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I do not own a camera, but I make sure that I love & feed my baby first. She has her shots, treats & license. When I got out of the hospital after 11 months, I was in a wheelchair, & I had lost everything,. I was alone, & lonely, & I felt like a burden to my son who was taking care of me.

My lifelong friend Sandy, called me 1 day & told me she had a present 4 me and she was on her way over. I had already heard about a dog she knew of that had been mistreated & abused. When she got to my house, Mia jumped out of the car & up in my lap & looked me right in the eye as if to say "I'm finally home" and she kissed my face. She was bone thin and afraid of every sound, & of the dark. Now 16 months later, she is a plump, happy pit-bull, who does NOT know she's a dog.

We call her "The Smiling Smoocher", & she sleeps in bed with me.

Gina Corser
Yucca Valley, CA

Born of the Ashes

Ashly was born to a feral mamma during the awful Station fire, August 2009, that burned within a half mile of us. She and her sister Cinderella survived their first 2 weeks of life in dense smoke, 24/7. Ashly has no clue that she can't use her hind legs, she climbs all over the place and keeps right up with Cinderella and her mamma running from one end of the house to the other. Adding 3 at once to the house has been interesting but I'm glad I kept them together.

Sunland, CA

Love Among the Ruins

On December 9, 2009 my house burned while I was out with my two lab dogs Bedford and Benson. Sophie a small nine year old Maine Coon cat went missing for several days in some the most brutal of winter weather. We called and searched for her, but could not find her. Finally, I took Bedford who Sophie adores to search for her. True to his sniffer heritage, Bedford located her beneath a shed, and managed to coax her out. He really is a true blue rescue dog and Sophie's hero!

Robin E. Crickmer
Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Stray Cats

15 Years ago This young cat came to my window at 7:00 am in the morning

It was a female cat,and she was pretty hungry,so I opened my kitchen window,and I let her in.I asked around if anybody had lost a cat,and the

people in town where I live,all said no they hadn't lost a cat. So I kept her,

and I've had her for 15 years. When she came in the house it was winter,

and she had lost the tip of her ears,both ears,they had frozen off,at the

temputure we had for a few days,was 35 below 0,so you can see why she

lost the tips of her ears,and now she is so spoiled to us,that we hate to

loss her now.Also now she has lumps on the side of her skin,and I'm

afraid that I'll have to put her to sleep,I don't want to,but I have no choice.

She still looks healthy,but I think It's just a matter of time.

Now last year,there was a large group of cats in my town that nobody wanted to clam,so the town had a shelter near by that came in and picked

up all the cats,about 25 of them,and in that bunch there was one black

cat that the shelter couldn't catch,and this cat comes around my house

and I feed the cat every day,now this has been going on for a whole year,

but I don't mind,because I'm saving It's life,and maybe some day this cat

will come to me as a friend,I know I'm feeding it good,because the cat is

getting fat,so I know it will live around my house,even if hes doesn't come

in the house.He's starting to come near me for a little while,but not for long. I love these cats very much.

Lucien from Maine

Lucien Parent
Eagle Lake Maine 04739, ME

My Katrina Baby

Ziggy originally came to me as a foster when my local humane society rescued 60 dogs from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. She fit in so well with the two dogs I currently had, it didn't take long before I realized she had found her forever home with me.

Prince Frederick, MD

Max's Fourth Life

Max (aka Ruffy, Sarge) is a lovable 2 year old chocolate Lab/Chesapeake Bay Cross of some mysterious kind that we adopted from our local shelter. Max had been returned three times. He was likable, but unruly. No one had taken the time to train him. The shelter recommended him because he was good around kids and cats.

He was used to doing what he wanted. I enrolled him in training classes in a first step. In the mean time, I had to break some habits. With love and training...let me say that an 80 pound dog is heavy, but my 4 year old daughter can take Max for a walk. After one year, he is finally coming out of his shell.

Great Falls, MT

Back home and Forever

My son got Duffy from his local humane society about 10 yrs ago. After about a year someone where he lives told him he wasn't allowed to have a dog. He was so heart sick as he took Duffy back. Duffy had 3 homes of which they said there were issues with him. Shane(my son) found out later that he actually could have a dog. Duffy was back at the humane sciety and Shane and Duffy were reunited again. Shane and Duffy are together for the long haul. From Shane's Mom

Margie Oberley
Greeley, CO

An Unexpected Surprise

I was visiting a friend out of state and we were driving on the highway to an early moring event. Suddenly there were several vehicles pulled over and people were out trying to persuade a frightened injured dog to get off off the road. Of course we joined the effort and she just missed getting hit by an eighteen wheeler! As we quietly approached her, she cowered and crawled to me. Covered in puncture wounds, blood and with a swollen head: she was a pitbull. The focus of the visit just changed. We took her immediately and nursed her with blankets, cleanup, and food until a vet could look at her. The toll operator nearby said the park and ride we just passed is known for illegal dog fighting and she must have escpaed somehow from being a bait dog. He thanked us for helping the dog. Just a note that she was immediately willing and gentle: even with all of the flushing of the wounds that followed in the weeks ahead. She came home with me, made best friends with our border collie boy, and she is a loving sweet, fun dog. "Princess Higway La La" will be a papmered part of our family for ever more :) Please help rally against dog fighting! Remember tht "The Little Rascals " dog was a Pitbull!

Lynn Smiley
West Greenwich, RI

Bandit (once known as Bullit)

I found Bandit on PetFinder.com when I was looking for a puppy. Bandit was rescued from a shelter in Eureka Springs, Arkansas back in Jan. 08 and I believe he was in a high kill shelter and was gotten out just in time. I got him from a rescue group in Lyndhurst, ON, Canada. The wonderful lady that runs the rescue suggested I try this fellow on for size. He was already neutered and microchipped, which was good. He came with a few problems which we will continue to work on for the rest of his life....separation anxiety, meeting new people and especially children as he is very shy with strangers. Well, the fit has been great and with lots of love and affection Bandit has been coming around quite nicely. I don't think he will ever be completely comfortable meeting people but he does love other animals. It took many weeks and months to get him to trust me and now he is quite the velcro dog. To me, he seems to be a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Whippet.....especially when you see the way he runs! He gets along well with all my pets and absolutely loves his kitten. She is almost 10 months now and they play and rough house with each other everyday...it is a real treat to watch them....much better than TV any day. Please, adopt a rescue animal, they make the best buddies in the world and they really do deserve a second, third, fourth, fifth chance, etc. Time, patience, training and lots of love and care! Please, spay and/or neuter your pets. I absolutely adore animals and wish I could rescue more of them.

Kingston, ON, Canada

Now Loved!

Our cat is named Boots, and she was found at an abandoned house. She was just a kitten when we found her and we didn't know if she had a home or not, so we called the SPCA but she wasn't lost... and now she's ours! But the funny part is, my dad was going for a saturday jog when she came running up to him from the house! She is now in great care with me and my family!

Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
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