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When Buddy Came Calling

One morning as I was backing out of the garage I noticed this little bedraggled, scared looking dog sitting on the driveway. I stopped the car and coaxed him over. I remembered my neighbor lady driving around the neighborhood the week before looking for her little white dog so I went to her house and he followed along. This was not her dog though and the neighbor said this little dog had been wardering around for three days. I remember seeing a family in the neighborhood moving on Sunday before, so I figured they had left him when they moved. I took him home and put food and water on the patio and left for work. He looked like he had the mange so I took him to the vet that night and he was pronounced a healthy dog, didn't even have fleas. I advertised for 2 weeks and didn't find the owners, so he is a member of my family now and since he was such a sweetie I named him Buddy. Buddy has been with me for almost seven years. What a smart little fella. Everyone who meets him loves him. I am so happy he found me.

Barbara Bonner
Phoenix, AZ


The painting is from a photo I took of Al the cat. I was feeding a colony of stray cats and there was always a black cat who stayed around after everyone was fed; just to keep me company. I started calling him 'Big Al'. On Halloween night I saw 'Big Al' wandering the neighborhood. It worried me to see a black cat being so visible and knowing how friendly he was I stopped the car, opened the door and yelled out (yes, I knew this seems a little odd) 'Hey Al! Get in here!' We were trapping cats with bait and cages and that took a long time. Al came to the car, recognized me and hopped on the seat; just like a family member. I was a few blocks from my house and we drove home together. He's been here ever since; and every Halloween is Al's anniversary of finding a forever home.

deborah mann
nyack, NY

Our "Bones"

My husband found Bones in our backyard one morning in early April 2006.She was lying under a bush and at first he thought she was dead.He spoke to her and she slowly raised her head to look at him.She was so skinny and dehydrated that she could barely move.He went inside and got her a bowl of water and some ham to feed her.He had to tear the ham into tiny pieces and hand feed her.She was covered in matted fur and fleas and was so weak she let us bathe and clip her knotted fur without any fuss.I think she was grateful someone was caring for her.

We took her to the vet the next day and found out she was declawed and spayed.We also learned the small lump we'd found on her spine was a tumor.The vet removed it a month later.It wasn't cancerous.We named her Bones because she was so skinny but 4 years later her name doesn't fit her anymore.

She is fully recovered,much fatter and happy.She is truly a joy to have around.The siamese in her makes her very vocal and she loves talking to everyone.She is the most loving cat I've ever had.

Patti Conlee
Hot Springs, NC


When the time comes for our family to adopt a new family pet, we always go to our local shelter. I have always found wonderful animals there. This is Charlie in the forefront { he would'nt have it any other way } We adopted him after our beloved greyhound passed away. Even though our hearts were broken, Charlie was angel sent from heaven. Lulu our kitty was found in the middle of a busy street by my husband and daughter. She was only four weeks old and had a huge gash on her throat. Last but not least is Patches.

We were told that Patches owners moved and left her behind in the backyard, and this was in one of our coldest winters. We could not ask for better pets. They are an important part of our family.

sue koonce
oak lawn, IL

Foxy Lady

My husband works at a railroad yard driving a truck. He had been seeing this stray running all around the place. Rain, Snow, hot and cold weather.

She was a nasty looking critter that most thought she was a wild animal part Fox part dog. She didn't trust any human. He started to throw food at her just so she would get some nutrition in her skinny little body!

This went on for almost 4 years, when one day little by little she started to trust him. She knew the sound of his truck so she would follow him everywhere he went. On a sunny Saturday in May of 08 he was getting out of his truck to put some food down for her when he felt something on his leg. There she was putting her paw on him so he could pet her..That was it, next thing I knew he was on his way home with her in his car. I was scared becasue we had two dogs at home and if she was wild she would hurt my precious ones. But No, she came and met my Riley and Puddles then waslked inside sniffed around the family room and jumped on our sofa and looked at us as if to say Ok I am home I like it here!!

So we have had her ever since and once we washed away the dirt and grime on her, she was perfectly healthy. Not even a flea on her!!

Everyone tells us she is a Shiba-Inu. She is a Beautiful Blonde girl around 7 yrs old. She is a perfect angel inside with hardly ever an accident.

she will be with us for the rest of her days here on this planet!! We love her!

Oak Lawn, IL

Our Sweet Kabela

One day me and my husband were driving around in dallas going to junk yards to get car parts. As we were leaving the last one we noticed a very thin malnourished pit bull on the side of the road. We immediately stopped and went to her. She was very scared she had obviously been in dog fights from all the scars on her face. Her teeth were missing and she was covered in ringworm and ticks. She wouldn't get near us at first we took it slow to approach her. She finally was at ease and we were able to pick her up and put her in the car. She was so sweet and gentle the whole way home. We cleaned her up and fed her she was starving. We immediately decided to keep her and nurse her back to health. We took her to the vet and had her treated for ringworm. We then found out she had heartworms and started treatment right away. She was then spayed the vet said she had been bred so many times. They apparently took her pups away and then ditched her. Today she is a healthy 4 year old sweetheart who is very loving and playful. Her favorite place is our bed as you can see in the picture. She loves our other dogs and the family. People say pit bulls are bad dogs but I say its the people that make them that way. We are so lucky to have her our other pit bull Kahlua loves her so much they are sisters for life and we wouldnt have it any other way!

Argyle, TX

Our Sweet Bubba

Bubba came to us in 2002. We were having a family BBQ and this 4-month-old puppy smelled the food. He was hungry and our daughter-in-law fed him. We believe someone dumped him in our area in the desert. That night, my husband put him in our backyard because he didn't want the coyotes to get the little guy. My husband said we would take him to the Humane Society. Well, the next morning, I had gotten attached and the tears came. We posted fliers but no one came. So...Bubba became ours. We couldn't have picked a better dog if we had tried. He has been a great companion and "taken care of" my husband through heart attack, heart surgery, broken pelvis and back surgery. Bubba followed behind him to be sure he was okay. Bubba loved to go for rides, so we took him often. When we had family gatherings, Bubba enjoyed everyone and had a great time. He loved the kids & babies but was careful not to hurt them. (He's with our granddaughter in the picture.) Last year, Bubba was diagnosed with lymphoma. We gave him chemo treatments and he was with us a while longer. But the cancer came back with a vengeance, so last week we said goodbye to our Bubba. He was our best friend and companion, and we loved him very much. We also have a cat named Pepper, who we adopted from the Humane Society in May of 2001. Pepper is still with us - a great cat - and misses Bubba as well. I don't know if we will want to get another dog for a while, but if/when we do, we will definitely go to the Humane Society or a shelter. They are the best.

Tucson, AZ

Vinton Kohl

We started walking for exercise in our very rundown neighborhood. Almost half way through our walk; a small puppy came running out of a yard, super small and very cute. His little ribs showed threw his dirty white coat. We decided to ask the home where he ran from if we could buy him. So we went home and placed him in a kennel, and went back to the house we found him. There was another dog on the property, chained to the house and very timid. So we took a piece of paper and put our information on it. Simply stating, we found him, and would like to make them an offer for him; please call. Where we live there aren't many fences holding animals in their yard. The dogs and cats, even chickens run amuck all around. Serious flea infestations, out of control breeding, even animal injuries. Unfortunately we have no Animal Control either.We stopped by our local drug store to purchase a few things for him.We took him home and filled a tub for him. As soon as we dunked him under the water, his nightmare became visible to us.

He had bleeding sores in his ears. Covering his eyes, butt, penis, nose, tummy, and even between his toes were patches of fleas and ticks. Some areas had masses of them numbering 20 or more. Crying wildly we did what we could to clean him up and make him feel better. It was at that moment, with him wrapped up in my towel we decided to keep him.

He is my angel, and my meditation. He makes me smile even when I have had the worst day you could imagine. He came to us looking for help, and what he found was a forever home.

Happy Healthy

Lovallyn Miller
El Paso, TX

The Loving Ace

When I was younger I had a extraordinary intention of bringing home stray animals. Where we lived the animal shelter is "no-kill" so I didnt mind taking them to the shelter if I had found more than one that week. My sister and I had found an add in the paper for free puppies and once we heard the family's story it broke my heart. The family hadn't even owned a dog... it was their neighbors dog that had had puppies and she was living under their house with them. They felt horrible cause the owners hadnt been taking care of her so they took the situation into their own hands and had found such GREAT homes for the puppies and also continued to care for the mother. When I had come face to face with the little fur ball that I would forever know as Ace it was an instant love. He is a german shephard and chow mix so everyone believed he would have been more tempermental but hes just fine for our house. He lays next to my nephews crib at night and is very protective of us and our home. I wouldve never known what had happened to the puppies and the mother if Ace hadnt stolen our hearts at first sight but we are all sure glad he did.

Versailles, KY

Stray kittens

In June of 2009 my husband and I found a stray mother cat with three kittens living underneath our deck. We fed her that night and in the morning they were gone. A week later our neighbor found them living underneath his step and he was trying to get them all into a box to throw them in the woods. We were able to capture them all and bring them to our garage. Then to my dismay I found all the shelters were full as it was an explosive kitten season and many adults who lost their jobs had surrendered their animals. So we had them living in the back of our Chevy Silverado truck in our garage (we already had indoor cats) and then fortunately an organization came to our aid and asked me to foster them until they were ready for adoption. Within days it was discovered the mother cat was very sick and I had to raise the kittens in a separate room from her so they would not drink her milk. They were only about 5 weeks old when they were taken away from their mother and I gave them a stuffed rabbit to see if they'd like it and I discovered they LOVED it. We ended up adopting all of them, so we have Mama and her three kittens and all are happy and healthy. One kitten is named Chevy and one is Silverado so that we'll always remember the start of our loving relationship.

Ludlow, MA
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