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Little Bitty Kitten

My husband and I live in an apartment complex. When some neighbor's moved out, my husband went to see if there was a door, and noticed a feral cat gaurding the laundry room. Well, a little while later, the apartment complex was fixing up the apartment and had repaired the front door so it no longer swung open.

As it turns out, the mother cat was in the process of moving her litter, and one of the kittens was left behind. This week-old calico was hungry and barly had her eyes open when my husband scooped her up and brought her home to me. I went online and found a recipe for kitty gloop and fed her with a medicine despencer. We had planned on finding her a home once she was old enough, but as she got to the age where she could play, we simply fell in love.

Little Bit is now a four month old kitten who loves to play with our two other rescued animals. Reece's Cup, a large calico female who we found at about 5 months wild on the street. Also, Muz, an absolutly spoiled rotten 75lb mix breed someone had dumped as a 6 week old puppy.

Birmingham, AL

Lucky Find

We came back early from a weekend away, and I begged my husband to let me go look at the kittens at PetSmart. As soon as we walked in, we both walked past the kittens to the last cage, where our girl seemed to be waiting for us. I looked into her eyes, and the world changed. I said, "We want you, do you want us?" She started purring. We took her home two days later, and five years on, we can't imagine life with out Eesa, our little girl.

Montgomery Village, MD

Miss Kitty

9 yrs. ago I found Miss Kitty crying , wet & hungry under a brush pile . Her mother was nowhere to be found so I took her in & out of the rain . I bottle fed her , bathed her & waited for her to open her eyes . I was the 1st person she saw . She's flown with me , sleeps with me & totally drives her Momma nuts at times . There's days when she rips it up running around like a kitten . I love her dearly even though I face eviction because of her . We'll move . No doubt !!

jenny peterson
mt. pleasant, IA

Our Guardian Angel

My husband had to go on a course for work, he's in the Military, and he was gone for six long months. I was home alone in a city where I barely knew anyone and was feeling so lonely. We'd been talking about getting a dog but living in the city, my husband didn't feel a dog would be a wise idea. But I wanted to look anyway, so I started looking at Petfinder. Well, I found this beautiful little ragamuffin looking terrier with huge ears and fell in love! She was scruffy and cute (and those ears!), and little so I thought she'd be fine in our house. I got her in August '08 and she made herself at home and claimed my heart, and despite my husband's worrying, when he finally came home she found a way into his heart too. I saved her and gave her a home and she saved me from loneliness. She's our little angel! She's been part of the family for over a year now and I can't imagine a day in our lives without our girl!

Cindy H.
Kingston, ON, Canada

Mommy's Big Baby

Thought I knew I wanted a St. Bernard, I refused to simply purchase one... I wanted to rescue one. After weeks of searching I found Bear... and THAT DAY I drove 3 hours to go pick up my 103 pound 1 year old baby boy. He was malnourished, had an ear infection, and hip pains... but when I looking into his eyes, and saw how excited to was to play with me, I had to have him. He refused to eat, so I hand fed him every couple of hours for a few days. Then after a visit to the vet, a couple of pounds added, and a daily glucosamine pill, Bear is now the active sweet, boy he was always meant to be. He's a member of the family, and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Junction City, KS

Elvis Holmes "The King"

My husband went to our Vet's office one day to pick up some heart worm medicine for our 4 dogs and came home with Elivs. Someone had left him at the Vet's office when he was just a few weeks old. The Vet didn't think Elvis would make it but one of the young girls that worked there took Elvis under her wings and made sure that he did. She carried Elvis around on her shoulder all day and when my husband saw him and heard his story, he decided to bring him home. My husband came home with Elvis in the hood of his sweatshirt. He still wants to be carried around on your shoulder and will jump from the counter to your shoulder to make sure he gets the attention he deserves. Elvis loves to play with Bonnie, one of our Dachshunds. They wrestle and chase each other around the house. He also loves to hang out in the yard with our yellow lab Duke. He is "The King" of our hearts.

Ventress, LA


I was looking to save an animal from the Katrina disaster. I was having problems with shipping the animal and "donations". My best friend's brother had a pup he could no longer take care of. She was adopted from a local shelter, not once but twice. Cassidy was 4 months old and I was her 3rd and last owner. We had some growing pains in the beginning but this little girl has yet to leave my side. An odd mix, Weimaraner and boxer but looks like a black lab. Either way, she is most loyal and loving and smartest dog I have ever owned.

Dawn Cutter
Bangot, PA

In Loving Memory of Gus

Gus came to us in October of 2008, he had been badly beaten, starved and kept in a small crate in a basement. He was frightened and aggressive with humans at first but with patience and understanding and lots of LOVE and TLC from Jeri he began to thrive, became more trusting and proved he was not only able to accept the love he was given he was able to give so much more love back. He became a wonderful sweet boy.

Unfortunately, because of the abuse he received and the poor breeding practices from which he came, all the medical treatment we provided him to control his pain and heal him were just not enough.

Sadly, Gus was humanely euthanized on 2/5/2009. We thank our shelter Veterinarian and the Veterinarians at the University of Missouri, Columbia for all their love, compassion and hard work to save Gus.

Gus was not alone, he was cradled in Jeri's arms and was surrounded by others speaking softly to him, telling him what a good boy he was. He gave us a wag of his tail and passed peacefully.

We will miss Gus everyday but will remember the lessons in love, patience and loyalty that he taught us and continue to do everything we can to save other animals and help prevent animal abuse and poor breeding habits.

Gus October 2007 - February 5, 2009

Desoto, MO

SAMPSON from Indiana to an Ocean Island

I saw Sampson on Petfinder I fell in love with that Black Dane Goofy Face.

Samspon was in Rescue having been abused by a former owner. I wondered if he had other issues. The great rescue he fortunately found assured me he was a good boy and he sure is.

I coincidently have a Sister in Indiana so my 82 year old mother drove 18 hours each way to visit her but first priority was to pick up Sampson. He arrived in Rhode Island New Years Day of 2008. He was 18months old.

I helped him adjust to men by taking him to a local fishing pond where the fishermen helped him understand not all men are abusive. 18months later he is my big loving, faithful velcro'd to me loving boy. He lives on a 7mile Island seperated by Ocean to all his past life, he has his daily walks of chasing deer which he never gets close to, rabbits, and ocean romps and loves his adopted sister and brother Danes even my daughters mini pincher wlking together side by side they look hilarious.

Sampson is the best dog I have ever had. I love him dearly. He showed no other issues which amazes me, considering he was beat regualar and often he loves all other dogs and humans. I look into that big goofy face and find it hard to beliebve anyone could have abused this pure love of a boy. Other than being a little territorial of his yard and transport he is the "Perfect Dane". So happy I found him

I wish people would understand little "big breed" dogs turn out to be BIG DOGS...and that back yard breeders have to STOP. Big dogs are the last to be adopted and the first to be put down.

Prudence Island, RI

Kobe Burnett

Austin, my seven year old son, lost his black lab and was heartbroken. Seeing him upset, I thought that adopting a pet might be a good idea; and I was looking for a running buddy. I searched for a suitable pet online. We needed a dog that could be around small children, cats, and other dogs. I found Bluebonnet on the SPCA website, so off we went to meet our new dog, possibly. When we went to meet Bluebonnet, he crouched and growled. I think Austin and I both shed a tear. He obviously wasn't suited for our family. The staff was very pleasant and invited us to look around a bit at other dogs.

Our heads down in disappointment, off we went, to look for another dog. We read the profiles of several rows of dogs. We stopped at Kobe. When we came to his kennel, he was lying down, with a look like ours, defeated. When Austin spoke, Kobe sat up and looked at us, and I swear if he could talk, he would have pleaded to go home with us. We picked him up the very next day, which happened to be his 8th birthday (Austin found their proximity in age very amusing).

Now, by day, Kobe enjoys a backyard with a pool and frequent rolls in my mulched flowerbeds. He's pretty smelly usually and baths are fulfilled, to say the least (Kobe weighs 95 lbs and when he gets a bath, so does anyone within 3 feet). He sleeps inside every night. You'll know he's there because he snores like an old man. We walk together, rather than run, because he has hip problems. I didn't get my running buddy, but we did get a great dog and a fur-companion that we will never forget.

Brandy Burnett
Humble, TX
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