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Our Sweet Roxanne--She Stole My Heart!

I liked to to to Midwest Friends of Animals to play with the cats as often as possible.

I have a fondness for tuxedo cats, but hadn't noticed Roxanne the first few times I visited. Once she was pointed out to me, I picked her up and we bonded instantly! A few weeks later I brought her home to join our brood. She loves spending the day in the cool basement then coming upstairs and being social in the late afternoon and evening. She sleeps just above my pillow and I can feel her purring during the night!

Hymera, IN

They threw him out on the street

A friend of ours (we live in Mexico) about three years ago, called my wife and asked her if she could take a picture of a dog she had rescued. She would then post his picture on the internet to see if she could get him adopted.

She brought over Peluche (in Spanish, Peluche means "stuffed toy"), and as soon as my wife answered the door and saw Peluche, she exclaimed, "Oh no, this dog is mine.

Peluche is now part of our family including (Simba (Gringo) and Shikira who we rescued in Guadalajara.

There are no words to describe how much we love Peluche and the daily pleasure he provides us.

Al Bloom
Chapala, Mexico

our Pepe

While eating dinner one evening a news flash came on about a water problem at the animal shelter about 40 mi from us. They reported they were going to have to find shelter for about 50 animals or the least adoptable would be euthanized. I volunteer for a rescue group and decided to jump in and see what we could do. I went on line and saw Pepe - that was it! I went early the next morning with my husband and other rescue and he came "hobbling" out with a broken leg, skin and bones, ear mites but with the most eager look to be loved in his big ol eyes. I picked him up and we knew he was going home with us after he lathered me in kisses as though he was waiting for me! The vet thought he was about 9 mos to 1 yr old. After getting him all fixed up, he has been the most loving little dog ever and has paid us back much more than we have invested. He entertains all he meets with his personality and "talking" abilities. He goes to Petsmart Playtime each week and is always a big hit, we take him to a nursing home once in awhile where he also showers love on everyone. People do not know what they are missing by not giving these wonderful animals a second chance at life - they are enternally greatful. Most of all were blessed to have him in our life and we will be celebrating his 7th birthday on April 1st with a party at Playtime.

Carol Favre
Raleigh, NC

Ra Kistmet Gill - My Little Sun God

I adopted Ra after losing my beloved Tiger Lily. He's a 3 mths old Shepherd xBurmese Mountain Dog. Saved from the pound's death row by Moorook Animal Shelter. His Mom brought up Ra and his sister in and around the streets of Moorook. She did a wonderful job, for Ra is a ray of sunshine in both my life and his Big Bro Zeus, Ra's Zeus' shadow! He's very loving, very smart, does sit, drop and stay. Is an Angel to walk, he's so confident! And VERY handsome - cute kid hey? Street kids do make the very best companions. Loving, Loyal and so keen to learn. He's full of puppy mischief and very creative with it too but AHHHHH those puppy kisses! Do adopt a street kid and don't overlook the big boys! They are gentle giants and have so much love to give! Ra's Mom and sister, plus his friend Grizzly are also looking for homes. I'd have them all but the council will not allow it(:

Adelaide South Australia, Australia

Oliver - A Kitty Story

I went to our local shelter looking for a female kitty thinking our male cat at home would be a little less competitive. After looking at several other cats, any of which would have been wonderful to take home I decided to ask to see one male cat who had been calmly just staring through the metal bars. After about a split second I knew he was meant to be in our family, what a character!! Oliver has kept us laughing every day since and I can't imagine our household without him.

Los Olivos, CA

Layla our doggie soul-mate

We rescued Layla from a Hollywood shelter after seeing an alert on the ESRA site in 2003. She is our second Springer rescue. She was found on the streets . She was a sad depressed skinny doggie with bold spots on her back. We took a chance that the Springer will come out and boy did we get lucky.

We bathed her took her to the vet and showed her the dogie door which she was familiar with, and gave her lots of love. Within a week she came up to me on the couch licked my hand, I petted her and she shyly climbed on the couch gave me another dogie kiss and curled up on my shoulder and went to sleep. We knew than that we had a good one.

This dogie is all heart and is a love machine. Every morning she welcomes us with lots of love and snuggles . We are very lucky to share our life with her. She is a credit to the English Springer Spaniels.

George E.T.
Venice, CA

Bubba- A Cockatoo Success Story

In 2004, I was a volunteer at a local Bird Rescue. On this day, I noticed a NEW cockatoo. This cockatoo was the LARGEST umbrella I had ever seen, and pure snow white. He was sitting in his cage, chewing on a piece of paper. As I am fearless of all cockatoos, I opened the door and took him out. While cleaning, another volunteer asked me which bird I had out. I didn’t know, as the piece of paper he was eating had his name on it. It was at this point that I noticed the abject horror on her face! She screamed aloud: “You have Bubba out! Get him away from me!” Bubba was sitting gently on my arm, with no intention of going anywhere. He gave me that innocent cockatoo look, saying with his eyes, “Who me?”

I learned that this sweet, innocent, and loving creature was actually the devil in disguise! He had previously broken out of his cage, and terrorized the other birds in the rescue. Partially due to everyone’s reaction, and partially due to my heart, I asked if I could adopt Bubba.

Bubba was a destructive, aggressive and adorable twenty-something umbrella cockatoo. Not anymore! His aggressiveness has melted away, and he has become as sweet as sugar.

Needless to say, Bubba has owned me for over five years now. When I come home from work, he gives me the eye, saying, “Please mommy, let me out!” I cannot ignore that silent plea to release him from his cage. Is this what I signed up for when adopted him? YES! I cannot imagine life without Bubba. I hope that when the time comes, and we pass to the next plane of existence, we will be in a world where we communicate in the same language.

Kathryn Green
Island Lake, IL

Laddie The Wonder Cat

Laddie was found wandering the streets of Harlem, alone, hungry and sick. A kind person took him in and asked around the foster network for someone willing to foster a cat with ringworm. We expected to keep him only until he was ringworm free, but this kitty stole our hearts with his charisma, quirky ways and loud purring. Everyone who meets him says he's the most handsome boy around, and we are so smitten and happy we took a chance on him.

Please foster animals, especially older ones. You will be glad you did!

Jennifer Mintzer
New York, NY

Friends for Life

Previously we had been cat owners, when we lost our last beautil cat, my children begged me for a dog. I had always had dogs growing up and wanted my girls to have the same experience, but my husband had never owned a dog so he was hesitant. While on Petfinder.com I saw Bailey, she was so sweet. I decided to adopt her. My daughters and I drove to Ohio to pick her up. She was so tiny and timid, she had been rescued from a puppy mill. We brought her home and now she brings so much joy. She has stolen my husbands heart and they are best friends, So glad I took the chance. I can't imagine not having her in our lives. I have always had rescue pets and encourage everyone to consider giving one of these pets in need a home.

Pittsburgh, PA

Lucy's Story Was So Sad

Lucy was 8 years old and had been adopted but then returned to the shelter for "litter box problems." A sign over the cage said, "Give her a chance!" She sat upright, beautiful, demure yet aloof. I couldn't stand it! Well, once she felt loved and secure she had no litter box issues at all. That was 5 years ago, and the big purr from her small, silky body in my lap still tells me she loves me.

Northfield, IL
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