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It had been nearly two years since we had to put my beloved bulldog Rosie to sleep because of a heart-based tumor. There was a bulldog-shaped hole in my heart as well as our home, but buying a puppy just wasn't an option. So I checked into the regional bulldog rescue, and discovered that the area representative had a pet-supply store in our town! Through her we got to meet Dozer, and were selected to be his forever family. He has perfectly filled the hole in my heart and made our home complete again!

Michelle McMillen
Amity, OR


Many friends and family crossed paths with our yellow lab Monty during his last 5 years with us. Sadly Monty lost his battle to Lymphoma Dec. 17 due to complications of pneumonia. While we are devastated to lose him, we are grateful this rompin', stompin' rescue dog "happened" into our lives.

We adopted Monty 5 years ago from Golden Retriever Rescue Association of Atlanta as a companion for Murphy, our Golden Retriever. Monty brought joy beyond measure to all our lives. He was a shelter rescue, only 1 or 2 when he came to us. When he arrived he quivered with nervousness and did not even know how to climb stairs. With love, patience, kindness and bits of cheese on each step, shy Monty bloomed. Soon he RAN the steps! Each day he showed his appreciation with his undevoted loyalty and love. Monty was an athlete who most enjoyed his "lake time" diving off the dock chasing throws into the water. He was a relentless ball retriever, and followed my husband everywhere, no matter what the hour. Every morning began with bear hugs from Monty and several laps around the kitchen to deliver the newspaper.

Our rescue dog gave us back twice more than we ever gave, we will miss him greatly! Say a prayer for Monty who got his "angel wings" Dec. 17, 2009 and left a huge imprint on the hearts of many during the joyful time he was with us.


He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

Author Unknown

In Loving Memory of Monty, Susan & Ron Hobbs

Susan Hobbs
Canton, GA

Resue becomes Rescuer

We adopted our Kahu Ali'i (Hawaiian for Guardian of the Royal Family), who we call Li'i, along with his brother from a shelter when they were about 7 weeks old. A litter of 6 puppies had been dumped at the shelter and we took 2 of them home. Being of unknown mixed heritage we believe Li'i is a Leonberger/Golden Retriever blend. When Li'i was two he and I found K-9 Search & Rescue and started training. Today he is six, national certified and this summer he made his first find, a missing 84 year old woman. One of Li'i's favorite things is doing our PR's at the local libraries and care facilities. He loves the attention and impresses everyone with his handsome looks and excellent manners. And I love showing off how my rescued boy became a rescuer himself. I am very proud of my boy and what we have accomplished. Rescues are the best! (We currently have three rescued dogs and one rescued kitty.)

Sandpoint, ID


Gypsy (on the left) "picked" my daughter this fall. All she wanted was someone to love her, and was so hungry. She took her in just a week before she gave birth to 4 kittens in a huge storm. Thank goodness she was warm and dry. The littlest one had some trouble but between my daughter, my sister and me, some bottle feeding, supplements, and lots of TLC, Stella is now a healthy, happy, and very curious kitten. She is living with my daughter and Ozzie, who is pictured on the right, and they are the best of friends. Gypsy is living with me and is always ready for a hug. We found equally wonderful homes for the other babies. It warms my heart every time I look in their eyes and see the love they want to share. It is my intent to never let her feel hungry again.

Batesville, IN

CooCoo for Coco Pup

My beloved German Shepherd Chloe had just died, and her sister Chica was lost without her. One day, while working in the garden I heard frantic puppy barks from down the street. I went to investigate and found a 3 month old Border Collie tied up in a neighbour's backyard, out of reach of shade and water. A combination of outrage and still-fresh grief prompted me to confront the neighbour, who admitted he knew nothing about puppies in general or Border Collies in particular. I said I would take her if he couldn't cope, and sure enough 2 days later the doorbell rang and there he was with Coco.

I wasn't ready for another dog so soon, but Chica was, and welcomed her new sister with joy. Coco adjusted instantly and never wanted to go back to her old home, even though it's only 2 houses away. She has stolen her way into my heart, and the hearts of friends and family. She's the star of the dog park, where her happy squirrel-hunting barks bring her doggy friends running from across the park. She loves walks, tennis balls, car rides, the cats, biscuits, sheepherding and afternoon snoozes - if she would only stop chewing up the couch, she'd be the perfect dog!

Betty Braaksma
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Pita's Place

We rescued Pita with the help of Petfinder in July 2008. She was scared, skinny and mostly wild. She had had a litter of puppies at 1 and at 18 months didn't trust anyone.

It has taken months to get her socialized and confident in herself. She still has a way to go but she now goes to work with my husband and I, makes sure all squirrels are in trees, loves chasing birds and swimming (she's had to get used to baths because of that!), plays with her doggie buddies and sleeping on our bed.

Pita now has a place in our home and our hearts!

Peg Reynolds
Ferndale, WA

Jeanie's Story

It was 12 years ago, that I went into a Pets Mart store to pick up some dog food for my dog I had at the time. There were several dogs there with a local adoption agency, that were waiting to be adopted out. I looked down and saw one dog, in a cage, that no one was stopping to look at. She had been found in a field,sitting next to her 3 dead puppies that she wouldnt leave. A local adoption agency took her in and she had been with them for 2 months. She was straggly, but I saw in her what I knew would end up being a perfect mate for my other dog. They were instant friends from the beginning! Jeanie has been the perfect pet and has loved every other animal that has lived with us unconditionally, and has taught us unconditional love in this house, as well. We have always taken in rescue animals in our house. Our two dogs and three cats have taught us that rescue animals are so very grateful to be given a 2nd chance in life. I would never have an animal that isnt a rescue. They are true teachers of unconditional love!

Mary Kay Bull
O'Fallon, MO

Ginger -- our little survivor!

Ginger and her two siblings came in to the Flathead County Animal Shelter only a couple of days old, with eyes closed and umbilical cords still attached. We agreed to foster them in our home (which was a truck top camper at the time!) until they could be fixed and forever homes could be found. Two months later, we were real pros at the every-two-hour warm bottle feedings and the kittens were just two pounds...ready to be fixed! Ginger's brother and sister came through the surgery like champs and barely seemed to need any recovery time; they were off to their new families the next day. But Ginger didn't fare so well at first. During the first 24 hours we weren't sure she would make it at all. But after a couple of days of TLC, she could finally walk on her own again. The way she looked at us during that time clinched the deal...we would keep her. Now Ginger is a healthy 1 1/2-year-old kitty cat with a 1-year-old best friend and sister named Twinkletoes. They love to run, jump, play combat and groom one another. They often sleep as "a pile of cat" with arms and legs intertwined and purr boxes going strong. Ginger is our little survivor and we love her with all our hearts!

Susan & John
Kalispell, MT

My Gentle Giant

Although he only came into my life for 1½ years, Chance was my special angel who brought me such joy. I met him on a Saturday at the shelter where he was due to be put down on Monday because he was a 125 lb. Rottweiler with heartworms and was considered unadoptable. One look was all it took. People said how lucky he was that I came in, but it was I who was truly blessed that day. He got through the heartworm treatment with flying colors and I thought we'd have a few wonderful years together. But he passed away suddenly a week after we celebrated his 5th birthday. He was my gentle giant who won the hearts of everyone he met and I love and miss him so.

Gainesville, FL


While driving on a LA freeway, friends and I saw, what we tought was a old tier. When my friends asked should we go back, It looks like a dog? I agreed, if we want to sleep tonight. What we saw was a black Chow. He must have fellen out of some ones truck ?.We looked at him as he waged his tail. We placed him on a blanket and drove home. He had ants and bugs on him. He was emesheated. I feed him bread and milk with a turkey baster. In a few days, I took him to a Vet. They told me it would cost $2500.00 to do test, and see if he could be saved. I did not have the money. I took him home and tought of doing a doggie cart. Well to my surprise my coworkers gave my $500.00 (from recycling money we saved to buy land in the rain forest.) Then all my friends came foward and before I knew it, I had over $1500.00. A friend also told me of a Vet Dr Farber in the West LA animal Hospital. He would give me a break on the vet bill, and let me pay the balance in payments.He placed pins in his legs and fixed him. I would always tell people we all own Freeway. Who ownerd his tail, and so on. I had Freeway for over forthteen years, He was the joy of my life. Also, so many of my co workers and friends called him thier's . He was a gental, kind Chow; and brought joy to all that knew him. The Vet said he never knew a sweeter animal. I miss Freeway, but know the Story of The Rainbow Bridge and it helps.

Ralph Reviello
Guerneville, Ca 95446, CA
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