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My angel

My name is shylow and I was born on Aug 28,2007. I was giving to a family who did not take care of me and I became very very sick. then when I was around 10 weeks of age I was taken from the bad place and I met this girl who when i was place in her arm i knew she has lots of love to give to me. But I did not feel like living in this cold world. I ended up with this women who now is tryin to get me to eat and drink but i would not. so she take me to the vet and i thought to my self her i go to another place some one who does not want me again, but she stayed with me threw my vet stay and she talk to me every day she even was petting me and brushing my fur. I started to feel better and I wanted to respond but did not at first. she never gave up on me I finely found a home . she and her hubbby took me to a place to learn puppy training only I was to advance for the classes. then one day while i was learning to be come her service dog, we were out in the mall when i senesed that there was something wrong with my new angel mom. I tried to tell her say , then my angel mom had a seriger and i put my paws on her so she would not fall out of her wheelchair. So to make a long story short . I am now two and loving life and saving hers like she saved mine. So to all who save animals your our pet angels.

Darcy Leonard
Sacramento, CA


This is Snowball. We rescued her from certain death in a shelter in Alabama. She was scheduled to be euthanized on a Saturday and I found her on PetFinder on Thurdsay. I knew the minute I saw her I had to save her; there was something about her that melted my heart and I knew I couldn't let her die in a shelter without ever knowing what it was like to be a real dog in a real family. She quickly became a huge part of our lives and a wonderful addition to our family. She had never had a real family before or even been in a house. She used to bark at the rocking chair and had a terrible time going up and down the stairs! Her favorite thing to do besides steal potatoes from the basket in the kitchen was to play "tag" with my daughters. She acclimated herself quickly into our home and our hearts. Although we only had her for six months before she passed away (she had a kidney defect which we knew about) I cannot stress enough how important it is to rescue instead of going through a breeder or GASP! a puppy mill. We are looking right now to adopt another dog to brighten our lives once again. If I had to do it all over knowing she would only be with us for such a short time I would do it again in a heartbeat. Just knowing that her last six months on earth were filled with love & joy and play dates with our neighbors' dogs is enough and the pure joy and love she gave in return is priceless and timeless. We did the right thing and I hope everyone out there will as well.

Jennifer Donovan
South Berwick, ME

Mooch the Breast Cancer Awareness Dog

We were looking for a new dog to adopt at our Animal Shelter.After several visits, there was this little dog...sitting at the very back of the cage and shaking like a leaf. Our hearts went out to him...He was SO scared. We had to wait 10 days to take him home (to see if an owner claimed him since he was a stray). We visited each day to talk to him and the more we talked, the more he shook. When we finally got him home, it took another 3 days for him to "warm-up" to us..but, NOW he is our baby, definitely our loveable lap-dog and never fails to pose for any photo so he can ham-it-up. This is his Breast Cancer Awareness pose.

Ruth Rowley
Severn, MD

So, you say you don't have room for one more?

If you have a warm place for dreaming about that rabbit, water to quench the thirst after the chase, and dinner time to share the stories of the one who got away, you always have room for one more. Dogs don't wag their tails for the dream, the nap, the water or the dinner. They wag only for you. Isn't that enough?

Now stop reading this, and go find a forever friend who will happily share whatever time you can share with them. Remember, when you're not home, they can always dream about those rabbits.

Bath, OH

Special Jennie

I used to be a regular at my local SPCA. I had recently lost one of my older dogs and stopped by to see if they had any small, older dogs available. Jennie was kept in a cage in the cat room and smelled pretty bad. She had a large lump in the middle of her forehead and otherwise looked miserable. I decided right then that she was for me (I've always been a sucker for hard-luck cases!). I had always wanted a small dog, and her smell and looks never put me off.

Right after her adoption I took her to the groomer, then the vet. Having her spayed and the lump removed did wonders for her energy and confidence. As you can see from the "after" photo, she blossomed into a beautiful lady. The best part was that she didn't act like a typical small dog: she didn't yap (or bark at all), nor was she nippy. She was aged at 15+ when I adopted her, but gained many years of life once cleaned up and loved. She enjoyed going for long walks in my dog back-pack and her special car rides in the front seat. I had her for about a year before she passed on, and that brief moment in time will always stay with me.

Never pass up an animal that you may see at their worst since the love you share can always bring out their best no matter the age of the pet.

Syracuse, NY

A Blessing in Disguise

Living in the country neighbors are few and far between, so it's fortunate in this instance that our neighbor lived right across the road. When they relocated to a different state - at one point they rented their house. A few months after renters moved in we noticed they had a new puppy. About a month later the renters skipped out on rent and moved out in one day. I was home sick the next day and noticed the puppy sitting at the corner of the house. Nobody ever came back to the house that day, so when my husband got home from work we went over there and saw they had left a small bowl of water and a small bowl of food - and a 3 month old puppy to fend for itself after it was all gone. We took her home with the intention of finding her a home - we already had a dog - but instead she found a home in our hearts. That was 10 years ago and every day with her has been an absolute joy. The cruelness of the people who abandoned her was an absolute blessing for us. Gertie brings so much to our lives and we couldn't love her more.

Sue Suprenant
Danforth, IL

chance and christmas

We adopted chance because we saw him on petfinder after losing our last dog to cancer.He was found under a trailer just left there.He was found by a nice woman who took care of him till we saw him and fell in love with him.Adopting is the best way to go,it gives you peace and them a new home where everyone is Happy.

He brought us so much joy in the last few weeks that we have hadhim.


Kathy Lamere
Torrington, CT

Mr. Bunny's Legacy

Five month old Mr. Bunny showed up on my patio back in 1990 with a high fever and with the skin missing from all but a couple of inches of his tail. A weekend at the Vet later, he was better with a 2" stump for a tail. Bunny grew up to be a large, loving and boneless Rag Doll who seamlessly meshed with my other 6 felines. He died 20 years later, but not before helping me to socialize Winnie-Girl, a feral that had been brought into the shelter I volunteer with. After 3 months of no success, I brought her to my house to see if fostering would make the difference. The first day, I kept her in a large cage to transition her to her new environment. 24 hours later, Bunny was laying against the cage door, back-to-back with Winnie. Day 3, Mr. Bunny walked into the cage, did the Nose-Touch and layed down with her. That same day she allowed me to pet her. They were inseparable for 2 months until he died in his sleep curled up next to her. Winnie grieved for himl, but the litter of 3 week old kittens I was fostering didn't get the memo. The night after Bunny died, I was sitting next to her cage trying to get her to eat when one of the 5 babies jumped out of my lap, scampered up to Winnie, flopped down on her and instantly fell asleep. Her reaction was to languidly sniff him over and proceed to bathe Mr. Chan. The next day, she had adopted all 5 kittens as though they were her own young. So far, Winnie has helped us foster 2 litters and will continue to do so. Mister Bunny would be proud.

Kim Andrews
Monroe, LA

Roadway, King of the Road

Indeed a very happy ending, Roadway is now King of the Road! A few weeks before Christmas, a 2 1/2 yr. old Rottweiler Mix showed up at The Cat Shoppe & Dog Store door in Nashville, TN, lonely, cold and hungry (collar but no chip, not neutered). The owner took him to Elm Hill Veterinary Clinic to have all the vet work done.

A friend called the owner to wish her Merry Christmas and was told the story of Roadway. He'd been being boarded at the clinic, but Monday was his deadline because the rescue fund was running out. The friend knew of a doctor who had just lost his dog and long time companion and was looking for a special rescue to adopt.

Dr. King brought Roadway to The Dog Store from the clinic where a car was waiting to take him to the airport. His new dad's private jet was waiting to fly him to his new forever home in South Dakota. So, Roadway, now Roscoe, along with toys, a crate for the plane just in case he got nervous, a cushy blanket to lay on and of course lots of treats is on his way home.

Lauren Finney
Nashville, TN

Bassett Love

My mom died and my heart was broken so I decided a dog might help me smile again. I have a cockatoo and didn't want a tall or aggressive dog that might jump up and knock over his cage, nor did I have patience to train a puppy. With no children, I needed to hug a big baby and Ruby (the white cow) needed the hugs as she had been starved and abused before we found her in the shelter - I was in Bassett Love.

Ruby has since crossed over the rainbow bridge, we lost her in June'09 to cancer at an impressive 17 years of age (we had her for 11 years). After taking her in; it took 2 years to get her to trust people and to bark again. She was terrified of being beaten as had been done before. She also learned a bunch of tricks and put on a show for our local Bassett Club. Over time, we healed each other in uncountable ways. She will always have a special place in my heart.

I loved Ruby so much I later adopted a sister to keep her company and help her get more exercise. Jade (the black Devil) was headed for a shelter and only spoke Spanish when we took her home. They were inseparable at first sight. Jade is a timid follower and Ruby was the kind, nurturing mother. Jade learned English and is now learning to be top dog in our house. We are all better now by having had Ruby in our lives. Adoption animals are special and adoption will always be the way I add new members to my family.

Susan Donlon
Staten Island, NY
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