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My Children Have Paws

My friends brought their boat home to clean it and then heard tiny cries. Four newborn kittens were inside a seat in standing water. They had been accidently taken away from their mother. Unfortunately, two did not make it but the other two were rescued and bottle fed by my friends and their neighbors. Linus and Lucy have now been with me for over five years. And truly, “all my children have paws”.

Bastrop, TX

Doggie Love

My children and I were in West Edmonton Mall when we walked by a pet store that donated space to the local shelters. We went in for a look and came home to Saskatchewan with Austin. I have never been a dog lover but Austin changed that. Now 10 years later I don't know what my life would be like without him. His unconditional love for us has opened the door for Maxx( taken from an abusive home) to join us 8 years later. Now I can't imagine a house without a dog or 2.

Sovereign, SK, Canada


A few weeks after buying our first home, my husband and I got the itch - and decided to adopt our first dog!

We found Rocket (then RockyB) through Kanyon's Gold Rescue. He is around 1.5 years old and most likely a border collie/lab mix, possibly some pit bull. We don't know much about his past - only that he was pulled from a kill shelter in Kentucky to get a second chance in PA.

Rocket came to us with a clean bill of health, housebroken, neutered, kid safe, and dog and cat friendly - as a busy couple, this was WAY better than an 8 week old puppy.

His sweet demeanor, intelligence, and willingness to please make it baffling that he spent so many months waiting to find a home. Now that he lives with us, several friends want to clone him for his good behavior! He is even winning over our cat, Storm, who had no prior dog experience. She struts her stuff and tries to cause trouble - but Rocket knows better.

It's only been a little over 2 months, but this dog is already a RockStar.

Kate Amari
Allentown, PA

Abused mustang saved from killer pen

Pippin was found in the killer pen at a livestock auction and with a foal at her side. The foal was taken away and sold. Pippin was beaten with a 2x4. Her left eye was so swollen we thought she would lose it; her upper lip hung in two pieces; there was a swollen lump behind her right shoulder and a dent in her neck. She was petrified of people.

She's the sweetest horse, now, but it took over two years before she stopped shaking in fear when someone approached her. When asked why we keep her, it's a matter of love. She gives us so much more than we give her.....it's exhilarating when she eats from my hand or nuzzles my cheek. Rescuing an animal is a wonderful rewarding feeling. We have no plans to ride or use her for anything. She's been through enough.

Sue P.
Sayre, PA

My forever home

When I was 16 I got pregnant. For obvious reasons I chose to place my child for adoption. When I got closer to the due date, my mother decided that I would need something to love. Not something to take the place of my child, but something to love, as the motherly instinct is strong. About a month before my child was born, we drove about 20 minutes north and picked out a puppy.

Shadrak, (as in Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the Bible), came home wrapped up in a blanket and with all kinds of toys (we HAD to stop at the pet store on the way home!) He immediately took my heart with him every where he went. He was a momma's boy and loved meeting new people. Everyone in my family, neighborhood and church knew who he was. He went everywhere with me. Shadrak suffered from separation anxiety and went to "daycare" at my parents when I was at work.

Shadrak was the ring bearer in my wedding. I picked the church and reception place because they would allow him inside. My mom made him a little tux for the occasion. Shadrak the hit of it all! Even had his pic in the local newspaper.

Shadrak saved me emotionally over and over again. He gave ME a forever home in his heart. I was lucky to have him for 14 wonderful years. And although he is gone from this earth, my heart is still with him and he still lives inside me.

Jennifer Conley
Canton, OH

Blessings in Disguise

I cannot begin to tell you how much love these 2 little girls have brought into our home!!! They were both adopted from Friends of the Shelter in Clifton, NJ about 2 years apart and both came to us at hard times - Sage, our gray princess, was adopted after we lost our dog Abbey of 15 years and Cocoa, our little tortie, was added to the family after we lost Abbey's sister Samantha of 16 years. Abbey and Samantha were the last purebreds our family will ever own. Once we adopted Sage and Cocoa, we realized that shelter rescues are so full of energy and life that it would be a shame not to let them share it with the world! Now, our little angels fill our house with laughter and love. They are always up to something and are practically inseparable!!! In this picture, they are helping out with the laundry.

Garfield, NJ


we went into a small cat rescue center near where we stayed and while the rest of the cats sat at the back of their cages molly was up at the front meowing, rubbing against the bars her fur was thin from doing it so much but one look and we fell in love. she was my best friend as wel as my pet. a few years on and at the age of 17 she had her fair share of health problems but she still acted like a kitten and loved nothing better than sitting on your knee puring.

aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

love Runs Deep

A few years after we brought Bat Cat (BC for short, on the right) home from our local shelter we picked up a little stray kitten outside of Farm Sanctuary in New York and named her Suecoe. She was badly injured and in need of veterinary care as well as, her mother, who unfortunately was no where to be found. We provided the veterinary care but, it was BC who instantly became the best Mom anyone could ever ask for! She loves him deeply as we do them!

Shannon & Lisa Kimball
Circle Pines, MN

My Rescued Baby Rescues me on a Daily Basis

Sammy is a stunning tuxedo cat. He looks like he was painted, his coloring is so perfect.I saw him at a vet, he had spent the first 4 months of his life in a cage. I fell in love with his pink nose ,now that was seriously my breaking point !

Sammy is now 11 yrs old.He has saved my life emotionally many times. I have had 19 major surgeries, and will soon be starting chemo therapy treatments for crohns disease. No matter what Sammy keeps me going. Its that cute face, its that sweet cuddle while I am lying down and sick. It his protest meows ,when I have been out too long. Sometimes when I am in a lousy mood, he gets an unexpected giggle from me. He follows me into the bathroom, and ofcourse curling up with my feet as I sit on toilet.. I always ask him "do I bother you when your in your litterbox?"

I am trying to find a place to share with someone now,its hard I worry that we might have to move to a motel for awhile. Sammy hates moving,so do I.Still when I look at him, knowing he needs me to protect him, I know I will find a way.

I am so grateful for Sammy-my cuddle bug, baby,dollface .

Coral Springs, FL

My Precious Friend

Scrappy moved to our home from the neighbors, who owned 5 cats, some 14 years ago. He decided he wanted to move to a quieter home and be an only kitty. Scrappy was a handsome young man, who was afraid of his own shadow, plastic bags, men and anything that moved. With much patience and love he grew into a very loving, calm and a precious dear friend. He has been our friend and companion through the laughter and the tears. He knew when my husband did not feel well and stayed right by his side. Scrappy became ill shortly after his 15th birthday in June of 2009, and his quality of life continued to diminish. He was no longer my big boy, but had dropped from 14 lbs. down to 4 lbs., and was loosing his eye sight. It was a very sad day, December 4th, when we had to say good-bye to our precious Scrappy. I still think that I hear his meow, and see him in the yard. He brought so much joy and friendship into our lives. Our "furry little friend" will remain in our hearts forever.

Sue C
Fresno, CA
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