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Ziva our new grandkitty

My son's friend is a vet tech. Someone had dumped off a litter of kittens on the street near her house. They didn't even have their eyes open yet, they were only one week old!

She nursed the ones who survived back to health and got a home for another one. Our son got Ziva, the last one. She is now in her forever home with my son and his older cat Sly. Sly is not amused yet but in time they will be best buddies because Ziva has such a sweet disposition. Please don't dump animals. They're not things ... they're living creatures who deserve love.

sherry mcginnis
Palm Bay, FL

Mamacita & Grayfus

Mamacita is our mama cat and Grayfus is her kitten. Mamacita came to us as a stray feral who had kittens under our home. She first had four kittens, two of which we found homes. Later, she had six more. We found homes for two of them and kept one male. Mamacita has been spayed and Grayfus has been neutered. It took months to tame them enough to be able to catch them. They now live inside with us.

Ann Freeman
Clinton, MS

And then there was Bondo

I have been rescued by every dog that has entered my home, and Bondo is no different. He may not be the cutest, smartest, or most well behaved but he provides more comic relief than I ever thought possible.

Laine Tarter
Fairfield, OH


Buster is a Kelpie Border collie cross there is nothing special in the way he came to us nine years ago as a squeaky 6 week old pup from a farm to be a companion for John Doe another Collie cross who had been abandoned at a shopping centre. John Doe found his forever home with us until he was called to higher service at age 13. Buster has acepted many creatures but needed his own kind after John Doe's passing. We adopted Missey another Border Collie who although she has cerebellar hypoplasia plays and romps happily with her big brother. He is very tollerant of her falling over her own feet and her goofey run and appreciates her brilliant sense of humor. She makes everyone smile although some think she should be put down until they see she is not in pain and has a quality life. Missey's disorder makes her head wobble and her legs go out of sync although her intellect seems to be un-affected so she is very well behaved and enjoys a wide range of activities. Walking, geocaching, scouts, swimming are just some of her favourite things but best of all wrestling with her big brother buster now 9 years old to keep him fit (no need for Missey to have physio). Many thanks to the Canberra Pooch Rescue - Australia.

Canberra, Australia

Late Night Visitor

As I was closing the front door one night last week, I heard the unmistakable mewing of a kitten coming from the porch. When I turned on the light the gray and white fuzzball bolted towards the front lawn. I called for my husband to bring a flashlight so we could help the abandoned feline. My husband's appearance only further frightened the kitten who began to run into the road. We chased the kitten across the street into our neighbors literal forest of pine trees. For the next half an hour we crawled around the trees trying to catch the kitten in the pitch black night with only a small flashlight to guide us. Eventually the kitten tired and we were able to retrieve him.

Milo, as we now call the kitten, has happily joined our family despite the dogs and one grouchy adult male cat. My husband enjoyed Milo's company so much that four days later we brought home another male kitten,Otis, from a farmhouse down the road. Otis has made a great companion for Milo and they are already playing like brothers.

Jessica Otto
Erie, MI

Check out this smile

Heidi was a puppy taken out of a trash can 7 years ago. I think she knows that she is not trash can material. Look at that smile! She has 12 siblings, several out weigh her by 100 pounds, but she is the queen.

Bath, OH

PetFinders Success!

We had just lost our beloved cat, Derby, to an undertermined illness. My husband was looking on PetFinders and found a cat that looked almost identical to our Derby! Mr. G. Gordon Kitty had been surrendered to a local no-kill shelter, The Salem Friends of Felines, and we went immediately to adopt him. 3+ years later of meows, lap naps, and love we couldn't be happier to have Gordon as one of our family. Please consider adopting an older kitty - they make, and need, good friends, too.

Milwaukie, OR

Two for One

I was looking for a male kitten to be a companion to my two female cats who just didn't get along very well. My local Wiskers Tales & Ferrals lady had one in particular kitten picked out for me named Bean. When I went to adopt him, there was another kitten there that was very skittish. She offered him to me as a two for one with Bean. Buddy is one of the sweetest kitties, who is slowly becoming the alpha male of the pack. It was the best deal I have ever gotten!

Napa, CA

New Lease on Life for Seniors

As a rescue transport volunteer, I receive lots of email blasts about dogs in need. However, last October one message caught my attention and touched me as no others had done before.

A dedicated shelter volunteer in New Jersey was desperately trying to place a pair of elderly orphans - dogs who had been together all their lives, but whose owners had passed away. Prince and Trinka, in their old age and arthritic condition, were in separate cages, lying on damp cement floors...and were literally pining away.

With four rescues already a part of our family, I tried finding them a home here in Virginia, but no one seemed willing to take in seniors - especially two. When I eventually learned that Prince and Trinka were to be euthanized, I did the only thing my conscience would permit: I rose at dawn, drove five hours up to the shelter in NJ, and brought Trinka and Prince home with me to join our furry clan.

With the right food and supplements, and regular vet visits, Trinka and Prince have blossomed. Their coats are thick and shiny, they've gained much-needed weight, and best of all: they are back together again and inseparable. Prince grooms Trinka before bedtime (it's so touching!) and she paws his side. They nap in the sunshine and take their walks together. Especially amusing is to watch these oldsters play together like a pair of puppies, and to discover all the tricks and commands they were taught by their past owners - who obviously loved them very much.

We have no misgivings over our decision to Just Do It - and to give these seniors a new lease on life. They, in turn, have added a new dimension to ours - and I cannot imagine our home without them!

Leesburg, VA

How we named Bruno

We brought home the cutest little guy from our local no kill shelter two weeks ago and really struggled with two things: 1. How to get our current dogs to love him as much as we did and 2. A name. He's a tough little guy with razor sharp puppy teeth that terrified our other two dogs.

A friend of mine who is an animal communicator helped us with both! She "dialed" into my 4 year old aussie; She calmed his fears of being replaced and explained why we brought another puppy home. My Aussie "told" her, "well now I feel better, can you tell them that I've always liked the name Bruno? It was my father's name" We couldn't believe how well Bruno suited the new pup! The dogs slowly started playing and within a few hours were best friends.

We started a betting pool with our friends on how big Bruno will get- since he's a 'shelter special' and no one knows! The winner will be drawn when the vet says he's full grown and half the pot goes to the shelter where we got him from! Go Bruno!!

Atlanta, GA
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