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An Unexpected Match

When I went to a local animal shelter four years ago, I fell in love with an orange tabby named Buddy and was determined to bring him home with me until I discovered he'd already been adopted. I was very disappointed, but the shelter volunteer told me that Buddy had a brother, so I agreed to come back the next day and meet him. Well, when I first met Theo, he was just about the crankiest kitty I'd ever seen. He was frightened and it was clear being cooped up in a cage did not rank high on his list of favorite things. Despite his seemingly sour disposition, I was assured by the shelter volunteers that, when relaxed, Theo was as sweet and snuggly as any cat they'd ever seen. They were right. He follows me from room to room and tries to cuddle at every possible opportunity. He makes me laugh every single day and I'm so glad I took a chance on him.

Noelle D.
Long Beach, CA

The "Luckiest" Dog

Our little "Lucky" dog was rescued from North Shore Animal League in 2007. North Shore rescued him from a kill shelter in Brooklyn where he was found wandering the streets sick (with an upper respiratory infection and double ear infection), matted, and with a small bullet or bb in his chest.

We were warned that he might have some special needs due to obvious abuse and neglect but we couldnt have imagined how well he would fit into our family and how sweet and loving this little dog is. We couldnt imagine not having him in our lives.

"Lucky" was named by the good people at North Shore Animal League and although I initally wanted to change it now I can't think of any name more fitting for him - he truly is a lucky dog and is really living the good life now. :)

Tara Mangels
Middle Island, NY

Nothing but pound puppies

All three dogs in this pic are our rescue doggies. The one at the far end is Molly. My ex found her running around our town one day, while out at lunch. She went to his brothers house first, as he wasnt into dogs, but did end up with her. She has been in the family for 11 years now. The closest one is Daisy, we found her at the Adams County Animal Shelter in November 2005. She is our Thanksgiving dog. She was running around on Highway 85 when she was picked up, so lucky she wasnt run over. Jennie, the dog in the middle was at the doggie daycare in Aurora, but was an Every Creature Counts dog. She is crazy dog and we love her to bits. I think she's a cat in a dogs body. LOL. We have been so lucky in that all the dogs get along so well. We always adopt dogs that are two and up. Jennie was about 6 when we got here. The other two were around 2. Am so thankful for my dogs. I started volunteering at the Animal Shelter in Adams County, so hopefully I can help get some dogs adopted there.

Angela Grein
Brighton, CO

Jesse Found Us

The family was in the car on our way home one evening when we saw something dart across the road. We looked and saw that it was a puppy. I asked my husband to please get out and catch it; I was afraid it was going to get hit by a car. He caught her and I got out of the car to look. As I walked toward him, he said, "Don't look at this face or you'll be picking out names." He was right. After driving around the neighborhood to make sure no one had lost her, we decided to keep her and add her to our brood of two dogs and two cats. When my husband took her to the vet the next day, he found out that a puppy that had to be her sister had been found a few blocks from where we found Jesse. Someone had dumped a litter in a nearby field. While what they did is an awful thing, we're so glad they did. Jesse found us that night, not the other way around. She is the sweetest dog on earth and we're so glad she's a part of our family.

Maryanne Burkitt
Wheatley Heights, NY

Freeway Dog

I noticed Rook on pet finder, she looked so helpless in her picture and I had just started looking for a dog. She's come a long way from being found on the freeway!

Shanna Jones
Marina del Rey, CA



Paul Miller
Dixon, IL

How we got Ziggy.

My wife went to the Pine Bluff, AR Animal Shelter to pick out a kitten for her son and fell instantly in love with the white kitten with "dreadlocks". After bringing the two kittens to the vet we had no problem naming him after Ziggy Marley, one of our favorite Reggae stars. He is a delight and is so affectionate and has been gaining weight steadily. He crawls up our legs to get into our laps; wether we have pants on or not. He purrs and rubs on us and lets us know how happy he is with his tail held erect. We are so glad that we saved him from the shelter.

Michael Borsack

Lenitta V. Borsack
Star City, AR


This is Sophie, she was brought to a rescue group by the local police in the middle of winter with frost bit ears.They got her back to health but she was so mean that they had to have her declawed and her teeth ground down.For 6 months people would say that they would be back in a few days to adopt her but would never return because of not being a lovable cat.One day they asked me if I wanted to take her or they would have to put her down.Having worked with many farelle cats I said yes.After a few weeks of avoiding me one day while I was playing my guitar she decided to jump on my lap and we finally established our friendship.I have had her now for over 6 years and she is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet.It is true,"ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE".

pembroke township, IL

Chico's Journey to My Heart

My Chico found his way to me through his photo at Petfinder dot com. Chico was originally found wandering through Tennessee by a woman who noticed he had absolutely no collar or identifying tags on him. She decided to take a chance on him even though she was more of a "cat person" with about 6 - 8 cats in her home. Fortunately, for me, that situation did not work out for Chico. I have no idea as to whether he just didn't like cats or perhaps the cats didn't like the idea of a puppy in their territory. Anyways, the next place that Chico found himself in was a no-kill animal shelter who was linked, like North Shore Animal Shelter is, with Petfinder. Having had to put down our beloved family Akita a few months earlier, my parents and found the house too lonely without the sound of any barking or canine feet padding around. I registered with Petfinder and could not turn to another page once I saw Chico's webpage with the most forlorn expression one could see on a dog's face, begging for a new home with those eyes of his, which happen to be hazel. Well, three years later, Chico is everything in a pet my parents and I could want. In fact, his first morning waking up in our house, he jumped into bed with me, cuddled up into my arms and let out a big sigh. I then replied, "Yes, my Chico, you have found your home at last!"

Gail Ann Hochberg
Merrick, NY

This is a story about 2 dogs!

Our 12 year old beagle (Katie) it was her time. She had to have knee replacement surgery,she had tumors all over her body and she could not make it up and down the steps any more. Well it was the hardest thing me and my husband had to do. We had to tell our sons that it was time for Katie. Letting her live like this was being selfish. She was getting misable. So we took her to the Animal Rescue League and the Vet checked her out and said to me and my husband we were doing the best thing for her. We spent some time with her saying our good byes I was crying my husband he was also crying. As we were leaving I was crying very hard we walked passed the doors to take us to our car, instead we found ourselves in the room with the dogs up for adoption. The first dog I seen was Cinnamon! She looked up at me and wagged her tail. I was still cring I slid down the kennel and sat right by her,she licked my tears away! I said to my husband I really don't want another dog! But the more I looked at Cinnamon the more I knew she needed me and I needed her! Too this day I don't know if Katie sent her to us or was someone looking out for Cinnamon and me?

Debra Schnelzer
Pittsburgh, PA
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