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Yum Yum

Yum Yum is a beautiful Seal Point Siamese. At the age of eight, she had already been through three different homes. When Yum Yum was surrendered to the Furrever Friends Rescue Shelter, she had been given up with two beautiful male Siamese. One of my mother's friends adopted one of the males and had told us about Yum Yum. I went online to see if she was still available to be adopted, and there she was. I read her story and talked with my mom, and we decided to fill out an application to adopt her. When we finally met her, it was love at first sight. She hasn't been here very long but she seems to be enjoying her new home and new friend, (our one-year-old Flame Point Siamese, Keepurr). She is so sweet and loving. We are very grateful to the Furrever Friends Rescue shelter for helping us find her. We are very happy to say that Yum Yum will never have to see another animal shelter again and has finally found a permanent home for life.

Somers Point, NJ

Sasha and Camille

I rescued my Sasha and Camille (they are sisters) during Hurricane Isabel. We were in Virginia at the time and in the direct path of the storm. The woman a couple doors down from me was a collector and had over 20 cats both indoors and out. She abandoned them during the storm, leaving cat food out which of course got soaked from the rain (I, at that time, was not aware of the problems with cat collectors so I didn't call the SPCA). Although I could not rescue all of the cats, I took two of the kittens which had wandered into my yard. I took them to the vet for shots, got them fixed, and for the past six years they have been my loyal and sweet companions. I love you Sasha and Camille! (and yeah, the picture isn't the best, but you get two cats to pose together!)

Vine Grove, KY

My Loki

I work at a veterinary hospital and a client brought in a mom cat with her kitten. The mom had bitten her so unfortunately we had to euthanize her and test for rabies. The test was negative so I adopted the little kitten. Named Loki for Little Orange Kitty but Loki also is the God of mischief and tricks. Little Loki is awesome:)

Lake Jackson, TX

Finding Buddy

Buddy was found in some sticker bushes - matted, flea ridden, and with raw bald spots where he had chewed through his mattes (we assume), upon further inspection- we found missing and broken teeth. He was very sedate, quiet, and grateful for a meal. I am not a dog person- though my son has always begged for a dog- I took one look at this dog, and knew he needed us. The first couple of weeks- he only slept and ate, and asked for a belly rub. It has only been a few weeks, but already, he is running, jumping, and playing with his "baby". It seems our "Buddy" found his fountain of youth- and in doing so- rescued us from boredom. Suddenly- I am a dog person!

Victoria Aceto
Everett, WA

My Puppy Mill Mama

Jennifer was one of more than 100 dogs rescued in a puppy mill bust. I brought her home to foster, and knew I had to adopt her when she jumped in the basket of foster kittens I had and began mothering them. She was taken by cancer of the mammaries (too many puppies!), but in the couple of years I had her she helped me care for many kittens and puppies. She kept them clean and warm, and they even nursed on her warts. I still miss my Happy Mama Jennfer.

Susan Harper
San Rafael, CA

The Little Kitten That Was A Big Lifesaver

Back when I was 21 and in the throes of undiagnosed bipolar disorder, I stopped my antidepressants and was going through bad times. To make me feel better, a friend helped me find a 2 year old kitten on the internet "free to good home," whose mother had been poisoned by antifreeze. The family was going to keep all the kittens, but she was no good around kids. I said "neither am I." I had never been around cats before. When I brought her home, I treated her like a little dog and she responded -- coming when called and even playing fetch. Several times when I hit a suicidal depression and would try to kill myself, I had only to look at her sweet face and know I had to stick around, if only to care for her (no one in my family liked cats). Twelve years later, she is still my darling little girl. I have been on mood stabilisers he last three years and am much better. My family has learned to adore her. I wouldn't be here without my Skitters, and she might not be here without me.

Wales Twp., MI

"Little One" repays with love ~

He was hiding behind wooden pallets, dirty, shy, and bleeding. A frightened "Little One" needing immediate medical care and love on that October day in 2003. The vet said it looked like another animal had attacked him and that "I've done all I can, but he might not make it." I brought him home, cared for him and loved him. He has grown into a beautiful green-eyed boy and shows no signs of his early start into this cruel world. "Little One" has more than paid his vet bills with endless love. He now lives happily indoors with 4 more rescued cats...infact "Little One" is sitting right now in my lap as I tell his story. What smiles he brings me. What love he gives daily!

~ the story of "Little One" is told

with love by his owner,

Sharon Thesman of Bakersfield, CA



My mom just got home from the super market and I was helping her get out the food and then hen I turned around and I saw this adorable puppy standing 2 houses away from mine.I quickly dropped the bags inside and called it and it ran to me.Then I held it in my hand and it was the cutest thing. I think it was like six inches long and 3 inches tall. Then I go inside and show it to my mom. She said we can keep it until we found the owner.So I went to the back yard and played around with it. Then I stopped for a second and thought what should I name it. The first name I thought was hyper because he was so fun and kept on running all over the place but then i thought again and i thought to name it happy because it wagged its tail a lot so I stayed with that name . Later on that day me and my mom went to go find the owner. then we stopped where I saw happy and then we see this lady looking for something and then I ask is this your puppy and she said yes and she was so happy that we found it and thanked me. We were very happy we found that puppy because you never now what could of happened if it went in the middle of the street. I was sad that I couldnt keep it but also happy that i had returned it and now the family is happy

sofia guzman
miami, FL

My Little Willie

This is Willie. We didn't have to find him, he found us. There are a lot of strays in my neighborhood that my mom and I used to feed. This guy had a scratch on his head that looked like it needed some attention. My mom brought him to the vet. That mean man wanted to put him down because he was a stray with a scratch. After the second vet treated his scratch, gave him shots, etc, etc, he was sent home with us.

He got his name from the song "Little Willie, willie won't go home". He moved in over 20 years ago.

Unfortunately, in 2004, I was told that Willie was suffering from kidney failure. I had to let him go in January 2005. I know that he is with my other "kids", and that they are all waiting for me at the rainbow bridge.

I miss my 'bear cat'!

Rebecca McGarry
Lowell, MA

Midnight in the woods

My fiance' went outside to feed our dog, he came back inside and told me he heard meowing in the woods. I go outside with a flashlight and here comes this baby kitten, running up tp me. My dog almost got her. She ran back into the woods. I went around where my dog couldn't get to her and she came running right back up to me. Poor thing was so skinny and hungry. I brought her inside and gave her some canned cat food. She was making a funny noise and gulping up the food. She acted like she hadn't eaten in a week. I'm guessing somebody had dropped her off because she is so friendly. I have 2 other cats Oreo and Smokie. They weren't getting along at first. I was gonna bring her to the Humaine Society but I just couldn't find it in my heart. I'm glad I decieded to keep her. I named her Midnight because it was close to midnight when I found her and she just looks like a Midnight. She has no idea how lucky she was to have found us. She is spoiled rotten. Your Cat Lover Allison B. We found her on 8/15/09

Allison Burns
Covington, LA
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