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Our little Lola

In early March I decided to adopt a dog from my local SPCA. On April 6,2010 I went to the Sacramento SPCA I told them I was looking for a small dog so they told me to go back and take a look. I was there for 2 hours when I heard a bark behind me and there she was our little Lola. I took the paper that was on her kennel up front and they told me that Lola's previous owners had put her in a box outside the shelter and left a note saying they couldnt keep her. She was out there for 3 days with no food and no water. She went into the shelter on March 28 and I adopted her April 6th she has seperation issues and she hates being alone she loves me and my son she sticks by my side all day long. She is very loyal and shows it everyday. I couldnt have asked for a better dog.

Sacramento, CA

Milo - a feral cat turned lovable house cat

Milo is living proof that feral cats can be saved. Milo first started coming around our house in October of 2009. It took 9 months of feeding, love and patience to earn his trust and convince him that humans were safe and worthwhile. Now Milo is a happy and well adjusted house cat. He is the most gentle and mild mannered little guy. He is finally getting loads of love and has the good home that he deserves.

Mike Martin

Mike Martin
Berwyn, IL

Our good little travelers

Peppy (left) and Dexter, are two of our rescue dogs that we couldn't imagine our lives without now. Peppy has a skin disease that his previous owner didn't want to be burdened with and Dexter is a little too anxious sometimes for his own good and couldn't be trained to be the guard dog that he was intended to be by his previous owner. They travel with us everywhere we go, and after several years and lots of trips, are now great travelers and don't even mind wearing their seat-belts during the drive! We now have three dogs and talk frequently about what our next rescue dog may be. Until we move into a bigger home and live in a more pet-friendly area, we aren't allowing ourselves into any shelters or humane societies as we know we won't be able to come home without adopting another!

Jacksonville, FL

A Heart of Gold

When we lost our sixteen year dog we didn't know if we would ever be ready for a new dog. The tears shed for her were beyond what we ever could imagine. A year after she passed, I happened upon a pet adoption site and found Echo. There was something in his eyes that made me melt; I knew I had to meet him. The shelter filled us in on Echo's past (abused and surrendered) and his medical problems (a heart condition and a critical case of kennel cough) but when he leaned into my arms and slowly wagged his tail, there was no question that I had found my new best friend. This shy, sickly little boy has turned out to be the most wonderful dog in the world. We renamed him "Tanner" because he loves to lay on his back in the sun. With a lot of encouragement and a lot of patience, he has left behind his shy, unsure self and has become quite the lethal tail wagger. Once afraid of every little noise and new sight, he now holds his head and tail high. Everyone who meets him can't help falling for him (he a very handsome and gregarious fellow!) We are head over heels for this gentle boy and could never imagine life without him. We are so grateful to the no kill shelter that gave him refuge and probably saved him from getting put down at the shelter where he was originally surrendered. Whenever people mention getting a pet, I do my best to convince them to explore the animal shelter route.

Jeanne Piquet
Summerfield, NC

My Little Easter Bunny

Sammie is a little 4 lb. chocolate colored rabbit who is FULL of personality! I found her on Petfinder.com from a rabbit rescue called 'Rabbit Haven By the Sea.' When I first brought her home she seemed so scared, wouldn't eat, drink, or really interact much. She was very wary about anyone putting their hands in her cage or touching her. With a little love, attention, and affection, she grew out of that in a few days. Her personality really shined through! She has the attitude of a teenage girl! When she is hungry, she will grunt like a piggy and stamp her feet until her bowl is filled. When she hears you talking to her from the hallway, she stands up on her back feet to get a closer listen. She has her own 5 foot pen in her very own bedroom with a tunnel & fort. I don't know who has more toys, her or the dog! When it comes to who is the queen in the house, I ranked 3rd! After Sammie and my dog Cara. She is the sweetest little rabbit and I am so glad I found her. I can't wait to adopt again.

Ashley Siegle
Jackson, NJ

Rescue Buddies

Buster Brown the tabby cat wandered onto our property last summer, He'd apparently been on the run for a while. His coat was wiry and he had cuts on his back. After a visit to the vet, he became an official member of the household. What a character he is. He has "adopted" our rescue senior golden retriever, Yogi, and this is a typical scene at our house.

Mary Alspaugh
North Port, FL

JJ or Juliet?

My neighbors found JJ abandoned outside our building during a thunderstorm. I took him in and named him Juliet thinking he was a girl. A month later when he visited the vet, he turned out to be a little boy! The vet said his owners likely abandoned him rather than bother getting him fixed when he grew out of kitten-hood and started spraying. Now his name is JJ and this playful little sweetheart has found his forever-home with me.

New York City, NY

Quick as a Flash

My daughter's co-worker was coming our of a highway restroom and encountered a couple looking for a long-haired white kitten that had escaped from their car. When he drove home he discovered that the tiny kitten had climbed into his engine compartment. He brought it inside and, as he explained when he called my daughter, "Quick as a flash," the kitten darted into a hole in a wall where he was fixing some plumbing. He told her she could have the kitten if she would come to his house and coax the kitten out of the wall. And so, for the past 12 years, Flash, now an 18 pound gentle giant, has been a beloved member of our family.

Nina Snyder
Melbourne, FL

My Lil Dude

Dude wandered onto my porch sun-burned and exhausted from living all 6 months of his little life on his own. The local shelter picked him up but I couldn't stop thinking that he chose my porch for a reason. I called the shelter to ask about him just in time. They had deemed him unadoptable due to his health from living on the streets and were about to put him down. I begged them to stop and I picked him up the next day where he has been a great addition to our family ever since.

Some people say he was lucky to find my porch that day but I think that I was the lucky one. Dude was anything but unadoptable, he is a survivor. He wakes me every morning with a kiss and cuddles with me every night. He is the most loving and gentle dog and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Penny Trant
Newark, CA

Suzie Q

Suzie Q is the best Cruzian Coconut Retriever in the world! We adopted her when she was a somewhat wild "bush dog" from the St. Croix-US Virgin Islands Animal Shelter, gave her lots of love, several sessions with a great trainer and plenty of coconuts to play with and now have the most loving, loyal, sweet, watch dog you could ever imagine. The shelter staff worked so hard to get her used to loving humans after a very rough start to her life. My 87 year old Mom has also made sure she knew the rules. Suzie knows that my Mom is the boss and must be watched constantly, sticking by her side with every move she makes.

Please consider adopting from your local animal shelter.

Mary Ann Mahoney
Christiansted, VI
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