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Little Archie

I volunteer at the St Francis SPCA no kill shelter. Last July they rescued about 30 puppies from a puppy mill. Little Archie was one of them. For some reason he captured my heart over all the others. Since volunteering at the shelter I have been under strict orders by my husband not to adopt any dogs as we already have two labs at home. Every time I would go to the shelter I would make a point of visiting with Archie. One day I noticed that he was sad and not acting like a puppy. He was diagnosed with parvo and kennel cough. Luckily it was caught in time. It was a long haul for the little guy, but he became a spunky puppy again. In the meantime, I was working on my husband to adopt him. My husband has a big heart so I knew if he met him, he would fall in love. I am happy to say our family has increased by one so it is now my husband, myself and our 3 boys - the four-legged variety. We couldn't be happier!

Kenosha, WI


Before there were animal rescue websites, in early 1995 I came across a woman in Texas in a chat room who had had 2 abandoned dogs roam onto her farm. I arranged with her to ship the 2 dogs to California as I worked for a rescue organization at the time.

They arrived ridden with fleas and emaciated with obvious signs of abuse. The Rhodesian Ridgeback mix was confident and was adopted right away but the buff colored lab-greyhound mix was too fearful and not adoptable. I knew there was much rehab in her future so we worked on her fearfulness over the months and I came to love her. She saw me through multiple years of depression, stayed by my side, kept me company and slowly we overcame the odds together. She lived 16 long, happy years, overcame her fearfulness and died peacefully this past April.

We will always have her in our hearts. Open you heart to a rescue dog and you will never be the same. They all deserve a second chance and give far more than they ever receive.

j almon
redwood city, CA

Heidi, Our Cutey

My dog of 16 years had passed away 3 months prior when we were introduced to Heidi, a chow-mix. A co-worker brought her to work after she had witnessed a driver push her out of his vehicle into a corn field & speed away. That was over 13 years ago. Heidi has been a blessing to our family ever since. She used to be afraid of riding in vehicles, but when we introduced her to RV camping, that fear slowly disappeared. Now she runs to the truck hooked up to our travel trailer when she sees it in the driveway! She's seen a lot of states & hopefully will see more in 2010 when my husband & I take a 25th anniversary RV trip to Grand Teton & the SD Badlands. Just one look into Heidi's eyes makes you fall in love with her. We thought we were going to loose her earlier this year from an extreme bout of irritable bowel disease & a stroke. But she's pulled through & seems to enjoy life & cuddling more then before. Thank you God, for bringing us Heidi. We love her very much.

Jackie Straub
Yorkville, IL

A Loving Little Peanut

I found Peanut at Little Shelter in Huntington. When I walked into their "kittens" room he came running right to me, so I scooped him up and he quickly fell asleep in my arms. My selection became obvious and Peanut came home with me that day. He's 5 years old now and I feel my life would be totally incomplete without him. Everyone who meets him falls in love with his personality and he's converted many friends of mine into cat-lovers.

Bayport, NY

Our Yellow Line Cat

I saw this little orange cat laying right on the yellow line in the middle of the road around the corner from our house. He had been hit by a car and left for dead. I thought he passed away until he moved his head very slightly, and I knew I had to do something.

I immediately pulled over, scooped him up before he was hit again by an unsuspecting driver and rushed him to the nearest 24 hour animal hospital. I said a prayer that he woudn't die on my lap while en route, and once arrived, I noticed he had been bleeding profusely from the face and my left pant leg was literally soaked in blood. The dr. told me had he been rescued even minutes later, he would have certainly died from shock and succombed to his injuries.

Fast forward to almost 6 years later....Skecher is completely healthy and is the most loyal cat I have ever seen and is always on my lap or at my feet wherever I go. He knows I was was the one who scooped him up from the road that day and shows his gratitude every minute he's awake, and never lets me out of his sight.

I have never been so attached to an amimal as I am with Skecher and I'm thankful to have him in our life.

Daniel & Tammy
Issaquah, WA

Adopting a labrador retriever

Adopting a purebred lab is easy -- we just wait until they are a year old and abandoned because they are too big and exuberant, require too much attention and exercise, and no one trained them. Buddy was the third lab we've adopted that way over the years. Since we have the room to exercise, the patience to train, and the commitment to keep them, we have gained the loving, joyful companionship of these wonderful dogs.

Goshen, NY

Noah Rescued from the Boat

A good friend rescued a tiny kitten from a boat in her back yard. She was unable to keep it and was going to have to send him to a shelter but when she brought him into work for us to see, I fell in love. I named him Noah and he gets along tremendously with my other two cats, Tako and Javi. He makes a wonderful addition to our family.

Shawn Johnson
New Orleans, LA

The world's sweetest boy

Bear was our first rescued dog. His mom was feral, and he started his life living with his littermates in an abandoned car in the woods.

When we adopted him, we had no idea how much joy he would bring us. He loves everybody. Cats, people, goats, children, frogs, whatever... Bear loves 'em. He's pictured here with "his" cat Elizabeth. She used to be terrified of dogs, but Bear won her over with his sweet ways. He once rescued a hurt newborn bunny by standing over it and guarding it and whining until we came to investigate.

Bear inspired us to get more involved in animal rescue, and we're now fostering other wonderful dogs who need permanent homes.

Richmond, VA

Our Rescuers

My husband rescued Sophie (right) and I rescued Hilde on the same day from two separate shelters without the other knowing they had done so. We had each lost our former companions within months of one another and were in need of feline love again. We brought them home the same day and they bonded instantly - with us and with each other. We were in need of rescuing from our love lost as much as they were in need of loving homes. We're not certain who needed who most, but are one happy family of four now!

Stephanie N. Cottrell
Denver, NC

love in my life

Burke and I just celebrated our one year anniversary! I had been searching for a month online and ended up adopting him from a local facility. Burke was badly starved and hand shy from his previous owners. It literally broke my heart to see this beautiful dog in such bad shape. The local facility director had actually saved him from a kill run because he was so docile and sweet. I brought him home and worked with him slowly to get him to trust me-- now he never leaves my side. It makes me so happy to come home to him every day; I can’t even explain how much he has enriched my life. I encourage everyone I know to bring that kind of love into their life if they can!

St. Paul, MN
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