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Meet "Boots"

Our local shelter displays kittens for adoption at the local Petco. While shopping for food for a stray we had rescued (Petey), we saw Boots in a cage, she was very docile. My husband decided we should have a companion for Petey, so we adopted Boots, a 6-month old female. She was apparently a stray, and had already had a litter. We believe she was likely abused, as we still cannot walk by her with anything in our hands, especially a broom, she will cower and run away. She was rather wild for the first 6-8 months... but has calmed down considerably in the last year. She is very inquisitive and is into everything as this picture shows. She is a thief though... steals pens and other items from my desk when I leave the room for a few minutes, and hides them. Once, she removed a pen from our kitchen table, somehow took it apart. Eight months later, we are still looking for the bottom to the pen... found parts of it all over the house. She likes to hide things in the linen closet, and under the fridge, range, and cabinets. She is becoming more and more comfortable as time goes on. She is sometimes my shadow, but most times anticipates where I am going and leads the way. She likes to be where I am. She likes to play "soccer" with rolled up pieces of paper. She will sit on my desk and return the "ball" when I toss it to her. When she gets tired of playing, she takes the ball and runs away with it. Her favorite pastime though is to be outdoors in the screened-in pool area... sitting on the top (dry) step of the pool and playing in the water.

Dee Treadaway
Sebring, FL

House of Nuts

Meet Peanut and Cashew my little easter bunnies. We found Peanut on Petfinder.com and she was the sweetest little nut we had seen. Cashew was abandoned in Georgia and he found us at Petsmart in Orlando. He was all alone as his siblings had been adopted. He took one look at me, wag his tail and my heart just melted. My nuts are the best of friends and our lives have been changed forever. Rescued dogs are the best.

Orlando, FL

My Salvation

I had been the legal guardian of my paternal grandmother for 9 years. She was diagnosed with lung and colon cancer in 2008. I also had a sweet dog we had rescued 5 years earlier that was diagnosed with brain cancer. We spent 12k giving her radiation treatments, because they told us that with the treatment she could have another1 to 2 years without any neurological problems. She had been beaten and abused before we got her, so she deserved as much happiness as we could give her. In March 2009 I had to put my paternal grandmother on hospice care. The next day I had to put my sweet dog to sleep, then 10 days later my maternal grandmother passed away. With so much death all at once and still one grandmother on hospice care, I needed some life in my house. I found Oscar at my vet's office. They had received 4 little brothers that had been thrown into a dumpster. Someone had been taking care of them, but they had been crated the entie time. Oscar and i saw each other and immediately knew we belonged together, We took him home to join our family of 2 rescued cats in April 2009, His energy, playfullness and hilarious personality has literally been my salvation. Even with the passing of my paternal grandmother 5 days before her 100th birthday, I was devastated, since she had been my responsibility for 9 years, Oscar has helped me deal. He is a momma's boy, just as our cats are all momma's babies. Without Oscar I would have lost my sanity in 2009., He has the cutest face, endless amounts of love to give and is full of mischief. He makes me laugh every day. As I said he has been my Salvation.

Kathy Brady
Dallas, TX

Stella Bella

My fiance and I were pleasantly surprised to find a three month old, abandoned pitt bull while on a winter walk! We wouldn't consider adopting a pitt bull because of all the bad things we had heard about them. We have had Stella for over two years now and never could understand why a person would leave her out in the middle of nowhere during a NE February snow storm. She was so small and frightened when we found her! We opened up the gate which she was locked behind and cradled her under my fiance's jacket. We called the local shelters, but because of her breed they wouldn't help...we took her home and she has filled our life with the most love and joy we could ever imagine! Pitt bulls are loyal, loving dogs and we are looking forward to many more years with our Stella! Thankfully we found her...or she found us. We wouldn't have it any other way.

West Brookfield, MA

Shazam comes home

I was searching for a cat to help fill the empty spot left after my beloved Twiggy died, suddenly and unexpectedly. Twiggy, and his predecessor, Astaire, was an orange and white tabby, so I was looking for another orange kitty. I walked into the shelter & went over to check out the cage in the lobby. There was this scruffy little guy, all by himself, although there were other kittens in the cage. He was a fuzzy little black boy, not what I had in mind... but he had other ideas! There I was looking at him, and he put his paw through the bars, reaching out to me. That was it... no more looking, he was destined to be mine - & let me know it! He had been found orphaned as a tiny kitten & was fostered. He's still a bit shy, but adorable, sweet, & so calm. He loves to sit on table tops, the windowsill, and on my computer table to watch TV. Shaz is happy, healthy & glossy, enjoying himself every day with his adopted companion Wizard (who is an orange tabby =] )

Whether you pick them, or they pick you, take a shelter animal home today... we ALL need more love. I'm so glad & so lucky that Shaz picked me!

Los Angeles, CA

Mollie gets her new family

One day while out walking one of my dogs this young dog came running up to me. She followed me home so I decided to keep her while we tried to find her family. Luckily she had a mirochip so we were able to reuite her with her guardian, Shannon. We got to talking and Shannon explained how she ended up with Mollie (someone was going to shoot her so Shannon took her). She also explained she was trying to rehome Mollie, as Shannon just wasn't ever home and Mollie was very lonley. For the next two months I posted Mollie's picture and story everywhere. Finally I was contacted by the perfect family. Mollie now lives with a wonderful older couple on an acre of land with her 3 doggie siblings and 3 cat siblings. There are also 2 granddaughters (ages 13 & 14) for her to play with. I feel very blessed to have met Mollie and help her find that perfect family. We should all be so blessed.

Dawna Carabajal
Rowlett, TX

Maxwell the Magnificent

Our Max, I think, knew his days were numbered with his former Momma so he set out one morning to make himself known in the building; when we, My Henry and I, came home from an errand there was this handsome light orange kitty lounging in the foyer; we assumed he belonged to a neighbor so we said hi and shut our door; late that night, at 9:30pm, our Pom, Monkey took to yipping and barking; It was the same kitty; I woke Henry, asked to let Kitty in, and the rest was easy; Max became ours by adopting us. I think we all fell in love that night; but Henry named him Max and made him officially "family" today Friday May 7, 2010; for Me his gotcha day/and unofficial birthday is March 18, 2010! Viva Maxwell-Kitty! Love from the magnificent 7

Carole Sumner
Waltham, MA

rescued animals are the best!

After my 21 year old cat Sylvester passed away, i thought i would never get another cat. My heart was shattered. The house was so quiet and foreign to me, there wasnt someone waiting for me to come home. How i missed that! I finally went down to the animal shelters, and started looking. I went to 2 different shelters and i didnt connect with any of the animals so i started walking out of the area where they kept them, and the girl asked me if i saw the cat all the way on top? I didnt even notice it, it looked like an empty cage. She opened the cage up and i put my arms up to the cage and out comes this beautiful black persian mix with gold eyes! She looked like a black panther.She walked right into my arms and i melted! In that instant i knew i found my new family member, Pantera.The girl said she was 10 months old and she was born at the shelter, no one wanted her because she was all black. As you can see from this picture she is beautiful,loving and a well behaved cat. She makes us laugh alot and i cant stop taking pictures of her... i urge all of you out there thinking of getting an animal to go to the pet rescue shelters. They make such loving pets...

Palm Desert, CA

Abandoned at a Doggy Daycare

I found Trek on Petfinder listed as a Boston Terrier!! When I met him he looked in my eyes, gave me a kiss, and came home that day. A routine blood test revealed he had Heartworm Disease. His doctor said Trek should respond to treatment and he has recovered completely. He loves to chase the ball, and Canada Geese from the park. His Maine Coon cats Emma and Fred love him and he's found his forever home with us.

Jenny & Claus

Attleboro, MA

Attleboro, MA


Tigger was a stray kitty wandering the streets near my dad's welding shop. He now has his forever home and a personality that is true to that of the infamous Tigger ... he's a bouncy, pouncy, flouncy and trouncy creature who's always looking to have fun! He loves his big sister Lucy's (Great Pyr) stuffed animals; is very good at harrassing his other big sis Sweetie Pie (Blue Russian-ish); and is constantly chatting it up w/ his big brother Slick (Shepherd mix). All four of my "kids" are rescues! Have you hugged your animals today?

Shannon Hollandsworth
Owasso, OK
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