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Albert becomes King of his castle

A newspaper ad for Delaware Humane Association showed an ugly white dog that was adopted,then returned because of a disease. I tried to avert my eyes, but they kept wandering back. I'll just go and look at him.

"Wow, that dog is miserable looking. He's bald and has the bloated Cushings belly. Plus skin infections, an eye infection, and bad breath. He's not even friendly."

"Go away, lady, I've had enough heartbreak. Don't make me fall in love with you, only to be rejected again."

Adoption coordinator Karen said that Albert is very sweet, that everyone at DHA loves him. She's sure I'll love him, too.

I said I'd think about it. Albert stayed on my mind all the next day, like the siren calling the sailors to their doom in Greek mythology.

Albert had come "this close" to being euthanized because he was so sick and weak. But instead, DHA gave him tons of medical care, chicken dinners, plenty of short walks, and love.

He came home with me.

"Hey, Mom, is it breakfast time? Let's go outside! Can I play with my brothers? Can we go to the dog park today? Can I sit on your lap? Can I share your ice cream?"

Albert now is a beloved member of the pack. The meds control his Cushings, his eye and skin infections are gone, and he has regained his strength and joie de vivre!

I commend DHA for their skill and perseverence to heal a very sick dog.

They barely recognize him now, with his fluffy white poodle hair and bright eyes. He takes long walks, gives kisses, loves his brothers and is velcroed to my side. It's a mutual love fest around here.

Delaware Humane Association went above-and-beyond for Albert. And he and I thank them daily.

Wilmington, DE

Our Lucky Day!

We noticed this tiny, dirty, matted, smelly dog wandering our neighborhood for a while this fall. A neighbor saw us trying to befriend the scared little boy and she told us that he was abandoned. She saw a car stop and put him out of the car and drive away. The Tennessee winter was coming and we were very concerned for the dogs' safety and health. The vet said he didn't have a chip so we decided he was ours! When we got him cleaned the vet told us he is a shih-tsu with one eye removed and the other eye scarred. We believe he was not only neglected but abused as well. It's taken a while with patience and love for him to understand that we won't ever hurt him. We named him Lucky because we hit the doggie lottery when he found us! He's a playful, happy little guy. He has made fast friends with our 15 year old terrier mix, Cocoa, and now they're the cutest team. Lucky brings us joy every day and we are so glad that he is part of our forever family.

Angela Brown
Louisville, TN

Finding Carly

I walked out of where I was working at the time, and there was a little cat who looked to be starving. Her ribs were sticking out and she was just crying so. A friend ran back in the building to get some turkey to give her while I called the vet. I left work to take her to the vet to be checked over. I wanted to make sure she was OK before taking her home since I already had another cat. The vet estimated she was 8 months old at the time. She is now almost 6 and brings such joy to our household. My other cat had to be put to sleep a couple of months ago (due to old age), and thank goodness Carly was here. Oh, and she is such the talker, talks all of the time.

Sara Pieschel
Loves Park, IL

My two orange furballs

I had recently lost my 6 month-old kitten when she was tragically hit by a car after sneaking out of the house. I wasn't sure if I was ready for a new cat but while visiting the local ASPCA I saw a gorgeous little orange and white tabby kitten who kept pawing at me through his cage. I held him and he purred so loud that I knew he was meant for me. Brady was 3 months old at the time. He is now 9 years old and is still my sweet baby. Then in 2006 I was visiting a sick friend on his birthday in a nursing home/rehab facility. One of the nurses had a cat at home that had just had a litter of kittens. She had brought some of them to work in order to try to adopt them out. I was immediately drawn to the sweet little faces of the orange tabby kittens. I was petting all of them but one in particular kept trying to grab my finger as I wiggled it in front of him. I picked him up to hold him and he immediately snuggled himself right under my coat and fell asleep. The building I live in only allows one pet per resident, but Willow picked me to be his mommy right then and there. He was so tiny at 7 weeks old that I smuggled him home in a shoe-box. It took a while for Brady to warm up to the new kitten, but they are the best of friends now and cuddle and play together all the time. They bring me so much joy!

Jodi F.
Easthampton, MA

Lucky on Friday the 13th

My dog, Tawny found Miss Friday on a walk over 16 years ago on Friday the 13th. She was skin and bones and clumps of hair. When I picked her up she immediately started purring like a locomotive. We took her home, and after some convincing for my Husband she became part of our Family. Some years ago my Daughter showed her for 4-H and she took first prize in long-hair spayed cat. She is beautiful, aloof, loving and has quite a personality.

Michelle Hyllested
Rice Lake, WI

CC from the CS

My baby's name is CC since she was born through a CS. Her other two siblings died due to forced labor since her mother was a small dog and her dad was a big dog. My mom didn't want it be CS at first, but the vet decided to do it when it came to CC since she knew CC would have a big chance of survival. And so she did. April 2, 2009, CC was born! Even though it was a financial burden for my mom to have it CS, we felt great afterward for we brought a very cute dog into this world. Now, CC is as cuddly and alive as she could ever be! We're always together, even at the bed and bathroom! HAHA. I love her :)

Lish Babela
Davao City, Philippines

Lovely Lacy

I just lost my wonderful, treasured Dane, Louis, after an agonizing battle with aspiration pnemonia and megaespophagus. With a heavy heart, and being the dog lover that I am, I knew I had to save another dog; as I needed one to save me. So I visited my County Animal Control. As soon as I saw Lacy, then eight months old, I knew she was the pup who was coming home with me! She was so sweet and cute...and looked like a Great Dane in miniature! Lacy helped to mend my broken heart, and I truly believe she helped our other dog, Little Bit (a Dalmation), to cope with losing her best friend. Lacy is such character, full of life and funny. She has truly been my angel!

Melanie McKim
Phoenix, AZ

Zoe has brought joy into our lives

Shortly after the death of our 20 year old dog, Lucky, my daughter called me and begged me to take her 4 month old blonde lab puppy, Zoe. Zoe was starting to get big and needed more space and her apartment was just too small. I dragged my feet about the decision to take in Zoe because my heart was depressed over losing Lucky and I felt that I did not have the time necessary to raise a very active dog. Fortunately, I agreed and my life has been transformed into chaos and excitement. I love it! Zoe meets me at the door now holding two pair of my socks in her mouth and wanting to play. I can not imagine life without her in my life. I laugh constantly over her wild antics and am forever chasing her to retreive my belongings! Life is never a dull moment around Zoe!

Tuscaloosa, AL

Our rescue family

All three of our furry friends came to us through rescue. Lily, our Siamese mix, was found in my cousin's garage after being dumped in the Malibu Canyons. This smart kitty knew where to find a loving home. Our dogs, Bella and Cookie, are both from the local animal shelter. Bella is a Chihuahua mix and was taken to the pound as a puppy because she had mange. Poor thing was far from beautiful when we got her, but she's grown into a hilarious little girl who makes us laugh every day! Cookie is our Puggle that we found at the pound after deciding that Bella needed a playmate. She was about 4 years old and it seemed she had never played a day in her life. Once we got her into our large backyard, all she wanted to do was run and roll around- just as if she knew she had been given a second chance. Now Cookie and Bella play all day long! Except when they are snuggling with Lily for a nap. It's pretty funny to see a cat sleeping between two dogs! There are so many wonderful pets out there waiting for to be rescued. I know I could not have been luckier in finding our pets- they truly are the best!

Sherman Oaks, CA

My Beautiful Charlie

Charlie and five of his feral feline siblings were living in a parking lot in Mountain View, California. Winter was coming and the thought of all those cats being alone to fend for themselves was just too much for me. My husband I and spent a weekend trapping them and relocated them to our home in the mountains. I adore all the cats, but Charlie is extra, extra special. We are very close and are the best of friends! I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without him and all five of these beautiful and loving cats.

Jill Daniel
Los Gatos, CA
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