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Bridget's Tale

About nine months after we lost our beloved and perfect dog Casey, we came across a local group(Project HALO) who held an adoption event in nearby village-style shopping center. It was cold and rainy and the dogs were shivering. We saw Bridget, a beautiful, one year old German Shepherd / Greyhound mix who was so excited to see us and so sweet. She was leaning on us and enjoyed the soft stroking of her head. We immediately bonded.

Once we picked her up at her foster home a few days later we thought we just adopted "devil dog". She was bouncing off the wall and jerked her foster mom around. Once at home she started chasing our kitties who were not happy to have a new mutt in the house. Now, about 1.5 years later, she is still highly energetic and crazy, but the sweetness came through and we enjoy every single minute with her. We have never seen a dog that makes us laugh with everything she does. She listens really well and walks great on the leash. She still chases the kitties on occasion but much more gentle and playful. As it turns out - Bridget is just as perfect as Casey was, just in so many different ways.

Tanya & Olaf Walter
Charlotte, NC


I found Sam on Hwy 27 Summerville, GA dodging cars & trying to find food near 2 fast food places. I stopped & gave him beef jerky to get him near me. Chattooga Co. Animal control trapped him & I adopted him on 07/06/09. We believe Sam is an American Bulldog & he is built like an Olympic athlete. Sam has trust issues with human (wish he could talk & tell his story because we think he experienced abuse) and I pray everyday that Sam will open his heart & trust my husband and me. We got Sam to the vet for shots & a good bath! It has not been easy because we used food to lure him into our home the first 2 weeks & he slept in our bedroom a few nights & was a perfect indoor dog. After the first 2 weeks, we have been unable to get Sam back into our house (nature calls & we could not Sam to get walk on a leash because he is fearful of it). Sam is very smart & strong willed. Sam loves his neighborhood and us in his special way. Our neighborhood is very dog friendly and we are so thankful for our neighbors who love animals & know that we are trying to provide a good, safe home for Sam. However, we want to be responsible parents to Sam and teach him trust and obedience. We have tried many methods to get Sam back into our home without success. I feel compelled to tell that Sam is a partial success story and my husband & I asked for your prayers in helping Sam to trust us. We pray everyday for the rescue of an animal that is suffering and hopes that he/she gets a good home.

Vickie & John
Rome, GA

Ava's Story

Ava was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. She is a Shar-pei/Yellow Lab mix. I found her on Petfinder and I knew she was meant for me! She is the sweetest, most wonderful dog in the world, not to mention gorgeous. I have had her for four years now. She is my best friend and constant companion and I couldn't possibly love her any more!

Grady Geer
Philadelphia, PA

Who could not love that face?

I found my little girl at animal welfare and it was love at first site, she was in a terrible state, completely matted, I had to get her shaved, her nails were over-grown, she smelt terrible and she had just had her second litter and was only one year old, apparently someone just kept her to sell off her pups. Now Lily is the queen of the house, I'm a single owner so she has me all to herself and sleeps with her head on the pillow and even goes to doggy day care (my parents) while I'm at work. Lily reminds me everyday that good can came out of horrible situations & that no bad situation lastes forever.

Auckland, New Zealand

Saving Grace

Me and My husband were looking for a dog. we had just lost our dog about a month prior. we were at a pet store looking at puppies and we walked out of the pet store when i got a phone call from my sister asking us if we wanted a puppy. my sisters son had called her and told her about this puppy and my sister new that we was looking for a puppy. so we got directions and went over to look at this puppy. when we got there this puppy was 5months old and she was tied up to a tree. Well me and my husband decided that at first we wouldnt be able to take her because she was really high strung and we lived in a apartment and we thought she would be to much for our apartment so we decided not to take her. It was a sunday and we went and bought her a 20lb bag of dog food for my nephews friend so him and his mom would make sure she got feed because the people that had her didnt want her they abuse and neglected her and left her out in the rain one night with no type of shelter.my brother in law ended up building her a dog house so she at least would have some type of shelter. Well a couple of days went by and knowing she was tied up to that tree really took a toll on me and i couldnt stand it anymore. i told my husband that i think it was a sign from our other dog that we just lost that we were suppose to rescue this poor girl, so tuesday morning we went and picked her up and brought her home.

Doylestown, OH

Left in a parking lot

Brookey was 3.5 weeks old & left in a parking lot w/ her siblings. I took one look at her & knew she was ours. I called my husband; told him her story and I said, "after work you need to come & see her". He told me, "if she's that cute....no need. Bring her home!". She loves her canine sisters and rules the roost. Odd, considering her "sisters" are over 100lbs a piece? Not to ANYONE who's a cat parent!! :-)

btw....alll of her siblings were adopted!!! :-)

Nashua, NH


We found this newborn kitten on our deck in the dark and rain, crying for its mother. It looks only days old, and the loud cries sounded like distressed birds chirpping. We immediately tried to comfort and warm him up by making a little bean bag of rice in a sock and warming it in the microwave. Next we went to the local pet store & bought kitty formula and bottles. We took turns feeding (he doesn't like to eat yet), cleaning, and rewarming his bed, then God sent him angels to nurse him back to health. A friend of a friend, and her daughter, needed something in their life too right now and very willingly took over the care of nursing this kitty to life. Thank God there are people in this world that actually care about living souls.

St Augustine, FL

Pamela the Pekingese

I saw Pamela online and knew I had to have her! I drove 2 hours away and when I got to the rescue I found an emaciated little pup who could barely walk and ended up being pregnant! I knew I had to help and took her home. Unfortunately all of her pups died and the vet was unsure she would make it. 1 year later she is a chubby happy girl who loves her bed and treats! She has an indomitable spirit and has taught me to never give up hope!

Los Angeles, CA

Doofy dog!

We met Doofy the morning after he first serenaded us through the bedroom window at 2 am. He was sitting in our front yard that morning wagging, and just...never left. Our vet knew Doofy, and told us that he had been one of several dogs chained in the back of a truck that had been dragged down the highway. Several dogs died that day, but Doofy survived injuries down to the bone on his back legs. He walks a little funny now, but is the most gentle and cheerful of our three dogs. And he still sings!

Espanola, NM

A bandit living a garage!

Bandit was living in deplorable conditions in the garage of a "cat collector".

I had gone out based upon a plea from a family member who posted on Craig's List that they had 5 pregnant females and numerous kittens already. I rescued an adult male and two pregnant females myself, and helped a new rescue person who had contacted them get connected with another rescue group in another city. Later that summer one of the rescued females would not housetrain and I was forced to bring her back according to the policy of our rescue group. While there, they begged me to take additional kittens. That's when Bandit wandered in. I knew instantly who was coming home with me. I had 3 personal cats at the time, but Bandit stole my heart. He has an eye infection, a serious respiratiory infection, numerous fleas, and multiple types of intestinal parasites.. but he was a lover.

That night my husband told me Bandit went BACK or to another home - until he cuddled up on my husband's shoulder while he was watching TV...

Bandit stayed after all. It was a good thing, too. In November my beloved cat of 10 years died of colon cancer, and in February we lost a cat we adopted from a shelter 4 years earlier to another cancer. We now have 2 "personal" cats - and 5 rescue kittens to keep me busy.

Arlynn Grimm
Livermore, CA
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