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The Littlest Pit Bull

Sassi and her two adorable puppies came to us from Dogtown Canine rescue in Nevada where I am a volunteer. She was abandoned with the pups and picked up by the local shelter. Because she is a pit bull, she was schedule for the gas chamber so Dogtown took her and her pups, who were immediately adopted. She and I took one look at each other and fell in love. She is a scamp and more fun than a barrell of greased piglets. We've had her for a year and we are just crazy about her. She goes to work with me and she and my husband play with squeeky toys and stuffed bears every morning before breakfast. How anyone could not love this dog is beyond me!

The Wright Family
Silver City, NV


'Jaro' was born in a shelter and 9 months later became our 'Kili'. He had both an indoor and outdoor life. For years, he roamed the neighborhood and ruled the 1/2 mile of woods behind our house. At home, he was a sweetheart who wiggled delightfully whenever his Mommy came home.

3 summers ago, Kili dragged his way home with an injury and was rushed to the hospital. We think he may have fallen out of a tree, not confronted by a vicious wild animal. For 3 months we hoped that his left paw would heal, but eventually we had to amputate. He is now our 3-legged wonder, our "tri-pod" who still roams and outruns us, and he's no longer the little 'tickled pink' kitten who adored his Mommy. He has grown, and accepts his world now with more caution.

Sparta, NJ

Spikes Story

Three years ago there was a forclosure in the sub-division next to us. The people that lived there put there puppy Min-Pin outside and left him to fend for himself. We were lucky enough to find him on one of the coldest days in February, he was skin and bones, he had mange, parasites and giardia, and he had crawled under a car for shelter from the storm. We nursed him back to health. It took him about a year and a half to trust us, now he is the best little dog ever, and he has a forever home with his brother and sister ( 2 chihuahuas) and a whole neighborhood full of new friends.

downers grove, IL

Alley Cat

While stationed with the USAF in Okinawa, Japan, I was walking the backstreets one day when I saw little Allie on top of garbage in a dumpster. She came right over to me. She has made 7 moves with me since then and is now 14 y/o. Her favorite thing is to crawl under the covers at night, turn around and sleep with her head on my shoulder. She is an angel in fur.

Charlotte, NC

Winston's Fairytale Ending! A doberman who changed lives.....

Winston was a young doberman pup owned by an 18 yr. old at the bottom of my hill. He was on a short chain attached to a small dog house on a dirt pit. I told the young man how intelligent and energetic these dogs are and what they need to be happy and comfortable. The kid would just nod. I saw him throw things at the puppy and scream SHUT UP whenever the puppy wined for attention. I could not take it anymore and bought the pup a toy and would sneak down when they left for work and play with it for hours (I had to teach that dog how to play!) Sadly, he was also becoming thinner and thinner. I asked them if they would sell him to me and persisted until eventually the stepfather agreed and just gave him to me. I was elated. I unchained the dog to walk him up our dirt road and take him home! He walked in circles the whole way up, he had never been off his chain and did not know how to walk a straight line. The vet told me it was the worst case of round worm she had ever seen! We had to burn and bury his feces nightly due to the severe worms. We loved him, taught him to play and watched him RUN for the first time in his 8 months of life. I got word a woman on a big horse farm wanted a dog, she drove two hours on New Year's Eve to our home to see him, they bonded immediately. Winston ended up living on her horse farm, running along side her as she rode her horses in green pastures and sleeping everynight by the fireplace! Winston had a fairytale ending!

Corinne Morton
Ithaca, NY

Loki and Blaze

I'd had a rescue cat for 16 years that had to be put to sleep due to health. I was depressed and didn't want another cat. About 3 months later I met Loki and Blaze at a shelter (kitty adoption team). They were found in an abandoned building in Philadelphia. I picked Blaze up and his "motor" started instantly and loudly! When I held Loki, he nuzzled in my arm and went back to sleep. They didn't replace my previous cat, but added to my life. They definitely provided their names. Loki is full of mischief and Blaze runs like a blaze of light

Tom Ryan
Philadelphia, PA

JP finds a home

Over the years, all of our cats have come to us as strays.One of these cats was a large yellow tomcat that would sit in the yard and not let you get near him. He would come to the porch and eat, and we provided him shelter in the winter. It took him months to come on the back porch when anyone was outside, and he would swat at anyone who tried to pet him. This, along with his bobcat size paws, earned him the name JP (for Jaguar Paw).

Eventully we gained his trust enough that he would come in the back door of the house, walk through, and exit the front door. A few weeks of this routine went on until he decided to explore the inside of the house. He would always pause by a small kitty couch that belonged to our first cat, who had passed away a year earlier. None of our other cats had ever paid any attention to the bed.

This winter, we had some exceptionally cold weather. and we encouraged him to stay inside at night by either my wife or I staying up and/or sleeping on the couch so we could keep an eye on him. After he got used to the idea that he was going to be inside at night, he immediately adopted the small bed that had been empty for just over a year.

He still has a bit of wild cat in him, but he is now safe, has a home, and is starting to show more and more affection, and appreciation for having a warm place to stay.

Stu Moorhead
Denton, TX

The Saga of Sadie

This is Sadie, the rose-breasted cockatoo I rescued in 1998 from a pet store after she had been discarded by an owner who abused her and then stolen by a pet store visitor before I could get there to take her home. A story in the daily newspaper about the theft led to her return. Ever since, Sadie has been Top Bird at my house. I used to call her the queen of my rescued flock but in 2003 DNA testing revealed that she is a he! He delights everyone by whispering "Sadie is a pretty girl" and who am I to correct him? His best skills are demolishing cardboard boxes and playing peek-a-boo. He's not cuddly like bigger cockatoos but his quirky personality is always amusing and he is very beautiful. Of course he knows this!

Mary Thompson
Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Roxy a.k.a. Honey

We first met Roxy a few days before Halloween in 2008. She was sitting in her cage at Help For Homeless Pets, with her tail between her legs. She looked like a frightened puppy. She is a Australian Shepherd -Border Collie mix, and she is so well behaved. We wondered why such a pretty dog was in a shelter. Justus and I decided to take her for a walk, she stayed by our side. We visited her for a couple of days for about an hour each day. On Halloween we took Roxy home with us. She was scared for a very long time, and although we do not know her past, she showed tendencies of being abused. It has now been over a year and with lots of love, she is slowly coming out of her shell. She went from a dog that was not even comfortable with us, to a dog that is getting more comfortable with everyone. She went from a dog that did not ever bark to our little guard doggie. She did not like children before, and now she licks my nephew. It has been a dramatic change, for this shelter dog. She loves her treats, her two beds, and her toys. She went from a scared puppy to a spoiled little girl.We cannot imagine our lives without our Roxy Lynne.

Karin & Justus Thorgramson
Billings, MT

An Angel was watching over her...

Meet Angel, pathetic frail little girl. I was at the pound and three women were sitting in the lobby with this beautiful girl so I decided to talk to them about her. I thought they were there to adopt her but it was quite the opposite. This dog was seen wandering around the church last November by this wonderful lady named Deborah. The Deacon told Deborah that he had seen Angel for several months but could not get near her. In November Deborah noticed that Angel was putting on weight and knew that she was pregnant, then did not see her again for several weeks. In December she noticed that she was skinny and assumed that she had her puppies but did not know where they were so she put out food and a box to try to help. The next day she saw the mama in the box so went to look and the mama, Angel, had brought all of her babies to the box, five of them, but it was too late, they were all frozen. What a wonderful mama, she was trying to save her dead babies. Deborah could not keep Angel so she had to bring her to the pound but she came everyday to visit until we rescued her. It is going to be a long road for Angel because she is so malnurished but what a wonderful girl. If any dog ever had a reason to mistrust humans, it would be Angel, but by the grace of the big dog in the sky, she was given the abilitly to forgive and love. You can see it in her face. She will be for adoption eventually, once she is 100%.

Janice Mayfield
Uniontown, OH
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