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My Pretty Girl

I fell in love with "Mia" the first time I saw her even though she was starving and mangy looking. There was just something about her that tugged at my heart. Another family owned her but they weren't taking care of her and didn't want her. When I went to pick her up, huge handfuls of fur were coming out and I could see her hip bones. I immediately took her to the vet who said she was suffering from malnutrition and had whipworms. He also stated that she wouldn't have lived much longer if I had not rescued her. Mia now looks like a healthy and beautiful husky should. She follows me everywhere I go, and loves to go walking with me. As you can see on her fur, she loves playing in the snow too. She also blesses me with kisses every morning when I leave for work. She has truly enriched my life and I'm very thankful for her.

L. Zornes
Emerson, KY


I rescued Milton from an animal shelter. The shelter named him "Milton" because he had on an orange collar on when he was found and was probably used as a hunting dog, so we decided to keep the name. I'm so glad Milton escaped. He has brought so much joy to my life. I couldn't have ask for a better dog. He's intelligent, sensitive, and beautiful. No more hunting for Milton! He's my 50-pound lap-dog now.

Colonial Heights, VA


I got Marceau from a family who had adopted him from the Humane Society. But they later found they didn't have time for him and he spent most of his time tied up in the back yard. Before the Humane Society, he had been feral and had lived a very rough life. He doesn't like anyone who wears baseball caps, he is also still timid around kids on bicycles and big loud pickups. I have had him for 2 years now and can't imagine my life without him. He is my protector, my alarm clock, my doorbell and my joy. He loves his "kitty", (also a rescue), and just hanging out under my feet. He has come a long way since being a "street dog". He is a beautiful boy!

Boise, ID

Gracie's Story

Gracie found us one early Sunday morning in 2009. Our outside dogs had treed an adult cat in the backyard. We brought the dogs in to let the cat go on its way, then later let the dogs back out only to have them barking again! When my husband went to check, he called for me to come outside while he held the dogs. There, just on the other side of the cyclone fence was the tiniest black and white kitten! As soon as I got to the fence, she waddled right through the bottom rung and into my waiting hands and heart! We thought the kitten probably belonged to the cat we saw from earlier that morning, so we attempted to get the adult cat back with her kitten. After a couple of hours, we checked on the kitten and there she came, waddling out from the tall grass, meowing very loudly, heading straight towards me! We took her in the house, gave her a bath, ran to the store for some kitten formula, and well, needless to say, six months later, are wrapped totally around her little paws! Gracie now enjoys a happy, healthy life with full run of our house, including her own room! We love to watch her play with her toys and scamper around the house, but her favorite activity seems to be playing with our shoestrings and "cat"ching water drops! She is total JOY!

DJ Harper
Fayetteville, AR

Maggie and the Beamer

Maggie was dropped off at The Hotel 4 Dogs and Cats in Pensacola FL, by her owners whose young toddler was not being nice to her. Maggie is blind as a result of Glaucoma that wasn't treated in a timely fashion. She is purebred Bassett Hound and the most loving girl at 7 years old. When she checked into the Hotel, she was sad and confused, she didn't know where she was and didn't recognize any smells or sounds that she was used to.

Luckily for beautiful Maggie, a friend of the Hotel who already had a very elderly Bassett was in search of an addition to her family and came to meet Maggie, who crawled into her lap and just loved being loved on.

One week after arriving at the Hotel, Maggie was adopted by this wonderful woman and her elderly Bassett and jumped up into the passenger seat of this beautiful BMW, picked her head up as proud as can be, and rode shotgun to her new home with the biggest smile on her face. Way to go Maggie.

Pensacola, FL

Bello from Brazil

We adopted Bello before meeting him. He was found by a caring person on the streets of Brazil, desperately but unsuccefully trying to eat a piece of meat tossed to him. He was taken to a Vet and they understood the problem. Someone cut off his tongue and left him on the street to fend for himself. His mouth was getting septic and he was going to dye soon, if not treated. The email headline asking for help stated "Dog with tongue cut off" and I knew I could not leave him behind. Luckly for him, the Vet agreed to take care of him, and he recovered enough to make his trip back from Brazil to the US.

Bello continued to recover here, put some weight back on and developed a gorgeous, silky coat. He is the sweetest dog I've ever met. He cannot get enough loving (or cookies) and insists on being REALLY close to me -on my feet, leaning his head on my legs, or just laying on top of me.

He is funny and full of personality and everyday teaches us something about kindness, forgiveness and strength. Bello is the light of our lives.

Ines Castro
Silver Spring, MD


I found Benny on Petfinder.com through Just a Touch Rescue in Rhode Island and I had to meet him. This shelter specializes in special needs animals and puppy mill rescues. He had a rough start and didn't trust people when he came to me. His foster mom brought him for a home visit and when it was over he didn't want to leave! He has been with me for over two years now and I can't imagine life without him. I saw him first, but he chose me.

Watertown, MA

My Valentine, Sheldon

I adopted Sheldon from the city pound after a home invasion. He wasn't the big guard dog I originally planned on adopting, but he defiantly had a good "yip" in him! They told me he was born in February so I dubbed him a Valentine baby and that is his official birthday every year. He's been with me five years and is the best dog ever! Even non-dog people agree and if I would ever need to find a new "forever" home for him (which will never happen) there is a list of people a mile long that would love to have him!

Des Moines, IA

Catue to the rescue

My husband had just lost his Uncle Jim. Since his parents were older, Kevin didn't want them to make the drive some six states away for the funeral. So, he opted to drive them himself. While I was home alone, except for HC, our first rescue, I was a little worried with my husband being so far away. The first morning that I went to out for work, there was this adorable kitten under our carport. When I saw him I thought someone must have dropped him off. It happens all the time down our street. Anyway, this precious kitty flops over on his back for a tummy scratch. I was in love. Being a "dog" person most of my life, I was surprised at how many "canine attributes" my new kitty had. When Kevin got home, I showed him the kitty, who I was calling "Boots". Kevin kindly changed his name to Catue (cat 2).

Catue continues to amaze me with his antics. He sits by my feet when I am working at the computer. He rolls over for tummy scratches and still loves to flop! He walks in the house and flops right on the floor. He loves playing with his feline sister Goldie. She is another story. Together they run up and down our hallway at night and play hide and seek. It is hysterical.

Catue rescued me from being worried while Kevin was away.

Colleen Hajnal
Conway, SC

A Princess Takes Her Throne

Last year, an aquaintance of ours said she had a dog that she didn't want anymore. She had been beaten very badly and stabbed twice. She hid in the laundry room and was nno fun for the kids. Our friend was going to take her to a pound because she had been passed around to 6 families and no one wanted to keep her. My husband, who didn't really want a 5th pet, brought her home and said we had a new family member.We decided she needed a forever home, which we gave her. For the first 5-6 days, she hid in our bathroom, not coming out for any reason. We just cleaned up her "messes", and slid food in there. Finally she started attaching herself to us, one person at a time. She now plays with our other 2 dogs endlessly and sleeps under my daughters bed covers at night. Her name is Princess and she has found her kingdom

Howe, IN
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