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Hannah Belle

I never expected to have a little dog. Hannah, a full Maltese, came to us by way of my son's former girlfriend. Her mother had allowed her to get a dog then a short time later told her she could not keep it. My son asked if Hannah could stay at our house for a few months. Seven and a half years later she is still here and definitely an important member of our family. Hannah is very smart and extremely funny. I never imagined a little dog could be so much fun! She the leader of our '3- dog pack'. Her favorite way to pass the time is to watch TV (we leave it on for her when we go out). Hannah has found her forever home - Pets are not disposable.

Carmela Dato Galas
McHenry, IL


My husband was coming in the house one night in Sept 2002, when he saw a kitty playing with his keys, he asked the kitty to come in. I saw this starved kitty and fell in love.That night we had to give him tuna due to kitty food. Next day I got the kitty supplies at Walmart. He doesn't need store bought toys, he makes his own. Almost 8yrs later he is the king of the house and king of our hearts. We love him very much! To us he is our son!

Katrin Alyss Rosinski
Roseville, MI

Attracted to the helpless!

My mother's Lab had puppies, and one day when they were only 5 weeks old, she found Oti and Tucker struggling to move around on the floor. She took them to the vet and found out they had coccidia! Oti was already losing his muscle control and almost lay lifeless in her arms! They went ahead with a blood transfusion and waited to see their recovery. Our vet's Boxer kept our babies alive and healthy, as he gave the donation for their transfusion! My mother kept Tucker because there was no way she could give him up! Now, Oti is my AMAZING 10 month old sweetheart because I couldn't resist such a helpless teddy bear!

Knoxville, TN

Sweet rescue kitty..

This is Jezi Cleocatra.

She was born to a litter of kittens in the apartment complex I lived in two years ago. My shelter kitty, Lily Aphrodite, and I invited her in to visit one day. She was immediately part of our family. The two of them clicked, and have been "sisters" ever since.

A typical rescue kitty, she is still skittish and scared around strangers, a little jumpy at times. As her human, I have the honor of being the one she knows she can trust, and she is very affectionate. Like her sister, she sometimes stands on her hind paws when I reach to pet her so she can nuzzle my hand, and she also greets me at the door.

She seems to know my schedule and will sometimes tap my nose with her paw as if to say "wake up mommy, we need breakfast" if I sleep in too late on weekends. If I am away for a couple days she will play hard to get when I first get back, letting me know she is upset with me. It never lasts long, she quickly goes back to being her sweet cuddly self.

Jen Vann
Odessa, TX

A Happy Mothers Day

Already having 4 cats, I was surprised when my son called from a local department store on Mother's Day to say there were kittens being given away from the trunk of a car. When I discovered they had one female calico kitten, I begged him to bring her home to me.

Kiki has developed into a beautiful and independent, but loving little princess. She has brought spunk back into our older cats and loves to help us with everything from taking a shower to working on the computer!

Spoiled rotten and queen of the house, I don't know how we could have gotten along without her!

Jean Wilson
Petoskey, MI

Loving my shelter kitty...

This is Lily Aphrodite.

She adopted me when I visited the Bexar County Humane Society. In the two years since I became her human, she has shown such love and devotion. She will greet me at the door, come to me when I call for her, and when I reach down to pet her she usually stands up on her hind paws to meet my hand, then puts her paws on my hand so she can nuzzle it. If I have to be away for a couple days, she will snuggle close to me and follow me around when I get back, letting me know she missed me. When I brought in another cat, she adopted her like her own, watching over her "little sister" and protecting her. Such a sweetie.

Jen Vann
Odessa, TX

Gracie was in a tree and about to be dinner for Magpies

Several years ago I was nannying four children and we were in the backyard most of the afternoon. During our outside time, I had heard some kitty meows off and on and about the time we were going inside, the meows got more frequent so I investigated and found this tiny white kitten at the very top of a huge cottonwood tree surround by about 6 magpies.

It took about an 45 minutes to love that kitten down inch by inch, but she did it! She followed me with nonstop meows and taking her home that night she didn't stop talking until after midnight when I said say goodnight Gracie after the Burns/Allen show. I also named her Gracie as there is no doubt in my mind that she was under grace to be saved. She a most delightful part of our family and the most loving and vocal!

Cheryl L
Littleton, CO

Everyone deserves a second Chance

I had an "old man" cat named Sammy who went over the Rainbow Bridge one Saturday in November 2009, leaving us with Charlotte, a beautiful tortoise shell colored long-hair cat that my husband rescued from one of his customers' house and Sophie, another rescue kitty. So we were down to two cats and two dogs. The following Monday, my husband came into the house holding something in his hands and said "I think we need to give this little one a second chance" and I looked and saw a little kitten no bigger than a soda can in his hands, all rumpled, matted and covered in fleas. My husband was getting our mail and saw a truck run over the kitten in front of our driveway and had gone over to get what he presumed would be a dead kitten and instead, heard mewing. We named him Chance and took him to the vets where we found out he had a serious upper respiratory infection that had nearly closed off his windpipe. The vet, who loves kitties, said that if we hadn't taken him in and given him a second chance, he would not have lived much longer. He is now a little over 3 months old, neutered and a mama's boy. He often rides on my shoulders, is very curious as the picture indicates and sleeps on or around me every night. While I wasn't sure I was ready for another cat so soon, I cannot imagine life without him because he brings me a great deal of joy.

Darlene Dean
Griffin, GA

Johnny Earl

We adopted Johnny Earl from our local shelter. I had always wanted a Benji dog and he is incredible. I will never go anywhere but a shelter to find my animal companion.

Rita Salenius
Alpharetta,, GA

Three Dog Night

On March 1st, we celebrate the imaginary birthdays of our dogs. Adopted from shelters in three different states, Jesse will be 13, Angus will be 8, and BJ Muggs will be 9. Even though they are all different mixed-breeds, they act like littermates, playing and running together. Their antics keep us smiling up here in the mountains. We heartily endorse adopting adult and senior dogs. They all deserve a second chance to live out their lives in safe and loving homes.

Nancy Nehls Nelson
Asheville, NC
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