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Ned picked us out at the SPCA in 1992 when we went in just to look. He was just a little inconspicuous brown boy but he was beautiful to us.

He is now 20 years old, can't see very well or hear but his 'smeller' still works great so he knows pretty much what's going on around him.

He loves his little 14 year old brother Oliver, and the highlight of their day is when Dad comes home and gives them treats.

J L Winn
Spring, TX

Abandoned by a loving mother

The last day we were on vacation, two 1 month old babies were carried by their feral mother through our cat door and left in our basement. Squirt (light ears) was very ill and barely mobile while Sister (dark ears) was ill, but hissing and hiding. My daughter caught them and took them to the vet. Both babies had serious respiratory infections and Squirt's eyes were sealed shut from the oozing.

My husband wanted to keep them, so on the way home from the airport, we stopped by the vet and brought them home. Such beautiful but sick little babies. The vet talked with us in cautious tones and, while not saying it, left the clear impression they probably would not survive the coming weekend. At that time we took these pictures showing Squirt at 0.4 lbs and Sister at 0.7 lbs.

A month and a half later, they are both on wet and dry food, playing and running happily with our other cats. They have grown from babies into kittens. Squirt is 2 lbs and Sister is 2.5 lbs. The vet said, "Well, it certainly looks like you have The Touch! I really did not expect them to live."

I see their mother when she is waiting for the food we put out and her other kittens play on our wall and in our back yard. The vet techs, say she left the kittens in our basement because she knew we would take care of them. I didn't really believe that, but it looks like they (and their mother) were right!

Their kitten antics are a constant source of joy with the amazement that they were strong enough to survive such a rocky start in life. Our beautiful babies are no longer sick and have a forever home.

Debbie L.
West Valley City, UT

Pearl and Me

Pearl was abandoned on the Streets of West Chicago. It had been six years since we have had a dog and finally we got Pearl. Pearl is the same breed of dog my dad had as a kid, a miniature poodle. Now she knows sit, lay down,

shake, come here, and stay. She's only 1 yr. old, she's smart, playful, very loving, and very silly.

Wheaton, IL

Princess Dora

I was looking for a small dog when I visited Home for Friendless Animals in Waynetown, IN. But then I saw this very shy cream colored dog named Dora. As other dogs barked for my attention, Dora just looked at me with dark brown eyes. She weighed about 35 pounds and looked to be a lab mix. I decided I wanted her.

I knew she had a rough beginning so I decided to spoil her. She quickly earned the name Princess. There was a period of adjustment as she got used to living inside but overall she did well. She learned simple commands like "sit" but she also knows the words "walk", "car ride", "snacker" and "bathfurs". She's not a fan of the last one.

I couldn't imagine not having Princess. She's my protector and my companion. She loves to sit in my chair and a half with me and cuddle. Walks are a daily occurence because if I don't take her, she will stare me down until I get the leash. Thunderstorms scare her still but I'm not a fan of them either. She has never chewed on things that were not hers. She learns things quickly, although she is stubborn.

Princess was at the shelter for over a year and so many people chose not to adopt her because she was so shy. Those people missed out on a sweet dog that just wants to please. But I know my life has been enriched because I have Princess.

Kristy Dice
Vincennes, IN


Dolly is our shelter dog that helped us get over the loss of our previous shelter dog of 11 years, Asia. We've spoiled Dolly for 2 years and she's the queen of the house! She fits right into our family and loves to go for walks (a few a day) and car rides! She has trained us to rub her belly when she rolls over. Both our shelter dogs changed our lives...give a shelter dog a forever home, you won't be sorry!

Debbie & Dan Krupske
Romeoville, IL

Rescued from euthenasia.

Harley was set to be put down July 26 2010, i had been looking for a rottweiler and my girlfriend came across him on a site. She went and picked him up for me on July 22 2010. He is approximately 18 months old and 113 lbs. He is probably the nicest dog i have ever owned, he is calm, doesn't bark at everything loves to run and play. Although he is still adjusting to his new enviroment he shows that he is happy where he is. His original owner was killed in a car accident from what the pound that we got him from said, his mother had brought him in and surrendered him for an unknown reason. This is the first animal i have gotten from a shelter or pound but it will not be the last. He's very social with people and other dogs.

Bloomingdale, OH

Home for good!

Our kitty Shoestring went quickly and it took me about two years to decide to adopt a kitten. After searching on Petfinder.com I found him. A gorgeous kitten who had been moved from back n forth from his part-time foster home to a cage in a pet store. Floyd was his name until I changed it to Loki. Norse God of Mischievious which is exactly who he is. Into everything from Purses to garbage bags. Anywhere he can fit. He loves his picture to be taken. Along with my our dog Emma, they are the apples of our eyes. Please adopt.

Warren, MI


Coming home late on the 20th anniversary of my mother's death I heard what I thought was a bird in the bushes and I paused. Next thing I know this tiny 3wk old dirty kitty rushes from the shrubs squeaking her heart out. Starving, wounded and dirty I took her to a local shelter with every intention of leaving her for someone else. As soon as I got down the street I realized I couldn't leave her, pulled a U-turn and went back to get her. I'm currently her foster mom but I have every intention of adopting my lil Sid Vicious (cause she is Vicious!) - Thanks Safe Harbor Shelter for all you do!

West Palm Beach, FL

Best Cure for a Broken Heart

I adopted this adorable munchkin on the spur of the moment. It turned out to be just the day before my beautiful Chocolate Lab, Holly Berry, died unexpectedly of a heart attack at only 5 1/2 years old. She was the picture of health - strong, slim, went on 45 minute walks every day - then gone. The vets think it was just a genetic defect, as the necropsy showed nothing obvious. She just lay down on the driveway, and died, a peaceful expression on her face.

I had such a feeling of angst when I adopted him, as I thought my boyfriend would be mad at me for bringing a fourth animal into a small house (though with a huge yard), but he was the last one unadopted at the shelter's van at the farmers' market, and his sweetness won me over.

I think death is hardest on those left behind when there is no time to prepare for the loss... it seems the hole is bigger and harder to fill. But this little guy - named Buddy Holly in memory of the most precious friend a girl could hope to have - has been my life saver. If I hadn't had him after Holly died, I don't know what would have happened. But he's made me get out of bed when I didn't feel like breathing, and laugh when I felt like crying. He loves his Bubba and his Annie, too - both adult rescue kitties, as well. We're one big happy family trying to soldier on without our Holly girl.

Susanne P
Lakewood, CO

Lola (a.k.a. Velcro)

My husband and I adopted Lola 3 years ago from a rescue shelter after our first rescue cat died suddenly. We went there to look at a Siamese we had seen on Petfinder.com for this shelter, but when we got there, they could not find the cat we wanted to see (I think she may have been hiding somewhere, sleeping). While we were in the adult cat room, Lola came up to us from no where and attached herself to our ankles and wouldn't leave. So we finally gave up on seeing the Siamese we'd planned to probably get and took Lola home since she had adopted us. I have never seen a cat who needs so much attention and wants to be held so much! She is also a very sweet girl and loves to tease the 2 dogs we have adopted since. When she is sweet-talked, she rolls around, being cute and coy, and at night, she likes to sleep with her head on my pillow, facing me. If anyone wanted a sticky, molasses type cat, she's the one!

Bonners Ferry, ID
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