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Two Abused Cats Find Love

On the left is Liam and on the right is CiCi. Both were saved from abusive homes by local rescues. I adopted CiCi in October 2002 at 10 months old. Not only had she been abused as a kitten, but had been passed around to foster care to foster care and had been deemed "unadoptable," subsequently scheduled to be euthanized, because of her anti-social traits. I stumbled across her and knew I had to take her home. After lots of patience and love on my part, CiCi is the most lovable and social cat. She loves lap time and sleeps by my head every night. She is also extremely smart and does all sorts of tricks, comes on command, knows how to open drawers and doors, and can go for a walk on a harness. I adopted Liam in October 2006 at 6 months old. He had been feral before being abused. When I adopted him he was only 4 pounds, obviously underweight, malnourished, dehydrated, had intestinal worms, and had a cold. Though CiCi was leery of him at first he has since won her over. Now they are thick as thieves. Since he had no "cat" skills, CiCi, despite sometimes wishing she were still an only, took him under her paw and they very much epitomize the big sister/little brother relationship. Liam is now a robust 17 pounds and loves chasing CiCi around the condo. He is the comedian of the family and loves to try and make me laugh with his antics and gymnastics. I couldn't imagine life without either of these two characters. They've helped me through some rough times and the three of us are very much a family.

Kristy Anderson
Arlington, VA

Surprise Addition!

Last August my neighbor came to me - they had found a small, injured old barn cat on their land. She was paralyzed and had been lying out in the sun for a few days and had recently given birth. They found the week-old kittens, whose eyes were just opening.

I didn't think Mama Kitty had a chance, she was in rough shape. But I took her to my vet, who surprised me saying, "Let's give her a shot of cortizone and some fluids, and give her a week. She might surprise you."

We put Mama and the kittens in my old milk house and took turns feeding them every few hours, as Mama's milk had dried up during her time away from her babies. To my amazement everyone thrived! Mama Kitty was such a sweetheart and so thankful - always purring and loving. And after several days she was trying hard to use the litter box. She was so wobbly and uncoordinated, but she was determined! After two weeks she could walk almost perfectly!

Well, the kittens have grown now, and gone to their new homes, but I fell in love with that adorable little cat. We had her spayed and kept her. She is now called Hazel and, petite as she is, she can hold her own with the other barn cats! She is well-fed, content and doesn't have to worry about litters of babies, anymore. She visits me regularly on the porch and lives in my porch garden during warm weather. What a miracle of love she turned out to be and I am so happy to have her!

Laurentia McIntosh
Colfax, WI

Five Little Kittens

We took in a stray cat, Wookie, that was extremely malnourished, infested with fleas and very, very pregnant. We got wookie back to good health, and helped her deliver five beautiful, healthy kittens! Sadly, Wookie passed away when the kittens were about 6 weeks old, but we were able to find good, loving homes for all of the kittens. We still get to see them in visits and in pictures thanks to our wonderful family and friends!

Cleveland, OH

Footprints on our hearts

Every so often we would take a trip out to the local humane society to "visit" the animals. We weren't really in the market for another pet, but we just liked to go out and see the animals and drop off a donation. As we were walking past all of the barking, excited dogs, we took notice of a pretty little girl just sitting as nice as could be. All black with a white chest and white paws, she immediately stole our hearts. The kids got Daddy to give in that day and 3 years later, Boots is still walking all over our hearts. She is the best dog we could ask for and brings so much joy to our home!

Elizabeth Parks
Pennsville, NJ

For the love of a dog

Trust is the second greyhound to live in my house. When Mac died, I was devastated and not ready for another dog. My mother although, respecting of my feelings, insisted that we get another as soon as possible. It was agreed that I was to make the final choice of which dog we were to get. We drove up to the Bridgeport CT track's kennel to find ourselves the new addition.

The people at the track asked us how we felt about adopting a dog that was quite young to be retired but could no longer race due to a broken leg. We agreed to meet her.

When Trust came out my eyes lit up, and I instantly sat on the ground to pet and hug her. When the track people took her muzzle off she instantly kissed me. That was all I needed to fall in love with her. The track people than asked us if we wanted to meet any other greyhounds and I said "No, this is my dog!" And since then she has been.

After we got her home, every day I would wake up early to cuddle with her, and when I got home from work I would instantly go to her, hug her, and get on the floor and cuddle with her again.

Debre Rothfeld
Massapequa, NY

My Weezie Girl

Well this is not a story of me rescuing her but she rescued me. A week after Thanksgiving my dachshund name Slinky passed away. I was completely devastated. I didn't eat for a month and I cried every day. She was my baby and meant the world to me. Even my children thought I loved her more than them. A day after Christmas I received this little puppy who made me smile again. She is a dachshund and the sweetest dog ever.

Tonya Hart
Ashland, KY

A story about my love for Smokey the cat

Smokey had a home with a loving owner. Due to unforseen circumstances she had to find him a new home. To a neighbor he went. She didn't keep him, she set him free to wander the streets and fend for himself. He scavenged for food & a warm place to sleep. He always stayed in the vicinity of his original home. Another neighbor took pity & fed him. She also moved. Thus I found myself for the last few months feeding and loving Smokey. He waited for me twice daily to bring him fresh food and water. And boy did he need this, he was skinny with matted fur. After a very short time he learned to trust me. I was able to pet this purring long haired, fat beautiful kitty with very few bites to my hands. He had trust issues, wouldn't you? One day I noticed he was unable to walk and took him to our local SPCA (thank god for them!), due to a blood infection from a bite from another animal he was euthanized. Luckily Smokey knew I loved him the last few months of his life!

I was raised in a home of abuse and a lack of love, for this reason I had made a connection with Smokey. I knew what it was like to just want to be accepted. I had promised Smokey that I would feed and love him for as long as he wanted me to. When he was euthanized it broke my heart, I cried for days but in the end I understood he didn't suffer alone and he had finally found his way home.

Carrie Phelps
Penacook, NH

One Lucky Boy

We call him Lucky. He's deaf, has no teeth and wandered onto our patio one very rainy morning. By the amount of matting and how dirty he was it was apparent he had been "on the road" for quite some time. I took him off the porch several times, and even walked him to the corner, but before I could get back to the house, he was already there on the patio waiting. I decided that this little guy was meant to be with me. We took him to the groomer and to the vet where we found out he was probably about 10 years old or more. We call him "Lucky". Lucky that he found his way onto our patio and into my heart. He's not the healthiest of pups ... but we do everything to keep him content. He's been a part of our family for 5 years now, and I thank God every day that this little guy wandered from who knows where onto our patio. He has certainly found a loving place to live out his days, however many he has. And will always live in our hearts.

Mary Mc.
Highland, CA

How Rex Saved Me

I know this site is about rescuing animals, but I wish you had a place to tell how our animals rescue us. My Rex has saved me so many times. When I went through a year long treatment for Hep C, this little guy made me smile and laugh everyday. The medication wiped me out, but he stayed by my side non-stop. It made me feel so depressed, so tired, so darn weak. But little Rex would stick his little cold nose in my face and make me feel like living. He is my little clown. Always everyday! He is the best medicine in my world!!

Sue Pierce-Beidler
Surprise, AZ

Rusty is Mommy's Treasure

I adopted Rusty from Yucaipa Animal Placement Society in Yucaipa, CA. YAPS is a no kill shelter and the staff is very kind. I got Rusty when he was 2 years old, and apparently he had been from shelter to shelter and never had a real home. Now, he's king of the roost. He is my "child" and he knows it. He is very loving and caring, very possessive of me and trained me rather quickly.

I have had Rusty for 4 years now and he has been the best companion I could ask for. He helped nurse me through 2 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement. When the doctor's asked me what my goals were, I told them that "my goal was to have Rusty tire out before me when we go to the park". We're not quite there yet, but we're making progress. Thank you YAPS and other shelters like them, for not giving up on Rusty and others like him. He has so much love to give and I'm blessed to be the one he gives it to.

I'm Proud to be Rustys Mommy!

Mary M
Yucaipa, CA
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