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Lost and found

Nov. 17, 2009 my husband was elk hunting in the high desert of southern Idaho. He saw an animal scratching at the ice on a pond, trying to get a drink, and followed her to an old cow carcass which she was chewing on and living in. He coaxed her out and brought her home. She had her front paw injured, probably in a coyote trap, and one toe half gone and infected. She had been out there 6-8 weeks in the freezing cold. She was dehydrated, malnourished, ears and foot infected and she was very smelly. We bathed her twice and then she spent the night at the vet on IV fluids and antibiotics. The Doc said she probably would not have lasted out there one more day. She is still very scared of loud noises and the dark. We think she was lost during bird hunting season in September and caught in the trap for who knows how long. We named her Sadie and after 6 weeks of TLC she is doing much better. She gets along well with our two Labs, Buddy and Sassy, and Chewy the cat, and has been a lovely addition to our family.

Buhl, ID

Silly Sam

I heard meowing coming from under my sister's truck. When I looked I saw a tiny kitten with mange covered ears, a bony little body and massive whiskers. I couldn't even tell what color her coat was. Today, Sam is a healthy tricolored sweetheart! She is nothing but love and silliness. We are so lucky to have received such a special gift.

Ashley Vinals
Miami, FL


Someone dumped Echo and his brother at our church. We just couldn't leave them there, so we brought them home. Echo weighed 9 oz and his brother 4 oz and were about 2 weeks old. I'm sorry to say the brother died, but Echo thrived. We originally intended to nurse him back to health and find a home for him, but we just couldn't give him away. He's now a 6 mo old little ball of fire who brings much pleasure and entertainment into our lives.

Bell, FL

the dog I didn't want

I had lost two dogs and wasn't looking for another. I wasn't over the heartbreak.My girlfriend got a call as I was taking her to work from the Downey,Ca aspca. Saying Murphy was going to be put down if he wasn't pick upby noon. She asked if I wanted a dog, I said NO, but I'd go pick him up for her. It was about a mile from where I picked him up to her work. I walked in with Murphy and said never mind finding him a home, he was mine. He's been with me for over 12 years and 6 states.

He has to have his tennis ball. It's 8 below and I still have to take him out for a couple of throws. If I don't he lays down and stares at me with the saddest look until I give in. He has trained me well.

kris fobes
Hinton, IA

Little Leftovers

It's been over 2 yrs since I brought little Leftovers home. My mom's landlord wanted to get barn cats to catch mice, but he brought home two tiny kittens!! We tried to tell him that they were too small to be left outside all alone, but he refused to listen to us. Sadly one kitten disappeared and the second one ended up being attacted. My mom found her outside next to the porch shivering and covered in blood and saliva. Something had tried to eat her!! So I wrapped her in a towel and took her away to come live with me. Sadly her vocal cords were damaged so she can't meow well and instead she kind of squeaks, and her sense of balance is a little off...but that doesn't slow her down! Lefties loves to follow us around and 'help' with anything going on in the house. She is one of the sweetest cats I've ever had and I'm so grateful that we found her in time!!

Angie Rae
Buffalo, NY

Best Friends

Shoga (Japanese for ginger and a name that is a major source of amusement for our Japanese friends), right, was saved from the "burlap bag" from a farm in the Izu Peninsula near Tokyo when our first dog, Spot, was approaching 12 years old. Spot, a pure white "mix," had been found tick-ridden and thrown away on the side of a road in Izu in 1991. After Spot died at 17, Shoga, a Kishu-ken mix, was heart-broken. Then, in March last year, we saw a picture of a dog needing a home at Animal Refuge Kansai, a rescue group in Osaka and Tokyo.

We went to a "showing" in Tokyo and discovered Nozomi (Japanese for hope), a 9-year-old Spitz mix who had grown up with a homeless man, was once rescued by Ark, was once adopted and then was sent back to Ark where she lived for a long time. She had obviously been badly abused at some point before Ark took care of her and she was frightened of nearly everything -- cars, chains, feet, bicycles and much, much more. But she likes older men, so she allowed me to get close to her at the "show" and then immediately showed what a great grrl she is. We adopted her in April, just a year after Spot died. Now Nozo and Shoga rule the house, as Spot and Shoga had before. They share treats and will even share licking the leftovers off a dinner plate if given the chance.

They are great grrls and make us very, very happy.

Darryl Gibson, Brenda Bushell

Darryl Gibson
Yokohama, Japan

Meet Miss Asia Juniper

Walking into my local hardware store, the lady there hands me a sheet of paper, with a sad doggie's face staring back at me, and she pleads with me to help this little dog, AJ. She was to be euthanized in two days. Having lost my husband recently, and taking some time off, I thought, "What's the worse that can happen by saving this dog?" So, I called the rescue place, they drove up some 750 miles from southern Illinois, and brought me a scared, flea-infested, malnutritioned little Puggle (a $1,500 designer dog that combines a beagle with a pug, that I was to obtain for nothing). I renamed her Asia Juniper. Lots of care later, and she benefits from my becoming a pet groomer, she is so happy, playing with my two little Boston Terriers. She says, "Woo wooo woo!" when she is excited. What a terrible thing it would have been to euthanize such a sweet, affectionate, intelligent little dog. I'm so glad I saved her. And so is she!

Lombard, IL

Lily's Rescue

After living by myself in a cat-friendly apartment for the first half of a year of grad school, I decided I needed a kitten. When my aunt found out she told me she knew someone with a calico kitten who needed a good home. Living along a rural road people frequently dropped off kittens on this person's property and they would feed these strays. Intrigued, we embarked on the hour and a half trip to go see the kitten. When we got there I quickly realized the "kitten" was older and had different coloring than I expected. Somewhat disappointed I decided to take her home anyway.

What we didn't realize was she had had little human interaction and was borderline feral. Her first day with us was spent hiding and refusing to eat or drink. Luckily for Lily, she let my mother pick her up the second morning and proceeded to pee on her. At this point, we realized that there was blood in her urine and immediately called the vet. Our veterinarian diagnosed her with a severe urinary tract infection. Concerned that there must be an underlying problem for such a young cat, the vet decided to keep her overnight to test her for FeLV and hydrate her.

Heartbroken I left the vet with my empty carrier. That night we received a call from the vet that she had tested negative and would just need a course of antibiotics. Two months of antibiotics later she was healthy and had accepted me as her friend.

Three years later she is not a outgoing cat but is devoted to me and has accepted my husband and the two cats we have since adopted. I can't imagine our family without her and am glad to have been able to save her life.

Sara Hayik
Downingtown, PA

Daisy and Kiki, our good will ambassadors

Daisy had been dumped at the pound because she is totally deaf. We saw her at a rescue group and never hesitated for a second. Because a deaf dog needs a hearing dog, we were lucky enough to adopt our sweet Kiki from the same rescue. They have both learned "doggy sign language" in obedience class, and have their Canine Good Citizen certificates. We go to an area nursing home to visit, and I don't know who enjoys it the most, the residents, the dogs, or me! Our girls have been inseparable from day one, and we adore them.

Jaclynn Fulkman
Copley, OH

Buddy had me from a lick of my hand

We fell in love with Buddy when we saw him on a local shelter's website. Our love grew when we went to visit the painfully skinny "multicultural" breed shivering in the back of his cage. I reached out a tentative hand. He walked over and licked it, and I told my husband he was going home with us. We happily paid the adoption fee and all three of us left with tails wagging.

That was in January of 2007. Buddy has since put on 20 pounds and has doggie beds upstairs and downstairs along with a daybed in my home/office. He's got two boxes full of toys, plenty of food and water and, most importantly, no shortage of love.

We recently learned that we can't have children, and Buddy has made that much easier to accept. He's our child and the love of our lives.

My only regret is that we can't save all of the shelter animals. Our four walls only have room for one dog right now, but our hearts have plenty of love to eventually adopt more.

Buddy is extremely intuitive, and he is grateful that our family gave him a second chance. Please consider adoption if you decide to get a pet. We couldn't ask for a sweeter, more loving dog.

Mary Russell
Nashville, TN
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