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Our Molly

After raising German Shepherds for almost 20 years I have one eleven year old female left. I decided it was time to find another dog to keep her from just laying around which she was doing since she lost her buddy a Papillion.I started looking around the shelters in my area and on Pet Finders. When I seen her picture from our local shelter we fell in love with her sad face.She was left in a box in the back of a pickup truck with her 3 littermates at a vets office and all had severe mange. They were approx 2 months old. She was almost 1 1/2 when we adopted her from our local humane society. Her sister and two brothers are still there waiting to be adopted out. They had her listed as German Shepherd/Bassett Hound but I feel like she has some Beagle in her also by her actions.

She was a scared girl when we brought her home on Halloween 2009 ,but she took to the old Shepherd and the cats right away. She is slow but sure coming out of her shell and starting to play more . She bonded with me from the start but not sure of my husband or anyone else that comes into the house.She is so well mannered for never being in a house before. Of couse she is spoiled now and thinks the oustside is for "the Dogs" Once she gains full trust I know she will just walk up to my husband instead of running from him.Any dogs I get in the future will be rescue dogs from a shelter. Purebreds are fine ,but theres nothing like the love of a rescue dog when they gain your trust.

Lynn Fowlston
Springville, TN

Scarlett, Scarley, McFarley, Scarls - we love her!

My partner and I decided to foster cats, we saw a lot of cats come and go and find homes - mostly kittens but it was always harder to adopt out fully grown cats.

We fostered a two year old cat Scarlett who loved to talk, she came to us from a woman who found her but was unable to keep her.

We decided to adopt Scarlett, it was the best decision we ever made and we love coming home to her every night as she always has something exciting to say!

She is many names in our household - Scarlett, Scarley, McFarley, Scarls! She is such a lovely cat and we could not imagine our lives without her.

Rachel Taitoko
Melbourne, Australia

The sweetest soul I know.

Asia was rescued by a friend & given to me 16 years ago. She is my heart walking outside my body & is the sweetest soul I know! She has run away 2, but she always makes it back home. The world is definitely a better place with the love from animals & I will rescue them til the day I die!

Racquel Raichart
Roseville, CA

"Sneakers" Sneaked into my Heart

My son asked me to accompany him to where he lived in a mobile home park to check out a dog that had been abandoned across the street. When we got there, I discovered a dog tied to a fence, but what came out from UNDER the trailer shocked me! It was a skeleton with some fur stuck on it. The mobile home park manager had been feeding the dog, but not the cat, and she said she knew the cat was between 17 and 18 years old. She left food for the dog, but didn't have catfood. I took the cat home, figuring I would take him to my vet and have him humanely PTS. In the meantime, I discovered a huge lump on his belly.....had to be cancer! When I took him in to my vet, I was told the lump was an untreated hernia, he was negative for leukemia, and weighed only 7 lbs. He was also FiV positive! I took him home and did my best to put weight on him. He couldn't climb, couldn't jump........either had been mauled by a dog or hit by a car at one time. He took over my house and my heart. He somehow managed to get where he wanted to go, and would "tap" my leg and screech when he wanted to be picked up or on my bed. He took "no quarter" from anything, including my 110-lb. German Shepherd.

Sneakers got to be almost 11 lbs, but finally, at the age of 21, his system started shutting down. I lost him last Dec., just before Xmas.

Diane Loran
Lakebay, WA

Fudge from Cape Town

Fudge was one of 3 puppies found in Kyalitsha, a township just outside Cape Town, 5 years ago now. Their mother had died and they were consequently raised by a volunteer. We found her on the morning she was to be taken to a shelter along with her brothers (one black, one brown, all with identical golden eyes to Fudge). She has turned into the most protective and loving dog, adored by our two rescued cats as well.

Lindy Nauta
Cape Town, South Africa

Rescued Jack Russell stars in commercial!!

In 2003, in a rural State Forest in Western NY, an unneutered, not housebroken, aggressive Jack Russell was dumped from a car, by someone not willing or able to care for their pet. He was found wandering the rural area by an elderly man, searching for native "cowslips" to cook for dinner.

After "found" ads in media failed to locate an owner, "Frasier" quickly learned to live with his rescuer and his wife. He adapted to living peacefully with other animals, & all about kids. Eager to learn, he was easily trained to do a bunch of tricks.

That same year, his new owner needed 3 brain surgeries, and, while recuperating, Frasier left his side only to eat and go "Hurry up!." He continued to challenge his new "mom" to teach him new tricks, and, despite being a coddled pet, he became known for his cleverness. And yesterday, she guided him thru his trick repertoire, at Universal Studios, FL!

We only hope the former owners someday learn how their discarded pet became a star. And, thanx to the $$, the other Jack Russells in the family will now be able to have much needed dental care!!

Barbara Phillippi
Centerville, NY

Who Rescued Who?

Inside a kennel at the local Humane Shelter, this small, wide eyed, sad face peered out from under a dog bed. Immediately, I knew she was coming home with me. I had not had my own dog in years, as my childhood pup had to stay behind when I left home. As I carried out this little bundle of shaking Chihuahua Mutt, I had no idea what I was in for, but I was ready.

She had not had a very happy first year and a half of life, as was very evident from her extremly nervous nature. I was going through my own life change from a not so happy situation, so together we dove headfirst into a life that would soon be full of love.

Her name was changed to Kembra, after the lead singer of a band who had been my mantra of change. Through our adventures of air mattresses, guest rooms and long days at work, she slowly started to come out of her shell into the ham she is now.

In our new apartment with the man of our dreams, she has shown me just how far a little love can go. Kembra now enjoys days of cuddling and playing "find the kitty" with my old man siamese-mix cat Zero, and endless games of chasing around squeaky toys. She brought the life back to my life. Kembra now will walk on a leash without a breakdown, and has even ventured into the local dog parks with success...though she prefers dogs her own size or smaller. She earns new toys regularly by socializing at the pet stores as well. We still have a long way to go to get over our pasts, but I know it will only get better with her by my side.

Nina S.
Seattle, WA

Sweet Adaline

I had been looking for a dog for several months at the local shelters but I couldn't find "the" dog. On one of those shelter trips I found HER. All the other dogs were jumping up and down and barking their heads off but one. She was a skinny fawn boxer that just looked at me with those big brown, sad eyes. I was reluctant to get a Boxer because I was afraid they were too powerful and maybe not good with kids. My daughter, a former vet tech, assured me that Boxers loved kids and were a gentle breed in spite of their powerful build. So I took Addy home on my birthday. The vet thought she was about 10 months old when she entered the shelter and had been on the streets for some time. Since she was a pure breed, I think she just got separated from here people and they never found each other.

That was 10 years ago. Addy has been my best friend since then. She knows when I'm sad and tries to comfort me. She loves kids, people, cats, other dogs, etc. I couldn't have found a more perfect dog. As you can see from the picture, she's going blind and she has an ACL that bothers her some. The vet recently discovered a cancerous tumor as well. With her advanced age, treatment is not an option. But she still loves her walks and loves to play. She and my 10 month old chocolate lab are best buds. I know that I will have to say good bye to her soon but I am so blessed to have had her this long. She will always be my Sweet Adaline.

Linda M
Lehi, UT


My husband and I went to our local pet fair with the sole intention of looking at products for our THREE dogs. As the fair was closing, there sat this beautiful boy in a kennel waiting to be adopted. His eyes were full of hope and he had a smile on his face. We knew that moment he was coming home with us. "Jax" joined our family that day. He fit in with our other dogs the minute he walked through the front door. Jax is a best friend to both our boys. He is loving, cuddly, smart, playful and FUNNY! We call him our jester. Jax makes us laugh everyday! We all feel blessed that he chose us!

Lori Rosales
Saugus, CA

We saved each other

My baby Chili was gone and I was desolate. "Never again" I said. Thank goodness I was wrong. A 4month female Jack Russell was with some people who kept her in a kennel for at least a total of 18 hours a day. Their friend convinced them she had to find a new home for the puppy. My friend told me about a flyer circulating on the puppy. "Why not just look" I told myself. I met her when she was about 6 months old, and my heart melted again - just like with the first one. She went home with me the next day. "Peanut" is now slightly over one year and is more of our (yes, my husband too) joy everyday. I saved her, but she really saved me


Riverview, Florida

Robin Wilson
Riverview, FL
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