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Our sweet little "Lucy"

We wanted to save a dog from a shelter to be companions with our other little guy, Felix. We went to the SLA Shelter adoption in the park, and completely fell in love with our little Lucy. She was abandonded on the streets of LA as a pup and thankfully found her way into our home and our hearts. It feels as if she has always been with us. We can't imagine our home without her!!!

Sam Judis
Encino, CA

Best cat for my son!

I got my kitty from a local rescue. They had rescued him and his siblings from a local cat hoarder. I initially went for the female runt of the litter but when I arrived to see the kittens I realized the little runt would not be tough enough for my huge male cat at home. I took the biggest of the kittens, a little orange boy. They warned us that the kittens were inbred as the hoarder had started with just a brother and sister and so might have some problems mentally. This has proven to be true and Scooter does have some memory and separation anxiety problems. However he is the sweetest most loving cat I have ever met. His favorite place is in my two year olds arms. My son is pretty rough, he is a boy after all, but scooter just loves him to death. He is the only cat I trust not to scratch my son. I have even seen Collins grab Scooter by the tail and scooter just patiently laid down and waited for him to let go. He has been a great tool for me to teach my son about being gentle and nice to those that are smaller. He is perfect for my family and he will be with us for the rest of his life.

Van Labadie
Cambridge, MA

Karli's Tale

It all started with a news story of an animal hoarder in our area. This woman had over 200 animals about 165 of them were dogs. These animals were living in horrible conditions, no food or water, and neglected beyond your imagination. Living in filth, in tiny cages, malnourished, un-socialized, and some very ill without any treatment at all. Our local shelter took in these animals and the dogs were temporarily housed in a small warehouse not far from our house, my mother and I did not hesitate to jump into action. Taking donations to start, but then we got wind that they were in need of volunteers, we spent every weekend with these dogs taking care of them and giving them as much attention as we could. We came across so many dogs that stole our hearts, pit-bulls, mutts, labs, and a few hound dogs. There was one hound dog that stuck out among the rest of the dogs, she is beautiful! Great markings and an even better personality! Need less to say we adopted this pretty girl and she is a wonderful addition to our family! Her name is now Karli and she fits in great with our family of hound dogs, a beagle (Maddie) and a beagle basset(Nitro)! This girl is a people lover always at the door to greet you when you come home and always at your side! Which many of these dogs were people friendly and this amazed me considering the life they have lived but dogs are forgiving and amazing animals. I am happy to announce that as of today March 26th 2010, there are only 18 dogs left out of the 165, but trust me efforts have not stopped to find homes for these guys and gals either!

Newton Falls, OH

Spoiled Silly

Well I have 7 cats now and each is special to me, but my 3 boys( Louie, Panda and Rocky) hold a very special place. We took their mother, Leia in when she was 10 months old and pregnant. We knew at such a young age, Leia would need the help, we just never imagined we would end up saving her life and all 5 of her boys! Rocky was stuck trying to come into this world. After about 30 minutes, we rushed Leia to the vet and they had to help her deliver those little monkeys! Once all 5 were OK we brought them home and 1 week later, Leia got very sick and almost died. So we hand raised these 5 babies from 1 week of age on. We developed such a bond with all 5 boys over the weeks and letting them go was so hard. We gave one to a good friend and one to my mother. We kept the 3 boys and Leia. I could not imagine my life without them. About 1 year later, we took in Leia's "sister" from outside, and Thumper was a perfect fit with my crew. Although, my oldest wasn't happy with any of the new arrivals, he is OK now. We just took our 7th, a month ago. Sundae is scared of the others and we are working on making her feel safe but she is the biggest love. Needless to say my babies are spoiled silly everyday! They wouldn't have it any other way and neither would I!! :-)

Deerfield Beach, FL

Tyler moved right in, to our hearts!

I volunteer at a local shelter with dogs a few times a week. A friend who worked in the cattery said there is a kitten (approx 9 mos old) that is such a charmer & I just HAD to meet him. His name is Tyler & when you open his cage door he jumps right on your shoulder and stays there. So I asked "How is it possible that this cutie has been here 6 months & has not been adopted?" Well, Tyler has feline leukemia and because it is incurable & he cannot be around other cats that don't already have it, it makes him rather unadoptable. I have a 153 lb pit-weiler & I've never had a cat in the home with him, so would Dozer accept Tyler? I wasn't sure. But I couldn't leave without him, so at first I agreed to foster him, try the two pets together & was determined to learn all I could about FeLV+ cats. They can live very long lives without ever getting sick, so on Xmas Eve (2009) I brought Tyler home & introduced him to Dozer. I never even had to separate them, not even for 5 minutes. They are best buds, brothers, they play together & sleep together. Tyler's nickname around my house is "The Shadow" becuase he follows Dozer everywhere he goes. As of March 22 (2010), Tyler was officially adopted into my home. The only issue...I get even less of my bed now then before!

Barbara Blackman
Voorhees, NJ

Our Murphy

I was raised in a family that loves and appreciates adopting, rescuing and caring for animals that need homes. So when Murphy found me in 1995, there was no question about me taking him in. My husband and I think he was 6 months to a year old at that time. It didn't take long for him to take over our home and hearts.

He is 16 now and though he moves a little slower and sleeps a lot more, he still looks forward to his afternoon walks.

There is nothing like rescuing or adopting a pet. They show their love and gratitude in so many ways.

Buffi Wilder
Bend, OR

My Marigold

I didn't really find Marigold, she found me. I had been volunteering at a veterinary hospital that also takes in strays or rescues. I was getting ready to go home when our veterinarian told me about a mixed breed that had been abandoned and was in the back whining when I came in. I asked if I could see her and right when she opened the door Marigold ran towards me. I had to adopt her then and there! She's so loving! That was four years ago and still one of the best decisions I've ever made :)

Raleigh, NC

Mr. O'Malley

One day I made a stop at our local fish/pet store to purchase some fish. Well I always have to go and see the puppies and kittens they have for adoption and I fell in love with O'Malley. He was a shelter dog who was rescued by the petstore. We have two other dogs and they have all bonded very well. He's a very playful puppy which my biggest dog loves because he is partly the same breed (German Shepherd) and both love to play tug 'o war with their toys. He's such a sweetheart! I think rescue dogs are the best!

Sonya Morgan
Knoxville, TN

Make room for Garfield!

Here he is, exhausted after pawing and punching his way out of a paper sack. Garfield (aka Garfy, aka Bigfatredcat) loves to hide out in paper bags and wait for an unsuspecting kitty to pass...

But Garfy wasn't always so comfy and happy. When his owner lost her home to foreclosure and had to move in with relatives, he and his companion kitty were forced to live shut in a closet all day while she was at work. It seems the home owners' dogs wanted to have the kitties for lunch! Garfy's cat companion was adopted out, but no one wanted him because he was eight years old. Imagine spending eight or ten hours a day alone in a closet!

When I heard of his plight through an artist friend and fellow cat lover/rescuer, I just had to offer him a home with wide open spaces. I already had eight cats (all rescues and foundlings) but I figured I could make room. I just couldn't let a handsome red tabby like Garfy go on living in limbo.

He adjusted quickly and soon began begging to go out the cat door and onto my 43 acres with the other kitties. He's been so active that the "fat" part of his nickname no longer applies! But every evening he can be found on my lap or right next to me on the couch.

He's a delight. I hope everyone will consider an "older" cat and always adopt an animal in need rather than breed or purchase one.

Patrice Young
Toccoa, GA

Dainty Dewey Decimal -- the Triple D finds a retirement home

I first made Dewey's acquaintance 5 years ago when I was walking through my neighborhood one night. She cried at me and it soon

became clear that she was hungry. I brought her some dry food and

after that, we were friends. More than food, she needed love. I would drop by her house and call her name and she'd come out to rub all over me. Dewey turned out to be 15 years old. She had been declawed and living outdoors most of those years. This year the owner saw that it was true love and agreed to let me adopt Dewey and give her an indoor home. Now Dewey has her own room with a view and my affection in her old age. My other 3 cats (Mercury, Artemus, and Molly, all rescued cats) are adjusting. There's nothing like the love of a rescued cat.

Carolyn Wolfe
Boise, ID
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