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Lance - A Special Guy

I have a dear friend Lance, who lives on the island of St. Maarten. He loves animals and rescues as many as he can. Currently he has 12 dogs and 25 cats living with him. He carries food in the back of his car and stops and feeds strays that are hungry or living in the wild; next the local cinema, behind the grocery store, at a construction site. He has found homes for many but it is a big job and the island people are not as sympathetic to animals as some of us, although there is a French lady who has 18 dogs and another So African lady with 8. He has had all of his animals neutered and they all have their shots. It costs him a fortune to keep up his crusade and he does it at his own expense. I think he deserves special attention as a protector of God's creatures. This picture is of 5 of the dogs, it is hard to get them all together at the same time.

Kathy Blasberg
St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles


When I saw Faith on Petfinders.com I knew she was the one for us. She was 10 months old and had been abused and abandoned. She is part Boxer, part Pitt-Bull and 100% lover. She is 9yrs old now and has given more love to us then we ever could have imagined. This is a picture of her a few Halloween's ago. Shew was dressed as "Watson" to my son's "Sherlock Holmes". She is a very important member of our family now and we can't imagine how anyone could ever have been mean to such a sweet girl. Give a shelter dog a chance, let them rescue you!

Fran Kennedy
Summerfield, FL

Aunt Agatha Comes Home!

We met this little girl at the local animal shelter in July. She had been found in the parking lot at someone's work, and there was tar in her hair. The shelter had to cut some of her hair to get the tar out. We took her into a meeting room and my husband sat on the floor with her. When she rested her head on his knee, he declared that he was in love!

We named her Aunt Agatha and brought her home to meet her new brother, Bertram the cat (also a rescue). They've become best friends, chasing each other around the house and playfully wrestling and jumping out to surprise each other!

Agatha just graduated from Beginner's Dog Training and will begin her intermediate class soon! She is the sweetest little creature we ever could have hoped for. She always wants to be near us, and we love cuddling with her on the sofa. Our home is complete with her in our lives!

Christina D. Short
Riverside, CA

Flood Survivor

In August, a flash flood in Silvercreek, NY destroyed dozens of homes and wiped out an entire trailer park. When I heard about the flood relief efforts, I knew I had to help out. I live 45 minutes away from Silvercreek, so I drove there one day after work with my fiance. Together we assisted flood victims who lost their homes and belongings. Wandering down one street, I noticed a yellow sign posted on the front of a house. Naturally curious, I approached the house and learned that the house was condemned. That's when I heard the sad, desperate meow and looked over to see a devastatingly malnourished cat, covered in flies and filth. My fiance and I coaxed her over, swooped her up and jumped into rescue mode. We took her home, fed and bathed her, and spent the next three hours combing fleas off her bony little body. I called her Baby, because she was so frail and small. I thought I could nourish her back to health, and save her beautiful little life. I cared for her day and night, feeding her, combing her, cleaning up her accidents. In a few short days, I had grown to love her and celebrated the little signs of improving health. Unfortunately, a vet visit revealed that she had cancer. I was told she would never get better, that she would only get worse. I kept Baby with me for another week, hoping she would defy the odds and get better. But she didn't. She was losing clumps of hair, she wasn't eating, and she cried out in pain if we picked her up. The hardest thing was deciding to end that pain for her and put her to sleep. I miss my Baby and I'll never forget her.

Cheektowaga, NY

Loyal Handsome Dylan

Dylan was an adult shepherd mix street dog in Buffalo, NY, who was supposedly caught and sold by a junkie as a bait dog to a dog fighter. The man was raided, and poor scarred up, starved, scared Dylan was confiscated along with the other dogs by the pound, and was to be put down immediately. When a local rescuer went to pick up some other dogs to foster, she thought Dylan looked sad, and she took him too on a whim. He was quite a difficult dog, and due to lack of room for him, she gave him to me to foster. He was a challenge. for 3 yrs he hated men and other dogs on sight, was an escape artist, and had severe anxiety problems, but eventually we bonded strongly. Working together, over the years, he has become the most loyal, obedient, and affectionate companion ever! In his desire to please, he now accepts and enjoys the company of my other fosters and adoptees, his dog sitters ( who love him!), and my guests and friends. He is so good, we hike off lead in the desert, and he'll reliably come or down-stay, even with a jack rabbit under his nose. He's my "right hand man", and helps me socialize the other dogs. We're both so blessed that he got a second chance!

Nancy Honeychuck
Joseph City, AZ

My "Lucky Boy"

This little guy was staying on corner of busy intersection. I saw him there for a week and finally was able to get a leash on him. I found out His ex-owner had gotten a new puppy and did not want him any more. So everytime he tried to go home he was chased away with a stick! He was only about 10 months old and was filthy and covered with ticks. I called SPCA as I had 2 female dogs at home who I feared would hurt him.

I paid to have him cleaned and dipped to look pretty for his adoption day. I showed up with red bow for him but nobody was there to adopt any pets.

They said "if" he was Lucky tomorrow he would move to adoption center.

"IF" he was Lucky he would get adopted today. more than likey he would be euthanized tomorrow.

I adopted him on the spot!

He is the most loving little guy! his antics are hilarious. He just makes you smile.Very intelligent has learned many tricks and now walks very well on a leash. He is wonderful with children and he loves his sisters (my 2 female dogs) and they love him!

Yeah, I named him Lucky but I am truely the Lucky One!!!!

Valerie Forbes
Fresno, CA

My Sweet Little Girl

This is Peanut, my sweet little girl. Peanut is one of three that have come to live with my wife and myself. We found Peanut sitting all alone in a busy commercial tourist area in the Virgin Islands where we were living at the time. Unfortunately, quality Veterinarian services are non-existent in that part of the world and Peanut had gone many years with a number of untreated terminal diseases. We brought Peanut back home to Massachusetts and we had 2 good years together in which she gained some weight, played, got tons of lovins' and gave us more love and joy than anyone could ever imagine. We lost our little Peanut on Friday 9/11/09 and although we know she is not suffering, we miss her terribly. She touched our hearts in ways that can not even be measured. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU PEANUT, OUR SWEET LITTLE GIRL.

Mike and Rose Cheschi
Boston, MA

Our Sweet Kitty Boy

In 2005, while working the flower beds around our home in the Tennessee countryside, we gradually became aware of a 'presence' on the hillsides, always watching us from a distance but never coming close. Eventually, we decided to lure the feral 'ghost kitty' closer with tempting treats, each time placing the treats closer and closer to us over the course of a few days. It really didn't take long for him to begin sitting right next to us. One magical day, my boyfriend Bill sat down and called to him, "Kitty Boy, come here" while patting his lap. Amazingly, this beautiful boy leaped into his lap and settled in for a good session of petting and purring. He instantly gained a name and a family that day. These days, he's our constant outdoor companion and the official greeter to all who drive up in our driveway or come to visit for any reason. He's the sweetest, lovingest cat you could imagine, wanting nothing more than a good 'hold me, pet me, love me' session every day. Although he doesn't seem to want to be an exclusively indoor boy, he has access to clean water, food and air conditioned shelter in our outbuildings via cat doors installed just for his use. These days, he rarely leaves the yard, despite his former tomcatting days and nights. He seems to know he has a forever home with us and shows his appreciation constantly.

Pegram, TN

2 of several we've adopted

Living in the country, we always have strays and feral cats coming up to our house. Flaco, the gray tabby, we've had for several years. He was 3 to 4 years old when he showed up. Bevo came to us at 4 and a half pounds, a scared kitten almost 3 years ago. Flaco was the first to adopt her. Our "lap cats" bring us so much joy! (We have 2 other siblings that wandered up who we adopted last year as well.) We're cat rich!

Georgetown, TX

After Midnight

I first met Ms. Midnight one cold, nasty day in late November 2004 in the middle of sleet storm. She was sitting underneath a birdfeeder next to my deck outside my sunroom windows, piteously begging to be saved. I know you won't believe it by looking at her now, but she was nothing but black fur and bone at the time, obviously ill-equipped to survive outdoors. Poor thing was sitting next to a bird that had stunned itself flying into one of the windows, but didn't seem to realize that was food. When I said we had to help the poor girl, despite having two indoor kitties already, I found out my boyfriend and daughter had been surreptitiously trying to feed her on the deck for several days already. Clearly she had been someone's indoor kitty who'd been "dumped in the country" and left to survive on her own. I swear I'll never understand the cruelty some people display. Anyhow, long story short, Ms. Midnight made a quick trip to the vet who told us that she had recently given birth and could not have been more than a year old. With a clean bill of health, she became a member of our family. Just look at this gorgeous girl now! Like that other famous Southern Belle,Scarlett O'Hara, Ms. Midnight has never gone hungry again!

Pegram, TN
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