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Bello from Brazil

We adopted Bello before meeting him. He was found by a caring person on the streets of Brazil, desperately but unsuccefully trying to eat a piece of meat tossed to him. He was taken to a Vet and they understood the problem. Someone cut off his tongue and left him on the street to fend for himself. His mouth was getting septic and he was going to dye soon, if not treated. The email headline asking for help stated "Dog with tongue cut off" and I knew I could not leave him behind. Luckly for him, the Vet agreed to take care of him, and he recovered enough to make his trip back from Brazil to the US.

Bello continued to recover here, put some weight back on and developed a gorgeous, silky coat. He is the sweetest dog I've ever met. He cannot get enough loving (or cookies) and insists on being REALLY close to me -on my feet, leaning his head on my legs, or just laying on top of me.

He is funny and full of personality and everyday teaches us something about kindness, forgiveness and strength. Bello is the light of our lives.

Ines Castro
Silver Spring, MD


I found Benny on Petfinder.com through Just a Touch Rescue in Rhode Island and I had to meet him. This shelter specializes in special needs animals and puppy mill rescues. He had a rough start and didn't trust people when he came to me. His foster mom brought him for a home visit and when it was over he didn't want to leave! He has been with me for over two years now and I can't imagine life without him. I saw him first, but he chose me.

Watertown, MA

My Valentine, Sheldon

I adopted Sheldon from the city pound after a home invasion. He wasn't the big guard dog I originally planned on adopting, but he defiantly had a good "yip" in him! They told me he was born in February so I dubbed him a Valentine baby and that is his official birthday every year. He's been with me five years and is the best dog ever! Even non-dog people agree and if I would ever need to find a new "forever" home for him (which will never happen) there is a list of people a mile long that would love to have him!

Des Moines, IA

Catue to the rescue

My husband had just lost his Uncle Jim. Since his parents were older, Kevin didn't want them to make the drive some six states away for the funeral. So, he opted to drive them himself. While I was home alone, except for HC, our first rescue, I was a little worried with my husband being so far away. The first morning that I went to out for work, there was this adorable kitten under our carport. When I saw him I thought someone must have dropped him off. It happens all the time down our street. Anyway, this precious kitty flops over on his back for a tummy scratch. I was in love. Being a "dog" person most of my life, I was surprised at how many "canine attributes" my new kitty had. When Kevin got home, I showed him the kitty, who I was calling "Boots". Kevin kindly changed his name to Catue (cat 2).

Catue continues to amaze me with his antics. He sits by my feet when I am working at the computer. He rolls over for tummy scratches and still loves to flop! He walks in the house and flops right on the floor. He loves playing with his feline sister Goldie. She is another story. Together they run up and down our hallway at night and play hide and seek. It is hysterical.

Catue rescued me from being worried while Kevin was away.

Colleen Hajnal
Conway, SC

A Princess Takes Her Throne

Last year, an aquaintance of ours said she had a dog that she didn't want anymore. She had been beaten very badly and stabbed twice. She hid in the laundry room and was nno fun for the kids. Our friend was going to take her to a pound because she had been passed around to 6 families and no one wanted to keep her. My husband, who didn't really want a 5th pet, brought her home and said we had a new family member.We decided she needed a forever home, which we gave her. For the first 5-6 days, she hid in our bathroom, not coming out for any reason. We just cleaned up her "messes", and slid food in there. Finally she started attaching herself to us, one person at a time. She now plays with our other 2 dogs endlessly and sleeps under my daughters bed covers at night. Her name is Princess and she has found her kingdom

Howe, IN

Everybody Loves Scruffy

I was driving to work one day and it was raining. I saw this little dog running across the road toward the lake near where I lived. He was so thin and his hair was just a mess. I pulled up next to some men who were fishing and asked about the dog. They said someone had dropped him off a couple of weeks ago and he had been hanging around there. I asked if I could take him and one of the men put him in my car. That turned out to be the easy part.

I was just going to get him healthy and find him a good home so I never really named him. I called him scruffy and unfortunately, it stuck as his name, but he is anything but scruffy. He is beautiful, adorable and so loyal and loving. I don't even want to imagaine what life would be like without him. Scruff has brought me and many others a great deal of joy and I'm grateful for every moment I spend with him. We have had some issues and he evidently suffered a tremendous amount of abuse and trauma which have caused seizures and extreme anxiety. However, with a lot of patience and a calm environment, Scruffy has come around. He is happy, healthy and as normal as any of my family members :-) I hate that he suffered so much before I found him, but am so glad that he has given me the chance to love him. He has changed my life.

Stephanie Mitchell
Oxford, MS


George's first family dumped him in a state wildlife refuge near Park Rapids, MN. A ranger found him starving and full of porkypine quills. The Ark Animal Hospital treated him and nursed him back to good health for a month. The Headwaters Animal Shelter had him for six weeks when I went to find a replacement for a dog who was dying at home from cancer. George looked so depressed that I felt I had to take him over many other black Labs there. That was five years ago, he has been so content at our hobby farm. Our 3year-old grandson put these shades on him while lying on him. At 120#, George dosen't care. He's a super playmate for our 3year-old mini-dachshund, Lulu. We feel he has kept our place safe from bears, wolves, coyotes and strange people. Thanks, George!

David/Lynn Buchholz
Akeley, MN


We adopted Charlie from the local shelter when he was 10 months old. He stole our hearts from the moment we met him. He has brought so much joy to our family and everyone that knows him. Everyone says how lucky we were to find him. We thank our lucky stars everyday.

Smithfield, RI

Chip - My Hero

I rescued Chip from a family who accused him of killing their $600 Quaker Parrot. When I went to extend my sympathy for the loss of their bird; Chip walked up to me and said "I did not kill the bird". I picked him up and brought him home. That evening, after his former owner bought another bird, she called to tell me she came in from the garage and her dog had the bird in it's mouth. Just a few years later my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly; a few months later Chip was diagnosed with a cancer in his leg and the leg had to be amputated. Chip is my hero because he taught me if he can live without a leg I can live without my husband.We gain strengh daily from each other. He is the "man in my life".

Avon, IN

Abused Black and Abandoned

We found Huney at our local ASPCA during the Fair. I was looking for a dog to run with me on the local outdoor trail. She had been rescued by them as a puppy she was adopted and returned within 8 weeks because the new owners were moving and could not take her. She was fostered out and then returned because the foster home owner was moving. She spent 12 months of her first 2 years in a cage. No one would adopt her because she was black and very excited pulled excessively etc.

Well, she has a forever home now and is 7 years old, a certified pet therapy dog with a Chi brother and a pesky 4 year old sister too (Who was also rescued). She gives more unconditional love than any dog I've seen.

It would not be surprising for most dogs but, as per the typical rescue she had been abused. The 1st owner literally punched her face causing many of her side teeth to be lose and break they were infected when she was brought in and the ASPCA had to remove several of her teeth because of it.

Huney, is not shy about love and will sit for hours just to be petted and rubbed. Her favorite thing is when we have relaxation time and I take turns rubbing them down.

I knew she was meant to be mine when I had taken her out on our 2nd run. A kayaker was climbing a steep bank to the trail from the river. I did not notice him. She had immediately raised her hackles and stood infront of me barking very defensively. She protected me know me. That is truely amazing when in all reality she had no reason to trust me.

Spokane, WA
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