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My daughter rescued Juno from the local animal shelter. She discovered she had heartworms and only weighed 20 something pounds. She would just lay around but was always so sweet. After many expensive shots, Juno is now 42 pounds and heartworm free. She has so much energy and loves to play in the snow. I don't know what we did before we had her. We have just fell in love with her.

Kathy Smith-Waderker
Chapmansboro, TN

I Couldn't Leave Her

I was at a shelter with a rescue group picking out dogs to foster when we were asked to take a look at a puppy that was "wasting away" in the medical ward. As she was brought out everyone ahhed and at the adorable puppy. And then she was put on the floor. Like a jumping bean she began running around the room chasing other dogs 50 lbs heavier than she...but then we realized she was dragging her back end. She didn't know she was disabled. She was so full of spirit. There was no way I could leave without her. On the way home she was named Hope.

That was five years ago and Hope and I have had such a wonderful journey. We have met the most wonderful people along the way and my life would never have been the same without her.

Tricia Hansen
Gurnee, IL

Fifteen Years of Love

A friend came to my door with a tiny puppy she had just found in the mall parking lot! Her apartment didn't allow dogs, and she knew I was a dog lover so she hoped I'd take it in. But I had a dog and wasn't sure I wanted another. Still, I took the puppy, cleaned her up—she was covered with fleas—and fed her. The next day I took her to the vet. He estimated she was only around 6 weeks old and would probably be a large dog when grown. I had a beagle and didn't think I wanted a large dog. I called a couple of no-kill shelters, but they were full, and asked me to wait a few days before bringing her in. In those few days we bonded and I knew I could never give her up. That was fifteen years ago, and Belana has been my beloved companion, loyal friend, and protector ever since. She is sweet-natured and gets along well with her doggie "sister," a rescued beagle mix. And at the ripe old age of fifteen she's still alert and happy though much less active. She's content just to stay close to me to love and be loved. And I'm content with that as well.

Elenora Sabin
St. Petersburg, FL


One winter Sunday, I came home from a football weekend in the mountains and found a skinny black dog curled up next to our garage. I called to her and she ran into the woods, but she was back at the garage a little while later when I came back outside. This time she came to me, with a sad but so-hopeful expression in her beautiful brown eyes, and I was taken in. I called my husband, who was on his way home behind me, and asked him to stop and buy some dog food.

Since we had four cats at the time, three of them ferals, our plan was to try to find Bess a good home. But she was a wild child, and apparently had never been socialized around people, and though we gave her a try in two potential homes, she ended up coming back to us. Finally we realized that was where she belonged, so we sent her to obedience training in hopes that felines and K9 would be able to live in harmony. And that is exactly what happened.

Bess proved to be very smart and well behaved. If anything she is too good, we are always happy when she shows her fun-loving mischevious side. She is still shy with strangers, but loves us to death, and she and the cats are fine together (except when our Main Coon tries to bully her or when Bess decides to play "dog" with one of them). We now have a happy, healthy family, with lots of love and lots of laughs.

Patty Carpenter
York, SC


I got my cat Bella for my 7th birthday. She is a calico cat. I got her from a shelter. I have a humongous cat tower in my bedroom so she can look out the window. She likes to play there with our other cat. Her favorite toy is a laser light for cats. She sleeps on my bed at night. I LOVE BELLA!

Elyse, age 7
Tullahoma, TN

He saved our lives

I have a bassethound that is so in tune to our emotions that when I am really upset he seizes.

My boyfriend has seizures and Brunswick can tell when one is coming on. He was down in the flood plane with the dog and had a seizure. When he came to Brunswick was tryingt to drag him from the flood plane by his arm.

My house burnt down a little over a year ago. As you can see by the picture Brunswick doesn't move for much. He was the one that alerted us to the fire. The fire spread so fast had he not we may not have all gotten out safely.

Hats off to our biggie boy.

Karen Sandy
Harleysville, PA

Redheads rule

We tried everything to find the owner and finally decided he was abandoned in our development on purpose. It took 8 of us to round him up into an empty patio, where we gave him a few minutes to relax. Then I came in with food, treats, water, and a toy, not knowing what he would want. He wanted to cuddle up in my lap and has been snuggled there at every given opportunity since that day. Otherwise, he plays with his big Pointer sister and I'm sure they both know how lucky we all are that they are rescue dogs in their forever home.

Please click every day!

Ragsie's Mom
San Diego, CA

Little Sister

We found this little girl in the middle of the road one night. She was only as big as a hand, starving and so sick she couldn't even open her eyes. I picked her up and took her home to take care of until she was well, then planned on giving her away to a good home. You see we already had 3 large male cats and that was enough. Well needless to say she won our hearts and my husband gave her a name, so I knew we were keeping her. She has since bonded with 2 of the 3 boys and we call her Sister. But we also call her the fruit bat as you can see from the picture this is how she looks and she has no tail, just a stub. She still has problems with her immune system, but is getting stronger daily. She is able to take down her brothers from behind. Of cource they are letting her.

Lisa Geiger
Cocoa, FL

Rags Finds a Home

My husband and I were driving down a rural road in Mississippi, and we came over a hill and saw a small, shaggy dog in the road. He started running after our van so we stopped and picked him up. He immediately curled up in my lap and fell asleep. He was about three months old.

Since we already had two dogs, we asked our neighbors, whose dog had recently died, if they wanted him. They took him, chained him in the back yard, and left him there. He cried and cried which made me cry, too. We asked the neighbors if we could have him back, and Rags joined our little pack. That was 13 years ago, and he is as happy and contented now as he was when he curled up in my lap so many years ago.

Chris Carroll
New Orleans, LA


I volunteer at our local Humane Society Thrift Shop and do not go into the adoption building because I would want to take all the animals home. One day Poppi was sitting in the outdoor pen looking sad, out of shape and depressed. I knew nobody wanted to adopt a nine year old, deaf, toothless dog, I told Poppi that he could come home with me. Three years later he is a very happy dog who is a UF Gator fan and loves to walk! In fact, he usually prances and looks as if he is circling the ring at Westminster!!!

Helene Rhine
Gainesville, FL
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