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A Kitty Named Albert

We received word of a kitten sighting at a local grocery store and went to investigate on a Thursday evening. Sure enough, sitting on the curb near some hedges was a young cat. We didn't get a good look at him as he ran off as soon as I stopped the car. So, we left food at the spot and went back the next night. Again, the cat spotted us and ran away. We returned on Saturday a bit earlier than the previous two nights and set a trap near the spot where we'd seen the cat. I retreated to a parking lot across the street to watch the trap while my wife stayed nearby the trap. Sure enough, as dusk fell, a shadowy shape stepped into the trap and within seconds, we had Albert, a handsome Snowshoe Siamese of about 6 months. He was very frightened and panting, from fear, we thought, so we brought him home and kept him quiet for the night. The next morning, Sunday, March 15, I took Albert to a spay/neuter clinic put on by the local feral cat rescue group. Albert was the first cat to be anesthetized and prepped for neuter. When he arrived at the surgical station, he had stopped breathing. The vet revived him and immediately noticed the labored breathing and ordered a chest x-ray. The x-ray revealed a diaphragmatic hernia, a tear in Albert's diaphragm, and the vet estimated that 80% of Albert's internal organs were in his chest cavity, thereby not allowing him to breathe normally. Albert was scheduled for surgery to following Tuesday and kept quiet and sedated until then. The surgery lasted four hours, and, fortunately, Albert survived. He has since recovered fully and was recently adopted into a wonderful, loving home.

Ralph Lombard
Melbourne, FL


In 2001, my family and I moved from Homestead, Florida to just 30 miles north of Daytona Beach, Florida. After a few months, my parents knew it was time to get a dog and decided to go through an animal shelter. Almost half a year later, we found Daisy, a half Long-Haired Dachsund, half Jack Russell Terrier. Even though someone had already placed a hold for her, I knew deep down I was meant to have her and begged my parents to put in a request. Little did I know what effect she was going to have on our lives.

We definitely knew she was abused in her short one and a half year existence. Even eight years later, she still hates an assortment of things, such as feet, rolled up newspapers, little boys, thunder, movement under a blanket, windshield wipers, and even making the wrong face at her can set her off.

But strange enough, this dog has survived jumping off a ten foot high treehouse, jumping into the Homosassa River, and even being hit by a car without having any serious injuries. In her mind, she's as big as a Lab and has nine lives.

And after all of this, I'm so happy I begged my mom to put in that request for her. She constantly makes me smile (even at seven o'clock in the morning when she scratches at my door) and loves to love and to be loved in return. I'm definitely going to miss her when I go off to college and will probably end up coming back home just to see her !

Palm Coast, FL

Little Rascals

It's a long story....we are constantly getting stray cats here. They've got my number. I have 4 indoor/outdoor cats and 2 feral cats I take care of.

I thought "Butchiegirl" was a "Butch"...surprise!!! I found great homes for my babies, though. I kept Louie (far right) and he is my baby. He keeps me LOL! Always getting into troubles. BTW, all my kitties are "fixed" and now there's a new guy in town....sigh.

Yvonne Fent
Manchester, MI


This is a story about Champagne! Our beautiful cat Champagne, let me start at the beginning. Over 19 years ago when our daughter was only 5, she and I were out doing our usual Saturday errands. We were always just popping into the local human's society, but this day we had no intentions of stopping by. I was on the road going about my business when suddenly there was a voice somewhere deep within me to go to the shelter. We drove straight to the shelter, went straight to the 'Cat Room', which is totally out of character since it's the dogs we usually went for. We proceeded to the back of the room and went right to a small cage which housed a very small kitten. It was instant love, but there was a huge problem. When we went to inquire about adopting her, we were told she was not adoptable. In fact, she had been scheduled to be put down; but was forgotten. She was scheduled to be put down that coming Monday! I inquired as to why she was being put to sleep and was told she had an injured leg. After several attempts of pleading to adopt her, the shelter finally agreed to meet me at my local vet's office with Champagne in tow. They also assured me that she would not be adoptable. The vet told us that she had a broken knee cap and that amputation was the only way to correct it. At last the shelter allowed us to adopt her and that Monday instead of being put down, she was at the vet undergoing surgery to remove her leg. After 19 wonderful years, Champagne is still with us -- minus one leg!

Murray, UT

Oscar & Murphy

I grew up with a father who rescued dogs out of kill shelters, the big ones, and the ones who had issues...basically the ones that would be killed...never thought I wanted another dog when I got out on my own...but it must be in our blood! Oscar my Bichon we got from a rescue in NY, and he flew on a plane to Dallas, knew he was our dog the first time we saw his picture. Murphy, we found on the street in Dallas a few weeks ago (my first street dog). Had all intentions of finding a home for him after his treatments....Well, now we have two dogs, who we love dearly! Have had Oscar for 3 years, and Murphy for 3 weeks...we are now a family of four.

dallas, TX

Dog's Prayer

There on the picture, were my two unlikely mates. One English Springer called Bobby and the other Yorkshire Terrier girl called Pixie. They were inseperable and both passed on to a doggie heaven within a months of each other.

Davina Nicholas
Old Coulsdon, United Kingdom

Our Gracie Girl

Sitting alone in an abandoned lot, Gracie had been there for two weeks, a co-worker told me as we drove by to a business luncheon. As soon as I got back to the office, I called our Animal Control Officer, who helped me get her to a vet for treatment for her 100+ ticks and skin disease along with starvation and malnutrition. Seven years later - she is totally "My Girl" beautiful and so sweet and kind. Rescue pets are the best and so is my Gracie!

Annette Smith
Sundown`, TX

Little Shae and her hankie

We found our best girl Shae abandoned in the middle of summer in a New Mexico dog run. She was just 4 months old, left with no water and no food in the blistering sun. We brought her home and she has since stolen our hearts, and our hankies, and we love her to no end!

Cynthia Arevalo
Alameda, CA

My Forever Dog

My sister found Annie as a 2-month old stray in rural Tennessee and was unable to find her owner; when I came from San Francisco to Tennessee to visit I fell in love with the little puppy and took her back to the city with me. She's been with me every day in the 11 years since then and has been my friend and support through the best and worst of those times. I don't know what I would do without her! She is truly my Forever Dog.

Anna M
Grants Pass, OR

Sweet Litle Patches

I had one cat in 2001 and was wanting another cat. I had just lost my 3rd cat in three monthes. It was the worst time in my life. my husband surprised me letting me know that he had a cat waiting for me to be picked up at the vet's office. She been at the vet's office for some time as she was left by the dumpster and was ready to have kittens. They had to wait until her kittens were old enough and they had just recently spayed her. I called and they told me her name was patches and to come by to see her. When I went to see her her fur was scraggely but she had the most beautiful blue eyes i had ever seen. my other cat's name was pumpkin, so how could i change this name. i now have a pumpkin patch. patches is so sweet. she loves to sleep with me at night. she sits on my stomach and goes to sleep while i am watching tv. when she wants food, she just looks at me and meows. when she sees me, she will roll over on her back for me to rub her tummy. If my bedroom door at night is closed, she will run to the door for me to let her in so she can jump on the bed and get ready to sleep. She is a joy and I am so thankful my husband got her for me. I love my sweet little patches with all my heart.

amy cohen
sanford, FL
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