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Max, my adopted kitten

A few weeks ago I went to the local Humane Society to look for a kitten to bring home to my 9 year old female, Honey. She has always loved being a mother, even after I got her spayed. Max was the only kitten there so he was the one. I sensed something was wrong but just thought maybe he was just scared because of all the dogs barking and people around. But when I got home and put him on the floor, he couldn't even stand up. I immediately called the Vet and they said to bring him in for his free exam. I had to leave him and pick him up the next morning. I was amazed at the difference in him. He was walking and batting at things like a normal kitten so home we went. Honey and Max took to each other just like I knew they would. The next day I went to work and when I got home at 5pm Max was really ill. He was having a hard time breathing so off to the Vet we went. They told me I could take him back and get a refund at the Humane Society or pay for his treatment. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Take him back? I knew they would just put him to sleep and I couldn't do that to Max. I gladly paid for this little guy to get better. I may have had him for only 2 days but he was already a part of our family and Honey and I adore him. Even Bonnie, our rescue dog, loves him.

Barstow, CA

One is good but four is better

In June of 2009 I lost my beloved orange Oriental Short Hair Buzzy to heart failure. I knew that I had to have another orange kitty in my life so I went on Petfinders.com. Scrolling through the pages a little face jumped out at me. His name was Cyrus and he was listed at The Cat House on the Kings in California and his foster mom was Tammy. I emailed Tammy and yes he was still available. "Would I consider taking one of his brothers, Ezra, as they were very close to each other," she asked? Not wanting to separate brothers I agreed.

I live in Salem, Oregon so off we went at the end of August 2009 driving down to California to pick up our two little brothers. What a delight when we first saw them, bright and shinny like new copper pennies. They were a wonderful addition to our family and my other rescued kitties accepted them with nary a problem.

However, all during Christmas 2009 I kept on thinking about the other brothers still being fostered. I decided we had room for one more. I emailed Tammy and and yes Samson was still available. She wrote that they were such nice kitties but no one had wanted to adopt them. That made me sad so I told her we would take the remaining brother, Golaith, also.

Tammy said she would meet us halfway between our home in Salem and hers in California and in January 2010 we picked up Samson and Golaith.

The brothers have been a wonderful addition to our family. I feel a quiet joy each time I look at them. I believe that the reason the last two brothers hadn't been adopted was because they were waiting for us.

Mary Jo Rogers
Salem, OR

Lincoln in our garage

This last winter, we had many stray cats wandering through our yard. We had set our trap to catch one in particular, but that Sunday morning when I went out to get the newspaper, here was a handsome little yellow guy. He was very scared, but we set our little kennel up for him in the garage. It has taken a couple of months, but he has really come out of his shell. He's my little buddy who waits at the door for me to come out and feed and play with him. He loves his scritches and being brushed, too. He is living totally within the garage, but we will give him the oportunity to explore outside. But I think he is happy to stay right where he is.

Clay Twp., MI

Cody and Cloe's story.

I got a call one evening and heard that a couple were moving and they had 2 ferrets that they couldn't find a home for and they were going to leave the ferrets if they couldn't find someone to take them. Well I went to the house where the ferrets were. We went in and the place was a mess. We went down in the cellar and it was dark and cold, Well in a cage were 2 of the sweetest faces Ive ever seen, a little boy and little girl. They were by a drafty window, the cellar was wet and cold and dark. I opened the cage and they come to me and my daughter and was very thin and cold. There was a floor up top where they slept and a ladder to get to the bottom where they used the bathroom. Well I looked at their litter box and it was rounded with old molded feces. The smell of urine was overwhelming and they had no water or food. I could have cried. I looked at my daughter and said I cant leave them, I just cant. I knew that my house was gonna be a great home for these little guys. They are happy, healthy, loving and an awesome addition to our family. They gained weight, their hair is shiny and full again and they are just full of love and are so grateful we took them home. I cant imagine what these people were thinking when they were just going to leave them there to die. They have missed out on some great moments and wonderful kisses from these 2 precious furbabies!

Kim Keaton
Hodgdon, ME

Dan & Elina Love Honey Belle

We had wanted a dog for a long time but couldn't have one at our last apartment. When we moved to a house, we went and found Honey Belle at the local shelter. We knew instantly she was our dog and she became our little rags-to-riches story ... she is now a totally spoiled, 45lb lap dog! She adds so much love and sunshine to our lives, and is always so excited for her twice-daily walks. We honestly don't know what we would do without her!

San Francisco, CA

A home for all...

This is Maxwell Leo and Damian Michael. They both have a great story behind their part in becoming apart of my heart and family. Maxwell was a junk yard dog and was abused, he was placed in a quartine area at the local shelter and was to be put down within the week. I came across him by mistake and he stole my heart right away. He was so skinny and sick looking. He grew to be a big boy real soon. Damian was a mistake litter of puppies. The owner did not know what to do with the puppies. Damian was the last one born, I got to see that. A month later I could not help but take him home with me. No more a mistake, but a reason to be born, for me. Maxwell became a great big brother and help me out with the new puppy. Time has past 16 years now and Maxwell past away two years ago and Damian has left us this year. I miss them, but I hope they had a great life with me. My house has always adopted the lost, lonely, sore, and loving animals out there. I have had rats, fish, and about two years ago a neighbor's cat had kittens and they all died (badly) but one. The mommy kitty started to come to our home bringing this little kitten to us as to ask for help. Little Miss is now apart of our loving family. Thanks for letting me share my love for my babies.

Tammie Lou
Sheridan, WY

Alone no more

Charley was a terrified tiny bundle of fur when he came looking for food in the dark of a power outage after the hurricane he was named for. With the chaos of the aftermath of the first of 4 hurricanes in 6 weeks, animal control couldn't pick him up, so I got to care for him. I fell in love immediately, with his sweet nature & constant motorboat purr every time you just looked at him. He even purred while struggling to get out of the sink during his first bath! I live in a no-pet community, but he was so good for me medically-relieved depression, brought down blood pressure and reduced need for pain meds, that my doctor certified he was medically necessary as a service animal. Six years later, he owns the apartment, always wants to be near me, but is still terrified of thunderstorms. It was a storm that brought him to his forever home and I will always be grateful.

Carol M
Sanford, FL

Meant to be

We saw Tori on our local humane society website but before we got to meet her she was adopted. A while later we saw she was brought back but again we missed the opportunity and she was adopted. Once again she was brought back. We finally got to meet her saw she was so happy and excited to meet anyone and everyone. We introduced her to our other 2 Border Collies and they all got along great so Tori came home. She was meant to be our dog.

Monroe, NY

Tinkie comes home

I saw Tinkerbell on the Ahimsa Rescue website and fell in love. She had been abandoned in a ditch on a cold rainy winter day and it's a miracle that she lived to be rescued.

My daughter and I drove to Muldrow, OK on a Saturday to pick her up. She captured our hearts immediately and has become our special baby.

Our other dogs Sky and Skipper, also rescue dogs with their own stories, took to her immediately and she has since assumed the 'Alpha' role of the pack.

She is a funny little pup so loving and we delight in having her in our family every day.

Cosy Burke
Little Rock, AR

Rescuing Rupert

While working at a vet, I saw many animals come in needing a new home. One day, a man came in saying he'd found this dog but couldn't keep it. The story sounded suspicious but we put fliers up and asked around. We gave the tiny dog his shots and flea meds. I offered to 'foster' him for a night or two until we could find him a home. That 'night or two' has turned into 2 years and I couldn't be happier. Rupert is a happy little lap dog and very photogenic which is great since I turned my photography hobby into a career. He's our third fur baby but our first rescue. I don't know who's more grateful that Rupert found his 'forever home'- him or us. Rescued pets have amazing personalities that leave paw prints on your heart like no other!

Melissa Armstrong
Kernersville, NC
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