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Engine Kitty

My mother and her neighbor had found a kitten in a car engine. My mother called me for help and told me of this kitten's situation. Tink had a very bad respiratory infection and my mother couldn't keep him because she had 7 cats of her own and I only had 2. So I went and got Tink, and prayed all the way home he would make it.Took him to the vet and got him medicine. Today, Tink is doing well and we have a special bond. He is the love of my life. He is my Casanova.

Jen I
Leesburg, IN

Bike Ride

My fiance and I were biking through a wilderness reserve. We had already biked an hour when we saw a gray cat crying by the trail. It came to us purring. I couldn't leave it so my fiance reluctantly agreed to take him with us. The cat stayed curled up in my lap, even in the rain for an hour while my fiance went back for the car.

Already having two cats at home we knew he couldn't stay with us. Over the next few days we tried every shelter we could find. All of the regular shelters told us they were full and were euthanizing any new animals, all the no kill shelters were full but said we could get on a waiting list, so we did.

When I took him to the vet she said he had been someone's pet since he was neutered and very affectionate but had probably been 'released into the wild' a couple months ago since he was so skinny. He had no microchip and online lost pet ads never turned anything up.

We fell in love with this gentle cat, unfortunately my male cat, Oscar did not. Our quiet home became a war zone and over the weeks it only got worse.

Recently my parents separated and my mom now lives with my aunt leaving behind our pets. I coaxed my aunt into taking the cat for my mom, my aunt already has a Himalayan that resembles a polar bear and a feral cat they take care of.

My mom and her new cat, Alex keep each other company and are both a lot happier. Peace is restored in our house. We have not gone on a bike ride since my fiance is afraid of what else I'll find.

Warren, OH

Pebbles-from Alabama to Pennsylvania -rescued!

I had been searching for another dog for about 6 months when I read about Pebbles' plight on Petfinder. It was a Thursday evening and she was scheduled for euth. the following Monday. The shelter volunteers sent out a plea to save her, and hubby and I agreed she was the perfect little girl to add to our 2 dog family. A transport of 9 other dogs had been arranged from this shelter to Pa, and I asked if Pebbles could be put on the transport with them. Transport fell though, but a gal from Pittsburg decided to make the trip herself, alone. She brought Pebbles to within an hour of where we live, and there she was! She is a silly, quirky little girl, spunky and full of life. That is until bedtime, when she lets us know she is tired and wants us to go to bed! There is no staying up late since Pebbles arrived! She is also a "morning person", up early, ready to start the day! Thank you Carrie for bringing her to us! We really love Pebbles and so do our 2 bullies!

Sandy B
Jim Thorpe, PA

No Greater Friend - Fred

12 years ago we adopted Fred from the local shelter. He was the only one out of his litter of pups that was adopted. He has been the best dog/friend anyone could ever ask for. Our only child was born with a severe birth defect and Fred took such great care of him. Then he helped us through the death of Grandma and 14 months later, the death of our child, both from cancer. If Fred were not here to "need" us, we would have gone over the deep end. Fred is our life now, we live for him and he is very spoiled, but deserves every bit of it. He's our buddy.

Shaw Lamb
Gardnerville, NV

A Rocky Road has a smooth ending!

This is Rocky, the first day I brought him home. He was one of the many JFK cats that were rescued from our parking lot. Looong story, but the Port Authority, under new management, decided that after decades of existing at the airport, they suddenly were a threat to aviation safety.

Well, they rounded up dozens of cats from all over the airport and at our parking lot left about 10 behind with nowhere to go - they also took away all the shelters, etc. One by one I trapped and relocated all of them.

Rocky was one of the last ones I got. He was fostered for a month in my friend's shed, intending to find a good home for him. We kept him confined in a nice cage, as it's much easier to socialize them that way. He loved being pet and would even give me his belly to rub.

Trying to find him a home was a challenge. People want "friendly" cats that don't run from them and you can pick up easily and all. It would take a special person to understand it would take time with him to fully trust, if ever. That ended up being ME After a month in a cage, no one to take him, I just brought him home. I finally had a breakthrough with him a few days ago. I was sitting on the sofa and as he passed, he looked at me. I tapped the cushion and said "come up". Well, he did and proceeded to rub, purr and lay all over me! He's done it every night since! It's been a full year since I brought him home and while he liked be pet this is something else! If I loved him before, I really love him now!

Norma S
Valley Stream, NY

Buster Found Us

Buster was found near a creek behind our house. He was about three months old, had mange and was thin. He was all alone.

The next day I took him to the vet and two weeks later he was ours. Buster makes us laugh constantly. He loves to shake his stuffed toys and play tug of war. Full of energy he races us from room to room. And he loves to get on the couch between my husband and me and snuggle. He is a huge blessing.

Houston, TX


We were out one chilly night walking our 80 lb golden retriever puppy, Sunny, when we saw glowing eyes from under a neighbor's car. Even as we got closer with Sunny and he was hyper and barking, the small kitten did not run away. My father walked up to the emaciated kitten and pet it for a few minutes, wondering where it had come from. He suggested we show it to my younger brother who loves all animals but my mother was worried that we might get too attached as we already have another cat that doesn't get along well with others. So we continued the walk all the way home and the kitten followed us. We were amazed that the kitten would follow us especially with Sunny but the kitten did not seem afraid. So finally we decided to feed it and let it stay in the garage because of the cold and everyone feel in love with him. We named him Sam because of a similar looking cat that my mother had as a little girl. Sam and Sunny became best friends and always play and sleep together, we're so glad we found a friend for Sunny to play with all the time!

Coral Springs, FL

Is He This or Is He That?

I was walking out of school, ready to start a vacation. I noticed a group of students around a puppy; one of my students came to me and said that I needed to help the poor thing. Students were throwing orange soda and shaving cream on him. It was pouring freezing rain and he was so scared.

I went back into the building and got something to wrap him in; I knew that I could find a good family to take care of him. After all, he was only a baby. When I got him home, my daughter and I bathed him in the sink and he was really a beautiful dog. But we wondered, is he this or is he that? We didn't know what kind of dog he was. We called him Izzy for that reason.

I called some friends to see if they would like a new companion and most said that one dog was enough for them. I had a Basset Hound who was not going to tolerate someone moving in on his territory. But, he started to grow on us and we kept him.

That was nine years ago December, one of the best days of my life. One of the worst days was the day I learned that I had cancer. Although my family was with me that evening, they went home after dinner. After they left, I literally had a "screaming fit." Izzy was right there, glued to my side. He knew that I needed someone; he was the perfect someone.

Since then, I have remarried. Izzy walked me down the aisle to our new member of the family and my wonderful husband adopted Izzy during the wedding ceremony. Making our family complete, Izzy now has a sister, adopted from an animal shelter.

Sheila Williams
Cordova, TN

rescue turned Service Dog

there was a stray found and was scheduled to be euthanized when Patti from second hand dogs came and got him. she had him on Petfinder.com for a while when I called her to find out if she had any dogs with the right temperment for a service dog. she said she had a little black lab mix who might be right. she broght him to me December 6th of 2007 and that day I broght him everywhere with me. after a year of training (which wasn't hard due to he LOVEs food) he has been with me ever since and has been the best dog I have had pet or service dog. he is about 3 now and I hope to be partnered with him for another 9 years.

Ridge Euler
Rochester, MN

Lucky Calico

They say it is good luck when a calico chooses you. We were lucky one morning when a little calico kitten showed up on my father's back porch. My father said she was probably dumped out of someone's car and that people dump pets in the area often. She was skinny, had gooey stuff coming out of one of her eyes, and was very scraggly. My father gave her water first, then some milk, then graduated her to some tuna. He told my son that he had a visitor on the back porch. My son was instantly attached! The tiny kitten purred incessantly! We called home and described the kitten to my husband and kept him up-to-date with photos and phone calls. My father said we should take the kitten home. After 3 days, my husband relented, and my son and I took the kitten to the vet to be checked before we took her home to our other cat. We traveled with her in the car with us for 1000 miles to get home. She traveled well and still enjoys riding in the car. As you see from the photo, she went from scraggly to gorgeous! When we fed her quality food, her fur grew in and she became healthy and happy! We love both of our kitties very much! They are now very good friends!

Great Bend, KS
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