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Our Boys

Here are our boys. They are both rescues, Rosco the bigger boy has been with us for 8 years and Howie joined us last year. It was love at first sight for all of us. We have had other rescues over the years, but these 2 are the best buddies ever and provide us with so much love and entertainment. Rosco fit right in when he arrived but Howie was a bit more nervous although he has overcome most of his anxiety now. They are perfect.

The Campbell
Ajax, ON, Canada

Couch Potato looking for love!

I was looking for a companion when I first moved out on my own and found Dottie at a local shelter. She had been found wandering the streets and was very thin. When I met her, she just looked at me in her quiet way and I knew she was the friend for me. Now she enjoys daily walks and lounging on the couch! We've been together for 4 years now and I can't imagine life without her!

Columbia, SC

How Many Is Too Many?

Who would have thought that 4 male dogs could live under one roof? Over time 4 sharpeis have come together to be our family. Gus (red) was rescued in February of 2002. He was sitting in the crate at Operation Scarlet calling out for someone to pick him. He had no hair and was all skin and bones. But to us he was beautiful. 8 years later Gus is one handsome guy! Flash (cream) came home to us in February 2005 after we lost our first rescued Sharpei Storm. We believe Storm is reincarnated as Flash. Flash came right into our house and started licking the silverware in the dishwasher (a Storm trait) and he would hang out on the back of our couch (another Storm trait). In December of 2005 we lost another sharpei Thunder. Flash went into mourning so we went right to OS to get Flash a buddy. Enter Divot (black)-part sharpei part lab who came from Mississippi. Divot and Flash bonded instantly and are play mates. In April 08 we got a call that a minipei (gray) was in need of a home. So home he came to a house with 3 other rescued dogs. Thanks to Operation Scarlet for giving the Sharpeis a second chance at life. Our life is more fulfilled with our boys.

Robin Moyer
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Love At First Sight

I was looking to adopt a rabbit and happened to come across the cutest bunny I have ever seen on petfinder.com . It was love at first sight!!!! Edgar was adopted through the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society in the Twin Cities last October. This little guy has enriched my life so much that I just can't imagine what I ever did without him. He completes my heart!

St. Charles, MN

LuLu - The Amazing Dog

I saw this puppy and felt that someone needed to take care of her. After a week of setting out food and water for her, she finally came to me and let me pet her. She realized that I was not going to run her off or try to hurt her. She followed me around the yard and in the evenings, she would stay on the back porch. We have two cats inside and we were not sure about taking on the responsibility of a dog. This was August of last year. I took pictures of her and offered to pay for necessary things such as spaying, heartguard, vaccines and flea protection. For one week the pictures were up at work. The following weekend, my husband and I talked about just keeping her. That was one of the best decisions we had ever made. She is great fun and fits in with the cats the best that she can. She is now almost 50 pounds, loves to catch tennis balls and just be wherever we are. She has blossomed into such an amazing dog. We are blessed to have her.

Margo Knapp
Forth Worth, TX

Apollo, the God of Music and Light and other good things....

I had recently lost another Snowshoe Siamese cat and was devastated by his passing. I found my sweet boy, Apollo at a no-kill shelter in a nearby town. He'd been discovered clinging to a tree in a local park and was terrified of being put down once someone picked him up! His gorgeous blue eyes were beseeching me to pay attention to him from a cushy kitty dome-bed in his cage.

When I picked Apollo up...(he was "George" at that time), he hooked himself in my shirt, carefully avoiding my skin....and held on! When I tried to pull him away to look at his cute face, he "mrrrowed!" and held on tight! That was it for me, especially after hearing his story of being left in a park all alone! I filled out the papers right away and three days later, picked up my God of Music, Light, Poetry, Love and all the BEST things in life! He has lived up to his name completely and I adore my little boy!

Debbie Stucker
Caledonia, IL

Sally finds a friend

We had Harry from a puppy. A sweet, loving, sociable wheaten terrier, he needed a companion and we wanted a rescue dog. We were put in touch with Sally (named by our friend) an 18 month old underweight dog who live in a NY apartment with no food or water between 4pm and 8am because she "might make a mess". When Sally came to visit she was severely underweight (at 18 months she weighed the same as a typical 4 month old) and not really housetrained. She was terrified of men - including my husband and step-son and would steal food whenever she could. Harry fixed that - he barked at her when she pooped in the hallway and then showed her how to use the dog door. Somehow he showed her that she should hold off on her morning feed because we might have bacon or sausage for breakfast! They have been inseparable ever since! Harry was a Godsend to me and Sally has made life fun and funny. She has stolen pizza, chased the cat over the dining table (it still has the claw marks), stalked & caught mice in our new house and at the end of the day jumps on the bed and flops herself over my feet. Harry & Sally have stood shoulder to shoulder to fend off intruders and licked friends into submission. We love them both from the bottom of our hearts and they love us back just as deeply. I cannot remember life before them and cannot imagine life without them!

Stockbridge, MA

The Velcro Dog

We adopted Sammi in May 2008 from our local SPCA, after she had been turned in, adopted, given to a friend, and returned. She is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever had (and yes. she is part "pit bull"). We call her our Velcro dog because when we first adopted her, she was practically in our laps from the second we got home. This sweetheart has found her forever home! This is Sammi on "her" chair.

Willow Grove, PA

our precious chihuahua bobbytail

this little white chihuahua was abanded to fend for herself by prevoius owners,running scared on their property. we came out and caught her in a trap. she was starving and had severe wounds on her poor body.that were very deep. we took her to our vets immediatley, she had serious infections in her wounds and was very underweight for a deer chihuahua .at only 4 lbs.her tail had been chopped off also,i dont know why.she spent 6 long days fighting for her life in the icu unit.scared and terrified but still with a great spirit,she arose to become one of the best friends anyone could ask for.we have gone unto rescue and place other chihuahuas over the years intu happy loving homes. bobby has a permanet home with us and her other fellow chihuahuas.please spay and neuter and donate to your charity to feed these animals that so desperatley need help.we are so proud to have her in our home,we would be lost without her,she is a daily blessing.

jan marshall
tacoma, WA

Trixie - The Black Bean

Trixie is an amazing little girl! She's a beautiful black Chihuahua mix. I don't know what her life was like before she was rescued, but I'm certain she was brave!

She was hungry and bold enough to enter the feral cat trap where we found her. At only six pounds, she was underweight and had clearly had a recent litter of puppies. We couldn't find her babies, and a trip to the vet revealed she was only about seven months old, still a pup herself.

Shy and meek at first, today she is boss dog over our other five rescued dogs, who all outweigh her by at least 30 pounds! She freely gives kisses and likes to burrow down under the covers when we go to sleep at night, nestling with our knees.

We can't imagine life without our little black bean!!!

Anne Jenkins
Central, SC
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