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Lily and Frosty

Our Peke-a mutts, Lily Peaches and Frosty Jones, were picked up together as strays, and taken to a shelter that separates dogs by gender. When we got them five days later, it was a most joyful reunion! I don't think they've been apart for more than an hour in the 6 1/2 years they have been livening up our home. They love everyone with whom they come in contact, and the feeling is usually reciprocated!

Bonita Sellstrom
Denver, CO

Jesse & King Louis

I love cats. And I love pets, but all my life I had been desperately allergic to pretty much anything with fur. My friend at the time was moving out of the country and was going to give me his two cats for safekeeping for a few years and I was very excited. When he decided to give them to his wife's aunt instead, I decided to look online to see if there were any cats that needed a home. I had purchased all the food and toys, all I was missing were two furballs.

I started searching on my local Craigslist page and the 3rd ad I saw was for two male, 3 year old black cats named Jesse and Loopy. They were adorable and I sent an email to their current owner. I went to meet them the next day after work.

Jesse was instantly all over me, and he is with almost everyone! I fell in love instantly. Loopy was harder to find. After searching for almost an hour we finally found him and I crouched down and introduced myself. He let me pet him and then put his butt in my face, Ha.

I got them home and it has been True Love ever since. And it turns out, I'm no longer allergic to cats! I renamed Loopy to King Louis, as I like French history, and this guy is 22.5 lbs! He's royalty in my book. I've had them for over a year now and can't imagine my life without them. They are a joy and the best thing to happen to me. Seeing them at the door when I come home each day is the Best. They are both happy, healthy and loved by everyone they meet. I hope they live Forever.

Rachel O'Neil
Pontiac, MI


After having 2 other Borders for approximately 16 years, I didn't know if I'd be able to love another dog as much as I had them, Sydney and Sammy. Then along came Cleo from the Blueridge Border Collie Rescue. So full of energy and just as much snuggley/cuddley love! She loves to run with me, will go after a tennis ball or stuffed animals till she drops and is the official neighborhood greeter to everyone who walks, runs or bikes past our yard. I just cauldn't imagine not waking up and having her lying next to my bed each morning. Thank you for your unwavering love Cleo!

Stacey Wooden
Shawnee, KS

Derek Papa...Love of my life and Well worth the wait:)

When I decided that I was ready to have a pet a very good friend of mine suggested that I get a cat as he was a HUGE cat lover..He convinced me to go to the shelters with him to take a look... My friend told me that I would "just know" when I met the right kitty and he also mentioned that you don't choose a cat, a cat chooses you...

I was checking out kitties again when the woman who was helping me had me hold a kitten that she thought I would be interested in....as I held him I heard a ruckus going on below me and looked down to see a tiny beautiful gray and white tabby swinging his paws through the bars at me crying for my attention. Once he saw me looking at him he threw himself down on his back and gave me his belly!! I looked at the woman and said "I want to hold that one" and she said "He isn't ready yet, he still needs to be neutered and get shots". I just didn't care I had waited already, I was willing to wait some more. I picked him up and he sat on my chest looking up at me with those beautiful eyes..It was love at first sight!! It took me a week to get him home but it only took that one moment for him to steal my heart...Words cannot describe the love I feel for my baby boy who insisted on sleeping with me his very first night home. He is now 16.5 lbs of pure personality, love and joy. He is my protector, my baby, my clown...he is my heart. He is the very best decision I have ever made in my life..A blessing beyond words.

Nina Pajonas
Babylon, NY

Our little miracle

One day my husband heard what sounded like crying from the engine of a car. After two days, out came a tiny little kitten- completely unharmed. My husband wasn't much of a cat fan but after this little guy followed him around everywhere- he knew he had to bring him home. Magic has been the best addition to our family and the most amazing and loving cat ever.

San Diego, CA


I am a single person that has worked with our local NO-KILL Humane Society as a foster parent for momma cats with newborn babies and even have a special "kitten" room which I had glass installed in the lower portion of the door to keep an eye on things and help them visually interact with my other cats. Needless to say, I found it very difficult to let all of them go, when they were ready for adoption and ended up keeping at least one, sometimes two from each litter. People in our neighborhood call me "the cat lady" and rightfully so, since I am the proud roomate with my 10 cats, most of whom are rescues. I don't have a digital camera to show you my beautiful brood, but each and every one is a winner. Let's see, there's Sparky (black and white little gentleman) .. Tucker (black long-hair, with orange mane from Spokane, WA - rescued from the side of the road) .. Jessica (orange tiger, rescued from a barn) ... Mouse (grey and white, ruler of the house ad my teddy bear at night) ... Benny (bengal mix, found abandoned out in a field with 4 siblings) ... Sugar (Siamese that showed up on my doorstep..pregnant) ... Sheeba (black Manx rescued from an abusive environment) ... Phoebe (one of Sugar's babies, black and white) ... Bajer (grey and white, one of Sugar's babies) ... and last but not least .. Josey, my youngest (little spotted girl, looks like a Egiptian Mau/Savannah mix with tons of attitude, only 8 lbs. but likes to rule the house ... and does). They are such a joy to live with and always provide lots of entertainment, and there's ALWAYS room for one more!!!

D. Strine - Richland, WA.

Debbie Strine
Richland, WA

Miss Sophie:)

Being the owner of two rescued cats I honestly felt my family was complete..Me and my two boys live together in perfect harmony. But then a friend of mine told me about a rescue group she was working with and she encouraged me to think about fostering a cat. I thought about it because as a mother I had to consider how it might effect my boys..After deliberating I decided it was worth a shot...I love animals so much that I wanted to help in anyway I could..Sophie was rescued from a shelter because she was getting sick and was being overlooked. She was being overlooked in favor of kittens! How ridiculous as she is maybe 2 years old, still a baby herself! I took her into my home and my heart about 6 months ago and she has turned my world upside down but in a great way! She has adapted to being with my boys, playing with them and their toys..she has made our home her home. Needless to say I failed at fostering and adopted her!! Lol It is a blessing to see her so happy and whereas she used to be the quietest little thing around she is now getting vocal for her treats and such! (She learned that from my boys too:) She sleeps with me every night, cuddled up to me just purring away...She is my little angel and for those people that passed her over- your loss was my HUGE gain! I love you so very much Miss Sophie!

Nina Pajonas
Babylon, NY

How Our Family Grew

Bella is our dalmatian/pit bull mix. My boyfriend knew someone who was planning on just opening the door and letting her go. Since he'd tried to rescue another dog and that one got hit by a car, I knew Bella was coming home with us. I told him it was just for a few nights, until we found her a permanent home. Who knew that home would be us? She is now part of our family. We found out she had heart-worms when we took her to our vet, so she is on meds and scheduled for her shots in April. She plays really well with our Shih tzu, Madden. They are truly bonded and think their pack includes Daddy, Mommy and each other. The best part is that they are only a few months apart, so we will have both of them for many years to come!!

PS I love how they hunt squirrels together...Madden barks and Bella chases. They haven't caught anything but they have such a good time in the yard! LOL

Tracy Sherwood
Cassopolis, MI

My Senior Rescue Cat

I had been without a furry friend for a long time, divorced, raising 2 kids alone, taking care of my elderly mother. It was finally time for a furry friend for me. I wanted to help a needy cat. I went online to a posting site and searched. There were many sad stories of people having to give up their animals due to death, illness, and foreclosure. I was drawn to an ad for a 12 year old cat. I have a special place in my heart for the older ones as I am an 'older one' too. The lady that had her before said she wanted to wait until the right person came along (me!) Kazy (rhymes with Jazzy and Snazzy) was being kept in a very, cold garage on the January day I took her home. I couldn't wait to get her out of there. Kazy fits right into our little family. She was dehydrated and very hungry! I had the vet check her for everything. It's been 3 months now and she is happy and much healthier, bright eyes and thick fur coming in, warm and loved very much. Her favorite spot is her window perch and she loves her greenies.

Carol Handras
Belvidere, NJ

Poky or grey kitty

I was sitting outside on the back steps when a little head popped up and she was looking at me and it was like saying to me, "save me please". I had never seen the cat around before and as she came up the steps to steal my heart I could see she was in distress . My wife came out about then and it was a done deal the cat would live here , so after about 700.00 vet bill she was healthy and free of worms and fleas , we had another cat and two dogs at the time and still do, they all became close friends and we are so glad to have Poky with us today . She has added so much to our daily lives . We have quite the animal family there is Poky and Kookoo kitty and Molly butter (the dog) and Reese cup the other dog he is a dachshund . Poky and Kookoo play sometimes and get loud but they never hurt each other.

Ken Roberts
Lebanon, OH
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