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My Little Sniffer

Our Bichon, Gabbie, had died a day after Thanksgiving and we didn't think we were ready for another dog yet. The day after Christmas I stopped by our local shelter to make a donation in her name. I thought I would just look at the dogs that day. Well lo and behold, there was Sniffer looking at me with his big "I want you for my mommie eyes" and it was all over.

The next day my fiance and I went back to take him to his forever home. He's been the most wonderful dog. He's funny and adorable and has been the best addition to our lives.

Life without Gabbie is hard but Sniffer has become the new love of our lives.

Eagan, MN

Gizmo - A Late Christmas Eve Rescue

We were in a true country general store and it was getting ready to close. As were walking to the register we past a lot of empty cages my wife heard a kitten crying. He was so small that I didn't see him. On the cage was a sign that said by a bag of kitten chow and get a free kitten. We bought the kitten chow and Gizmo came home in my wife's raincoat pocket. He was so small that he fit in a coffee cup and he didn't know how to do things. Holly our other christmas eve rescue 2 year old female took him and treated him as her baby teaching him. He is now 16 years old and just now was playing with our lastest rescue Daphene.

Herman Ragg
Stroudsburg, PA

Gracie and Jack, Our rescued kids

We have always rescued every dog of our's that we have owned. We lost three dogs, two years ago, weeks apart. Two of them, Bella and Bear, were hit and killed instantly, by a car, just before Christmas,

The last dog, Toby had lived with my Fiance for 15yrs and was put to rest, due to old age. We were so heartbroken, we lost our Christmas spirit, but still, somehow, had enough love to save/give, to rescue two more dogs. My hope is that evryone recue a pet or click on this site everyday. Save them, click and feed them. Ther are so many of them out there, that need and deserve there happily ever after.

Gracie (left), came from an animal hoarder. Then to PAWS where we rescued her, she was about eight weeks old and stayed at the back ok of the kennel, She was affraid to come forward, to let me pet her. the other five puppies wouldn't let her. She had "no human interaction" in the first 3 weeks of her life. So she only trust, my Fiance' and I the most and is very timid. She is finally warming up to, my grandkids. She is a year old now,

Jack (right), we rescued, from being "aligator bait," at eight weeks old. He loves everyone and loves Gracie, very much. Together they are "the best of buddies" and each of them, trying to be the alpha dog. Their our kids and have made our lives very entertaining.

We love them very much!

Rob and Holly

Holly Duvall
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Lucky from Kentucky

Guinness was abandoned at a Walmart in Kentucky and picked up by a great rescue in western New York. We weren't looking to get a dog that day, but when we met her, we couldn't resist. She is the most loving dog - we couldn't imagine life without her!

Rebecca Sekuterski
Buffalo, NY


I did not want a dog! But my children kept on so much especially my youngest, so to keep her quiet we went to the local dogs home, I was secretly knowing we would not find a dog..........how wrong i was, we were rushing like mad because the home was about to close, just as we were about to leave a dog caught our eye ...the most lovely dog I had ever seen, that was it I was truly smitten! After a lot of ifs and buts, we eventually got Tia home (even my husband wasn't keen) but never the less our love for her grew. We have loved her almost a year now and we would not be without her, she is so dear to us and so loved and cared for (even by my husband). Not only have we got Tia but we found out there is a whole community we didnt even know existed, I have found some lovely friends and so has Tia, in the picture is Tia is on the right and her best friend Saffie on the left, what fun we all have together! Long walks along the river and hours at the park. I would recommend a dog to anyone its hard work but without a doubt extremely worth while and very very rewarding.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Our Sweet Bonnie

A 3-legged dog was abandoned on a highway near my town. She was so frightened she ran in a panic up & down the road for 2 weeks. After many attempted rescues we finally formed a bond together & she let me bring her home. We'll never know what happened before she came to us but the important thing is, she is now safe & will never be hungry or afraid ever again. She's happy in her 'Forever Home' with us. We named her Bonnie & we love her so much!

Until her rescue, I cried buckets of tears, had sleepless nights & wrote this poem about her:

The Little Black Dog

Desperation & fear are the driving forces that push you on each day

Searching each car & person that you see as you limp along your way

On three little paws all torn & worn with a back that surely must ache

You stumble along looking for your old home causing many hearts to break

Alone & confused you don't know what to do so you run, search & hide

Your pain has touched all those you've passed & more than a few of us cried

We tried to help but you're much too afraid to let us snuggle ya up in our arms

So all we can do is hope & pray that you will continue to be safe from all harm

I'll never forget you little black dog, you'll stay tucked just inside of my mind

Whenever I feel tired & unable to go on, I'm sure I'll think of you every time

Hope ya find what you're searchin for & the people you encounter will be kind

I just wish you knew how much I would love you & how I wish you were mine

Darlene Prather
Spring, TX

Our Claire Bear

I first fell in love when I saw such a cute face on petfinder.com and with such a terrible story! Claire had lived all her little life in a puppy mill with untreated ear infections, so bad that at first they thought she would have to have both ear canals removed! My immediate thought was "I have to take care of that poor baby, we can give her what she needs- a loving family with 2 brothers and all the spoiling she deserves"! Thanks to Lil Paws Maltese Rescue for rescuing her from Dallas, and the wonderful staff at Tech Ridge Animal Hospital, Claire has now fully healed from her surgery on one ear, her other ear is healthy and we are well on our way to spoiling her like crazy!

Austin, TX

Finding Willow

I found Willow on the night of November 12, 2007. I was on my way to the ballet, and I heard a loud squeaking across the parking lot. A cat was following a group of boys walking across the parking lot, and they were ignoring her. As I got nearer my car, the cat ran under it, so I went inside to get a can of cat food to distract her. I hid the can under a shrub, and the kitty made a beeline for it. I enjoyed my ballet evening, and when I got back, the cat was still there. My neighbour pulled in at about the same time. Since there was snow on the ground and there was supposed to be a cold snap that night, I felt I should take the kitty in for the night. My neighbour helped get her in the building, and we realized she was just an adorable little calico kitten. By the next morning, my plan to keep her "just for the night" had evaporated--I couldn't wait to see what the new kitten was up to, and named her Willow. She has been a great addition to my feline family (along with her sister Daisy), the sweetest-natured little cat imaginable. Definitely a gift from above!

Mary Ann Beavis
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Christmas Miracle

My husband was walking our Jack Russell two days after Christmas and witnessed from across a canal that divided our street, a man in a red pick up stopped at the end of the street on the other side of the canal take "Lucy" out of the back of the truck, leave her on the street and drive away. She ran after the truck for a while then came back and sat in the street. When my husband came running into the house saying I would never believe what he just saw, he grabbed his keys and got into his truck to drive around to the other side of the canal to look for her. When he walked back into our house with this adorable angel in his arms we both said it's a Christmas Miracle! She is an angel and our two Jack Russells love her. Everytime I look at her I can't imagine how someone could just throw away a little beautiful angel.

Lynda Schoeller
Naples, FL

My Beautiful Girls

I adopted Pauli (left) 10 years ago from a no-kill shelter. She was only 5 months old and afraid of everything! My family thought I was crazy for adopting her, but all she needed was a little love and security and she is now the sweetest girl in the world.

About 3 years ago we decided it was time to adopt another dog. Libby (right) chose my husband and bounced out of her cage and jumped right up on him! It was love at first sight. She is missing 4 bottom teeth including one of her canines, but we love her toothless smile! In spite of whatever abuse she suffered before coming to our family she is quite the comedian and loves to snuggle.

Please adopt from your local shelters, these animals will be forever grateful and show you their love and appreciation every day!

Sarah & Jeff Magee
Indianapolis, IN
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