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Thank you to the Vet that saved my dog

Tanay, a red nosed american staffy was unable to walk after being hit by a car.We all went to say goodbye and loud cheering erupted when we saw she was able to urinate.! The vet agreed to keep her till abandonment could be proved, as legally she was still owned by her previous owner. She makes every one smile and is the most popular dog around .

She lives with a cat , ( initially knicknamed car seat cover as she was so soft and fluffy) who was adopted from a litter after I had fostered her mom and siblings. We found two other kittens under the bed one day but managed to find them homes as it was near Christmas. Rescued animals rock!

sydney, Australia

Chewy finds his forever home

Chewy looked expectantly to each person who came to the back room of the Humane Society of York County, Fort Mill, South Carolina. He had been there since he was a few weeks old and now he had passed his first birthday and no one had chosen him. He is a chow/shepherd mix and at first glance appears very menacing with his ferocious bark. Chewy was about as unadoptable as you can be. But Moe, the volunteer told me that he was a sweet boy. I took him for a walk and fell in love with his sweet nature. I determined to foster him and find him a forever home.

I took Chewy home to meet our two shelter dogs, Beau and Gigi, bichons and he liked them right away, especially chasing Gigi all over the back yard until she turned the tables and started dogging his heels. Chewy lived up to his name chewing up our drip line, the hose to our garden fountain, lawn furniture, etc. We tried everything to find a home for Chewy but several weeks went by. Finally one of our neighbors who said he reminded him of a pet they had adopted him. Chewy must have thought he died and went to dog heaven as he has a fenced in "forest preserve" for a back yard, a doggie door to an airconditioned area in the garage with a heated bed in the winter and constant running water and two boys eight and ten to play with. He was so happy he soon chewed all he skirting off of their trampoline but by that time he had won their hearts and Chewy had found his forever home.

Carol Magnuson
Fort Mill, SC


My boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment in Portland and immediately knew something was missing. Back in LA we used to feed the stray cats and we decided we were ready for a kitty of our own. We went straight to the Oregon Humane Society to look at all the cats who needed a second chance. We saw one tiny, 4 pound kitty curled up in a ball in one of the cat rooms and asked about her. She had been adopted from the Humane Society months earlier, abandoned and then returned to the Humane Society by someone who had found her as a stray - all before she was even 10 months old! She curled up in my boyfriend's arms and started purring. We took her home that day and named her Gnocchi, because she is our tiny little "potato pasta"-size kitty!

Portland, OR


Shortly after having to say goodbye to my baby of almost 15 years, Vern, after a long and stressful illness, I couldn't take the emptiness. I went on and found this handsome little guy who had been in foster care for 6 months after his first 7 months of life on the street. I saw that face and that was it for me. Tucker has been a God send for me during a very painful time. He is a lovable little cuddle bug, who is also playful and silly and just brings a smile to my face every time I look at him. I am grateful to Green Street Rescue, who kept him safe and taken care of until I was ready to bring him home.

Kimberly Kessleski
Philadelphia, PA

Buddy, our miracle lion dog

After having to put down my mom & dad's beloved SharPei, Bubba, my 81 & 82 year old parents said they would never get another dog - until I saw Buddy, a "lab mix" on a web site for a small country animal shelter. I couldn't get him off my mind and literally forced my parents to go for the "ride". Five minutes after arriving at the shelter 100+ pound Buddy was in the back seat between myself and my mom, huge head in mom's lap. We got him home, he made the rounds of his new 1/2 acre playground, went into the house and plopped himself down by mom. This two year old "puppy" has never touched the artificial flowers or stuffed toys that are on Bubba's grave. He Knows!! He never once has jumped up on anyone, no accidents in the house, very little barking and does not leave their yard. When he started to shed his winter hair we saw the prominent stripe up his back - we had ourselves a Rhodesian Ridgeback - our "Lion Dog"! Much to our amazement he was "Mom's Dog" - He was by her side always. Again "He Knew" - months before we did, he knew, that our wonderful, giving mom had cancer that would take her life three short months after being diagnosed - and Buddy was at her side, head on her hand, until the end. Now our "miracle lion dog" is my dad's constant companion and we don't know what we would do without him. He is 108 pounds of loving, spoiled dog. He has his nightly ice cream with Dad without fail. We thank the Grantsville, Utah Amimal Shelter for giving us this wonderful animal and we thank God for him every day.

Cheryl Knott
Riverton, UT

Behaved? Maybe not. Loved? definitely!

Our newest pet, Scooby Doo, is a part Pit, part German Shepherd mix that we adopted from a local rescue, Animal Ark, when he was 8 months old. When I went to look at him, he was already bigger than the ad advertised he’d ever get—still I knew with the type of dog he was he’d have a hard time being placed, so I took him home. He’s a bit of a Marley-type dog who, at a year and a half years old, still chews on everything and with his hundred pounds will bowl you over. But he has a big heart and will even let me stick my hand in his mouth to retrieve any item which has found its way there. It just goes to show that even dogs who aren’t cuddly or well behaved need love and a home too!

Savona Holmes
Lewiston, ID

Finding Zoey

My husband and I had been without a dog for a year and a half. We decided it was time, so I went to our local shelter looking for a lab cross. An adult female, looking rather elderly, was the only lab cross there. She had been picked up in a neighboring town, running loose, skinny and full of fleas. Labeled a strong and somewhat difficult dog, she had been at the shelter for four months. We visited and walked our "Zoey" for a few weeks and then brought her home. She was not so strong or difficult that love, attention, and training couldn't fix. She has responded by adapting beautifully to our household of cats, barn full of horses, and acres of land on which to run, play, and swim. She is sweet and loving, a wonderful dog thoroughly attached to the two of us, as we are to her.

Dorian Huneke
Treadwell, NY

Maine Attraction

After our first Maine Coon died (of old age), we decided that we really wanted another. Over the years, we have adopted several cats from local shelters so that's where we started. We got lucky on our first visit! There was a fuzzy gray cat, about 7-8 months old who had just been brought in that day. Some nice lady found him, took him to her vet to have a rabies shot & then dropped him off. It was love at first purr. He smelled terrible & had burrs & knots in his tummy fur. After a bath & a tummy trim, he made himself completely at home.

Prozak's job is to sleep & spread gray fur around the house - he has mastered both. The 1" long gray fur he started with has matured into a beautiful 4" long silky coat, but he loves it when we cut it short for the summer. He drags his string toy around, he talks to us and he whines like a baby for treats. All in all, Prozak has us completely under his furry power.

Marie Adkins
Dallas, TX

Sweet Bentley

Bentley is a Chow-chow/Golden Retriever mix. I adopted him from my niece in California, who adopted him from the local animal shelter when he was a puppy. I flew him home with me and that was 11 years ago. He's the sweetest doggie - so gentle and gives the best doggie kisses. Bentley is 12 years old now and has large-cell lymphoma. He's been receiving chemo drug therapy for about 8 weeks.

One of the things I love about Bentley is his constant 'happy' attitude. He still wags his tail, plays with his two 'brothers' (also both rescued), and greets the walkers and joggers at our back fence. I'm sad that eventually Bentley will succumb to the cancer, but until then he and I will live each day to the fullest. He's brought nothing but joy to my life.

To those out there searching for the 'perfect' dog - visit your local animal shelter. Rescued animals have a way of living with a grateful attitude. And so should we.

Flower Mound, TX

Pipp I. Longstocking

It took a year and a half of searching the rescue pages to find the perfect match for me and my two boy dogs. Pipp I. Longstocking is the sweetest, happiest, hardest working and cutest girl dog. Pipp completes my three Muskateers. If I don't mention the fact that she is deaf, nobody would ever know. A big thank you from the four of us to the rescuers that help give the greatest gifts to man a second chance.

Fuzzy Harrison
Crofton, BC, Canada
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