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Josie - Our Loving Diva

My parents had a cabin in Meridian, MS, and my whole family would get together there to celebrate birthdays, holidays, etc. My sister & I went to the grocery store & the only way to get there was on a long, winding, two-lane country road. We saw what we thought was rock in the road & then it moved. We realized it was a tiny puppy. We scooped her up & took her home with us. We got her to our vet asap & found out she was only 4 weeks old, anemic, had every kind of worms a dog could have. She was so sick. She spent a week at the vet's with IV drips & lots of medicines & we worried so that we might lose her. I am happy to say that she survived and is flourishing to this day. Her name is Josie & she turned 18 years old this past April 2009. She has been a joy to everyone in our family! Josie started out as my girl, but when I moved to Pensacola, FL to live with my sister, my Mother begged me to let Josie stay. I had been living with my parents & they had really bonded to her. I felt so guilty about moving out that I let Josie stay. I cried all the way to Florida and then some. I missed her greatly, but she gave my Mom so much joy & they were best friends. When my Mom passed away about 8 years ago, Josie came back to me. We love her so dearly! My husband and I wait on her hand over fist, something she had become quite used to living with my Mom! I encourage everyone to help animals in need - it is it's own reward!

Bill & Angie
Pensacola, FL

Jackson Bandit who stole my heart

The first time I ever saw Jackson was on a flier that had been put together by a co-worker for a small abandoned puppy she found malnourished and caught in a chain linked fence on the way home from work one day. I took one look at it and almost burst into tears. It was like seeing your own child for the first time. He immediately stole my heart and I told my co-worker to look no further because that little boy was mine. She suggested the name Bandit because at the time he had what looked like a black mask over his eyes. My boyfriend suggested Jackson because that's the name of the street that he was found on. I loved them both so I went with it. That was almost two years ago. He has brought joy and love into my life and is definitely part of my family. I even found out that we (approximately) share the same birthday when I went to get him neutered. He's the best birthday wish that I could ever ask for, and he completes my family.

Memphis, TN


Went to the Greenwood SC human society and when I saw Kali it was love at first sight. She has made so many people happy and everyone loves her including her brother Bailey, the Golden Retriever.

Larry & Barbara Warner

Larry & Barbara
Greenwood, SC

Shadow to the rescue

All 5 were rescue dogs. The last one has the most interesting story.

For 2 weeks my son went fishing at a pond near our home. Both times a dog came out of the woods looking for food. My son would oblige by throwing him French fries. The 2nd time my son tried to coax him into the car but the dog wouldn't go, he did follow him home, trotting behind his car about 1 mile away. He hung outside our house for 1 week. I would leave him food & water outside before I go to work. He would come eat & hang out until we get home then go back into the woods across the street from our house till the next day. An ice storm hit that next week we managed to get him into the garage to sleep for a couple of nights. He finally warmed up to us and decided to permanently move in. After a good bath and a hair cut he became a family member. The dog followed only me all over the house, bathroom, kitchen etc. He would walk sideways in front of me down the hallway. So I named him Shadow for obvious reasons.

A month later we realized Shadow had a real talent for smelling. I'm on diabetic pump. One night I was having a low blood sugar my husband woke to see Shadow starring at me in bed about 6" from my face. He then progressed to slapping me in the face with his paw so I would get up. It's been 2+ years now and he still does his job to wake me when I'm low. I do believe he came to us for the reason of watching out after me. So who rescued who?

Charmaine Perez
Snellville, GA

Lily and Isabel

I adopted Lily and Isabel from a local rescue group a little over a year ago. They were both quite shy and were cowering at the back of their cage. I knew that my quiet home would be the right place for them. It has been a joy to watch both girls blossom and become more confident over time. They have wonderfully quirky personalities and spend most of their time getting into trouble. (Don't Ask!) I feel very luck to have them in my life.

Hope Koturo
Hoboken, NJ

My 3 Amazing Doggies

My 3 doggies have been rescued. Omega on the left side of the screen was the weak of al his brothers and no one wanted to adopt him, he was 6 weeks old when we got him, now he is 7 years old. Bella on the right was very sick and was 4 weeks old at the time of adoption now she is 4 years old. Patch the little one, was the lates addition to our family we really don't know much about him besides that he was passed on to different people too many times, he is in between 3-5 years old, we are still working on his trust issues. My dogs are now very happy, healthy and safe, they make us laugh every day. They are a big part of our family and we love them very much. Please think adoption first. 07/21/2009

Jim & Madeline
Plainfield, IL


This little guy was brought back to the rescue center a second time due to separation anxiety. For the first few months, Wally velcroed himself to my leg. Now he's a happy go lucky guy eager to say "HI" to everyone, his anxiety long since gone. He gets along splendidly with his three rescue brothers and sisters. Thank you Operation Kindness for a wonderful pup.

McKinney, TX

Ruby Red Sox

The chow chow is the breed for me. After my last chow died, I decided to adopt a rescued dog, and found Ruby on Petfinder.com. She was listed as "having been through a rough time, but her sparkling personality was beginning to show through". Chows are often one-person dogs, and I hoped that we would be able to form a bond. After a little bit of liverwurst, she was ready to follow me anywhere. We soon discovered that she had the cutest way of lifting her paw whenever she was commanded to "sit". The road hasn't always been smooth - she had a lot of fear and no manners on a leash, but I can truly say that I would adopt a chow chow again. She is now such a sweet tempered and loving dog. Here she is after celebrating the Red Sox World Series victory in 2007.

Laura C.
Peterborough, NH


For some odd reason I got into my head that I wanted to adopt a Maine Coon. He'd have to get along with my 2 other rescue cats who would be 3 years or so older than him. I found Coon while checking out the Maine Coon Rescue website. It turned out he was living in a foster home in nearby Milwaukee. He had been found in western Wisconsin as a 5 week old suffering from a Herpes virus in his right eye. Fortunately, the Humane Society found a foster mom in Milwaukee who took care of him night and day. Even though he lost the sight in his right eye the care he was given prevented the virus from infecting his left.

To this day you'd never know he had eyesight in only 1 eye. With all the care he received as a young cat he's now my gentle giant, asking for hugs and kisses each and every day. It was such a good expereince I went back to the foster mom and adopted another young male cat to be a companion to him. Thanks to the foster mom and to Humane Society of Wisconsin for making this possible!

Fox Lake, IL

The tree kitty

I adopted 3 cats from barncats.org They had been together quite a while, and were good buddies. Two of the three were social -- they followed me around as I did my barn chores & liked to get scratches. The 3rd female (Callie) was always apprehensive of me, even though I provided wet food 2 x per day. She would watch me with the others, always from a distance. I hadn't touched her in a year, and was thinking I'd have to trap her in order to get her annual shots.

Unfortunately I lost 2 of the little sweeties, one to illness, and one to the coyotes. After she was alone Callie moved to a tree right outside our sun room. I would talk to her as I passed, and she would follow me into the barn to get her wet food, but still wouldn't let me touch her.

A friend found a little black & white kitten in a tree, and knowing I had just lost a kitty, brought her to me. As soon as I saw her I knew I couldn't leave her out in the barn, I'd had my heart broken too many times. I named her Chloe, she is sitting beside me as I type.

Chloe likes to sit in the sun room, and Callie eventually spent more & more time visiting through the screen. To my surprise, one evening Callie jumped out of her tree as I was coming into the house, and followed me inside. All of a sudden, she was a completely different kitty! She loves to rub against me, and has now become my little snuggle puss. She sleeps with me every night, and adores attention. Quite a difference from the wary girl who I wasn't able to approach in 14 months!!!

Nicole Wylde
Red Oak, TX
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