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Sophie and Gus

I went online to look for a miniature schnauzer puppy to adopt, and found that the Rowlett Animal Adoptions had three of them. By the time we got there, two puppies were left, and my daughter and I knew right away we could not separate these littermates. Sophie and Gus Von Schnauzer make us laugh everyday. We feel we've been lifted to celebrity status as we walk the dogs. We are approached by people wanting to ask about the puppies; due to their unusually small size, one woman asked me if they were "teacup" size schnauzers. They have gained instant recognition throughout the neighborhood, with strangers addressing our pups by name! They have added so much love and joy to our home. Please adopt your next pet!

Diane Caruso
Colleyville, TX

Mugwump was almost a speed bump!

I was driving home one night and saw what I thought was a squirrel in the middle of the road. I stopped, but it didn't move. I got out of my car and realized it was a very bedraggled kitten. I picked him up and he curled up and started to purr. Of course I took him home. After a bath I discovered he was a beautiful long haired white and orange male. He has fit in with Squeedunk and Pokeno, my two rescues, and sleeps on my pillow at night. I really think it was fate that sent me down the road at that time and made sure I wasn't driving any faster. I wasn't looking to have a third cat, but I have one now!

Kimberly Grehl
Phoenixville, PA


Dancie was 7 weeks old when we got her and I trained her to be my service dog. I depended on her for everything and she was a very loving and devoted dog! Unfortunately she had a congenital heart defect we didn't know about and she died at six years of age of a heartattack. I let her out on the morning of Nov. 4, 2009 with my other dogs and when I called them in for their breakfeast everyone came in except Dancie. So, I went into the back yard to find her and that is when I found her in the backyard passed away. When I had the vet do a neocropsy on her that is when they discovered she had a heart defect and died of a heartattack. The vet also told me that dogs with that type of heart defect usually only live till 3 years old, they are undeveloped and are never capable of becoming service dogs. Just goes to show you how strong and impotant the bond is between human and dog! Needless to say I was despondent and heartbroken. My husband couldn't stand to see me so depressed so, he went and got me another Golden. My new dog is Carly and she is now 10 months old. With the help of a personal trainer Carly just got certified as my new service dog. Carly goes everywhere with me ! She accompany's me to the doctors offfice, to Barnes and Noble, to Best Buy, to Walmart, to fast food resturants and to Starbucks. It just goes to show you one persons throw away is another persons treasure. With the help of Dancie and Carly I can live life as an independent person. So, please choose adoption.

Phyllis Zaretzky
Murfreesboro, TN

A Welcome Addition

We needed a playmate for our husky/shepard mix and adopted Bob through petfinder.com. Now the two are inseperable! Bob was tagged as cat aggressive, but that couldn't be further from the truth. He happily cohabitates with two cats. Just because a dog has been tagged with a certain behavior, it doesn't mean it's necessarily true. We just have to give them a chance!

Deirdre Gallagher
Gainesville, GA

A Loving Soul

Roxy wasn't adopted from a shelter. She was a lost and abandoned soul. She had been dumped in a neighbor's yard with a pile of old bread to keep her fed over Christmas 2007. My husband brought her home knowing that her chances were slim because of her breed. She is a boxer/pitbull mix. She was scared and skinny but warmed quickly to our home and other dogs. She is our laughter, our protector and the center of our attention. She believes she is a lap dog and loves to share a chair, sitting like a person. She is no longer a lost and abandoned soul - she is now a warm and loving soul whom we love dearly. We are grateful for her every day.

Doug & Marie
Callahan, FL

You can't judge a book by its cover

Pronk's mother was a street dog. She gave birth annually in a local neighborhood. No matter how hard the caring people tried, they couldn't catch her. She would bring her puppies to a caring person's porch and hope they would find a home.

Pronk was adopted as a sweet puppy and returned to the foster group six months later, for being "vicious". We just happened to be there when he was returned. "Vicious?", we thought. He seemed so calm and pensive. We took him for a walk and decided to give him a try. That was 4 years ago. Our Pronk is the the epitome of a gentleman. Pronk lives with several new "siblings" and treats them all with respect, although his strength could certainly prove otherwise. I am proud to have Pronk at my side.

We have never regretted the day we took a chance on this vicious dog.

Have you ever wished someone would have given you a second chance? Remember that when you look at that set of eyes who seem to be saying, "I think I could bring something special into your life."

Bath, OH

Bottle Baby Lucky

My name, Lucky Stanton Woods and the story goes like this~~my momma WAS NOT a CAT person, and I had been crying for 2.5 days under her house so she finally had a friend move a panel on the house and he had to look for me and find me as my Mother had dropped me off and left me all by myself never even made me a bed. This guy called Ted found me and handed me to this lady, Charla, I call meeoommm she fell in love with me as I was so tiny I fit in her hand perfect and she gave me some warm 2% milk with this eye dropper thing and all that took place on a Saturday so 2 days latter she took me to a vets office hoping someone else would take me BUT they sold her a bottle and some good milk for me and I had my home and I knew my meeoommm loved me as she was always feeding me, I went everywhere she went, as she would put me in a big purse, it has been awesome. That was all 2 yrs and 3 months ago and I love her so much she takes me to the park and pushes me around in a buggy, I hear the ducks making noices, I just stare at them. She gives me Tuna on occassions, I think that is why I weigh 14.4 pounds but I am very gorgeous,:) my meeooommm tells me so, and I am copper and white, boy does she get mad when someone says I am yelow or orange, cuz she says I look like a new penny. I am just as glad as she is that she has me!! She calls me her little "Dumplin"

Charla Woods
Harrah, OK

Saved Georgia Peach

This August 7, 2010, Bingo (12 lb miniature poodle) will turn four and up until January a Breeder in Georgia held Bingo hostage to stud until Napier saved him. Bingo is his new name, and we have Napier's Log Cabin Horse & Animal Sanctuary, Inc. in Bradenton, Fl to thank. It is four weeks now since we have given him his forever home, and the transformation is amazing. He now plays, is willing to socialize and has brought much joy and laughter into our home. He follows me everywhere and now loves to go outside for his walks, runs and more frolicking. His favorite is running and rolling around in the fragrant grass. He is receiving lots of love and giving back ten fold. Even our cats are starting to share in the playtime activities which is priceless. If you have never rescued, please consider doing so.


Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch, FL

Iris Kraft
Bradenton, FL


Ned picked us out at the SPCA in 1992 when we went in just to look. He was just a little inconspicuous brown boy but he was beautiful to us.

He is now 20 years old, can't see very well or hear but his 'smeller' still works great so he knows pretty much what's going on around him.

He loves his little 14 year old brother Oliver, and the highlight of their day is when Dad comes home and gives them treats.

J L Winn
Spring, TX

Abandoned by a loving mother

The last day we were on vacation, two 1 month old babies were carried by their feral mother through our cat door and left in our basement. Squirt (light ears) was very ill and barely mobile while Sister (dark ears) was ill, but hissing and hiding. My daughter caught them and took them to the vet. Both babies had serious respiratory infections and Squirt's eyes were sealed shut from the oozing.

My husband wanted to keep them, so on the way home from the airport, we stopped by the vet and brought them home. Such beautiful but sick little babies. The vet talked with us in cautious tones and, while not saying it, left the clear impression they probably would not survive the coming weekend. At that time we took these pictures showing Squirt at 0.4 lbs and Sister at 0.7 lbs.

A month and a half later, they are both on wet and dry food, playing and running happily with our other cats. They have grown from babies into kittens. Squirt is 2 lbs and Sister is 2.5 lbs. The vet said, "Well, it certainly looks like you have The Touch! I really did not expect them to live."

I see their mother when she is waiting for the food we put out and her other kittens play on our wall and in our back yard. The vet techs, say she left the kittens in our basement because she knew we would take care of them. I didn't really believe that, but it looks like they (and their mother) were right!

Their kitten antics are a constant source of joy with the amazement that they were strong enough to survive such a rocky start in life. Our beautiful babies are no longer sick and have a forever home.

Debbie L.
West Valley City, UT
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