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Neglected by her owners

Bootsie, previously named Baby for 13 years, was a neighbors outside cat but you wouldn't have known she had anyone caring for her. I started hanging out with her when I'd come home at night and she eventually would hear my car pull in and would come running. I started feeding her, brushing her, and playing with her. She started sleeping in our yard and come to our house when it rained. One day I came home and couldn't find her and the neighbor said I wouldn't have to worry about that anymore because he's giving her away. I cried hysterically and called my husband and asked if we could keep her. He said we would talk about it when he returned from his trip. So after I hung up I went next door and asked to keep her, and they said ok. The neighbor said she didn't need that much attention and she refuses to stay inside...well she loves to be inside and when I walk near her I can't sit down fast enough before she is trying to lay in my lap. She is so affectionate and talkative and I can't imagine being without her. I still need to introduce her to my inside cats but that will happen soon enough. I'm so happy I can give her the life she deserves.

Sanford, FL

Cap'n Jack rescued ME!

Sept. 2008 our precious cat, Shadoe, got out of the house and did not come back. We live in the desert and we feared the worse. We started looking for her, and the second night out searching in the desert we heard a meow, and thought we had found Shadoe. Instead we came across a scrawny sandy color cat. He followed us home and hid under the shed. We put a dish of food out for him and left it at that. We never did find our Shadoe.

About 2 weeks later my dogs woke me up in the middle of the night barking like crazy and I hear meowing. I went outside and heard it coming from under the house and looked, and there was that same sandy color cat that was all ribs, with the biggest head I have ever seen! Seemed that he had been living there ever since that night he followed us home.

Over the next few months we were able to coax him out with food, a little closer every few days. After a few weeks he would run up and let us touch him. It took a long time, but eventually got him to come in the house. He has come a long way in a year and a half. We eventually were able to get him to the vet for shots and neutering, and now he even sleeps in the bed with my daughter and torments our other cats! He even rides herd on our 7 dogs. We named him Cap'n Jack because he just shows when he need a little food and some loving! He really helped me get through the loss of Shadoe, so I say he actually rescued me.

Nancy Pouder
Hereford, AZ

Our Little Miracle

While looking for another little Pom-mix for the one we rescued, we came across Casper. He had been thrown against a wall from a moving pick-up truck. He was pretty beaten up, but managed to survive, thanks to the Tri-City Humain Society in St. James, MO.

His front teeth are broken and his jaw is still out of line, but hopefully, his adult teeth will fix a lot. His tail has a "no hair ring" and he was covered with cuts and abrasions. Being only about 6 months old, we fell in love with him and adopted him on the spot.They thought he was deaf, but that has proved to not be true and he is learning his name as well as the rules. He has now joined our other 4 rescued cats and our rescued Pom-mix. We call him Casper because he was almost a ghost and is as friendly, cute and loving as anyone could want. The other animals love and play with him as he is still a kitten. We are still looking for another Pom-mix, but feel when the time is right, we will find one.

Margaret M Oberhaus
Cuba, MO

We saved each other

I was traveling around Europe living in a truck. I was in Portugal right in the Algarve where dogs run free but local shop owners set up poisoned meat to "clean" the streets of strays. I was walking down a bord walk the day Bobbieh and I met (he came with his name the locals named him). It was love at first sight! Sprawled out across the board walk sleeping in the sun with people stepping over him trying to get by. I asked a friendly street vender if I could pet her cute pup. When she jumped up with a huge smile on her face "He's not mine but he needs a Ma ma! You would be a perfect Ma ma for him!". He got his shots and a passport and we were good to go! His previous owners trained him in Portuguese it wasn't long tell I was learning the language. We ended up traveling all threw Europe and Africa together having the most amazing adventures. He went from just barely living to living it up and seeing more then most people have seen. He saved my life and I love him dearly for that and I know he feels the same way about me.

Laura Lee Harasym
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Amazing Grace!!!!!

One day I was notified by my animal rescue friend, that they were going to be picking up an adult bichon and some terrier puppies...That were rescued from a Missouri Puppy Mill..I had offered to foster a dog when needed....She assumed I would choose a puppy,,,especially fostering for the first time..When I heard about how the adult dogs in puppymills are used only for producing puppies (over & over & over again)! No human affection, no medical care when needed..they were in that wire cage for years and only for ONE purpose - to produce puppies to sell...My heart goes out to them...And, when I heard that there was one adult Bichon available for foster care....I did not think twice..I took her in my home..She was what I expected...scared, shy, timid, NON-social in every way!!...I was also told not to excpect this dog to ever be "normal"!! I named her Gracie and after ONE week..I saw her tail wag for the first time.. I was sooo excited this meant progress!!!! Well, thanks to "Ellie" (our toy poodle & Gracie's mentor) that progress continued!...Everyday Gracie did something to amaze me...(which is why I call this story Amazing Grace). The tail wagging increased...socializing increased....and then she actually started to play...for the first time!!! And that began the rest of Gracies life....She is now a social, outgoing, playful, loving, and trusting dog...She did become NORMAL!!!!! After what she went through...She really is MY Amazing Grace!!!!

Colleen Duero
Oconomowoc, WI

Here's Phoebe

Halloween, 2009, I had taken my rescue Dobermann, Sinbad, out back to do his business. He began to frantically run between me and the far corner of the yard, clearly wanting me to go over there.

Half hidden in weeds was a tiny almost dead kitten. Immediately, I scooped up the limp, barely breathing baby and rushed to my vet. Her eyes were crusted shut and all I could say to her as she lay practically lifeless on the car seat was, "Please hang in there, you'll be okay, I promise."

My amazing vet, Dr Rawlings, dropped everything to treat her, first giving her subcutaneous fluids and putting antibiotic ointment in her eyes. Almost immediately, the kitten tried to stand and started yelling. We guessed she was 5 to 6 weeks old.

She was suffering from severe flea anemia and malnutrition as well as the horrible infections is her eyes, but after 3 weeks of loving care at the vet clinic, she came home with me.

Now named Phoebe, she joined my household consisting of 4 rescued cats and her hero, Sinbad. Phoebe is a true velcro kitten, following me everywhere, sleeping on me at night. My 18 month old Manx, Olivia, has become her surrogate mother.

My husband was not too happy about adding another cat to our household, but one look at her little grey face, plus a single squeaky mew and he was hooked, too. Phoebe's here to stay.

Carol King
Tulsa, OK

3-Legged Ball of Fluff

In 2005, I was driving home from volunteering at CAP, a local animal shelter, when something caught my eye and I pulled over immediately. It was a small lynx-point Siamese cat trying to catch a bird to no avail. She let me pick her up and take her home, where she eagerly scarfed down a whole can of food. When she wobbled away, my mom and I realized she had a stump in place of one of her back legs - hence her poor hunting skills!

We took her to the shelter, where surgery was arranged to remove that stump completely. She healed up well, and I fell in love with her and decided to keep her. Being a big Beatles fan, I named her Abbey Rose - like the album Abbey Road. Being a cat, she doesn't necessarily respond to this name, but she is definitely a sweet cat when she wants to be!

As you can see, she likes to plop herself down and thus resemble a big, stretched-out cotton ball with 3 legs. She is definitely a quirky beauty!

Meredith Zern
Houston, TX

Brogan's Story

Brogan was a kitten in our very first foster litter, in the summer of 2008. He and his siblings were very ill and close to death. We managed to nurse them back to good health, and during the process, Brogan and I bonded. Of course, I couldn't think of anything better than to adopt him, and I couldn't be more thankful for that decision I made. He's got more love and personality than I've ever seen in a cat, and he makes every day extremely worth while.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

old gold

In a concrete cage at animal control was just a clump of old gold fur, not a movement, finally a breath. We can claim her in a couple of days if the family doesn't show up. Michelle, Ruth, and I got her in the van for the Vet trip. She's mine, I say, in case we have to put her down. We call her Grandma, she has mats and stickers, and fatty tumors, she turns out to be Grandpa! The vet says he is 15 or 16 years old. With medication, accupuncture, good food, and lots of love he stays with me. Grandpa-Mr. Happy Face- always wants to smile and play, and for almost 6 months he will run with me in the yard. He falls and needs help, sees out of one eye, but when he sees me he trots on tippy toes as fast as he can. He really likes his food so I handfeed him his last dinner. His spirit wants to go on but the body doesn't. Is there anything else I can do ? If I hold him longer or find his tickle spot maybe he will stay, please, it is too hard to let go. I tell him "You're a Good Dog" and he passes peacefully. The last act of Love. I'll love you always G -til we meet again, somewhere over the rainbow. Lynn & Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Lynn Lassen
Paulden, AZ

Sir Winston

In the spring of 2005 4 year old Winston came to me (his fourth owner), a year after I lost my previous dog. I had told myself no more dogs, I still had 3 cats at home, but I couldn't say no those eyes and his energy!! He was deaf, was not in good health and had no manners, but I took on the challenge. He learned VERY quickly the meaning of no, wait, and stay. I learned the meaning of, you don't mean me, I want it now, and I'll show you! I never had to baby proof my home from a dog, and that included velcro on the refridgerator! After a year we learned all our lessons, got his health problems (asthma) under control and finally settled in to a routine. Unfortunately I was unable to save him from an unexpected illness and I lost him in April 2009. Prior to my taking him in, he may not have had any training, but he taught me to enjoy life everyday. He is missed very much.

Alicia Babcock
Ashaway, RI
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