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Spud the Beagle

We found Spud at the local shelter. The staff believed that he was used as a 'bait dog' for dog-fight training because he had multiple scars on his ears, was terrified of the pitbulls at the shelter, and was extremely timid. After knowing his background, we knew he was the perfect dog to take home and spoil! You'd never know that he had such a rough life unless you heard the story. He thinks every person he sees is there to see him, and he gets along great with other dogs even though we don't have any others at home. He loves wearing t-shirts/sweaters/jackets, loves playing in the snow, and his favorite toy is an old faux-fur rug that I accidentally shrunk. And, unlike most beagles I know, the ONLY time he barks is when he sees a bunny that is getting away or when we go for a car ride and don't bring him with.

Rockford, IL

The More The Merrier

We have had 6 Goldens; we now have 4 Goldens; 2 are rescues...Kayenta and Hanna, are 6 & 5 yrs; Colorada & Missy,13 yrs we got when they were 6 wks old. Altogether, we have rescued 3 Goldens, 7 kitties, and one donkey. Without our animal family, life would be very empty for us on our farm as our children are grown and live far away.On our farm we have 100+ goats, 4 donkeys, 9 guineas, 6 kitties, and 4 Golden Girls. Our life is never without unconditional love, laughs, nor is it ever boring!! Our animals help keep us young at 70 and 75 yrs!!!

Frankie Jim & John Wm Bockman
Stockdale, TX

Orlando: our Lion King

My partner and I were living in a townhouse in downtown Toronto, and we already had 2 rescued cats. One day I set a litter box to air outside after cleaning, and my partner called out to me to come and see the beautiful long haired orange cat sitting in the litter box. After that, the orange cat used to come around and meow loudly for food; we knew he was a feral cat. It got really cold that winter, and we made a little insulated house for the cat, keeping it warm with blankets and hot water bottles.

Our orange cat lived in that little house for 2 winters, eating the food we put out for him but never coming inside our house, in spite of repeated invitations. During that time we had to give him medication in his food for a badly infected paw and for worms. One day, the temperature dipped below 30 degrees Centigrade, and we opened the door. The cat came in, and huddled next to the heater for 2 days!

He destroyed all of our plants and sprayed all over the house before we got him to the vet's to be fixed and checked out. While he was at the vet's he escaped into the false ceiling for a week until they caught him in a live trap. It took months for him to allow us to pet him, but now, about 5 years later, our beautiful "Lion King" Orlando is a loving, purring and amazing indoor cat. He is an inspiration to all of us, and a true survivor! Since then, one of our cats passed away, and 2 more cats decided to move in with us. Orlando is the "team leader" and keeps everyone in line.

Luanne Rayvals
Scarborough, ON, Canada

Beautiful Bailey

When he jumped into my arms at Livingston County Humane Society in Howell, MI in 2001, I knew he had my heart! He loves people, and all other animals and is so gentle. If I'm not feeling well he never leaves my side. He even mentors other dogs and teaches them how to be loving and caring. He has given me more love than I can express and I'm thankful every day for my dear sweet Pomaranian, Bailey!!

Northville, MI

A Mother's Love

Marble's mom gave birth to Marble in a barn, then took off for safer grounds to have the rest of her litter. I found Marble just hours later, when she was cold and starving to death in the shadows. I phoned the vet, who recommended I take her to the nearest shelter to be put-down because her chance of survival was so small. Instead, I devoted day and night to mothering Marble back to health. Today she is almost two, strong and healthy, and the absolute light of my life. Marble is living proof that miracles do happen, and that they're as sweet as anyone could ever hope.

Laurel Thomson
Parker, CO

My girls, Cindy and Gypsy

I just lost my two girls Tippie and Tillie and was ready for two new girls to Love. I found Cindy on Petfinders and fell in love. Then I found out that she had a sister, Gypsy and fell in love all over again. They came home the very next day and we have been a loving family ever since. They make me laugh everyday. What more could I ask from my girls.

Lyle Marcks
Tucson, AZ

Like the wind, Buddy came and went

Buddy came to our lives as the wind, and as such, it left us too soon. He touched all of us deeply. Our next door neighbors, which were not his first owners, kept him as an outdoor cat because they were tired of him "marking every vertical surface in their house". It became obvious that he wanted to be owned by us when he started to spend the whole day in our garage; he was the most docile and even tempered cat that we ever owned. Still his anxiety to go outside and spray were out of control and with the blessing of his previous owners we decided to really do something because an outdoor cat is neither a healthy nor a safe kitty. In his case, the vet recommended using Prozac and within 48 hours his anxiety and spraying were gone. We were able to pass the prescription to an internet pharmacy and it costs about a dollar per day, and it was well worth it. Two happy years passed and then, his years of outdoor cat in Florida took a told on him, he had contracted heartworms and we lost the battle after a few months. Even though we have adopted many other cats, still Buddy is in my heart every day. So, please, don't let you cat out, ask your vet for help if you have behavioral problems with him or her and love them every day. Sadly we don't know how long we'll have them!

Orange PArk, FL

Boo Kitty

Boo kitty was born on my livingroom rug on Mother's Day 1993 and thus began a beautiful relationship full of laughs, love and companionship. She was the runt and the only kitten that her mom didn't suffocate from the litter. I figured it was a sign and through out our 15 1/2 years together we had a bond that I hope everyone experiances at least once in thier lives with a pet. Boo traveled with me, living in 7 differant states and she was the first to be in the packing boxes and always the explorer. She was there through school, 2 different career changes, boyfriends, my marriage, new homes..you name it. At only 5 pounds she was a force to be reckoned with, holding off a giant tom cat that broke into our townhouse all by herself! She talked up a storm and enjoyed a good conversation like the next person. She was a very healthy and happy kitty until October of 2008 when she was diagnosed with kidney disease. We tried to keep her comfortable and happy always wishing (of course) that she'd pull through it. How do you make that final decision with out feeling guilt? The morning I decided it was time, my husband and I took her to the vet and said our goodbyes and she was peacefully let go. I swear that night she came to pay me a last visit. I will never forget the love and respect we had for one another. Boo, you are forever in my heart and are still a true friend. I love you, rest well, girl.

A Kleid
Idaho Falls, ID


Lucy was running up and down outside the fence, teasing my other 3 dogs. She kept running over to the neighbors deck while he was BBQing. He finished and went in and closed her out. It took me a good 20 minutes to catch her, and I took her in the house, then let her out in back where the other 3 started chasing her and she chased them back 'till it was a game with all of them. Never did like small dogs, but she got to me. She is an all american breed according to the vet and she likes to sleep under the covers at night. She is sweet, tho she likes to rough up the cats. That now gives me 4 dogs, my 2 shelter rescues and my 2 strays....all great in their own way.

Mound Valley, KS


Guy was shut out by the neighbor when he followed them home so I called "come here guy" and he came over into the yard. My 2 in the backyard were having fits, as they are very social. I told guy if he got along he could come into the yard and I opened the gate. He came in and after a couple minutes of sniffing around each other they began to play and so "Guy" became a member of the household and the most loving dog I have. Since then I have opened the gate to one more who fit right in.

Mound Valley, KS
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