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Buddy and Shakira

I found Buddy, the silver one, at the school where I work, he was born feral and was very sick and tiny. I took him home and he almost died that weekend. Shakira the black one, I also found at my school, she came walking down the sidewalk like she owned it. It was the Wednesday before Ike and I never meant to keep her but after living through Ike's aftermath with her, I could never give her up.

Colleen Borum
Houston, TX

My best friends

I noticed Zoot's quiet behavior when I visited the shelter where they had her seven years ago. She trembled all the way home but quickly adjusted and has always been a very sweet critter. One year later, to provide Zoot with company (from another shelter) came Sushi the cat. The two have been best friends from the start and are great company for one another and for me. Zoot is now almost nine and Sushi six. I hope they will be with me for many more years.

Scott Dean
Asheville, NC


My sister and brother in law had just bought a new house and were walking around in the back yard when she found 4 little kittens 2-3 weeks old nursing on their deceased mother. She called me 100 miles away and I arranged for my daughter who was in their area to go pick them up and bring them to our former vet to be checked out and treated. Afterwards my daughter took them back to her house and began taking care of them. About a week later 1 died. That left 3 to continue trying to save. She did save the rest and she brought them back to my house at 8 weeks old so that they could be put up for adoption at our vet's office. None were adopted after 2 weeks and she decided to keep the only female, my friend took one of the males and then my older daughter took Creampuff who we were calling Ketchup Kitty because he would climb into the trash to retrieve left over french fries and ended up losing a patch of hair on his back where the fetchup ate away his hair. He wasn't a fuzzy baby but as he got older he became this enourmous beautiful ball of fluff. He is easy going and has a deep voice that he uses to meow you to death when he feels he's not being paid enough attention too. He had a lizard friend he used to go play with in the window until my daughter moved. I think he is still mourning that lizard. He steals your pens and pencils and loves catnip for his treat. He is a real treasure that wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for so many people taking the actions that they did.

Susan Thibault
League City, TX


I adopted Friendly (pronounced, "Frinley") from the Denver Dumb Friends League in 1997 when she was about a year old. We've been through a lot together. She is still a talkative, spunky, needy little ball of love. She likes to roll around on the floor and have her gut rubbed. She yells at my husband and follows him around everywhere and stares at him with love. She sleeps up against us and hogs the bed. She loves to chase her toys and carry her puffballs around the house and hide them in our shoes. Life wouldn't be the same without her. She radiates cuteness. I love her.

Jenny O.
Littleton, CO

Rescuing Radar

Three years ago, five young schoolboys from the neighborhood rang my bell and handed me a tiny little kitten. They said they'd found it. They knew that I feed the outdoor cats and figured that I was a good candidate to take in this little kitten whose mother had abandoned him. I welcomed the tiny kitten whom my family and I named Radar. After de-fleaing him, taking him to the vet for a checkup, shots, and de-worming (!), Radar turned out to be not only a beautiful little cat, but also smart, cute, funny, sweet, and a complete joy to have (he catches treats with his paws!)

Far Rockaway, NY


As soon as we walked up to her cage at the adoption center, Freckles stuck her feet out of her cage and grabbed my leg. We asked about her, but the adoption coordinator said she had already been adopted. We came back a couple of weeks later, and Freckles was back. Whoever had adopted her had decided they didn't want her. She's been with us ever since, 7 years next month!!

Becky G.
Beavercreek, OH


Presley showed up in our driveway one day. We had just adopted another dog from a rescue group, and didn't think we needed 3 dogs so I agreed to foster him until they could find him a home. He stole our hearts and on Mother's Day my husband gave me a card that said he was ours now. He is the sweetest dog and I am so thankful that he came into our lives.

Teresa McDougal
Lonoke, AR

Louie in Washington State

We adopted Louie from the Sacramento Animal Shelter in 2002 when he was 7. He had been there for 4 months and his "number" was almost up. Thankfully we found him before it was too late on petfinders.org because he is the most wonderful boy.

This picture is at a restaurant that Louie likes in Portland, Oregon where they have a doggie menu and they bring him his water when they bring ours. For his adoption party we had 7 adults and 5 dogs at dinner, what fun!

Karen Hiller
Kelso, WA


My family and I volunteer with Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue to foster dogs that are rescued or are surrendered. Dudley was our first foster dog. He had been abandoned in NW Florida and had been brought to a high-kill shelter in Chipley where he was set to be put down in a few days. The folks at ECGRR saw him and picked him up and brought him to us to foster. We had two dogs already and my husband was adamantly against getting a third dog so we compromised by becoming a foster family. We had Dudley for 10 days and he fit seamlessley into our family, but I knew the time would come when we would have to give him to another family. I mentioned to my husband one night how lucky Dudley would make another family and my husband looked at me and said "we can keep him if you want." I was shocked and he quickly followed up with "well, he is an amazing dog." And he truly is, we are so blessed that he found his way to us and his new forever home!

Jennifer Aldrich
Navarre, FL


We adopted Bettee from Last Hope Animal Rescue. She is a doll. She joins her dog sister Geenee found wandering through a parking lot at 3 months old and cat brothers Bo and Ty turned into a shelter at 5 months. Our hearts are filled with joy from these wonderful pets. Visit a shelter!

Karen Lee-Archer
Amityville, NY
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