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My Lizzy Dog!

We were supposed to be looking for a medium-size, black, short-haired dog but... You see a few years back we had a gorgeous, intelligent, male German Sheperd Dog (Fred) but because of the constant, white undercoat, fur shedding factor we wanted a black, short-haired dog this time. The trainer at our local SPCA had heard we were looking for a dog and called us to say they had a lovely female GSD available. We couldn't resist checking it out and arrived at our local SPCA on a dark and stormy night 7 years ago. We rounded the corner where the dog kennels are and immediately saw her. We had a dog name already picked out but saw that she already had a name shown on her kennel. We said "Hi Lizzy" and immediately those giant ears perked up and our hearts melted. She came home with us that night and it's been a joy ever since. And we've learned to live with their fur factor again!

Allison Martin
Alameda, CA

Baby Girl

My brother worked in Jean LaFitte National Park in Louisiana where they frequently find animals people have dumped. One evening, he brought home a live trap with a VICIOUS little orange kitten in it. Poor tiny darling was absolutely terrified and was lashing out at everything she could get her claws into. After much patience and love, Puss because my closest friend and most beloved companion. She graced my life from the time I was 14 in 1985 until three years ago in 2007. I've never been so connected to an animal before her or since her and I miss her dearly. I am so thankful that I got to spend an incredible 23 years with my sweet, loving, baby girl, and I look forward to one day meeting her again.

R J Robicheaux
Gibson County, HI


We found Zeus on Thanksgiving morning in 1996. Leaving to go to my parents house, we heard a cat fight right outside our garage door. When I went to investigate, I found a large neighborhood cat beating the tar out of a tiny black baby kitten. I quickly shooed the bigger cat away and scooped up the scared little furry bundle. We named him Zeus for his bravery (although he truly IS the definition of a "scaredy cat"). Zeus is still a joy for our family and we would not trade his needy ways for anything. He absolutely LIVES for the moment my husband and I lay down in bed so he can get his nightly petting and have his nightly discussion with us.

R J Robicheaux
Gibson County, IN

Pickles the Sock Stealer

My son woke me at midnight one rainy evening in 1999 and told me he heard kitties outside his bedroom window. In the pouring rain, my darling husband searched with a flashlight until he found two soaking wet, tiny kittens huddled together under the plants outside our sons window. We found a good home for the male, but the female seemed to bond with us and we couldn't part with her. Pickles has faithfully earned her keep with our family since that time by stealing all stray socks and coralling them until we can gather them up again. She's quite a character and insists on making her way into my husbands lap as we do our morning devotionals each morning. Without question, Pickles is a "Daddy's Girl", but she does love us all - and we certainly love her.

R J Robicheaux
Gibson County, IN

Greyhound Rescue

We adopted Bijoux (pronounced Bee-Shoo) from a Greyhound rescue organization in 1998. She was already three years old when we adopted her, but you would never have known she wasn't a puppy. She was the most loving, goofy, affectionate, gentle, problem-free dog we've ever had and she quickly became like one of our children to us. Sadly, we lost our sweet Bijoux late last year to bone cancer. We will always remember the sweet silly dog that always made us laugh with her antics and comforted us with her sweetness.

R J Robicheaux
Gibson County, IN

Alice Bluegown

I found Alice as a tiny kitten hunkered down in the middle of a busy four lane road on my way home from work. My daughters cat had just passed away after a long illness and she was still mourning that loss. I knew as soon as she saw this tiny baby she would be in love and that Alice could help her heart heal. BOY WAS I RIGHT ! Alice and my daughter are inseperable. I can't tell who loves the other more !

R J Robicheaux
Gibson County, IN

From Starving to Spoiled

While waiting for my daughter in the school parking lot, we found GusGus. She was wandering in the torrential rain meowing. At only 4-5 weeks old, she was nearly starved - nothing but skin & bones. After much love, she's a happy, fat little girl with lots of energy...and a blessing to our home. The malnutrition has stunted her growth, so she will probably always look like a kitten. She was a wonderful addition to our other eight cats and two dogs.

R J Robicheaux
Gibson County, IN


I got lucky in 2007 from a neighbor who was miss treating him. He was maybe 3 months old and the neighbor had adopted him from a shelter. They left him out in the rain and he was never feed on a daily basis. He keep coming under my fence. Finally the neighbor told me she never really wanted him and to take him. So I did. I knew he was sick I just didn't know how sick.

I took him to my vet. He told me he would not live 24 hours he had parvo and was born with a mange. You could see every bone on him. He gave me all the meds and told me good luck. Said if he lives the next 48 hours he would be very surprised. Well, Lucky surprised everyone. He is now very health and is now over 65 pounds. His coat is beautiful and he is full of life. I feel very Lucky to have him.

Donna Zurzolo
Branson, MO

A Furry Welcome to the Neighborhood

A couple of months after we moved into an apartment, we were visited by a friendly and handsome striped tabby. He visited daily and it became apparent that he was homeless, so we fed him when he stopped by. Upon investigation, we discovered that he had been abandoned about a year prior and other neighbors had also been feeding him. We tried to find a home for him, because our existing cat (Mama-Kitty) has always been scared of other cats and this new little guy was pretty aggressive toward other cats and had some feral tendencies - but no luck. As the weather grew colder, we couldn't bear the thought of him outside any longer so we adopted him and named him Marty. While we have to keep them separated, we manage to spoil both of them with lots of love. Marty might be our problem child, but we love him dearly and are thrilled to be his forever home as of 12/08.

Krista and Vince Loughnane
Long Island, NY

The cat came back...4 months later!

I first met Julie when I agreed that I wanted to foster a cat. My boyfriend and I already had 3 of our own but still wanted to help the rescue societies. She came to me a scared, untrusting cat who would rather bite you than ask for pets. This continued on for about 3 months, with me slowly gaining her trust with treats, canned food and good brushings (she shed so much in that first month, the room she had was a fuzz-fest!) By the time June came around she was comfortable enough to sit in the hallway with her safe box, and didn't run as far when you walked up to her. She loved getting attention now and would cry for some if she saw me petting the other cats.

Somehow she managed to escape the safety of the house along with one of the other cats and was loose in the neighbourhood. It broke my heart, we came home from our vacation as soon as we heard they were gone. Hours were spent looking for them with no luck. The cat Miyu came home 2 days later. Posters didn't help, but word of mouth got an answer after a month of her gone. She was still alive, living under an abandoned cabin not far from home! An elderly woman was feeding her and trying to get close to her, but Julie was now untrusting of people again. We spent another 3 months gaining her trust, and finally managed to capture her during the first weekend of November. She's back home now, and she's never been happier. She's my bed-time teddy bear now, my little Julie-bear :) I couldn't imagine not having her around.

Spruce Grove, AB, Canada
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