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After renting my very first apartment, I was feeling a bit lonely. I have a pretty decent size family and it felt strange to be all alone and on my own for the first time. My mother suggested to me that I adopt a cute little companion so that I wouldn't feel so alone in my new place. I thought that was a wonderful idea and discovered that there was a small shelter across the way from my apartment. When I walked in, there was kittens galore! However, there was one older cat locked up in a cage away from all the others. He had been diagnosed with FeLV and could not be out with the other cats. I noticed that he had the most beautiful eyes and when I approached the cage he purred so loud. I could tell that he was lonely like me and perhaps we could both fill that void for each other. I adopted Mario that very day. It took Mario some time to get used to the new place and in building his trust with me. He used to struggle with me leaving for work or even with me being on the opposite side of the room as him. I think that now he realizes that he is part of my little family and that I am not going to abandon him. Mario has settled down much over the years and has become such an amazing cat and companion. He is such a little love bug! Our favorite thing to do is cuddle up together every night and watch a bit of TV before heading to bed.

Berwyn, IL

Scruffy's "Rock"

Scruffy was one of a litter of five. Her Mom was too sick to nurse them so Rock and I took over. The kittens were all sick but the vet said Scruffy would not make it -she weighed 7 ounces and everyone else weighed 16. Rock would just not let her die. Today she weighs 13 pounds and is his Purrfect Valentine!

Leslie Russo
Grimsby, ON, Canada


Cotton came to us from Project Spay, a non-profit organization that finds feral cats, captures and spays the mother cats and rescues the kittens for adoption. (Feral kittens can become loving pets, while, unfortunately, adult feral cats cannot.) Cotton was less than 2 lbs when he was rescued from a garage in Swansea, MA. He quickly overcame his initial fear and shyness and now sleeps in our laps while we work on our computers. This little, white, blue eyed kitten has brought us great joy and laughter as well as some much needed companionship for Tiger Lily, our resident female cat.

Boston, MA

True Love & Internet Dating

Last year a friend of mine convinced me that I should try Internet Dating and much to my pleasure while doing so I found the love of my life.

No, it wasn't one of the women I met, but a five year old Cairn Terrier from a Rescue Organization that belonged to one of these women. She had purchased the dog about five month prior and the dog had some issues which were beyond this woman's ability to deal with. So I relieved her of her burden and the dog came to live with me. It took a few weeks for the Cairn and I to develop our communications, but she is a model of a family pet now and extremely affectionate. She has become a valued member of our family, of now two dogs and about a dozen barnyard cats, and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

The woman I got her from wasn't a bad woman, but she wasn't a 'Dog Person', nor the woman for me. Enough said...!

I've heard it said that love will find you when you aren't looking for it and I guess that is what happened. My friends tell me I'm a hero for giving this dog a second chance and I'm just thankful that somehow I was directed to a place where our paths would cross....

Danny Derrick
Coleman, TX


We went to our local shelter to find a cat to cuddle with my mother while she was staying with us. She was suffering from dementia, and we thught a kitty would make a good companion. We looked at a lot of kitties, but couldn't seem to find the right one. The shelter worker told us there was another cat out back that we could look at. She was huddled in the back of the cage, but she began to purr when I held her. It took eight months for her to come out of her shell, but it was worth the wait. She rules the roost and is happy being the only pet in the home. She puts us to bed each night, and gets us up in the morning. We can't imagine life without her. Shelter animals make the best pets.

Nancy Blethen
Hallowell, ME

Saved to Rest in Peace

When a beloved 16 year old cat died, I went to the pound for another. I asked for an older cat and was shown 12 year old Queenie who had been there for 3 months - she was so easy going that she pretty much had the run of their offices. Her owner was dying in a hospice and all I could think of was to let her rest in peace knowing that her cat was saved. Queenie is now 15, hyperthyroid and is liked by all nine of my other rescues, including the dogs. When I need a hug she can't wait to give it, and for whatever reason she loves to hug my old garden shoes. She is love incarnate, will purr for any reason and I am so glad I asked the question of what older kitty was at the pound for whom it was hard to find a home.

Tory Braden
St. Simons Island, GA

Phoebe Jones

This is little Phoebe. She came to the back door of my office scratching to be let in a year ago. I contacted all of the area shelters, websites, and looked for signs from anyone that might be looking for her. Nobody appeared to be looking for her. She was very sick when she found me. She had ear mites, worms, giardia, and fleas. It took 3 baths to see what color she really was. I don't know who had her before me, but I don't think it was a good situation. She is terrified of other people and won't even get near any door that leads out to the front of our house. After many vet visits and medications she is finally healthy and the sweetest little girl ever. She joins our two other dogs that we also rescued. She gave our 12 year old Buster new life, and our 5 year old Toby is her best friend. She's our angel and we are so glad she found us!

Heather Jones
Las Vegas, NV

Sweet Casper

He was a big baby. He loved children. He loved to play. He took a lot, and I mean a LOT of grief from his petmate, Bella, but he still played with her. We moved to Fontana and the flies literally would not leave him alone. No matter how much topical medicine we put on the bites, the flies would not repel! Our sweet Casper developed cancer that would not respond to external treatment. The cost to treat him internally was out of reach for us. There was no one who could take care of him, so his owner, my brother, took him to a "no-kill" shelter. We do not know if some angel came along to take him home and treat his illness or if he is even still among the living. All I know is that he was a great companion who is sorely missed. I picture him with angel wings and that big, goofy, toothless grin he had. Glad you were in my life, Casper. Time to close your eyes and dream of the love given you while with us.

West Covina, CA

Daddy's Girl Goldie!

Goldie has been the last of our rescues. (so far). We believe she is a litter mate of Catue's. Goldie is not very people friendly at all. She is not mean and has never bit or scratched, she just makes herself disappear when people are around. Her favorite thing to do, as you can see from her picture, is to snuggle with her daddy. She is definitely a "daddy's girl". She only tolerates me because I live here!

Goldie may have the best personality of all three of our "cat children". She was born with some abnormalities. One eye is discolored and the vet is not sure how much vision she has in it. Her hearing is slightly impaired and she can't meow very well. Her voice is a very high-pitched short squeal. It doesn't matter to us, we think she is perfect.

I am home with her now since I am laid off. She and I are bonding more each day. But she will always be a "daddy's girl".

Conway, SC


A friend who volunteers at The Cornelius Animal Shelter told us about a dog there who was running out of time and looked like Zooey, our aging Jack Russell. We went to "look at" her, and there she was --- a dog with a useless right leg (permanently dislocated hip), who could somehow run like the wind (she ran away briefly when we were there), and bayed like a beagle. Of course we brought her home. Zooey approved and they have been best friends since. We had her hip repaired and fenced in our yard, problems solved. She still talks a lot and smiles when she's happy. What a wonderful addition to our family she has been, rescued dogs make terrific pets!!!

Sue Glass
Cornelius, NC
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