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Kool Kuma & Rambuticious Rummy!

Kuma, originally, caught our attention as a pup from an abandonment case. Kuma (black/tan) and her siblings were left outside in snow as her mom was tied up to a tree. I was stuck between Kuma and Rummy (yellow/white). We ended up adopting Kuma and Rummy went to another family.

When Kuma was one year old, we began to look for a playmate and fate had it when the rescue called us and said, "Rummy was returned to the rescue due to neglect and we need someone to foster Rummy for 2 weeks."

We agreed to foster Rummy-- although he was a basket case-- we instantly knew he wasn't going anywhere. Both love to curl up with each other, especially on lazy, sunny mornings!

Bobbie Jo
Washington, DC

8 lives left to live

We thought that Mickey was a feral cat so almost 2 years he wandered around the neighborhood claiming it as his. About 6 months ago he noticed one of our feral cats getting special treats and decided he should be included. As time went on he started begging for them more and appeared to be asking for attention.

A couple of months ago we noticed that he had been in a fight and looked like he was on the loosing end. He had a swollen eye and cheek. We got him into a crate and took him to the local city animal shelter to go through their feral cat program & get fixed. Since we volunteer with the same shelter the feral cat group knew us and gave Mickey extra special care for several days before releasing him back into our yard.

All seemed good until he came down with URI and we still were a little concerned with his feral attitude so we worked hard to get him over that illness. While working with him we found we were able to comb, pet and hold him more each day. Once he was well we still hadn't made up our minds if he should be included in our personal indoor cat family or not. But as fate would have it he suffered another injury that sealed his future. He came limping home one day and couldn't walk on his hind leg. We took him to the vet and found he had a dislocated hip. X-rays, 7 bad teeth removed and now he is indoors and loving it. He loves the tiny foster kittens we have on occasion. And sleeps with us. We think he is truly happy. He is around 8 years old.

Sabra & Mike Taggart
Irving, TX

A Cat Lady's Mother's Day

I volunteer with a TNR Cat Rescue organization. On Mother's Day weekend 2009, we trapped a feral colony living under a bridge. One of the cats trapped was a young torti mom, maybe 7 months old, who was found to have been nursing when she was spayed. Sadly, the kittens were never found. A week after her spay, this little kitty still had not taken a bite of food or water and was dehydrated and weak. The vet examined her, gave her sub-q fluids and tested her for FIV/FeLV, but didn't find anything wrong. Later that evening, as we were preparing to leave, the kitty was laying on her side with a faraway look in her eyes and barely breathing. I could not bear to think she would die in a cage alone, so I took her home. I made her comfortable in a bathroom and stayed with her for hours. It occurred to me that the kitty was dying of a broken heart without her kittens - I couldn't imagine how frightened and alone she felt. Over the next few days she started to eat and showed signs that she was not always a feral. The cats from her colony had been taken back, and she had missed her ride. I decided to let her live with a litter of kittens I was fostering. Even though she was no longer lactating, she treated the kittens as her own and kept them clean and well mannered. She was a happy little girl whose eyes seemed to always be smiling. She was the most awesome feline hockey player I'd ever seen. I put her picture and story on Petfinders and a wonderful couple fell in love and adopted her. This year "Bridgette" sent me an email Mother's Day Card! Very Special!

Kathe O'Connor
Wilmington, DE

WE are the lucky ones...!

My husband and I found a little 12 week old pup near the lower ninth on our last day of animal rescue with GAR (Guerrilla Animal Rescue) in New Orleans just four weeks after Hurricane Katrina decimated the area (which means he was only 8 weeks old when he went through the storm -- AND survived!). We named this little miracle Lucky-Dawg (said with appropriate southern drawl, y'all) and had him flown to us in Los Angeles after a few weeks of love and nurturing from a vet friend in nearby Florida. About a year later, another friend rescued a six month old pup he met while working at the Nebraska State Fair. Lincoln, as we named him, was tied to a carney truck day after day with no food and little water. For a mere $40, the 'owner' sold him to our friend who brought him to us with the hope that we would take him in. Of course we could not refuse such a darling creature. Lucky-Dawg and Lincoln became fast friends and are true soul brothers. Aside from complementing each others' beautiful brindle coats and being perfectly matched for play (weighing in at a robust 75 lbs each) they also strike a perfect balance in their personalities! Lucky is our Buddah, Linc is our Clown, and every day they bring utter joy into our lives and to everyone they meet. Good dawgs!!

Jenn Lohr
Los Angeles, CA

My sweet Shadow

My dog, Karlie, had unexpected died and I was devastated. After a week I couldn't stand being alone, so I went to the Humane Society and looked at their dogs. I took one dog outside on a leash. She was looking at everything. When I sat on a bench she continued checking out life. I talked to her, but she ignored me.

I took Shadow out and she was enjoying the fresh air too. When I sat on the bench, she stood on her hind legs, put her paws on my knees, and looked me in the eye. I asked, "Do you want to go home with me?" and she gave me a kiss. I said "I guess you're my baby", and went inside and adopted her. That was seven years ago and we've had our high and low moments, but she is the sweetest dog I have ever met.

Donna Bevington
Waterford, MI

Casper, the Friendly Cat

This is Casper. I met him when I rented his house. The previous tenants left him behind and the owner didn't know what to do with him. Casper "supervised" me digging holes for the fence I put up and got his name because he's such a lovable fellow. He was 6 months old when I met him. He's now 4 and, I'm pretty sure, is still growing. He wakes me up every morning, pawing on the blankets, to be fed. He talks all the time. I can't imagine why anyone would have left this lovey boy behind.

Woolwich, ME

Look What I Found

I was at work one day, when I heard a cat screeching at the top of her lungs. I went to check and found Poppy sitting under a bush, carrying on. I got her to come to me and she's been with me ever since.

She's quite a character and makes me laugh every day! She wakes me up in the middle of the night for me to lift up the comforter so she can crawl under it and snuggle with me.

I'm very glad I found her. She repays me every day with laughter and love.

Nicole Gilbert
Ventura, CA


Bart had already been in and out of the shelter twice when a friend of our daughter adopted him. He has a little Houdini in him and could escape from fenced in yards and kennels in the blink of an eye. He also suffered from separation anxiety when left alone in the house. Needless to say, he became too much trouble for the owner and he decided to give him up. The shelter had said that if he were returned, he would probably be put down. Even though he had some issues, he was such a gentle soul. We decided to give Bart a chance at our home. We already had three dogs, but what was one more! Bart became fast friends with our Lab mix, Buck. We have a huge fenced in backyard and with a few gate modifications, Bart gave up on trying to escape. We've had him about 3 years now and he has been a wonderful addition to our furry family.

Deb Brady
Carrollton, GA

Stray Cat finds Home!

We had lost our cat and so put up flyers around our neighborhood. Soon a neighbor called saying she thought our cat was coming to her home in the evenings for food. We went there that evening and a very skinny cat showed up but not our cat. He was very lovable so we took him home and started feeding him to put some meat back on his bones. That was eight years ago and Dusty has made himself right at home. Now he is a fat cat and seems to still be afraid that today's meal may be the last! He sleeps in various locations even in our granddaughter's "pink fort"! What a love he is!

Nancy Kinney
New Port Richey, FL


We adopted Wes a year ago from the county animal shelter, which told us that he was eight weeks old. This turned out not to be the case because he was too young to tolerate solid food and was going downhill. We rushed to the pet store 25 miles away late one night and purchased kitten formula. We bottlefed him for several days until he could handle regular cat food and today he is one of the most lovable, sweetest, cuddly cats we have ever had. He truly owns both of our hearts--and loves his Saturday donuts!

Kathy Bergeron
Mojave, CA
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