru Franklin County Humane Society at a local PetSmart. We had been shopping for our other 2 cats and knelt down to the cage where these two were. Bacardi immediately put her paw thru the cage and tried to grab a toy mouse from our hands. We knew that these were the kittens that should be part of our family. By the next week, we had adopted both brother & sister and taken them to their new home. Once at home, they were nuts! These 2 would be up all night performing what we called the kitty olympics. In this picture, they were captured taking a rare nap in the middle of the day.

Sarah Huddleston
New Kent, VA

Eamon's 'Guardian Angel'

I believe the stray dog our son Eamon rescued saved our son's life, and brought him out of his depression.

Two years ago our son a Sgt. Eamon C Kelly a US Marine '80 (%) disabled with a spinal injury' found a dog. While driving close to the freeway in an industrial area he spotted a dog running loose. The dog had a cone around his neck, because of a recent surgery. No houses were close by, so my son turned the car around and opened the car door. "Buddy", jumped in and licked his face.

Buddy was, hungry and thirsty. The cone around his neck was chewed up and dirty. He had been on his own for a while. Eamon came in the front door, and said, "I found a dog, and I gave him a honey mango bath". After searching different pounds, and veterinarian offices, then having Buddy scanned (to no avail) we decided to keep him until we 'found him a home'.

In the mornings when I would go to get Eamon up for the day, I would find Buddy stretched out on the bed with one paw over Eamon, 'protecting him'. When Eamon would struggle to climb the stairs, Buddy would be there to help support him. Eamon has been in pain every day, and even after 5 hours of surgery things are not better, but I believe that Buddy is his 'guardian angel' sent by God, and I believe that Buddy saved Eamon's life by bringing him out of his depression.

Buddy is well mannered, polite, and exceptionally smart.

Since Buddy joined our family, our lives have changed. Eamon has signed up for Internet college classes, his dad and I exercise by walking Buddy, and we are all doing better with Buddy as our companion.

Elizabeth Kelly
Alameda, CA
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