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Meet Lexie

I thought I wanted a silver tabby and when I heard the vet had kittens I went to look. There was this abandoned mother cat and her kittens. Boy was she a sweetheart. Homes had been found for her kittens and not her and I could not resist. So here is "skinny Lexie" today. Do you think she is beautiful? Sshhh she does!!!!

Kathy Eselhorst
Lawrenceville, GA

New home for Christmas

The only thing my granddaughter wanted for Christmas was a guinea pig; a pet that would be hers alone. Mom was on board with the idea, but Dad needed a little convincing. We didn't want to buy a pet from a store, so I went to the Petfinder website to do my search. I was surprised to find a rescue site for just for guinea pigs. That pig traveled 300 hundred miles to her new home & spent several days in Dad's office to "bond" & to hide until Christmas morning. As you can see from the picture, it was a match made in heaven. My grandaughter couldn't be happier & Abby the guinea pig is loving her new home.

Karen Land
Valparaiso, IN

Thursday Is the Best Day

This is Thursday. He showed up in our neighborhood, at our end of the street, very thin and neglected. He was friendly and brave. We hoped some one would want him. He stayed outside at first but then we let him in and the rest is history. He's one of the family now and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Diane McGovern
Newark, DE

Delight of the Gods

The BIG DOG is called "DEVA"... translation from Sanskrit.... Angel. Deva was abandoned at a rest area outside of Palm Springs CA on HWY 10. The vet told us that she suffered from malnutrition as a young dog....as a results she has poor joints, that has resulted in 4 knee operations....yes, you read right.... 2 in each back knee. The picture was taken on a winter's day on Puheke Beach in the Far North of New Zealand...were she now lives. The picture is entitled "Beach Ballet" and captures DEVA's irrepressible spirit and love of life, love of people and love of her best friend Sophie (also rescued, another story)... " I am a dog...isn't it wonderful to be alive....WOOF WOOF".......Little did we know when we named her.....that her name would be so fitting.

Gary Rodrigue
Mangonui, New Zealand

Little Miss Molly

Over a year ago, we adopted Miss Molly from the Canyon County Animal Shelter in Idaho. She was approx. 5 months old at the time. Molly had spent three months of her "puppyhood" in the shelter because her owner had been incarcerated. Out of curiosity we did a DNA test on her. She is lab, Siberian Husky and Welsh Corgi. Who would've guessed? She's a wonderful addition to our four dog family.

Lisa McKnight
Weiser, ID

Three Little Kittens

Our son called one day to say that a friend of his had pulled three kittens from a drain pipe near her workplace. His friend was hoping that we would take them in. Of course we did, with the intent of fostering them until they became less feral. We already had 9 cats and were not planning on adding anymore kitty friends at that time. Three years later they have become members of our kitty herd (we have decided that we make terrible foster parents since we can never give them up). We sometimes wonder if Adelyn, Ferguson James and Sam know how lucky they were that day - they found their forever home. We made 3 new friends.

Pets are not disposable.

Carmela Dato Galas
McHenry, IL


This is a small 6 month old mini lop named thumper. He was the last one at the pet store. I could'nt resist those big feet and floppy ears. we have become great friends. whenever he wants more food i trained him to push his bowl to the front of the cage. I also have purchased a harness with a leash attached so he can hop around without running away. he must love the change of scenery because he is very interested in everything in my backyard. I always put my dogs inside before i take him out. and if they won't cooperate i just play with thumper on the front porch. i could'nt have asked for a better rabbit. they were going to either give him away to another store or have him out down. i could'nt let that happen so i saved him. he currently live in a outside hutch with a roof all the way across the top and a little box with STRAW in it so he can stay nice warm and dry. he has a beautiful winter coat that keeps him nice and warm. one day i will get him a friend when he is a little older. or when my dad allows me to. he is the best rabbit, and the cutest.

sarah johnston
east greenville, PA

Sophie and Gracie, Grey Tigers Extraordinaire!

Seven years ago we had just lost our beloved tuxedo cat, Lucky, and a good friend had heard of it. She works at a local research farm and gets LOTS of strays abandoned there.

Two such small kitties, one three months old (a Mackerel Tabby) and the other four months old (a traditional grey-spotted tiger) were needing a loving home .. and our friend KNEW they'd have a great one in ours, so she sent me a picture of them and that was all it took... Gracie and Sophie, though not litter sisters ARE true sisters and rule the roost here! We love them beyond words and they know it, as should be the case with all kitties!

Karen Wheelock
Colchester, VT


We were driving late one night on the highway. My husband spotted a tiny black kitten crossing the highway and almost get hit by a semi truck. He escaped and ended up in a car lot. I wasn't going to stop but thinking about that little baby kitten on the highway made me change my mind. We found him under a corvette and soothed him out. I sat him on the hood of the car and he instantly loved us. He was rubbing against us and purring. We took him home to take care of him. He was skinny and dirty and covered in burrs with alot of gunk in his ears. He had a bite on his ear that looked really awful. We told each other that we were going to nurse him back to health and then find him a good home. So the next day we took him to the vet and the vet told us that he had been bitten by a snake or spider and that he probably wouldn't live another 48 hours. They put a tube in his ear to drain out the posion from the bite. We brought him home and put him in the bathroom away from the other cats and nursed him back to life. He made it through after some hard work, dedication, and love. He had to get alot of stitches in his head and ear after the infection and his head was shaved and he looked like Frankenstein. So we called him Victor. He has been a part of our family since. He grew up to be such a healthy and large cat. He is very sweet and soft spoken. We are so glad that he found his way to our lives. We love him so much!

Leadville, CO

Finally at home and at peace....

Dennis the Menace is a very precious cat. We rescued him from our local shelter in January of 2008 (they named him and he deserves the moniker). He was precocious at play with his other cell mates and we fell in love immediately. He was a bit standoffish when we first came home, not like a normal kitty at all. The shelter said he was an abuse rescue and we could see signs of him suffering from improper handling and probably neglect as he didn't understand nor love any petting and being held. Now a days he comes searching for us with his mewing call for attention and reassurance. He is even getting to like lots of petting and ear scratches. In fact he will lay on our chest and nuzzle our face when he wants attention. Or he will plop on the carpet right in front of us, rolling around and always looking to see if we are watching, saying "Look at me!!" He loves to play with his older and larger sibling, Tippy, who is also a rescue. As this photo shows he is truly at home and peace knowing he is loved and cared for.

Geoff Grinnell
Canandaigua, NY
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