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Our dead kitty... eight years later

My youngest daughter and I were driving home when we saw a car stopped on the other side of the two-lane road we were going down, so we stopped to block traffic behind us for the driver. She was picking up a very small kitten out of the road to put it in the ditch where it wouldn't get hit again. She thought it was dead, but when she picked it up. it mew-ed quietly. My daughter started crying over the poor kitty, so when the lady said that she didn't know what to do with it, Kena talked me into bringing it home. I told her that it was probably hit and might not last the night, but we put the kitten in a box with food, water, and a towel. The next morning I woke up early so that I could remove the kitten's body only to find my daughter curled up next to the box and the kitten perched on top of her arm. Lucky (what else could we name her?) has been part of our life now for eight years and is queen of the house. She is still afraid of cars and stays inside where she is warm and knows where her food bowl is.

Ashland, MO

Daisy Girl...

On October 11,2009 (my 44th birthday) my husband Denny and I were out in the Chickamauga Battlefield in Chickamauga, Ga. We had been there all day and were on our way home when i asked him to turn down one more road to see if we could see some deer to take pictures of. As we we slowly crept down the one lane road eyes peeled for deer, I saw some movement in the woods. Being the curious soul i am we turned around and went back.We parked on the side of the road and watched for a few minutes as two little puppies about 8 wks old were scattering around. As we watched the pups (not sure if they belonged to someone) several hickers had passed by,looked and the pups and then went about their business. Finally I got out of the truck and went over to them to find that they were both nearly dead from starvation. I picked them up and took them home with me. After a few days the pups began to get stronger.We decided to keep them and so we named them Duke and Daisy..

Sadly on the Sunday after Christmas we lost Duke to parvo virus. We took Daisy to the vet that following Mon.only to discover that she had the virus as well. After several nights of staying up in shifts to tend to her and several visits to the vet, Daisy began to recover. She is now running around and has became the ruler of the house. Duke will always be missed but we are thankful to God for bringing them into our life..

Rebecca Dean
Ringgold, GA

Our new Sweetie

We found Izzy at our local Pet Smart. We looked in other shelters but kept coming back to her. She had been abandoned twice, left outside even though she is declawed and was bitten by a spider . The bite was left untreated until the shelter picked her up. The result was that all her skin came off her face. She is fine now and we love her and she is a real sweetie. She fit right into our home and now I look forward to seeing and being her Mom everyday.

Barbara Lista
Voorhees, NJ

My Sweet "COCO"

It was eleven years ago that a black and white dog jumped inside of my car, while I was parked with my doors opened. She was hungry and I offered some potatoes chips and I brought her home thinking that I will take her to the animal shelter the next day. Since I already had two small dogs(one of these two dogs I found him in the street also) I tought that they would not get along with this new dog. The trip to the animal shelter never came, and I was so glad because this sweet black and white dog that I named "COCO" was there for me when a love one passed away,she used to sleep next to me, and she was my son's best friend, because of "COCO" my three years old son finally wanted to sleep in his toddler's bed of course only if "COCO" will sleep with him. Saddly my sweet "COCO" unexpectely passed away, June 2009. I still cry for her and I miss her so much.

miami beach, FL

Because you may not get what you planned on...

After I moved into a home of my own, I decided to rescue a dog from the Jefferson City, MO pound. I had looked at dogs on their website and was planning on getting a small adult dog that they had. When I got to the pound, I visited with her, but there was another dog who had been listed as "not available for adoption" who stole my heart. Abby was a 7 month old Walker Coonhound who had been on her own for a while. When the pound first received her, she was seriously underweight and scared of everyone. When I met her, she turned her beautiful hound eyes on me and leaned against the door to her cage. Everyone else was barking, but she never did and when I gave her a biscuit, she made sure that she cleaned every crumb! By the time I got her home, two things were evident. One was that she had been thrown from a car and was terrified of moving vehicles. The other was that she was had given her heart to my oldest daughter. The looks of adoration that she gives my daughter whenever she is in the room sealed that. My friend Nell still teases me about going to get a small adult dog and coming back with a Walker Coonhound puppy. Abby is now 8 years old and has three cats and our Sheltie to keep her on her toes. Her favorite place is on the loveseat, as close to Tabi's computer as possible!

Letitia DenHartog
Ashland, MO

When She Was Gone

Our cat, Millie, loves to go outside in the summer, but one day she did not come back. At first we thought she just stayed outside overnight, but then the days passed and she still didn't come back. After one one week we made some lost posters but we didn't put them up. We were all worried because our first cat, Emmy, got hit by a car and died. After two weeks we heard a faint mewing at our door. It was Millie! She was so skinny we could see her ribs. We don't know what happened to her but now she is caring and loving.

Standish, ME

Karma Love

I worked at a mall and had one cat who was 13 years old and was quite happy to have just one. I had a friend who worked in the next store over who had a kitten desperately needing a home. Every day she would come over and say.. "Lancelot needs you" then scurry back to her store. I gave in and she brought me this very handsome black and white cat.

Not knowing if he was male or female I renamed him Karma. He's been almost exclusively Good Karma ever since! He helped rear his half sister Pixie (one of three cats lost in three years two to old age and a young one to cancer) and two others. He's been loving, gentle and patient.

He'll be 19 in March. Even now in the beginning of kidney failure he still chases his sister Kismet around, wants laps, cuddles and combing and is cantankerous with the vet! I've never regretted taking him home. (Kismet's story was told a few months back. She was adopted after we lost Psyche a year and a half ago to cancer) My loving Karma-boo and "kuddly" Kiz-adee add sunshine to my life.

Somersworth, NH

Twice the Fun

Four years ago I got my little Jack Russell x Bonnie from the RSPCA through the Australian Pet Rescue website, she was such a delight that six months later I looked through the same website for a companion for her and added Bella to our family. Both girls are loving and loyal and get on so well together. They like nothing better than a run in the park and are shown here in their new harnesses bought through the Animal Resue Site store.

Sippy Downs, Australia

Joe Bear

Harley Joe came to us through our local vet. He was boarding there when his elderly owner was no longer able to care for him. 7 years old, blind, and having a questionable reputation, no one from Harley's previous owner's family was willing to take him in. We already had a great arrangement going with our 3 pugs who got along great, and we were worried about how another dog might affect things. However, Harley was in need of a home, so we took him in. Our worries soon drifted away as Harley began to find his way around our home (after bumping into some things) and into our hearts. Harley's preceding reputation couldn't have been more wrong; he got along great with our other animals and loved his treats, long walks, chewing on rawhides, and basking in the sun. Harley's incredibly sweet personality lit up the room and he loved to show his affection by showering us with Joe kisses. Sadly our Harley Joe is no longer with us, but he taught us so much and brought such joy into our lives and his memory will live on forever. I strongly encourage everyone to rescue a "special needs" animal.

Granby, CT

Sweet Butter

It was a hot day in July 2002 when we heard very weak meows at the edge of the woods of our property. We found a skinny orange tabby kitten with a hole in his throat and covered with fleas and ticks. Since we only have dogs, we rushed to buy cat food and nutrient paste. He was weak but managed to stay out of our grasp so we decided to not stress him and left him food and water for the next four days. When we checked on him each day he was always lying in a patch of sunshine among the trees. Finally we were able to capture him and take him to our vet. She guessed his age at about four months and said that the hole in his throat was done by some animal. He had bruising under his front legs where he had been held down. He had surgery for his wound and was later neutered. He has a raspy meow that we would recognize anywhere. We named him Butter and he has grown into a beautiful cat that is very loving. He refuses to come inside our house so he remains an outdoor cat. He lives in our gazebo and has an insulated house for the cold months, and a pet bed for the warm months. Over these almost eight years he has rid our lawn of moles and voles. He is an absolute delight and we are happy that we found one another.

Siler City, NC
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