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Our McLovin

We lost our beautiful baby-girl Josie in November of 2008 after 17 years of true love. She was the cat that everyone loved, with her pretty orange markings and sweet personality. When she departed this world, it broke our hearts and we didn't think we could ever find another cat to love as much.

In April of 2009 my daughter and I were at the Petsmart in Pasadena, MD and decided to look through the glass at the kitties and as I passed this big black and white, he looked away in boredom, but as my daughter walked by, he perked up. When we met him it was love at first sight. He started purring and mewing to us and I knew he would fill the void of our family's loss. My husband and son fell for him as well. We quickly filled out the paperwork and adopted our little man. My daughter named him McLovin due to his loving nature and our Irish background and it fit. Once home, it took only a short time for Mclovin to look around and get comfortable.

Since then he has gained a place in the family as lord and master, what McLovin wants, Mclovin gets. He is by far the funniest cat around. He loves to play fetch and chase us around and be chased, his favorite toys are twistie ties and he washes his feet after every meal. I am so grateful to the people that work so hard to care for animals that are left behind by others and hope everyone takes a chance on a rescue pet. We still miss our Josie-girl, but I know she would approve of our love of McLovin.

Victoria Robertson
Glen Burnie, MD

Meet Quincy Birkus Yang!

I've been clickin' for food for the past 3 years now and have enjoyed reading these amazing stories of love and friendship between human and canine. These stories of love have touched my heart. I definitely share a similar love your "clickers" have for their dogs as I have with my Brussels Griffon - Border Terrier rescue named Quincy. I fell in love with his ewok face and infectious smile on Petfinders.com. After meeting him I knew that we were meant for each other! Quincy reminds me everyday of what unconditional love means. He has brought such joy, love and patience into my life and so many others around me. He adores the dog park, running away from the waves at the ocean and hiking off leash way up in the mountains. I love his energy during play but then love how he turns into the best "snuggle- bunny" at night! We have become two peas in a pod. Everywhere I go... he goes!

Dawn Sora Yang
Los Angeles, CA

Help My Family

We have 3 dogs that need foster care. We have had one for 9 years and the other 2 for 2 years. We have been told we are to remove them from our home or get evicted. I love my dogs and am saddened that I now have to get rid of them. We are in a kill state with the SPCA. They do not deserve that. My oldest is 9 and we have had her since she was weened. They are all small dogs and wouldn't hurt a flea. Their bark is worst than their bite. One of my youngest will be visiting the vet soon due to health issues, I hope it is not serious. Two have been spade and nurtured all current with shots. I beg of all of you out there to help us. They are part of this family and will forever be. But now it is time to let go, maybe only for a little while. I so want to be reunited with them in a few months to be able to give them our care and love they so deserve. We have lost one older dog last year she was 10. I do not want them to be put down, they do not Deserve That. This is my oldest and dearest family member. I would post all three but can't. If anyone would like pictures of the other 2 please let me know.

Thank you for your kindness

Wendy Ballard
Willow Spring, NC

Chocolate Fudge

This is Fudge, a Chocolate Lab rescued from our local animal shelter. He was picked up near a hunting area. My five-year-old and I went to the shelter just to look at the animals. When we saw Fudge he was so pitiful and made whining and chirping sounds. Under the filth he looked purebred with dew claws removed.

We took him into the yard to see how he would behave. First thing he did was lift a leg to relieve himself. This was a dog who'd been housebroken as his was the only kennel not soiled with waste. He obeyed every command I gave him, and I suspected he had been trained as a hunting dog.

We had to put him back in the kennel so that we could go buy a collar and leash, and he jumped and howled like a baby. He jumped so high that I knew a fence would not hold him. Anyone who saw that along with how filthy and smelly he was would not want him. I knew that we needed to save him.

When we got him home, I bathed him. He grumbled, but was completely submissive. After the bath he still emitted a horrid odor. We took Fudge to the vet who said all was well. But this dog's breath smelled nasty. Fudge rolled on his back and I got a glimpse of something white in the roof of his mouth. It was a stick lodged and rotting in the pallet. The poor dog! With that removed by the vet, he smelled like good, honest dog.

Fudge shadowed me for years, not letting me out of his site. He is a much more relaxed dog seven years later, but my father still doggy-sits when I can't take Fudge with me.

Chillicothe, OH

Shere Khan

Precious had a broken hip (probably from being kicked) and was brought into the vet where I worked. His owners never came to pick him up -- or to pay the bill. We kept him for a week or so asking everyone who came in if they'd take him. Everybody who worked there wanted him, but all of us had some reason adopting him was out of the question. I struggled with the idea, but had another cat whom I knew wouldn't accept an interloper without a major hissy fit.

When the doctor said he had to go because we needed the cage space, the Humane Society was full and not taking any more cats so he prepared the syringe to put this wonderful 9-month-old to sleep.

I started to cry, decided I'd find a way to make it work for both cats, and took him home that evening. I built two cages out of orange crates and put each cat in one across the room from the other, gradually moving them closer and closer. After about a month, I released them both. They never became friends, but maintained an armed neutrality. I renamed him Shere Khan, after the *Jungle Book*'s lame tiger.

He lived to be 17. During our time together he helped me raise another abused and starved kitten, as well as playing "Mother" to numerous raccoons, bunnies, and squirrels I raised as a Wildlife Rehabilitator.

He was, by far, the sweetest pet I've ever had.

Marty Stone
Germantown, WI

Cat Magoo

Cat Magoo was abandoned in the countryside here in Spain. He wasn't use to foraging for food and by the time he arrived at my neighbour's home was malnourished and very ill. The opinion was that he should be put to sleep. I'm a lifelong dog person but I was touched by the plight of this cat and decided to give him a chance. After many visits to the vets, he recovered and amazingly integrated into my pack of 6 dogs. I got a kick out of seeing his sweet face amongst my dogs all begging for treats. Sadly I only had him 22months. Cancer took him in January 2010. When I got him I said that he would be my first and last cat but I so enjoyed having him in my life that I reckon it won't be long before I adopt another feline friend.

Michele Morton
Torrox, Spain

Bettie's Story - In Her Own Words

The first thing I remember is being in a cold dark place where my mommy came and went. I was with my brothers and sisters but not in a safe place.

See our mommy didn't have a human family to watch out for her so she was not spayed and got pregnant with us. I know it must have been scary all alone in the world with no human caring if you were alive or dead. She found this old house when it came time for us to come and she dug under it so we would be safe. We were born under this old, abandoned house. The house was being torn down and someone heard us crying! They got us out with our mom and called the Carroll County Humane Society.

One day I was hiding under the platform in my kennel - I was the runt and the other liked to beat me up- and I heard everyone start barking. "Someone new is coming!" They said..so I hide with my eyes shut. I did not know what this 'forever"home was and if I wanted one. This couple walked up and down looking at the dogs. My brothers and sisters were barking and yelping for them to come and pet them. I stayed hid. The male saw me looking from underneth the platform and told the worker he wanted to see me. She went in and picked me up. I was so tiny that when the male held me he would not put me down. The female led us to the front, they filled out the paper work, paid the adoption fee and took me to my new home.

Adopt a shelter dog - more love than you will ever know!!!!

Rhonda Whitnum
Prague, OK

Gemini & Jennifer

Gemini, my gray and white cat was found under a car with her 2 siblings. They were only a week old at the time. I was working at my 1st animal hospital, and we couldn't put them to sleep. I took Gemini, who I named after I discovered see had 2 very unique personalities and my 2 co-workers took the others. Her siblings ended up passing away 2 weeks later, which put me in fear of Gemini dying too, as I was already attached. I gave her all the love I could and 5 years later, my girl is still with me.

Jennifer, my Himalayan was left all alone with her sister, Angel after their original owner committed suicide 2 yrs ago. They came to my hospital and i couldn't resist. I took them both home. Unfortunately, Angel passed away unexpectedly after 2 days in her new home. Jennifer was crushed, as she she would go around the house meowing and looking for her sister. All I could do was comfort her and become her friend. We've been inseparable every since and she is now as happy as can be.

DeMia Reed
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Molly Faith

My cat Slash had been my best friend for 14 years before she passed away from cancer. After that I decided that I didn't want any more pets for a while. Then just after christmas someone handed in a cat to the local council, which I hapened to be there at the same time and saw this poor scared little kitten in a 'Louis Vittion' cat cage. When the animal shelter came to collect it I handed them my mobile number and said "if the kitten dosen't have a home please call me and I will find a home for it." I called the shelter they said "if no one collects it after 8 days, depending on temprement (it was a little bit ferral but not mangey) it would be de-sexed vet checked etc. So I bought her home and sent out emails to EVERYONE at my work and friends to find a home for this kitten. Well Molly Faith now has a home with me she is spoilt beond her wildest imaginagiton. and I love her to bits.

Melbourne, Australia


We were struggling with the loss of our beloved dog, Scooter, when we saw a news story about all the homeless dogs in Las Vegas. We decided to go to Petsmart on adoption day "just to look". Well, we fell in love with little Pepper - she was so sweet and loved us immediately. She was just perfect for our family - and we realized that life is best in our family when there's a dog to love.

Amy Leavitt
Las Vegas, NV
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