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I was determined not to get another cat after my last one died, but when I saw Peaches at Last Hope, I knew he was special. He (yes, a male!) had a beautiful face and needed a loving home. He was scared, had been abused, but I knew that he was perfect for me. It took awhile for him to trust me, but he is now the perfect kitty. It's so nice to come home to him every day!

apple valley, MN

Two big rescued dogs

Duncan, a husky/golden retriever mix, was adopted as an adult from the New Smyrna Beach, FL humane society six years ago by my brother-in-law. He's been a wonderful companion. Jethro, breed unknown, was seen being unloaded from a pickup truck about three miles from our house according to a neighbor. After a week, he made it to our front yard. The last thing we needed was a 72 pound dog, but he convinced us he should stay. We don't know his story, but someone took the time to house break him and teach him to sit. He even sits pretty for a treat. He's a gentle giant and a really great dog!

Michele Walker
Waycross, GA

She adopted us!

When she showed up on our porch shaved by pranksters, hungry, and pregnant, we nicknamed her Buzz and it stuck. A local rescue group agreed to help us if we would foster Buzz and her kittens until we could find them all homes. We ended up falling in love with Buzz and her wacky personality. On chilly days she rearranges the pillows on our bed so she can stay warm, and she's always the first to say "bless you!" when someone sneezes. We're so glad she chose us!

Puyallup, WA

In Memory of Mercy

Mercy was just a small kitten that was adopted in Missoula, Montana. Unfortunately, not all homes are "forever homes" with happy endings. In her new home, Mercy was tortured. Her head shaved, her little body thrown against a wall or possibly stomped on and by the time police arrived, her new owner was trying to flush her down the toilet. Her spine was too severely damaged to repair. Her abuser took his own life when police went to arrest him. Mercy's forever home is now with God. My wish is for you to stop and think about Mercy and say a prayer for her and all the other abused animals. May God bless all the animals!

MaryLou Bohenek
Missoula, MT

What a pup!

When our beloved Dutchess had died in July of 1998 we had decided no more animals. My husband was in a funk that we could seem to rid him of. His buddy was gone, his habits of petting her while he opened the mail and a quick nap together in the chair were gone. My daughter and I decided enough was enough. We went to several shelters looking for just the right dog. When we saw Jake, he stole our hearts. I think he saved us rather than us saving him!

Laura Brinker
St. Charles, MO

Brotherly Love

Calvin and Henry came to us through Forgotten Felines after they and their litter mates had been abandoned as newborns in Irvington, NY. We intended to adopt just one kitten, but when we saw how much these two loved each other, we just had to get them both. They are now 3 years old and love each other more than ever. They bring constant joy to our lives!

Andrea Saposnik
Briarcliff Manor, NY

The Squeeze Toy.

One cold winter night of Nov 2007, a little kitty was found on the road, barely being missed by passing vehicles. Our 10 yr old tom, Frenchie, had passed away, even after being treated with injections and drips and we were mourning the loss, not wanting to bring in any other cat for the present. But when this teeny furry bundle, just about two weeks old, came in there was a flurry of activity to feed her, milk bottle, dropper, spoon, whatever would work! Her sqeaking got her the name of Happy; it reminded us of Snowwhite's dwarf's squeaky shoes!

Happy is her name and happy is what she makes us! To us she is the most kissed cat in this world! She talks to us like she's almost human and also to the birds, in a chirpy voice. She's like a bunny rabbit, squirrel, birdie all rolled in one. She gives us pussy kisses and calls loudly for a game of hide-and-seek, bounding around and hiding behind the flower pots! She's our lilltle Narnian puss, little Happy.

Esther Lance
Kurseong, Darjeeling., India

Opie - the cure for a broken heart

After losing our beloved 16 year-old Tigger, we set out to find a kitten that looked like him. Into our hearts came one-pound Opie, whom a Dallas cat rescue group had found being used like a football in a toss game among teenagers.

My husband said he knew it was love at first sight when I began to cry as Opie was handed to me. Bottle-feeding sealed the deal! What a cutie! Three and a half years later, Opie Tigger still has us both wrapped around his paws!

Barbara Pitts
Plano, TX


Ruffles was rescued from a high kill shelter by Sacred Hearts Animal Rescue. We were so fortunate to be the first ones to complete an application for her when it was posted on-line. It was love at first sight once we saw her. We discovered within the first hour of taking her home that she was completely deaf. We decided to keep her & she is such a joy -full of life with a lot of love to give. How blessed we are to have her with us.

Kathy & Reuben Shaffer
Cincinnati, OH

The Comforts of Home

In July of 2008 my mother heard kittens crying in a nearby abandoned lot. My daughter and I later found what turned out to be two ferile female cats and 9 kittens! I called the local cat shelter I had volunteered for, and coordinated their safe capture. After "fostering" the 9 kittens and mothers, my family and I kept two male kittens. The biggest, Chubba(seen here) and the smallest, Peanut. The other 7 went on to be adopted. It was a great summer, and an important lesson for our children. They learned how to care for the kittens, and the importance of responsibly spaying the ferile mothers,who were released back to their lot. It was a tough decision as to which kittens to keep, but the family feels we made a great choice. These two have quickly become a big part of our family.

Erica M.
New Bedford, MA
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