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Adopted sisters

After losing my female of 11 years to cancer I couldn't decide if my male of 10 years was lonesome. However I knew that I was lonesome for another kitten. After visiting Forgotten 4 Paws, a local rescue, I was introduced to two beautiful sisters. I was not sure I wanted a total of three cats but when I heard their story I had to take both of them. They are part of a litter of five and were for the most part feral, being rescued from an abandoned house. They were very shy and the rescue organization explained to me that they would need quite a bit of love and affection to come around, but they were confident they had the potential of being very lovable kittens. Well they have been here since the first of October and have made remarkable progress and give my 10 year old male a run for his money every day. I must admit I wasn't sure if I had done the right thing at first but now I can't imagine my life without them. They are a wonderful addition to my family and I love them very much. Thank you to Forgotten 4 Paws in Lancaster, Ohio for loving and caring for your cats and kittens as much as you do. You make such a difference in the lives of countless pets and families.

Susan Kleinline
Pataskala, OH

Stray Kitten

Note: This has a very sad ending.

I was at my friends house when I heard a small "meow". I look over and see a kitten no older than 2 months old. but when i see him i see a major problem. His leg is snapped, you can see the bone and flesh. he is dirty and you can smell the rotting flesh. We took him inside and he didn't eat much.

We took him to a vet ad she looked him over. The leg couldn't be saved so it was either amputation or to put him down. It was a super tough desision but we didn't have enough money so we put him down. I plan to be a vet because of the animals, to make them happy and to make people happy when you see their faces light up when i bring them their animal. I hope all people that have animals treat them well and cherish them close.

Cheyenne, WY

Eva and her boxes

After my kitty of 13 years passed, I didn't think I would want another one any time soon. We already had another cat and two basset hounds. But it didn't take long to change my mind. Eva was a stray that ended up at a cat rescue. She was wild and independent, not receptive to human interaction. Now, she really enjoys attention from people & gets along great with our other pets. Her favorite toy is empty cardboard boxes. Rescues make wonderful companions.

Palm Harbor, FL

This was my Buddy

I searched on Petfinder.com looking for an older dog. I phoned on a few dogs and they had already been rescued. This is when I kept searching and found him. He was picked up by the local animal officer as a stray, neglected by his former owners. I refused to call him the name that they had given him. My husband suggested the name Buddy for that is what I called him when we went to visit him at the shelter. He was with us through the birth of three children and watched over them as my mother's helper. This boy was a jewel and showed us complete appreciation for giving him a second chance. From the day he became a part of our family to the day that we had to say good-bye, Buddy was completely devoted to us. Two years have gone by since his passing and my three children speak of him almost daily. They always ask me if I wished Buddy would come back from heaven.....how much I do!

Magnolia, MA

Joy at Christmas and everyday

We rescued our adult Snowshoe Siamese "Bandit" from a shelter in Los Angeles. He's brought us such happiness with his quirky personality and his strong independence. When our son passed on this summer, his two adult rescued cats, "Ted" & "Preston", were left without a hope of being adopted. We thought we'd try the three males together, never thinking it would work. To our great happiness, they've become a family and never cease to entertain. The two seem to have the personality traits of my son, so it's like having a piece of him with us. What a joy it is to have a "herd" of cats!

Adopt adult animals, they are so grateful.

Joyce Artman Smith
Stevenson Ranch, CA

Bedford the Rescue Dog

In December, my friend had a fire which sadly, totally destroyed his home. It was devastating. The most important thing of all was luckily, his feline and canine companions were not in the home at the time. However, Sophie the Cat had been so frightened that she had hid for days after the fire. After looking for her constantly, neighbours leaving food and warm places for her to snuggle in at night, we still could not get to her. She had been seen so we knew she was alive, just very firghtened and would not come to anyone. The two Yellow Labs, Bedford and Benson missed her terribly. She was especially in love with Bedford and we decided to take him out to help look for her, It worked! She saw him and slowly came out from her hiding place. It was beautiful to see Bedford licking her and her rubbing up against him. She was then picked up easily and reunited with her "brothers". Christmas means so much more to all of us now. The best Christmas present ever was to have everyone alive and safe.

Bedford is a true blue rescue doggie!

Lunenburg, NS, Canada


I was asked if I would foster a cat by some friends at work who were rescuing feral kittens. When I went to meet the kittens, this little grey tuxedo girl stole my heart. After a month of hissing and hiding, Charlotte gradually decided she liked us and now is a permanent resident of our house! She has become a lap cat who loves to play, sleep with us, and "groom" our Cocker Spaniel, Mikey. We are so happy we opened our home to a rescued cat.

Eddie Konczal
Monroe Township, NJ

Dusty and Mazey (formerly Lady #26)

My brother Dan in Durham CT had a wonderful terrier mix named Dusty whom he adopted when she was just a teeny puppy. She went everywhere with him and was his best buddy for 16 years. As Dusty was getting older, Dan thought about adopting another dog, and searched rescue websites until he came across a 5-6 year old lab called Lady #26 on Labs4Rescue's website. She looked so sad and sweet holding her paw up for the photo. He filled out an application and paid her adoption fees (which included heartworm treatment), and did not realize that she was being driven up to CT from Louisiana! The rescuers said she was an owner surrender and probably lived outside on a chain or pen, and that she was saved just HOURS from being euthanized. At first Mazey (Lady) seemed just a bit sad like she was sure she was going to lose this home too, and had a habit of backing into furniture and pushing it around. She is a big girl and I wonder if she was either neglected or maybe kept in too small an area because she seems a little awkward at times, and had no clue how to play with a toy. Now it is so cute and rewarding to see her get excited about playing and she loves running thru the fields with my brother behind his home, and she sleeps comfy on her doggie beds next to his bed and near his wood stove. A few months after Mazey came to live with them, my brother had to say goodbye to poor Dusty (she was 16), the hardest decision he ever had to make, but she lived a wonderful life. He is now looking to adopt another terrier mix to keep Mazey company.

Debbie Hubbard
Staatsburg, NY

WINTER comes to New England

Distraught at having to put down my beloved Sheltie, Kyla, after twelve+ years, I was finally able to walk into a shelter 4 months later...Saturday - The orphaned dogs lined up in their kennels, postured, smiled and danced at the sight of prospective parents. There was this one Australian Sheepdog, Lucky. He pressed his nose through the gate, smiled, licked my hand and pleaded with his big brown eyes to be the one we would choose. He knew how to play the game. 'Give us a call, Monday', Karen, the shelter lady told us. We had been Sheltie parents for over twelve years, and the Aussies had a similar temperament. It was in the bag.

Monday - Or not! 'Sorry, Karen said. 'After speaking with your landlord, we've decided Lucky wouldn't be happy in a small apartment with both of you at work all day. He needs space outdoors to run or he's going to bark all day.' OK then. It had been a miniscule and tentative hope, and now it was gone. 'But we did get in a Sheltie this morning'. Wednesday - His name was Winter and he was a happy little dog, smiling and wagging his tail in big circles. After five minutes, he was 'paws up'. It was love at first sight. Winter had a new home.

Why 'Winter'? A few months later, we were driving 900 miles back to Massachusetts from South Carolina in a Nor'easter. Finally pulling into the driveway, we were dismayed to see three feet of newly fallen snow. Winter, far from dismay, leaped into the nearest snow bank and emerged smiling and wagging his tail. Then he proceeded to roll, tunnel, leap some more, and to thoroughly enjoy himself. And that's the story of how Winter came to New England.

Shirley Strickland
Saratoga Springs, NY

All those Labs

I had a boss that had to move back to Texas and could not take the 6 puppies that were 4 weeks old she was going to put them in a shelter and I said I would like to have them. She gave them to me with a large wooden box. I have found homes for 4 of them. They are called BoxAdors the mother was a boxer and the father a black lab. I posted them on Puppfind.com but I still have two left guess they are meant to be mine. I already have four indoor dogs so they are outside. Tux has tuxedo markings on the front with a boxer face. Boots has two white back paws and a boxer tail. They still use their wooden box I had to turn it on its side so they can get in it together. They are very loveable and love to play. They are 6 months old now.

North Little Rock, AR
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