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Our California Calico Girl

When my husband and I decided to adopt our second kitten, I had my heart set on a female calico. We already had a young male cat, so we didn't want a kitten any older than 6 months. When we went to the shelter, they told us it wasn't "kitten season" yet and recommended we come back in a few months. Just as we were about to walk out the door, one said, "Oh, we do have one...but she was a stray and not looking too good. She's a calico, and we think she's about 6 months old." "She's ours," I answered--obviously it was meant to be! I've never seen such a scrawny, skinny kitten in my life, and she was so scared she was growling even as she purred in my arms. 9 years later, Miri is our sleek, plump, calico girl who's happiest in a lap and loves her toy mice.

Jen Johnson
Woodbridge, VA

Kitty terrors

I lost my beautiful Himalayan mix adopted cat to cancer and everything was so silent after having a pet for over 15 years in the house. I just couldn't deal with it! The next day off to county I went.

Iimmediately was drawn to a 4 month old diluted calico. Boy did she have a motor! I was supposed to wait for my boyfriend to get back into town from vacation but I adopted her anyway :) Phoebe is so sweet, loves belly rubs and sleeping in the sink. She's also a trouble maker and too smart for her own good! She has been stuck for hours behind the armoire on more than 1 occasion!

I wanted 2, so off to the other county shelter I went.

I thought this little orange tabby singleton loudmouth was just the cutest thing! She wasn't up for adoption yet so I called the next day to find out when her stray period was up. She was on the euthanasia list! She was too little to be spayed yet so I begged them to let me foster her. It worked but soon I realized what a terror this gal was. I almost decided just to foster her hehe! She would launch off the couch to attack me while I was doing "hip-hop abs". I fell in love with her anyway, although now she's allergic to chicken and corn and still a terror!

Phoebe and Cheeto (who loves cheese but is lactose intolerant!) make us smile every day. We still joke about trading Cheeto in, but she's here to stay! Cheeto of course is the one inside the beer box...just waiting for Phoebe to get close enough.......for a nice swipe on the head!

Ashsuire Forrest
Phoenix, AZ

Bella "da Ball"

I volunteer at the Az Animal Welfare league and had managed not to take home every animal in the place. October is adopt a shelter dog month and I felt it was finally time to get a new dog. I had lost my Chewy to cancer 18 months earlier. I was supposed to wait for my boyfriend to help me pick out a dog but I just fell in love with this little pair of grey puppies! I thought I wanted the little boy runt but when I took the pair out the little girl hopped into my lap and gave me kisses...I was in love! It wasn't quite October yet (September 29th) but I HAD to have her! She wasn't up for adoption yet but the helpful adoption staff made sure everyone knew I was going to adopt her on Tuesday after her spay surgery. They named the pair Bella and Edward (from Twilight) and she's still my little Bella! I can't imagine life without her now!

Ashsuire Forrest
Phoenix, AZ

They made us a family again

After my almost 21 year old girl passed away, our home was awfully quiet. Sammy was half Siamese and half tiger-tabby and extremely vocal. After 5 weeks, my husband said, "I don't want to rush you, but whenever you're ready for new additions, I am too." I looked at the local shelter's website and went there the next weekend. I knew what I wanted -- the two gray tiger-striped tabbies I had seen. But when I got there, something drew me to the cage with 8 kittens in it - with not a gray tiger tabby among the lot. I visited with one of the employees who worked there, and she told me the story of the 8 in the cage and how they had been born at her house - the product of an abandoned barn cat. I was hooked.

I picked Barney first (the orange tabby) mostly because of his motor and how he nuzzled my chin as I held him close. I asked for his best buddy and was handed a gray one who looked like he was "having a bad hair day." It took a while for his motor to start, but once it did -- it was nonstop! Fred, I was told, was the runt of the litter and was hand-fed by the woman's daughter. As I got ready to walk out of the shelter, the woman was excitedly on the phone to her daughter to let her know their "baby" had been adopted. That was four years ago and every day I count my blessings for the two new additions who made our family whole again.

Karel Mathisen
Casper, WY

Puppy Powers

Life was pretty great with our 5 and 6 year old boys. In addition, we have the BEST 9 year old black lab anyone could ask for. I was not certain why I had this burning desire to "rescue" another dog. We took the children to local shelters. We donate to specific causes. We stop and smooch every dog we meet. Somehow we needed more. My wonderful husband consented for the search on Petfinder.com for an additional four legged family member. The search was rough. It was emotional at times. Finally, Anne at LUCKY DOG ANIMAL RESCUE found us Hailey. She was a 5 month lab mix. Beautiful and sweet, she fit in perfect with our team. Hailey is a bright spirit who loves to tease her older dog brother. I think he is fond of her as well. Hailey goes to work with me occassionally. We are teaching her to make other people's lives as happy as ours. Thank you volunteers of LUCKY DOG ANIMAL RESCUE. Without you, our family would not be complete.

Forest Hill, MD

Meet Pupcake and Custard

My daughter and I went to our local shelter looking for a dog to love and share our home with. We never imagined that two sweet boys would steal our hearts so fast, that's how these two became part of our family. Pupcake, the tri-color beagle, is full of energy and is not ashamed to beg for a good belly rub. Custard, the lighter and younger of the two, is the boss of the yard, and loves to chase squirrels, birds and even bees. They have brought so much love and joy to our lives.

Redondo Beach, CA

the bucky boy

the bucky boy the shelter loudest pup

rescued me when i had almost

given up

throughout my dark moments

of sadness and despair

wild, feral bucky boy

was always there.

and although it took

him a year to decide

that doing his business

was meant outside

i would gladly trade

a carpet or two

to have his cute

doggie face

once again in my view

RIP 22 years in heaven

karen lyons kalmenson
allenwood, NY

The Puppy Under the House

Three years ago, on a very hot Texas August Saturday, I took our Terrier mix Beazel and our Beagle Husky mix, Jack outside. Knowing NOT to leave her yard, Beazel bolted accross the street and began barking under the house. I got her back inside and decide to check if she had found another apposum living in the crawl space, when I saw two little eyes staring back at me. Then a little red/brown & black face popped out. It was a 8-10lb puppy about 8 weeks old - abandonned and living off dirt clods and bugs. I brought him a bowl of water, thinking he belonged to the person living in the house, and when I cam back to check on him, he had crawled into the bowl and gone to sleep. I called my husband and warned him that we would be taking in a foster pup until the owner claimed him. Three years later, that little pup, Dargo, is over 100lbs of joy - turns out his puppy stature didn't reveal his St Bernard / Ridgeback parentage. The photo is from when he was a very comfy one year old. We lost our Jack but Beazel and Dargo and our cat make our family of five perfect!

Lorie Groom
Van Alstyne, TX

Chocolate & Licorice, Rescued Kittens

Driving to church on Sunday I found two tiny kittens who had been dumped in the road. Two cabbies helped me scoop them up and put them in my car. I took them home, fed and watered the starving little ones, and made a vet appointment for them. They've been nicknamed our "Choir Cats", and are sweet, loving kittens despite their awful first experience with humans. They were only 4 weeks old when I picked them up, and I'll love and cuddle them until they are 12 weeks old, and then adopt them out to very good homes, as I already have 3 cats. Then again, 5 is a nice number...

marie m
waterville, ME

Amos and Andy

While walking my Boxer, Moose in February, 2006, he spotted these two kitties up in a tree. They were about 8 weeks old. Someone had taped them up in a box and threw it along the roadway. Two days before I and another good Samaritan rescued them, another passer by had untaped the box and they ran up the tree, It was hilarious rescue, the ladder I had gone home to get and brought back wasn't long enough, but we prevailed and got them down, I brought them home and named them Amos and Andy. They are so funny to watch interacting with each other. Having two cats is so much fun then just one. Moose is now deceased but the three of them bonded from day one and when Moose died they missed their buddy. I would often see the kitties laying on top of Moose and if he couldn't lay down on his bed without disturbing the kitties,he would go else where. Now they have another Boxer, Benny to contend with, they were fonder of Moose then Benny.

Centerville, PA
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