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Shanti's Second Life

We went to the local shelter two years ago to get another cat after our 18-1/2 year old went to kitty heaven. This beautiful tortoise shell caught my eye and her cage said she was 4 years old. I thought her age would be good for our other spunky 8 year old cat. When we went to pay for her, the computer said she was actually 11 years old - did we want to take her? Of course, I said yes. We named her Shanti which means "Peace" in Sanscrit. It has been wonderful to watch Shanti come out of her shell - after one year, instead of being shy & scared all the time, her personality started coming out. After two years she has learned to play with toys and runs around the house now. She follows me everywhere, helps me with my paperwork and always tells me when it's time for bed. I always wondered why she was in the shelter, especially being an older cat. I guess it was so we could find her. She is a joy to have in our lives.

Eden Livingood
North Hollywood, CA

From most depressed to one happy cat

After losing my beloved 18-year-old seal point Siamese I went to visit a friend who was working with a local cat rescue. I spotted the most depressed looking flame point mix in a cage. I knew at first sight that I could make a difference in this cat's life. Boy was I right, after three short months he is a happy, most lovable boy. Every time I look at him he makes me smile and feel good about the choice I made that day.

Connie Morris
Las Vegas, NV

Ernie and Gracie

We had been keeping an eye on rescue sites and humane societies for border collies, after having two for more than 14 years. When we saw Ernie and Gracie's story-9 year old siblings, always together-we knew they were the ones! We could hardly believe that these two great dogs had been at a humane shelter for a couple of months while they tried to find a home for them together, but were about to be considered for separate adoption, because they really are inseparable! Dog owners (lovers) know you never replace them when they are gone, but, we felt "rescuing" these two honored our first border collies, and lets us share the rest of their very lively futures together!

Nancy Scott
Washington, IL

The Fab Four-"The Gang"

I lost three dogs within 9 months (one every 3 months). They were all 15 years old. I wasn't ready for another pet. A patient's daughter brought me Zoey(red Chiweenie) and she opened my heart again. She is now a therapy dog. Then we found Maddie (white one with brown spot on her forehead) at the Humane Society adoption drive. She was the only dog left and they were packing up to leave. She had been HORRIBLY abused (shot, teeth knocked out, ear mites, severe respiratory infection) and was about 18 months old...she only weighed 3 1/2 pounds...it took me 18 months to potty train her. She didn't even learn to run or play with a toy until she was 2. After going to the kill shelter again to adopt a rabbit, we found Raider (black Dachshund-full blood). He had tapeworms and had never been held. He is my "little man" and is such a gentleman. Lastly we were blessed with Peanut (white one with a crooked ear)...he was 4 months old when he came to us and we were the third family for him. He is still a work in progress, but he's such a lover. To those that threw these babies away, I thank God everyday. They are my "children" and truely a blessing. For those that abused them...there is only TODAY and THE DAY. I know where we all will be, I pray for you. Our home is filled with love including 4 small dogs, 1 large dog (Roo-18 year old "throw away"), 1 cockatiel (Elvis), 1 rabbit (SweetPea), a momma (Candy), a daddy(Jason) and a wonderful Nana (Diane). God Bless. Candy and The Gang!!!

Amarillo, TX

Holley, and also Max....

Holley went through a tough puppy phase. She and her siblings were abandoned in a crate together in the winter time on the side of a lake. Well her previous owner found her, and her and her friends split the puppies up and took care of them. Finding out they were 6 months old but they looked 3 months old since they were malnutritioned. Holley was in a good home, but then the owner's father's home was foreclosing, and they moved in to her aunt's home. Turns out the aunt liked abusing not only Holley, but her previous owner's daughter. They then moved, yet again, where the grandmother didn't like pets and she was outside during the day, and in a crate at night in the dirty cold cement basement. She didn't want Holley to deal with this any further, and Holley's previous owner was a good friend of my and my boyfriend's older siblings. We were looking for a mix like her, and so we took her in, and she's been doing great! Holley's previous owner is now back on her own feet, and does pet-sit time to time for us and is happy to see her dog in such a better place.

Last month we got Holley a "brother" named Max. I was at work when a lady brought in a puppy to show us. Turns out this lady owned over 20 something dogs, and the town wanted her to get rid of them all. Well, I told my boyfriend we should just go over and look at him, just so he could see. Well we took Holley with us and we saw the pups and fell in love with him. He was INFESTED with worms, but now is healthy, growing so fast and loves his new family!

Woodbourne, NY

Healing Pit Bull Love

I'd lost my Pit Bull and best friend Jamie in early January this year, and knew I needed some time to heal before adopting another dog. As the month's passed, I realized that my life was so much happier with a dog in it and it was time to start looking for a new friend. I went onto Petfinder.com and saw hundreds of beautiful dogs that needed homes, but one special guy caught my eye and was at my local shelter. I drove right down and there he was, just waiting for me to take him home. After a short time in the play yard, it was obvious that Mack was the right dog for me. I adopted him on the spot and he's fit in perfectly at our house. He's learned what horses and cats are, and loves to be my 70 lb lap dog! The dog that didn't know what toys were, now loves to carry his bone or ball around the house, just waiting for a quick game of fetch. Consider adopting a grown dog - they bring so much love into your home, and really adapt well to a new environment quickly.

San Martin, CA

Ya never know what you'll find.........

Strolling through the local Humane Society one Sunday afternoon, (just looking), I spied this most unique canine just sitting in the middle of his cage, while all the other dogs around were jumping, and barking. We made eye-contact as I strolled by.....and I had to get a closer look. As I walked up to his cage, he picked up a tennis ball...brought it to the fencd and dropped it. When I said, "I can't reach that" he pushed the ball with his paw through a hole in the sideways concrete block that was under the gate!!! I picked up the ball....threw it into the cage....he caught it on the first bounce...pushed it back through the hole.....and he took me home immediatly. We've been together for five years, now....and I can't imagine my life without him. I've been around dogs for more than 50 years, and I have NEVER bonded with one like we have. He gets so sad when I have to go to work...he knows by the clothes I'm wearing.....and is SO happy when I get home. He has made me laugh every single day, and I thank God we were brought together. He'll chase ANYTHING thrown...and consistently wears ME out. At 7 years old....he still has a lot of puppy in him. He will "herd" me to where the treats are....and is always by my side. To the people who turned him into the Humane Society......I'll never understand why......but I owe you an enormous debt of grattitude!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Patrick Linn
Bozeman, MT

My Sweet Hanava

I had lost my 16yr old (Sammie) and my 14yr old (Lukie) within 6 months of each other, so I wasn't really looking to replace them just yet. However my co-worker was looking at the Norman dog pound pictures one day and I saw this one. After about 2 weeks of looking at her picture I decided to call and ask about her. The lady told me her name was Havana and her time was about up. I took off work early that day just to meet her. I fell in love with her even before they got her out of her cage. They told me they thought she was housebroken because she never went in her cage (they were correct) that she was very quiet (they were correct) and that she was very laid back (boy, they were incorrect on that one). Everyone who saw her kept saying how pretty she is and what kind of dog is she. Well, I had a DNA test run and found out she is Siberian Husky and Rottweiler.

So to the person who dumped this precious animal out on the Norman streets, I say Thank You. You have given me a gift of joy, laughter and companionship for many years to come.

Anne B. Jones

Anne B. Jones
Norman, OK

George and Fred

Brothers George and Fred were rescued at only a few days old. We adopted them at 8 weeks and our lives are so filled with joy and laughter at their antics.

Molly Drummond
San Diego, CA


I volunteer for the local chapter of the Humane Society and that is where I met Bing. He is the most incredible cat and for some reason got stuck in the system. With his solid white body, almond eyes and jet black tail, he is quite unique. My husband surprised me on my birthday a few years ago by secretly adopting him. Now my Bing uses his energy to calm and socialize some of our skittish rescues. Cannot imagine a day without Bing!

Peggy Durbin
Flower Mound, TX
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