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Scuffy McGee

I'd like to introduce Scuffy McGee as my 1200 lb dog. He was born into the world of racing until they determined he wasn't good enough and tried to sell him to the glue factory. Luckily one of my friends intervened and brought him home to her farm. I was asked to help teach him that the world is not out to hurt him and how to be a normal horse. It was love at first sight, and we have been together ever since. 9 years later, he still has scars of his past abuse but he is the world's most loving animal, giving plenty of whinnies and kisses every time I see him. We started training in dressage after about a year off the track and were pretty successful in the show ring, always trying his best at whatever was asked of him. We have since retired from showing and he lives the life of a spoiled rotten king now. It hurts to know that thousands of Scuffys are slaughtered every year. Not all ex-racehorses are wild, mine particularly likes to rub his face in the snow, blow bubbles in his water, goes crazy over stale peeps, will steal your pizza if you're not looking and would sit in your lap if you let him.

Fairfax, VA

Traveling Turtle

About 2 weeks ago, I was driving & my mom spotted a turtle on the side of a busy road. I pulled over, picked up the turtle & moved he/she to a rock until I figured out what I should do. I decided to drive the turtle to a lake surrounded by a lot of land. I stayed with the turtle until he/she came out of his/her shell (literally & figuratively!) to explore his/her new home. After a few minutes, the turtle walked into the water & happily swam away.

Glenna Heller
Flanders, NJ

Minnie Pearl and Daisy Mae

Our girls are Minnie Pearl and Daisy Mae. We adopted them when they were a month old. They are now nine months old. They had been abandoned by their Mom and were found living under an old van. They came into our lives right after we lost our beloved dog, Pearl Mae. Pearl Mae died from cancer. She was adopted from our animal shelter. Our girls are named in honor of Pearl Mae, who gave us so much love and happiness. Minnie Pearl and Daisy Mae love their treats and belly rubs. They love to play peek a boo but only on the stair railings. They love water. They run to the bathroom and climb in the sink when they know we are ready to brush our teeth. If you want a special angel to come into your life, adopt from the local shelter. A friend will come home with you and always share love and happy times with you. We love our baby girls!!!

Barbara Varga
West Haven, CT

My first Papillion

I was on a rescue mission for the Boxer group to pick up a Boxer abandoned at the local shelter. I arrived about 15 minutes before closing and as fate would have it, the Boxer was adopted. My partner and I were about to leave when the frantic kennel worker approached us and asked if we would mind looking in the back room at an owner surrender. A Papillion.

"She is a mom with six little babies". She was very excited as she had been trying all day to find a rescue that could take them in but no luck. They were 15 minutes from being put down.

We went in the back and there was Mandy looking scared to death with six little mouse size babies just starting to open their eyes.

I ran to the truck for a laundry basket and towel while they put together the paperwork. I made a bedroom for them in the bathtub and loaded them in the basket for trips to the yard for pee/poopoo and frolicing in the grass. Mandy would nurse them and then it was nap time. We did this routine every few hours until they were grown and found excellent homes with wonderful people.

By then I had fallen in love and Mandy made it clear that she "owned me".

I have joined a rescue for Paps called Pap911Rescue and presently have six marvelous puppymill rescues of various ages and colors.

Mandy is one of the most intelligent, loving and fiercely loyal dogs I have ever owned. We are a happy pack.

Atlanta, GA


I was on a mission to find a second dog and found Bandit at the Lancaster Animal Shelter (CA). The dog was listed as a neutered male, Lab/Bull Terrier mix. Love at first sight! After a few days, my friend noticed that Bandit didn't have any male parts! Sure enough, he was a she and I'm embarrassed to admit that I hadn't noticed. A few weeks later, I ran into a gal at the dog park. Her mouth dropped and she asked where I got the dog. It turned out that she rescues dogs and had rescued this same dog when she was about 5 months old. She was told that the dog was aggressive. It is a Pit Bull/Shepherd mix not a Lab/Bull Terrier mix. She didn't believe them that the dog was aggressive and took the dog anyway. Some friends of hers adopted the dog from her. They named her Meelo. The new owners had difficulty keeping her in the yard. While the dog was missing, the owners had to relocate to a new house and Meelo was never found, until I found her at the Shelter. She had tags on and the shelter had tried calling the owners but the phone had been disconnected. The "rescue gal" called the previous owners and told them that Meelo was there at the park! They showed up and identified the dog as Meelo. She still had the same collar on which they had bought. They were so happy she found a new home. Whew! Turns out that the rescue gal had a Pit Bull named Bandit. What a crazy mixed up story!

Nancy Bradberry
Lancaster, CA

Miss Stephanie

I adopted Stephanie from our local animal shelter about 5 years ago. She was about a year old. A volunteer had moved her cage to the hallway with the hope that someone would look at her since she had been overlooked. I believe it was kitten season. When I stopped at her cage, that same volunteer said "you need to adopt her!" I did and she has been a delight in my life ever since. She greets me at the door and coos or meows the entire time. Everyone should adopt a shelter animal.

Judy Schulz
San Luis Obispo, CA

Doodles the wonder dog

I rescued Doodles about 4 years ago. He is half Dash/Jack Russell. He went limp in his hind legs and his previous owner could not care for him anymore. We adopted Doodles and found a wonderful website handicappedpets.com and got him a wheel chair. I took him to rehab where he used a water treadmill and he is now able to stand and take a couple steps. He is still happy and filled my life with so much love. Don't count him out because he still is the little man in charge! Many people are curious when they see me walking him. He is a great addition to our family. I hope others can help disabled animals like Doodles and know they are very special.

Jaime Couch

Jaime Couch
Bridgeville, PA


We already had one little princess Bouba, but we wanted to add to our family. So we got Stella. She was scared and very wild and looked like a big bear ! After some grooming and vet, we found out that she is actually half Schnauzer, half boxer ! A funny mix ! At first, it was very difficult as she was very wild and we believed that she was abused. It took one year in order for her to be confident enough to just relax and lay down. But now, look at her ! She is a joy ! A little bit wild still, but what a difference !!! She is now standing tall, proud of herself, she is 20 lbs heavier and having non-stop fun ! We love her very much and will forever !


Aline Reiczyk
Kissimmee, FL

Our California Calico Girl

When my husband and I decided to adopt our second kitten, I had my heart set on a female calico. We already had a young male cat, so we didn't want a kitten any older than 6 months. When we went to the shelter, they told us it wasn't "kitten season" yet and recommended we come back in a few months. Just as we were about to walk out the door, one said, "Oh, we do have one...but she was a stray and not looking too good. She's a calico, and we think she's about 6 months old." "She's ours," I answered--obviously it was meant to be! I've never seen such a scrawny, skinny kitten in my life, and she was so scared she was growling even as she purred in my arms. 9 years later, Miri is our sleek, plump, calico girl who's happiest in a lap and loves her toy mice.

Jen Johnson
Woodbridge, VA

Kitty terrors

I lost my beautiful Himalayan mix adopted cat to cancer and everything was so silent after having a pet for over 15 years in the house. I just couldn't deal with it! The next day off to county I went.

Iimmediately was drawn to a 4 month old diluted calico. Boy did she have a motor! I was supposed to wait for my boyfriend to get back into town from vacation but I adopted her anyway :) Phoebe is so sweet, loves belly rubs and sleeping in the sink. She's also a trouble maker and too smart for her own good! She has been stuck for hours behind the armoire on more than 1 occasion!

I wanted 2, so off to the other county shelter I went.

I thought this little orange tabby singleton loudmouth was just the cutest thing! She wasn't up for adoption yet so I called the next day to find out when her stray period was up. She was on the euthanasia list! She was too little to be spayed yet so I begged them to let me foster her. It worked but soon I realized what a terror this gal was. I almost decided just to foster her hehe! She would launch off the couch to attack me while I was doing "hip-hop abs". I fell in love with her anyway, although now she's allergic to chicken and corn and still a terror!

Phoebe and Cheeto (who loves cheese but is lactose intolerant!) make us smile every day. We still joke about trading Cheeto in, but she's here to stay! Cheeto of course is the one inside the beer box...just waiting for Phoebe to get close enough.......for a nice swipe on the head!

Ashsuire Forrest
Phoenix, AZ
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