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Lady Bug

Lady bug (bugwug) came into our lives 12 yrs ago as a physically and mentally abused dog who had been burned with cigarette butts and Lord only knows what else. She became my baby and keeper of my sanity through many trials. She was the sweetest dog unless she sensed danger towards me and then she turned into a wolf! She loved her feline brothers and sisters and never tried to hurt them even when they would steal her food! She passed away in her sleep 3 weeks ago at the ripe old age of 15. I hope that her final days were happy for her and I miss her sweet doggy smile. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge one day!

Patricia Baswell
Macon, GA

Cat In A Tree

We were visiting family in San Diego, CA and went out to where the guys rode their horses. We found a little kitten scared and dirty treed by a couple of medium sized dogs. We got her down and OF COURSE took her with us.

We cleaned her up and decided to take her home with us to Sacramento but the airline we were using wouldn't take her. So my mom-in-law came to the rescue and drove from San Diego to Sacramento with her little poodle and "Miss Kitty" in a crate.

When we got home our other three cats were sort of put out, but she won the boys over. We lost the boys over time and when we introduced two new kittens to the mix there was absolutely NO doubt who is in charge.

Yes, she's named "Miss Kitty" after the cat that belonged to Cat Woman. We've had her for 16 years now and she's still goin' strong! She loves to lay on my feet while I sleep and is ALWAYS near my feet when I'm at the computer or crafting.

Rae Wooten
Pflugerville, TX

Can we keep him? Bart's story.

Eight years ago while my son was outdoors playing, he saw a car stop, and saw someone put a small dog out on our little dirt road in the woods. The small dog tried to follow, but the car quickly disappeared. My son scooped up the dirty, skinny pup, and we took the abandoned dog to the vet to be checked over, My son named him Bart, after his Aunt Dawnie's dog. Our Bart has given us love and laughs every day since that day. We love him.

Raleigh, NC


My Mother found this beauty, someone had abandoned her and her brother at a local Walmart. They had left them both in a single animal carrier all day. After years of growing up and us kids bringing home strays begging my Mom 'can we keep 'em?' , she called us up and used an 'I owe you'. We had to bathe them first since they were left in the carrier all day with no food, water, or litterbox. It breaks my heart to remember the condition this beautiful creature came to us in but she's cleaned up well and is now our "Princess Ferrah the Fairest of them all". My sister took her brother Tuffy (he plays with her dogs) and loves life. Ferrah stole my husband's "Dog-lover" heart and became 'Daddy's girl'. She still hates the carrier but most days she's happy in her favorite place, Dad's lap. She even humors her Dad with games of Fetch with my ponytail holder!

Stephanie Tieman
Las Vegas, NV

A Special Day for Mitch

Today is a very special day for Mitch. He gets to leave the Animal Defense League hospital and move to the kennels to be adopted. He can hardly wait to find his very own family who will take him home and love him forever.

On January 13, 2010 Mitch was brought to the Animal Defense League hospital. He came in with some very serious injuries and we didn’t know if he would live. He had probably been hit by a car and his pelvis was crushed, displacing his bladder and affecting his bowels.

The veterinarian at the Animal Defense League did a life-saving surgery. During that surgery, Mitch had to lose some of his parts so that his bladder could be saved. He will need to be monitored for bladder infections for the rest of his life and he looks a little different than most boys, but he is a happy, normal guy. Mitch still loves to run and play even though he only has three legs.He's a one year old, 19 pound, Terrier mix and he is quite handsome with soft white and black fur.

Mitch is thankful to the staff at the Animal Defense League hospital for taking care of him all these months. He'll miss them all, but he's also anxious to get started on of the rest of his life.

Animal Defense League of Texas
San Antonio, TX

Lady Sleeping

I lost my 11 year old dog to heart disease and my other dog was really missing her as much as I was. I talked to a lady at a rescue group who told me about a dog at an animal shelter.....so I went out to see her and it was love at first sight. She was very frightened but instantly put her head on my shoulder. I have had her about 4 weeks now and she is a wonderful dog and great company for my other dog, they get along great. So lucky to have found this little treasure! She has certainly filled the hole in my heart.

Spring, TX


After our 3 beloved dogs died of old age, my daughter, then 3 years old, missed them all and kept asking for another one. We weren't keen on it, but finally went to the RSPCA and after much searching found a litter of StaffyX pups. 5 black and one mainly white with black markings, hidden in a corner while the others were all trying to come out. We were looking for a female dog, so we had to have this one! We found out she had a little infection on the site of her operation when she was desexed, took her to the Vet and had to nurse her for a while. She has thrived and look at her now! She's a boisterous, brut-looking animal but she gets along with all other dogs and birds (except Indian Minahs) and she's not too fond of the neighbours' cat but doesn't harm him when he decides to come for a visit. She loves people and tries top play 10 pin Bowling with all of us in the corridor! My daughter plays dress-ups with her, annoys her to bits and still when we go out and live her home, she'll pull all of our towels from the rail except for my daughter's one. We went to the RSPCA Millian Paws Walk yesterday and she couldn't get enough of all the other dogs around her. She just didn't know who to play with first, and she had everybody inh stitches when she decided she wanted to play with a stick, except her stick was more like half a tree!! Life would just not be the same without our "Cute Brut" Lucy-lou!!

Joanna Russell
Central Coast, Australia


At approximately five weeks old, 7.5 oz of kitten repeatedly returned to climb onto my brother-in-law's boot as he worked in the garden at his commercial property. He even turned on the sprinklers after placing the tiny critter at the back of the lot, thinking it would not venture through the water. It returned, bedraggled and wet to climb onto his boot again. When he left the property, he glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw the kitten running down the street behind the truck. She was determined to find a person to take care of her. He couldn't leave her behind....and for the first time in my life I became a cat owner. Two months later I added "cat" to my allergy shots..

KittyBaby is now four years old. She has had many adventures, including a broken knee. She walks on a leash, came nose to nose with baby squirrels in Colorado, and loves to lay in the dirt in the back yard and watch the birds. She "ikks" at them but doesn't try to catch them. She has learned NOT to go up the tree in our back yard, (she can't get down) and although she has not grown into a lap cat, she is a delightful and funny companion who "dogs" my steps when I come home in the evening. She hides around corners and pounces on me, and loves to chase a leather shoelace before bedtime. Her signature move is jumping through the shower every morning. I guess she thinks the water is magic!

Erlann Clark
Dallas, TX

Gable's Incredible Journey

I took in a neighborhood cat last winter. Had him neutered, etc. but he still wanted to go outside. He's the only one of my 26 rescued cats who does go outside. When my boss was ready for a new cat I thought Gable would love living in the country and having so much land to explore. Well, I took him there on a Tuesday and while he was getting adjusted to being in a new place, he got out of the screened-in porch on Friday of the same week. The weather was rainy, windy and nasty most of the week and we couldn't find him anywhere. Exactly one week later on Friday morning I looked out the kitchen window and he was back at my house -- about 7 miles from where he started. He wasn't dirty and didn't even have a broken nail. He lost a pound or two but that's about it. He immediately resumed his routine and seems to have forgotten all about his adventure. Needless to say he's here to stay and my boss will have to find another cat.

Kathy Shedd
Albion, MI

Sam stole my heart!

I was working at a pet hospital one July afternoon when an elderly couple came in carrying this strange brownish yellowish ball covered in garbage. They said they were driving through a street when they noticed something moving near a dumpster. Upon investigation, it turned out to be a small dog...very down on his luck. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they wanted to know if we could clean him up so that he would be more presentable at the shelter. The woman put him on the ground and he ran right up to me. I'll never forget the big smile he had on his face. Love at first sight must have happened because before I knew what I had said (I'll take him!) he was mine. We cleaned him up and found out he was an adorable little poodle mix. I named him a respectable name - Sam. He had over 20 foxtails in his mouth, ears and pads. He had skin disease from poor care and worn pads and ingrown nails. Would you ever know Sam came from a rough life? No! He has been thriving for 5 years with me now. I love him so dearly, he is the most amazing dog ever. This guy is never sad, he knows the secret to life: making the best out of every situation, forgiveness and happiness. He is just incredible, he teaches me life lessons all the time and takes care of my boyfriend and I when we are having a bad day or sick (he just knows!). Now he lives with his three shelter-rescue friends and is the happiest guy all the time. I will never understand how anyone can purchase pets from a pet store when amazing guys like this get put down at shelters.

San Diego, CA
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