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Meant to Be!

My daughter and I fell in love with the Akita breed many years ago and have rescued a total of five Akitas. When my daughter moved out, she took our last two Akitas and I knew I had to rescue another. I went on the Internet and found a local rescue group in Phoenix, AARTA. I knew when I saw Hanisu (Japanese meaning 'to talk') on their website that she was the one for me. We met and it was as though we had been together all our lives. She has been my very best friend and companion since, helping me through a few illnesses and bad times. She greets me with her Akita talk every day and is always close by. That was 5 years ago and Hanisu is about 9 years old now. I don't know how I ever lived without her! Our other Akitas, Saki and Keiko are now 9 and 14 years old and still a huge part of our family! In addition, we have added Loki, a beautiful boy with boundless energy and a heart of gold. These beautiful Akitas rescued us much more than we could have ever rescued them.

Patricia Hartley
Las Vegas, NV


After losing my 16-year old calico to kidney failure, I needed another cat in my life. I searched Petfinder, and a lovely kitty face tugged at my heart. The catch was that she was in a shelter 150 miles away. My husband reluctantly consented to making the 300 mile round trip drive with me, and we brought Serena home. That was in March, 2009. She's a perfect fit for our animal family, and I'm so glad we made the drive to get her.

LaFayette, GA

The dog from Main St.

Her name is Ginger now. One month ago she was bouncing between lanes of a busy street in Springfield Or. Trucks honking at her and car's squealing brakes. This is what she did everyday for months. I can't believe she hadn't been hit. The day I saw her I almost hit her. Amidst angry motorist I made it off the street. I tried coaxing her to me but she ran off. I checked the local business and they didn't know where she came from. Animal Control and Police had given up.

She wasn't skinny as so many lonely dogs and cats are, she was a heavy weight. It seems that the local business's were leaving delightful food items out for her. A kind lady tried coaxing her into the building, but she was street wise, so to speak.

I got a live animal trap and set it out with a pile of burger and meatballs. The next day the call came, "She's in the trap!" I got her and the trap into my garage and covered it with a blanket. It took this scared lady 3 days to finally inch her way out to eat and urinate. I have had luck with dog whisper techniques so when she finally came out we kept on going...right on into the house and into our established pack. She became Ginger and from then on she was bonded to my other 2 rescues, Buddy, an unwanted lop eared Border Collie and a sweet Border Collie, Elle. Thanks to them Ginger was able to learn basic commands. Ginger made it off of Main St. and into my heart. It's time for her to move on to her forever home. She is listed on Petfinder and she will be a wonderful addition to a lucky family.

Robyn Broadbent
Springfield, OR

My Knight in Shining Armor

I found Tyner walking along a country road, very bedraggled and severley emaciated. Every bone in his little body stood out. I found his owners who said I could have him if I wanted him. He had no teeth, no hair on his tail, ears or legs and was close to death. He had congestive heart failure and everyone said he'd never make it a week. I had him for two and a half years and he was was my protecter and my little guardian wolf-dog. I thank God I gave my little old man a chance to have warmth and love for the last years of his life.

Sue Vozar
Scottdale, PA


I rescued Angel after hurricane Frances in 2004. She was very small,maybe just a couple of days old. She was covered in fleas and skinny. I bottle fed her every 2 hours. I brought her in house and she had her forever home. She is now 5 years old had 5 litters of kittens and then was spayed. She is the sweetest cat and I love her so much. I have 2 of her daughters Calico and Smoky. Smoky had babies and I have 4 of them. They are Stripes, Trouble, Shadow, and Sprinkles. I also rescued a cat named Tiger and nursed her back to health. Now she is 2 years old and very territorial. I have 2 more outside cats their names are Mitzy and Rosie they are mother and daughter. They are also spayed. I love all my cats and they make my family complete.

Lakeland, FL


One day I went to my vet to pick up some medicine for my dog. As I waited in line there was this man holding a black little dog. I over heard him tell the lady at the desk that he wanted to have her put to sleep. The lady ask the reason, and he said. well I just don't have time for her and she coughs alot. This broke my heart. I stepped up and ask, Can I have this dog please. The man said yes, long story short. The vet checked her out, there were just minor things, but "Cricket" is now beautiful and has a wonderful life taken care of by Radio DJ Chef Suzan from Z93.1 in Gadsden, Alabama.

Kristi Teet
Gadsden, AL

Our Man Cats

My college roommates and I were arguing and they knew I really wanted a cat. They found a kitten that was free to a good home and drove two hours to adopt him. I named him Mr. Toaster because he is grey and has two lines on his head similar to a toaster (like the children's movie "The Brave Little Toaster"). A few years later I moved in with my boyfriend and realized that Mr. Toaster needed a companion since we are both away from home during the day. We visited a local animal shelter and fell in love with Mr. Jeezy. Mr. Jeezy was extremely friendly but very underweight. He was found at abandoned at a bus station. Mr. Jeezy and Mr. Toaster became great friends and we love both of them. We could not imagine life without either of them.

Elgin, IL


Arnold was at the San Gabriel Shelter in San Gabriel Ca. He was a big dog being Boxer/Great Dane and being a senior no one wanted him. He had a advocate that was taking care of him and trying to get him adopted. When our family went to meet him we had our other dog Sandra with us..here comes this big guy with these big eyes..my husband yelled "Arnold" and that was it.

He is the smartest, lovable guy, we love him and are so thankful that he is able to live the rest of his life with us. Everyday his personallity comes out and he is truly a gem... We have had him for 4 months and he is truly our Christmas Gift.

Boni Forte'

Monrovia CA

Boni Forte'
Monrovia, CA

Birthday Aussie

I was at the Indy Humane Society to pick up the dog I had chosen for a present from my hubby. I wasn't really sure it was the right one for us, or as a companion for our adopted stray, Aus. Kelpie, Misha. The volunteer suggested I look again. The first cage I came to, our eyes met-his said,"I need you". The card read "Six or seven weeks, rescued today,kids were kicking him around and terrorizing with bikes". He had me with one look! Home he came, and Misha immediately became his dog Mom and instructer-he was house trained in 9 days thanks to her!

11 1/2 years later, The Tazman still has my heart, as does another Aussi pal, added three years ago. Taz had several issues over the years, including OCD, but I would not trade him for all the gold in the treasury. When my husband past away, Taz became my solace, and protector. He is quite the comedian, and though he will fetch shoes, remotes, and phone, he also like to tease, and hide them in his bed, or wherever. He still dislikes young kids and bicycles, but will ignore them if you command it. He is a real cuddle bear on cold nights, and still very playful, a perpetual puppy with graying muzzle.

Sally Schuler
Fishers, IN

My little Ivan

I rescued Ivan from the local SPCA about 2 months ago. Right from the start he had a snuggly attitude. Since then he has filled my life with happiness. He is extremely lazy and spends most of his day sleeping or tearing up my things, including my Christmas tree. The little rascal has managed to get every single oranament off the tree and knock the actual tree over twice! He is a little angel and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Bradford, PA
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