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my dog changed me

Skyler changed my life by showing me that im not a scared dog when we went to the shelter we saw him and i was soo sad he was alone and he had a sister the parents i don't know what happen to them but we adopted him he is our family dog he was the best dog ever i love him .

greatneck, NY

Found and Loved

Tango was abandoned at a local Police Station. The Vet guessed she was only 4 months old. You could see her ribs and the smallest harness I could find just fell right off her. But she found her forever Home with us and was named Tango for the big "T" in white fur on the back of her neck.

Manchester, MD

Cletus, Daisy and Katie

All three of our dogs come from different rescue organizations. Each one has their own wonderful personality and bring so much joy to our family. Cletus came to us scared and shaking, Daisy had been hit my a car along side the road as a pup, and Katie was a skinny ex-hunting dog. They come from very different backgrounds, but are now the best of friends!

Franklinton, NC

Second chances can be the best!

We found Granite at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter after his owner passed away. Granite was an older cat and looked terribly sad & frightened. Well, he has gotten over that! He is a gentle giant who loves everyone and takes care of our other cats when they are sick or scared. He is so sweet that we nicknamed him "Danger Boy" - he is our superhero who keeps everything but smiles away.

Valerie Heimerich
Sacramento, CA

My little Twiggy

My husband and I saw this little white dog run through 4 lanes of traffic and back. I thought she got hit by a car so we turned around to check on her. We found her in the front yard of a house that had a rope tied on the porch that they occasionally used to confine her. She was so happy to see us, like she had been waiting for us. We checked her over, and found no injuries.

A neighbor asked us if we were going to take her. We explained why we stopped and that we weren't going to take her. The neighbor then said if we didn't, she would call Animal Control to get her so she didn't end up dead like the other two. Her current family had already lost 2 dogs in the last 3 months to cars on the very same street, almost the exact location we had seen her running . We decided to take her and find her a good home, the neighbor was thrilled the little sweet dog was going to get a good home. We watched the papers but the family never advertised for her so we set to finding her a good home. Little did we know she already had.

Twiggy was a Toy Fox Terrier and lived with us for 16 1/2 years. We lost her in October 2009 at the age of 17+. She was the best dog, never did anything wrong, full of life and a joy to love. In her last 2 years she lost her sight to glaucoma, and her hearing was limited but she got around and we pampered her until she crossed the bridge. I miss that sweet little dog and will never forget her.

Jodi Walters
Fort Wayne, IN

Hurricane Rescue

Hurricane Andrew devastated Miami in 1992 and hundreds of animals lost their homes. We estimate that Kyle wandered the streets for four months facing very limited food and water supply, plus who knows what kinds of predators in addition to the packs of wild dogs and displaced zoo animals that were reported. One look at Kyle's sweet face as she sat trembling in the cage at Andrew's Ark (the Hurricane Andrew rescue shelter) told me this little six-month old tortie baby belonged to us. She just celebrated her 18th birthday and except for a little geriatric shakiness she is fluffy, happy, and has turned my husband into mush. For years storms would send her scooting under the bed or into Peter's arms. Today she rarely even notices them. And, despite such a traumatic start and now her advanced years, she's still the alpha cat, regularly whacking her sister in the head if she's not shown the proper amount of deference.

Micki Krieger
West Palm Beach, FL

Thrown away

A friend called me to tell me two small dogs were thrown out of a car in front of her home. They cried under her bedroom window all night. She knew I loved animals, and asked me to come see if they would be new pets for me. Brownie [named that for being brown] ran to me when I clapped my hands and I scooped him up. I fell in love with his "airplane" ears that stick out to the sides when he is curious. His Mama looked like a purebred Chihuahua, but would not let me get close to her. Brownie has been my loving baby for the past 14 years. I can't imagine life without his constant attention, antics, and loving watchfulness. He is so smart, and knows a lot of English. I can't fool him anymore. He knows my every move, and hears everything. Why would anyone want to throw him away? He is 100% love.

Trish Smith
Winston Salem, NC

Things happen for a reason

I rescued a poodle mix a few days before my Aunt died a few years ago and a year later on the exact day of my Aunt's death, Cubby passed away from an autoimmune disease. I was so devastated and told myself that I needed to wait a few months to replace him. But within two weeks I couldn't stand coming home to an empty house. A couple of friends of mine took me to Table Mountain Animal Shelter and they found this precious little girl in a cage. She was extremely skinny, someone had used a heavy duty staple gun to close a wound on her back leg as her declaw had been torn off. The shelter allowed me to adopt her even though the 7 day waiting period wasn't up yet. They felt that whoever had her didn't deserve her because of the shape she was in when she was found. She is now a healthly 14 lbs and she is very well loved. I was told she was a Westie but I just knew by looking at her that she had to be something else. I had a DNA test done and she is actually a Schnauzer/American Eskimo mix so now I understand why she is so protective of me.

Karen W
Wheat Ridge, CO

Freddy's Story

He called to me from the city pound website, a little blob of black, sitting for his 'mug shot' in front of the tropical blue background."Male Shih Tzu mix, 10 years old."

"You know that's a tumor on his leg, don't you?"asked the nice lady at the desk. He was in horrible shape. Skinny, tennis ball sized tumor on his leg, raw and bleeding from dragging the floor. So badly matted he looked twice his size. He was urine soaked, ticked infested and smelled awful.

It was love at first site for us all.

What do you do with a stinky pup when you finally get him home? A good meal was first, No matter how much shampoo and water, nothing was penetrating those mats. Now we had a wet, urine soaked pup who smelled even worse than before! And he had ticks! I made his bed beside ours for the night, a nice clean fluffy pillow.The lights were off and the room was quiet.... I felt him jump up on the bed. He came up to me and lay his little head on my chest.

What do you do when a matted, stinky, tick infested little furbaby jumps up on your bed wanting love? Why, you give it to him of course. He has slept there every night since.

He was shaved down, dipped for ticks, nurtured and the tumor removed.

The purpose in telling this story is not to say I am a good person for rescuing an animal from the pound... I heard a voice I couldn't ignore. It is to bring attention to all the wonderful pets that might get passed over because they are older, dirty, matted or have an issue or two to overcome. Freddy has his forever home.

Lynda Johnson
Midland, TX

Mommy Kitty and her girls

She was stray, skinny and scared hiding from the foxes and coyotes in the woods. I put food out for months and she would not let me near. I made eye contact with her one day while she was staring in our window. I knew then I had to get her. I bought a trap, put food in it and she was mine in a matter of minutes. I took her immediately to the vet since I had an older cat in the house. They wanted to spay her but I wanted to wait until she put on some weight. She did..and here are her 3 girls.

She follows me every step I take as if to say Thank You, Thank You. The "trust fund" babies, who are now 7 years old follow her since they have never been apart. I cannot imagine life without them!

Atlanta, GA
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