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Lucky Louie

Louie, his 8 siblings, and their mom were dumped at a busy intersection in central Washington state when the pups were about 5 weeks old. They were taken to a kill shelter, but were quickly pulled by a local rescue and placed into foster care. We found them via Petfinder. Based on the photos, we were actually more interested in another puppy, and Louie was our second choice. However, once this little guy sat on my lap, stared deep into my eyes, and basically told me he was The One......it was all over. We love him more every single day and are very grateful to the rescue and foster for giving us the opportunity to bring a wonderful addition into our home. Our older dog loves having a new playmate, and we look forward to many happy years with King Louie of Badger Mountain. Rescues Rock!!

Debbie Duggan
Salem, OR

Fostering turns into full time home!

I had gone to the local shelter to drop off some blankets and found them overrun with animals. I asked if I may foster a litter of kittens and their mum, but they asked me if I would foster a mummy bunny and her babies as they did not think they would survive in the hectic atmosphere. This is the last picture I have of DeeDee and her babies before they went for their spaying and neutering, (Of course I had to keep them!!) They did not all re-bond, so I have three bunny domains in my house where they are cage-free. Bunnies are very intelligent, playful and clean.... and almost litter box train themselves! They require much research before adoption due to meany misconceptions about their care. They came into my life at a time when I too had been felt abandoned and unwanted. Sharing my home with them, (and their kittycat sisters and brothers), has made me a better person.

Toronto, ON, Canada

Amelia Earhart

On July 4, 2009 this tiny black bundle was "run over" by my husband on our dusty, hot country road. The truck went right over her and my daughter screamed Dad STOP. She was only a few weeks old, dirty and her right front leg completely useless as it had been pulled from the socket. She was not in pain, the leg was just dead. She started out Betsy Ross but not many days later was flying thru our house, dead leg thumping, and became Amelia. She's a delight, loves on and bosses around our 3 dogs. Disabled she is not!

Liz Howell
Checotah, OK

My Big Bobcat - Jasper

My mother had lived in an apartment complex for many years and for about 2 weeks noticed this cat constantly coming up to her door and she started the feeding process. You know how that goes. She found out that a neighbor across the way had moved and left her cat. We contacted a rescue group and told them that we wanted to keep Jasper once they caught him. It was a long process - took almost a week to catch and when they brought him back, he had been neutered and they cut half his ear off because they considered him ferrell. He also ended up being a mix of a domestic breed and a bob cat. He's amazing - at 26 pounds. He doesn't purr, he actually growls! I still don't get how people can just toss their animals away like they were garbage. I love my big baby!

Orlando, FL

Corner Kitty

I was out walking the dog one day and heard some loud meowing as we passed by a neighbor's porch. Suddenly out popped this little girl. I talked to the neighbor and she said the cat had been living under her porch for over a week and she couldn't take her because she already had 2 cats and a dog. I decided to give it a try and she's been with us ever since! The vet said she was around 8 months old. Her name is Calli and she is beginning to show the dog who's boss around our house!

Overland Park, KS

Shelter Shiba!

I had recently lost my yellow lab of 10 years and wasn't sure about getting another dog, but I decided to go onto petfinder.com and just look. I saw this face and knew I had to meet her. The Shelter was going to be holding adoptions the following weekend just 5 minutes from my house. She was a little timid at first, but I sat down on the floor with her and she climbed up in my lap and laid down. I knew they weren't getting her back after that! I've had Chara 5 1/2 years now!!

Staci Gower
Overland Park, KS

Lost in the Woods

Heidi was lost in the woods outside Sacramento. We found her on Petfinders.org. We had been working with Pointer Rescue to find just the right dog for us and when we found Heidi the rescue group arranged for us to bring back 7 other pointers from Sacramento area shelters. Dog owners in the Northwest love their Pointers and they all got homes.

Karen @ Kelso
Kelso, WA

Our pound puppy

After getting married, moving to Florida & buying a house (all with in three months) there was still something missing in our lives. We knew we needed a dog to help make our house a home. My husband & I went to the local shelter and in the parking lot, getting ready to be dropped off, was the cutest long legged puppy. I looked at my husband with "that look" and the puppy was giving both of us "the look" and we just knew we could not let him spend even one moment in that shelter, he was the one. Coby is now a fun loving 5 yr old that has filled our life with so much joy, adventure and love.

Palm Bay, FL


Benito Mouse-O-Lini was from a litter that a abandoned mother cat had in the garage behind where I worked. After a check up (and hernia surgery), he came home with the rest of his family to live with me. He has been my loving companion for 16 years. He was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, but will spend whatever time is left getting love and the best care possible.

D. Kennedy
Louisville, KY

Mojo the retired Stud

When we first saw him my husband didn't think he'd make it a week & now it's been a year. Mojo was sadly a Puppy Mill breeder past his prime & no longer useful. They'd neglected his teeth & that lead to congestive heart failure. Thank Goodness for ARF. They rescued him & us on their web site. Once I saw him I knew he belonged with the rest of our crew. At the time 2 2yr old long hair Chihuahuas Bandit & Chuffy. Now he's Senior Mojo happy to hang out & wait for Treats the fastest word he's learned. He's gained a pound & a happy retirement. God Bless the Rescues. ARF was a life saver for Mojo.

the Gavin clan
Clementon, NJ
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