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Magnificent Mickey

My husband and I have our own carpet cleaning business and we were at a farm in the country doing a job when I happened to look out the front room window and see some barn cats picking around the dogs dish.

I asked the lady about them and whether they were fed as well. They weren't. Just as I turned around a kitten came into view that only had three legs. It was missing the left front right at the shoulder. I was horrified and asked what happened to it and she wasn't even aware it was missing a limb. Obviously had crawled up in machinery to keep warm and had it's leg cut off.

They were wild but I told her if they would catch it I would take it and three weeks went by before they managed to catch him. We brought him home and kept him in a seperate room for the first while because he was so terrified. Eventually he began to trust me and I was able to let him out of the room but it was another two weeks before he would venture upstairs.

Now magnificent Mickey has the run of our home both inside and out and is the most sweet loveable cat anyone could hope for. He is one of 17 rescue cats all of which are spayed and neutered.

Linda Desjardins
Riding Mountain, MB, Canada

Kentucky Wonder

I rescued a Plott Hound; she is an awesome dog!! She is nearly four and 67 pounds of pure joy.

I have yet to find a negative characteristic with this hound; we have lived together for almost a year. She has a lovely disposition, is very gentle and makes an excellent companion.

I named her Kentucky ... she lived there originally but made her way, through a series of shelters, to New Jersey. I am most amazed that someone didn't realize what a fantastic dog she is before I met her. I know I am the luckiest adoptive mom ... this dog is a champion!

collingswood, NJ

Zoe, our 'baby' girl

Zoe has captured our hearts in so many ways. My aunt found her as a young kitten by the side of the road with her sister and momma cat, and she asked my husband and I if we would be interested in adopting one of the kittens after they were checked out by a vet. We already had two rescued male cats, and my husband was hesitant about adding a third to our family. He now says he can't believe he ever questioned the idea of adopting Zoe. She is just the cutest and most loving cat (not that our other two are not cute or loving, of course!). She doesn't 'meow' much, but she makes little squeaky noises and loves to flip herself upside-down to have her belly rubbed. She purrs so loudly you'd think the neighbors could hear her! Every night she curls up in bed with us. We just adore her, and we're pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

Westminster, MD

Our Sweet Ashley

I'll never forget when I first saw Ashley. It had not been long since we moved into our apartment. I walked outside and she walked up to me and meowed. She was very skinny and about 8 weeks old. I picked her up and took her in. I did not know better at the time and fed her dog food. The next day we got her some cat food and then a litter box. The next week we got her her shots and had her spayed. Everyone who came into our home got to know Ashley. She took it upon herself to greet them and allow them the pleasure of holding her and petting her. Whenever we wanted her - all we had to do was call "here kitty kitty" and she would come running like our Daschund Oscar. They were the best of friends. Although she is not with us anymore we will never forget the sweetest and most beautiful cat in the world. We miss you Ashley.

Dora Massey
Fort Worth, TX

Mommie says She Loves Me!!

Hi, I'm Petey, {mew, that is my new name, I don't remember my old one}; I went outside one day, and when I went back to my home, no one was there; no one ever came back to my house. I waited and waited but no one ever came to let me in, I guess they did not want me anymore `cause I ended up living outside with some other cats who had no homes either. We used to live under a mobile home where it is a little warmer but not much. I first met my new mommie one day when I heard someone call, "here kitty, kitty" come on and have supper. Food, I'm there! Sometimes we went days between eating, and it was usually what we could find on trash day in peoples' garbage. The kids in the park threw things at us, shot BBs at us and tried to catch us and hurt us. As the days went by, my new Daddie and Mommie came closer and I let them touch me...I forgot how nice it is to be held and petted, and be told someone loves me. Mommie tells me every day that she loves me and I am a good boy! I even get kisses!! I sleep in the house, and I am very happy, I have a new forever home, and Mommie takes good care of me and my sister Tinker. I am even remembering how to play and have fun. But the best thing is she also still takes care of my 15 brothers and sisters that have not found a new home.

I am finally home and very much loved! If you can, please help a lost kittie find their forever home, so they can be loved too! Purrrrr...Purrrr Purrrs,


Pam S.
Clinton Township, MI

Brother and Sister

Ham (left) and Eva (right) are from a litter of five kittens born to a feral calico in my parents' backyard. We had everyone spayed or neutered (including mom) and I adopted these two fuzzballs. They are the most affectionate pair of cats I've ever owned!

Pittsburgh, PA

Teddy's Tale

Teddy's picture came to me via e mail through the Petfinders.com web page that I belong too. I had just lost my beloved Pomeranian, BooBoo a few weeks prior to old age. I hadn't received e mails concerning Pomeranians in over a year, but Teddy came to me a few weeks after BooBoo's death. I know he was sent to me by BooBoo's angels because this little guy needed a home, just as did BooBoo when BooBoo was in the same position a few years earlier. His face was so adorable, I had to go to the Adams County Animal Shelter in Brighton Colorado to meet him. When the attendent brought him out to me, I thought he was much older and he only has 3 working legs as his right arm some how was injured and didn't heal right, but that made me want him even more. I fell in love with him instantly and so did Chelsea my Lab.

Teddy turned out to be a puppy, because once we got him home he kept on growing and gaining weight.

We now have a loving, playful addition to our family, I am so glad he came to me, he is my miracle boy.

Stephanie Kimbrel
Denver, CO

My Friendly Girl

I literally picked Friendly up out of the street while away at college in 1999. We had seen her circling our apartment complex for about a month, but she wouldn't let anyone get near her. I guess she got hungry enough, because one day she just came right up to me. It was obvious that she had been mistreated while out on the streets, or maybe even before. It took a long time for her to move past her "issues" but I wouldn't trade her for the world. Friendly's sweet and sassy personality eventually developed when she realized that she was in a safe place. She has been a faithful and loving girl to me for over 10 years now. She's been with me through graduations, moves, breakups, ups and downs, and everything in between, and she will never have to worry about being abused or hungry ever again. Her face is so cute, and she works those pitiful "I'm starving" eyes to her advantage. While I am sad to see her fur turning more and more gray, I know that I have given her a great life and that she will be cared for until her last day. Strays are so grateful for your kindness and love. If you are looking for a pet, please consider adopting a stray--you won't believe how much they can add to your life.

Chesapeake, VA

Hunter the Beagle

This is Hunter,a standard Beagle.Hunter is actually my daughter's buddy,and since she is unemployed and cannot financially care for his needs,my husband and i have taken over.Hunter's story is quite sad.My family and i had to have our Golden Retriever put down.We were looking at dogs at the Polk County Animal Services,you know "just looking",when we were walking through the parking lot to go to our car,when there was a man,who had this poor,underweight Beagle on this rope.My daughter was looking at the dogs in the kennel when i approached the man.This poor Beagle,who's name was actually Hunter,came up to me to let me love on him.The look in his eyes said"please take me home with you".I asked the man why he was here at animal services.He had said his family couldn't care for him anymore,and he didn't have anyone else who would want him."Besides"the man said,he ain't much of a hunting dog anyways.So Hunter and this man went inside for a few minutes,and my daughter Nikki, came back outside with Hunter."Mom!" she yelled,"They want to put this nice little Beagle to sleep"I asked her why,and she said because of his age.He is a senior Beagle.We weren't quite sure of his age,but we are guessing he is over 7 years old.He is now happy.

Dianne Kurtz
Davenport, FL

Rachel's babies

Moe (short for Nemo), our lovebug of a staffie came to us from the Hillside SPCA shelter 2 years ago. We had just lost our cattledog unexpectedly, and visited the shelter hoping to somehow fill the hole that her passing had left. This big fellow just looked at us with the most expressive , gentle eyes, and wagged his tail nonstop as if to tell us, "here I am" "what took you so long to find me?" Without any hesitation he jumped up into the car for the ride home. He welcomed Doe (Dory) , our boston terrier, a few weeks later, and despite the difference in their sizes, they quickly became best buddies. They do everything together, and they both have brought such joy to our lives. Consider adopting from a shelter/rescue! These pets enrich your lives with each day that they share your life. Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers at Hillside that kept Moe safe and loved until he joined us in his forever home.

Bloomsburg, PA
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