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Riley The Christmas Cat

My husband adopted Riley for me from the local shelter as a Christmas gift. She was only 3 months old and was a tiny little thing, supposedly the runt of the litter, which is what made him pick her. She is a beautiful cat with bright green eyes and silky black and white fur. Riley is a big talker and purrs the instant you look in her direction.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Our Jesse -- truly "A Gift from God"

Jesse came into our lives right after the loss of our precious Sadie. I visited the local shelter and she sat quietly in the back of the cage while I took out the others, one by one, and held them. She then made the quietest little "mew" I'd ever heard. When I held her for the first time, I knew she was my new forever friend. Three years ago, my husband died of cancer and during his entire illness, she was forever at his side. When we would ask him if he wanted anything, he would say, "just bring me Jesse." She would lay patiently with him until he fell asleep. The night he passed away, she climbed up on my lap, reached her paw out and patted him on his cheek, saying "Good-bye, I love you." She is now truly my little roommate. The shelter where I got her has now closed, due to lack of funds. I'm so thankful that I was able to bring her home before that happened as I can't imagine my life without her.

Pat Martin
Largo, FL

Little Girl Found ME!

After moving into our new house in August 2006, I was walking around the neighborhood when a little cat started following me, making the most pathetic siamese sounding cries (though she is a tabby). When I petted her, she rolled over and I saw that she had already had kittens and yet she was just a kitten herself! My neighbor told me someone had "dumped" her in the park behind my house and that she was feeding her. I enlisted her help in catching this little girl to take her to our local Spay and Neuter clinic. After bringing her home, I kept her in the garage for 10 days while she recouperated...and guess what! My garage became a safe and happy place for her...however my husband said no cats in the house, so she became an outdoor kitty. However, it wasn't long before it was too cold to keep her outside, so I moved her into the garage and then into our home and into both our hearts. I put a kitty door in the wall between the house utility room and the garage and she comes in and out of both spaces as she pleases. She just loves to spend time in the garage looking out the window at the birds and squirrels and protecting her house from the neighbor's cats. I never knew just how happy a sweet little cat could make me or I would have rescued one a long time ago. Because of her, I strongly support the Houston Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) as I believe the first step to NO KILL is NO BIRTH.

Barbara Gilbreath
Houston, TX

Rescue dogs are the BEST dogs, EVER!

We found our little rascal, Darla on petfinder.com! We had lost our two dalmatians the year before and felt we were ready for another dog in our lives. We had planned to look at several dogs and take our time to make this important decision. As soon as we met Darla, who was being fostered by the amazing people at Speaking of Dogs Rescue, we fell in love! She knew all her commands, was housetrained and was absolutely wonderful with the foster's dog, Logan.

I would highly recommend a rescue - all puppies are cute, but when you meet an adult dog and see their personality shine, that is the dog you will have for life and you have a huge advantage; knowing what you're getting into. Darla is our second rescue dog and I know we'll never buy or use a breeder again!

Yvette Langille
Toronto, ON, Canada

Chloe Bear and Daisy Mae

I was so sad after my two lab's died this year without warning. We had rescued Roxy (4yrs) & Zak (3yrs) from a shelter. When they died this year I was so devasted. I felt like I would never be able to love another dog like I loved them. Along come Daisy & Chloe. They needed to be rescued by a forever family. They have stolen our hearts, They have been a great addition to our family!!!

Shrub Oak, NY

Amazing Mayzie

We hadn't planned on getting another dog. Like so many times before, I was just going to pet the dogs at the adoption fair and leave. I sat down on the floor and was petting another dog when this skinny little brindle girl walked over, placed herself on my lap and gazed into my eyes with a look that said, "Hello there. I'm yours." It was like no other feeling I had ever experienced. Three weeks later, we brought her home. She had been rescued from a bad situation where she was tied up in a backyard without food, water or shelter. So we've had a lot of work to do to help her past her fears of things like ceiling fans and stairs. But for everything we've given her, she's given back to us a hundred-fold. She has brought such humor, life and love to our house and we thank our lucky stars every day for our amazing Mayzie!

Amber Carlton
Colorado Springs, CO


My son used to walk to the bus out front every morning & every morning, this little puppy would follow him from the front neighbors house. I would have to pick the puppy up, and take her back to their house to keep her from getting ran over by the bus. One Sunday morning, Superbowl sunday, I heard the little puppy wimpering out the front door of our home. Sitting on the porch, I played with her for a little while, and then realized I was getting to attached & was upset with her owners for leaving her outside like that so I went inside. A few hours later, as I was driving out of my driveway, I saw the little puppy in my rearview mirror right behind my car. I stopped the car, picked her up & took her home again. I was so upset that they were not watching her. They asked if I wanted her. Of course I did. They told me they would give me her for $100 when i got back. I just so happened to have had $200 in my pocket that day that was not allotted to bills.I got in my car, drove around the block & came back. I handed them the $100 & took my new baby girl to my sisters for Superbowl Sunday. She has been the best loved puppy ever since!

Dee Nise
Englewood, CO

M's Elizabeth

I have always loved Greyhounds and wanted to adopt one for the longest time. With three Chihuahuas we were a little leary. A friend told be about the Senior Sanctuary of Florida. After an interview and expressing my concerns about a Greyhound living with my small babies I was introduced to Elizabeth a 9 year old ex racer who acts like a 3 year old. Elizabeth has blended in beautifully with our family and has bonded with us and her three sisters. She is a loving and gentle soul with eyes that melt your heart. She has brought added joy to our home and we are glad to have her in our lives.

Bernice Lupo
Eustis, FL

Saved by the snow

It was a freak St. Patrick's day snow storm that brought us together. She was to be euthanized, due to a heart murmur. The veterinarian who was scheduled to perform the euthanasia had been snowed in. A phone call from an employee at the shelter (my brother), and the purring over the phone sealed the deal. She is truly the love of my life, I am honored to be her forever home. Give an animal in a shelter a second chance!!

Elizabeth Hassel
Calgary, AB, Canada

Our One-Eyed Tortie Girl

While working in cat/kitten rescue, I came across three kittens with infected eyes. After weeks of eye creams and drops, Sissy had to have one eye removed when she was spayed. That was when we decided to keep her. She joined our family of two other rescued cats and a former shelter dog. Even though Sissy is missing an eye, she's very smart, talkative, and very loving. Tummy rubs are her favorite form of affection and we give them to her every chance we get. We call her "Sissy-pops" because any time we open a door, drawer, cabinet, Sissy pops-up to see what she can explore or get into. She's such a delight. We encourage everyone to adopt a special needs cat/kitten, you won't be sorry.

Lora Meisner
Salem, OR
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