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Leroy Brown - Badder than Bad?

Leroy was a mean, lean 19.5 lb fighting feral that unxpectedly slipped into my heart in 2003 when I moved into a neighborhood overrun with feral cats. When he tested positive for FIV, I reluctantly brought him indoors to live - against the advice of my vet. Now seven years later, he is remarkably healthy, playful, answers the doorbell, and has grown into a gooey creampuff who shares my pillow at night and purrs me to sleep. His age is estimated at 15+ years -- and I know that love is what keeps his huge heart going, as he finally receives the love and care he's always deserved. However, I am truly the lucky one - he reminds me to appreciate each and every day!

Katie Doyle
Nashville, TN

Born to a Feral Mother

This gorgeous boy was born to a feral mother under my deck in September 2004. She would leave him alone all day so I fed him. When he finally let me pick him up after 3 months, we went to the vet for vaccinations and neutering. He has never spent another day outside. He is one of the best cats I've ever had - loving, healthy, extremely good with my other three cats. He fetches a soft rubber ball as good as any dog. I'm so glad his mother left him to me.

Carol G Schultz
Springdale, AR

My Big Adventure

Our journey began in California in the summer of 2010. Abandoned by our owner, my buddy and I traveled in the company of 100 small-breed dogs on The Road to Hope bound for Help for Homeless Pets in Billings, Montana. Nameless and frightened, we reached our destination shelter where we were met by very kind volunteers. Then we waited.

In only a short time three cute, enthusiastic children named Sophie, Maddie, and Sam Randak bounded into the shelter. Using their own money, the girls had bought two bags of toys and treats to donate. Sam came along to cheer us up. "Gramma, look at this dog 'doing the bear'," Sam shouted. (And here I thought I was only begging on my hind legs for MilkBone treats! ) Doing everything in my power to keep her attention on me, I focused on that "Gramma". My gaze and whimpers seemed to be doing the trick. So I couldn't believe it when that family left without me. To top it off, I was moved to a different area of the shelter. "Now they'll never find me if they come back," I moaned. Heartsick, I waited.

Three days later I heard music when those same happy voices cried out, "Grams, he is still here." Well, I adopted that Gramma and her family on the spot. And icing on the cake, a wonderful Grampa was included.

I am not boasting but the family I adopted is amazed at my wonderful disposition, good manners, and hiking prowess. And it so happens that my buddy, Laptop, adopted a terrific family, too, and lives only a few blocks away!

My journeys now are beautiful Montana hikes under Big Skies and along the Boulder River surrounded by my forever family. I wait no more.

Happy Trails! Teddy

Christine Randak
Billings, MT

Our Jennie

In 1986 I adopted a black & white cat from the local shelter & named her Mindy. I was one year out of high school, living at home & she was my sweet little girl. Shortly before I adopted Mindy I met my husband and we all moved in together in 1988. She saw me through a lot of ups and downs, and was with us until 2001. In 2003 my husband and I were at a farm show and decided to go for a drive. We ended up near another local shelter, so I stopped in as I was missing my Mindy very much. I never got past the front desk for there in a cage, curled in a ball in the sunshine was Jennie. I said hi & she immediately started purring. She was small & one leg was curled up in the shape of a 'c'. I asked the attendance what her back ground was. They told me she had been abandoned in a trailer for two weeks. They didn't know what was wrong with her leg but if I was going to adopt her, it would be my decision to keep her bad leg or have it removed as she might drag it and it would get sores on it. I not only decided I wanted to adopt her, I let her keep her leg. It was just a deformity she was born with & she doesn't drag it at all! You wouldn't know there's anything wrong with her to watch her play, run through the house and torture her two kitty brothers. My husband even found her asleep on top of our upright freezer one day! Even though she's now 7, she still meows like a kitten.

Lori Radcliff-Woods
King Ferry, NY

Floyd & Matilda

We live in the country, so feed all the stray cats that wander in from the woods and sometimes a neighbor's cat. The strays, once caught, are taken to the vet and spayed or neutered. We also take in cats who can't live with their in-town families any longer for one reason or another. So our current cats are Blackie and George (in-town), and these two Floyd and Matilda - former strays. A neighbor's cat who we call Louie also stops by from time to time to eat, but we've not been able to pet him yet. The cats don't seem to mind when the raccoons and opossums show up and eat their (cats') food. They just give them a wide berth. We have some fat raccoons!

Daniel & Delores
Bates City, MO

Tuffy and Stripes

After my cat was killed by a car I couldn't stand the emptiness I felt. I didn't want to replace him but I did want another cat. We looked around and found a pet store that was helping someone find homes for a litter of kittens that were found abandoned. There were 3 left, 2 females and one male. We took home the sisters. When I picked up the dark one, Stripes, she started crying, and she would not stop. She still cries when someone picks her up. Tuffy doesn't mind being picked up, she was chosen by my mother. She is quite peculiar, whenever a door is opened she finds a way to jump onto the top and lay up there. It took a house fire for Stripes to warm up to me. Now, every time I go to bed she follows me, needles the mattress till I pet her and she purrs so loud. They are about 5 years old now.

La Porte, IN

Otis E. Dog

I was a volunteer w an animal rescue in WV. One Friday we were at the news station where we brought our animals to show them off & hopefully find them homes, when one of the reporters told about some puppies running around & getting close to the street... Another volunteer & I went searching for these puppies til it got dark. Nothing... except an old bowl of dog food & the box they were dropped off in The next Monday I was in charge of returning the calls from the weekend & we got a message from a woman about 2 puppies she had found... by her description I put 2+2 together & figured out that it was the same puppies we were looking for! I made arrangements to meet them & take pictures of the 8 week old puppies for Petfinder. I immediately fell in love with the brown & black shaggy looking one that she named Otis. I SO didnt need another puppy & i was worried it would take up room for fostering other puppies... A few days later, we had a family that wanted to meet Otis, so I met them at the womans house. As the family was playing with both puppies, i decided that if they didnt adopt Otis, i would! They ended of deciding that Emily, the black with white socks, twin of Otis, was a better fit for their family. OTIS WAS MINE <3 He was the best little puppy i have ever met! He never once ate a slipper or chewed the couch! With the way everything worked out, I have always felt like we were destined to be family! He is now 5 years old & is the best friend i could ask for!

Sunrise, FL

Saved by the bell

Well our story is similar to others. Loose your furry friends, and can not cope without them. Well we had (3) friends that we lost due to old age in the course of (2) years. I am always trying to "Save the world" if you will. We have a large dog house outside but have "no dog". We placed this there for the many strayed or injured animals that need shelter throughout the year. Our doghouse provides them a safe haven. I leave water & food daily, and sometime I find myself inviting the Raccoons, Skunks & Oppossom for a bite,too. Oh well, they are all "God's creatures".

Our (2) newest members of our family are Sam & Akila. They were rescued from a HIGH KILL shelter in Down State Illinois. I was looking for something different. Abbyssinian type. We saw our Akila aka Cleopatra on line and instantly fell in love. We knew that we could not get just "one" kitty so we thought maybe a kitten. Although Akila already had a life mate. Sam aka Baxter. From the pictures it was hard to tell if he was the one. We met them and instantly knew that we were not going anywhere without them. They were bookends for sure. Each day they bring joy and laughter to our once lonely home. They truely are our FOREVER FRIENDS!!!!!

Deb C.


Deborah Castellano
Hoffman Estates, IL

Twice As Nice

When our Sassy died, we knew right away we wanted to rescue another dog. We had experience with shy, fearful, unsocialized dogs because Sassy came from a hoarding situation, so we were looking for a special dog.

We found Jasmine, a mini-American Eskimo, at the Tri County Humane Society. She was rescued from a puppy mill. She was the breeding mama and had spent the first four years of her life in a cage in a dark barn. From the puppy mill, she was brought to one humane society, then another. She then went from the humane society to a foster home, back to the humane society, into another foster home and back to the humane society before we found her.

As soon as we got her home, we realized how terrified she was of humans and found that she really loved dogs. She wanted to play, but our 13 year old dog wasn't interested in being her playmate.

Within a week, we were back at the Humane Society, looking for a playmate for Jasmine. We found a 3 yr old Chow Chow/Husky mixJ recently surrendered by a family that said he had too much energy. He had been tied to a tree and not given any exercise. He loves to run, so we named him Racer.

Jasmine and Racer were playing moments after meeting in our large, fenced in yard. They love to chase each other, roll and wrestle. Racer has also helped Jasmine learn to go in and out of the house without having to be carried. She still is very wary of humans, but loves to lay in the sunshine! She may never jump in our laps for love, but she will have the rest of her life to play and soak up the sun!

Nancy Poppens
North Branch, MN


After almost 19 years without a dog in my life I decided it was time. I also wanted to adopt a senior dog knowing there chances of finding a forever home are not great. I saw Hope, a 10 year old Poodle mix on Pet Finders. Luckily she was rescued by a wonderful mother and son who found her wandering in a rainstorm and took care of her until the shelter had space available. After a 2 1/2 hour drive to see her it was instant love! She has turned out to be the best dog I could have hoped for and my cats really seem to like her. If you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat...please keep the senior ones in mind. They still have a lot of love and companionship to give!

Plainfield, IL
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