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She very politely asked to go home with me

About 4 of us carpooled to a Bill Staines concert held in an elementary school 2 hours from here. On our way inside, an adolescent calico cat came straight up to me, ignoring everyone else, and reached up my leg when I stopped to pet her. Back in the parking lot after the concert, that same young cat came straight up to me as if she had been waiting.

My friends knew that I had just recently said I wanted a calico cat, so they encouraged me to adopt her if she was available. I checked with the school custodian to make sure she wasn't a classroom pet, but he said she'd been hanging around and it'd be great if I took her home. She sat quietly on my lap during the entire trip home and has never done anything wrong since.

I named her Mariachi, for one of my favorite Bill Staines songs.

Callie Jordan
The Dalles, OR


My family and I adopted Rusty about three years ago from a kill shelter in Pennsylvania. We were looking at many dogs that were there all the dogs were barking and most were wagging their tails. And rusty was the only one that looked very sad not barking just laying down and we asked the people that worked there about him. They were saying that he was 2 years old, he was a pitbull/boxer mix. And he had been fought and taken with other dogs from a mans house. The owner went to jail for fighting dogs and the dogs were taken. So we asked the person who was working how long he was there the man said 3 weeks and he was scheduled to be put to sleep within that next week. The man was saying that he wasn't for adoption he was a fighting dog and not adoptable. So we needed to get our property checked like that there was a sturdy fence and that no pets lived close by. That he would be safe and to get a licence to have him living were we live and we did everything. So he looked in really bad shape and we felt so bad for him so we took him home. They said never have pets around and him we have a cat and another dog they all sleep together and play together and get along great. Rusty is 5 now and he loves having other animals to play with he's a really great dog. And I couldn't imagine my life without him! :)

Jennifer Andrews
Bushkill, PA

My little buddy

I adopted Charlie about a year ago from a foster home sponsored by the Northeast Animal Rescue in PA. I fell in love with him as soon as he walked into the room. Charlie has a disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia, which causes him to walk a little abnormally, and he occasionally has muscular twitches. He has no idea that he is different from other kitties! Charlie dashes to the front door when I get home from work, which means he wants to go out for a walk. I take him for walks every day on his little harness and everyone in the neighborhood knows him! He's a local celebrity. When it rains, he's happy to explore the garage for a change of scenery. He loves to splash in his water bowl until it's empty and he loves to chase his sister, Ellie Mae. Charlie warms my heart daily and I'm so glad we found each other!

Lawrence, NJ

I was adopted!

In February 2008, my beloved orange cat, Patch, passed away after a long hospitalization. My whole family - espcially my Dad - were devastated. "No more cats" he said, "I can't go through this again." I grew up with cats and all of them have been shelter cats - they make the BEST pets, no questions, so I was not about to heed his statement!

Several weeks later, I went to a local shelter in Briarcliff, NY, passing dozens of loving faces waiting for a home. When I reached the last cage, I knew I had found "the one." From inside the cage, came an outstretched paw reaching out to me. I asked the attendant if I could hold him, and he immediately snuggled up in my arms and began to purr. The rest is history, as they say.

"Patches" is almost three years old now, and is the absolute love of my life. He brings so much love to the house and follows everyone - espcially my Dad!! - everywhere!

I encourage everyone to rescue an animal from a shelter. They provide comfort when you are sad, companionship, and unconditional love everyday and the house is just not a home without one!

Danielle D
Yonkers, NY

Gingerbread, a loveable mutt

Gingerbread was born in the forest to a stray mother dog and eventually brought to a shelter. We adopted her from the shelter when she was about 8 weeks old. She was the smallest and the most shy of the puppies. She is now almost 2 yrs old and such a good dog! Her favorite game is fetch and she loves going to the beach. We can't imagine our lives without her.

Terri A.
Clearwater, FL

Best Friends!

We adopted Wyler, a tan lab-sheperd mix, from the Atlanta Humane Society while living in Georgia in 2005. We had plans on adopting another dog, but after we moved to Chicago, we spent a few years in an apartment and didn't have enough space for two dogs. In May 2009, we became homeowners, again. The week prior to our move, we found Hannah, a white lab-husky mix, at A Caring Place Humane Society, a local adoption center. We made arrangements for her to move in with us the first night we spent in the home. Six months after adoption, Wyler and Hannah are BEST FRIENDS. They do everything together, including greeting us with wagging tails and smiles each afternoon upon our return home from work! They love their new house, fenced backyard, and new found companionship!

Cassie Wells
Aurora, IL

We were chosen

When I got married I left 3 cats behind in mom's house. So I adopted one kitten almost immediately, but we was unlucky. The white&red adorable female called Linda died just a year old on genetic defect in kidneys. After that I refused to take in another cat. Until one day my husband was returning home followed by a young cat, "not a kitten and not yet a catwoman". Dirty and hungry she passed the door and looked around. I fed her, as I often do, but say radical NO for keeping her. But my daughter decided otherwise. So I said to my husband, if you will tomorrow provide us with what she needs, we will keep her... But if you will forget... And he did. So she stayed and my daughter named her Candy, after her favorite character at English learning website. Now she is full matured in her body but forever playful kitten in her heart. And smart hunter too!

Cairo, Egypt


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My daughter adopted 4-month-old Mozy, short for Moses, after this small kitten was rescued from a tree branch over the Marne River in the Paris region. Heartbreak from the loss of her previous cat left her reluctant to adopt another, but one look at Mozy's perky ears and bright eyes won over her reticence. Coriandra, aka Cory, joined the household soon thereafter to keep Moses company. She'd been orphaned when her mistress committed suicide and was rescued by a pet shelter. All three enjoy an inseparable bond, sharing a sunny, 8th floor Paris apartment, overlooking a huge park, watching endless flocks of birds and admiring neighbors. Life is good for all three.

Phyllis Murphy
Redding, CA


My boyfriends male cat mated with my bestfriends female and out came Cheech. I love my cat so much. And he may just love me more. If i leave for a day or two he will follow me around the house meowing, and when i sit down he will jump on my lap and just LOVE me to death. He cant be without me, and comes to my voice. If he hears me.. He comes a running. Cheechie is the love of my life. I couldnt wish for a better cat/friend.

San Bruno, CA


My daughter adopted Ezmerelda about two years ago from our local Humane Society Shelter. She wanted to save a cat since this is not a no kill shelter. When looking at the cats one of the shelter workers tried to steer her clear of Ezzy because she didn't think she was very cute. My daughter knew then that Ezzy that just had to be the cat to save. She was afraid that no one else would choose her. She has been the sweetest cat with the funniest disposition that we have ever had. She is very loving and so much fun. To make things even better she is polydactyl so she looks like she has mittens. In the picture she is trying to be sneaky and is peeking out from under a chair. I am so glad that she is ours now!

Kimberlee Eriksen
Townville, PA
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