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Karma and Miley

My husband and I took our kids to our local animal shelter to adopt a cat. We had never had cats before this. We saw Karma and her sister Miley and how loving and playful they were with our kids and each other that we took them both home.We couldn't have picked out two better pets. We love them so much. They are a constant source of entertainment and affection. Two cats are definitely better than one!

Port Hadlock, WA

Ode: survivor & thriver

Despite her tough early months (backstory at:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Kf_eB9Q-8), Ode's done more healing and overcoming in under 2 years than most creatures do in a lifetime! When she tests my patience (and dogs her age do), i remember the good and positive ways she's changed my life and the lives of all she meets. Ode -- pronounced o-DAY and meaning "heart" in Ojibwe -- is a total "grandma's girl," a fun sparring partner (who'll let her buddies know when she wants her toys back) and a trusty companion who accompanies me almost everywhere i go. i'm so grateful to the two Minnesota rescue groups who saved her, got her the medical attention she needed, and kept her safe and loved until i could find her.

pam christian
minneapolis, MN

An 'older' companion is what I needed

While serving in Iraq, my beloved Mr Kitty passed away and my son's Iguana also passed. I came home feeling guilty for leaving my pets and lonely without them. I went to the local shelter and ultimately found myself at a foster parent's place where I met Gizmo. This little girl is about 10 yrs old and she is the perfect pet. I named her Gizmo because when you pick up her years she looks just like a gremlin! She is house broken, understands many commands already and just wants to lay next to me and relax, which is my MO for now. I recommend an older dog to anyone who wants to bypass all the training a puppy brings. Don't worry about the amount of years they have to live but the wonderful, peaceful years you can give them while they are still here.

Myrtle Beach, SC


We adopted 'olly from an animal rescue agency. (They gave her the name 'Holly' but we already have a Holly in the family so we dropped the H but kept the same sound) She and her sister 'Molly' had been found in an apartment stairwell and never been socialized. She is still somewhat feral, but at night she is always in bed with us. She doesn't cuddle or jump in our lap, and we can't pick her up off the floor, but she's still a dear - except at 6:30 in the morning when she yells at us demanding breakfast!

thor nibus
La Costa, CA

Triple Blessed

We had lost our cat of 15 years and several months later it was time to get another so we started watching the rescue photos. Two different cats caught our eye and we went to visit both...we also had a rescue dog so we wanted to make sure all would get along. We couldn't decide between the 3 year old or the kitten so we took them both!! (the 2 on the right) The little orange ball of FUN was too much for the older cat so we started looking for another kitten....and now we have three gifts!!! They have all become part of the family with their own very unique personalities.

Patty Ambrose
Fredonia, NY


I was laid off from work during the summer of 2008, so I decided to volunteer at the local Humane Society. With strict warnings from my husband not to get attached to any more dogs I volunteered for three months watching dogs and cats come and go. Then Wrangler came to the shelter. He had been abandoned by his family when they moved away and left him tied to a tree. He was horridly thin, wormy, and had skin problems. I immediately took him on as my project, buying him special food, paying for his medical care, getting him toys and treats. When he was healed physically and emotionally and it was time for him to leave the shelter, I couldn't bear the thought of him going home with anyone but me. A few days later he moved into our home and has made us laugh at least once every day since!

Roni Aguirre
Millstadt, IL

My Bailee

We had lost our 13 year old cat, Allie, after Hurricane Ike to kidney disease and swore we wouldn't get another one. Already have 2 grown German Sheppard's and juggling all of them during an evacuation was anything but fun. Just so happens, I was sitting looking out the front door on a rainy day when I saw this thing climb out of a car's engine compartment dart, around and shoot for the ditch after the car started moving again. My husband thought I was nuts running out the front door, in the rain, toward the front fence to rescue whatever had fallen out of the car. I got to the ditch and it was the tiniest wet kitten and was looking at me with those big green eyes. I melted right there. It took some fast talking when I got "it" back to the house to convince my husband that I would be trying to find "it" a home. That was 6 months ago and Bailee is ours. She is the most loveable kitten in the world. She won over her daddy's heart in no time by climbing up in his lap and giving him kisses. We expect to have her for a very long time. The dogs have come around and will even take naps with her, after they have worn her out by her jumping of of their heads and chasing their tails.

Alvin, TX

My "Flea"

I was driving home from work 10 years ago and like gravity the SPCA steered my car into its parking lot. Anxiously I walked in and asked to see the dog run. I got two cages in or so and could not believe what I saw. An eager to please skinny Dalmatian rushed to the front of the cage so I bent down and she forced her snoot through the fence to give me some welcome smooches. Without looking further I took her home and she has been the best. Like most young pets there were some growing pains and at 11.5 years old she is still going strong. She is my girl, and she reminds me of that daily...

Dan Gabel
Cincinnati, OH

One ear, no fear

We built a custom home and shortly after we moved in, we noticed 2 cats hanging around the backyard. They seemed very timid and would never let us get near them. We had some trees cut down and there was a large pile of brush on the edge of the woods. We didn't know at the time, but one of the stray cats gave birth in this brush pile. A few weeks later, another company came out to remove stumps and bulldozed the stumps and the brush pile into one giant log pile. Two days later, they returned to remove the pile. One of the guys knocked on my door and asked if we were missing a cat. They could hear a kitten crying very loudly- from INSIDE the giant pile. He was trapped near the bottom of the pile. He was really banged up- with a log wedged into his head. His head was concave!

I brought him to the vets and she took him home to care for him. He required pretty extensive care- he was only 4 weeks old. She found us a foster family to care for him until he was well and could tolerate being around our other 3 cats. We took him in and he has been nothing short of completely entertaining! He has no fear and the biggest personality! He lost part of one ear from the trauma of the log, but he doesn't let that slow him down. The fact that this tiny cat survived in a log pile for 2 days, with no food, in 40 degree temperatures, is nothing short of a miracle and we feel very blessed that we found him. A neighbor was able to capture him mom and she was adopted out too.

Newington, NH

Sweet Pea makes 3

Meet our most recent addition, Sweet Pea. We took her in and made her an indoor kitty after the humans that lived next door to us got her used to being fed and then moved, leaving her behind. We had to go away for 3 days before we got her, but our neighbor that watched our other cats (also rescues but different circumstances), told us that she had seen this kitty at our door every night around 630ish...so I went out and put some food out around that time, inside a carrier. When I went to check, she was just leaving, but I was able to coax her back up to our porch and before she realized it, she was in the carrier and then in our attached garage (cat friendly because our other two love the garage). Its been just over 2 months since we took her in, but she knows she has the good life and shows no desire at all to go outside.

My first cat, Wigi, was born feral in a place known to have coyotes, hawk and bears. I brought her home at 5 weeks old and shes been with me for almost 7 years.

I adopted Moo from Lollypop Farm animal shelter in NYS to be Wigi's playmate about 4 months later. She is one month older than Wigi...

and has been with us for almost 6.5 yrs of her 7 years of life.

Ann Struble
Augusta, GA
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