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Picture Perfect, Squatter

This perfect picture of Squatter shows her perfect profile as well as showing her love as a beautiful cat at 2 years of age. We came home one day and heard some scratching at the door only to see her hanging on the window edging of the back door looking in. We opened the door and in she bee-lined to a corner of the bathroom giving us the look as though she completely moved in. About two weeks later she birthed two kittens. Squatter is loads of fun and love who likes to top the refrigerator, reach down and swat the magnets off the door only to do it more after you pick them up. When it came to bed time, she had to tunnel under the covers, turn around and get comfortable between your arm and body.

She will be remembered and loved forever, passing in November 2008 after 6 years of wonderful perfect feline love.

Sid Gatschet
Chicago, IL

Long Journey Home

The shaggy, sad-looking dog named Casper was pictured at a web site called Dogs in Danger. In ten days, on 10/31/07, his time was going to be up. He was in Texas, and I was in New Mexico, but that sad face kept pulling at my heartstrings. The shelter director assured me that a local rescue group would likely adopt him before he was euthanized.

I will never know why I felt compelled to pursue adopting him against all odds. He was six hundred miles away, and had to be neutered before he would be allowed to leave the shelter's city boundaries. Then, on the morning of his scheduled surgery, Casper was diagnosed with kennel cough. Surgery was delayed. One stumbling block after another followed, and it seemed we would never be able to get him home. Finally, in November, our son put him on a flight from Dallas to Albuquerque.

Casper is the first clown we have had in the family, with one of the most comical personalities we have ever known. My husband and I can only guess at his background, but he came to us with this adorable trait: every morning he greets me by sitting up and putting both his front teddy-bear paws in my upturned palms, looking at me with so much love and contentment! His sitting-up pose is for greeting, communicating, and of course, for begging--especially for broccoli, his favorite vegetable!

Casper has brought us more laughter, more joy, and delight than we could ever have imagined. He is living proof of the unclaimed treasures waiting in shelters with unlimited love to give to the person lucky enough to find them.

Joyce Lewis
Tijeras, NM

Hi! I am Ike!

He was named "Ike" after Hurricane Ike, as it was the first day in his life he walked on the grass:

In September, 2008, I was one of 927 dachshunds rescued from a puppy mill in Parkersburg, WV, that had been raided by the authorities.

I lived 10 years of my life, nameless, and in a cage that had been stacked upon other cages. My friends and I were covered with each others filth and we were sick and starved. I had never even walked on grass before!

I am one of the lucky ones! My adopted family says that I am joyful and appreciative of my new home and promised that I will live comfortably the rest of my life here with them. So now I must speak out and tell the world about my friends who also need homes.

Miniature Dachshunds have short hair which requires little or no maintenance and you can dress us up in those cute little sweaters! I only eat about 8 tablespoons of food a day and I provide much happiness wherever I go!

Jill Sorrels
Jeannette, PA


Bailey is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who came into our lives in 2007. He was abandoned and abused. When I looked into his hurt little eyes it was love at first sight. Then when I held him to come home he made the biggest sigh ever. He knew he was finally safe! He shares our home with another Pembroke Welsh Corgi and they get along perfect. The person who threw him out made the biggest mistake! His favorite thing to do is have dingo bones and curl up beside you at night and try to bury those bones in your pillow!

Shannan Williamson
Odessa, AL

Our precious Pinstripe

This little guy found his way into our hearts when we heard his former owner lost her job and could not afford to keep him. We brought him home immediately and, when my young son saw him, he said "mom, he has a pinstripe down his back". Well, Pinstripe it is!! He makes us smile every day!

Carie Centeno
Shadow Hills, CA

I got my dog a dog

When our old dog died, our young Border Collie mix Laci was so lonely we thought we would adopt a companion for her. I found a cute (small) dog at the SPCA, but at the last minute decided I should take Laci with me so they could meet first. I'm glad I did, because they didn't really like each other! Instead, Laci chose Roxy, a Shepherd mix. Roxy came home with us that day and the the girls have been so happy together. Their favorite game is tug-of-war, and they keep each other company since my husband and I work full time. I will always take my pet to the shelter with me from now on to pick out a companion. I tell my friends, "I got my dog a dog."

Lea Ann Thomas
Leonard, TX

Barney's Long Journey Home

Barney was listed on Petfinder.com for 6 months before his injuries healed and he was well enough to be adopted. But, thanks to the great care he received at the "A Paw Up" rescue agency in Washington State, he not only survived the horrendous injuries inflicted on him, he thrived and was ready to face the world again.

From the moment I adopted him, Barney and I both knew that he was finally at the end of the long journey to his forever home.

Peggy Payne
Grants Pass, OR

Meet Tommy

Tommy was rescued from the roof of the American Embassy in Mexico City in 1996. 13 years later, he rules the house and is the biggest love bug ever. Also, he has lived in Seattle, Washington; Puerto Rico and Syracuse, NY. I have frequent flyer miles.

Tom & Lisa
Syracuse, NY

Wile E. Coyote found a HOME!

We discovered a poor, lame, malnourished, and abandoned dog in the bushes on a morning walk. Every mornng before work, I would drive up to where I saw her and feed her along with fresh water. On the 4th day, she had 10 puppies with her. I tried desperately to get them all rescued, but before I could do anything, animal control found the pups and took them. Wile E. hid, and I found her practically frozen under a large outdoor doll house where she had found refuge. She came willingly with me that morning and I took her to the vet to get her spayed, microchiped, shots, and leg fixed. She has been with me since January 2001, and is the sweetest and most appreciative critter I have ever had as a pet.

Lorraine Gutierrez
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


It is always such a miracle when we are lucky enough to meet our fur children. I am amazed and happy that in this big world Charles-in-Charge (CC) and I were in the same place at the same time. All Breed Dog Rescue was in my local pet supply store with a collection of dogs who needed homes. I saw CC and fell in love. His mom was rescued from a thrift store and it was later discovered that she was carrying pups and he was one of them. All Breed Dog Rescue in Yucaipa took care of him and loved him until we found eachother. He is such a joy - always happy which makes me happy. He is only a year old, so we have many more wonderful years to spend together.

Joni Kalcow
Moreno Valley, CA
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