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Et Voila, here is Minette!

One day we heard scratching on our door, we opened it and found this skinny cat calling for our help. We first hesitated not knowing if she belonged to someone else, but when she came back scratching again and again in the next few days, we could not turn away. Minette is now a beautiful, proud and loving cat. By the way, she is quite a conversationist and her different meows make us laugh everyday!

Geneva, Switzerland

Poor little Baby Buffkins

I found this sweet child in my backyard 3 weeks ago, nearly blind and close to death from starvation. Her left eye had been gouged out and the other eye had "unknown trauma." (I believe she was tortured.) How this little kitten survived is truly amazing. She is so loving, and has such a great personality. I feel so blessed to have found her. She's now fully recovered, has had her right eye socket sewn shut, and she got some vision back in her left eye. Baby Buffkins is now living the good life (with endless food bowls) and is hanging with my other four rescue cats... showing them who's really in charge.

Cocoa, FL

Our Big Boy

My husband saw this lovely marmalade in the window of a vet's office along with two other kitties for adoption. He innocently suggested we go in and "just look" - we learned Big Boy's owner had moved to Australia and had to give him up. We took him home that day in April 2002 and he has been a loving and affectionate 15 lb wanna-be lap cat ever since!

Eileen and Mark, NYC

Bronx, NY

Mrs Puppy had some puppies, and rescued me!

My fourteen year old husky mix had just passed and I was looking for another furkid who needed me when I found an 8 year old stray mix breed at the local humane society who bowed down to me in her cage. The shelter manager told me she was spayed and could be as old as ten years. Well, this spayed female had a litter of puppies in my basement three weeks later! I helped to whelp them and wean them and then the six puppies all found homes through Pets Alive of Middletown. Mrs Puppy was a great mom, considering she also had to deal with lyme disease, intestinal parasites, blood parasites, and heartworms! She is over all that now. a year later, and is a great dog. She rescued me from despair and is a happy, bouncy member of our household, taking care of me, my husband and our cat.

Liz Geyer
Middletown, NY

The abandoned Collie

I volunteer regularly at our local SPCA, but I was never asked to help with dog baths. For some reason on a Saturday they asked me to help give baths, and I 'found' Kasey--the love of my life-- while giving him a bath. He was 11 years old and his family gave him up for unknown reasons. I knew he would end up being euthanized because of his age. I grew up watching Lassie and I could not bear to leave the Shelter without him that day.

So after his bath, I told him he was going home with me! I went to the front desk, filled out the papers and he jumped into the SUV and stuck his head out the back windows the whole trip home--as if he was ready to conquer the world! When we got home, he jumped up on the leather sofa and took a 2-hour nap. Our 3 female Shelties loved him immediately and they are now his 'harem.' He is sharp and active at age 13 and, as you can tell by his picture, he is ready for summer!

He visits elderly people in nursing homes, loves everyone who he encounters and is the sweetest, most gentle dog at 90 pounds that we have ever had! I sure am glad I was asked to help with baths that day!

Chris Meade
Fishersville, VA


Noah was one of 49 cats living in a studio apartment. The rescue stepped in and at the time I went to find my new Manx buddy I had to choose from about 38 of them. Sheer torture! After about 2 hours of searching this orange and white rumpy manx-mix came slinking into the room. It took 10 minutes before he would let me touch him but once that was done he was not giving up. He ran two steps ahead of me staring up into my face as it to say, "Hey! I'm right here!" I shouldn't have worried about choosing a cat. Noah chose me and he is, paws down, the sweetest boy I've ever met!

Lisa Phelps
Barnstead, NH


I went to one of our local animal shelters and picked out a dog to adopt. The shelter was closing for the day so I asked for them to hold the dog for me, I would be back in the morning to get him. When the shelter opened I was there to pick up "Henry", however, the shelter had put him down the evening before. I was devastated! I knew I had to save another dog. Once I got enough courage to go back in, I found him! There was a beautiful, quiet, black dog that looked like a lab, retriever mix. I instantly fell in love and had to have him. Shortly after bringing "Riley" home, he came out of his shell with lots of energy. He has since calmed down and has become a sweet, quiet love! I still think of Henry and know that he rests in peace and I'm grateful for being able to adopt Riley. He goes with me everywhere possible, camping, hiking, canoeing and to the beach. He's my "bud"!

Britanie Kessler
Raleigh, NC

Personality Plus

Once we decided it was time to add a dog to our life, we started searching Petfinders for a Shar Pei. When we first saw Otis’ online profile, we had no idea we had just found the newest member of our family. Otis was at Desert Dogs Rescue in Tonopah, AZ. He had been abandoned and attacked by dogs but thankfully, the decision was made to fix his wounds. I can only imagine that “that face” got to them the same way it gets us. From the moment we brought him home he was part of the family with a unique personality that makes everyone who meets him love him.

Julie Boney
Phoenix, AZ

Bowman-our best friend

While volunteering with a local dog rescue, a very pregnant female golden retriever was surrendered by it's owners. Four days later she delivered 8 beautiful puppies. We were fortunate enough to pick out the one we wanted even though we wanted them all. We were able to watch him grow and be taken care of by his wonderful mother until he was old enough for us to take him. He has grown to be our Best Friend, Companion and Love. We have no children yet so he is also our little boy, Bowman. Bowman, all of his sisters, brothers and his mother were adopted into loving homes.

Ashley Greenwell
Greenville, SC

Homeless mommy dog

I found Honey in the summer of 2002... I had seen her wandering around near my house for a few weeks. We live out in the country so there were big fields, narrow roads, and some cow farms in the nearby areas. After seeing this dog around my house so much, I finally saw her walking at night time with a litter of 5 puppies. She was so scared and wouldn't come near me. I kept trying to give her some food but she was too afraid to come close. Finally one day after an hour of trying to convince her I was not going to hurt her, she came close and took the food. I got a close look at her and she was skin and bones, had missing fur, and bloody feet.

I leashed her up and took her and her babies to my yard. The puppies got homes easily from neighbors and then I was thinking I should turn the mommy dog into a shelter since I already had 2 dogs. I wound up taking her to my vet to get her cleaned up and it was then that I realized I had to keep her. She is the sweetest most loving girl in the world and having her with me and changed my life for the better.

Charlotte, NC
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