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The Rainbow who wandered into my heart

In August of 2009 I lost my beloved dog Chelsea ( a rescue dog from Oakland, NJ) of 13 years. I was heart broken. Within two weeks a little stray cat appeared in our yard. She was missing part of her ear and was very frightened. I put food out for her, which she ate by taking a mouthful at a time while running away... Through patience (and food) I gained her trust. By October she began sitting on my lap, allowing me to pet her. Up until December she slept outside on our porch afraid of the indoors. It was a though she had never been inside before and she'd often panic. By Christmas she was an integral part of the family, sleeping inside, hardly ever wanting to venture into the cold. The most important part of each and every day is when she sits on my lap and looks up at me with affection. We found each other when we needed to. She eased my broken heart. She has helped make the long months of unemployment and uncertainty tolerable. She is named Rainbow for a rainbow appeared in the sky the first time she looked up at who was feeding her. I end each day by telling her I love her.

Bill D.
Old tappan, NJ

Princess and the Pea

Gabby showed up at my door a crying, desperate, tattered stray. I couldn't turn her away thinking how terrible her life must have been her first year of life. She's now a happy, healthy, beautiful (spoiled) Princess that insists on sleeping only on the finest bedding. She adds life and fun every day and talks constantly-hence her name Gabby... She is so sweet!

Sandi Brenner
Toledo, OH

Sandy is the perfect dog

We adopted Sandy from the Houston Humane Society after putting our 17 1/2 yr. old dog down. I never thought we could find a dog as great as that one but we did. She is super smart. I only wish she could talk and tell us why her former owners gave her up.


Our Angels

My husband and I have 3 dogs and all are rescues. Twinkie, our corgi mix, was rescued from the animal shelter at 2 months after her previous owner couldn't take care of her after owning her for a couple of days. We believe it was fate. Ryman, our rat terrier mix, was adopted from a rescue group adoptathon at a Petsmart while we were waiting for Twinkie to get groomed. We had been to the store earlier that day and when we were back later in the evening we couldn't believe that she was still not adopted. It was again fate that brought us to her. Chester, a boxer mix, is our most recent rescue. We decided to give him a good home after meeting a woman who had rescued him from an abusive owner. All 3 are our pride and joy and we treat them like they are our "children." In alot of ways, we feel like they have all rescued us! :)

Cecille Rodriguez
Winter Park, FL

Inner Beauty

Andy is a sphinx mix, that was brought to our local humane society 2 years ago. As a volunteer in the shelter, I took prospective new owners back to see the kittens. Because of his appearance, and being quite sickly, Andy was quickly passed over, often with laughter at such a homely site. My heart went out to him, and I knew he had to come home with me. I'm so glad he did. Andy is a bright light in my life, my little constant companion. To me, he is the most beautiful creature on earth, inside and out, and proof that one should never judge by what they see, but by what the heart does.

Laurie Nuske
Fort Gratiot, MI


My husband is a police officer and was working the day a call came in from someone saying that their neighbor had thrown a dog out the window and it had been laying there for a week. They had been putting food and water by the dog, but it was unable to move.

We found out from animal control that she was going to be put down because she had a badly broken hip.

We called around trying to find someone to take her. We even offered to pay for vet bills. We were worried about bringing her to our home because she was so small and we have a rottweiler.

Lucky for us we were unable to find anyone because she has been with us for a year now and I couldn't imagine our lives without her.

Neither can our rottweiler. They are best friends and play all the time.

Vacaville, CA


Lucky is one of my three dogs ( I also wrote Daisy's story).

My sister found Lucky laying in a creek by her house and slowly got him to follow her home.

When I met him he was in her backyard. We couldn't get him to move. He would not eat and had difficulty drinking water. He was throwing up any water he drank.

I took him to the emergency vet and they informed me he had parvo.

They said he had been sick for quite awhile and probably wouldn't make it.

They asked if I wanted to have him put down.

I asked them to please try and save him. I visited him at the vet every day.

After a few days they called and told me he had started eating on his own.

Over the next few months we found several other health issues, but finally he was given a clean bill of health.

He has been with me for 8 1/2 years now and is doing great!

Vacaville, CA

Schnitzel Finds a Home

Schnitzel is a German Sheperd mix dog. When I found Schnitzel he was an extremly skinny puppy living with a homeless couple. He was only about 4 months old when I found him and in dire need of some TLC and vet care. I thought from his lack of previous care he was going to die from either lack of nutrition or other dog diseases. Luckly Schnitzel didn't die and he soon visited a vet who told me if I didn't take him home he probably would have died in another 3 days. As Schnitzel got older we discovered he had a fear of teenage boys in baggy clothes. The vet and I suspect of teenagers abusing him when he was on the streets. This is a fear we are still working on with him and now that he is 75 lbs. and 24 inches tall he can be a little scary to strangers. Schnitzel loves to run free at our local reservoir and play at the park with other dogs. He's now 3 years old and lives with his pet parents, 8 year old boy and 2 Boston Terriers, Baby and Otis. Dispite Schnitzels unfortinate early puppyhood he has a great personality and loving family.

April Vickey
Pueblo, CO

Missy's story

We discovered Missy in our neighborhood one summer evening in 2003. She was a very friendly dog and loved to walk with us at night with our rottie, Czar. We tried to catch her for at least 2 years and just could not catch her. She would come 2-3 feet from our grasp, but she would never let you get any closer. She survived out there thru all those hurricanes we had in 2004-2005 time frame. Many times we wondered if she made it. Then she would always come around after things settled down, and never missed a meal. It was a very heartbreaking time for us to see her out there, knowing she would someday die of some disease. Animal control finally caught her and we picked her up from there. She came up positive with heart worms, and made it thru that. Now she just loves to lay in her bed and loves being in the house; although she insists on a well deserved walk every day~She is a very smart, & wise little dog & such a joy...

Jacksonville, FL

What a Gal

This is Whinnie, a 6 year old Female Neutered Feral that I found by accident in the back woods starving. I feed and take care of her since birth, One of 16 ferals I care for, and I know them all by name. Whinnie is what I call the Matriarch of the group. She Watches two other of my Young Gorgeous feral females Tinker and Belle and keeps the Boys away from them. She is Truly amazing to watch as she rounds them up and won't allow them to cross the street and keeps them well within her watch area. Like a Mother Hen with her chicks she keeps them in line, and No they are Not her kittens, she just took on the job on her own. She's a Real Trooper rain or shine she's there protecting these other cats and kittens as if they were her own.I give her and all my feral cats a good home,well insulated, and Heated with infra red on the Cold Florida winters,but outside with Good food twice a day on real China, I Catch, Spay/Neuter and return, and in return I get more Love and entertainment than money can buy. My Wife and I are now adoptive parents to many feral cats and kittens, Whinnie the Wonder Cat, What a Gal. Den Mother of the year.

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