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The Bunnies of EMS

I work at EMS, a school in Englewood, NJ. When I started working there 4 years ago, I had never imagined that I would be the proud owner of 3 bunnies today. I had an 11 year old bunny, Coco, who died from cancer, and I wasn't sure if I wanted another one.

First I met Clover, a 10 year old, who was a classroom bunny that I took home for break and he "retired" with me. Then came Henrietta. She wandered onto a teacher's driveway one day and I got a call from the teacher saying she was bringing her to class. She was clearly a domestic rabbit who was released into the wild to fend for herself. We cleaned her up, fed her and a week later, she had 4 babies. Out of the 4, 3 survived and the kids named them Milk, Oats and Honey. The teacher and I carefully interviewed parents/students who thought they wanted to take one or two home, but we did not find anyone that would be a good fit. Not wanting to turn them in to a shelter, I took Milk and Oats home and Henrietta stayed at school with Honey. They reside in the science classroom, which is like none that I have seen in any school. It is a large room filled with animals that the children not only learn about, but also how to respect. A trip to the vet revealed that Henrietta and her children are all healthy. The babies are now 6 months old and have all been spayed/neutered.

I adore all of the EMS bunnies and hope for Easter, people will think twice about buying a rabbit for a child just because they think it is cute. Give them a nice chocolate or plush bunny instead.

New City, NY

Tough Cookie

2 1/2 years ago my sister answered a classified for a FREE bunny and found this little mini-rex living in a sheep pen in the backyard. No shelter - she had dug holes in order to get out of the fickle Vermont weather. At the end of my visit, I brought her back with me to New Mexico (thanks to Delta for allowing animals in-cabin!) What a little trooper she was, being bounced around in her carrier during those 2 insanely short layovers as I ran to catch the next plane. Just a few months ago Daphne underwent intensive surgery for a huge 1/4 lb. tumor that seemed to grow on her stomach over the course of a week. It was heavily vascularized, sure to be malignant. She came through the surgery with flying colors, and 3 months later she is still tumor-free (but I keep checking!). Here's hoping the vet got all the cancer out and Daphne will live to a ripe old age and continue to wake me up in the morning by jumping on the bed and digging at the covers.

Albuquerque, NM

I Found my Soul Mate!

Eight years ago when I least expected it I found Calico. She was a stray cat and jumped in my car one day. I decided to take her home and keep her as my own. As the years have gone by we have become very attached to each other. She wants to be near me all the time and has to be close to me when she sleeps. So much so that she needs to touch me with a paw or lie right next to me. It's like we have the same personalities in a way. I love her very much and can appreciate how much animals can give people and really don't want anything back but love. She is a great companion to me and I'm thankful to have her in my life.

Lisa Gullotto
Charleston, SC

Gordon the supercat

When I saw Gordon in the shelter, he had no hair around his neck due to an allergic reaction to a flea collar and was sitting in his litter box. The shelter was surprised I chose him. But he's turned out to be the BEST cat and my steady companion over the past decade. He's so special, in fact, that my husband has said, "If you bred Gordon with another cat, would you get a cat or would you get a Gordon?"

Heather Hax
Baltimore, MD

Bricky the superdog

Terrier X, named by my then three-year old sister who thought that as our grandmothers dog was called "Woody", Bricky was a suitable name. We've now had him for over 13 years after picking him up as an abandoned 4 year old. Despite a bit of arthritis and being hard of hearing, he's going well for 17years young, chasing our chooks round the backyard and begging for food. We love our old man.

Melbourne, Australia

Pinky picked ME

Our township animal shelter recently combined with another city's shelter and was overflowing with cats and dogs. This is not a no-kill facility and consequently there were pleas in the local paper/cable station for adopting a rescue. I'd lost my cat Boudreaux about 6 months before and wasn't sure if I was ready for a new kitty. I walked into the shelter's cat cove where it was pretty silent except for some energetic meowing coming from an orange/white shorthair. As I walked passed his cage he immediately stuck out his paw; the shelter aide opened the cage and Pinky jumped onto my shoulder. Well what could I do except plunk down my $25 and head home with this little rascal who is the best entertainment! He loves to cuddle with me by the fire and watch TV; his favorite show is "Dancing with the Stars!" And oh yes, Pinky is a real charmer - loves company and socializing!

Joanna Mieso
Edison, NJ

Our Sweet Roxanne--She Stole My Heart!

I liked to to to Midwest Friends of Animals to play with the cats as often as possible.

I have a fondness for tuxedo cats, but hadn't noticed Roxanne the first few times I visited. Once she was pointed out to me, I picked her up and we bonded instantly! A few weeks later I brought her home to join our brood. She loves spending the day in the cool basement then coming upstairs and being social in the late afternoon and evening. She sleeps just above my pillow and I can feel her purring during the night!

Hymera, IN

They threw him out on the street

A friend of ours (we live in Mexico) about three years ago, called my wife and asked her if she could take a picture of a dog she had rescued. She would then post his picture on the internet to see if she could get him adopted.

She brought over Peluche (in Spanish, Peluche means "stuffed toy"), and as soon as my wife answered the door and saw Peluche, she exclaimed, "Oh no, this dog is mine.

Peluche is now part of our family including (Simba (Gringo) and Shikira who we rescued in Guadalajara.

There are no words to describe how much we love Peluche and the daily pleasure he provides us.

Al Bloom
Chapala, Mexico

our Pepe

While eating dinner one evening a news flash came on about a water problem at the animal shelter about 40 mi from us. They reported they were going to have to find shelter for about 50 animals or the least adoptable would be euthanized. I volunteer for a rescue group and decided to jump in and see what we could do. I went on line and saw Pepe - that was it! I went early the next morning with my husband and other rescue and he came "hobbling" out with a broken leg, skin and bones, ear mites but with the most eager look to be loved in his big ol eyes. I picked him up and we knew he was going home with us after he lathered me in kisses as though he was waiting for me! The vet thought he was about 9 mos to 1 yr old. After getting him all fixed up, he has been the most loving little dog ever and has paid us back much more than we have invested. He entertains all he meets with his personality and "talking" abilities. He goes to Petsmart Playtime each week and is always a big hit, we take him to a nursing home once in awhile where he also showers love on everyone. People do not know what they are missing by not giving these wonderful animals a second chance at life - they are enternally greatful. Most of all were blessed to have him in our life and we will be celebrating his 7th birthday on April 1st with a party at Playtime.

Carol Favre
Raleigh, NC

Ra Kistmet Gill - My Little Sun God

I adopted Ra after losing my beloved Tiger Lily. He's a 3 mths old Shepherd xBurmese Mountain Dog. Saved from the pound's death row by Moorook Animal Shelter. His Mom brought up Ra and his sister in and around the streets of Moorook. She did a wonderful job, for Ra is a ray of sunshine in both my life and his Big Bro Zeus, Ra's Zeus' shadow! He's very loving, very smart, does sit, drop and stay. Is an Angel to walk, he's so confident! And VERY handsome - cute kid hey? Street kids do make the very best companions. Loving, Loyal and so keen to learn. He's full of puppy mischief and very creative with it too but AHHHHH those puppy kisses! Do adopt a street kid and don't overlook the big boys! They are gentle giants and have so much love to give! Ra's Mom and sister, plus his friend Grizzly are also looking for homes. I'd have them all but the council will not allow it(:

Adelaide South Australia, Australia
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