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Houdini worked her magic on our hearts

In December 2007 we noticed a white dwarf bunny in the yard of an abandoned house. Being huge animal lovers we knew we could not leave her there but we were not sure if keeping her was an option since we have cats. She quickly showed us all who was boss.

Within days she made herself at home and worked her way right into our hearts. Before long she had the biggest cage we could find and had the run of the house whenever we were home. We were amazed to see how incredibly smart she was and how entertaining she could be. She jumped up onto the furniture and lay on the back of the couch or in the window like a cat. She decided that catching her at bedtime was a big game by making us chase her around. She was so happy to see us every morning and after work she would run around in her cage going in and out of her little house. She learned that we could not resist giving her a treat if she stood up and begged waving her little front feet in the air. She did not hesitate to express her wishes or disapproval by thumping her back feet. She loved to have her nose rubbed.

Sadly, we lost Houdini in Sept. 2009, way too soon, but as with anyone that you love, a lifetime would not been long enough. We are still nursing broken hearts and missing our little "munchkin" but are forever changed by her presence and know that she could not have been loved more in her last years. She left us with such a great appreciation for these incredible creatures. One day, when we are ready, we hope to adopt a bunny in need of love.

Kim Bosco
Orlando, FL

Mr. Bunn E. Slippers

We adopted Mr. Slippers last spring from a family where the mom was concerned that he wasn't getting enough attention. He was constantly chewing on his enclosure. When we first got him, he would bite every once in a while. But now he's happy and so much less stressed. He loves to go outside to lay in the sun and munch on fresh grass. Last fall we found out that he LOVES maple leaves. He hops around the house with my son and always putts a smile on my face. He loves to be held and pet. I was holding him one day while watching a movie, he just stayed all snuggled up with me for an hour or two, he's my little love bunny. We love our new addition to our family!

Rita Wooledge
Newark, NY

The Pet Store Bunny

When shopping at Pet Supermarket one day, I couldn't help over hearing a Man at the register. He had a box with holes in it. He had explained that they recently purchased this rabbit for their daughter, who ended up being allergic to him. He was willing to give Pet Supermarket the bunny for free, so they could sell him. I couldn't resist joining in on the conversation and explained that I work with an animal program at my High School, where we house over a hundred animals students are able to work hands on with. We have many rabbits, and wouldn't mind adding his to them. I gave him a link to our website, and contact information. He ended up coming that same day with the bunny. We gave him a personal tour of our program, and he was very pleased. He trusted we would take great care of the rabbit, and he knew it would receive tons of attention. Needless to say, the bunny is doing great! However, he's a little mystery case! Shortly after the guy leaving, we realized (after stroking it's fur)- that this bunny was green underneath his fur! He had green starting at the surface! We though of possible answers, but never concluded any of them! To this day, he still is green and is quite the attraction! We have named him "The Hulk Bunny", and we are so happy to have him.

Plantation, FL

Sugar Rabbit

This is my sweet girl Sugar. I adopted her 2 years ago. Come to find out she was pregnant! She had 9 beautiful babies (8 males & 1 female). We kept 2 male babies. Their names are Boo (all white with red eyes) and Buddy (white with tan spots). I love them so much. They have brought much joy to my life. When I'm feeling down I usually take Sugar in my bedroom and let her hop on my bed. She always makes me laugh.

Severn, MD

Our girls

In 1995 a siamese cat gave birth to 5 kittens in a groudhog hole near where my husband worked. He came to work a few weeks later and found the mama cat dead. Day by day he fed the kittens and brought one home as he could. One died at the age of 2, another at 6, but the rest of these beauties are still with us and we love them like children. We call them 'the kids'.

For some reason we could never get a picture of them all together, so I've cropped some individual pictures and tried to put them together.

Colleen Weikel
Lancaster, PA

In memory of Rocky

Rocky was rescued from the pound as a youngster, following his 3rd "incarceration". His original owners never returned that last time to claim him, for who knows what he may have done to get himself in such a situation not once, not twice, but three times. He had an intense aversion to thunderstorms, shed like crazy, love to sleep, had selective old age hearing, and was unconditionally devoted. He was my comfort and steadfast companion through my battle with cancer. I know now, that he was living that last year just for me. He will always be missed and lives on in my heart

Cherry Valley, IL

Love of My Life

We were not looking for another pet, having already several pets at home from our blended family, but my husband's mother thought a dog would make a good gift for his birthday. Rescued from the pound as a pup, Maui had been malnourished and abused in her short life, and she was very timid and hand shy when she first came to us. She and I quickly bonded and I am very thankful to have been the one to love and spoil her for ten wonderful years until she died of cancer. We will always miss her.

Stephanie Lollar
Midland, TX


The saddest fact of Caramel's story is that it isn't unique. Our voluntary small animal clinic works with these tragedies daily, working to pull them off the street, into medical treatment and observation, and either back on the street or into homes--if we're lucky.

Caramel was 6 months old when she showed up at the hotel. A real mess. I rescued her, got her into treatment, and we found a good Nicaraguan home for her. One day soon after her placement, she keeled over dead. We never know what tragedies these poor creatures bring along with them. But she got loads of love, care and food from the day of the photo until her last day.

Lucy Bartlett
Granada, Nicaragua

Operation SAVE STINKY!

Last November 19, 2009 a feral cat in our colony named Stinky returned home injured. He would not let us near him to assess his injuries, so we had no choice but to call Animal Care and Control of NYC for help. They came quickly and netted him without incident and left with him. As we watched the van leave, so went a piece of our hearts. We could not give up on him. After many phone calls over the next 2 days, we located him at ACC on stray hold. We visited him and when i said his name, his flat ears perked up. Thats all i needed to make it my mission to save him.

By the next Tuesday we were allowed to "adopt" him after signing a "bite waiver"! We found a vet in the East Village willing to treat him and took him there. His pelvis was broken and his right side paralyzed. We brought him home, turned our guest room into Stinky's Suite and he is healing quite well. He is able to get around his enclosure and is quite content to live his life of luxury--with full staff! He may never be the wild outside boy that he once was, but we love him all the same. One of these days i hope to gain his trust and actually be able to touch him!

Dale Eggers
Bronx, NY

Skinny Minnie

I went to the pound one day to look at the dogs but, of course, you can't go to the pound to see the dogs and not say 'hi' to the kitties.

I petted & talked to some of the prettiest cats ever, finally noticing a kitty in the corner cage who hadn't gotten up to see me. I commented to the attendant that she looked mean (there's cowlick between her eyes that makes her look scowly.) He replied she's actually very sweet, but doesn't have the strength to get up. I asked if I could hold her.

I was shocked. She was an adult & weighed maybe 4lbs, skeletal with what should have been long hair matted in solid clumps around her neck. He said she was probably very old and sick and wasn't eating. Having been there the longest, she'd be the first one put down to make room for more adoptable cats. I recaged her and she seemed happy enough from the attention that she ate a bit.

The next day I resolved to help her - even just to die if that's what she needed instead of wasting away. I adopted her and took her to the closest vet. He ran a battery of tests & said: she's fine, needs some weight - take her home! Turned out she had a plaque build up on one of her teeth so eating hurt her.

I named her 'Skinny Minnie' which is ironic now since she weighs 11lbs. At home she was happy and loved and started eating like it was going out of style even if sometimes the pain made her growl.

Finally she was heavy enough to withstand being put under anesthesia so her teeth could be cleaned.

She's happy and healthy now!

Liz Berry
Abilene, TX
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