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My son found Gooey lying in the street while on vacation. She was tiny, emaciated, close to death and almost didn't make it to the vet's office. After a few weeks, she was ready to travel and he brought her home to become part of our cat family.

Janice Shields
Lykens, SC


I found Icarus as a tiny kitten hiding under our neighbor's car. After checking to make sure he didn't belong to anyone, I brought him in to our home. "Icky" has grown into a large and healthy fellow that flops on the couch whenever possible.

Janice Shields
Lykens, PA

Traffic ticket equaled dog

One of our boys got a traffic ticket and community service for a weekend at a local animal shelter. He called begging for a dog. Spike had been at the shelter for six months and was scheduled to be put down the next Tuesday. The boy soon had a chance to go away to collage. Spike became my shadow. He is a hyper active sixty pound Pit Bull/ Boxer mix with allergies and a knee replacement. He likes to take pampering baths and sit on my lap and rock. He tries anyway. But his favorite thing is to snuggle and just be loved, even if it is only with my night clothes. I hope I make him feel as loved as he makes me feel.

Sussex, NJ

Barley's dream has come true!

I was reading the local paper when I saw a picture of a scraggly little tan dog, as I read his story of being rescue from a puppy mill with about a dozen or so other dogs, my heart just knew that we were the right people to help this little guy out. He has a heart murmur and would need to be on medication the rest of his life, plus yearly medical testing. The Washington County Humane Society in Slinger, WI was guestimating his age to be about 4 years old. He was used at the puppy mill for breeding purposes since he was born we think. He lived in a crate with eleven other dogs! When I brought him home, little did we know how white he actually is, and his coat is coming back from having mange very nicely too! Since our family has had a previous dog with the same heart problem, we knew what we were in for, but little did we know that it would be his lack of bathroom behavior that was going to be a bit of a struggle. He goes potty everywhere. He doesn't smell anything first, he just lifted his legs and peed wherever he was standing. Whether on the floor or on the couch! He wore a diaper for awhile when we weren't home, but we do have a doggy door and he quickly learned how to use it. He's coming along nicely (still a bit A.D.D.) but likes to angry pee(when he's in the house and we are in the yard) Not quite sure how to correct that, but we'll get there. He is quite cuddley and loves other dogs and cats. Amazing for a dog with such a bad start in life!!! WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

Nancy Klessig
West Bend, WI

My Beloved Pooch

Here is the story of the best dog ever. One freezing January day in Chicago a little puppy came on my porch, curled up and stayed. My neice brought her in the house and gave her to me, I did not want a dog and therefore I wouldn't even give her a name, just called her Pooch but I kept her for a few days trying to find her a home, she went to 2 different homes but for what ever reason she was always given back to me, Well you can guess what happened, I kept her and loved her for 14 years! She really was the best dog ever, she crossed the rainbow bridge in the summer of 2009 and I miss her everyday. Because of her I have since adopted 3 other dogs

Chicago, IL

My Beloved Mare

I can't ever remember a time when I didn't love horses and of course growing up in the late 40's early 50's, my parents could never afford one. For something to do in my 'more mature years', I started volunteering at a Morgan horse breeding farm when Whippoorwill Lavalier was returned to her original home. It was love at first sight for me, but I had to wait until "Lavi" chose me as 'her person'. She was GIVEN to me because I kept begging her former owner to do just that: give! After taking ownership, I discovered she was going to be euthanized due to a hind leg nerve problem. Since she's a registered Morgan broodmare, she wouldn't have been bred again nor be able to offer riding lessons although I can and do ride her. Lavi turned 21 yrs this year and has quite the personality! I'm happy to say she's been all mine for almost 2 years and is the 'light of my life' ~ I'm living proof that "little girl's dreams do come true".

Claire Muskus
Lisbon, CT

Bella Makes Two

We rescued our black lab mix 2 yrs ago and named her Riley. She has been the best dog we ever had. She is so sweet, loving, and we laugh at how she talks to us. In my attempts to find a playmate for Riley, we started fostering. Riley has been great with all the dogs we have fostered. One day I received an email about White Shep/Lab mix puppy that needed a foster. I brought her (Bella) home only to find she has trust issues. Because she is scared she tends to snap at people and other dogs. I worked with her over the next couple months trying to socialize her in hopes to find her a forever home. Bella was such a challenge but I was certain we could make her feel safe. She loved my husband and our pup Riley so much that she would follow them everywhere. I came home one day certain I found the perfect home for Bella. But, my husband said "I want to adopt her I can't let her go." We decided with all her trust issues she would probably be dumped again. We decided we coudln't let that happen so we adopted her. Bella has come a long way but still needs work. For Bella I think whe knew she found her forever home, with us.

Wendy Fujita
Mertztown, PA


While working at a Veterinarian office the SPCA brought in a dozen older kittens that couldn't fine homes through their center. When cleaning the cages one little very furry orange and white kitten would jump to my shoulder and stay there. He paid no attention to anyone else so everyone thought he wasn't friendly. He now greets everyone who enters his home with his tail up like an antenna. He has two older brothers, Wilbur and Henry, also rescued, that fill our home with laughter. They chose me, I am the lucky one.....they rescue me everyday. FYI...all the kittens were adopted by clients and staff.

Palm Harbor, FL

My "Boys"

Four years ago, I lost my two "guys"'; the first to pass was 21 years old and then 10 mths later the second passed at a mere 18 years of age. My daughter came home from college to help me that sad day and as we walked out of the vet's office, she insisted we go to our local animal shelter. I said I wasn't interested. She talked me into going and I made no promises. Well, we walked out with these two guys - Sylvester (the slim tuxedo) and Dolce (my floppy cat). They helped me get through my mourning and continue to give me great happiness every day. Sylvester loves to curl up under the covers and brings me lizards at every chance; Dolce flops over at any chance to be rubbed and then plops down on top of the blankets covering Sylvester. Here they are in one of their favorite places to be while I work at my desk; they sit together in their bed watching me, bathing each other, and sleeping. I am so lucky that they chose me to be their forever home.

Victoria Battison
Morgan hill, CA

A short story - What I have experienced in the last month

It's been 4 years since our first boxer's sudden death. Hunter was the best dog in the world and was not quite 3 when cancer took him. I took his passing very hard. My wife and I finally decided to give it another try. We looked into some "breeders" and decided that was not the way to go. After checking Petfinder.com, we noticed a number of the boxers were with the Minnesota Boxer Rescue. Not knowing about the organization, we did some research and contacted them about adopting. We visited one dog and realized she didn't pick us as her family. (We believe the dog will choose their family, not the other way around). Then the really amazing part started. When we saw Sammy, we knew that we had to help this poor little guy from a North Carolina puppy mill. A few weeks later, after a lot of communication, and an AMAZING job of coordinating transport, Sammy came to us on a cold Sunday night. He had a host of medical issues: woefully skinny, heartworm, hookworm, numerous battle scars, broken nails, and worn down teeth from chewing on his cage. He was far from perfect, and yet perfect in every way. We wouldn't trade him for a million dollars. He is the best dog we could have ever hoped for. We've changed his name to Rocky because he looks like a boxer who lost a lot, but still has the will to survive.

I wanted everyone to know that this has been one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences of our lives. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible for Rocky to be with us here today. I couldn't imagine our lives without him in our home. God bless you all!

Dave Thompson
Nicollet, MN
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