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Teddi the Ditch Terrier

A woman walked into my office 10 years ago with 2 small puppies someone had dumped next to a highway off-ramp near where she lived. She explained that when the neighborhood got full up from taking kittens and puppies dumped there, she would come into town and see if she could find homes for them. Teddi was a scared, dehydrated bundle of tan fur with a black mask and caught my heart immediately. I named her Teddi Bear, because she looked like a little stuffed bear. 10 years later, she's our farm puppy, happy as a clam, loves everyone. When people ask us what breed she is, we say "Ditch Terrier", and we laugh when they agree that "that's a great breed!", thinking we're serious!

Conni Schaftenaar
Zeeland, MI, MI

Jack the watch cat

Jack was rescued from an animal shelter that didn't keep cats long. He was due to be executed 3 days after I first met him. Since he's been a part of this family, I couldn't imagine a day without him. If he's outside, he stays close to home and will fend off any animal, including dogs, if they come to close to his turf. He's our little fuzzy bear with a heart of gold, lots of love and a great sense of loyalty to his home and family. I have only had rescued animals as pets and find them to be the most loving animals anyone can hope for.

cincinnati, OH


We found Pebbles on Petfinder.com She was at a foster home for the rescue Eye on the Sparrow in Yorkville, IL. We already have two Brussels but once I saw thos big beautiful eyes we knew we had to have her! We drove 13 hours each way from NJ to get her. We have only had her a week but she is a wonderful addition to our family!

Shelly V
Mahwah, NJ

Giving Back...

We adopted Codie from Texas when she was 10 months old. She is a Mini Aussie and we brought her home to our then 10 year old Standard Aussie Angel. Angel had been doing Pet Therapy work at Glendale Memorial Hospital for almost 5 years at that point and she taught Codie how to be a Pet Therapist. Angel passed last September and now Codie is carrying on the legacy as an excellent Pet Therapy Volunteer. She is 3 years old now and is about to complete the circle by teaching our new pup how to do this work. We couldn't be happier with her or more proud of her. She has brought many laughs and a great deal of joy to literally hundreds of people...but mostly to us.

Santa Clarita, CA


When my son was in 5th grade, his wonderful teacher put a nickel in a jar for every A the students got. At the end of the year, the students and parents went down to our local animal shelter and donated the jar of nickels. As we looked around, we noticed a cat in a carrier, away from all the other cats. We were told he was found wandering a road all beat up. He was turned into the animal shelter where they nursed him back to health, but he was afraid of the other cats. They opened his carrier and he crawled into my husbands arms and we decided right then to adopt him. He has been with us for 9 years and is a wonderful addition to our family. We thank God for the insight of my sons teacher and for the shelter for caring for Parker.

Sandy Kline
New Kensington, PA

Daddy Little Guardian Angel

In April 2001 i was in a motor vehicle accident and i was in my last days of my college diploma program and graduating in 2 weeks......... as the years passed and my mobility and health was more and more unstable, i decided to look for a pet... well Dec.19 2006 it was payday and i went into pet Cetera at park place mall... I made a comment what type of bunnies are these and well, the guy at the til said you seriously looking for a bunny, i have 4 in my truck. he was wanting to sell them to the pet store....... he was from b.c but they would only give in store credit.. how dumb.... there loss and my precious gain. i went out to go take a look and well they brought him out and i fell in love.. the coloring the innocents..... wow. speechless....i was informed it was a boy and it was a 99.9% chance. the precious bunny cost me $5.00. today she is just over 3. years old..... she was born November the 11,2006. i brought her home on Dec 19 2006. thumper returned my hope, my spirit. i had nothing to wake up for before, besides taking a handful of pills for the extreme pain .. Every morning there after i loved seeing the changes overnight, she is totally potty trained and loves to be pet and all the attention... yes i said she, as i found out from the vet, when she had her nails done, i thought she was a boy.

Clifford Gosnell
Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Garden Girl

We adopted Ellie, a puppy mill rescue who spent 4 years in a cage, in January of '09. Six months later, she was enjoying freedom, summer, and picking (stealing!) cucumbers from our garden. We found her munching on one like a bone. She also chases birds in the sky with our Doberman - and she can keep up with him! She's one frisky girl now and she makes us laugh every day with her spunky personality. Rescue dogs are the bomb!

Randi McIntyre
Springfield, OH


Since we don't have kids, we wanted doggies (never having pets as a kid, this was truly a dream come true). All our doggies are rescue dogs, and, they are the best! We are so grateful. First, we got "Lucy," a Cavalier King Charles mix, who initially was found as a pup somewhere in downtown L.A. She ended up at 2 shelters and then 2 families. And miracles of miracles, I became her real Mommy. Lucy adores children and licks everyone in sight! Then, there is "Lottie," a hotdog Pomeranian mix, who, as a pup, was found, all alone, on a freeway off-ramp in Woodland Hills, CA. He is so cute and a delight! Then, along came little "Shlomo Hercules," rescue Papillion, who, in reality, is the Boss of the group. Incidentally, I had another rescue Papillion before Shlomo, "Ricky," adopted at 6, who, unfortunately, had a heart murmur, and only lived till 9 yrs old. When Ricky died, we were so down and empty. As it turned out, Shlomo was actually intended to be a show dog (which, to us, is not important). We found Shlomo on line. The breeder said that since his little paw was deformed, she couldn't show him; his foot was broken while in the breeder's X-Pen (an enclosed circular fence). So gave him to us for free! He was under 4 months old at the time, and a little ball of energy and delight. The vet said that, in spite of the injury, he'll be fine and, thank goodness, is in no pain. He is so wonderful and loves both Lucy and Lottie! Shlomo completes our little doggie family. Who knew I would end up with these angels?! What a miracle --- our rescue doggies really rescued us, by enriching our lives.

L.A., CA


Bart was rescued with a group of other dogs who were kept in a chicken coop on a farm. He was terrified of people and cowered in the back of his cage at the rescue facility. I was drawn to him immediately, started walking him and had to bring him home to be a part of my canine rescue family. He's a natural clown and makes me laugh every day. He's now 15 and has slowed down, but he is still my main man!

Audrey Sohier
Pittsburgh, PA

My little girls

I have always loved any kind of animal. My mom would get upset for always bringing strays home, but I just had to help them. Now I have 3 cats and one yellow lab at home. These are all girls and all are very special. The dog, Phoenix, I got from a friend and she is the best and smartest dog I have ever had. Crystal, pictured, is the youngest and I found her through a friend of mine. She knew this person who had several kittens and they were not being taken care of at all. So we came in and found homes for all of them. But Crystal fit in your hand and she was so very loving and sweet. I had to take her home with me, she grew on me very fast and now she likes to go everywhere with me. I'm her mommy!

Then there's Lucy and she's my little girl that really shouldn't even be alive. I found her in my yard on a very cold and snowy night. She had been hit by a car and wasn't doing good at all. I took her to the vet and he said she wasn't going to make it and she should be put down. But when I looked in her eyes I knew I had to try to help her. She has a limp and has potty problems, but she does great.

And finally, there's Shelby my oldest. She just came up to me one day and started talking to me. She was very friendly and needed a home with love....so I took her home. These are my sweet girls and I am the lucky one to have found them. I have been blessed. If more people helped, we could save alot more babies.

Machesney Park, IL
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