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The Best Pepperoni EVER!

I went to pet store to pick up hamster pellets (for rescued hamsters) & they had chihuahua rescue there -- 21 cheewahs in a pen! This little guy was just sitting in the corner all calm & quiet & shy. The rescue lady put him in my arms & I was instantly in love! But, we weren't ready for another dog yet, so I reluctantly & tearfully gave him back & we got our pellets & went home. I thought of nothing but this wonderful little dog for the next two days & spent all of that time hunting her down so I could apply for adoption. I finally found her & having her hands so full at the time, she brought him over right away & did the home inspection. Pepe -- now The Pepperoni, was in his forever home. He has added so much happiness to our home & our hearts & he finally has a family who loves him so very much & a safe place to spend the rest of his years. We know little about his history, but suspect he was part of a group of chihuahuas rescued from a mill -- possibly a breeder, having not been neutered at 6 yrs old until Chihuahua Rescue got him. But what a fabulous little character he is -- such a cuddle bunny & so loving & fun! He truly is the BEST Pepperoni ever!

Tempe, AZ

Lucky Friday the 13th.

Friday, January 13th, 1995 was a cold day in Iowa especially at 5 a.m. Arriving home from my night job, I heard our dogs barking outside and went to see what was happening. I heard a frantic little voice meowing and saw this bitty kitten making her way across the snow to me. As I picked her up I noticed she had an injury to her tail (no tail left) so stayed up to take her to our vet. Turns out she was six months old and weighed only two pounds. I don't think she would have survived much longer if she hadn't found us. The injury was not recent by the way so our dogs were innocent; she was looking around the kennel for food.

Chloe was home as far as we were concerned. She had surgery to amputate what was left of the tail and treatment for worms including lung worms. Whatever happened to her during those first six months of her life left her afraid of loud noises and skittish of just about everything. She gradually came to trust us and life without her would be unimaginable.

She turned 15 this last summer. We have been blessed with her in our family. When people talk about unlucky Friday the 13th, I just laugh. It was a very lucky day for us and little blue-eyed angel, Chloe.

Andrea Coco
Des Moines, IA

A Nice Surprise

My wife and I visited our local SPCA, to donate items and food and stumbled across little Harper Lee, who'd been picked up as a stray just the day before. She was missing most of her hair, was underweight, and nervously confused by her surroundings. Those problems are gone, for she now is the empress of her domain, and ours.

Steve & Katie
Millville, NJ

Our Dodgerdog!

We were looking for a dog to help us through the transition time of losing our older dog. . .Went to the shelter, planning on adopting. We had our eyes on another dog, but someone else already was looking at him. We decided to make one more pass through the kennels and saw Dodger, just lying in the back of the kennel, looking so sad. They brought him out to us and he was so scared of everybody. He had been in a home with over 130 animals, and only 40 survived. He was extremely underweight. We decided we needed each other. We brought him home (the first two weeks were rough on us all!) and he has developed into our best buddy. That was three years ago. He still has some issues that we may never understand, but it was the best decision we ever made, and we are so glad that he chose us as well! He'is our Dodgerdog!

Terry Fisicaro
Papillion, NE

I love Lucy!

Lucy was a stray puggle that my aunt found in her neighborhood, and I know it was no coincidence that she ended up becoming part of our family. I was going to start volunteering at an animal shelter neaby and it just so happens that it was the same shelter my aunt was going to have Lucy taken to, because it is a no-kill shelter. When I stopped by my aunt's the see her I couldn't believe what a sweet little face she had. It was love at first sight!

Spring, TX

Lost and found

Nov. 17, 2009 my husband was elk hunting in the high desert of southern Idaho. He saw an animal scratching at the ice on a pond, trying to get a drink, and followed her to an old cow carcass which she was chewing on and living in. He coaxed her out and brought her home. She had her front paw injured, probably in a coyote trap, and one toe half gone and infected. She had been out there 6-8 weeks in the freezing cold. She was dehydrated, malnourished, ears and foot infected and she was very smelly. We bathed her twice and then she spent the night at the vet on IV fluids and antibiotics. The Doc said she probably would not have lasted out there one more day. She is still very scared of loud noises and the dark. We think she was lost during bird hunting season in September and caught in the trap for who knows how long. We named her Sadie and after 6 weeks of TLC she is doing much better. She gets along well with our two Labs, Buddy and Sassy, and Chewy the cat, and has been a lovely addition to our family.

Buhl, ID

Silly Sam

I heard meowing coming from under my sister's truck. When I looked I saw a tiny kitten with mange covered ears, a bony little body and massive whiskers. I couldn't even tell what color her coat was. Today, Sam is a healthy tricolored sweetheart! She is nothing but love and silliness. We are so lucky to have received such a special gift.

Ashley Vinals
Miami, FL


Someone dumped Echo and his brother at our church. We just couldn't leave them there, so we brought them home. Echo weighed 9 oz and his brother 4 oz and were about 2 weeks old. I'm sorry to say the brother died, but Echo thrived. We originally intended to nurse him back to health and find a home for him, but we just couldn't give him away. He's now a 6 mo old little ball of fire who brings much pleasure and entertainment into our lives.

Bell, FL

the dog I didn't want

I had lost two dogs and wasn't looking for another. I wasn't over the heartbreak.My girlfriend got a call as I was taking her to work from the Downey,Ca aspca. Saying Murphy was going to be put down if he wasn't pick upby noon. She asked if I wanted a dog, I said NO, but I'd go pick him up for her. It was about a mile from where I picked him up to her work. I walked in with Murphy and said never mind finding him a home, he was mine. He's been with me for over 12 years and 6 states.

He has to have his tennis ball. It's 8 below and I still have to take him out for a couple of throws. If I don't he lays down and stares at me with the saddest look until I give in. He has trained me well.

kris fobes
Hinton, IA

Little Leftovers

It's been over 2 yrs since I brought little Leftovers home. My mom's landlord wanted to get barn cats to catch mice, but he brought home two tiny kittens!! We tried to tell him that they were too small to be left outside all alone, but he refused to listen to us. Sadly one kitten disappeared and the second one ended up being attacted. My mom found her outside next to the porch shivering and covered in blood and saliva. Something had tried to eat her!! So I wrapped her in a towel and took her away to come live with me. Sadly her vocal cords were damaged so she can't meow well and instead she kind of squeaks, and her sense of balance is a little off...but that doesn't slow her down! Lefties loves to follow us around and 'help' with anything going on in the house. She is one of the sweetest cats I've ever had and I'm so grateful that we found her in time!!

Angie Rae
Buffalo, NY
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