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While working at a Veterinarian office the SPCA brought in a dozen older kittens that couldn't fine homes through their center. When cleaning the cages one little very furry orange and white kitten would jump to my shoulder and stay there. He paid no attention to anyone else so everyone thought he wasn't friendly. He now greets everyone who enters his home with his tail up like an antenna. He has two older brothers, Wilbur and Henry, also rescued, that fill our home with laughter. They chose me, I am the lucky one.....they rescue me everyday. FYI...all the kittens were adopted by clients and staff.

Palm Harbor, FL

My "Boys"

Four years ago, I lost my two "guys"'; the first to pass was 21 years old and then 10 mths later the second passed at a mere 18 years of age. My daughter came home from college to help me that sad day and as we walked out of the vet's office, she insisted we go to our local animal shelter. I said I wasn't interested. She talked me into going and I made no promises. Well, we walked out with these two guys - Sylvester (the slim tuxedo) and Dolce (my floppy cat). They helped me get through my mourning and continue to give me great happiness every day. Sylvester loves to curl up under the covers and brings me lizards at every chance; Dolce flops over at any chance to be rubbed and then plops down on top of the blankets covering Sylvester. Here they are in one of their favorite places to be while I work at my desk; they sit together in their bed watching me, bathing each other, and sleeping. I am so lucky that they chose me to be their forever home.

Victoria Battison
Morgan hill, CA

A short story - What I have experienced in the last month

It's been 4 years since our first boxer's sudden death. Hunter was the best dog in the world and was not quite 3 when cancer took him. I took his passing very hard. My wife and I finally decided to give it another try. We looked into some "breeders" and decided that was not the way to go. After checking Petfinder.com, we noticed a number of the boxers were with the Minnesota Boxer Rescue. Not knowing about the organization, we did some research and contacted them about adopting. We visited one dog and realized she didn't pick us as her family. (We believe the dog will choose their family, not the other way around). Then the really amazing part started. When we saw Sammy, we knew that we had to help this poor little guy from a North Carolina puppy mill. A few weeks later, after a lot of communication, and an AMAZING job of coordinating transport, Sammy came to us on a cold Sunday night. He had a host of medical issues: woefully skinny, heartworm, hookworm, numerous battle scars, broken nails, and worn down teeth from chewing on his cage. He was far from perfect, and yet perfect in every way. We wouldn't trade him for a million dollars. He is the best dog we could have ever hoped for. We've changed his name to Rocky because he looks like a boxer who lost a lot, but still has the will to survive.

I wanted everyone to know that this has been one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences of our lives. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible for Rocky to be with us here today. I couldn't imagine our lives without him in our home. God bless you all!

Dave Thompson
Nicollet, MN

We found Shadow and Rory found us!

"Rory" (approximately one and a half years old at the time) showed up in our backyard in December 2008, scraggly, skinny and skiddish. He had neither collar nor microchip. After devouring every doggy morsel we offered him for a week, we took him to the county animal shelter to determine if anyone was missing him. After a few days there, no one claimed him, and our son Russ decided to adopt this Border Collie mix (with possibly some Bernese Mountain Dog/Australian Shepherd combination) for his 18th birthday. It was also the best present we could have given our 11 year old Black Lab mix "Shadow", who we adopted in 2000 after Russ attended a Humane Society summer camp. "Rory" has given "Shadow" a new lease on life and renewed energy. She treats him like her son and long lost companion. They are so funny to watch together and they mostly teach each other bad habits. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Rory is a tri-colored beauty who seems to be a happy, well adjusted guy who is playful and wants to protect us all. We feel blest to have these two wonderful members added to our family.

Debbie M
San Diego, CA


We adopted Jessie from Las Vegas. We were looking for a bloodhound and couldn't find one in a shelter near us. We were planning a trip to Las Vegas and on a whim, looked online at shelters there. We visited her every day for a week, and brought her home to stay. She adds so much to our lives, she is very good natured and thinks our little dogs are squeaky toys!

Elizabeth, CO


Missy showed up, skinny and hungry, on my mother-in-law's porch in June of 2007--the very day of my father-in-law's funeral. We told Mom that Papa had sent Missy to keep her company. Things progressed rapidly from "I'll feed her but that cat is NOT coming into my house!" to Missy coming and going as she pleased. She obviously had been someone's pet, as she was already spayed and very affectionate. She was a wonderful companion for my 82 year old MIL. Well, Mom passed away in December of 2009, and we couldn't stand to see Missy go to a shelter. No one else in the family wanted her, so she lives with me, hubbie, and our two other cats, Charlie & Poppy. Missy doesn't like them much (the feeling is mutual), but she's managing...mostly by staying on top of my kitchen cabinets! She'll come down for pets and loves, though. We're looking for a home for Missy, if we can find one with no other cats, but otherwise, she'll always have a place with us!

Debbie Harley
Augusta, GA


Her petfinder ad said, "I was unwanted." I knew right then that I wanted this little dog, and she needed me. After being tied to a tree in someone's unfenced yard, she was turned in to a high-kill rural animal shelter. She was very shy at first, so I named her for the Celtic Warrior Queen, Maeve, to give her confidence. It worked because now she is brave and likes to make new friends. During a trip to the Outer Banks, I discovered that Maevie loves the beach!

Pittsboro, NC

Our Winnie

My kids wanted a dog for so long, but since we were moving around with the Army a lot, I kept telling them "once we settle down, we'll get one". So my husband retired and I had to stick to my promise. I made it clear that we will adopt one from a shelter. I was looking for a while on petfinder, when I read about Winnie a Lab/Spaniel mix, I somehow knew she was one we were to rescue. We went to the shelter to meet her and, oh what a sight. She was so scared and shaking, skinny and had a big sore on her back. I told her I am here to be her "mommy" she looked at me and wagged her little tail. So we took her home. At home she would not leave my side and was always around my feet. We took her to the vet and within weeks she learned to trust us and became a happy, healthy puppy, she was 12 weeks at the time. It's been over a year now and we couldn't image life without her now, she is truly a joy for our family.

S. Goodman
Cameron, NC

My dog Lulu

About 4 years ago while at my nina's babyshower one of the many cousins walked into the party with a Corona box. Inside the Corona box was a one year old Chihuahua who was so skinny and sick looking. We later found out that the puppy had been thrown out of the car in the middle of an intersection with 4 other puppys. Fortunetly, they were all saved. I spent the rest of the party caring for the puppy. I asked my parents if I could have her and take her home but they both said no. Thats when my anut told my parents that they where not going to be able to take care of the dog because the where going somewhere the next day. So that night I took the puppy home where my grandma named her Lulu. Lulu now is a member of the family and always will be. She enjoys being outside and eating. She also went from being 3.5 pounds to 6 pounds.


My Cat Mona Lisa

She is called "Mona Lisa". Is that her real name? I don't know and niether does the Pet Refuge, but she loves the name now.

Mona was brought to me on Dec.1st, 2008. The shelter had decided that there was no hope that anyone would adopt her, her time had come. She was extremely shy and showed signs of being vicious when anyone even got near her. My niece Judy, who also works there patrtime, asked if she could take her to me. I am an old man and homebound. Judy thought Mona may just be good for me, and I may just be good for her.

When she came she was always in hiding. She would only eat, drink, or use the litter box after the house was quiet and she was sure I was asleep.

Next she came out of hiding but still not friendly. One day she jumped on the arm of a chair my CNA was sitting in and she let him stroke her..Now the fear was almost all gone and wanting for love set in. (Note: It's my opinion she has been terribly mistreated before the shelter). After a few more months she quit hiding when guests came to see me.

Now she is the QUEEN of the household. Sometimes I get discouraged as to my health problems; she gives me the will to keep going. What would ever become of her?? I worry.

I think that now she has inherited the middle name of "Love". She can't get enough of it. True to cat fashion she is a noctornal animal. She sleeps most of the day and wants love all night. When I'm asleep she uses her nose to root under my hand to wake me to love her.....Oh! how I hate that, yea...

Charles Miller
North Kingstown, RI
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